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Der Internationale Fahrbibliothekskongress #IFBK23 fand am 8. und 9. September in Cuxhaven statt. Die Präsentationen der #Vorträge sind auf der #Homepage zu bekommen und der @NDR hat ein Feature gedreht: Der BIB war unter den Sponsoren der Veranstaltung.

Karin Fenz
1 week ago

An die Älteren: Erinnert ihr euch noch, dass eine Website in den 1990er Jahren als Homepage bezeichnet wurde - also als Startseite? Hintergrund war bekanntlich, dass, egal auf welchen Menüpunkt eins klickte, sich aufgrund der Frames die einzelnen Webseiten zwar öffneten, aber die URL unverändert blieb und mit der TLD endete.

Derartiges gibt es immer noch. 😬

#Webdesign #Wien #Frames #HTML ##Website #Webseite #Homepage #Internet #Birner #Augenkrebs #Usability

Jeroen Habets
3 weeks ago
2 months ago

#Mastodon kriegt von mir etwas mehr Liebe als alle andere Social Media Plattformen auf denen HiG unterwegs ist. Hier also, früher als auf allen anderen, mein neuer Blogpost zum Thema #WebsiteRelaunch.

#HechtInsGefecht #seo #seoagentur #webdesign #webdesignagentur #webdesigner #homepage #webentwicklung #onlineshop #website #webseite #internetseite #wordpress #landingpage #onlinemarketing #GoogleSeo #GoogleTraffic

Zwei Schiffe, das linke alt, das rechte neu. Darüber steht der Satz: "Vom alten Kahn zur schnittigen Yacht". Es geht dabei um den Website Relaunch von einer alten Website hin zu einer neuen.
2 months ago

Hier noch eine kleine Folgeempfehlung. Wenn ihr euch für Webdesign, Seo, Online-Marketing, Wordpress begeistern könnt, folgt gern @hig

Das ist mein Agentur-Account, auf dem ich Blogposts raushaue, in die ich auch viel Zeit und Gehirnschmalz stecke um Mehrwert zu liefern. Ansonsten teile ich auch viel aus SEO-Mastodon.

#seo #webdesign #wordpress #onlinemarketing #google #website #homepage #agentur #hechtinsgefecht #bremen

3 months ago

#IndieWeb #SmallWeb #RetroComputing

some of you know that i've been working on a decentralized reddit-like that uses an ancient ambrosian protocol called nntp, minus #usenet, called #tomo

after several requests for a project status page, and lacking the courage to build a fancy web portal that is 190mb and 20,000 javascript calls, i did the exact opposite:

i stayed up until 2am and wrote a #homepage is absolute raw satan-approved php. it generates the webpages from text files with a tiny markup language i wrote at the same time

for now, the tomo homepage is a plain old .plan file (when's the last time we heard that word, since the carmack vs romero wars?), and you can have any colour you want as long as it's amber and looks like wordperfect 5.1 running on some godforsaken library terminal on the #worldwideweb

is it like a blog? kinda. i'll set up some more static pages for project-related stuff in the coming days

if people really, really want to, and someone asks nicely, i'll even run a fingerd server so you can finger me and pull down the .plans down yourself 😅

A screenshot of tomo's new website plan homepage. It is presented as a wordperfect document loaded on a 1980s amber CGA terminal.

The post reads:

Date: Thursday June 22nd, 2023
From: @vga256
Subject: what have i done

> so this is the day it all began. i barfed out a mastodon post lamenting 
the loss of USENET. 

       | i can't believe i'm saying this - i just realized that i want #usenet groups back. to clarify - I'd like to see a usenet back, minus the "big 8" cabal, minus 200TB / day binaries, and all  of the ugly crap we've seen since the 80s. 
i'd like to see something like a new usenet offering activitypub integration, minimal data transfer (text-only), and easy group management. 

> a few hours later, the lamentation crystallized a bit more, and became 
the proposal for a design:
5 months ago

Searching for an reverse proxy provider that would ignore my plex traffic and personal homepage. Cloudflare works but is snooping around too much. #security #piracy #homepage #reverseproxy #cdn #private #question #helpwanted #frustration #networking

5 months ago

I'm tinkering with an own CV-Webpage as I'm a bit fed up with my current employer and want some place which I can reference when dealing with recruiters and HR departments.

Is there a standard for the usage of semantic html in CVs? (e.g. some best practice when to use <section> and <article> or some guidelines for a structure that can be easily processed by recruiting software)

#boost #followerpower #semantic #semanticweb #html #cv #homepage



wurde beim Hochladen eines Videos um 6:11 Uhr aufgrund einer #Fehlkonfiguration auf der #Homepage eine #Kettenreaktion ausgelöst. Dies führte in der Folge zu einer #Überlastung des Ausspielsystems. Der #Fehler wurde behoben. Seit 9:30 Uhr funktioniert die Ausspielung in allen Bereichen wieder normal. Ein #DDoS-#Angriff kann als Ursache ausgeschlossen werden.


6 months ago

snapshot of the #worldwideweb #homepage of the dial-up isp i worked at as a teenager, circa 1997 😆

A textually busy web page for an internet service provider. It features early 90s-style clip art. The company advertises PC training courses, and its new usenet feed.

Das !@metalab hat eine neue Webseite!
Danke an alle Beteiligten, die sie geplant und erstellt haben.
Ihr könnt sie unter bewundern. Viel Spaß beim schmökern und erkunden!

#new #homepage #neue #webseite

7 months ago

@jake4480 great job! i’ll be sure to link out to yours when my own old timey #worldwideweb #homepage is done

7 months ago

whilst on a search for historical minidisc homepages, i stumbled upon this apotheosis of #y2k #worldwideweb #design

niina's toy box is a personal homepage of pixel art dolls that can be "adopted" to your own homepage. it includes "bases" which are the bare doll bodies in poses, that you paint your own clothes on top of.

i don't know if anyone out there was into personalizing their homepages with dolls in the early #2000s but i absolutely love the concept.

niina's #homepage design hallmarks at least three 2000s design styles that were ubiquitous at the time:
- pixel-perfect pixel art with minimal anti-aliasing
- isometric (dimetric) 3D projection
- razor thin 1px stripes for backgrounds

A screenshoot of a homepage called niina's toy box. It shows several hand drawn pixel art anime-styled dolls.

The page reads,
you may adopt my dolls if no nasty texts in sight stating otherwise. always link back, text-link is brilliantly enough for me. no direct linking. use your very own web space. no frankendolling or other sort of icky cutting and pasting activities.
A screenshot of a homepage called niina's toy box. It shows several hand drawn pixel art anime-styled dolls, along with mini-banners.

The page reads,
have an urge to get in contact?
whatever the reasons may be - you're welcome to check out a very short and serious bio I did for my not-so-often-updated blog.
A screenshot of a homepage called niina's toy box. It shows several hand drawn pixel art anime-styled dolls.

It reads,
attention! these dollars are NOT mine, so if you like them as much I do, you'll go and see the creators' site and adopt them from their original homes - not from here. thank you!
LunarLoony 🛸 ♾
7 months ago

I've just archived a bunch of GIFs and other web graphics, complete with a HTML frontend, from one of my clip art CDs. If you're currently making an old-school #Website or #Homepage, feel free to have a poke around and see if there's anything you can use.

#Retro #RetroComputing

7 months ago

this morning i was looking for a copy of Klause Breuer's windows 95 conversion of ChipWits (a very popular programming game for the original #Macintosh), and was sorrowed to hear that he passed away ten years ago of a brain tumour 😢

it took several hours, but I managed to dig out several of his programs, including ChipWits, from the waybackmachine. To my knowledge, none of these programs have been on the web for over a decade.

i spent the day creating a memorial for a programmer whom i did not know personally, but used his software over a decade ago. i guess i hope that people can still enjoy his work even though he has left us.

... a kind of #worldwideweb #homepage in memoriam.

A screenshot of Klause Breuer's conversion of ChipWits for windows. It features black and white pixel graphics identical to the Macintosh version.
7 months ago

there are these late episodes of Halt and Catch Fire that I hunger for every few months. i'll watch the entire series just to get to season 4

i've never known any medium that captured the excitement of the early #worldwideweb better than S3E10 through season 4.

i find it hard to describe the sheer electricity of those early days of the web...

... web *surfing*, whether you were running Lynx or Mosaic or Netscape, was positively addictive. you could spend an entire day following hotlinks from site to site. prior to global search indexing, you had to rely upon pure exploration as the means for finding something you wanted.

we don't surf anymore. we search and we share photos within platforms. hotlinks have a link depth of n=1, as sites actively try to entrap the user within the domain by never linking externally.

for the past year i've been chasing that feeling again. i'm building my #homepage again today... my first in twenty years. i'll be sure to link out to you, if you're out there too.

let's get our #worldwideweb back... by rebuilding it one hotlink at a time.

A screengrab from Halt and Catch Fire. Joe tentatively walks in through the front double-doors of an empty warehouse, as Donna awaits in the foreground.
7 months ago

#Business #Design #Guidelines
Homepage best practices · A framework for considering what to include and exclude on your homepage

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #WebDesign #Marketing #Website #Homepage #Navigation #Search #Content #Conversion

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
8 months ago

I forgot how cool ( and un-updated ) my personal website is #homepage

8 months ago

Took a look through some SaaS home pages for design inspiration. Noticed two very distinct trends:

1. You're either "dark & edgy with gradient text" or "Helvetica Neue on a9a9a9"
2. Pointless animation that makes scrolling a pain

There's more out there, right? (And if so, links are appreciated!)

#design #SaaS #HomePage #inspiration

10 months ago

Me: * Following instructions on my webhost's site *

cPanel: No!

Me: * Looking for alternative instructions on webhost's site *

Site: No!

Me: * Asking webhost's support staff why things aren't working *

Support: "For security reasons, we don't let you do that. We can do it for you!"

Me: "But I did it just a few months ago. What changed?"

Support: "For security reasons, we don't let you do that. We can do that for you!"

Me: "Ok, but *what changed*?"

Support: "We can have the technical team reach out to you about that. Would you like that?"

Me: "Yes, please! I would like to understand!"

Technical: "For security reasons we don't let you do that. We can do that for you!"

This has been my doin'-a-website learning experience for November.

#Sigh #Homepage #Blog

Tschüss Erdgas!
10 months ago

Wir sind gerade mit unserer #Homepage bei #wix, weil leicht zu bedienen durch technische #Laien. Aber eigentlich wären wir lieber bei einem Anbieter, der #opensource einsetzt, #nachhaltig ist und wo wir am besten auch nicht gezwungen sind, Analytics-#Datensammlerei mit #Cookies und Co. zu betreiben. Selbst hosten können wir leider nicht.

Danke für eure Empfehlungen, liebes #Fediverse, gerne :boost: 🙏

#frage #fedipower @digitalcourage @kuketzblog

Travis Briggs
10 months ago

My ideas for improving my digital garden:

I'm currently using "Eleventy Garden" which is a simple extension to the Eleventy static site generator that adds in the ability to use [[WikiLinks|wiki style links]] that generate backlinks. It's here:

#DigitalGardening #homepage #eleventy

10 months ago

Is it possible to get a #verified #homepage if that homepage is a #gemini #capsule?

#FediTips #FediHelp

Pablo Morales
10 months ago

Ho pensato una volta per tutte di iniziare a costruirmi una #homepage personalizzata per il browser #web, con sopra i miei collegamenti, da usare al posto della barra preferiti del browser.

Se mi gira, magari integro dei motori di ricerca nella pagina stessa, per varie fonti diverse così insomma da avere tutto il web sempre a portata immediata.

Per ora è la vuotezza sotto tutti gli aspetti, ma vediamo in quanto tempo riempirò la paginetta.

If you're running a business like a #restaurant and choose not to have a #homepage on the #WWW with your opening hours, directions, type of kitchen if not the whole menu card, telephone number: I'm not going to be your customer. 😠

More and more companies think that #facebook, #instagram and such platforms are enough for their business. I strongly disagree.

1 year ago

Genau das tun wir: die größte #Resonanz haben nach wie vor die klassischen Medien, TV und Print. Dort sind wir mit unserer #Öffentlichkeitsarbeit präsent.
Dazu kommen eine #Homepage mit sehr hohen Zugriffszahlen und ein #Newsletter mit mehr als 5.000 AbonnentInnen.

Und das tun wir nicht für „Reichweite“, sondern weil das unsere Aufgabe als öffentliche Stelle ist.

Niemand der sich um Kommunikation und Resonanz bemüht, ist auf gewerbliche #Socialmedia angewiesen.

Gerhard Beck
2 years ago

Auf ist ein neuer Beitrag von mir erschienen:

Freie Fotos mit Pexels

Ich bediene mich bei einigen Fotoseiten für Illustrationen. Momentan besonders gerne bei

Nun kommt eine neue dazu: Pexels.

Foto von Lisa Fotios von Pexels

Die Seite bietet hochwertige Fotos für sehr viele freie Verwendungszwecke. Die Finanzierung ist ähnlich wie bei Unsplash e

#Homepage #Pfarrer-Sein #Bilder #digitaleHelferlein

I've updated my home page for the upcoming 2022!
There's one section missing that I will update over the weekend. Rest is more or less done :)

#Homepage #HTML5 #Simplicity

2 years ago

Hey all! I’ve been working hard to get the #Podcast up and running. I think I’m FINALLY at a point where I’m ready to go.

The first episode is already live and ready for you. It’s a little old now, due to setup, but it’s definitely still relevant!

Did you know @awai (the founder of @mobian) plays Guitar, and has album called “Dirty Greed” up on band camp? Neither did I! The sound is hella tight. Links are in the video description and on the Podcast Homepage.

The Podcast #video is available here:

The Podcast #Homepage is:

You can find the #RSS feeds for #MP3; #AAC; #OGG; #FLAC and #Opus are all listed clearly on the main page.

If you just want to skip all the hassle, you can grab the MP3 feed here:

A huge shoutout and thank you, goes out to @awai, for giving me some of his precious time for an interview. Also, @linmob for helping me decide on direction, and giving some sound advice along the way.

I’d really love to hear what you think, and let me know if there’s anything you think I could do to make it better!

Thanks so much!

PS. Please forgive the ping and hashtag stuffing! After this post, I’ll never do it again (unless someone wants me too 😉)

#mobian #linux #pinephone #pine64 #manjaroarm #mobile #foss #librem #librem5 #purism #archarm #ubports

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM @postmarketOS @debian @martijnbraam @craftyguy @bart @dylanvanassche @ollieparanoid @kop316 @purism @danctnix @ubports

Holy crap, you made it this far! Dayum, that was unexpected. Well, if you feel like it, boosts are really appreciated!

2 years ago

Just now seen that some publish their public #SSH key on their #Homepage and so on.
Would you also do this and does that make any sense, as with the public #PGP keys just 🔐

I see for it rather less sense behind it, if someone wants to give me #access this asks for it, right? :boost_ok:

#itsec #privacy #itsecurity #openpgp #boost #pool #internet #encryption

2 years ago

Liebe #fediverse Crowd,

ein Kreis aus coolen, befreundeten Menschen hat ein neues linkes #Journal auf die Beine gestellt.
Bitte gerne #boosten und weiterverbreiten.

Hier sind die ersten #Artikel des neuen Journals, #rossana – für den #Sozialismus.
#rossana ist nicht nur ein sozialistisches #Journal, rossana ist auch ein #Netzwerk.
Das bedeutet: Redakteur:innen und Autor:innen denken aus linker Sicht über ihre #Themen nach. Sie arbeiten an einer #Erneuerung der gesellschaftlichen #Linken, die wir bitter brauchen. Wer bei rossana schreibt oder spricht, tut dies, damit sich unsere #Welt grundsätzlich verändert.

Schaut auf unsere #homepage oder schreibt uns (
Und jetzt viel Spaß mit den ersten beiden #Beiträgen.
Nora Schmid und Sascha Radl erklären uns, weshalb sie meinen, linke #Regierungsbeteiligungen seien eine #Falle. Eine Annahme, der Paul Wellsow im #Interview vehement widerspricht. #Regieren muss zum #Handwerkszeug einer modernen sozialistischen #partei gehören.
Warum? Und wie? Lest selbst.

J. Sphinx
2 years ago

Reviving my personal homepage, I’m sure *this* time will be different XD

#homepage #personal

🐛 Avant / Après 🦋

#ProtonMail #homepage #UI

Davy Mitchell
3 years ago

Morning everyone! It is about time I shared my homepage - lots to do of course 😀 #simpleweb #homepage

Maarten van Gompel (proycon)
3 years ago

Let's not all live only on social networks, especially not centralised & walled-in networks. Create your own personal corner on the web as it was designed for! Visit my good old-fashioned #homepage at for information about me.

On my mastodon feed, I'll try to toot about various topics, mainly related to languages, natural language processing, open-source technology, privacy & security, and of course the occasional dog picture!