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On Tuesday 12th December Palace Acappella have the pleasure of performing with Honor Oak Musical Theatre Choir &The Melody Makers!

For an evening of fabulous entertainment and festive cheer come along.


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2 days ago

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Engineering works taking place between Sydenham and Crystal Palace will affect travel over the weekend – here’s everything you need to know.

On Sunday, December 3 there will be no Thameslink services running throughout the day as ASLEF members take industrial action.

More detail:
3 days ago

Dark Room Photography Workshop - This Saturday 2 December

Adult Learning Lewisham offer a variety of experimental photography courses, including dark room photography in our vintage space at the Brockley Rise Centre in SE23. Costs £38.

This four hour dark room photography workshop on 2 December is for anyone intereste…

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Lewisham has three park winners. Honor Oak wins alongside Catford & Beckenham Place.

Devonshire Road Nature Reserve was crowned a Gold Winner for Small Conservation Area in this year’s London in Bloom Awards. The nature reserve forms part of the railway cutting running between Forest Hill and New Cross Gate stations, providing natural habitats for urban wildlife.

6 days ago


Hi 👋 everyone I have availability for this week and next for a general or deep clean, new clients will get £5 off there first clean as well.

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2 weeks ago

Can You Help With a Cold Case Investigation?

'LEWISHAM MAN' was found on 1st April 2010, in the Lewisham area of south London, UK after suffering a cardiac arrest.

We are a Team of Investigators with Locate International, a UK Registered Charity dedicated to helping families of unsolved missing person cases, find thei…

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RT from Lewisham Foodbank (@lewishamfood)

115 Grierson is supporting us for the 2nd year! In 2022 £2,800 was raised - can we beat that this year? Come along for fun on 2 Dec at 5 pm sharp and enjoy being entertained with festive tunes by @nunheadchoir

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looking for 2 bed flat to rent


I am a single female, mid 30s looking for a 2bed flat with outdoor space to rent in the local area. I am flexible on moving in dates but it needs to be a long term let.

Please get in touch if you know of anything.


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2 weeks ago

First clean £5 off

We are currently running a special offer for new clients, £5 off for your clean when you book with us! For more information please contact me on 07514577944

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Babur Indian restaurant has won the Mayor of Lewisham Business Award for Best Restaurant, after serving high end cuisine for more than 38 years.

Located just a short walk from Honor Oak Park station, Babur’s bare bricked walls and displays of modern art combined with their inventive menu make for a dining experience whose praises are sung by its visitors, as well as earning mentions from the Michelin Guide London.

2 weeks ago

Make a traditional Christmas door wreath

Make a traditionally made hanging Christmas door wreath on Saturday, 2 December, 10am-3:30pm at Adult Learning Lewisham's Brockley Rise Centre, SE23 1PR.

You will create a seasonal wreath using a traditionally constructed moss ring. Your design will then be decorated using fres…

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Here is a curious screenshot of a tweet which appears to be posted by someone who was associated with SE23 (@SELondon23).

It was hoping for an anti-ULEZ vote. The overwhelming response was not. The account then disappeared. Hmmmm...

Twitter poll by NO2ULEZ:
Do you support or oppose #ulez
Support 84%
Oppose 16%
2,367 votes
3 weeks ago

TLC for your home!

I know cleaning can be stressful so why not let me take away that stress and do the cleaning for for. I love my job cleaning is my passion. I’m here if you need my help!

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RT from Honor Oak (@honoroakorg)

Along with no #HonorOak Overground all weekend and no trains at all on Sunday, a great weekend to enjoy the fab local area 😎

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Forest Hill Assembly Meeting November

In case people aren't aware, here's something I received about the Forest Hill Assembly Meeting in November.

I guess it's a public meeting for everyone, so the more the merrier? -

Date for your diary: Forest Hill Assembly, Wednesday 29 November at 7.30 pm Online

We are deligh…

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1 month ago

Forest Hill Police Newsletter - November 2023

See attached.

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William Henry Pratt AKA Boris Karloff was born at 36 Forest Hill Road #HonorOak in 1887, look for the blue plaque. How spooky is that? A good enough #Halloween reason to enjoy the #TalesFromHonorOak cocktail @twospoonslondon 🤩🫣

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Lack of Royal Mail letter box deliveries in Forest Hill lately


Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of (letter) Royal Mail deliveries in the past week or two?
I have never not received "anything" for two weeks before, like now, when I am expecting at least 3 important items of mail. Small problem I know, in rel…

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1 month ago

Wraparound nanny needed near Rathfern primary school

Hi all! We need someone to help with wraparound care (7:15-8:45 and/or 3:45-5:45) 3-4 days/week. To start ASAP! Recommendations very welcome 🙏🏼

Morning: come to our house at 7:15am, drop my 1yr old at nursery (on our street) at 8ish & then our 3yr old (almost 4) at…

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Upcoming Rail Engineering Works

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November.

Forest Hill/Honor Oak Park: Normal service throughout. On Sunday all London Overground services will run to Highbury & Islington rather than 4tph to Dalston Junction and 4tph to H&I. Normal service on Southern.

Catford Bridge/Lower Sydenham: Normal service.

Crofton Park/Catford: Normal service on Saturday, Sunday services are diverted to Orpington.

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Met police officers are openly defying orders not to wear badges appropriated by the far right and linked to white supremacy. Mark Rowley banned "thin blue line" badges.

However, images have emerged of Met officers wearing the symbol late last month as they policed a stand-off between LGBTQ+ rights supporters and a rightwing group over a drag act’s performance at the Honor Oak pub in Lewisham.


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You're fired!

Poster boys Laurence Fox & Calvin Robinson of TurningPointUK's Honor Oak Pub anti drag storytelling demonstrations have both now been officially sacked by GBNews.

#LozzaFox has been arrested and in custody over alleged incitement to damage ULEZ cameras.

TurningPointUK also allege that the Pub manager has been sacked but we are unable to confirm that.

A lot of P45 fallout. More:

HM Revenue & Customs P45 form - Details of employee leaving work

#honoroak #se23 #turningpointuk #fascist #nazi #misogynist #transphobia #dragstorytime #gbnews #ukpolitics #lozzafox

Tomorrow is TurningPointUK's monthly outing to demo Drag Story Time at our Honor Oak Pub.

Poster child this month is Laurence Fox newly banned by the far right GBNews for being too far right with his shocking misogynist attack on a jourmalist this week. Also banned was Calvin Robinson GBNews personality and TurningPoint organiser.

Will they dare to pollute our neighbourhood?

TurningPoint poster with Honor Oak announcement banner pasted in front of supporters carrying a banner of black MP Diane Abbott calling her a racist,
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3 months ago

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The last train from Crystal Palace High Level 19th September 1954. Calling at Lordship Lane, Honor Oak & Peckham Rye.

RT from Cultural Landscapes (@Culturlandscape)

A view across South London from #OneTreeHill #HonorOak to the City of London, with the dome of @StPaulsLondon at the centre.


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While taking his dog for an evening walk and looking through all the “lonely windows”, the British musician and artist Darren Hayman, best known as lead singer and guitarist of the band Hefner, was inspired to create a series of night paintings.

Mostly around here. More:

Dark night painting of a doubledecker 63 bus to Honor Oak next to a bus stop.

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Just to be clear there was no Drag Queen Story time today at The Honor Oak pub. The protesters knew that.

Which leaves the question of why they came here? The police should have better things to do.

RT from Isolated Incidents (@diversity999x)

Sadiq's mercenaries protecting paedos in #HonorOak.

Always on the side of antifa.

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Rail disruption now appears to be over. Happy Friday!

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4 months ago

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The power outage at Brockley is now supposed to be cleared but disruption is continuing with all Overground trains currently shown as cancelled. Please check before you travel.


RT from Give a Song CIC (@giveasongcic)

Who’s coming to our final street music parties on Sunday!? 🥁🎷

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4 months ago

RT from Give a Song CIC (@giveasongcic)

Pop up street music performances tomorrow:

5pm - Mayow Park
6pm - @ignitionbeer
7pm - @parlezlocal
8pm - Amrutha Lounge

We’ll be outside playing some tunes ❤️

#lewisham #brockley #honoroak #sydenham #music #community
@LewishamCouncil 🎶

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A long June 30th article by Time Out on the series of Drag Queen Story Hour protests by TurningpointUK at the Honor Oak Pub.

#se23 #honoroak #honoroakpub #turningpointuk #lewisham #dragqueens #lewisham #transphobia #fascist #nazi

After 5 consecutive months of protest, baiting and violence by TurningpointUK Honor Oak gets two months of peace over summer.

A statement from the target - The Honor Oak Pub:

The Honor Oaks Drag Storytelling and Drag Brunch is excited to announce that we will be taking a well-deserved summer recess for the next two months. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible supporters, patrons, and performers who have made the past few months an extraordinary journey.
During this summer recess, we encourage you to continue supporting the vibrant LGBTQ+ community and local drag performers by attending other captivating events and spreading love and acceptance wherever you go. Remember, the magic of drag can be found in every corner if you're willing to look.
5 months ago

#croftonpark #southernrailway #foresthill #honoroak #se23 #tfl

Crofton Park is one of the railway stations whose ticket office is being proposed to be closed. There won't be many left in London.

Forest Hill, Honor Oak & Brockley are not included as they are operated by TfL - but are their days numbered?

The full list of London ticket offices under threat can be found here:

#honoroak #se23 #DragQueenStoryTime #fascism #turningpointuk


Fascists are going back to Honor Oak on 29th of July. We saw what happened last week when fascists violently attack locals. It's important they are outnumbered at the next event to ensure community safety! This will take a cross-party effort!

South London is Anti-fascist!

#honoroak #se23 #DragQueenStoryTime #fascism #turningpointuk


We wish those who do attend the best of luck, and when we’ve recovered we’ll be back out on the streets.

We also implore the police to act and stop far-left criminals from attacking conservatives. If there is no law there can be no democracy.

#honoroak #se23 #DragQueenStoryTime #fascism #turningpointuk


Following the violent attacks on our activists over the past two weeks - which included a stabbing & an 18-year-old savagely kicked in the head - we will be not be at the Honor Oak Pub this month.

However, we’ve seen a protest has been announced for the 29th of July, but it’ll be run by a group of concerned locals rather than by us. To be clear TPUK has no involvement in this one.

RT from SE Mags | Around Dulwich (@SEMags_ADulwich)

Out today our July issue of SE23 you can take a sneak peek right here. There are some fab articles and great businesses too. You can read the full issue on our website. Link in bio.

#SE23 #foresthill #honoroak #westdulwich #community #arounddulwich #keepitlocal

[Video embedded in original tweet]

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Queer Lit Cats
5 months ago

Pink News: Honor Oak attack victim suffered ‘multiple punches’ during anti-drag counter protest #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Activism #honoroak #Assault #Crime #Drag #News

#honoroak #se23 #lewisham #london #dragqueenstorytime #transphobia #turningpointuk #neonazi

Here's the view from the other side. Check out who appears to be attacking and who appears to be defending in the TP video for yourself.

Original tweet :

#honoroak #se23 #lewisham #dragqueenstorytime #turningpointuk #antifa #transphobia #neonaziv

This is a comprehensive, if partisan, view of the clash at the Honor Oak Pub last Saturday. This is followed by the TurningPointUK view. Judge for yourself who to believe.

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JOIN US AT BLYTHE HILL FIELDS FESTIVAL ON SUNDAY!⁠! We'll be there 12-5pM. It's gonna be a great day 🌞 #HonorOakWellnessRooms #BrockleyRise #SE23 #Yoga #Pilates #BlytheHillFields #SELondon #London #HonorOak #SouthLondon #Catford #SE6 #HonorOakPark #SE4 #ForestHill #BlytheHill

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#honoroak #se23 #facism #transrights #DragQueenStoryTime

Far-Right protesters have been accused of attacking a group of trans rights activists outside a drag queen story time event for children in south London.

The trans activists said they were assaulted by a small group of far-Right demonstrators outside the Honor Oak pub on Saturday morning.
6 months ago

RT from SUTR SELondon (@SUTR_SELondon)

The far right have tried to spread their hate in #HonorOak repeatedly in the past months and even attempted to shut down our meeting tonight.

The community instead came together to tell the Nazi scum they’re not welcome and discuss our politics of hope, unity and solidarity.

Original tweet :

6 months ago

Some photos from the Honor Oak protest this morning, standing against Turning Point UK.

Pics © Aaron Coe.

#HonorOak #Drag #Protest #FarRight

A huge group of people outside the Honor Oak pub in London. Lots of rainbow and pride flags. There's a police van front right and a line of police in front of protesters.
Banners attached to walls, some people stand in front chatting. 

Banner 1: We stand united against racism and discrimination

Banner 2: Love is love. Lewisham celebrates LGBTQ+
Protesters and police chatting and smiling. Lots of signs; don't let the far right divide us, pro drag anti fascist, choose books not bigotry
2 elderly anti-trans women on mobility scooters. The scooters have "TERF" stickers on them. They look fucking miserable. One has a "stay away from our kids" poster stuck to the front of her scooter.
Shouty person
6 months ago

What shall we do this bank holiday weekend?

Hmmm… How about drag brunch?

Anyways, we’re at #DragBrunch in #HonorOak.


RT from Stand Up To Racism (@AntiRacismDay)

Embarrassing turnout for Turning Point UK at #HonorOak.

Currently 15 far right goons being totally outnumbered by 200+ anti-fascists


Original tweet :

6 months ago

Two demos coming up, London.

Meet at 9am outside the Honor Oak pub, 1 St German's Road, SE23 1JG on Saturday 27th May.

Meet 11:30am at the 7th July Memorial, Hyde Park, W2 2UH on Sunday 28th May.

#HonorOak #HydePark #London #Drag #Trans #LGBT #AntiFascist

Oppose the far-right in Honor Oak. After being chased off by locals 3 times before, far right org Turning Point UK are again attempting to disrupt a family friendly drag event at the Honor Oak Pub. 

We have organised another counter demo to show that we will always reject their message of hate and division. We will not take one step back.

Join the community opposition and oppose the far right! 

Meet at 9am outside the Honor Oak pub. 1 St German's Road, SE23 1JG on Saturday 27th May.
No Nazis, no transphobes.

Join us for another event in the park to show visible resistance to the neo-nazis who flock to grifter Posie Parker

Meet Sunday 28th May 11:30am at the 7th July memorial Hyde Park, then moving to the Reformer's Tree

Bring masks, bring comrades, bring water, bring signs!

Come and join us SUN 28 MAY and next month too

#foresthill #honoroak #se23 #turningpointuk #metpolice #facism #ukpolitics

A formal complaint has been lodged over the behaviour of Metropolitan police officers during a demonstration organised by Turning Point UK (TPUK) against a storytelling session by drag queen That Girl at the Honor Oak pub in Lewisham.

The mayor, Damien Egan, is also believed to have raised concerns with the Met following accounts of the policing at the TPUK protest last weekend.


RT from Martin Costello News (@MartinPCostello)

Protest against 'Drag Story Time' at The Honor Oak while far left extremist funded by George Soros counter.

"Groomers get battered everywhere they go" sing concerned parents.

Would you take your kids to scenes like this?

#HonorOak #LGBT

Original tweet :

RT from Rose Morelli (@sadlittlejourno)

Activists come out to #HonorOak to defend local pub's Drag Story Time from far-right Turning Point UK. This is the third protest TPUK have held against the event, and local left / #LGBT activists have turned out every time to defend the pub. Heard "3-nil" being chanted

Original tweet :

9 months ago


His UK offshoot suffered a wonderful, strictly non-violent drubbing here in #southeastlondon yesterday. I guess they hoped to rally locals to a faked-up culture war. But nobody apart from the organisers turned up apart from 500 advising them to please go away. They did.

Search #honoroak or @se23. I'm afraid it's mostly Twitter cross posts but there is a certain irony in using Elon's baby to expose one of his toxic children.

Freedom Press
9 months ago

Fascists vastly outnumbered in Lewisham
The latest attempt by the far right to harass a drag Queen Story Hour event in London fell flat on its face today in Honor Oak following their previous annihilation at Tate Britain a couple of weeks ago.

The obsessive weirdos of Turning Point Uk called a protest which attracted around 20 racists & reaction
#Activism #DragQueenStoryHour #HonorOak #Lewisham #Solidarity #Transrights

9 months ago

Fash demo this morning at #HonorOak pub Lewisham, the pub hosts a drag queen storytime. Organised by TurningPointUK - a pretend student organisation, their membership mainly being over 40 yo. Absolutely drowned out and outnumbered by counter-protesters.

Fake vicar Calvin Robinson was there and had "you're not a real vicar" sang at him to drown out his shite. Roy Brinkley showed up in his army hat to yell about 15 min cities and pothole conspiracies. Not welcome.

#FarRight #Lewisham

A small group of far-right protesters standing behind a police line. None of them look of student age. Some are greyhaired.
Roy Brinkley with a megaphone. He is wearing an army beret and holding a megaphone. His stomach is so big it looks like he's got someone else up his jacket, his hand rests on the swell. He is talking to a police officer wearing a blue liaison vest.
Someone holds up a cardboard sign with FUCK THE FASH on it. There's a drawn black fist and trans symbols.
A massive group of people stands in front of a pub. They have signs in bright colours and there are rainbows scattered throughout. One prominent sign says LOVE WINS