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2 days ago

New instance, new #Introduction ! I was part of the great #SapphicMigration in Nov 2022 but have moved servers several times as I learn more about the fediverse and seek community. 

My interests are
#SapphicBooks, #AudioBooks, 
#Democracy, #HopePunk, #DigitalPrivacy, fascinated by and scared about #AI
I am striving to be

Currently, I live in a red state in the US. However, my wife and I are in the process of moving to
#Portugal this year.

Artist Clancy
2 days ago

My doodlebugs are a small painting series within a larger series I've titled Figures Of Speech and my email newsletter tells what inspired the doodlebugs (hint: it's wordplay based on a scientific phrase). My one-person fine art exhibit will be in June/July at Burnt Bridge Cellars @burntbridgecellars in Vancouver WA and is facilitated by Caplan Art Designs @caplanartdesigns
Anyhoo, here are the featured bugs... and the tracks they left 👇
#fineart #exhibit #localartist #localwinery #localartgallery #whimsicalart #pnwartist #pnwwines #pnwartgallery #figuresofspeech #artinspiration #paintings #hopepunk #emailnewsletter

An orange beetle draws large squares with a pen.
Stelliform Press
4 days ago

Tomorrow's the official publication day for ANOTHER LIFE. Looking for cozy sf rooted in real world possibilities, or a novella to break up Becky Chambers re-reads? This is it!

Because Am*zon doesn't let us select a pub date the book is available now:

#bookstodon #climatefiction #sciencefiction #solarpunk #hopepunk


On a blue, purple and pink mountain landscape background, the cover of Sarena Ulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE novella is surrounded by excerpts from reviews: "The sparse but evocative worldbuilding of Ulibarri’s brilliant solarpunk debut underpins a guarded optimism about the human condition. ... With an incisive exploration of postcapitalist, back to basics living and characters readers will root for, this perfectly balances big ideas and big emotions." — ★ Publishers Weekly starred review
"It's a fast and entertaining novella-length read with a touch of mystery and a big ethical conundrum. It explores what a sustainable future might look like, the consequences of scientific breakthroughs, the weight of leadership, and the fleeting nature of progress. It's also a good introduction to solarpunk if you're not familiar with the subgenre and are curious." — Rebecca Roanhoarse, author of Black Sun and Tread of Angels
On a blue, purple and pink mountain landscape background, the cover of Sarena Ulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE novella is surrounded by excerpts from reviews: "Sarena Ulibarri’s sun-drenched story of reincarnation, resilience, and renewal truly shines, granting us a convincing solarpunk future full of hope that another life could one day be ours." — Lauren C. Teffeau, author of Implanted
"With Another Life, Ulibarri has given us a gift: a gentle, humane, and hopeful vision of our future. I want to live in Otra Vida!" — Ian Tregillis, author of The Mechanical
"Painting a hopeful vision of a postcapitalist future, Ulibarri's debut solarpunk novella, Another Life, is a masterpiece of minimalist worldbuilding with incredible emotional impact." — Justine Norton-Kertson, Solarpunk Magazine editor-in-chief

So #hopepunk -- I just discovered the philosophy behind our forthcoming #DnD campaign setting has a name. I like it.

No Time To Play
1 week ago

Hey, folks. It's been a while but I have a new link roundup with news ranging from tabletop #RPGs to Zelda, and from #hopepunk to trans representation, plus bits of #videogame history. Enjoy!

Stelliform Press
1 week ago

If you're looking for a cozy, binge-worthy weekend read, check out
@sarenaulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE! We've shipped all print pre-orders and will be sending download links this weekend, but there's still time to get your order in before release day!

#bookstodon #climatefiction #sciencefiction #solarpunk #hopepunk @bookstodon

On a background of bright green trees and blue solarpanels, a while box contains the cover of ANOTHER LIFE and the text of a Goodreads review: "A short but interesting scifi story. Strong characters to make you want to binge read. Makes you think about the future. Loved it."
Below the text and cover is a red truck graphic with a red arrow pointing to the right. White text inside the truck reads "All Print Orders are Now Shipped!"
1 week ago

New instance, new #Introduction ! I was part of the great #SapphicMigration in Nov 2022 but have moved servers several times as I learn more about the fediverse and seek community. 

My interests are #SapphicBooks, #AudioBooks, 
#Democracy, #HopePunk, #DigitalPrivacy, fascinated by and scared about #AI
I am striving to be #WFPB.

Currently, I live in a red state in the US. However, my wife and I are in the process of moving to #Portugal this year.

Stelliform Press
2 weeks ago

Copies of @sarenaulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE, printed on 100% recycled paper, arrive to Stelliform HQ today, to be shipped this week. Last chance to order & be the 1st to receive this complex & optimistic story.

Check out enthusiastic words from @ITregillis & order here:

#bookstodon #climatefiction #solarpunk #sciencefiction #hopepunk #novella #smallpress

On a bright green and yellow background imagine of a luminous grassy field, the cover of Sarena Ulibarr's ANOTHER LIFE is at top left, with text on the right that reads: "With Another Life, Ulibarri has given us a gift: a gentle, humane, and hopeful vision of our future. I want to live in Otra Vida!" Ian Tregillis, author of The Mechanical. On a transparent white arrow pointing right, the text reads: Orders from shipping this week! The Stelliform Press logo is on the left side of the arrow.
PJ Coffey
2 weeks ago


Mmm. I'm quite a fan of the Hopepunk and solarpunk movements.

#hopepunk #solarpunk

Norton Glover
2 weeks ago

On my itch page, one of my old games got a sudden burst of views and downloads.

Apparently, I got linked to in this Polygon article about Hopepunk in gaming:
#TTRPG #Hopepunk #NotDnD

Amalia Zeichnerin
2 weeks ago

#Hopepunk #Solarpunk #ttrpg
Interesting article about Hopepunk, Solarpunk and similar TTRPGs.
"The future of tabletop role-play is hope:
Hopepunk can help us build a better world at the table"
by Lindsay Eanet:

Rachel Lapidow
2 weeks ago

Return to the Stars, a scifi RPG by Festive Ninja Games that I copyedited several years ago, was just featured in a Polygon article about hopepunk games. Very, very cool!

#ttrpg #hopepunk

Sarena Ulibarri
2 weeks ago

Just one month left to submit to this year's #Imagine2200 contest! Are you working on your story?

Full guidelines and FAQs here:

#solarpunk #lunarpunk #hopepunk #ClimateFiction #CallForSubmissions #WritingContest

A pink background with an abstract rendition of a field. Text: A short story contest from Grist, Imagine 2200. Submit your climate fiction story today. Free entry and $8,700 in cash prizes
Tyler Cohen
2 weeks ago

What are books you’ve really enjoyed with thought-out & imaginative ecological responses; people cooperating & collaborating against fascism (no lone “heroes!”); queer folk; found families; multicultural/multiracial collaboration; generational healing…
any combinations of above… #hopepunk imaginings (does not need to be SciFi—I’d really like to be introduced to some non-SFF stories coursing through these veins). NOT looking for utopian visions

I have my favorites, but I need more

3 weeks ago

Do you have enough love in your heart
To go and get your hands dirty?

My first Song of the Day is Dirty by Grandson! A very punk song glorifying direct action and framing anti-authoritarianism as an act of love for yourself, your community, and the planet.


#music #punk #songoftheday #hopepunk

Victoria Janssen
3 weeks ago

Omnibus edition of A Place of Refuge is now available! Cozy lesbian space opera novellas: #SapphicBooks #speculativefiction #hopepunk

Electronic edition only. Image of all 3 covers (blue, pink, green) with spines out as if in a physical box. Each features a woman staring directly at the viewer with a spaceship background.
Branwen OShea (she/her)
1 month ago

Last Day for this exceptional price!
The humans and star beings thought the biggest problem they faced was each other. They thought wrong.

💫Enemies forced to cooperate
💫A young leader set up for failure
💫Morally grey villain
💫A cute cave digger pup
💫Powerful female protagonists
💫Future ice age predators
💫Non-violence in a violent world

#FindingHumanitySeries #scifi #fantasy #hopepunk #climatefiction #books #IndieApril

“This is the first series I've felt so strongly about that I've gifted the books to people. I adore the story. I adore the characters. The premise is so unique and touching: I can't say I've read another book like it." -Reader "My son tore through this book in record time." -Reader "The Chasm is one of those rare sequels that blows the original out of the water!" -Reader 
The Chasm by Branwen OShea
Fifi Schwarz
1 month ago

‘People – a group comprised of every sapient species, organic or otherwise – were chaos, but chaos was good.’
#DeZinVanHetBoek #TheEssenceOfTheBook

#BoekPerWeek 24/52 ★★★★☆

Wowed once more

@boeken #boeken
@bookstodon #bookstodon
#Lezen #Read
#Solarpunk #Hopepunk #SciFi

Bookcover Becky Chambers - The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

A Half-Built Garden by Ruthanna Emrys 👽👶 Judy takes her wife and baby along to check out pollutants in the Potomac and finds herself in a First Contact with aliens who consider children an indispensable element of diplomatic talks. #QueerSFF2023
#LesbianFiction #SolarPunk #Hopepunk @bookstodon

The cover of A Half-Built Garden bu Ruthanna Emrys - a dark spacescape with the globe of the earth at the centre, partially obscured by the seeds of a dandelion being blown away. The title font has an alien language look, stylised with extra ligatures, circles and  triangles, but the author's name is in a plain, san serif font.
a partial page of text: height, and Carol joined me. "Welcome to Earth. What's your name?"
The alien brought two pairs of limbs together. Drawing one across the other like a bow. Pitched oddly, but clearly comprehensible, I heard: "These are Diamond and Chlorophyll. I am Cytosine. What's your name?"
Kids first, apparently. "This is Dori. I'm Judy Wallach-Stevens,
and this is my wife, Carol."
Music spilled from Cytosine's limbs, that same five-note series from the initial transmission. "We understand each other!"
"Yes. You've been listening to us?" But of course they had:watching our movies, picking up our broadcasts, well over a centuries worth of stories and school videos and documentaries and news. What were they like, to follow all that and still want to meet us?
''Yes. That's how we learn. You haven't heard our songs yet, but you are far advanced and we didn't dare wait. It's reassuring to know you're civilized like us."

Cruelty is so easy. You're not special for choosing it.

"The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist; a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain."

-Ursula K. LeGuin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

#choosingkindness #hopepunk #poetry

1 month ago

I updated my list of favourite #scifi #books !

And I'd love more recommendations in the 3 main categories: #solarpunk , #hopepunk and #afrofuturism



a colourcoded list of scifi books, with the categories solarpunk, hopepunk & afrofuturism
Rua M. Williams
1 month ago

Really delighted to get to introduce Liz Jackson as the Opening Keynote Speaker of the Including Disability Global Summit #IDGS #HopePunk.

Liz Jackson is a disabled and queer expert in the analysis and critique of design practice. Often considered a pundit of industry-declared technological innovation, Jackson has produced essential commentary and reflection on industry norms and industry conceits -- particularly when marketing strategies target the disabled body as a site for technobenevolence, charity, and objectification. Today, Liz will describe how her experiences with pushback, resentment, and rejection inform her sense that her critiques are in fact right on target. In her talk, Liz will show us that professional failure may actually mark "succeeding downwards" -- in that the trajectory of your career may be inversely correlated with your integrity and commitment to justice.

Liz produces targeted critiques of corporate appeals to disability inclusion as a strategy for reputation laundering, often at the direct expense of disabled consumers and workers regardless of fidability status.

Paul Kemner
1 month ago

#HirogaruSkyPrecure #12- That's a pile of #hopepunk for you!

Cure Sora, jumping to the rescue the purified villain before his boss kills him, and calling out "I think it's the right thing to do!"
Frank Böhmert
1 month ago

@Atalante @inksmith Aah, so 'nen #HopePunk-Pin muss ich mir ja auch mal bei euch besorgen nächstes Wiedersehen, der macht sich bestimmt gut am Revers meines Jacketts, wo grad zu Klimademos meist ein #12Monkeys-Pin beppt.

Viel Spaß, klingt nach einem tollen Termin!

Mike McCaffrey
1 month ago

@guacamayan @ZaneSelvans You should listen to @lostterminal ! It is an absolutely amazing #solarpunk and #hopepunk story that fits in well with your list of books, despite it being a narrative podcast.

1 month ago

Neu zu meinem ›Hausaltar‹ gestellt: Toph Beifong, als Erinnerung mich immer gut zu erden.

Endlich auch den verfakkten #HopePunk-Sticker befestigt. Liebe es, wie der mit Leela harmoniert.

Sach ma @Atalante & @inksmith: Habta die Farbe bewusst von Leela übernommen?

Molos ›Hausaltar‹ mit Trojanischer-Hase-Monty-Python-Box mit Hope-Punk-Anstecker, Spider Jerusalem, Mistgeburt, Dante, Toph, Ahsoka, Nostromo-Aufnäher, Bloodborne, Hades und John Constantine. Im Hintergrund Drippy und Futurama-Box mit Leela.
1 month ago

*The Babylon Eye* is free from today, 18th April, for the next 5 days.

It's a #HopePunk #ScienceFiction book, set in an alternate world #SouthAfrica:

A former eco-terrorist has to find a lost cyber dog or be sent back to prison. She soon realises that she must choose: her own freedom, or the dog's.

It's the first of the three book "Linked Worlds" series, and the second book, "The Real" is free right now as well.

(This story was written after I lost my dog Anastasia, and is dedicated to her, but no dogs die in this book! And it's not a sad story at all 🙂 )

#ScienceFictionBooks #AfricanSciFi #LGBTQBooks #FreeBooks #DogsOfMastadon #DogsAreTheBest

1 month ago

#Literatur #HopePunk #Postapokalypse #Genre #Phantastik Feddich mit »Wasteland« (2019) von @Atalante & @inksmith. Mein dritter Roman des Duos und bin nun quasi zuhause bei denen. Roman hat null gestört, daß mir zwischendurch »Der Allesfresser«-Sachbuch von Nancy Fraser dazwischengrätschte.

Wie schon bei »Anarchie Deko« und »Schildmaid« beeindruckt mich am meisten, wie die Vögte sich zu Genre-Fragen der Äktschn verhalten, worauf sie dabei die Aufmerksamkeit lenken, Erwartung unterlaufen.

Molo hält mit Daumen-rauf »Wasteland« von Judith C. und Christian Vogt hoch. Knaur Verlag, 2019.
Mike McCaffrey
1 month ago

@MikePalumbo @bookstodon Here is a recommendation that is kinda the opposite of what you are asking: Instead of a book about fatalism, you should listen to @lostterminal which is a podcast about hope. Despite it being a #HopePunk story about how life will persist after our society collapses, there is a constant undercurrent of sadness from how things collapsed, and relics of the old world continue to fail.

Chris Hall
1 month ago

This is fucking #Hopepunk AF, boiled down to its core.


“People speak of hope as if it is this delicate, ephemeral thing made of whispers and spider's webs. It's not. Hope has dirt on her face, blood on her knuckles, the grit of the cobblestones in her hair, and just spat out a tooth as she rises for another go.”

If This Goes On (Don't Panic)
1 month ago

Interview with @WingedLion coming early next week! #hopepunk #podcasting #sciencefiction #fantasy

Anne-Marie Scott
1 month ago

@kate @catherinecronin @sheilmcn @lornamcampbell I have been following your convo as well (bookmarked it to think about later). I’ve been thinking about the intersections between #hopepunk and #nowtopias and brewing on it. Whilst I like speculating about preferable futures, action is also needed now. I think about small scale action in the cracks between in the here and now, and adrienne marie brown’s fractals and repeating patterns.

Stelliform Press
2 months ago

Check out the gorgeous wrap cover on Sarena Ulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE! This book is a joy to hold! It's also a joy to be swept away by the brilliant optimism of the story. Need a read that won't let you down? Get this solarpunk novella on Book Sirens:

@bookstodon @sarenaulibarri #bookstodon #climatefiction #solarpunk #hopepunk #sciencefiction #smallpress

Full wrap cover of Sarena Ulibarri's ANOTHER LIFE. Art by Wang Xulin.
Branwen OShea (she/her)
2 months ago

If you’re a fan of #StarWars, #Avatar or #Stargate then check out The Calling, the best-selling novel kicking off a hopepunk sci-fi adventure series.

The Calling: Humanity’s Wake-Up Call. Answer It or Face Extinction.

In a future ice age, Bleu’s expedition team emerges from their subterranean haven to discover humans are no longer the dominant life form on Earth.

Currently $2 off on Amazon for #IndieApril.
#books #YASeries #scifi #hopepunk

"A STORY WE'VE BEEN WAITING TO BE TOLD." Available on CALLING CALING Humanity's wake-up call. Answer it or face extinction.

The book cover features a teen exiting a massive elevator into a nighttime arctic landscape. Before them on the ground, a strange star sits on the snow-covered ground.
Stelliform Press
2 months ago

Huge thanks to Lauren C. Teffeau for these kind words about Sarena Ulibarri's upcoming solarpunk novella ANOTHER LIFE. The book is available on Netgalley for 2 more days and pre-orders are open at
@bookstodon @sarenaulibarri #bookstodon #climatefiction #solarpunk #ecofiction #utopia #optimisticbooks #hopepunk #sciencefiction #smallpress

On a purple background, the cover of Sarena Ulibarri's Another Life and a blurb from Lauren C. Teffeau, author of Implanted: "Sarena Ulibarri’s sun-drenched story of reincarnation, resilience, and renewal truly shines, granting us a convincing solarpunk future full of hope that another life could one day be ours."
Sarena Ulibarri
2 months ago

“Not Your Papi’s Utopia: Latinx Visions of Radical Hope”

Stories up to 12k words, also considering poetry, plays, and graphic arts

Deadline August 1, 2023

(I’m not associated with this project, but wanted to make sure more writers see it!)

#solarpunk #lunarpunk #hopepunk #ecofiction #sciencefiction #scifi #utopia #latinx #LatinxLit #IndigenousFuturism #cyberpunk #steampunk

Full Guidelines:

@older Just found it, it was a great read. I find myself now actively shying away from work that doesn't eventually leave me (at least wryly) smiling: I have no spare spoons ever for a *leisure activity* such as reading, to leave me feeling bad any more. Concepts such as #solarpunk and #hopepunk are going to be interesting to track back, in a few years' time. My KJ Charles pick would have been different, though! :)

Journey Sloane
2 months ago

Finished Ecotopia. It was an interesting experience. Found myself smiling at the end of it. The hope for a better world that pervades it, and the things that people will do to get there.

I wish it actually had a chance of happening.

#Ecotopia #Hopepunk @bookstodon

I'm humbled and grateful to all those who have supported The Book of Constellations and voted my show one of the "Best Existing Story-Based Production" in the Audio Verse Awards.

Thank you so much!

#AudioFiction #AudioFictionPodcast #podcast #podcasts #AudioDrama #AudioDramaSunday #awards2022 #sciencefiction #sff #scifi #hopepunk #alien #indie #audioverseawards #writing #writingcommunity

A splash screen for an award. It reads "Audio Verse Awards 2022, Est. 2013. Winner. Best Existing Story-Based Production. The Book of Constellations."

As odd as it is that doesn't have an account on here, I thought I should share their Nebula nominees brag post. Copied from Facebook. Congrats to @clpolk @KellyLink @wtalabi (please tag other authors I didn't find).


@bookstodon @sffbipoc @sff #LesbianNecromancersInSpace #CozyQueerSpaceNoir #HopePunk #Tor #books #SFF #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Nebula #NonaTheNinth #Spear #APrayerForTheCrownShy #EvenThoughIKnewTheEnd #AfricaRisen #DIY Publishing
Congratulations to all of our Nebula Award Finalists! Images of book covers.
Ingo Schramm
3 months ago

Dystopian fantasies are outdated. We have been living in dystopia for so long.

Negate Dystopia!

Become an architect of the other world!

#hopepunk #utopia

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
3 months ago

I'm 1/4 of the way through A Half-Built Garden: @r_emrys , I'm so taken with the world you created! Among other aspects of your story, I love the watershed networks, and the way they make and share decisions--collective problem-solving. So up my alley!

Hard to put the book down. I'm gonna blame you if I don't finish the story I'm writing for a March 15th deadline!!!

#solarpunk #hopepunk #CliFi #SFF #bookstodon #books #reading

Finally translated my comprehensive #solarpunk essay, where I talk about using the narrative as a lens for the real world, and every imperfect short story as a prototype - foundation for a language with which to describe a better tomorrow!

An audio / podcast version will be available within a week!

#narratives #writing #hopepunk #cyberpunk #literature

3 months ago

Do you think there’s a difference between #hopepunk and #solarpunk ? If so, which one?

Vicki Kyriakakis
3 months ago

@liztai This is fabulous. Big fan of #HopePunk and I think we desperately need more light in a time where everyone seems drawn to darkness.

Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 months ago

Please listen to this wonderful discussion of Speculative Futures of Cities on Sean Carroll's Mindscape podcast.
#Futurism #HopePunk #Cities

Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 months ago

@orionkidder @liztai Somehow I'm not entirely surprised. The film wasn't exactly #hopepunk.

3 months ago

Some of my favourite hopeful Books of 2022 #booksofmastodon

📗Cory Doctorow – Walkaway (he describes it as post- #cyberpunk , but I find a lot of #solarpunk in it)

📗Kim Stanley Robinson – The Ministry for the Future (solarpunk, tough at times but seems very realistic)

📗Becky Chambers – The Wayfarer Quadrilogy ( #hopepunk , very wholesome)

📗Solarpunk Summers and 📗Solarpunk Winters (Anthologies with short stories)

📗Mary Robinette Kowal - The calculating stars #feminist #scifi

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
4 months ago

@reconbot @kellan We had a convo here not long back about #solarpunk or #hopepunk books. Folx shared recommendations. , Can't find it at the moment from my phone. You could look at my feed where I likely replied to some... and where I noted 2 recent author panels with recommendations.

4 months ago

I'm still getting my head around #solarpunk and #hopepunk and what the narrative possibilities are - both fictional and not. A part of my motivation is this: I'm tired of dystopia - also both fictional and not!

Feel free to give me your thoughts, #writers and other assorted experts and enthusiasts.

@thestorygraph I'm here on #StoryGraph, always looking for more friends there! I mostly read #SciFi and #Fantasy with a feminist view and #LGBTQIA characters. I love #HopePunk and #Horror. I'm really hoping to find a little community there for book recs, etc.

Branwen OShea (she/her)
4 months ago

I won a free map drawing from artist Jared King!
If you’re not familiar with my series, it takes place in a future ice age, long after humans hid underground in one of four havens. The series starts at Northern Haven, where a strange Sickness has depleted the population. Desperate, they risk the icy frontier above to find the other havens. They expect ice & predators but instead find humans are no longer the dominant species on Earth.
#scifi #ya #hopepunk #sciencefantasy

Black and white map of a small section of the Earth in a future ice age. Locations are from The Calling, and include Northern Haven’s door to the Surface, Rana’s village, Eka’s village, and various landmarks.
Ricardo Victoria 🐢
4 months ago

So here is the thing: I'm just a Mexican SFF writer, posting in front of the readers, asking them to read my books.

#fantasy #hopepunk #litrpg #sciencefiction

4 months ago

Yesterday's #TBRCon2023 panel handed me a new term to describe the kind of storytelling I've come to enjoy a lot over the past few years, a sort of domestic, relatively low-stakes, often meditative or soothing type of narration that focuses on characters and their relationships and interior lives: "slice-of-life" :) It's a trend possibly because of the pandemic, but many older favorites also did this before we had terms like this or like #hopepunk.
Here's the panel:

Paul Kemner
4 months ago

@annaleen @NiftyLinks @DawnPaladin @hankgreen @adapalmer @ouropinions

#hopepunk is largely a reaction to an excess of #grimdark stories, where everything is rotten and people do whatever benefits them, regardless of the consequences to anyone else.
The characters find unexpected solutions to improve the situation, which can be more interesting to read. And avoids unrealistic smarmy characters of #noblebright.
It can be used with almost any setting.

4 months ago

@DawnPaladin @hankgreen

Is it? I'm not sure how to measure a zeitgeist, and I'd have a similar leaning towards you by default. But thanks to historical perspective from people like @adapalmer and Cat Rambo, I think that the evidence is that #scifi is becoming more positive.

Case in point (with apologies to @annaleen), the #hopepunk trend that has gained recognition over the last ten years:

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 months ago #hopepunk

“The exercise of imagination is dangerous to those who profit from the way things are because it has the power to show that the way things are is not permanent, not universal, not necessary. Having that real though limited power to put established institutions into question, imaginative literature has also the responsibility of power. The storyteller is the truthteller.”

#storytelling #creativity #imagination

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 months ago

@theresmiling @liztai @susankayequinn Thanks so much for sharing this. The whole idea of #hopepunk has just captured my imagination.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 months ago
definition of hopepunk
4 months ago

Thanks to @liztai for starting her thread about #SolarPunk. I‘m totally into it.
I‘m currently listening to @susankayequinn‘s #NothingIsPromised series. I‘m in book three and I‘m really enjoying them. They are short, which is a nice thing. They are suspenseful and have great characters. I really like the idea of families, like the Strong‘s who we meet in book 1.
#HopePunk #Bookstodon