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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”
Edgar Allan Poe

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me where I am?”
“You are at the beginning,” she said.
“The beginning of what?” I asked.
“The beginning of The Wandering Wish.”
What is real, what is not? The journey is your own.
#nobubblegumvampiresallowed #vampire #horror
The Wandering wish, the 7th novel from MT HART

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#WerewolfWednesday! Awoooo!
Keeping Halloween and Horror alive one day at a time!
#vampire #horror #nobubblegumvampiresallowed
¡Manteniendo Halloween y Horror vivos un día a la vez!
#vampiro #terror

Comic Crusaders
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Eisner-Winner's Latest Comic a Mash-Up of Sergio Leone Westerns & H.P. Lovecraft Horrors
Award winning writer Mike Baron has teamed-up with acclaimed comics illustrator Pat Broderick for a supernatural Western called “Bronze Star.”  Despite being in the comic industry for decades, Bronze Star marks their...
#comics #western #horror #leone #bronzestar #mike baron #pat broderrick

Luke Shiru
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Owww yis :skulllove:

#manga #junjiIto #horror

A collection of Junji Ito mangas

Fantastic Adventures vol. 14, no. 11 (November 1952)

This cover brought to you by Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?". He is at least being protective of her, though I have questions about where his hand is.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Fantastic Adventures magazine cover from the 1950s; a hairy bearded man is holding a blonde woman; they are both reacting in fear of flying saucers in the sky.

Fantastic Adventures vol. 14, no. 11 (1952/11).
Susanne Leist Author
4 hours ago

The storm strikes Blue Harbor, Maine, with a vengeance as the violent winds release torrential rains and the deadly curse.

Who will survive the Penobscot Indian curse?


#Bookrecommendations #Darkfantasy #BooksWorthReading #Bookstagrams #Reading #Vampire #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult #Romanticsuspense @bookstodon

A lighthouse at night during a storm.
Rich Tate :verified:
6 hours ago
7 hours ago

GAHHH! I just watched a Suspense movie I thought looked interesting/scary and saved on my Watch List, and saw it was leaving Prime in 14 days and thought, "Eh, if I don't watch it now, I probably won't."


I was not prepared for that ending. 💔

HIghly recommended. It's a very good story and the actors put their *all* into it.


#Movie #Horror #Drama #Suspense

Movie poster for Marrowbone (2017). Four young adults and one child stare intensely at the viewer from behind a cracked mirror. One youth holds a rifle.
Beverly Bambury
8 hours ago

The first non-Chizine book for which I did publicity is having a tenth-anniversary re-release! Congrats to #RichardDansky on the new edition of #Vaporware!

#ScienceFiction #Horror #GhostStory #Developers

#horror movie time Evil Dead rise is still awesome even after the 3rd time

Jason Rush
8 hours ago

Okay, time for Final Destination 3 in this big Final Destination marathon. I'm told this is the best one?

#AmWatchimg #movies #film #horror #horrormovies #cinemastodon

Mike Palumbo
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#365Stories in 2023 - 157/365
"The Monkey's Paw" (1902)
by W.W. Jacobs

The Whites are visited by a friend, Sergeant-Major Morris. He shows them a mummified monkey's paw, which will grant three wishes for its owner. Morris throws it in the fire, warning the Whites about interfering with fate; but Mr. White retrieves it and puts it to use.

Jacobs's oft-adapted tale of unintended consequences offers a clear warning - be careful what you wish for.


Flipboard Culture Desk
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Like the villain in the final frame of a scary movie, some horror franchises just refuse to die. Nineties and noughties movies "Final Destination," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Saw" all have revivals in the works — as well as bona fide classics such as "Alien" and "The Exorcist." Here are details on when we can see new installments. Which — if any — are you looking forward to seeing lurch back to life?

#Movies #Entertainment #Horror #Polls

Astounding Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (June 1931)

No idea who are the good guys, or why that leopard looks like taxidermy being held up by someone out of shot.

I would say the gorilla is Copyright-Safe-Tarzan's ally and is protecting legally-non-actionable Jane, but it seems rather emasculating for C-S-T, he's all floppy and weak.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Astounding Stories magazine cover from the 1930s; a woman is in a tree; an unconscious man is being held by a large ape which is fighting with a leopard

Astounding Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (1931/06).
Rich Tate :verified:
11 hours ago

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART IV: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984) has an awesome opening montage. The pacing in this one is a little slow. It makes up with it for some excellent kill scenes. This is peak Tom Savini. Once this thing gets going, it’s a series of frenetic moments. The early films in the franchise are just so strong.

#horror #HorrorMovies #films #HorrorFilm #HorrorCommunity #HorrorFamily #MutantFam #CineMastodon

Brian Transplant
11 hours ago

Friends, family, fiends and foes of the following communities: if you're on #pixelfed, hit me up with your username.

Even if you're not in these scenes, as long as you're a well-meaning sentient being, I'll check out your stuff.


last robot
11 hours ago

What does one do when the fog is thick on the ground and has been so for over a week??

#bookstodon #amreading #horror #scifi

Array of books: My Heart is a Chainsaw, Dear Ann, Hide, The Spirit of Science FIction, and Martha Wells Murderbot books #3 and #4.
12 hours ago

Just seen Repulsion by #RomanPolanski. Perhaps the creepiest role #CatherineDeneuve ever played.
Hard to digest but nevertheless a fascinating watch between #Horror and #Paranoia.


12 hours ago

Live NOW with The Forest !!

»»» Just trying to stay alive! «««

#iaspidem#twitch #twitchtv⁩⁨ #RetweetOnTwitch #stream⁩ ⁨#streaming⁩⁩ ⁨#gaming#horrorgame #horror#gamingcommunity#survival#OpenWorld #indie #smallstreamer

Dark Sheep Arts
13 hours ago

I'd forgotten this one until I saw it in a random folder, but I do like the colours in it.

#Fantasy #Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #Horror #MastoArt #3DArt

A feminine being with transparent skin and a red body sits in an alleyway. You can see her bones through the skin, and her nerves glow an orange-yellow. A gun sits near her, lit by candles, as she reads a book. She is holding a staff in her hands.

I watched X last night. First Mia Goth film I've seen. The prosthesis were a skootch ott, but I enjoyed it. Some of the camera shots made me gasp as they were stunningly framed.

15 hours ago

Tell me about your latest #horror writing project so I can boost it please! #bookstodon

(bonus points if it's queer, natch)

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
15 hours ago

Here's an interesting book from McFarland for you #horror fans:

"Journeys into Terror: Essays from the Cinematic Intersection of Travel and Horror" edited by Cynthia J. Miller and A. Bowdoin Van Riper.

Includes work on Jordan Peele's Us and much more!

Phil Edwards
16 hours ago

King On Screen – Watch the trailer for the new Stephen King documentary here

#StephenKing #KingonScreen #documentary #film #books #horror

frykitty :vilified:
16 hours ago

A favorite #horror trope: emails and texts from the dead.

Paul Semel
16 hours ago

First they got Marvel, then Star Wars, now the happiest place on Earth is getting a serial C.J. Leede's new novel "Maeve Fly." To learn more about this horror story, check out this exclusive Q&A.
. . . . . . . . .
#CJLeede #CJLeedeInterview #CJLeedeMaeveFly #CJLeedeMaeveFlyInterview #MaeveFly #Books #Reading #AuthorInterview #AuthorInterviews #Horror

Today On Screen
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Today, June 6, at 6 in the morning, a young boy named Damien is born. He is quickly adopted by Ambassador Robert Thorn without the knowledge of his wife Katherine (The Omen, 1976)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #TheOmen #Horror

A man looking down at an infant held by a nun as a priest looks on.
A newspaper clipping of “Unusual Phenomenon” with the headline “Star of Bethlehem Glows Again”
A man saying, “It's a birth announcement from a Rome newspaper, also dated the sixth of June, five years ago—the day your son was born.”
Andrew Knighton
17 hours ago


All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes - Historical horror set on an Antarctic expedition right after WW1, drawing deeply upon the traumas of that war & upon its central character's trans identity. I'd heard good things, but this book still blew me away. It's absolutely gripping, the characters fascinating, the atmosphere intense. Read if you have any taste at all for horror, or want to read more trans protagonists.

#Books #Bookstodon #Horror #HistoricalFiction

Brian Transplant
17 hours ago

FYI , the #Horrorpunk subreddit will be joining the #reddit protest next week. If you moderate a subreddit, I encourage you to join.

#Horror #Punk #Punkrock #MutantFam #HorrorFam #protest

Rich Tate :verified:
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Good morning! Does anyone knit? 😅 #GoodMorning #Tuesday #horror


A knitted possessed girl vomiting on a priest on a 4-post bed ala THE EXORCIST.
Jeremy {Lovecraft Tapes}
18 hours ago


Case 15 Finale!

Time, and tears, eventually wipe the slate clean for all of us, so we may forge a new path forward, because we can never go back to who we were...

#LovecraftTapes #TacoFish #actualplay #ttrpg #callofcthulhu #podcast #horror #rpg #podernfamily

Case 15 Tape 11 Lovecraft Tapes scenario finale
Darrell Z. Grizzle
19 hours ago

I finally have an ending in mind for a horror story I started writing a while back but I stalled out on it. Looking forward to finishing the story and submitting it to some magazine or anthology editor who is going to descend into madness reading it!

#horror #writing #amWriting #WritersOfMastodon

"The Thing on the Doorstep" by HP Lovecraft.

A rendering in modern verse.


#Lovecraft #TheOffspring #horror #90s

"The Thing on the Doorstep"
by HP Lovecraft

I married this girl,
And she's trying to possess my mind.
Well she does witchcraft,
And it's of the necromantical kind.

She talks about Deep Ones,
And that Abdul Alhazred bit.
I ain't a psychic sensitive,
So I'm really scared of that shit.

And I said, yeah, yeah,
Oh man, she does witchcraft,
And I'm gonna pay.
Yeah, yeah,
She married a Pickman, yeah.

Now, I know she'll do sorcery
If I don't watch her real late.
And I know she'll get me committed
If I don't let her turn me into a Waite.

And I said, yeah, yeah,
Oh man, she does witchcraft,
And I'm gonna pay.
Yeah, yeah.

I don't know why you're messed up,
I don't know why you study cosmic lore.
Just do me a favor,
And leave your demons at the door.
Now she talks about elder gods nonstop,
But I don't mind.
But when she invokes their names in bed,
That's where I draw the line.

You told me a hundred times,
How your father died and he's gone.
But I wish you wouldn't call your daddy,
From the hellish beyond.

And I said, yeah, yeah,
Oh man, she does witchcraft,
And I'm gonna pay.
Yeah, yeah.

And I said, yeah, yeah
Oh man, she does witchcraft
And I'm gonna pay.
Yeah, yeah,
She married a Pickman,
Now she's putting her soul into me.

And I'm gonna pay.
Gonna pay.
Gonna pay.
Gonna pay.
Gonna pay.
Gonna pay, woo, wow!

If that's not your familiar,
Then why does it follow me around?
If you're not stealing my brain,
Then why is the Abyss dragging my soul down?

I don't know why you're messed up,
I don't know why you study cosmic lore.
Just do me a favor,
And leave your demons at the door.

Worlds of IF April 1973 (April 1973)

This is a masterpiece, lines, colours, perspective, the over-exposure if that's the right word for what's happening bottom left; it's dynamic and expressive. Everything around the outside is sharp straight lines but what's going on in the middle is organic-looking with curves.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Worlds of IF magazine cover from the 1970s; some radiating force is throwing people in space-suits around; a man in the foreground is clutching his head in pain

Worlds of IF April 1973 (1973/04).

Research question:

In a small-ish US city, the protagonist has stolen really valuable shit but is a complete amateur. They've probably left a bunch of evidence.

What kinds of forensic evidence and other research can a city's local police process quickly? What has to go off to labs or be sent to better-equipped state or federal authorities?

#amwriting #research #crime #horror

RetroStrange TV
1 day ago

We've live, pal!

24/7 Vintage Sci-Fi, Horror, and Ephemera

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain
Live stream preview
JenJen :heart_sp_pan:
1 day ago

My shop SALE ends this Sunday! :ablobfoxbongohyper:

So if you'd like to grab some deals, here are the codes one final time! :ablobfoxbongohyper:

💫 Blobross15 💫
gets you 15% off my digital comics!

💫 Byeblobross 💫
gets you 10% off EVERYTHING in my shop! Prints, comics, the lot!

My comic/art shop:

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #Comics #Freelance #SelfEmployed #Webcomics #Horror #Smut #Fantasy

Photo of me behind a marketstall table, selling my comics and prints IRL. I'm wearing little devil horns, an adidast tracksuit jacket and drinking a beer. I look quite happy :D
comic cover of my smutty comic called Artemisia. A lady in shibari is on the front, looking ever so surprised by the incoming tentacles!
Comic cover of my webcomic Skal. A veiled lady stares at us. Her hand is held up with her palm facing us. It has bodypaint on it that looks like an eye. She mysterious~
Comic cover of my horror comic Signatur: A woman is sitting by a messy art desk, her back turned. She looks like she's making comics. Something's under the desk. The mood is uneasy.
SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
1 day ago

Famous Fantastic Mysteries October 1950 (October 1950)

Well if she can't die, what are the stakes here?

Some classic middle-eastern harem-girl imagery of this period, plus a giant burning demon hand. If she's frozen, maybe a burning demon hand is just what she needs to get free; she and the demon can live happily ever after.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Famous Fantastic Mysteries magazine cover from the 1950s; a women in harem-like clothing is sleeping, encased in a transparent substance, perhaps ice, while a huge red clawed hand reaches out toward her from the rear.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries October 1950 (1950/10).
it's kat!
2 days ago

i live in the perfect place to produce a scottish remake of a classic horror film & call it 'the hills have ayes'. #dadjokes #sorry #film #scotland #horror

lsd edit of a photo i took of the ochil hills in clackmannanshire, scotland. pink clouds roll through a dark purple sky & over burgundy hills covered with neon orange-y pink gorse.
2 days ago

You turn the corner and are frozen with fear as you ask yourself "When was the last time I saved?"

#MastoArt #horror #BlackAndWhite #TraditionalArt

CW: horror- very intense eye contact

A black and white illustration of a Beholder coming out from between two columns in a dungeon. It has a brain-like body, with a large eye in the center, a gaping, drooling mouth with sharp teeth, and flailing tentacles with eyes at the end.

Painted with white gouache on black gesso with a dry brush border.
RetroStrange TV
2 days ago

We've live, pal!

24/7 Vintage Sci-Fi, Horror, and Ephemera

#streaming #retro #movies #scifi #horror #tv #vintage #publicdomain
Live stream preview
Neil Williamson
2 days ago

Nice wee review of Weird Horror #6 by Paula Guran in this month's @Locusmag. Totally agree that Steve Rasnic Tem's story is wonderful stuff, but I loved all the stories in this issue. (And of course it's nice to be noted too, thanks Paula!)

#shortstories #weird #fiction #horror

Elizabeth Lee 👻
2 days ago

Today's #ElizabethDaily favorite #horror #Kindle #ebooks on sale:

Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon (classic folk horror at its best 🌾) $2.99

Experimental Film by Gemma Files (Lovecraftian cursed found footage! 📽️) $2.99

#HorrorBooks #AmReading #BookToot #Bookstodon #Books #HorrorFam #Bookwyrm #ThomasTryon #GemmaFiles

2 days ago

Y'know #horror as allegory for personal trauma is great and all, but you never see stuff like King's The Mangler anymore, and I think that's quite sad

Horror Lex®
2 days ago

Scream, Blacula, Scream! Jamil Mustafa's "The Blaxploitation Horror Film: Adaptation, Appropriation and the Gothic" is getting an early Kindle release today. From University of Wales Press/University of Chicago Press. #blaxploitation #horror #horrormovies #horrorfilms #horroracademia

The book cover, black and red, featuring the character "Blacula" in a cape baring his fangs.
Victoria Audley
2 days ago

'Tis the season for planting things! I mean, I think. A bunch of my friends are planting things. I am not, because every plant I try to grow dies. In fact, I wrote a little flash horror story about it.

#WritingCommunity #FlashFiction #ShortStory #horror #AmWriting

a close-up of some dark brown wet mulch, leaves and dirt all mixed up together in a sludgey, muddy mess. brown cursive text reads: mulch. below that, brown typewriter style text reads: victoria audley.
Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago



#Yellowjackets #Musical #Horror #JohnCameronMitchell

Julia S.
2 days ago

SEEKING BELOVED GHOSTS, a family travels to a mysterious village called HOME where the living are as imprisoned as the dead. Delicate yet wrenching horror captures the desperation of loss. A MINUS


#Books #book #bookreview #bookreviews #fiction #horror #smallpress #SmallPressSunday

2 days ago
Rich Tate :verified:
2 days ago

THE RING is incredible. It’s a gorgeous, well-shot film. The film is creepy and suspenseful from the opening scene. This interpretation of the story is also absolutely heart wrenching. It’s another movie that doesn’t let up. The cast is also incredible. I really enjoyed it.

#horror #HorrorMovies #films #HorrorFilm #HorrorCommunity #HorrorFamily #MutantFam #CineMastodon

SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
2 days ago

Marvel Science Fiction vol. 3, no. 5 (November 1951)

Marvel had a whole SF magazine? But wait, this isn't the Marvel we know and love, which had other names until 1961.

The woman, who was gardening in some rather inappropriate clothing, seems not upset enough about gravity suddenly inverting on her, but the dog seems almost too mad.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Marvel Science Fiction Magazine cover from the 1950s; a woman, a dog, two cars and various objects are floating in a yellow sky, gravity seems to have inverted and they are falling upwards

Marvel Science Fiction vol. 3, no. 5 (1951/11).
colorblind cowboy 😷
2 days ago

Took a dive into my old #CD box because so many things aren’t on streaming services (or at least on my platform).

This is why hoarding physical media is necessary, not cray.

“Ed Wood” soundtrack
“Mars Attacks” soundtrack
“Carnival of Souls” soundtrack
“Follies: The Complete Recordings”
“The Worst of Black Box Recorder”
“Brazil” soundtrack

#horror #SciFi #soundtracks

Grid of CDs mentioned in the post.
2 days ago

@mk30 there was also this scene, with graffiti coming (terrifyingly) to life. it's so creative, so relevant for city kids, and so well-done (with creepy sounds and all)!

fun fact: that scene (& the incredible musical number that followed, "he's the wiz" was filmed at The New York State Pavilion from the 1964 New York World’s Fair, famous for its "flying saucer" design. it was also used in "men in black."

#BlackHorror #horror #aesthetics

3 days ago

in the discussion of #BlackHorror, i never hear anyone mention "the wiz"! but there were things in that movie that scarred my little kid self! here is one particularly memorable scene, which felt very relatable to me as a city kid who used the subway.

#TheWiz #horror #aesthetics #the70s

3 days ago

I feel my slasher film education now has a foundation.

#Movies #Letterboxd #Horror #HorrorMovies #TheTexasChainsawMassacre

Ray Newman
5 days ago

Now watching: ‘Pieces’, dir. Juan Piquer Simón, 1982. Set in Boston, filmed mostly in Spain. Tagline: “It’s exactly what you think it is.” #HorrorMovies #Horror #Movies

A 1980s poster for the film
Elizabeth Lee 👻
5 days ago

New instance, new #introduction!

My name is Elizabeth (she/her) & I'm #ActuallyAutistic. I have an #autoimmune disease that messes w/ my hands but you usually can't tell because I talk a *lot* 😆

I also have a cat named Moon, too many unread books on my Kindle, a flower garden taking over my apartment balcony & I get ridiculously excited about #Halloween.

A few interests: #Birding, #Gardening, #HousePlants, #Books & #Horror (books, movies & TV).

Feel free to say hi! 🤓

#Autism #Spoonie

5 days ago
George Penney
5 days ago

Topic: Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club (Of greatness!)

@bookstodon I'm popping this up once more, just in case anyone else wants to join before our first meeting in late June.

Is anyone out there interested in being a part of a Contrarian Barbarian's Book Club where we read whatever the hell we want individually and meet up once a month on the newly formed Contrarian Barbarian Discord server to tell each other about it for a couple of minutes each and then discuss? (All genres/fiction/non-fiction on the table.)

The key focus would be sharing books we love with other people in a positive way. It'd have the diehard rule that if you freakin' love a thing, no one can be negative about it because that would be raining on your parade and your parade is spectacular dammit!

All time zones welcome to say hi!

LGBTQIA++, disability and neurodivergent friendly, with a structure with set rules of conduct--meaning that boorishness (repeatedly talking/typing over people and not respecting boundaries) or trollishness gets booted with the might of Gandalf warding off the Balrog.

If you like the sound of this, reply to this and tell me about the book you love most with the power of the sun.

We've already got a bunch of amazing people and the more the merrier! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

#books #bookstodon #sff #horror #scifi #crimefiction #nonfiction #reading #genrefiction #scifi #mystery #literature #history #botany #romance #science #reading

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
6 days ago

If you’re looking for an editor for your fiction, consider hiring me!

I provide #editing services via The Duke of Editing, including most levels of editing and more! I’ve worked with indies and publishers! #writing #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror

Rich Tate :verified:
1 week ago

Good morning! Even though holiday Monday always turns into hangover Tuesday, I'm still feeling fabulous! #GoodMorning #Tuesday #horror

An image depicting death in a series of glamourous poses. 

Top Center: Laying proactively in front of a tombstone saying, "Rotted".
Right: Death has painted red nails.
Bottom: Doing a split in high heels.
Left: Passing gas that is actually a ghost.
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
1 week ago

It's alive! The 2023 conference “#Witchcraft and the #Supernatural in Belief, Practice, and Depiction”!

Online. 26th-27th August. All day to hit different time zones. Talks recorded so you don't miss anything. Get discounted tickets for the first month.

#OnlineEvent #Conference #Academics #AcademicMastodon #Gothic #Literature #History #Horror #PopularCulture #Victorian #EarlyModern #GhostStories #Film

Left: The cover of THE NIGHT SIDE OF NATURE, with a ghostly figure before a window showing a moon in the sky. Right: The cover of THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES, depicting witches gathered around a devil figure.
2 weeks ago

This #book is free, but if you want to tip me, my CashApp is $zeinalazerbeam

I was convinced we were heading towards another civil war because I catfished right wing extremists into talking about that same subject, and it was #horror. I hope that this nation doesn't let them do what they seem to be planning to do because of #DonaldTrump 's lie of election fraud.

I hope #JoeBiden will step in and address the way the #FBI has maligned me to cover for Jon Cheney.

John Bull
2 weeks ago

Marking Peter Cushing's birthday with a reminder that he was a MASSIVE wargamer and miniature painter.

I like to imagine if he'd been born fifty years later he'd have been on here, moaning about Warhammer 40k codices. #gaming #horror

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
2 weeks ago

Nothing just quite like a low-budget #HorrorMovie made solely to play off of a great world amalgamation

#Llamageddon #horror #movie #movies

Llamagedon movie promo featuring a llama with glowing red eyes
Today On Screen
2 weeks ago

Today, May 25, Carrie White is awarded Prom Queen at her senior dance (Carrie, 1976)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #Carrie #Horror

A young girl stands tearfully on a stage with a "Senior Prom" sign behind her. She is wearing a crown and holding a bouquet of flowers
Lydia Schoch
2 weeks ago

The books I’m sharing are free as of today in Canada and usually the United States of America, too. If you do not live in those countries or are reading this after May 25, 2023, I do not know if they are free or available for you.

Please tag me if you want a boost for your lists of free speculative fiction books from other parts of the world. 💜

It’s a short but sweet list this week.

#SpeculativeFiction #Horror, #Paranormal #ScienceFiction, #Fantasy #FreeBooks

A pretty black woman is wearing a lacy, off-the-shoulder white dress is sitting in a wicker chair and reading a large hardback book.

My son is over and we're playing a bunch of games. My current favorite (and also one of his) is the INCREDIBLE roguelike Death Road to Canada. And like it sounds, you're fighting pixelated digital zombies in the apocalypse, trying to make your way to the safety of Canada. This game is SO fun and replayable (but beatable, we've beaten it three times since he's been here) and I suspect it would make an EXCELLENT party game. Up to four players can jump in and out. Every game is random and you don't win every time, but it's so wild and really hilarious too. I won this game in a giveaway and was pretty psyched but had no idea it was such a great game. Just a blast. You can even make your own characters too (and you'll meet some familiar ones), as you grab buffs, upgrades, and all KINDS of weapons. There's some really cool decision making involved along the way, along with skill you learn and luck you hope to have. Onward to Canada!

#DeathRoadToCanada #IndieGames #SwitchGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #zombies #ZombieGames #roguelike #roguelikes #roguelite #roguelites #horror #HorrorGames #Canada

Death Road to Canada zombie outbreak in town at dusk
Death Road to Canada - one of the roadside camps where you can trade items and get new recruits for your party
Death Road to Canada - frying some zombies with a flamethrower
The Death Road to Canada title splash screen! Get this game and try it!
Darcy :verified:
2 weeks ago

Mondaize 🖤
#HorrorFam #horror #art #mastodon
Artist: Nhoeskape (Devianart)

A young girl with a mischievous, excited, yet nonchalant expression. She’s surrounded by monsters with their jaws open looking like they want to bite her.
Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

“Strange how quickly blood stops being frightening after giving birth.”

From the May/June 2023 issue of our magazine, Szilvia Molnar’s debut #novel explores a dark side of motherhood that's rarely spoken of openly:

#parenting #books #fiction #culture #Texas #Austin #children #horror

Paul Watson
2 weeks ago

A reminder that the last remaining copies of Rituals & Declarations (Vol 2 issues 1, 2, 3, and 4) are available at the discounted price of £5 per copy while stocks last:

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Horror Movies Past
2 weeks ago

Dr.Terrors House of Horrors 1965
Filmed by Amicus Productions this is another great horror submission featuring the classic team of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. A young Donald Sutherland is also featured as he may have been starting his own burgeoning career at this time .
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Poster for Dr.Terrors House of Horrors 1965
Rich Tate :verified:
2 weeks ago

Shudder is doing a free 30-day trial with code FANGORIA. It’s the best horror streaming service on the planet.

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3 weeks ago

In your opinion: What is *the* must-see vampire film? 🧛🏻

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Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
3 weeks ago

i posted about my work on BlueSuburbia. if you are interested in what i've been working on for over a year... it's here! you can finally check it out.
((new beginnings))
"I have to admit, this is probably one of the scariest projects I ever undertook…"
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The entrance to a cave. In the distance you see ribs towering over you. There is a giant skull decorated with giant red flowers laying on the ground. It is beautiful and terrifying.
Pink glowing flowers dot a shoreline. There are sharp rocks protruding everywhere. The actual shoreline looks like it is made of obsidian. Light is glowing through cracks in the ground. It looks dreamy.
A wall is broken and in the distance, where it broke, you see a nebula. It looks like you are in a hallway in space. There is writing on the wall talking about self-hate and a dialogue bubble just underneath.
I giant skeleton rests against an iridescent obsidian cave wall. The cave is glowing like it is made of stars. It is gently purple, pink, and blue. The skeleton looks like it is made of old rock. It is holding a beautiful large red flower.