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"Beware of one's inner child"

worked with
acrylic paint,
permanent marker,

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A black nightmare is holding a cage with a green gag that has one eye. The dark nightmare wants to poke the cage.
Maeltopia :podcast:
14 hours ago

The Noxxites, sometimes derogatorily referred to as "Dark Hats," inhabit the city of Nighthead. Their beliefs remain a mystery, though it's commonly speculated that they hold some form of reverence for darkness. Nighthead is the epicenter of the nocturnalist movement, which advocates for nocturnal lifestyles rather than diurnal ones. The Noxxites are generally disliked by mainstream society, who often associate them with the Great Darkness event of 1999. Despite this negative perception, the Dark Hats appear indifferent and continue their enigmatic practices. These include their peculiar devotion to darkness and frequent visits to the local obscuruum, known as the Pyramid of Noxx.

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RobotWig :mastodon:
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One year ago today I created this Chucky miniature photo. All shot practically using figures and homemade sets

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Chucky in toy factory looking for Andy
Maeltopia :podcast:
4 days ago

The Beach of Ebon is a legendary shore that some individuals have claimed to visit. Access to this beach is reportedly unpredictable; some allege to have stumbled upon it after dozing off on a typical beach, awakening on an unfamiliar stretch of black sand, while others recount diving into the ocean and surfacing to encounter a darkened coast. There are also tales of sailors who have chanced upon it amid their voyages. The beach is characterized by its ebony sands and towering gothic sand castles, said to house enigmatic yet indifferent beings. Descriptions include surreal vistas beyond the beach and otherworldly creatures luxuriating under a dark sun. Nevertheless, these accounts remain unverified, casting the Beach of Ebon as a fantastical legend of a twilight realm.

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Maeltopia :podcast:
5 days ago

The Library of Unwritten Books, an Obscuruum uncovered after the Darkness of 1999, houses a vast collection of books detailing histories that never transpired. Intriguingly, these books contain genuine photos. Even more perplexing, some artifacts referenced in the books have been found, presenting a paradox. Scientists remain baffled by these contradictions.

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Maeltopia :podcast:
6 days ago

The Angel of Gold and Greed is a member of the Noctrait and has manifested in diverse locales worldwide. This angel typically emerges above corporations and wealthy neighborhoods, particularly where corruption and excessive greed are rampant. Reports also indicate sightings alongside influential magnates—corporate CEOs, tycoons, and software entrepreneurs. Adorned in gold, the angel is said to display wings crafted from dollar bills.

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One year ago today I posted this miniature Trick R Treat photo I created. All shot practically using figures and miniature sets.

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Sam on the swings trick or treaters behind him
1 week ago
A digital ink drawing of a female vampire baring her fangs.
Maeltopia :podcast:
1 week ago

The chapel of a mysterious faith was uncovered in a recently discovered region of Canada. Although details are scant, the religion centers on transcending death through a form of metamorphosis. Intriguingly, the site contained human-sized funerary eggs and cocoons, cracked open as if something had emerged from them. Despite extensive inquiries and anthropological studies, little is understood about this religion.

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Jake Beamer
1 week ago

The last few years, my wife and I have done something every day for the month of October-- art challenges, projects, etc (the same way some people do 'Inktober').

I recently posted some of the Simpsons art we did every day in October *this* year.

Last year, we did a podcast called Podcast of Horror and recorded an episode every day in October, talking about Simpsons Halloween episodes. We managed to cover EVERY Simpsons Halloween thing released up to last year -- even specials like Halloween of Horror and Thanksgiving of Horror. The other day, we just made one more new episode to cover the new Treehouse of Horror XXXIV from this year (and we'll continue to do it every year as long as there's new ones!)

The new Podcast of Horror episode is here (along with all 31 other episodes from last year below it):

I guess this all started because I've had a cartoon blog ( forever, and the podcast is based on that. I still write about cartoons and watch them a lot. We might talk about more cartoons eventually on a podcast of some kind.

I was also planning some future stuff on Twitch - doing full vintage episode streams like does once a week.

Maybe eventually.

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One year ago today I posted this Evil Dead photo I created all shot practically using figures and miniatures

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Linda the deadite taunting Ash
Michael Whelan
2 weeks ago

Acrylic on Watercolor Board - 30" x 20"

Cover art for a greatest hits album which featured songs from both of MeatLoaf's BAT OUT OF HELL albums. The signature bat and motorcycle had to appear, but as you can see I gave them a twist this time around.

#horror #horrorart #illustration #albumcover #meatloaf

A solitary figure stands at the edge of a ruined overpass staring down at a bat demon perched on a spire amid the ruins of a city. Everything at ground level has been reduced to rubble as painted in cool blues and purples. On the horizon, broken stubs of buildings are set against a pink and purple sunset. Above low lying clouds, the sky turns red. Highlighted in yellow, the clouds take the form of a rider on motorcycle with one arm thrown back and mouth open in a scream as he tears upward from the horizon.

For October this year we did a Simpsons Treehouse (Halloween special) themed piece EVERY day of the month. It was wild! And tough haha 😅 but so fun and worth it.

Sometimes it's cool for the brain to challenge yourself to something, see if you have the discipline to see it to completion. Doesn't always work, but amazing when it does!

Here's a video of all 31 from wifey's TikTok (!

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Michael Whelan
3 weeks ago

Oil on Panel - 28" x 18"

Throughout the Dark Tower series, Stephen King portrayed Roland's group of fighters known as the Ka-Tet as a circle. Taking this as a cue, I built many circles into the composition and this became one of the author's most favorite illustrations.

✨ ✨ ✨

#horror #horrorart #fantasy #sciencefiction #sff #illustration #darktower #stephenking #rolanddeschain #eddiedean #susannahdean #jakechambers #oy

In the gruesome aftermath of the Battle of Devar-Toi, Roland huddles with his Ka-Tet, circling with arms reaching out to each other. Strewn about the bricked street are corpses of Vampires and Low Men, the latter depicted with various animal heads. They lay still, an afterthought of the violence reaped by the now joyous gunslingers. Susannah is seated on her bronze, balloon-wheeled ATV. An army star is painted on the fender. Jake and Roland stand in profile with the striped billy bumbler Oy straddling their arms. The high angle view of the Ka-Tet centers on Eddie Dean, who faces front, smiling for the moment. He stands out in his light blue shirt, unbuttoned to expose a darker t-shirt beneath and the shiny buckle of his gun belt.
A tight shot of Roland's Ka-Tet, circling with arms reaching out to each other.
A hint of bodies lie at the edges of this detail of Roland's Ka-Tet circling around Susannah's trike with arms reaching out to each other.
Tight detail of the corpses of Vampires and Low Men lying on the earth-toned street. Blood dots the foreheads of most, running bright red in the channel between bricks. Can-Toi heads atop human bodies represent a variety of animals (mole, rat, hawk). A rodent visage emerges from human mask on one corpse. A variety of guns, ranging from revolvers to semi-automatic pistols to a combat shotgun, lay discarded.
4 weeks ago

These are four of my favorite spooky sketches I did last month.
#art #sketch #horror #HorrorArt #MastoArt

A sketch of a winged skeleton swooping down and holding the blade of a scythe up to an old man's neck.
A sketch of a zombie brontosaurus.
A sketch of a large man wearing a dirty apron and a burlap sack mask while holding a large meat cleaver and a bag full of body parts.
A portrait sketch of Void from the manga Berserk. He has a skeletal face with the skin of his mouth pulled back and his eyes sewn shut. He has a enlarged brain bursting from his skull.
1 month ago

Happy Halloween! Can't believe it's here already, I think we should get at least 2 months of spooky season, one just isn't enough (especially when we know what everyone will be talking about from tomorrow). Hope you all have the spookiest of days and nights!

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Michael Whelan
1 month ago

EREBUS (1977)
Acrylic on Illustration Board - 32" x 20"

I was beginning to feel that I had pigeonholed myself with this series into three-dimensional variations of montages. I needed a change. 1/3

#horror #horrorart #illustration #yearsbesthorrorstories

With a feathered quill in hand, Death pauses to glance up while inscribing a name in his ancient tome. His robes are faded, and beneath the folds of his hood, his skull is bleached and missing a single tooth. Blank orbitals stare flat black at the audience. His book along with a fat rat rest on splintered boards; the perspective lines create an illusion of a tabletop in front of him that really isn't there. Orange ground beneath the boards blends smoothly into the barren landscape of the background. His wooden throne—decorated with a goat head set within an inverted pentagram trimmed in gold—is decaying with holes are chewed through it. Many eyes, rendered white on black, can be seen peeking out of burrows atop the throne. Two uneven crescent moons hang tinted yellow against the orange sky.

Timed monsterification artwork for @Kalenai :3 + Timelapse
#otter #timelapse #furryart #horrorart #bodyhorror #slime

disfigured monstrous slimy blue otter character with many slimy tendrils and a lot of eyes, tongues, and a tail maw. very slimy. roams some kind of slime dimension.
Michael Whelan
1 month ago

Acrylic on Masonite - 17" X 28"

Del Rey Books asked me to do 2 paintings of horrific images they could use on 7 volumes of H.P. LOVECRAFT stories. I didn't have to illustrate the stories, just create images that conveyed the mood. 1/3

#horror #horrorart #illustration #hplovecraft #delreybooks

PANEL A - A red iris with distorted pupil, bent down and bean-shaped, dominates a gray montage of horrific elements. Festering pustules form on the lids—both upper and lower—while a transparent inner sheath slides over the moist eyeball. Curving fangs protrude from the ground below, tips dripping with blood. A barren tree composed of melting, tormented faces extends leans on a diagonal. Tiny red eyeballs break up the ghastly driftwood surface. At the base of the tree, a nymph-like wraps one leg around the trunk while craning her head back. A branch grows in the place of her free arm. Did she capture these souls or is she one of them? Stringing webs between teeth and tree, a spider tends to a body contorted in agony with arms wrapped at its chest. A mound of skull piles along the side of the tree. Rats with beady red eyes play hide-and-seek in the orbitals. An insect-demon stands on a crate with limbs raised to the crescent moon. Hands work free between boards to reach out and up from the box.
Toxic Twister C
1 month ago

You ever just make fan art for an RPG Maker puzzle horror game that's over a decade old and has close to no cultural relevance today? Yeah me neither.

#mastoart #horrorart #horror #rpgmaker #ib #fanart

Mary is sitting with her rose beside her, playing with a blue ragdoll wearing an orange dress in the Doll Room. Several dolls as well as a portrait of a doll stare at you. The doll in the Red Eyes painting is escaping the frame.
Michael Whelan
1 month ago

Pen and Ink and Charcoal Pencil on Illustration Board - 15" x 20"

Out of what crypt they crawl, I cannot tell,
But every night I see the rubbery things,
Black, horned, and slender, with membranous wings,
They come in legions on the north wind's swell
With obscene clutch that titillates and stings,
Snatching me off on monstrous voyagings
To Grey worlds hidden deep in nightmare's well. 1/2

#horror #horrorart #illustration #hplovecraft #shoggoth

Against the black of night, a faceless demon crouches on the ledge of a balcony, pausing to stare straight forward with one arm dangling down. The crown of its head is peaked with three smaller spikes surround a long horn positioned to gore. Its wings fold behind as the arrow tip of a barbed tail teases into view. Another demon scrabbles for purchase sinking claws into the stone as its head emerges over the ledge. The immediate foreground is an elongated checkerboard pattern of cracked tile rendered in gray and black like the rest of the art.
Jesse Miksic
1 month ago

Inktober day 17

“I did not speak the words, but I thought them. And in that thinking, I felt time turn sideways, and it came up at me, falling and crawling together out of the void.”

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A pen and ink drawing of an unsettling creature with a head and an upper torso, with no apparent lower body, but with 13 arms radiating off the torso. It has a grimace and hollow eyes.
Michael Whelan
1 month ago

Oils on canvas - 36" x 22"

During one of the Ethiopian famines, I came across a magazine photo of a desert filled with a multitude of crude burial mounds extending off to the horizon. Struck by the implications, this image stayed with me awaiting expression. 1/4

#personalvisions #imaginativerealism #fineart #horror #horrorart #illustration #yearsbesthorrorstories

Seated upon a flat rock with one knee up, a naked man with scraggly white hair and long beard pipes a tune on a human femur. Flesh colored, his ears are bat-like, long and furry, protruding up from the side of his head. He holds the bone delicately to his lips with pointed fingers ending in unnatural, wavy nails. Likewise, his toenails end in cruel barbs as one leg dangles down in casual comfort. Small charms hang off a cord set about his thin waist. An open, upended pouch spills gold coins down on a blindfolded owl flying past. Unseeing, the owl clutches a rock in one talon. The piper's perch rests upon a clump of earth floating among smoky clouds, a misty curtain tinted pink and purple like a bruise. Gnarly roots reach out in all directions probing like woody tentacles. To the left, a break in the clouds reveals an arid stretch of land. The flat barren field is dashed with low lines of rock—burial mounds as far as the eye can see. A single figure with shovel pauses in their work with head bowed.
1 month ago

Drew a Bride of Frankenstein #MastoArt #HorrorArt

Drawing of The Bride of Frankenstein
icy silvertail
1 month ago
Ball point pen sketches of spooky creatures
Michael Whelan
1 month ago

ALEX (1977)
Acrylic on Illustration Board - 28” x 18”

Cover illustration for DYING FOR TOMORROW by Michael Moorcock (DAW)

One of the few paperback covers I've done in which the only reference made to the inside material is that of a mysterious mood.

When exhibited, this painting always seems to be overshadowed by other pieces of my work, but it remains one of my personal favorites.

#horror #horrorart #illustration #michaelmoorcock @dawbooks

In seated position, a boy hovers in the air surrounded by floating crystal octohedrons. His hands extend low and out at his side in a gesture that indicates he's controlling the objects. Blankly he stares forward, perhaps lost in concentration or maybe just numbly consumed by ritual. The line of his mouth and dark arch of his brow give away nothing, but his dark eyes are open. He hovers naked with his legs crossed in front of him, but weighed down one leg droops—a break in form? From a smooth circle of stones framing a well below him, slender green tentacles inch weightlessly upward as if in defiance of gravity. A path made of square stones set side-by-side leads back to where mountains peak on the horizon. The stone, like the sky, is tinted vermilion by the cosmic light show overhead. A spiral galaxy looms filling the top two thirds, but it is oddly intersected by a half dozen arcing streams of stars mixed with smoky matter that originate off-panel right.
Close detail of a boy hovering in seated position with legs crossed surrounded by crystal octahedrons as tentacles inch up out of a well below him.
Book cover for DYING FOR TOMORROW by Michael Moorcock, published by DAW Books
Space Salamander
2 months ago

Wheel Accident 🌳

You know what's scarier than ghosts and cryptids? Something that can happen for real... #spookmonth
Tial and Rayan played a dangerous game with the big truck wheel... 😨

#art #digitalart #drawing #furry #furryart #cartoonist #scalie #scary #horrorart #scaryart #spooky #wheel #accident

Mini comic shows Tial and Rayan, with Rayan pushing a large wheel uphill, getting inside it, and rolling down at high speeds!

Below is the aftermath, he crashes into a tree and gets hurt, twigs and leaves in his hair, and a trail of blood from his nose and mouth... Wheel is also crushing him.
2 months ago

Spooky sketch day 6: Death
#art #sketch #horror #HorrorArt #MastoArt

A sketch of a winged skeleton swooping down and holding the blade of a scythe up to an old man's neck.
icy silvertail
2 months ago
Drawing of a monster with large, sharp fangs, blood in each one of them and spitting out blood and green saliva
Michael Whelan
2 months ago

SMILER (1978)
Acrylic on Masonite - 24" x 16"

Inspired by an evening walk through downtown Los Angeles.

I was with a large group of authors and artists from the World Fantasy Convention, chatting away as we strolled back to the hotel, when 2 large rats scuttled by. 1/3

#horror #horrorart #illustration #yearsbesthorrorstories

A skeletal intruder brandishes a long knife with curving blade as it props open a door to peer inside. Its hand appears desiccated—decomposing flesh not bone—as it extends slender fingers against the well-worn wood to widen the gap. A bright red handkerchief is tucked into the neckline of its brown overcoat, concealing chest and throat. A wide brimmed hat completes its disguise. Perhaps from behind it could pass as human, but leering through the door its murderous intent is clear. Blue light gleams from a dark sphere set in one bony socket, and it's jaw hangs open in a grim toothy smile. The view out reveals tall buildings beyond—somewhere urban—and the cool glow of streetlights reduced to hazy saucers runs in a diagonal along a dark street unseen.
Laura Lis Scott
2 months ago

If someone makes this into #HorrorArt, @ me please! (But I might pass on the #HorrorNovel and #HorrorMovie bc ewww!)

M. kingi are Irukandji jellyfish. They are sometimes halo banded, meaning they have halo-like rings encircling their tentacles. They are bell-shaped with light purple nematocyst warts. The bell is transparent, colourless and has a height of 31 mm.[1] They also have a frown-shaped rhopaliar niche ostium, perradial lappets that have two rows of warts, palmate velarial canals, and two median lensed eyes. Their primary tentacular cnidae are club shaped. The rhopaliar horns are short, broad, and curved.[1]
The Carrier
4 months ago

Hey, everyone.

Seems like it's time for a re-introduction, as a bunch of folks are new and I moved back to my original instance from

I'm a retired org. dev. consultant currently working on an audio fiction project from the Ghost Town of Fall River.

My posts will be a mix of:

#AIArt #EDM #SocialJustice #AIEthics #Science (especially #Astronomy) #Fiction #HorrorArt

I stand with all LGTBQ2S+ because they are amazingly courageous but shouldn't have to be.