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13 hours ago

Web hosting giant GoDaddy has announced a new tool designed to make transferring from other WordPress hosting providers a breeze. #godaddy #wordpress #transfer #hosting

N'étant pas totalement à l'aise avec IPv6, attendez-vous à une coupure de Liberta aujourd'hui car nous venons d'ajouter la stack IPv6 à notre infrastructure (pare-feu inclus). On croise les doigts (et les jambes) !

#liberta #sysadmin #ipv6 #hosting

As I am not completely comfortable with IPv6, expect an outage of Liberta today as we just added the new IPv6 stack to our infrastructure (including our firewall). Fingers (and legs) crossed!

#liberta #sysadmin #ipv6 #hosting

Bon, aujourd'hui on fait de l'IPv6 et les règles iptables qui vont avec.

Ça va être la grosse éclate (non).

#ipv6 #liberta #hosting #sysadmin #iptables

Hypolite Petovan
2 days ago

It looks like I'm going to have to move server, and the offer I got isn't available anymore at my current hosting provider, which means I'm going to have to pay more or get less.

I currently have: for 20 euros/month:

CPU: Intel® C2750 (Avoton)
Memory: 8 GB
Disk: 1 TB
Price: 20€/month

The currently available offers that are close to this are:

CPU: Intel® Xeon E3 1220v2
Memory: 16 GB
Disk: 2 x 1 TB
Price: 21€/month


CPU: Intel® Xeon E3 1245v5
Memory: 32 GB
Disk: 3 x 250 GB SSD
Price: 23€/month

My main question is: is the C2750 so much better thanks to its 8 threads than the Xeon E3? I only use my server as a web server, so isn't the thread count more important?

Would the unavailability of the C2750 be a good enough reason to move provider?

#SysAdmining #SysAdmin #Help #Hosting

Michael Simon
2 days ago

📣 Hat irgendwer eine Idee für einen Schweizer Mastodon Hosting-Dienst? 💡 Bitte gerne tooten... #mastodon #hosting

Mitex Leo :verified:
2 days ago

🤗 Learn from my mistakes:

Yesterday, I rushed into purchasing a MyPrepaidCenter Prepaid Card (MasterCard) without realizing that MyPrepaidCenter was the provider. My haste caused me to overlook important details.

Later, I attempted to use the card on Namesilo, which resulted in my account being temporarily disabled. Thankfully, Namesilo quickly reinstated my account after I contacted them and explained the issue.

Subsequently, I tried to buy a domain from Porkbun, but the card was not accepted by Stripe.

I later discovered on Reddit that MyPrepaidCenter's fraud detection system is overly sensitive and often doesn't work reliably. The workaround, as many users have suggested, is to purchase Amazon gift cards with MyPrepaidCenter prepaid cards.

Fortunately, my card had a balance of only $5, and Namesilo understood the situation, reinstating my account promptly. Otherwise, I could have lost $20 and access to our Pixelfed instance, NixOrigin's domain (, which could have seriously damaged my reputation.

Learn from my mistakes, and please be cautious when dealing with prepaid cards from providers like MyPrepaidCenter. Share this information with the fedizens to help others avoid similar issues.

#mistake #mymistake #mastodon #mastoadmin #pixelfedadmin #fediverse #fraud #prepaidcard #giftcard #mastercard #coinsbee #crypto #namesilo #domain #hosting #porkbun #reddit #myprepaidcenter

FYI: Liberta won't accept any registrations with disposable e-mail addresses. So, sorry, "alt.b9-1a0q2d1".

#liberta #hosting #sysadmin #disposablemail

Pour info, Liberta refuse toutes les demandes d'inscriptions avec des adresses e-mail jetables. Donc, désolé, "alt.b9-1a0q2d1".

#liberta #hosting #sysadmin #disposablemail #mailjetable

Oh shit, now I've seen Firefish and that looks freaking amazing. Too many choices about what kind of social media to host is a great problem to have.

#Firefish #Hosting #Fediverse

It feels to me sometimes that if you want your instance to be taken "seriously" by the public, Mastodon is the way forward. Akkoma is just so much fun though, and it already supports a lot of the features folks have been wanting to see in Mastodon, like text search and quote boosting as well as extra features like

#Mastdon #Akkoma #Hosting

Still having terrible trouble deciding between Mastodon or Akkoma for what will become a public Fedi server. Both have pros and cons, but it's been hard for me to choose the "correct" path.

#Fediverse #Akkoma #Mastodon #Hosting #ICantDecide

Mitex Leo :verified:
3 days ago

I wish I hadn't bought any domain from Namesilo.

#namesilo #domain #hosting #prepaidcard

Florent Poinsaut
3 days ago

Est-ce que vous auriez des retours d'expérience à me faire sur l'hébergeur LWS (Ligne Web Services) ?
Et si vous êtes partenaires je suis preneur d'un code ;-)
Merci par avance 🙏

@selfisekai #CloudFlare is shit!

Also why don't they use #IPFS and/or #BitTorrent for #Hosting of #Packages is beyond me...
4 days ago

Exciting News! 🇦🇺 Today, Australian Government Department of Finance, @amazeeio, and Salsa Digital signed a three-year contract for the #GovCMS platform, a whole-of-government, open source content management system and web #hosting service for the Commonwealth. This collaboration will deliver a resilient, cyber-secure, and digitally compliant platform to host information and services for Australian citizens.

Read our blog for more details:

#CMS #OpenSource #Kubernetes

Howard Cheng
5 days ago

Wondering if anyone might know. I was looking at getting a managed @pixelfed hosting service and yesterday paid up for @support, but I'm not getting any instructions about how I can activate my instance.

Money has gone. I got an email confirming sign up. It says I'd get instructions within 12 hours. But so far, nothing, and it's nearly 24 hours now.

I emailed but not heard back at all.

Does anyone know if Spacebear is still active or not please?

#Pixelfed #Hosting

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
6 days ago

We might be disappearing from fedi soon (8 Oct) due to lack of funds, but in a last effort to help #theInternet, we'd like to find entities who might be interested in being an #I2P mirror for various #distros, by serving #packageLibraries.

We are taking expressions of interest at Stage1, you just need to say you're interested in actual #hosting. We won't disclose entities til later stage.

We'll only consider Stage1 a success if 10+ entities from good instances express interest.

Please boost.

Nurul Ramadhona
6 days ago

Setup Email Hosting on AWS Using Amazon Workmail Series' Articles
#AWS #Email #Hosting

Radical Social Worker ✊️
6 days ago

Instance update:

RadicalSocial.Work will be moving to a more powerful server! 🥳

There may be some downtime as we make the transition.

I will let you know when to expect this shift and approximate estimation of when we hope to be back up.

Super excited to have additional space to grow this community!

#SocialWork #Admin #InstanceUpdate #Hosting #Upgrade @socialwork

Dmitry Kudryavtsev
6 days ago

So far this is what I gathered:

* DigitalOcean 15$. Too expensive
* Supabase has free tier, then 25$
* ElephantSQL free tier is very minimal
* Neon starts at 0$, and then a confusing calculator
* Nhost has free tier, then 25$

I don’t have time today for deeper analysis, but based on numbers, neon looks like a good candidate.

Thanks everyone for suggestions

#posgresql #saas #hosting

1 week ago

Asking again about web #hosting #WebHosting who do you recommend for a US business website? I have a bunch of sites on DreamHost that I’ve been meaning to move elsewhere, since DH refuses to drop the fash/terf/hate sites they #host. My main needs are fast loading, high uptime guarantee, and some sort of ethics policy.

Boosts welcome, please!

Josef Davies-Coates
1 week ago

📢 Calling all #opensource #selfhosting #greenhosting #hosting boffins on the #fediverse!

I'm running various instances of #mastodon 4.2 (all using @cloudron which makes doing such things easy)

I'd like to connect at least one of them (the biggest most public one) to an instance of #ElasticSearch to take advantage of the new #fulltextsearch feature featured in #masto 4.2.

Where is the best place to get a reliable affordable and #renewable energy powered one-click install of Elastic Search? 🙏

Feels like I'll be setting up a self hosted Funkwhale instance this weekend while @Balloonicorn and I plan out where/how we're going to host a regional Mastodon server.

#Mastodon #Funkwhale #Fediverse #hosting #selfhosted #homelab

1 week ago

I hate discord for ever allowing the term “server” for what’s essentially another space on a server that’s still basically owned and controlled by them and @matrix got it right. I have an actual server, I have a space with rooms on that server. I really hope this improves to the point we can take over discord because I would love to move on from that.
#infosec #cybersecurity #matrix #discord #hosting

1 week ago

So, for a decade or so, Rackspace managed hosting was really good. It's not anymore. Who are people using for managed hosting of LAMP-stack applications?
#linux #hosting

Jim Easterbrook
1 week ago

Any recommendations for a low cost UK #hosting company? Hosting two domains with associated low traffic web sites and IMAP email handling is all I need.

1 week ago

[en] who here has recommendations to share on hosting data in South Africa or Kenya? Are there any nice, possibly privacy-sensitive, hosting providers? Who don't suffer from electricity outages? And have fibre connectivity? #hosting #question #africa

Paul Secular
2 weeks ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!
2 weeks ago

Hosting a massive event website demands meticulous planning. Learn how we partnered with Previon Plus to ensure a seamless experience for Züri Fäscht, focusing on early preparation, application optimization, and CDN efficiency.

Read our blog post: 👓

#CDN #Lagoon #Kubernetes #ZeroOps #DevOps #Hyperscaling #OpenSource #WebHosting #Hosting #Drupal #Fastly

Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

After _months_ of research, preparation, testing and #sysadmin troubleshooting work, after migrating my personal blog + @atypica + @regento to my new servers this week, I've now migrated @ideemarque's remaining #infrastructure to the new datacenter 🎉️

It feels fantastic to regain control over my web #infrastructure.
No more incompetent #hosting.
The performance & reliability gains are incredible.

Considering offering web hosting services if there are other SMEs suffering like I was suffering.

Paul Secular
2 weeks ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!

2 weeks ago

“Our cloud exit has already yielded $1m/year in savings”

Funny read by DHH there. Glosses over the cost of server room, AC, (physical) security, replacements etc though.

Also, this made me laugh:

“we don't have to squint hard to see the eventual savings climb all the way up to about $2m/year. That would be TEN MILLION DOLLARS over five years”

Sure, mate. and over 500 years the savings would be ONE BILLION DOLLARS 🤣

#cloud #hosting

WordCamp Finland
2 weeks ago

RT @kenda_x: Building Perfect Managed #WordPress #Hosting Platform for Your Needs, @joonasvanhatapi. #WCFI

Shared: single server, small s…

2 weeks ago
Kaufste billig, kaufste zweimal:

Mit drei VPS bei Contabo hatte ich jetzt innerhalb von drei Monaten schon mehr Ausfälle, als mit Netcup in drei oder vier Jahren nicht. Und da sind die "geplanten Wartungen" noch nicht mit drin.

Bezeichnend ist auch, dass abgeschlossene Störungen nicht mehr einsehbar sind:

#Hosting #VPS #Contabo #UndTschuess
2 weeks ago

Level up with @amazeeio, your 🇨🇦 Canadian hosting partner. Data sovereignty and security? We've got you covered. Join our AMA on September 26 at 1:00 PM EDT, meet our experts, and turbocharge your #DigitalTransformation today! 🎫

Secure your spot now:

#Hosting #Drupal #CMS #DataSovereignty #DevOps #ZeroOps #Lagoon #Kubernetes #Cloud #Containers #PaaS #DataSovereignty

heise online
2 weeks ago

Problem mit Google-Crawlern: Strato-Kunden hatten tagelang Ärger

Websites von Strato-Kunden flogen aus Google raus oder kamen gar nicht erst rein. Was der Webhoster zu den Problemen sagt und wie der aktuelle Stand ist.

#Google #Hosting #Strato #Suchmaschine #news

Wilda Software
2 weeks ago

Czasem trzeba wybrać hosting. Wielu z nas ma swoje ulubione typy i może coś polecić klientom, ale zawsze warto odświeżać sobie informacje i przeglądać testy. Zwłaszcza, jeśli włożone w nie tyle pracy i serca, co Mateusz Mazurek w tym artykule.

#hosting #test #hostingi2023
2 weeks ago

Experience the future of hosting with our user-friendly, open source hosting platform. Our expert team is on hand 24/7 to guarantee a hassle-free migration.

✅ Simplicity of setup
✅ Freedom of flexibility
✅ Cost efficiency

Start your journey today:

#EasyMigration #FlexibleHosting #Hosting #Drupal #Lagoon #Migration #Cloud #PaaS #Containers #Kubernetes

3 weeks ago

CyberBunker: The ‘Bulletproof’ Darknet Market Host That Operated out of Bunkers (Founder Sentenced to Prison)

#hosting #darknet
3 weeks ago

Discover how Victoria University improved its site uptime to between 99.99% and 100% and optimized its web performance with and AWS cloud services. 📈

📖 Read our case study to find out how together we implemented a next-generation ZeroOps solution to streamline operations, while upholding unwavering performance and reliability standards:

#ZeroOps #Lagoon #Kubernetes #AWS #WebPerformance #HigherEducation #Hosting #OpenSource #Cloud #Infrastructure

Stephen :verified_gay:
3 weeks ago

The Apple Event started at 6pm UK time, and our little instance has felt the bump in load of loads of toots incoming!

#FediAdmin #SmallInstance #Hosting #AppleEvent

Two graphs from an admin panel running the mastodon instance. The top graph is CPU% with a light blue line, and the bottom is Load (1/5/15), with purple, pink and cyan lines. Both graphs have an X axis from 13:30 to about 19:30 (UK time) and there is a noticeable increase starting from around 18:30, when the big AppleEvent was being broadcast where they announce a lot of new products, and people post about it.
3 weeks ago

Kennt irgendwer einen Hoster in der EU der Manged Server im kleineren Format anbietet. Bei Hetzner waren jetzt auch nur recht größere Maschinen ab 35 € dabei. Es geht vor allem um das tägliche Update. Kennt da wer was er / sie empfehlen kann?


3 weeks ago

#Development #Pitfalls
The challenge of IP reputation · Trusting traffic based solely on IP addresses is risky

#WebDev #Hosting #DNS #NAT #IpAddress #IpGeolocation #IpBlocking

Tiens, mon serveur #ovhcloud sur le DC GRA1 ne répond plus depuis 10mn, et je vois pas d'incident en cours. Quelqu'un d'autre constate la même chose ?

#ovh #hosting #incident

IT News
3 weeks ago

The WebStick is a Small, Cheap NAS - The ESP8266 was one of the first chips that provided wireless functionality at a c... - #networkhacks #networking #esp8266 #hosting #microsd #storage #esp12f #nas
3 weeks ago

Are you tired of overpaying for proprietary hosting services that just don't deliver? 💸

It's time for a change! Migrate to our #platform and unlock unbeatable flexibility and cost-efficiency, tailor-made for dynamic businesses like yours.

Learn more at

#Hosting #Drupal #Lagoon #Kubernetes #Migration #Cloud #PaaS #Containers #OpenSource #ZeroOps

marc [sustain release] ✅
3 weeks ago

I think, @fps_gbg has some of the coolest give-aways in #foss. And useful, too. I've just implemented their cleaning rag, and it runs perfectly both on my new hard- and vintage silverware. :)

Plus, they have cool offerings for #hosting and #collaboration solutions. Check them out at:

#opensource #fps #sweden #freesoftware

A cleaning rag by "friprogram varu syndikatet" with a Swedish slogan in green letters on a dusty black desktop case.
A sink with water and foam. In the foreground on the left-hand side a hand with cleaning rag by "friprogram varu syndikatet" is holding a spoon.
3 weeks ago

Wir freuen uns, den @loadev als neue Referenz auf unserer Website zeigen zu dürfen!

Der LOAD e.V., der Verein für liberale Netzpolitik, setzt sich aktiv für Transparenz, Offenheit und demokratische Teilhabe an der Digitalisierung ein. Ihr Ziel ist es, eine breite gesellschaftliche Debatte zu fördern und Bewusstsein für die Auswirkungen des digitalen Lebens auf unsere Gesellschaft zu schaffen.

Besucht sie gern unter:

#ossrox #hosting

@izaya Consider sepearating #Domains and #Hosting?

Cuz I can recommend #ClouDNS for #Domains & #DNS and you can then just choose #hosting for #eMail and/or #Web differently...

For example I did put on #GithubPages and the Domain & #eMail #Forwarder via #ClouDNS...

Hi #devs

Anyone have a website hosted on Digital Ocean? And able to check their web page for me?

I'd like to know if my score would improve in moving off Vercel.

#webdev #dev #devs #developers #web #hosting

Clayton Errington 🖥️
4 weeks ago

The good side of analytics and a quick nod to how I moved my site to a new hosting provider, #vercel, and update on how I also got #umami to be #selfhosted on vercel to provide an analytics solution that works for me.

#100DaysToOffload #analytics #hosting #staticsite

Jeff Sheets
4 weeks ago

Took a journey to find a free static hosting solution that includes some simple server-side analytics stats. Used github pages for years (no stats), but finally looking to replace the client-side JS analytics piece...

Was surprised to find that the simplest (and maybe only?) solution was through Cloudflare(!) using Pages ( with DNS (

Happily moved over without much trouble at all this morning! #dev #html #hosting

Image of free cloudflare server-side stats including request counts
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 weeks ago

Zero dependency static site #hosting

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
4 weeks ago

Please consider #self #hosting . If it’s not for you or it’s too complicated, no worries. Just know that ease you enjoy now probably has a hidden cost that -if you were made fully aware of - would be too high. Self hosting:websites, your resume, your blog, your social network, etc.

Matt Moose
1 month ago

#Recommendations please? I'm interested in setting up a #blog #site on #Fediverse. Mastodon for micro-blogging is fine, but I'm starting to feel some stories and essays coming through that need a bigger page than 500 chars at a time. I shall go and have a mooch at what's available, but some first hand accounts of your experience with Fedi blog #hosting would be very interesting, thanky'all.

Yikes, a report on the outage list says that Dedipath, a big hosting provider, is going out of business.

Just spoke to a friend in Dallas in the hosting industry and he confirmed it.

#dedipath #dallas #servers #hosting
1 month ago

🇨🇦 Discover @amazeeio's secure Canada-based Drupal hosting options 🍁! Maintain data sovereignty and enjoy our easy setup process, backed by 24/7 worldwide support.

Visit our site for further details and schedule a free 1:1 discussion with our experts: 🗓️

#Hosting #Drupal #CMS #DataSovereignty #DevOps #ZeroOps #Lagoon #Kubernetes #Cloud #Containers #PaaS

Secure Canada-Based Drupal Hosting. Learn more
1 month ago

#Development #Tools
Website down? · Check your website’s availability and performance worldwide

#WebDesign #WebDev #WebPerf #Website #Hosting #Performance #Availability #Frontend #Backend

@ethanOS @Skyjester Now granted @stux owns @Stuxhost and propably gets his #hosting (IDK if he has his own datacenter but the lack of housing options offered let me believe that's not the case) at cost rate in bulk, so there's that...

I mean there are lots of tweaks and stuff to do shit cheaper.

It's not like KiwiFarms where they'd have to build their own box for 5 digits and pay $$$ to Rogue ISPs like CloudFlare to ignore complaints...

James Gayfer
1 month ago

What's your favourite out of the box serverless hosting provider?

I've been using Digital Ocean's app platform for a few small web services, but it's becoming clear they've somewhat soft abandoned the product with how many critical features are still missing.

#Heroku is an obvious option, but they're pretty spendy.

I didn't realize #Render provides full compute hosting beyond static sites, and looks to have a fairly compelling feature set.

#devops #it #hosting

Alexis Bushnell
1 month ago

Can anyone explain in non-techy terms how to switch which domain is my main domain please?

My hosting is through Verpex. The domain linked to the hosting I want to keep for a little while but I want my new domain ( to be linked to the hosting, so when you go to it brings up my website.

I do not want to redirect - I want the new domain to be the actual domain.

#Website #Domain #Hosting #TechHelp

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #34/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

Before jumping into this week’s infosec news, I wanted to let you guys know that this newsletter has just achieved its 1,000th subscriber! 🥳 I’m so humbled and grateful to all of you who regularly read this list.

➝ 🇫🇷 🔓 #Databreach at French govt agency exposes info of 10 million people
➝ 🔓 #Kroll data breach exposes info of #FTX, #BlockFi, #Genesis creditors
➝ 🏆 🔓 #MOVEit, the biggest hack of the year, by the numbers
➝ 🇫🇮 🔓 HUS confirms data breach by ex-staff member, hundreds of patients' data compromised
➝ 🇩🇰 🔓 #Hosting firm says it lost all customer data after #ransomware attack
➝ 🔓 🐥 Scraped data of 2.6 million #Duolingo users released on hacking forum
➝ 🔓 #Ivanti warns of new actively exploited #MobileIron zero-day bug
➝ 🇯🇵 ⌚️ Japanese watchmaker #Seiko breached by #BlackCat ransomware gang
➝ 🇺🇸 🔓 #Tesla notifies employees of data breach
➝ 🇰🇵 North Korean APT Hacks Internet Infrastructure Provider via ManageEngine Flaw
➝ 🇨🇳 #Microsoft says Chinese hacking crew is targeting #Taiwan
➝ 🇺🇸 💰 #FBI Finds 1,580 Bitcoin in #Crypto Wallets Linked to North Korean Hackers
➝ 🇦🇺 💰 Australian Lender Latitude Financial Reports AU$76 Million #Cyberattack Costs
➝ 🇰🇵 🇰🇷 North Korean hackers target US-South Korea military drills, police say
➝ 🇺🇸 🚀 #Pentagon urges US space companies to stay vigilant against foreign intelligence
➝ 🇬🇧 ⚖️ Two #LAPSUS$ Hackers Convicted in London Court for High-Profile Tech Firm Hacks
➝ 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 Two founders behind Russian crypto mixer Tornado Cash charged by US federal courts
➝ 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 US tech firms offer data protections for Europeans to comply with EU big tech rules
➝ 🇧🇷 🗳️ Brazilian Hacker Claims #Bolsonaro Asked Him to Hack Into the Voting System Ahead of 2022 Vote
➝ 🩹 🦈 #FBI: Patches for Recent #Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Ineffective
➝ 🦠 New #Malware Turns #Windows and #macOS Devices into Proxy Nodes
➝ 🍏 📝 New Variant of #XLoader macOS Malware Disguised as 'OfficeNote' Productivity App
➝ 🪪 🇸🇾 Researchers Uncover Real Identity of CypherRAT and CraxsRAT Malware Developer
➝ 🤖 🔐 #Google Workspace Introduces New AI-Powered Security Controls
➝ 🔐 🌀 #Bitwarden releases free and open-source E2EE Secrets Manager
➝ 💬 🔐 Meta plans to roll out default end-to-end encryption for Messenger by the end of the year
➝ 💡 🛜 TP-Link smart bulbs can let hackers steal your WiFi password
➝ 🔓 📂 #WinRAR flaw lets hackers run programs when you open RAR archives

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World" by Bruce Schneier

Subscribe to the #infosecMASHUP newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every week-end ⬇️

Planning on moving my site away from Flywheel and to WPMUDEV

I've been a happy Flywheel customer for years but their services have never really changed, and I feel they are getting stale. I've never been happy with how you manage databases and log files over there, and their hosting has certain restrictions.

WPMUDEV I've used their plugins for years and think they are really proactive and responsive with their technical support. Plus their hosting is a lot more hands-on. And probably cheaper.

I feel quite excited for the move!

Am I making the right choice!?

#hosting #webdev #webDevelopment #flywheel #WPMUDEV

1 month ago

What are people's opinions about I'm considering paying for their service, to have another copy of my most important backups there.

#Borg #Backup #Hosting

1 month ago

Wir sind stolz darauf, die @helmholtz Gemeinschaft als Referenz auf unserer Website präsentieren zu dürfen!

Die Helmholtz Gemeinschaft, seines Zeichens Deutschlands größte Organisation zur Förderung und Finanzierung der Forschung, engagiert sich mit 18 Forschungszentren in zahlreichen Bereichen wie Energie, Umwelt, Gesundheit und Verkehr - mit über 40.000 Mitarbeitenden.

#ossrox #hosting

Andrew Melder
1 month ago

Thinking about starting my own WordPress site again; anyone have any experience with HyperHost?

Their prices seem a little too good compared to others but whatever reviews I can find seem generally positive.

#wordpress #hosting #blog #website

Jan Penfrat
2 months ago

If you ever considered donating to strategic litigation orgs like @Freiheitsrechte, or host your own servers ethically like with @ubernauten, now is the time:

"#Youtube-dl Site Goes Offline as #Hosting Provider Enforces Court-Ordered Ban"

#copyright #youtubedl #sony #warner #universal #rightsholders

heise online
2 months ago

Nach Hamburger Urteil: Uberspace nimmt Youtube-DL-Seite aus dem Web

Der Mainzer Provider Uberspace hat den Zugriff auf die Webseite gesperrt. Er folgt damit einem Urteil des Landgerichts Hamburg von Ende März.

#Download #Hosting #Musikindustrie #Urheberrecht #Urteil #YouTube #news

2 months ago

#Development #Explorations
Should your phone be a webserver? · Ups and downs of hosting your website on your smartphone

#Smartphone #Hosting #PersonalWebsite #Website #WebDev #WebServer

Ronalds Vilciņš
2 months ago

Where do you host your @getkirby sites? Any suggestions?

#getkirby #dev #code #programming #frontend #backend #javascript #css #hosting

2 months ago

I've taken out a VPS from Ionos (formerly 1and1). It has 1 vCore, 1 GB RAM, 10GB SSD, unlimited traffic, root access, and a choice of distros, including Debian, Ubuntu & CentOS. Plesk is also offered free, but, I've not used it.

All for the ridiculously cheap price of £1 (£1.20 incl. VAT) per month. At this price it would be rude not to test it, which is what I'm doing.

The spec is limited, but, I can think of hundreds of uses at this price point.

#hosting #VPS #Linux

Matty Roses
2 months ago

How do we do that?

Well, we supply software for new libraries - absolutely #freesoftware as in beer, and can even aid with some #hosting costs so there's nothing out of pocket.

For existing libraries, which might already have systems they can't easily migrate off of, we can provide #adapters so that the MoP software can provide an #API for use in federation. The current code is setup using #objectorienteddesign to do just this - each system will need an adapter written though!

2 months ago

I'm working on a side-project and I wanted to save some cash. Found a good deal on a place to stick some #raspberrypi boxes for hosting in a DC with the understanding that they would be #IPv6 only. I figured "well that's not that big of a deal surely".

How wrong I was. Almost everything is broken, from pulling containers to accessing GitHub releases. I was expecting a few things to be broken, but I had no idea that almost everything was going to break when I did this. It's kind of incredible how impossible it is to have ipv6-only servers right now, even if I have a CDN handling HTTP traffic to users who can't access the content over ipv4.

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2 months ago
2 months ago

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I am looking for a good managed-hosting provider for a MediaWiki website.

Price range (per month): $5-20

I require auto-updates and backups.

Any recommendations?

James Fellows Yates
2 months ago

Looking for hivemind feedback/suggestions on replacing #slack with an affordable alternative for a 'grass-roots' global student organisation.

We want to remain institutionally independent. We _may_ have a budget of around €2000 pro year, for about 400-500 users (~140 active).

Does anyone have idea of services or hosters (preferably EU based) who meet this criteria?

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