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Dezeen : Il Capri Hotel receives pink-heavy revamp from Graziella Buontempo and Arnaud Lacombe #Architecture #Renovations #Interiors #Hotels #Italy #Pink #all

3 days ago

#Hotels - Luxurious Self-Sufficient Eco Lodge in #Africa Is Designed To Give Back

Tim Richards
3 days ago

I'm staying at the new Mövenpick Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia, and the rooms have this clever innovation whereby steel shutters can be opened when you don't need to use the air-conditioning. I wish the designers of Australian hotels would learn something from this. I hate not being able to open a window for fresh air.

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Metal shutter open beyond a decorative metal screen.
Tim Richards
6 days ago

Just goes to show you shouldn't take Tripadvisor reviews as gospel. I was nervy about the Verona hotel I've just stayed in (see below), as there were various negative reviews on TA. Turned out it was absolutely delightful, with great staff - though definitely a 3-star hotel rather than the 4-star it claims to be.

A reminder that many people will only post reviews when they have something negative to say (I've done that myself).

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1 week ago

On Pentonville Road in London there’s a row of four 19th century green-coloured houses that are due to be demolished to make way for a big red hotel.

#London #Pentonville #architecture #house #housing #hotels #facts #QI #NotQI

1 week ago

Paris is a city that is synonymous with luxury, and there are no shortage of luxury hotels to choose from. From the iconic Ritz to the newly renovated Peninsula, there is a hotel to suit every taste and budget.
Read More:-

#travel #Paris #Europe #Luxury #luxurytravel #luxuryhotels #hotels #traveleurope

Paris is a city that is synonymous with luxury, and there are no shortage of luxury hotels to choose from. From the iconic Ritz to the newly renovated Peninsula, there is a hotel to suit every taste and budget.
Passed Wonder
1 week ago

How you know you're at a #classy joint 😉

HTs #hotels #condiments #London #photography

Several closed display cabinets full one side of a hall, they are filled with condiments, first marmite then mustard, then ketchup, and something else at the end. The hall continues with fancy curtains and carpet.
Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Funny, this Verona hotel is my eighth accommodation on the Europe trip, and the first one where I've had a problem with overly high, firm pillows. Usually Europe is more into the low flat pillow style.

I got the staff to search around and find me another, flatter one – and it was fortunate they succeeded, because I am willing to take to pillows with a sharp implement and extract half the stuffing if I have to. I'm not paying hundreds of dollars a night to get a terrible sleep and a sore neck.

#Hotel #Hotels #Accommodation

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Rock concert? No! This was a result of my hotel's fire alarm going off yesterday at 11.30am. What fun.

#Sound #Alarm #Lyon #Hotels

Screenshot of sound level warning from iPhone.
Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

After a couple of weeks in luxury hotels in Portugal and Spain where leisurely breakfast starts as late as 7.30am, I'm now in a business-y Mercure in France where breakfast starts at 6.30am and it was busy when I arrived in the dining room at 7am! Different world.

#Hotels #Accommodation #Breakfast

#DormLife #BoardingSchool #GirlsSchool
#Lesbian #Yuri

So one of the Academy's trustees asked me to accompany her to a business women's conference this last weekend. So she picked me up early Friday and we drove to Niagara Falls
#Canada, where we checked in one of the #Casino's #Hotels. Amy has booked a suite for us, with a king sized bed, silk sheets and a hot tub in the middle of the floor. Amy had told me to bring several businesses sexy outfits and a few for partying in the evening, and swimsuits. So we had a quick shower, and I ate Amy out before we got dressed for the opening talk. I work an open front white dress over a lace bodysuit. Amy introduced me as her niece. I met several nice women and a few brought nieces as well. After the talk we went for dinner. Five stars all around. One of the other women suggested we go to a club. So after a quick change. I wore a translucent holagraphic dress (Amy had bought it for me on a previous trip) and let's just say a lot of women at the club were lusting after me. We then went to the hotel's rooftop pool. One of the women Jan brought her real niece Amber who was really petite and young. Both Jan and Amy begged me to put on a show and teach Amber. So I took my bikini off and stripped amber of hers, before I started by kneeling down and eating her tight virgin pussy. She tasted so good and came so many times, all while six women watched. I was so horny.

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My business sexy dress. I didn't wear underwear so the bodysuit really showed everything off
Translucent holagraphic dress I wore to the club.
Spaghetti strapped white summer dress
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2 weeks ago
Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

I do like the way posh hotels do the breakfast buffet: help yourself to a table of cold items, then they cook your hot dish to order. Much less wasteful.

This is the spread and the menu at my second Barcelona accommodation, the Claris Hotel.

#Hotels #Accommodation #Buffet

Colourful spread of dishes on a long table.
Breakfast menu in Spanish and Catalan.
Omelette on a plate.
Steve Dinn
2 weeks ago

When I stay in hotels, I generally keep the Do Not Disturb sign permanently on the door handle. I'll go grab towels for myself when and if I need them, and in the rare case I'm there more than a week, I'll allow my room to be made up to get new sheets.

I'm not trying to put housekeepers out of work, I just don't want other people in my room.

#hotel #hotels #vacation #business #hospitality

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3 weeks ago

#LastMinute #travel? Find a #hotel on by simply finding your exit (or just ask the site to find you!) ... and voila! The #closest #hotels will show themselves, and you just need to click "Book Now" to reserve your room!

Visit to begin your hotel search.

Find your room for tonight, whether you're at the #GoldenGateBridge, on the #DonShula in Miami, to the #CreekTurnpike in Tulsa ... even rooms in Elkhart, Indiana on the #IndianaTollRoad, though we recommend double-checking on those #NotreDame game days! ;-)

on the house
3 weeks ago
Ross Manley
3 weeks ago

I was in #Toronto last week, and we took a trip to #NiagaraFalls. I was expecting to see the Falls in the midst of nature, but that's not the case. #Niagara is a big enough city, on the Canadian side and there are a lot of #hotels, #casinos, and tacky #amusements in the vicinity of the attraction. A amazing experience was getting the boat into the mist of the falls! #Canada

4 weeks ago

Two #hotels shut down in #LagunaBeach, due to multiple incidents with "two different security teams armed with firearms as part of an ongoing civil dispute over operating and management authority"!/

Matt Sevits
4 weeks ago

WTF… Marriott Bonvoy points expire if you don’t stay again within a certain period of time?? One more reason to prefer Hilton. #Travel #Hotels

Levi Sumagaysay
4 weeks ago

As some U.S. hotels hung on to practices they adopted during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic — such as eliminating daily room cleanings — the number of hotel housekeepers fell by more than 102,000 last year from pre-pandemic levels, according to new BLS data.

#hotels #housekeepers #labor

1 month ago

This is the sad reality for vegans and animals in 99% of all hotels and the "options" you have as vegans (see images). In many areas of life you're subsidizing this BS as a vegan. Speak up, ask the manager friendly but determined for a short discussion on it and ask for alternatives (they sometimes have). Many people are more receptive than you think but if you don't make yourself heard nothing will change.

#veganism #vegan #hotels

Breakfast buffet with ham, meat, cheese and some alibi vegetables.
A sad little plate with bread, margarine, some vegetables and jam.
Stella Arnaldo
1 month ago

Ramzy Fenianos, RHG Chief Development Officer for Asia-Pacific: “The Philippines has a huge untapped potential. Unfortunately, the Philippines isn’t the first choice for destinations [in Asia]; it’s usually Bali, Vietnam, then the #Philippines, which is a shame because we love the country. It’s so diverse — [you have] mountains, the beach; it’s such a beautiful country, that’s why we think there is an opportunity for us.” #hotels #travel #tourism #SMGroup #RadissonGroup

Lyle Solla-Yates
1 month ago “the hotel will undergo a comprehensive upgrade to all hotel guestrooms and suites, public areas, and meeting spaces” #cville #hotels #westmain

Max Leibman
1 month ago

Does anyone actually leave their key at the front desk when they head out from a hotel and pick it up when they come back, or is that just a device writers invented to give hotel clerks a chance to announce the arrival of plot-advancing messages, packages, or visitors?

#hotels #writing #PlotDevice #YesMaxIsReReadingTheBlueAntTrilogyAgain

Gen Reinheimer
1 month ago

I don’t think my little family can handle staying in a hotel room ever again.

Friday night’s sleep was continuously interrupted by hallway noise (kids running full-speed down the hall like they were in a relay race) and an electric heat/AC unit (that sounded like an old vehicle on its last leg).

And did I mention the bed pillows? They were like trying to sleep on truck tires. Grave Digger’s truck tires. We went to Target on Saturday morning to buy pillows to use for the duration of our stay.

We are all just wiped out. It’s naptime.

#traveling #hotels #family

1 month ago

Youtube video knowingly puts a clickbait-y error in the title, and then corrects itself in the description.

Official rankings which mean anything go up to five. There's a growing number of seven star #hotels. Sure – any hole in the wall can award itself seven such stars. Or seventeen, or seventy.

Video title: "I stay in the world's only 7 star hotel” … Then in the description, we get the correct info: ”The Burj Al Arab is a five-star hotel, with the highest official ranking.”
Helen H
2 months ago

Looking across the lagoon and marina to the historic Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club, aka The Vinoy, a local St. Petersburg, Florida landmark on the downtown waterfront.
#TheVinoy #vinoy #RenaissanceVinoy #StPetersburgFlorida #StPetersburg #StPete #hotels #resorts #photography #MastoPhoto #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #SupportTheArts

The Historic Vinoy Available here:

A photograph looking across the lagoon and marina to the historic landmark Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in downtown St. Petersburg Florida.
Architecture News
2 months ago

Dezeen : Constellations and mangroves inform design of St. Regis Resort Kanai #Architecture #Hotels #Mexico #all

Cara Bruar
2 months ago

@timrichards Floor to ceiling windows also feel visually unsafe to me. One place I stayed I cowered in the back corner of the room all night and checked out in the morning, abandoning the 3 nights I had pre-paid. Not sure what the word for that is. Not exactly agoraphobia. Fear of falling off high places. Also don't like too many floors due to fear of fire. I'm a fearful person these days. #hotels

Tim Richards
2 months ago

Just reading about the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Melbourne, and the room descriptions on its website contain the fateful words "Floor-to-ceiling windows". To me this is code for "Windows can't be opened". Which is a deal-breaker for me, sorry mate.

#Hotels #Hotel #Melbourne

Tim Richards
2 months ago

This was the hotel launch I was at yesterday: | Le Meridien rolls out red carpet in Melbourne ahead of Ritz-Carlton opening #Melbourne #Hotel #Hotels

Tim Richards
2 months ago

I'm off to a hotel opening this morning - the new Le Méridien Melbourne within the old Metro nightclub at the top of Bourke Street. There have been a hell of a lot of new Melbourne CBD hotels opened since the pandemic started - all planned before it, of course. Lucky the city is busy again!

#Melbourne #MelbourneCBD #Hotels

Stop the GQP & Fox News
3 months ago

Compared to politicians, SCOTUS justices enjoy gifts and hospitality with even less scrutiny. Without transparency, anyone from Putin to gun companies can buy justices with meals, hotel rooms, and God knows what else.

#scotus #amyconeybarrett #politics #uspol #uspolitics #transparecy #darkmoney #influence #hotels #meals #putin #russia #kochnetwork #federalistsociety #supremecourt

Amy Coney Barrett at dinner.

Nothing bugs me more than knowing someone has already touched my tissues! #Hotels! Stop doing this to your tissues!!! It's wasteful!! #HotelLife

Tim Richards
5 months ago

Now free for all to read… I don't spend much time in hotel rooms, but I do like them to be comfortable - so I need answers to the following three questions: ”Three Questions for Hotels

#Hotel #Hotels #Accommodation #USA

Interior of a hotel room, with a sofa, coffee table and armchair. A TV set stands to one side.
Bill Dobie
5 months ago

So this was a seriously over the top espresso as a Boxing Day treat. #london #coffee #espresso #regency #hotels #thelanesborough

Still water and double espresso at The Lanesborough hotel in London. The room is from the Regency period and is very old English grand.

After a month of #Japanese budget #hotels — impeccably clean, entirely comfortable and in fully working order — arriving in the #UK has been something of a shock.

All three photos are the interior of a Toyoko Inn. It’s beige, but functional: a double bed, large desk, TV, mini-fridge, AC unit, and an all-in-one Japanese style bathroom.

This new Ontario hotel has an outrageous amusement park theme - Macleans #Tourism #FortErie #Hotels #AmusementParks #onpoli @onpoli

Priyangee :autistic:
6 months ago

Looking for recommendations of Family Run #BnB and #Hotels in #Ireland.

I want to make a database of places to stay in while I explore.

I want to avoid big corporates and AirBnBs as much as possible.


Matt Richardson 🏳️‍🌈
6 months ago

The problem with using this kind of breezy copy for stuff like this is that you could possibly cause confusion. Although I understand that one side means "do not disturb" and the other side means "please make up room," the text "I'm out" could also mean "asleep." As in, "out like a light" or "passed out."

Sorry folks, these are the kinds of things I think about.

#Travel #Hotels #Hospitality

A hand holds a white hotel door tag which says "Love it here, I'm in."
A hand holds a black hotel door tag which says "Busy life, I'm out."
6 months ago

I am strongly opposed to this new trend of #hotels having pumps of body wash attached to the wall of the shower instead of bars of soap. I feel like I never get the #BodyWash entirely washed off.

Martin Kubler 🎲 Ⓐ 🏴 Ⓥ
6 months ago

Looking to build a list of #Hoteliers and #Hotels on Mastodon. Any around? Feel free to boost.

7 months ago

#Salzburg is a perfect destination for a climate-friendly #city trip by #train or #bike. You have a beautiful room in a luxurious #sustainable #hotel run in accordance w/ the principles - and then the great disappointment: it has a view on the hotel's parking lot packed with obese cars. So where to stay in #Mozart's birthplace? has updates.

#travelling #hotels #ecotourism #organic #organic_coffee #sustainability #travelblog #ecogood

Hotel Auersperg Salzburg
11 months ago

nice article about #sustainable #vacation
avoid: Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, (Skyscanner), Awaze, Homestay, Love Holidays, Expedia, Lastminute, TUI.
better: - I'm also impressed by the sheer amount of #eco certified #hotels everything in a nice page, easy to use. Really looks like that somewhat more responsible #tourism is going to be mainstream.

The new #book about #Train #Travel in #Europe looks really interesting!

For further reading, there are additional cool directories of #green alternatives like htps:// or - which are described e.g. here with additional details:

#reading #ecotourism

Lonely Planet's new Guide to Train Travel in Europe from Feb 2022
Victor Venema
2 years ago

"Der Kreis #Ahrweiler ist durch den Starkregen der vergangenen Tage besonders getroffen worden. Zahlreiche Menschen mussten in teils dramatischen Aktionen vor oder aus dem Wasser gerettet werden. Für sie werden kurzfristig #Unterkünfte gesucht.

Melden können sich #Privatpersonen, aber gerne auch #Hotels und #Pensionen. Um Hilfesuchende und Helfende zusammen zu bringen, wurde eine zentrale Koordinierungsstelle in der #Bonn|er Stadtverwaltung eingerichtet."

BoingBoing Bot
3 years ago

Inside Edition report: Trump International Hotel and other NYC hotels aren't changing bedsheets between guests #boingboing #COVID_19 #hotels #pandemic

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 years ago

US' ongoing SLAVERY of Fillipino women

If you thought the #slaveTrade was over, you'd be wrong.

This podcast by #investigativeJournalist, #AbbyMartin, exposes the seedy network of #diplomats, #religiousLeaders, #hotels and other #humanTraffickers who pervert the #immigration and #visa system - leaving a trail of #debt, #pain and #illness.

Learn the full depravity:

#BLM #colonialism #racism #philippines #violence #oppression #slavery

BoingBoing Bot
3 years ago

Menu at Saudi hotel offers "accuracy of sheep meat", "my property" and "tuna is a problem" #boingboing #cuisine #hotels #mistakes