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For a San Francisco dream come true
A six car garage, what to do?
Tore it down and built three homes
Each for six-hundred grand, no roams

#sf #housing #realestate #poetry

3 hours ago

#SurPlus on Ngunnawal & Ngambri Land
@otiose94 #cartoon: #housing INTERESTS by @moir_alan #Insiders #Voice #alttext

Two panes, in the first the couple are seen through the window talking:
In the second we see the couple at the front door waving goodbye to three kids
Marion Davis
6 hours ago

Erin McAleer, chief executive of Project Bread, explicitly said as much to the Globe: “Folks who make minimum wage and work 40 hours a week — they come home with $2,000 a month. Forget food. You can’t really afford much else but your apartment.”

The market isn't solving Greater Boston's housing crisis. Incentives and mandates aren't steering developers hard enough, either. I think only large-scale social housing development can solve this. Do we even have the tools to get to that? #housing

Marion Davis
6 hours ago

This week, the Greater Boston Food Bank reported that 1 in 3 people in Mass. struggles to afford enough to eat. Then on Friday, we had this great story about a 500-unit new complex in Dorchester, which desperately needs more *affordably priced* housing. 66 units will be income-restricted; the rest range from $2,500 studios to $5,000 3BRs. How can people eat when housing sucks up all they've got?
(The food story: #housing #greaterboston

Most Resplendent Bat
12 hours ago

This is great. I went through this exact situation. Rent raised 25%, building owned by anonymous European investor, forced to leave, etc. This is how I wound up in NJ, and why I'm not moving back into NYC without more tenant rights. In NJ, I have more rights. #Housing #HousingCrisis #NYC

"I Tracked Down My Anonymous Landlord... Here's What Happened."

Democrats: Look to #Minnesota’s #Miracle.

The avalanche of #progressive #legislation that the state’s two-vote Democratic majority in the
state House and one-vote advantage in the state Senate have enacted this year is a wonder to behold.

.“Democrats #codified #abortion #rights, #paid #family and #medical #leave, #sick leave, #transgender rights protections, drivers #licenses for #undocumented residents, restoration of #voting rights for people when they are released from prison or jail, wider voting access, one-time rebates, a #tax #credit aimed at low-income parents with #kids, and a $1 billion #investment in #affordable #housing including for rental assistance.”

Take a breath and move on: “Also adopted were #background #checks for private #gun #transfers and a #redflag #warning system to take guns from people deemed by a judge to be a threat to themselves or others.

[Democratic] lawmakers banned conversion therapy for LGBTQ people, legalized recreational marijuana, expanded education funding, required a carbon-free electric grid by 2040, adopted a new reading curricula based on phonics, passed a massive $2.58 billion capital construction package and, at the insistence of Republicans, a $300 million emergency infusion of money to nursing homes.” The mix of tax cuts and increases, by the way, will make the state’s revenue system more progressive

16 hours ago

"“More square footage is dedicated to #parking each #car than to #housing each #person.”"

How Parking Ruined Everything

Missing affordability? The promise and pitfalls of densifying single-family lots

Jurisdictions around the world, including BC, are following Auckland’s lead in green-lighting density on single-family lots. Does it work?

#housing #affordable #zoning #bcpoli

Lyle Solla-Yates
17 hours ago “In places like Sydney, you basically need to have family support to enter into homeownership. You can’t independently rent, save for a deposit and find your way into homeownership” #housing #australia

Ocean Playground News
19 hours ago

Source: CBC #news #pei

How a church destroyed by Fiona could bring affordable #housing to #Charlottetown

Post-tropical storm Fiona destroyed their church, and now a religious community in #Charlottetown is hoping the rebuild will be part of the solution for P.E.I.’s #housing crisis.

Daniel Carkner
1 day ago

Translation: we don't want any more poors arriving in our bougie district and we're going to point to infrastructure as an excuse

I don't always agree with BC NDP but as a renter I sure as heck agree with them forcing densification on municipalities
#BCpoli #vanpoli #NorthVan #housing #BCNDP

NotMyBub :mverified:
1 day ago

Hey @wayemason , If the municipality is offering "wide support" to #halifax unhoused people, why are there now almost 1000 people #homeless? A few months back it was 600.

#novascotia #housing

Mary Austin
1 day ago

The Brady Bunch house is up for sale! Seriously!

Any normal American middle class family that can pony up $5.5 million can call the iconic house their new home. #housing

Vinish Garg
2 days ago

Decolonizing Nature:

A symbiotic neighbourhood and community where humans and nature thrive. Instead of artificial construction systems that cannot be recycled, WombHome proposes a gentle carving of space within natural structures. This imagined cave provides shelter and safety, without consuming excess energy or creating harmful emissions and construction waste.

By SPACE10 #regenerativefutures #regenerative #housing #civicdesign

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 days ago

@humansriseup @steven
As a value system that prioritizes saving over spending (on miliary) #bitcoin as a #valueSystem is a better way to force capital into #housing.

If people want housing bitcoin more reliably can allocate value to it. Whereas, for example, a bank that, to generate so-called "#interestPayments", will use your money to prop up the likes of #Blackrock and #BillGates that #deracinate the people (read: take people off the land) seems counter to the stated goal, right?


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2 days ago
Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

Having a desk again means Jesus is back in his rightful place.

Few celestial beings are more supportive than Buddy Christ.

#Jesus #Christianity #Moving #RealEstate #Housing

"In Toronto’s High Park neighbourhood, residents say they don’t know when their rents will go up — or by how much. They’re hoping ‘organized, strong, and positive’ action will bring clarity." #TVO #Housing #Rent

Deník Referendum
2 days ago

RT by @DReferendum: Thanks to all joining our session on researching #housing across Europe 🙏❤️
You can follow up with your questions here… or hear more stories on Cities and maybe become part of our urban journalism network tomorrow at 9.30 @DataharvestEIJC

Jeff Bonner
2 days ago

"There’s no doubt that Canada is currently in the midst of a housing supply crunch. The big question is, what can be done by governments to address it?"

#Housing in #Canada, via your #HamOnt #REALTOR

Loki the Cat
2 days ago

Looks like the water supply in Phoenix is drying up faster than a saucer of milk in front of me. Arizona has finally realized that approving all that housing construction wasn't the purrfect idea. Meow what? 🐾💦 #WaterCrisis #Arizona #housing

Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

Y'all, another plus.

The couch is now adjacent to my desk, which means there's pretty much always going to be...

<dramatic pause>


#Moving #RealEstate #Housing #Home #Dogs #Cute #CuteAnimals

Shows a view of a sofa from the side, upon which two dogs are napping. One is a blonde yorkie, the other a brown and black aussie, and both are on pillows and multicolored blankets.
Flash Mob Of One
2 days ago

It's so odd how having my new desk put together and having my living room set up the way I wanted makes the new place feel like home.

Camping out on my dining room table wasn't bad.

But it wasn't home.

#Moving #Housing #RealEstate

John Refior
2 days ago

"From December 2019 to November 2021, US house prices grew by 23.8 percent, the fastest rate on record."
#economics #housing #useconomy

2 days ago

Is homeownership for the use as my own primary property looked down upon on mastodon #house #housing

According to a new study, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City have the highest number of residents who have to spend more than 30% of their income on #housing costs. This means workers struggle to afford essentials and build savings.

More in New York Times:

3 days ago

Compared with their straight peers, a smaller share of LGB youth live with their parents. Since housing and family stability are important to youth well-being, the gap is noteworthy.

Explore the data:,1320,1419,1420,1422,1421,1423,1424,1425&sortColumnId=0&sortType=asc

#LGBTQ #Pride #Housing #Family #Youth #YouthEmpowerment #Data #Trend

A chart showing the share of youth who live with their parents, by sexual orientation. Data are available at link in post.
3 days ago

#Cdnpoli #Housing

Housing affordability in Canada just saw the biggest improvement in almost 4 years.

Stable interest rates and a continued cooling in home prices helped give housing affordability in Canada its biggest jump in almost four years

Daniel Carkner
3 days ago

I don't generally share Daily Hive anymore but this article has a lot of interesting info. I really hope it's not just talk and the BC NDP do invest a lot more in public housing.

"The days of selling our lands at cheap costs to private developers, hoping that one day they’ll build housing, is gone, and I hope it never comes back." pretty encouraging quote from a Minister of Housing tbh #BCpoli #Vanpoli #housing #urbanism

"We literally don't have enough staff because staff didn't do their assignment."

Hamilton's short-term rental bylaw halted so city staff can focus on plan to stop renovictions #HamOnt #Housing #News

“[Rent] has almost tripled since we moved here ... And what are you getting for your money? … This city isn’t three times better to live in, it doesn’t have three times the transit. It doesn’t have three times the available good-paying jobs." #Housing #News #Peterbiorough

3 days ago

More Perfect Union

I Tracked Down My Anonymous Landlord... Here's What Happened

13 min video

Landlords hide under a mountain of shell entities.

#housing #uspol

Kyle Memoir
3 days ago

This is some real dirty 30's stuff.

The characterization as 'third world' is a disgusting opportunistic slap, but the real issue is that in 2023 we again have no #housing for people displaced by economic circumstances and they are left to camp in the open.

Reminds of the #depression era folk song Ry Cooder covered some years ago:

How can you keep on moving
Unless you migrate too?
They tell you to keep on moving
But migrate you must not do...

Blame is so easy.

Cecilia Huster
3 days ago

A one-mile-long RV encampment in Marin County is a tangible result of the housings crisis in the Bay Area.
#caHousing #housing

Lyle Solla-Yates
3 days ago “Homeowners are the biggest winners under the Land Value Tax Plan. Ninety-seven percent of Detroit homeowners would see a reduction in their property taxes while the remaining 3% would see no change at all.” #taxreform #lvt #housing #detroit

3 days ago

#UnitedStates #CensusBureau #building #construction #housing #BuildingPermits

'For the first time, the U.S. Census Bureau has created an interactive map of national, state and county building permit data. The recently released tool allows quick access and insight into the dynamics of permits issued for new residential construction.'

Mission Local
3 days ago

SF is suing an Alameny Blvd landlord who has allegedly crammed 19 extra units in his buildings—creating 32 dwellings from 13, & causing a host of fire hazards.

And all the while, he's been profiting handsomely, the city alleges.

#SanFrancisco #Housing

Headline: SF sues landlord for illegally cramming 19 extra units into buildings
Lyle Solla-Yates
4 days ago “as wonderful as the game of golf is for the few who actually play it, a private pay-to-play golf course is the wrong use for this site in 2022 and moving forward” #reston #virginia #housing #golf

4 days ago

'Active Travel England to be consulted on all large planning applications'
'As a statutory consultee, Active Travel England will help planning authorities implement good walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure.'

#ActiveTravel #travel #cycling #Cycle #bike #bikes #England #UK #Government #planning #housing

Roland Klose
4 days ago

“Last year, one in four home sales was to someone who had no intention of living in it. These investors are particularly incentivized to buy the sorts of homes most needed by first-time buyers: Inexpensive properties generate the highest rental-income cash flows.” #nyt #housing #rent

Cover of The New York Times Magazine on May 28, 2023.
Daniel AJ Sokolov
4 days ago

There are good news for #housing in #Canada:

"The rate of unaffordable housing, or the proportion of households that spent 30% or more of their income on shelter costs, fell from 24.1% in 2016 to 20.9% in 2021. The rate of unaffordable housing in Canada for renters fell from 40.0% in 2016 to 33.2% in 2021, with most of the decline occurring among renters earning below the median household income of all renters (68.4% in 2016, compared with 56.0% in 2021)."

Adam Greenfield
5 days ago

Here’s Cassim Shepard on the great (and under-known) architect/designer John #Habraken, and his commitment to maximum user control over #housing through a system of standardized infrastructural “supports.” Habraken’s rejection of the usual invidious binary between industrial production and user-defined #architecture earns him a place alongside Ken Isaacs and Walter Segal in the great what-ifs of 20th century architectural design. A must-read if this is your bag.

North West Bylines
5 days ago

The demonisation of asylum seekers has a parallel with the treatment of “enemy alien” refugees in wartime Britain. By Michael Hindley.
#Bylines #Refugees #Internment #Housing

Whatever I think of the #LabourParty's plan on land values & council compulsory purchase to kick-start a #socialhousing revival to alleviate the #housingcrisis, that large #housebuilding firms are against it suggests it cannot be all bad...

Large housebuiders have been making massive profits out of a system that does not serve the country's #housing needs; if they think it won't work for them, then maybe it *is* a good idea, even if they & their allies will try to make it look unworkable?

scott f
5 days ago

In #CAPol (as in California) #housing news, the Senate just voted down common-sense reform to allow newer buildings to gradually phase in rent control.

State law preempts any rent control on buildings newer than 1995 (1979 in SF). This would simply have let 1996 buildings qualify starting next year, 1997 buildings the year after that, etc. Hardly a drastic change. Well, now we know who's on the side of landlords against the rest of us.

Vote tally on SB 466: It fails with 15 yeses, 16 nos, and 9 senators not voting.

Voting yes: Allen, Atkins, Bradford, Caballero, Durazo, Eggman, Gonzalez, Laird, McGuire, Menjivar, Padilla, Skinner, Smallwood-Cuevas, Wahab, and Wiener.
5 days ago


#Vienna, pop 2M, budgets annually to purchase property so 80% of residents can live in city-owned housing, people of all income levels. Anyone initially making $70k or less who's lived in the city for 2 years is eligible to start. Once in, no evictions allowed. Initial rents are income-based & increase by inflation % in years where inflation is over 5%. Vienna has used this system since the 1930s.

#rent #renters #housing #SocialHousing #PublicHousing

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
5 days ago

"And while that old Berkeley is never coming back — any more than any bygone world — we all want to grow old among loved ones and familiar faces. So there’s just something inescapably painful about an economy that makes this impossible for all but the superrich — a place where a vast majority of local children know they will have to leave as soon as they grow up."

On Berkeley, high-density housing, and parking lots, from the NYTimes' #California issue:

#Berkeley #BayArea #EastBay #housing #YIMBY #NIMBY

5 days ago

#SanFrancisco #housing #legislation #MuncipalGovernment #activism #TenantProtection

"The archive may be the largest source of stories on how San Francisco went from never passing a tenant ballot measure until 1992 to now having the nation’s strongest tenant protection laws. The city also has the most powerful protections for SRO hotels and rental housing."

Tim Richards
6 days ago

Surely there must be a way to retain the market but also build much-needed new housing.
Preston Market owners threaten to shut it down over planning war

#Melbourne #Housing #VicPol #SpringSt

Mission Local
1 week ago

When the Eureka Valley branch of the San Francisco public library closes at night, its staff are required to turn off the free Wi-Fi.

The reason? To deter homeless people from gathering outside the building.

#SanFrancisco #Housing #sfpol

Headline: Castro library limits Wi-Fi to hinder homeless after pressure from supe
1 week ago i know right? it's astonishing when you think about it. And each of these have their own history, for example the multiyear #Meta #Housing #Discrimination saga.

Pro Publica first reported that Facebook advertisers could run "whites only" ads in 2016, and Facebook promised to fix the problem.  In 2017 Pro Publica tested again and reported that it wasn't fixed; Facebook once again promised to fix it.  In 2019 Facebook settled with National Fair Housing Alliance and the American Civil Liberties Union and promised to fix the problem. Later in 2019  HUD sued Facebook over housing discrimination later that year, alleging the company's algorithms had made the situation even worse.  Facebook settled again in June 2022, and promised to fix the problem.  Hey wait a second, I'm noticing a pattern here!
1 week ago


(I'm number 15 but still)

#rent #housing #housingcrisis

1 week ago

My sister goes to a private Christian university (Why? I can't figure that one out) in Arizona, GCU.

As of today, GCU is making many dozens of low-income people unhoused, by evicting mobile home residents from the property that it bought.

These are the Christian values I keep seeing. The same Christian values of the time of the conquistadores. Profits and property over people's lives.


Kevin Russell
1 week ago

@ablackcatstail @swordplay

Lets make that impossible with sensible laws, and massive amounts of housing removed from, or built outside of, the speculator market.

Cities are passing laws to make themselves the buyer of 1st refusal for all housing, taxing empty units, and more.

Investing in heroin sales for profit is not allowed, investing in destroying the housing market should not be either.

#housing #rent #drivenOutOfHomes #ventureCapitalDestroyers

dr jamesbicycle
1 week ago

How do we break the cycle in which a perceived parking shortage requires us to make cities awful?

Ruin cities for #cycling, #walking, affordable #housing, attractive design and less #traffic.

"Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World"

1 week ago

Went to three protests in one day. This was the second one. Protested the destruction of Barak Beacon public housing in Port Melbourne for the building of privately owned and managed housing.
#housing #PublicHousing

Woman in electric wheelchair, and woman standing next to her holding microphone, with sign in background which reads “Save Public Homes”.
1 week ago

#housing Imma hafta ask our City Hall reporter for an update on this story... it's pretty fascinating #housing

1 week ago

Many people with a #disability could live independently, but are stuck in nursing homes they don't want to be in.

A new lawsuit in #Massachusetts could change that. #housing

1 week ago

#housing they're organizing in East Boston. Ultimately, 131 units are now in a trust to keep them affordable in perpetuity

1 week ago


Yes, the rent IS too damn high. Here's how it got that way in #Massachusetts and what needs to happen to boost the amount of affordable housing: (Part of our series, #PricedOut)

1 week ago

#housing there's a real estate joke in here somewhere but I haven't had enough coffee to find it yet

1 week ago


Judith became #homeless in #Massachusetts at's how she got a roof over her head again after nearly a year of living in her car:

2 weeks ago

Please toot! Really struggling with my anxiety right now, raising money is just not going to plan and my housing fears for winter have been exacerbated. I cannot stress how desperately I need people to share and donate to my campaign because it’s literally my only chance to be housed this winter

#disability #mutualaid #housing #vancouver #housingcrisis #BlackMastodon

Peter Butler
2 weeks ago

@jeffjarvis Sign me up link for those of us brokeys:

"To American eyes, the whole Viennese setup can appear fancifully socialistic. But set that aside, and what’s mind-boggling is how social housing gives the economic lives of Viennese an entirely different shape.”

Why "set that aside"?! It’s the whole point!!

#Socialism #Housing

2 weeks ago

I'm trying to raise $900 before my birthday on June 4th to stay on track with my fundraising goals for housing. I'd greatly appreciate even the smallest donation, and especially sharing this post <3

#mutualaid #crowdfund #gofundme #disability #housing #housingforall #vancouver #vanpoli #bc #canadadisabilitybenefit #BlackMastodon #Autism

2 weeks ago

Hello! We are the Portland, OR Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. We are very excited to be making a presence here on the fediverse and specifically chose for it's alignment of democratic principles. We hope to share news of what our chapter is up to and connect with people who want to get involved locally, and build coalition 1/2

#intro #introduction #DSA #democraticsocialism #socialism #climatejustice #housing #mutualaid

2 weeks ago

I'm planning trips to #Scotland, specifically #Dumfries and #Galloway.

The aim is to meet people doing cool 'green' stuff with a view to doing similar myself in the future.

Likely dates are 31st May - 2nd Jun, and July 10-14

I'd like to meet people doing small scale informal or alternative #housing, #renewableenergy, #solar, #permaculture or anything else like that!

please boost!

Lyle Solla-Yates
2 weeks ago

@futurebird “housing is a human right”. I take it human shelter is woke now? #housing

2 weeks ago

We have been told for generations that lowering taxes on the rich helps the economy, and that "increased entitlements" are a burden the taxpayer cannot afford.

These are lies. The truth, borne out by history is this:

Programs that help the poor, the working poor and those unable to work, actually benefit the overall economy and are not a net tax burden on the taxpayers. 1/2

#work #education #healthcare #help #investment #food #economy #tax #taxes #housing

3 weeks ago

In the process of getting access to either free or low cost therapy, I'm hoping they'll be able to help me navigating housing applications which have supplemental documents for disabled people. I'm staying on top of my debts because of this gofundme and it's been a huge weight off my shoulders because losing housing is extremely stressful. Thank you

#disability #blm #BlackMastodon #housing #disabilityaid #mutualaid #vancouver #actuallyautistic #housingforall

Vince Scafaria
3 weeks ago

I was today years old when I learned that private equity firms *programmatically buy* tens of thousands of US residential homes. #Housing #capitalism

Jason Perseus
3 weeks ago

". . . a process that stirred controversy with homeowners fearing they’d lose the character of their neighborhoods."

Yes, we do have all the classic NIMBY liberals here in Madison too.

#housing #rent #uspol #politics #uspolitics #madison #wisconsin

Jason Perseus
3 weeks ago

Per this study, Madison continues to be ranked worst for rent increases at ~13% year-over-year (down slightly from ~15% a month or two ago).

#rent #housing #uspol #uspolitics #politics #madison #wisconsin

Jason Perseus
3 weeks ago

In the downtown area:

Studios with 400-600 sq. ft. are around $1200-1500 a month.

1B/1B with 600-800 sq. ft. are around $1400-1800 a month.

2B/2B with 900-1100 sq. ft. are around $2200-2700 a month.

And then you can save money by not having basic appliances or picking barely-meets-code units.

Completely unsustainable and extends into all the surrounding suburbs as well. You get nearly identical prices 15 miles out in all directions.

#housing #rent #uspol #uspolitics #politics

Jason Perseus
3 weeks ago

Madison, WI has seen among the largest increases to rent prices of any metropolitan area anywhere in the country.

I am making well above the median salary and I am moving away from the City due to cost in a few months.

You can't be single and live here in any way that makes it a good financial decision.

#rent #housing #madison #wisconsin #policy #uspol #politics #uspolitics

Jason Thorne
3 weeks ago

Assembly day for CityHousing Hamilton’s new 24-home modular affordable housing development.
#Housing #YIMBY #UrbanPlanning #Cities

Amanda Smith
3 weeks ago

Powerful piece today on the need for housing, myths & misconceptions around it from @pluralistic :

'A city that you can't live in is a failure. A system that can't provide decent housing is a failure.'

'America needs a *shit-ton* more housing - regular housing for working people. Mr Market doesn't want to build it, no matter how many "incentives" we dangle.'

Read it all at
or in thread

#housing #urban #BuiltEnvironment

TC Workers Defense Alliance
3 weeks ago

Tomorrow 9am at 2700 Third Ave South another #Minneapolis encampment is slated for destruction.

Displacement over and over again with no #housing provided.

Public pressure on the state is probably most effective here, short of 50 people showing up tomorrow.

#Minnesota is still styling as if they are trying to "achieve housing, racial, and health justice for people facing homelessness" -

This is long after mayor "end homelessness in five years" Frey has dropped any such pretense.

The state is moving rapidly to displace people on highway land that aren't even visible from the highway so it's not hard to guess this is city-driven "policy".

The question is how much flack will the Walz, Flanagan, and Commissioner of Transportation Nancy Daubenberger take on Frey's behalf.

TC Workers Defense Alliance
3 weeks ago

Indicates a fairly weak political will— call numbers at the #Minnesota department of transportation and demand they stop this eviction, ask why they are doing displacement when #Minneapolis and #HennepinCounty and the state itself are not #housing all in need, and that you do not want your #transit and #highway dollars going to #violence

Please report which numbers answer, what people say:

3 weeks ago

I have a friend (details omitted for privacy) who is looking to #GTFOMyState (currently the Southeast US) and move to Seattle or the general area. She's just getting her bearings around her identity and wants a safe place to do that journey.

We're trying to find housing options for her; aside from basic utilities and a place to park, the main need is to be fairly low-cost. She has employable skills but isn't going to be making a ton, at least not at first.

Roommate situations are a possible option but obviously safety is a very high concern so there would need to be some trust established first.

Any resources/suggestions would be super welcome, and boosts are appreciated.

Let's get her a good home!


#Seattle #Housing

Isle of Eigg
3 weeks ago

Could you help Eigg reach #NetZero?

The Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust is looking for a Warm Homes Manager on a three year contract. Closing date 29th May.

Please share to help us find perfect person(s)

#housing #energy #fairwork #circulareconomy #community #renewables #forestry #sustainabledevelopment

Landscape including solar PV panels, forestry and the mountain peak of An Sgurr, Eigg's highest point
Landscape with a selection of colourful flags in the foreground.  A European Union flag, Scottish Flag and other flags promoting renewable energy and against nuclear power
Large landscape picture from above showing the east side of the Isle of Eigg, half of which is covered in forestry, the other half is grazing land.  There's a road that runs from left to right with one house on it.
A group of Eigg islanders on a protest walk holding a flag saying "social and environmental justice for all"