tamas ๐Ÿฆ€
1 day ago

Playing around with #flyio for hosting the #django + #wagtail + #htmx site I'm working on and I have to say, it's pretty nice to be able to do most things from the CLI. I only need the web dashboard to understand the concepts and what's going on (because I'm really dumb when it comes to hosting stuff). Nice docs and clear, honest language around costs. I really appreciate that.

Interesting... ๐Ÿง Thoughts on HTMX making waves in the dev community? Imagine controlling dynamic HTML without heavy JavaScript. It's like ordering a 5-star meal without emptying your wallet. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘Œ

HTMX offers leaner, more efficient client-server communication. Think real-time updates without a page reload! For devs tired of JavaScript fatigue, this could be your new go-to. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿƒ #WebDev #HTMX #JavaScriptRevolution


ลukasz Langa
4 days ago

Current coffee reading.


An old Kindle Paperwhite with the cover art for โ€œHypermedia Systemsโ€ by Carson Gross et al.
Moritz Kobel
5 days ago

@hbuchel I'm happy we kept our focus on SSR. We use #SpringBoot #PostgreSQL and #Thymeleaf. We recently started to use #HTMX The biggest challenge is having a stable&fast&integrated tool to process/bundle the JS and SCSS code where we use

Will Iverson
6 days ago

Just found out that JStachio added support for fragments specifically to support #htmx. If you are #java dev that wants to add dynamic stuff to a web front end but don't want to get into JS/TS stuff, highly recommend checking this out.

Talk Python Podcast
1 week ago

Do you love #htmx? It's just about the most exciting web technology out there lately. And if you ALSO โ™ฅ๏ธ #django well, you'll want to check out our brand new HTMX + Django course by Christopher Trudeau #python ( cc @mkennedy )

Trey Piepmeier
2 weeks ago

Livewire seems underwhelming so far. Itโ€™s disappointing that thereโ€™s no thought given to #ProgressiveEnhancement. I donโ€™t see why one would want to use that over #htmx other than theyโ€™re used to basic bullshit like React already.

Aprendรญ tantito #htmx y es muy emocionante. Eso de la single-page-app me caรญa bien gordo tanto como usuario como desarrollador. Ora nomรกs serรก como usuario. :D

#htmx is one of those #javaScript libraries that enables all sorts of horrible #HackerNews articles like "I rebuilt my #blog using FortranScript and HTMX"

#webDev #web

Frederik Hahne
2 weeks ago

Auf geht's nach Hannover zum @JavaForumNord ๐Ÿš„๐ŸŒž#java #community #htmx #thymeleaf

Jeff Caldwell
2 weeks ago

Wow, #HTMX is gaining some popularity, and I AM ON THAT TRAIN.

quoll (โˆš)
2 weeks ago

how does htmx say i should build dynamic charts?

i was planning to use chart.js to build a custom gantt chart style thing.

but thats a slippery slope leading to more js, libraries, tooling etc.

with htmx do i just render png's? or i guess i could dynamically generate some pretty nice svg's server side ๐Ÿค”

#htmx #WebDev

Starting to get the hang of this #htmx thing. I'm using it to build some management pages for an internal service. Not fully convinced yet but it actually works well with #dotnet RazorPages.

Kudos to @khalidabuhakmeh for figuring a lot of this out.

New server, new #introduction:

My name isn't set yet, but I've tried Samantha and currently Melody. Online I go with m* (read m Star) and I'm from the south of Germany.

Like most people here, I am
#trans (mtf), some variation of human (catgirl in my case) and highly interested in the tech sector, specifically making software do things. For this, I usually rely on #fedora as the OS with both #gnome or #kdeplasma as Environment, depending on what I feel like.

As for what funky software stuff I do: It's mostly focused on making games, utility stuff for games or utility stuff relevant for areas related to games (like a multiplatform chatbot for Twitch, YT Live, etc). For this, I mostly rely on the
#godotengine and #golang. Though, I do also put my hands on #rustlang, #python, #typescript (mainly via #svelte). Other projects that I'm interested in are #htmx and #ziglang.

And some day I might also join the club of
#vtubers. I even have a ref sheet already for what my character looks like. See attachment

2 weeks ago

@ArneBab Kann ich gut nachvollziehen. Wir haben nicht geziehlt konvertiert, sondern praktisch "in Typescript weitergeschrieben" und bei Gelegenheit refactored. Aber einige deiner Punkte habe ich auch so in Erinnerung.

Ich finde ja den aktuellen Hype um #htmx super. Ist zwar etwas gewรถhnungsbedรผrftig, aber man kann an Ajaxgedรถns was man so machen will wirklich alles damit formulieren. Auch per Http Header vom Server Events triggern.

Facundo Olano
2 weeks ago

The last couple of months I've been working on a little #rss reader that doubles as a (read-only) #mastodon client. The UI is closer to a Mastodon/Twitter feed than an email inbox.

I'm still experimenting with it, and it's missing a bunch of basic stuff, but I did add some cool features already, like an embedded reader mode and a send to #kindle button.

It uses #python #flask for the backend and #htmx #hyperscript #bulma for the UI.

A screenshot of the user interface for the feedi app, depicting some folders on the left a mastodon-like newsfeed in the center and some quick actions on the right.
Dan Jacob
3 weeks ago

Interesting to see #HTMX slowly gaining usage as front end framework in the #Django developer survey. Would be great to find a job using it, right now stuck with React...

Lambros Petrou
3 weeks ago

I don't always like their videos often, but this one is gold!

I watched the quoted video when it was released, and liked it, but Prime's commentary makes it even better ๐Ÿ˜…

Shows that HTMX can be used in production! To build real things! That make money!

#HTMX #WebDev

Khalid โšก
3 weeks ago

Buried in the #HTMX docs is this neat script that lets you create a mock backend with client-side code. #JavaScript #web #development

Whether or not #htmx is a good way to build #web apps; the fact that it's #API is composed of #HTML attrs, #HTTP headers, and #JavaScript #events gives big way-it-should-be vibes.

#webDev #webdevelopment

My intuition tells me that #htmx's hx-swap attr will suffice for many dynamic #web behaviors but there's a point where the abstractions will start to leak and you'll want full control over #DOM again.

#javaScript #webDev #hypermedia

3 weeks ago

Title: Hypermedia Systems
Review: very well written and good explanation of the what/why/how of #htmx and hypermedia as it was intended. My only qualm was numerous code formatting/layout issues when ever a code block crossed pages eg missing and duplicated lines. Sometimes these lines are referred to by the text which can add to the confusion. I love the cover though and the font choices!

Photo of book cover for Hypermedia Systems by CARSON GROSS
DENฤฐZ AKลžฤฐMลžEK
3 weeks ago

I'd also like a really simple "code editor" so people can write json bodies in a non-clunky way. I found this which should work out:

I'm planning to try to build this with #rust and #htmx so mixing the interactivity of the editor JS + htmx sounds fun :blobfoxlaugh:

Brooke Kuhlmann
3 weeks ago

Finished my initial #hanami + #htmx slides for my upcoming talk: Will spend the rest of the month fine tuning.

In some sense this has been several years in the making but this last year has been especially productive.

Looking forward to hanging out with folks and hopefully learn from others working in this area.

A  screenshot of my opening slide with the Hanami and htmx logos.
3 weeks ago

@cathodion #htmx is simple and reminds me the stacks of we use today are bloated. HTMX is learning the lessons and improving the experience and process IMO. I still have a lot to learn about it but so far I really like what I see.

3 weeks ago

#htmx + #golang hackathon tonight!

Important little caveat in #htmx docs I missed the first time.

You can't just go making up #html attrs without a `data-` prefix!

This is the #web, we need everything verbose and ugly!


It's worth mentioning that, if you prefer, you can use the `data-` prefix when using htmx:


> I do not like React etc., because i like LAMP

I'm a LAMP guy from way back, but I feel that Node.js fits where PHP used to just fine.

If you're writing JS on the server you might as well use the same code to render html on the backend as you do in the frontend.

React is just an HTML template engine that works in the browser too. Two birds, one stone!

But if you aren't into the Node.js ecosystem at all, then #htmx is great because there's no build, no dependencies!

@jamienk In #HTMX you can manipulate the DOM by simply adding attrs to your HTML.

For example:

<button hx-post="/clicked" hx-swap="outerHTML">
Click Me

This button will trigger a POST request, and then rep[lace the button with whatever HTML is in the response.

I fear that a LOT of people are going to start using #HTMX for the same reason they use #TailwindCSS; it saves them from having to learn a language they don't like. #javaScript #css

Thinking about #htmx:

๐Ÿ‘ all the #HTML gets generated on the server; the source of truth.

๐Ÿ‘Ž every #DOM manipulation requires a network request.

๐Ÿ‘ #declarative easier to reason about.

๐Ÿ‘Ž app behavior declared in bespoke attribute DSL; harder to reason about.

๐Ÿ‘ no need to duplicate #backend state on the #frontend.

๐Ÿ‘Ž no offline support.

#webDev #web #webDevelopment #hypermedia #hateoas

Christiaan Kras
3 weeks ago

@davidshq I dislike it as well. Iโ€™ve only ever used it for #htmx but whenever I login Discord tells me about all these great new features and powers and badges and god knows what kind of crap they can think of. Iโ€™d prefer IRC but thatโ€™s getting rarer and rarer these days.

Dave Mackey
3 weeks ago

#question of the day: do you use #htmx? what are some of the best resources discussing it's pros/cons, for learning it, or for extending it?

#WebDevelopment #JavaScript #HTML #Coding

Facundo Olano
4 weeks ago

I'm amazed by the amount of stuff you can pull of with #htmx and #hyperscript. I just hacked a keyboard-friendly autocomplete/combobox without a single line of #javascript

Now there are some that suggest we oughtn't be shipping #DOM declaring JS to the browser at all:

#HTMX recommends returning HTML from APIs and simply rendering that according to the rules of its attributes. In other words; the only DOM manipulations that a frontend app can make are those that are handed to it by the server. The server is the only place where HTML is generated. HTMX simply hydrates it.

#HTMX is for #JS what #TailwindCSS is for #CSS

When I got started in #webDev I used a lot of <forms> and when I learned about #REST I wondered why there was no way to generate PUT, PATCH, and DELETE #http verbs from #html

Turns out a main goal of #htmx is to solve that!

#javaScript #hypermedia

Renรฉ Moser
4 weeks ago

If you haven't looked at it yet, I can recommend #htmx.

A "custom" extension to html as a #JavaScript library. In a way that one might think "this should have been built in the web standard and available in browser without an additinal library".

Love it.

tamas ๐Ÿฆ€
1 month ago

I'm doing some volunteer work (a custom website development using #django & #htmx). I'm out of my element, but this tech is nice enough that I can make steady progress. What I know substantially less about is hosting a Django site. Any suggestions? I need CDN, a way to update the site and run migrations and a backup service.

Aleix Morgadas
1 month ago

"And that is why HTMX is a radical concept nowadays. It is not because it's novel. Let's be clear: HTMX radicality does not surfaces from novelness. HTMX is not better than React, Vue, Svelte or any other JavaScript centered framework. HTMX is a library for the web, not a framework for JavaScript."

  • Kevin Mas

This post brings to surface a paradigm shift (or back) about how web is being developed. Moving from JS centric to enhanced HTML lead by HTMX.

Kevin talks about "HTMX is filling the gap the web platform is not being able to fill.".

Which this bring us to the question of, are we in the front doors of a new approach of doing WebComponents that are HTML oriented instead of JavaScript?

#HTMX is challenging the current web development status quo, and I'm sure multiple frameworks are scared of it, and for a good reason.

They dominance are stake when we have an alternative that brings value at lower system complexity.

Motivated for what the web platform will bring to us in the next years.

Preslav Rachev
1 month ago

I canโ€™t believe that anyone in their same mind would bother asking why #htmx has no build step (or suggest that it should have).

I mean thatโ€™s *exactly* why I go with HTMX over โ€œyour favorite fancy JS frameworkโ€!

#programming #webdev #javascript