Visiting #Furfest and seeing all the awesome #furries. Will then present at a panel on #petplay later this evening :)

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayPup #GayPuppy #PupPlay #PuppyPlay #travel #MFF

Leathered up human dog posing with two military furs
Posing with @ringershep, a German Shepherd in tactic gear
Posing with a futuristic alien fur in tactic gear and a big laser gun
Digger the BateDog
6 days ago

I'm still sick with a cold or whatever this is. 2+ weeks. Boner said I needed to try the natural healing endorphins of boner time. #me #HumanDog #bator #boner #hairy

Hairy white dude wearing a black, white and orange puppy hood holding his stuff boner looking up at the camera
Hairy white dude wearing a black, white and orange puppy hood holding his stuff boner looking up at the camera, showing legs spread wide in a bator stance
Hairy white dude wearing a black, white and orange puppy hood holding his stuff boner looking down at the camera, showing off his nut fur and stiffy
Hairy white dude with a boner, showing off birdsnest crotch fur

Omg 500 followers! Thank yโ€™all for your interest and I hope we all can stay radical in our pursuit of freedom, happiness and fulfillment.

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayPup #GayPuppy #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A hooded human dog in leather crouches in front of a slogan of Stay Radical in bold blue fonts

Showing the Chicago Cultural Center and its gorgeous Tiffany domes to a visiting friend!

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayPup #GayPuppy #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A hooded human dog in leather crosses his arms underneath a glorious dome of Tiffany glass.
The same human dog looks up the dome while kneeling on the floor
The dome in its sunlit glory
Digger the BateDog
4 weeks ago

After work boner time. #me #boner #HumanDog #bator

Human dog is rubbing his boner
Digger the BateDog
1 month ago

I couldn't sleep so I figured some bate time would help me get there (it didn't), trying to be quiet but the barks just happen. #me #hairy #HumanDog #boner #bator

Hairy white human dog with a black, white and orange dog hood on rubbing his boner in the dark. He's trying to be quiet but dog brain makes barks anyway.

Halloween is the perfect time to pup out without rousing any question. I worn my hood and tail to the gym today and played racquetball for the first time. Itโ€™s such a fun ball-chasing game for sloppy human dogs.

(Wearing the hood changes space perception so please be aware of increased risk of fallingโ€ฆ I did!)

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayPup #GayPuppy #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A human dog in blue shirt and shorts trying to chase the ball in a racquetball court.
Digger the BateDog
1 month ago

Sleep time. #me #HumanDog

Sleepy human dog in a black nastypig onesie can barely keep eyes open.
Digger the BateDog
1 month ago

More bate pics from today's boner work. #me #hairy #HumanDog #boner #bator

Hairy human dog dude rubbing his boner. He's looking up at the camera, naked except his black, orange and white dog hood made of neoprene. He's holding his boner.
Close up shot of a hairy white dog dude holding his boner. He's naked except for his dog hood.
Same hairy white dude holding his boner by the head, can.era angle depicts a sitting between his legs point of view.
Close up of a eyes looking down point of view, of a hairy white dudes boner.
Digger the BateDog
1 month ago

Clear and cold here, high of 10c (42f), but super warm on the patio. I'm very much missing beach time seeing my friends and other dogs at pools and beaches further south. Getting some vitamin S and pretending I'm at the beach. Fuckin chilly when a breeze hits tho. #HumanDog #beachdog #hairy #naked #me

Mostly naked hairy white dude wearing black and orange with white accents human dog hood aka puppy hood, laying on a patio in the sun.
Mostly naked hairy white dude wearing black and orange with white accents human dog hood aka puppy hood, on all 4s in the sun. His junk is  hanging in the sun.
Sun Shadow pic of a side view of a human dog head
Front Angle sun Shadow pic of a human dog with a bent ear-from laying on it.
Digger the BateDog
1 month ago

Switched phones, found some old pix I took during a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Sneaky peen and nuts try to escape. #me #hairy #HumanDog #dickslips

Hairy white dude wearing a puppy hood on the beach, his stretchy thin red swim trunks don't hold everything back.
Hairy white dude with stretchy red shorts showing some escape artist balls
More hairy white dude in red shorts at the beach.

Busy days and sleep-deprived weekend. But hey I got to hike along the rocky cliffs of Acadia!

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayDog #PupPlay #PuppyPlay #travel

A hooded human dog in yellow hoodie has his tongue out while kneeling on the brown rocks over the foamy Atlantic Ocean
Side profile of the same human dog trying to be cute with two paws up.
Digger the BateDog
2 months ago

Dog went on an adventure to some old train tunnels. #me #HumanDog #tunnels #othellotunnels

A human dog sitting in front of a train tunnel through a mountain. He's wearing mostly orange, the train tracks were long ago removed (1961), the tunnel has a fence to keep out some people.
Close up shot of a human dog who is sitting on the moist ground wearing orange jacket and ball cap looking up at his husband taking the picture. Dog is a good dog.
Digger the BateDog
2 months ago

Dog is unsupervised, couch is comfy and in a sun beam. #hairy #me #HumanDog #unsupervised

Hairy dude wearing a dog hood laying naked on the couch bathed in a sunbeam
Digger the BateDog
2 months ago

I definitely want some belly rubs, butt rubs would also be fun I think. #me #hairychest #HumanDog #puppyplay #naked

Human dog laying on tan carpet, wearing only a black, white and orange puppy hood, with an orange silicone bone in his mouth, wanting belly rubs
Human dog laying on tan carpet, same scene but higher cam view to show he's a naked dog. Except for sox because feets cold.

Went to LOBO at Jackhammer but got sidetracked to Touchรฉ by a few Asian friends.

Had a really fun night catching up with folx and doing silly doggo dance like no one watched.

Checked out the Hole, which was now filled with slings and benches: a much welcoming space for play. A random guy tried to press my head to suck him, and I just barkedโ€”he left in confusion. ๐Ÿ˜œ

#HumanDog #HumanPup #GayPup #pupplay #puppyplay

My outfit for the night, finished with a show tail I made myself when such a thing was either none existent or too expensive.
Just a hooded human dog walking down the street in a black hoodie and a white under vest

A previous trip to Borrego Springs in hunt for the โ€œsuper bloomโ€ in SoCal. With all the rainfall they get, I am really excited for what to come next year!

๐Ÿ“ธ @Domin8aDV8

#HumanDog #HumanPup #gaypup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

Profile pic of a hooded human dog in a desert looking at grooves of purple flowers blossoming. The dog is wearing a leather vest, shorts, pup themed socks, and white sneakers.

Hygiene is important for indoor dogs. Especially during Locktober :)

#HumanDog #HumanPup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay #gaypup

A human dog sits on the concrete floor of a shower room against big French windows that lets in the setting sun.

Hmm thatโ€™s a lot of bonesโ€ฆ

(Do you know SUEโ€™s pronoun is they/them? Paleontologists still canโ€™t agree on their sex)

#fieldmuseum #suethetrex #tyrannosaurus #fossil

#HumanDog #humanpup #gaypup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A hooded human dog contemplatively looking at the fossils of SUE, the famous tyrannosaurus at the Field Museum

Good morning! Whoโ€™s coming to play with the pup?

#HumanDog #HumanPup #gaypup #gaypuppy #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A human dog sits on the wooden floor under the morning sun. Hooded head tilts towards an empty chair next by

My favorite time for the SFO trip was the afternoon at Gray Whale Cove, a naturalist beach: I got to be a dog the whole time!

One funny moment was with a dear subby friend who tried to handle me. My alpha dog instinct picked up his hesitancy and started to poke fun with him. I totally could have tackled him to the sand; but I didnโ€™t because the area was really wet.

Iโ€™m such a good boy.

(Turned out he had a childhood trauma with dog bite, so I was right!)

#HumanDog #PupPlay

Subby friend, dressed in cap, black polo, camo pants (with a yellow hankie flagging on the right back pocket) and white sneakers trying to handle the naked human dog by grabbing his hood on a beach lit up by sunset
The dog pounces upon the boy and almost pushes him to the sand.

Wirth a bishop hood and a gag under my pup hood, I was then tied to a table by Master Alex with an unforgiving vintage arm binder and edged for an hour ๐Ÿซ โ€ฆ itโ€™s a really fun experience.

#bondage #HumanDog #humanpup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A human dog bounded to a table via leather stripes
Another angle showing how the bounded pup was being edged

Having a blast at #Delta2023! Made some awesome new friends (lots of pawsome pups!!!) depended some old connections, and tried some new tricks.

Itโ€™s very inspiring to see how many folx are picking up #singletail whips! Lots of young people (and quite a few pups!!!) are showing impressive technique and great potentials.

#HumanDog #humanpup #kinkcamp

A human dog in cameo hood and Spider-Man costume in front of woods. He crosses his arms and looks into the lens with a smirk

The top level of the Harold Washington Library is one of the best places to read in Chicagoland. Can you spot the good old Sears Tower?

#HumanDog #HumanPup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A human dog posing under the sun under the dome of the Harold Washington Library. Sears Tower is visible at a distance in the background

Hello from the Herald Washington Library

#HumanDog #HumanPup #PupPlay #PuppyPlay

A human dog looking pensively at the lens at a long postmodern corridor

Posing next to Remedios Varoโ€™s captivating painting of Sympathy (1955), composed in Mexico City.

Read more about the painting:

#art #varo #surrealism #humandog #museum #ARTIC

A human dog crosses his arms in front of Remedios Varoโ€™s  Sympathy (1955) composed in Mexico City.

โ€œIt presents a lady with a cat in a most unusual and Surrealist situation. You will notice a small but dramatic river created by a glass of water, electric sparks, and a three-legged, hidden creature. We are a witness to a tender and caring, yet intense scene: a cat has just jumped on the table and tipped over a glass of water that has spilled on the floor in a somewhat dramatic puddle.โ€œ
Pup Torsten
4 months ago

Thinking about getting back to drawing... I stopped almost 5 years ago and would like to go back to it... Would you like to help me stay motivated? Do you have any good resources on where can I learn anatomy? ๐Ÿถ

I wish to start drawing pup play theme-oriented pictures of pups, fetishes, fantasies and any other kinky stuff. But I can't get any good grip on it.

#digitaldrawing #drawing #puppyplay #pupplay #humandog #kinky #lgbt

My very talented #beta dog surprised me with a gift. In its signature style of #minimalistic #sketch, beta created two versions of me.

In one, Iโ€™m a collared and locked dog; in the other, cage and collar free.

I read this as a way of celebrating my switchiness in #kink and feel very ๐Ÿฅฐ.

Check out betaโ€™s new website that shows its #BDSM fantasies!

#akathedog #kinkyart #humandog #switch #powerexchange

A minimalistic rendition of a collared human dog wearing an unspecific academic hat with arms crossed in front of his pecs and a single-tail whip in hand. With a belly shirt that says ALPHA and a jocks that shows the sign of a lock, the human dog looks at his beta dog, whoโ€™s kissing his boots on the floor, hands behind the back, and wagging a tail plug. The beta dog has reddened buttocks and whips marked thighs.
Essentially the same painting minus the Alpha dogโ€™s collar and lock sign on his lock.

I was chatting with a #straight #vanilla couple, and pup play somehow popped up. They initially thought itโ€™s the same as furry, and showed me videos of them cluelessly ran into a furry convention in Milwaukee.
I showed some internet photos of the International Puppy and Trainer Contest.

โ€œSo, itโ€™s a form of #art!โ€ The husband said.

โ€œWell, yes, exactly.โ€

#puplay #puppyplay #humandog #humanpup

After climbing along a remote country road for hours without a single person in sight, is it safe to assume you can take off the sweaty clothes and bath in some sunshine?

#humandog #humanpup #pupplay #puppyplay #hiking #nudist

A hooded human dog extends his arms under the sun on a paved road, with hills and ocean in the background
Pup Kai
9 months ago

Good morning everyone! Hope youโ€™re all having a great week ๐Ÿถ Puppy got his new hood this week so heโ€™s very happy! #gay #gaypup #gaypupplay #gaypuppy #gaykink #gaygear #pup #pupplay #puppy #puppyplay #puphood #humandog #humanpup #humanpuppy

Pup Kai
9 months ago

Good morning everyone! Hope youโ€™re all having a good week! #gay #gaypup #gaypuppy #gaypupplay #gaygear #gaykink #pup #puppy #puphood #pupplay #puppyplay #humandog #humanpup #humanpuppy

Pup Kai
9 months ago

Another cold day in Chicago! Miss the sunny south...

#humandog #travel #pupplay #puppyplay

A human dog hikes across a bunch of seaside borders under warm tropical sunshine
A human dog looks into the camera against the background of ocean, green hills, and a rocky seashore

Shhhhโ€ฆ donโ€™t tell them Iโ€™m comingโ€ฆ
#humandog #pupplay #puppyplay #travel

A human dog stands next to the entrance sign to the Kinsey Institute

Seaside reconnoissance in actionโ€ฆ

#humandog #pupplay #puppyplay #camo

A human dog in a camo hood and shirt is crouching behind a seaside rock, smirking with his eyes

Heading back to Chicago from the tropical days!

#beach #haiti #humandog #pupplay #puppyplay #travel

A human dog lying on a sunny beach

Pupping out as a first-time attendee at Midwest #FurFest (#MFF ). Itโ€™s been very informative so far.
Also excited to speak at a panel on #petplay organized by the #Chicago #PetPatrol (#CPP ).
#furry #humandog #pupplay #puppyplay