Harald Sack
9 hours ago

Paradigm change in data publication for the #humanities: from plain printed text to automated knowledge discovery and #ai. Eero Hyvönen is presenting „Plenary Speeches of the Parliament in #finland as #linkedopendata and data services“ at the #text2kg workshop at #eswc2023


@eswc_conf #linkeddata

Slide from Eero Hyvönen‘s presentation at Text2KG workshop at ESWC 2023
Ariel Kroon
1 day ago

Hilarious to me that all the #congressh official talks on using online research tools for #humanities research of the imapcts thereof are ... in person. And not available on demand afterwards. Who organized this.

#digitalhumanities @dh #dh @academicchatter

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 day ago

Returning the study of the #humanities to bohemian weirdos, from whence it came, or, watching the humanities falter when we need them the most. #highereducation

Betina Wilkinson
1 day ago

A strong #NewYorkTimes opinion piece by Maureen Dowd “We can’t deal with artificial intelligence unless we cultivate and educate the non-artificial intelligence that we already possess.” #AI #artificial #intelligence #humanities #SupportHumanities

Ken Thompson
2 days ago

Is the era of reading long things as a way of understanding the world over? (He wrote, posting to social media)

#humanities #reading #college

Jonas Müller-Laackman
3 days ago

Wir haben eine Personenliste vorliegen, in denen neben „Herr“ und „Mad.“ auch „Dem.“ als Anrede steht. Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wofür das Dem. Steht?

#academia #humanities #digitalhumanities

3 days ago

HERA and CHANSE call for proposals: Crisis – Perspectives from the Humanities
The SNSF is taking part in the joint #HERA and #CHANSE call on crises. Swiss-based researchers in the #humanities can apply to the call until 21 September 2023

Algernon D'Ammassa
3 days ago

There is a pernicious idea in American culture that if you’re not making money from something or doing it as your profession you shouldn’t be doing it. This is nonsense. Push back.

If you want to pursue #acting as a profession, yes it is difficult (I’ve been there and done that) but there are things you can do to help make that happen.

But remember, “amateur” is based on the word root for love. Do things you love, wherever you can.

#amateur #love #humanities #humanearts #capitalism

Cindy Weinstein
4 days ago

@Popehat . And the case for #humanities in one quote. #bookstodon, #litstudies.

4 days ago

Yesssss one of my editing clients just got their manuscript accepted for publication at their preferred press!!! 🎉📚🤓

#editing #academicEditing #humanities

A. Jay Adler
5 days ago

Late night reading and thinking.

“'I do not want to found anything on the incomprehensible,” Camus writes. “I want to know whether I can live with what I know and with that alone.'"

#books #humanities #philosophy

A. Jay Adler
5 days ago

The new Index Librorum Prohibitorum comes for inaugural poet Oprah Winfrey.
#books #literacy #Humanities

SFB 1265
5 days ago

Save the date!
#sfb1265 Fellow Jamie Hakim (King's College London) is giving a talk on:
"Safer Space and Queer Nightlife: The politics of vulnerability and control in 'post-neoliberal' London"
📍Floating University, Lilienthalstraße 32, Berlin
🗓️2nd of June, 6 pm
#UrbanTalks #habitatunit #saferspace #humanities

Mutiny Crinshaw :anarchism:
6 days ago

Excited for a book recommendation I got today, White Logic, White Methods: Racism and Methodology.

Now if only I can find it at a reasonable price. The library system here is spotty.

#bookstodon #science #humanities

6 days ago

「 The number of students nationwide seeking four-year degrees in computer and information sciences and related fields shot up 34 percent from 2017 to 2022, to about 573,000, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The English-major head count fell 23 percent in that time, to about 113,000. History fell 12 percent, to about 77,000 」
via MSN

#CompSci #Humanities #STEM

1 week ago

Seems like creatives is more protected than engineers to AI in the near futureIf AI is going to change the world.

#WritingStudies, #humanities

@tomchivers looks at what we should teach the AI generation in Flagship Weekend.

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 week ago

The ferment of increasing numbers of tech/computer science majors and decline of #humanities / English & history majors is remaking the debate about the worth of a #college #university education #highereducation

Nick Byrd
1 week ago

Around 50% of #philosophy PhDs got permanent academic jobs in 2012. Guess the percentage for 2021. (Scroll for answer.)


#higherEd #gradSchool #Humanities #Philosophy #STEM

Maria Bustillos
1 week ago

Liberal arts education gives you tools for navigating humanity as a free person who can create and experience happiness and meaning. It grants you participation in a larger world, makes you a sharer not a taker.

#humanities #liberalarts #academia #bookstodon #writing #books

A. Jay Adler
1 week ago

"But for me, I am here now to say, all my life, books have been experiences, no less than human encounters, and greater than most.

"What is a book as an experience? Something that alters you, like a memory, a love, a loss, a fulfillment or a failure, a yearning that forever leaves its mark."

#books #humanities #creativewriting #literature

EP Technology
2 weeks ago

RT @EP_ScienceTech: What do #VideoGames & #SocialSciences have in common? What about #art & computational analysis?

👉Crossing #digital tech with the study of #humanities has become a field of #research: #DigitalHumanities

@ijabs @ttasovac @LU_LFMI @merpeltje @knawhuc


Matthew Cheney
2 weeks ago

Who killed the humanities?

"It does not surprise me that students who were drilled in achieving quantifiable results struggle with other kinds. ... It also does not surprise me that students trained to value only measurable results, and not nurtured in other ways of spending their time and mental energy, suffer from unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression."

#Education #Humanities #Academia

Anarchy How
2 weeks ago

Doing writing this summer on the tails of research and conversations this last semester on political theology and internet-fractured culture zones.

We'll see if it goes anywhere, but hope to get it published in a teaching journal, perhaps something #CommunityCollege and #humanities-focused.

Regardless, it'll be good to write personally, in terms of #cPTSD therapy as well as my own #pedagogy

Willem B Drees
2 weeks ago

Gister gekozen als de nieuwe Wetenschappelijk secretaris voor de geestes- en maatschappijwetenschappen van de Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen,, #KHMW, opgericht in 1752. Een grote eer en verantwoordelijkheid.
Yesterday I was elected as the new academic secretary for the humanities and social sciences of the Royal Holland Society for the #Humanities and #Sciences, founded in 1752. A great legacy, an honor and a responsibility.

Anarchy How
2 weeks ago

> Babies never claim something doesn't exist.


Had a student clown on #Descartes on the Finals via graph.

#teaching #philosophy #humanities

A scan of a student's chart and explanation making fun of Descartes object permanence relative to babies
GIGA Institute
2 weeks ago

The #MECAM invites applications for 3 long-term fellowships for #PostDoc researchers in the #humanities and #SocialSciences to work in “Imagining Futures: Dealing with Disparity”, #research project by #GIGA and partners, September 2023 to August 2026.


Toby Steiner
3 weeks ago

👀 ACLS, the American Council of Learned Societies, and Arcadia launch the

ACLS Open Access Book Prize + Arcadia Open Access Publishing Award

"The ACLS Open Access Book Prize for authors and the Arcadia Open Access Publishing Award aim to expand free and open access to scholarly books in the humanities. The awards are made possible by a generous grant from Arcadia."

#OAbooks #openaccess #openscholarship #hss #humanities

"In its initial competition, the first-of-its-kind $20,000 ACLS Open Access Book Prize, among the largest for scholarly books, will be awarded to two authors of open access monographs published between 2017 and 2022. The publishers of the winning titles will receive the Arcadia Open Access Publishing Award in the amount of $30,000 to support forthcoming books that would not otherwise be published open access."

The exciting bit was that we were able to evaluate in user studies how #humanities students would interact with the tool in a form of computer augmented reading. We then wrote "Not-so-distant reading: A dynamic network approach to literature" 3/n

Iris van der Tuin
3 weeks ago

special issue out on #creativity from a #humanities perspective with Kiene Brillenburg Wurth and @nannaverhoeff

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
4 weeks ago

#Students stage a sleep-in to save anthropology #library at #University of California, Berkeley; #faculty are impressed but administration won’t budge as sciences overtake #humanities.

A big shout out and thank you to @etothczifra for enlightening us today at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam about fair data in the Arts and humanities! We could not have wished for any more knowledgable presence in the room 💪🙏#fair #data #humanities #dariah #openscience #Fachhochschule #FediCampus

Jonathan Wilson
4 weeks ago

Work in progress: Samples of the TV-news-inspired #PowerPoint template I'm developing for #humanities and #SocialScience #teaching. Meant to encourage the use of images and discourage wordiness and reading-aloud of slides. ... Is this anything?

Slide showing Buzz Aldrin on the moon, dated July 1969
Slide showing a cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia
Slide with a two-sentence block quotation from an imaginary author in 1730
Slide showing a list of four bullet points, with large type and short text strings
Jens Andermann
1 month ago

Glad to be sharing next week's #materia symposium with this great line-up of scholars! #academia #materialism #culture #science #humanities #art #film

Jeremy Foutz
1 month ago

Related to my project/job search (, I'd love to help an organization with the kind of work in this grant from NEH.

Due date June 28, up to $25k.

There's a lot of solid, equity-focused front-end eval that could be done with that!

Boosts welcome.

#Evaluation #Grants #Humanities #GLAM #Museums

1 month ago

I am rooting for the UC-Berkeley students who are occupying the anthro library there to try to save it from being dismantled:

"For the student occupiers, the fight is as much a battle over a library as it is over humanities and social sciences in an age when the world is obsessed with technology and seems eager to replace the physical world with virtual experiences driven by A.I."

#libraries #anthropology #humanities #bookstodon

1 month ago

So today found out Patti Smith has a newsletter. And one of her recent posts commemorates Jean Genet - subject of my doctoral thesis nearly 20 (!) years ago. A sudden homesickness for library stacks, dog-eared copies of Folio Classiques, the incredible privilege of an Arts & Humanities education in the early 00s.

#literature #humanities #genet

Mutiny Crinshaw :anarchism:
1 month ago

I've worked out Mastodon a bit better and moved over to so new #introduction is in order.

I am a #queer #anarchist and a euroamerican living and writing on stolen land. My field is #science and #medical #freelancing and I am a #Humanities exile. I write almost as much as I travel: that is, a lot.

Why am I here? I want to promote my collective, Grinning Kitten Press; find readers; get book recs; and talk politics and organizing and nonsense with other random weirdos. 🏴

Rob Whiting 📓
2 months ago

Medicine Unboxed:Matter - One of a series of events to better understand #Medicine through the #Arts and #Humanities. Asking questions of #Medicine and #Society, and of their shared responsibility of care in the world.

Fedi.Garden 🌱
2 months ago is a Hometown Mastodon server for humanities scholars and practitioners:


People from all around the world are welcome to join. If you want more info, contact their admin at @hello

You can find more academic Fediverse servers listed at

#FeaturedServer #Academic #Humanities #Hometown #HometownMastodon #Fediverse

Derek Kompare
2 months ago

Excellent critique, from an English department chair, of US higher ed’s suicidal justifications for diverting resources away from the humanities.

So much resonates with my experiences chairing an arts-focused program over the past 8 years.

#HigherEd #Humanities

Crystal Steltenpohl
2 months ago

The Center for Open Science is hosting a webinar on @FORRT on Wednesday, July 12, at 11am ET. Come learn about the various ways this group is advancing pedagogical reform towards the integration of open science principles into the prototypical courses across STEM, social-sciences, and the humanities, including diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

#OpenScience #Metascience #BigTeamScience #BTS #Pedagogy #STEM #SocialScience #humanities

Nick Walker
2 months ago


The time has finally come for me to put together a Neuroqueer Theory handbook.

I'm accepting chapter proposals from now through the end of May.

#neurodiversity #neuroqueer #neurodivergent #queer #writing #books #cfp #academia #opencall #creativity #genderqueer #culture #psychology #sociology #humanities

Leah Price
2 months ago

#Humanities #academics: would you expect a freestanding, full-length talk to be, by default:

Prof. Julia Leyda
3 months ago

This programme offering 4-year fully-funded PhD studentships to support Black British researchers has been established by philanthropic donations from University of Exeter alumni - you can read more about the donors here.

The aim of these scholarships is to help improve access and participation in PhD study for talented Black British students. Each studentship offers a comprehensive funding and support package designed to enable students to succeed in their PhD programme and beyond, including:
• 4 years of stipend funding at the UKRI rate (currently £17,668 for 2022/23)
• Funding for tuition fees the Home fee rate
• A research training support grant (to cover project costs; ranging from £2,000 minimum up to maximum of £10,000 for higher cost projects)

and more (see link)

:mastodance: ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽

#AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #PhD #AcademicFunding
#Humanities #SocialSciences

3 months ago

> I [,Elizabeth Wiel] found myself, one Saturday night, eating trout niçoise at the house of a friend who is a tech-industry veteran... he was saying if you build a machine with as many receptors as a human brain, you’ll probably get a human — or close enough, right? Why would that entity be less special?
--- #ElizabethWeil

Is the tech-industry full of people that serve as exhibits for the failure of the #humanities in education?

Maybe. Maybe democracy is failing because we don’t teach humanities well or more. Why can’t you teach critical thinking, what to value as part of practical disciplines?->

“Teaching the arts and #humanities well confers proficiencies such as good #writing and clear speaking. #CriticalThinking emerges—take nothing on authority, absorb but question traditions, conserve in order to reform….”

Douglas :asexual:
3 months ago

I actually wrote a blog post about this very topic back in 2021. The #Humanities matter. #Art matters. #Language matters.

Freddy Tran Nager
3 months ago

Harvard prof James Engell makes important points about the value of humanities, and why saving them should be a priority for #highereducation.

"Humanists All: What is lost in the precipitous decline of the #arts and #humanities"

I've long thought that college undergrads should be required to combine a STEM major with an arts minor, or vice versa. A regimen of eclectic core courses isn't enough.

#highered #education #academia
@academicchatter @academicsunite

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
3 months ago


I am studying #engineering, and we have compulsory #humanities and #philosophy modules to help develop our #ethics and actually thinking about products we develop. We later then had #law, #ethic modules, and #communication specific to engineering. They were frustrating at the time. But today, I can look back, and I am thankful.

3 months ago

to my eye, anxious bourgeois 'knowledge workers' with #humanities degrees appear, in general, to be **wildly** underestimating the impact and usefulness of early-stage #AI tools like #ChatGPT.

(yes, it's an early-stage tool--a glorified toy with some interesting RL use cases. late-stage AI tools will be indistinguishable from magic. but they won't be 'alive.')

Damon Young
3 months ago

When you were partying, I studied the [Pindar fragment 169a]. When you were having premarital sex, I mastered the [meanings of νόμος]. While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, I cultivated [a slight knowledge of Greek]. And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate [asking for help with Herodotus] you have the audacity to come to me for help.

#philosophy #classics #history #poetry #research #humanities #greek #translation

Poulheria Kyriakou The violence of nomos in Pindar fr. 169a The main problem in Pindar's fr. 169a' is the relationship of the fa- mous introductory gnome (1-4) to the following account of two of Heracles'" labors, the theft of Geryon's cattle and Diomedes' mares. Heracles is presented as violent and stealthy: he takes away the cattle of Geryon «without paying and without asking for it», as Plato says (Grg. 484b11), and steals the mares of Diomedes by night and after throwing in their manger an unfortunate groom to be dismembered and devoured by the monsters (fr. 169a 19-32); Diomedes bravely he and his neonardy as hefirs a noble man and a son of
4 months ago

#AI #humanities #literature #Spain #writers #FelixLopeDeVega

'Artificial intelligence (AI) technology used to transcribe anonymous historic works at Spain's National Library archives has uncovered a hidden gem -- a previously unknown play by one of the nation's greatest authors, Felix Lope de Vega.'

Quinn Dombrowski
4 months ago

If you need a definition of the humanities, there's this from a bibliometric study of Web of Science: "The humanities and arts category is an arbitrary list of disciplines with low OA penetration."
#humanities #oa #bibliometrics

Amanda Rose V, PhD
4 months ago

The JCBP stands firmly rooted in the study, practice, and pedagogy of consent-based performance practices,
with one foot planted in theory and scholarship,
and the other foot planted in public knowledge generation.
Because we work toward the dissolution of gatekeeping around information and artistic practice, we also publish all articles in online formats to facilitate accessibility.

#performance #theatre #Arts #Humanities #academia #publishing #consent

Amanda Rose V, PhD
4 months ago

Today being an #IntimacyDirector and #Academic looked like editing articles for the upcoming issue of the Journal of Consent-Based Performance.

I was really good at promoting this young journal in my time on the bird site. Need to get better at doing so here.

So, hey! The JCBP is a peer reviewed journal published by the California State University library System and OJS, funded in part by Theatrical Intimacy Education.
#theatre #Arts #Humanities #academia #publishing #consent

Nathan K. Hensley
4 months ago

“Refused,” “No longer here”: Last term my class sent a thank you note to the institutional address of a precariously-employed scholar who had delivered one of the most incredible guest lectures I’ve ever heard— a transformative presentation, outlining research at the very leading edge of the #environmental #humanities. This was in my box today. Higher education is desperately broken

Oliver Schafeld
5 months ago

Whether you're #newhere or settled in already, this may well be a gold mine to find high quality accounts to follow #academics on #Mastodon :

There are people from #archeology, #astronomy, #arts, #humanities, the list goes on and on... 🤓 🎉

5 months ago

AnOther: Elise By Olsen Delves Into the Extraordinary Print Archive of Vince Aletti

"In a new column for AnOther, Elise By Olsen speaks with Vince Aletti about his fabled collection of books and magazines, and why the future of print is “endangered but healthy”

#VinceAletti #AnOther #EliseByOlsen #AnOtherMagazine #Books #Bookstodon #Magazine #Periodicals #Art #Literature #Humanities #Academia