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A few essential genetic differences tailor flowers to bee or hummingbird #pollinators

Around 20 sites spread across the genome distinguish bee- and hummingbird-pollinated wild Penstemons

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Annas Hummingbird (f)

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A female Annas Hummingbird at the feeder
5 days ago

Hanging out with the Annas this morning.
As usual, it's quite busy until the tripod comes out, but thankfully I have a couple brave souls here that bear with my shenanigans.

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Female Annas Hummingbird
1 week ago

Hummingbird doing its humming thing in the front garden.

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Color photo of a female ruby-throated hummingbird with backlit wings caught outstretched while hovering above a pink zinnia flower head.
Dana Priesing
1 week ago

Emerald hummingbirds still showing up, at the feeders, late September, just northwest of Philadelphia.


2 weeks ago

Finally received some good rains this week, first since early July. Spotted this Ruby-Throated Hummingbird taking a break between showers. He is the boss of our backyard feeder and watches over it vigilantly from these trees behind our yard, swooping in whenever other hummingbirds dare to approach it, usually chasing them off.

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Color photo of a male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird perched on a twig with back to camera and head turned to the left showing its long needle-like bill. Its back feathers are iridescent green in color. The twig it is perched on has a row of dead leaves all hanging down and wet from a recent rain shower. The background is a blur of leaves and more forest vegetation.
2 weeks ago

Making use of the cat TV. We both like watching the birds!

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A picture from inside looking out of my large bay window. Outside hanging on the window by suction cups are a couple of red hummingbird feeders, with one hummingbird coming in for a landing. Inside my cat is sitting on a cat window shelf that is hanging in the window looking like she’d like to make a meal of said hummingbird… but don’t worry, there’s (dirty) glass in the way! The hummingbird doesn’t seem the least bit disturbed by my cat.
2 weeks ago

Another day spent in the garden with the hummingbirds.

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A hummingbird approaches a blossoming Blue anise sage (Salvia guaranitica)
Wings beating a hummingbird approaches a blossoming Blue anise sage (Salvia guaranitica) from below.
A hummingbird approaches a blossoming Blue anise sage (Salvia guaranitica) Its wings are illuminated by sunlight.
A hummingbird has its beak in a blossoming Blue anise sage (Salvia guaranitica)
2 weeks ago

Hummingbirds in my yard today.

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Video images of hummingbirds.
2 weeks ago
A hummingbird hovers next to a feeder.
A hummingbird hovering next to a feeder. One wing visible the other a blur of movement.
Close up of hummingbird with blurry moving wings.
A hummingbird perched on a red feeder.
Manish Vij
2 weeks ago

There are no #hummingbirds in Europe, they evolved and diverged from swifts in S. America. Just sitting here in ’Murcastan enjoying the li’l dingers (not my pic).

Christine Beeton
3 weeks ago

Male ruby-throated hummingbird.

Look at this guy! Turning his head changes how the light hits its neck feathers, making them appear to change color. It could not not share this!

I had at least 7 hummingbirds in the backyard today.

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Paul Horn
3 weeks ago

Hummingbirds and bumblebees hanging out in the L.A. suburbs. Sorry about the airplane noises.

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A video of a tall plant covered in yellow blossoms against a blue sky with a few clouds. Hummingbird and bumblebees are hard at work gathering nectar. A second hummingbird appears near the end of the clip, and both birds fly out of frame to the right.
Christine Beeton
3 weeks ago

My backyard, about an hour ago.

Hummingbird making a stop for snacks on its migration South.

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3 weeks ago

For most of the summer there were only 2 hummingbirds in the yard. Now it feels like there are a dozen. Some probably hatched here or nearby, and the rest, I guess, are migrants. My nectar is being drunk 4 times as fast as last month. #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #nature #naturephotography #hummingbirds #hoosiermast

A tiny ruby throated hummingbird, perched on a twig, spreads its wings, preparatory to taking off.
A different ruby throated hummingbird perches on the nectar feeder, wings spread.
A ruby throated hummingbird in flight approaches the nectar feeder at full speed.
A ruby throated hummingbird hovers in the air, having just jumped off the twig it was perching on.

What I learned today about hummingbirds in southeast Michigan:

We have a peak of hummingbird migration in early September. Local hummingbirds may have moved on, others will still be arriving.

Adult males leave the earliest, with 90% of them gone by Labor Day every year.

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4 weeks ago

Figured I should get some decent pictures (*not* taken through the window) of our #Hummingbirds before they migrate south.

The male proved particularly tricky to capture, being too busy chasing everything up to the size of a Goldfinch around the yard to stop and pose.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, taken with an 800mm lens and cropped.


A little green-tinted Hummingbird sits, slightly fluffed up, on the end of a tiny branch.
A young hummingbird pauses while feeding
A Hummingbird, wings raised, comes in for a landing on a bare raised twig.
A Hummingbird looks directly down its beak at the camera.
Christine Beeton
1 month ago

This tiny mighty fighter was the sole owner of my backyard and all of its flowers and sugar feeders.

Female ruby-throated hummingbird on her southern migration, Texas.

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Art History Animalia
1 month ago
photo of book cover
Art History Animalia
1 month ago

From the blog:
ANIMAL ART OF THE DAY for #NationalHummingbirdDay : Europe’s first #hummingbirds?
📷 Hummingbirds, Giovanni da Udine (Italian, 1487-1564), detail from Pillar XI of the Raphael Rooms, Vatican Loggia, c. 1517-19

photo detail of two small birds in a fresco painting identified as hummingbirds
Sally Monster
1 month ago

Didn't have a clue how to come at today's prompt for #SciArtSeptember so I opened Procreate, tried out a few brushes, and scribbled...

The prompt, "Battle" brought to mind the whizzing and whooshing colours of the hummingbirds that battle it out, daily, over their feeders and territory. So that was my inspiration. 😊💚🩷
#MastoArt #Hummingbirds #DigitalArt

A scrappy doodle of two hummingbirds, battling midair. One neon pink and one fluorescent green, all the colours swirling together, clashing and mixing.
Art History Animalia
1 month ago

#NationalHummingbirdDay :
Ernst Haeckel
Trochilidae - #Hummingbirds
Pl.99, Kunstformen der Natur (1899-1904)
1 Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird
2 Male Horned Sungem
3 Male Crimson Topaz
4 Male Red-tailed Comet
5 Male Tufted Coquette
6 Male Sword-billed Hummingbird
7 Buff-tailed Sicklebill
8 Male Dot-eared Coquette
9 Male White-vented Violetear
10 Male Hooded Visorbearer
11 Female Juan Fernández Firecrown
12 Male Booted Racket-tail

scanned image of the hummingbird plate
same plate, keyed with numbers for ID:  1. Trochilus colubris (Linné) = Archilochus colubris (Linnaeus, 1758) ♂ 2. Heliactin cornutus (Bonaparte) = Heliactin bilophus (Temminck, 1820) ♂ 3. Topaza pella (Gray) = Topaza pella (Linnaeus, 1758) ♂ 4. Sparganura sappho (Cabanis) = Sappho sparganura (Shaw, 1812) ♂ 5. Lophornis ornata (Lesson) = Lophornis ornatus (Boddaert, 1783) ♂ 6. Docimastes ensifer (Gould) = Ensifera ensifera (Boissonneau, 1840) ♂ 7. Eutoxeres condamini (Reichenbach) = Eutoxeres condamini (Bourcier, 1851) 8. Lophornis gouldii (Gray) = Lophornis gouldii (Lesson, 1833) ♂ 9. Ornismya petasphora (Lesson) = Colibri serrirostris (Vieillot, 1816) ♂ 10. Augastes lumachellus (Gould) = Augastes lumachella (Lesson, 1838) ♂ 11. Hylocharis Stokesii (King) = Sephanoides fernandensis (King, 1831) ♀ 12. Steganura underwoodi (Gould) = Ocreatus underwoodii (Lesson, 1832) ♂
Steve Dodge
1 month ago

It’s Friday, so here is “Hummingbirds in Action,” by Harold “Doc” Edgerton. Enjoy!

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High-speed photograph of a hummingbird in flight
1 month ago

#hummingbirds "may visit 1000 flowers a day, and their foraging efficiency is greatly improved by an accurate recollection of which plants contain the most nectar and how recently they were visited --

showing Hummingbirds are capable of the episodic memory that is thought to signify human awareness."


Ryan Peters
1 month ago

These #hummingbirds have been fighting over this feeder for literally hours now. I have others nearby, but they each seem to lay claim to this one.

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1 month ago

There’s a small window of time each day to try to photograph the #hummingbirds in the front #garden. Just before sunset our front lawn is shaded enough that you can stand out there and not melt but the zinnias by the house still have good light. Only lasts about 20 minutes before it gets too dim. The hummingbirds zip in & out quickly so you wait & wait then suddenly movement…swing the lens around & try to find them…focus…and with luck sometimes it all comes together.

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Closeup color photo of a female Ruby Throated Hummingbird hovering above a pink zinnia flowerhead with its long narrow beak poking down into the yellow florets in the center.
Ostdrossel :verified:
1 month ago

I am happy to report that I am seeing #hummingbirds! The feeders are getting visited frequently and by several individuals. You can watch them on my website or on I am also trying to snap some photos too, and here are two from yesterday. #birds #birdsofMastodon #Ostdrossel #nature

A Rubythroated Hummingbird is coming close to a red feeder. The wings are moving fast, so they are blurry.
A Rubythroated Hummingbird comes closer to the red feeder. It looks like it has lichen or pollen on the head.
Tim Moore
1 month ago

Feeding hummingbirds is a good thing, but I like this Russellia plant dripping nectar onto the flagstones below, instead of those funky plastic flowers filled with corn sugar water. Wish I had a good camera to catch the image of the bird when it is feeding.

Plant in hanging basket with many tubular flowers attached to sprays of thin leaves and stems draping out of the pot.
1 month ago

A hummingbird feeder is essential camping equipment for us... Even surrounded by square miles of sagebrush, juniper, and piñon wilderness with barely a flower in sight, the first visitors showed up almost immediately. Later, this Rufous Hummingbird claimed the convenient nectar source and guarded it jealously. Can you discover him on his perch in the second picture?

#Hummingbirds #Birds #RufousHummingbirds #NewMexico

View up on avery small, compact, coppery colored bird with a long thin beak peeing atop a vertical dead branch against a blue sky. A blurry tree top is visible in the background near the bottom of the picture.
View at the crown of a twisted piñon tree with several dead branches. At one of the branches at the very top, the tiny bird from the previous picture can be spied upon close inspection of the picture.
The same Rufous Hummingbird at the feeder hanging in the same tree (the tree is not visible, only part of the feeder and the hovering bird). The sunlight is hitting the birds plumage just right to bring out the
fiery glow of its throat and the copper of its back and tail
1 month ago

The #hummingbirds have returned, this one was in the front garden. We had one (we think it was just one) hanging around through the summer, we’d spot it nearly every day, but now there are several chasing each other around our house. If like last year they’ll stay until the first good cool front of the fall blows through, sending them on their way south. Which, sad to see them go, but we really need that cool front.

#birds #BirdsOfMastodon #nature #BackYardBirds #photography #BackYardWildlife

Close up color photo of a female ruby-throated hummingbird sitting back to camera on a green zinnia stem with head & long beak turned to the left. [Edit originally had ID as female, now not so sure] The hummingbird’s back feathers are shiny iridescent green and it has white feathers with dark dots on its throat, probably a juvenile male of the species but could be a female.

#hummingbirds are the Chihuahuas of #birds

skittish even though nobody in their right mind would bother eating something so tiny

Sharon Cummings Art
1 month ago

Doing some gardening yesterday and Hubby starts to hack away at a bush he thought was too big...Noooooo! That is the one that attracts the most hummingbirds! He left it alone. :)


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colorful green and blue abstract hummingbird with hot pink mosaic by artist Sharon Cummings.
Ostdrossel :verified:
1 month ago

#Hummingbirds have been absent all season, & now in August I get glimpses. This may be the only photo I get this year. I used to see them from May until September. I know others have similar experiences, and I hope they somehow can recover, this is not normal. #birds #Ostdrossel

A Rubythroated Hummingbird drinking from a feeder. You can tell it's been in a flower before, there is a pollen line around the beak.
2 months ago

I envy people who post pics of multiple #hummingbirds enjoying the same feeder, because 99% of the time mine has one. He's a little dictator and aggressively chases away the others, even though there's plenty for everybody.

Deb Oppermann
2 months ago

Finally getting some hummers coming to the flowers! This female Ruby Throated Hummingbird is homing in on the sweet nectar of the scarlet Cardinal Flower.The Hummers are attracted to the bright red Lobelia which is growing in my backyard pond.
Available here with #FreeShipping
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Ruby Throated Humming bird in flight to red Lobelia with greenish background
Jason Stiff
2 months ago

You've got to get cleaned up, but you don't have time for a bath. What do you do? You grab a quick shower so you can fly out the door!

#bird #birds #hummingbird #hummingbirds #water #shower #bath #birdbath #fly #Saturday

I love this little dude 😍 we named him Finn and he's lived in this tree in our backyard for the past few years (as long as I keep the feeder full).

#hummingbird #bird #birds #hummingbirds #finn

Finn the Hummingbird
Deb Oppermann
2 months ago

This female Ruby Throated Hummingbird is hovering near the brilliant red wildflower, Lobelia Cardinalis,and is anticipating the sweet nectar that it will shortly enjoy.
Hummers Love Red available here
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The red Cardinal Flower attracts the Ruby Throated Hummingbird in the wildflower garden
Richard Rathe
3 months ago

Hummers! A bit of a dust-up at the feeder…

#Hummingbirds #Birds #NaturePhotography

Hummingbirds on feeder
Hummingbirds on feeder
Hummingbirds fighting
Bruno Philipe
3 months ago

Finally got my roll of positive film developed and... yes!!! It worked!

📸 Nikon F100 / AF Zoom-Nikkor 28-70mm ƒ3.5-4.5D
🎞️ Fujifilm Velvia 100

#birdphotography #photography #believeinfilm #velvia #analogphotography #hummingbirds

3 months ago

Waiting patiently (they're *so* slow) for a chance to grab the feeder, it's hot and they need some chilled nectar. I stand on the edge of the porch at least 20 ft up on a stupid utility bucket to do this, this could be how I end 🤷


Hummingbird approaching feeder
Hummingbird almost at feeder
Hummingbird giving me a look
Dana Priesing
3 months ago Wow. A rare thing. Ruby throateds?


3 months ago

@TheConversationUS Pulled up the link within the article because, wow....beautiful. The Humming Bird bloodletting sculpture...(bottom right) (hummingbird stan) #hummingbirds

Albert Cardona
5 months ago

@hannah Instead of sharks with lasers, #hummingbirds are quadcopters with swords. Mighty fencers they are, living and dying by the blade–their beaks.

5 months ago

It's time for the ruby throated hummingbirds to start arriving here in West Michigan (usually the last week of April), and I'm getting the feeders out tomorrow. Nearly caught me by surprise this year since we've had a very cold spring, including something that appeared to be snow coming down just a few hours ago. All the more reason to have food ready. #hummingbirds #birding #migration #Michigan #WestMichigan #spring

Stuart Celarier
7 months ago

It's 22° F in Portland, Oregon at 7PM. The forecast calls for 18° F overnight. The #hummingbirds were at the feeder today, and we kept warming the feeder tubes as they froze solid.

So you may be wondering how do hummingbirds survive these bitter cold winter nights? Hummingbird torpor! Upside down! That's how. Check out their fascinating survival skills.

#hummingbird #torpor