2 hours ago

Besides Tikhonov regularisation (French transliteration) and Tychonoff's theorem (German transliteration) do we have another instance of a mathematician whose name is commonly spelled two different ways for two different results?

#Tychonoff #Tikhonov #Тихонов

#Translation #Transliteration #i18n #l10n

3 hours ago

Does anyone know of any examples where transliterating someone's name to ASCII creates a linguistic problem, for example where removing an accent from a letter changes the meaning of a word from a name to an insult?

#linguistics #i18n #l10n

3 days ago

I’m super happy we could focus on priorities that are important to me:

🌐 First-class #i18n support — it should be easy to make documentation for everyone

🪶 Light-weight architecture — docs should load fast on any bandwidth

💁 Accessible UI — websites should work no matter how you access them

Always looking to improve all of this, so let me know if you spot any issues. Or better yet, come get involved. Contributions welcome!

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

Looking for volunteers interested in helping translate to more languages.

Currently available:

- Arabic
- French
- Russian
- Slovak

In progress:

- Bosnian
- German
- Polish
- Spanish

Learn more about the process here:

Boosts appreciated!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #HelpWanted #volunteer #opensource

Animated gif of screenshots of in different languages.
Amadeus Maximilian
2 weeks ago

My #May blog post is up! 🥳

This month, I’m sharing a method for generating custom #sitemaps with #Astro when the official sitemap integration isn’t flexible enough, for example when you want per-page `lastmod` values, instead of per-site ones, or have internationalised slugs the official integration can’t match to each other.

Enjoy it here: 😊

#webdev #tutorial #xml #jamstack #ssg #i18n

2 weeks ago

@phneutral es passiert, wenn man einfach nur die Liste der strings an einën Übersetzerïn gibt. #l10n #i18n

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago is now available in Arabic, French, Russian, and Slovak.

Huge thanks to @tarek, @cybeardjm, and @sarahquartz! 👏🎉

If you'd like to help translate the site to more languages, don't hesitate to reach out!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #HelpWanted #volunteer

Animated GIF cycling through the different translations of the main page, showing the sentence "What is fediverse?" in Arabic, English, French, Russian, and Slovak.

Periodic reminder of how great a (hidden) feature the Linux (or maybe just Gnome) compose key is.

You assign a key on the keyboard to be your compose key, and you can type all kinds of characters and symbols in an intuitive way:

[ Cmp o / ]: ø
[ Cmp a e ]: æ
[ Cmp c , ]: ç
[ Cmp ? ? ]: ¿
[ Cmp ^ 0 ]: ⁰
[ Cmp x x ]: ×
[ Cmp - > ]: →
[ Cmp - - - ]: —

I've assigned Right Ctrl to be my compose key. I hardly ever use it anyway. 😊

#Linux #Gnome #I18n #Keyboard

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

I am currently in touch with volunteers who offered to translate the site into German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. If you'd like to help, or speak some other language, please do reach out!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #volunteer

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago is now available "po slovensky"! More languages are coming. Huge thanks to everyone who reached out and offered to provide translation!

#fediverse #JoinTheFediverse #SpreadTheFediverse #language #translation #internationalization #i18n #volunteer

Niconico 宣布,由于翻译系统老旧与维护困难,2023 年 6 月底将会移除介面语言的中文及英文提示,只保留日文。动画标题及说明的翻译功能不受影响。中英文留言亦会保留。

#Niconico #i18n

Telegram 原文

Matt Cengia
2 weeks ago

Today I am learning about #localisation and #internationalisation with #Python. For somebody who's never dug into #gettext etc before, I'm finding there are *very* few tutorials that start from scratch of "OK, here's how to start internationalising your strings, and then generating templates to be localised".
I found this one,, which has gotten me off the ground, but gosh it was hard to find.
#accessability #internationalization #localization #i18n #l10n

Antoine Musso
2 weeks ago

@brion @theresnotime or literally `gestionnaire-de-sacoche engin`!! We need a thin wrapper for #i18n

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

I didn't think adding translation to a project was going to be particularly easy, but I am starting to wonder if people maybe create their own solutions?

I was looking at, it looks nice. But it doesn't seem to let you break your translation text into multiple files for easier organization?

And I like this editor, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with the format the i18n node package uses.

#webdev #WebDevelopment #i18n #translation

@JorgeStolfi well, those "shock call scammers" are a real issue and they work internationally, exploiting legal loopholes to enshure they don't get jailed.

#SPIEGELtv did make a deep dive into those organized #scammers...

Sadly @spiegelint didn't #i18n it...

3 weeks ago

Working with #calckey in #Dutch and seeing notifications, posts and things like that happening instantly makes it clear, that interface translation is hard when you base it on an external interface without a lot of the context.


3 weeks ago

Also, the translation for 'Post' (as seen on the main Post button), is translated with 'Notitie'. Which, looking at the key might make sense (the key is called 'note'), but, does not make sense in the flow of submitting a #calckey post. #i18n #Dutch #translators

Ed Howland
3 weeks ago

In #Linux and #MacOS, AFAIK, the $LANG environment var has this form:
<lang.2.letter.code>_<2.LETTER.COUNTRY.CODE>.<CHARSET> (Caps where seen)
E.g. mine is:
However, when looking up the pathnames for these it is usually: 'en_US/'
What is the the charset extension used for?
I am a newbie in the whole #I18N space and #M17N area.

Bruce Heerssen
4 weeks ago

Is there a way to get my Mastodon server to use American spelling? It uses "favourite " instead of "favorite" and I always find that a bit jarring.

#mastodon #internationalization #i18n

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

@alberniweather Check out the Locale::Maketext framework for localizing text into different languages:

The good news is that it ships with #Perl, so users don’t have to install anything else.

Here’s a dated but still good article about using it:

And feel free to follow @Perl to send and receive messages with the rest of the Perl fediverse community!

#l10n #i18n #language #SoftwareDevelopment #programming #coding

1 month ago
Auto-translation is now enabled on this instance via our own LibreTranslate:
Quite amazing how well this fully open-source AI translation works for some common European languages :blobcataww:
#selfhosting #translation #i18n #akkoma
Dominic Sayers ☠ :mastodon:
1 month ago

Oh Twilio, this is not the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland #I18n

A country selector that uses the cross of St George as the flag for the United Kingdom
Brian Rinaldi
1 month ago

We're looking to run a month of interviews and presentations in June on @cfedev on #i18n ( #internationalization ) and #l10n ( #localization ). I'm looking for:

- 1 presentation on the topic (~30 minutes)
- 2 interviews on the topic (these are fun, no prep, but more technical)
- 1 interview with a #DevRel who is interested on this topic for our DevRel focused show.

Art Rosnovsky
1 month ago

We're having a #hackathon here at work, and it's my proud moment: I'm working on localization of Auth0 Dashboard, starting with #Ukrainian 🤩 (it's not 100% complete yet, but I'm on track to finish late tomorrow night)

I hope to make a point at the demo that #i18n is, in fact, #accessibility and we should treat is accordingly. Should be fun :)

A screenshot of Auth0 Dashboard featuring a newly added language switcher and the content in Ukrainian.
1 month ago

Just upgraded to macOS 13.3.1 and got a very unpleasant surprise: macOS can't open some files with Unicode names.


TLDR: Only files with names in the Latin alphabet can be opened. This is a very serious bug.

#apple #macos #unicode #i18n

1 month ago

Join us today, at the community day of @fossnorth, when we host a translation sprint 12-16 of the Standard for Public Code, not far from Göteborg central station:
#translation #i18n #fossnorth

Binh ATL
2 months ago
Dhruva Sambrani(Tech)
2 months ago

#Translators of #opensource #software, do you use #translation software to help you quickly translate common strings, and then check for correctness? If not, why?


0mp at FreeBSD
2 months ago

Oh my, this is a larger #footgun than I thought:

$ touch A a Z z
$ LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 find . -name '[A-Z]'

In en_US.UTF-8, the #regex of "[A-Z]" won't match lowercase "a" (even though it matches all the other lowercase letters). I'd have to change to "[a-Z]".

I knew that setting the right #locale in a #shell script is an important thing but now I see it as a must instead of a mere recommendation.

Thanks a lot for the post, @parvXm!

#i18n #posix

Version 1.5 of #RemafoX is now available!

The coolest new feature: #AutoCompletion for translation keys!
Saves even more time & prevents typos. See it in action: 🎥👇

All changes:

#iOSDev #AppDevelopment #SwiftLang #Xcode #Localization #L10n #I18n

Igor Akkerman
2 months ago

Trinkgeld von #Windows 11 bei der Problembehandlung 😂 #machinetranslation #i18n

Carlo Zottmann
2 months ago

Service-Toot: der MS-Service "Xbox Play" heißt in Deutschland "Xbox Wiedergeben", bitte berücksichtigt das in Zukunft.

Dear #Microsoft, get your shit together

#Xbox #Microsoft #i18n #i18n_de #Deutschland

Zwei Screenshots der Xbox-Website-Menuleiste nebeneinandergestellt, einmal die der DE-Site, einmal die der UK-Site. Deutsche Website nutzt die Übersetzung "Wiedergeben" für den Service "Play".
Arnan de Gans
2 months ago

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.12.1 – Available now!

A quick update where AdRotate Banner Manager 5.12.1 updates all translations and corrects a number of spelling and grammar errors in the dashboards. I realized that I hadn’t updated the translation f[…]

#adrotate #classicpress #dashboard #free #i18n #plugin #update #wordpress

Olivier Forget
2 months ago

@ocdtrekkie - YUNoHost has a CI-driven automatic quality ranking for their apps, called "level". Details here:
- The manifest can provide estimates of resource usage. That's very nice.
- It looks like everything is ready for #I18N That's points. (I've done none of that for Dropserver :(

The only thing I'm unsure of with YUNoHost iw their "app id" which is a string chosen by the dev, and it's not clear how it stays unique, or how the system handles non-unique ids?


now experimenting with #gtk4 for the next release of the #pizarra project.

Hopefully I can finally add #i18n and #flatpak support.


ahora experimentando con #gtk4 para la siguiente versión de la #pizarra que ya sería la 2.0! A ver si ahí ya puedo incluir #i18n y #flatpak

Sebastian Lasse
2 months ago

#i18n #js #hardcoding

A friend just committed to a git repo
“add XK to accepted BIC country codes (#2046)”
while this is nice, I would not use such a project.

Please people, I have seen so many hardcoded ISO constants in projects and many simply do not make sense.
So many things are baked in JS and they are always up to date.

Please people, think alone what
:digitalcourage: Intl.
can do for you.
It gives you locales, languages, currencies, currency symbols, countries, regions, units and so much more.
Probably one of the most underrated built in APIs and

2 months ago

My #introduction finally!

Hey, my name is Karithina (they/them)!

I'm a goth, a breast cancer survivor, nonbinary, pansexual, and autistic. I have ADHD, two cats, a house full of Halloween decorations all year, and live in Australia.

I'm a web developer, designer and content editor that is super passionate about accessibility and the indie web. I've also been a graphic designer and a digital media generalist, so I'm used to straddling the world between art and tech.

I have a mostly native plant garden but also a collection of vincas and cactuses. I'm a recovering plant murderer.

I make art that's ink, watercolour, pixel-based, or collage mainly.

I like to play video games that are mainly creative, social, chill, puzzle, retro, pixel, biology, and/or roleplay based. My ongoing favourites are Creatures Docking Station, Furcadia and VRChat.

You can find my website at

I've had this intro as a draft for over a year but it keeps changing because I'm frustratingly organic.

#goth #nonbinary #pansexual #autistic #adhd #audhd #neurodivergent #queer #breastcancersurvivor #australia #cats #webdev #webdesign #webcontent #graphicdesign #art #tech #accessibility #a11y #i18n #videogames #CSS #HTML

Yes, string-manipulation in #C is not for the faint of heart (or the inexperienced) – use a saner, higher-level language instead:

“C Strings And My Slow Descent To Madness”, Diego Crespo (

Via HN:

#Programming #Strings #I18N

Alex Enkerli
2 months ago

@lightweight Fair. #i18n often goes unrecognized as a strength of well-run FOSS projects.
For that TMU game, is it the same team as the #a11y maze? It was nice to get that one through French localization.

2 months ago

#JavaScript #i18n #charset

Does anyone have ideas for how to fix this "broken characters appearing" issue on the Podverse website?

It seems like it might be related to charsets, but I don't know how to fix it...what charset should we use? Are we sure using a different charset won't break with other podcast info?

Screenshot of the Crims podcast, which has broken characters in its Podverse web page. More info found in the linked Github issue.
2 months ago

We stlightly struggle to improve our #web presence at, mostly because of lack of time. We have many pending tickets around page layout, translations missing, … and serious ones related to the #wordpress ecosystem too. Here the current list If you love #kiwix, have advanced experience with Wordpress and want to volunteer to give a bit of time, then please contact us! #FOSS #i18n #offline

Rev. GothAlice
2 months ago

@alda State? Province? Territory? District? (That may be US-centric?) Canton (Swiss). Protectorate? Country. (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, … see also Netherlands "constituent country".) Prefecture. Rural or urban district? 😉 (Thanks Botswana!)

I always write: "region".


The Unicode CLDR includes global structural break-downs with full hierarchy information, inherited from UN M.49.

#l10n #i18n #r13n

2 months ago

If you think about it, the word “Internationalization” (I18N) (the process to enable translations in software) is technically wrong. It has nothing to do with nations because languages transcend nations. The word “international” means “between nations” but I18N is not about nations at all. It's about languages.

As a replacement, I suggest "Interlingualization" (I17N).

#language #translations #i18n #i17n #developer #English

Best use of automatic translation ever?

Hint - this is a GB version of Windows 😂

Windows context menu offering "Compress to postcode file"
Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 months ago

When someone is going to claim that using #GoogleTranslate for #i18n is just fine, feel free to show them this screenshot:

Pokhara condom house & toy shop
Removed: Safety equipment supplier
Added: Adult entertainment store
Edited on 21 Mar 2023 · In review
Jeff Sikes
3 months ago

I've been poking around in the codebases of various #Mastodon apps, and run across lists of followed #Hashtags and lists of.. #Lists… that aren’t being displayed in alphabetical order and it was driving me nuts. Why?

Then I realized perhaps it’s because sorting alphabetically might not actually WORK in all #Languages. Is that why these aren’t sorted?

Seems like you could make decisions to sort or not based on the majority of your user demographics.

#i18n #Translation

Not picking on any particular app, but this is the official Mastodon web app showing followed hashtags that seem to be in descending order of entry into the system rather than alpahbetically.

@5t3ph @lene @eleventy @zachleat you know you've been dealing in tech buzzwords for too long when you're trying to figure out what the first 11 letters might be #i18n #l10n #a11y

Mark J. Price
3 months ago

If you have not read one of my books before and you are curious about my style of writing, you can now download and read two sample chapters from each of my two latest books.

C# 11 and .NET 7 - Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals, Seventh Edition
- Chapter 7 Packaging and Distributing .NET Types
- Chapter 12 Introducing Web Development Using ASP.NET Core

Apps and Services with .NET 7, First Edition
- Chapter 7 Handling Dates, Times, and Internationalization
- Chapter 12 Building Efficient Microservices Using gRPC

Thank you Packt for allowing these free chapters to be shared.

#dotnet #dotnet7 #csharp #csharp11 #aspnetcore #i18n #grpc

Fedora Project
3 months ago

As we get closer to the release of Fedora Linux 38, we got some testing to do!

Test Days are events where the community comes together to make sure new changes are working well. If you've thought about contributing but never have, start here!

Here's what's on deck to test:
- Linux Kernel 6.2: March 5-12
- @gnome Desktop and Core Apps: March 6-10
- Internationalization: March 7-13
- DNF 5: March 14
#Fedora #Linux #Gnome #i18n

Details on how to help are here:

Test Day, with an icon for a flask
Henrik Nyh
3 months ago

Thinking about making #Traco ( store translations in a single JSONB column per model. It’s a bit laborious currently to add columns everywhere when we introduce a new locale. Or we could switch to some translations-in-own-table solution – neater in some ways but more complex in others. Experiences/thoughts? #rails #i18n

Evan Prodromou
3 months ago

"Internationalization without respect for user needs is just colonization" Andreas Heigl #Confoo #i18n

Sarah Rainsberger
4 months ago

#OpenSource celebration time! 🥳

One of the kindest, sharpest, dedicated-est @astro maintainers (already a fabulous bunch of peeps) was promoted to the much smaller "core" group.

It's not just GitHub permissions on a repo, which maintainers have. Core members are responsible for upholding our values and "steering the ship."

The project, and the community, is in our care. @yanthomasdev is a true leader in Astro, #Documentation, #a11y, #i18n & someone I'm honoured to lead with & learn from. 💜

Celebratory banner congratulating Yan Thomas as Astro's newest core maintainer. Includes graphics of confetti and the Astro Houston mascot with Yan's avatar as hearts for eyes.
4 months ago

OH, and I totally forgot.

The apps and websites take into account your locale now as reported by your system to localize certain elements and interaction.

It's the initial scaffolding for future translation/localization support.


Nemo_bis 🌈
4 months ago

@neil This is depressing. #L10n and #i18n used to be the one thing #Microsoft did better than average.

Sarah Rainsberger
4 months ago

We are slowly getting more of the @astro community on the 'don! 🚀

Welcome the latest Astro maintainer, one of our key Docs peeps and a leader in our a11y and i18n efforts: @yanthomasdev 🥳

#WithAstro #AstroJS #Documentation #a11y #i18n

A question for the #LazyWeb, especially #i18n folks: Are there any resources, courses, blogs, whatever that you’d recommend for learning #typography for languages that don’t use the Latin alphabet?

4 months ago

Un·e pro de #Symfony et #i18n ? Je passe complètement à côté ou il y a un truc que je n’ai pas compris : comment faire pour internationaliser les labels des formulaires ? Même en forçant l’extraction je ne les trouve pas dans les fichiers de traduction 🤔…
C’est toujours la même façon de faire en 6 par rapport à la 3.4 ?

Do your computer systems only accept non-accented characters in names and addresses?
If so you're breaking the law.
#GDPR #i18n #l10n

Ariel Richtman
4 months ago

So I'd heard of #a11y, #o11y, #i18n, and #k8s numeronyms but today I learnt about #r13y

Can you guess what they mean without cheating?

#IT #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering

Lene Saile
5 months ago

Version 2.0 of #Eleventy is on the home stretch and comes with a lot of great new features! One of them, which is in danger of getting a little sidelined next to #WebC, #Edge and Partial Hydration (is-land), I'll discuss at the upcoming 2023: the new #I18n plugin. I will build a small starter project and say a few things about the Internationalization process, the Accept-Language header and #Netlify's redirect rules. Looking forward to it!!