Carolina Koehn
14 minutes ago

Bin ich eigentlich die Einzige, bei denen #iOS #16.5 den #Akku leersäuft wie ein durstiger Ackergaul?
46 minutes ago

Verberg IP-adres beheren per website tijdens Privédoorgife voor iPhone, iPad of Mac 🌐👩‍💻📲


#ios16 #iOS #macosventura

codeHaiku :fosstodon:
2 hours ago

I bought my first ever tablet (#ipad 9th Generation) about a month ago. Coming from #linux and #grapheneos , the entire #ios experience is noisy: too many ads, bloatware, freemium apps, and malware-laden apps. Aside from the culture shock of iOS, I can't seem to fit the tablet into any of my workflows. My laptop and cell phone handle my digital needs well. The tablet just can't be inserted anyplace meaningful without seeming forced. Just my take on a device that is between a laptop and a phone.

Gustavo 🎮🔭🇵🇷
6 hours ago

Just noticed that the #iOS firewall app #Lockdown got updated to V2 and it seems that previously free features are now behind a paywall. I really counted on this app for tracking prevention system wide, not only on #Safari. Are there good alternative firewall apps in iOS?

Topher 🌱🐧💚
9 hours ago

User hostility awards. Most user-hostile takes the prize.

Who wins?


(you know who I really *want* to vote for but unfortunately Apple still gets my nomination by a tiny hair)

#ux #ui #apple #macos #ios #iphone #google #chrome #gnome #microsoft #windows

9 hours ago

A recent update to #Waze on #iOS seems to have removed the “Power Off” button in the Search menu. The only way I’ve found to stop it from running is to upswipe it from the recent apps list. Has anyone found how to do it the old way?

10 hours ago

Going to keep my iOS wishlist to one item this year.

I’m really hoping they fix predictive text on the iPhone. It’s dreadful and infuriating and in a world where language models can do things with text which were unthinkable a year ago, it should be low hanging fruit to have vastly improved predictive text.

#Apple #WWDC #iPhone #iOS

This time next week #Apple’s #WWDC keynote will have come and gone. There is a *lot* I would like to see announced across all of their operating systems, starting with #iOS.

Get rid of the “home bar” that exists on every Face ID #iPhone.

Also, move the App Library to the dock like it is on #iPadOS. Swiping past my last Home Screen to access it now makes it hardly useful to me. It makes sense to offer a toggle to turn it into a true iOS launch utility.


13 hours ago

Bei einem erneuten #Datenschutz Check, ist mir heute aufgefallen, dass die #mastodon #App die einzige Datenschutzkonforme #ios App zu sein scheint. 2 weitere Testkandaten (#IceCube und #toot verbinden sich zu fremden Servern. Hat jemand Ähnliches beobachtet?

13 hours ago

He tenidos muchos problemas de recepción de señal tanto wifi como datos moviles con #ios165 #ios @AppleSupport 😣😣😣😣

Benjamin Geer
13 hours ago

So far, @MonaApp is the only #Mastodon #iOS app I’ve found that works correctly when you share a web page to it from a browser, to post the page’s title and link.

14 hours ago

@TK @Gerhard_Schroeder @pallenberg @pixelpartner @oliverw @elkraneo @Datassette_User

Und weil heute Feuertag ist, hier noch mehr:
Mein zweites AR-Spiel Goats&Wolves und ein paar weitere experimentelle AR-Sachen von mir gibt es hier:

Boosts werden gerne genommen… 😀

#AR #ARQL #iOS #ipadOS #RealityComposer #Apple #AugmentedReality #3D #free #game #BLOCKS #shooter #GoatsAndWolves #USDZshare

Jaanus Kase
14 hours ago

#iOS #SwiftUI #NavigationTitle

Any iA Writer people here? Or can someone else look at this and say how does it do the thing where the large title has a small down chevron, you tap on the title, and a menu appears?

Definitely no API for this in SwiftUI, the title can only be text. Is this some UIKit thing? Or have they hacked/introspected/… the system title to add this functionality to it?

iA Writer title interaction

Here are a few things that caught my attention in week twenty-one (teaser: #iOS, #macOS, cycling, #playdate):

Woman on a gravel bike on a dirt road in the sunshine later in the evening.
Anthony Arblaster
15 hours ago

#MigraineBot Version 4.1 is now available! For a #privacy focused way of tracking your #migraine attacks on #iOS.

Sarah A
15 hours ago

so those using #Clubhouse I can't figure out how to get to my contacts anymore. #iOs. there is a roomI( want to create with a contact and only that contact. I see houses and hallway but no contacts as before. My profile does not appear to show my friends list either. I'm not going to use clubdeck to do this as of yet. Oh btw can I recorfd a replay of this room and export it later to mp3 if I wanted to share it?

16 hours ago

Voice of Cards takes all the things you've seen before and gives it a new coat of paint, making it feel fresh again.

#VoiceofCards #SquareEnix #YokoTaro #Alim #RPG #Tabletop #Gaming #GameDesign #Review #GameReview #Playstation #Nintendo #Switch #PC #IOS #Android #Shorts

Jobs for Developers
16 hours ago

DoorDash is hiring Engineering Manager - DoorDash for Work

🔧 #ios #aws #engineeringmanager
🌎 San Francisco, United States; Seattle, United States
⏰ Full-time
💰 $100k - $250k (Estimate)
🏢 DoorDash

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Dave Wood 🇨🇦
16 hours ago

@DazeEnd @ivory it seems a tonne of apps are doing this now. I wonder if Apple broke something in Xcode and as each app updates, it now breaks. I’m seeing related issues, Widgets from newly update apps no long work, and can’t be added to the Home Screen anymore, while older apps do still work and can be added again.
#iOS #iOSDev

Screenshot of the iOS Home Screen with notifications from GMail all saying “you have a new message”, with no message preview. (Note: same alerts on a device with the previous Gmail build still works and shows the preview).
Screenshot of a widget from Carrot Weather now blank since I updated that up this morning.
17 hours ago

Depois de atualizar pro iOS 16.5 minha casa no aplicativo Home simplesmente desapareceu. Não estou como proprietário, mas quando recebo e aceito o convite, ele ainda fica aparecendo como pendente. Mais alguém? @AppleSupport @MacMagazine #ios #apple #atualização #homekit

Ed Howland
22 hours ago

@dadederk I have been using voiceover for over 10 years and I even learned something from watching this video. If when #voiceover is speaking some text, you double tap with two fingers. It pauses it double tap again and it resumes. That's really handy here on #Mastodon.
#a11y #Accessibility #iOS

Kernel Bob
23 hours ago

TIL that an iPad stops working if you take it off the network for a year.

Apple dropped support for the iPad 2 after iOS 9. Since iOS 9 is full of unpatched vulnerabilities, I never connected the iPad to the new Wi-Fi when we moved last year.

Anyway, last night the iPad decided, while I was using it, that it hadn't heard from the mothership for too long, and it locked itself. Now it refuses to do anything except connect to a Wi-Fi network.

#iOS #Apple

Photo of an iPad 2, plugged in, in a ratty cover.

Text on the screen is
Monday, May 29
[info icon] Activation Required
slide to unlock.
Oliver Schafeld
1 day ago
1 day ago

💪 Gebruikmaken van de weergaveopties in Bestanden voor iPhone en iPad 🗂➡️


#ios16 #iOS #ipados16

1 day ago

What's new in Downcast V2.11.24? May 28, 2023:
• Accessibility - When editing a playlist, additional actions for moving an episode to the top or bottom of the list are now available.
• Workaround for an issue that prevented downloaded episodes from playing if the publisher had given them a file extension that didn't match the file's actual encoding.
#Accessibility #Podcast #iOS #VoiceOver

Chema Alonso :verified:
1 day ago

El lado del mal - Google y Apple trabajan (juntos) para dificultar la vida a los Stalkers que usan Location Trackers (Como los Apple AirTag) #Apple #Google #iOs #iPhone #Privacidad #Android #airtags #stalkers

Łukasz Rutkowski
1 day ago

Version 0.23 of #Pipilo for Mastodon and Fediverse on #iOS is out with new bottom menu, search feature and reply expansion improvements.

You can now quickly access post editor, view your own profile or switch accounts. The expanded app menu also gained a new search section where you can now find users, hashtags and posts.

Full release notes:

Screenshot of search feature in Pipilo. Screen shows results for WWDC search with visible found users and hashtags.
Screenshot of new navigation menu in Pipilo with actions to go back, forward, to beginning, to end and to refresh.
Screenshot of quick account switching in Pipilo accessible from bottom menu.

Giving @MonaApp a try after living in @ivory for months. First impression is that the defaults are not to my taste, but it’s extremely customizable, so I’ve been able to massage it to do many of the things I liked in Ivory. If you like LOTS (maybe too much) of customization it might be for you! Going to run it for a month and see where I land. #mastodon #iOS

#Lysten just received a new #TestFlight update. You can now download any episode, not only episodes from followed #Podcasts. And you can choose to only see downloads in the Episodes view.

Now I need to download at least 11 hours of podcasts to cover our entire flight 😅

You can join the beta here 👉

#podcast #SwiftUI #iOS

1 day ago

My Photo Stream 服務 Apple 宣佈 7 月 26 日終止提供
當 iCloud 在 2011 年推出時,免費的 My Photo Stream 功能亦同步提供,用戶可以將相片或影片上載到 iCloud,然後在不同的 Apple 裝置觀看。比 iCloud Photos 更早推出的 My Photo Stream,給予用戶跨平台和跨裝置的方便,而且不會計算在 iCloud 的儲存空間。
The post My Photo Stream 服務 Apple 宣佈 7 月 26 日終止提供 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#iOS App #MAC App #Apple #My Photo Stream

realcaseyrollins ✝️
1 day ago

@thor Oh! I thought for sure that it was for #iOS as well

OpenStreetMap BaWü
1 day ago

Man könnte #Tourismus in #Europa 🇪🇺 etwas attraktiver machen, indem man die Datenbasis* für die meisten #HarmonyOS-apps 📱 pflegt (#OpenStreetMap). #Handelsblatt : "Die Zahl der Übernachtungen chinesischer 🇨🇳 #Touristen ist Daten der europäischen Statistikbehörde Eurostat zufolge von 22,2 Millionen auf 1,6 Millionen im Jahr 2021 eingebrochen."

* auch für #Android und #iOS apps

Bilder :

2 days ago

#iOS usability keeps getting worse and worse with every release. Stop overloading the UI!

Michael Doise
2 days ago

Hey everyone. Did you know you can listen to all of our content with the iAccessibility app for #iOS visit to download the iAccessibility app and listen to all of our content.

Does anyone have an app they like for meeting track of plant watering that doesn’t cost $40 a year and include a plant based social network? #iOS #Apple #iPhone

Andreas G.
2 days ago

Kann jemand eine entspiegelnde Folie fürs iPad empfehlen? Draußen ist das iPad im hellen keine Freude. #iPad #Folie #iOS #outdoor

OpenStreetMap BaWü
2 days ago

#OpenStreetMap 🗺️ app zur #Aktualisierung (ohne Vorkenntnisse) : Um #Läden 🛒 in #StreetComplete zu aktualisieren einfach die entsprechenden Fragen einblenden. #Öffnungszeiten 🕒 sind z.B. sehr einfach einzugeben

#Alternativen : #EveryDoor oder #OsmAnd (Sehr umfangreiche #Navi- #app, auch für #iOS)

2 days ago

Vivaldi beta for #iOS: After spending a while working with Vivaldi on iOS I've deleted it due to its clumsy interface compared to Safari on iOS.

One issue for me was refreshing a page. Normally with all other browsers I've testing on iOS (and Android) you drag down on the page to refresh it. That feature missing on Vivaldi for iOS.

It also has an annoying feature of switching away from the last page viewed if I've not read it in 24 (or more) hours.

2 days ago

Mona for #Mastodon for #iOS: It, too, only offers a crippled experience if you haven't purchased a subscription, just like Ivory. I was surprised that it looks a lot like Ice Cubes, @IceCubesApp, which is my current Mastodon iOS client. In particular Mona's notifications tab layout is identical to Ice Cube's layout. It is now off my iPhone.

2 days ago

Ivory for Mastodon for #iOS: It's well written and looks really good on iOS. It's from the group that produced the excellent app Tweetbot for Twitter. My biggest complaint is that running Ivory unpaid blocked me from publishing. I don't mind a limited experience if I haven't paid for a subscription, but blocking the ability to publish keeps from testing a key feature before buying. I'd rather have a 14-day full function trial than an unlimited but crippled experience. It's now off my iPhone.

2 days ago

I've been sampling/testing a number of new apps over the past few days:

Ivory for #iOS @ivory
Mona for #iOS @MonaApp
Vivaldi beta for #iOS @Vivaldi

What follows are my impressions.

2 days ago

Right; question for #ios #iphone users: do you think the accuracy of typing (not swiping) has changed/deteriorated in a recent release?

I dunno if it’s just me getting old, or a change in ergonomics when I moved from an iPhone 8+ to a 13, but I find I’m mistyping loads more than I ever used to, and the autocorrect is kicking in and putting the wrong words in more often

2 days ago

Wenn ich in #iOS einen Kurzbefehl bzw eine Automation angelegt habe (etwa „wenn Du Dich mit diesem Bluetoothopfhörer verbindest, stelle die Lautstärke auf 10%“) und die Bedingung eintritt, erscheint stets erst eine Benachrichtigung, mit deren Hilfe ich die Aktion auslösen kann. Geht das nicht auch direkt, ohne diesen Umweg? 🤔

Floppy Club
2 days ago

🪕🧩 Music-puzzler Rytmos is out on iOS! 🧩🪕

Solve puzzles that evolve into musical compositions, discover different genres and styles of music and play with a plethora of different instruments!

#MobileGames #Rytmos #iOS #IndieGames #PuzzleGames #Music #AppStore

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
2 days ago

Wundervoll ist auch einfach das. Macht mich jedes Mal irre. #iOS #UIDesign #ItJustWorks

Ausschnitt des oberen Linken Bereichs der Wecker-App. Eingezeichnet sind zwei Hilfslinien, welche zeigen, dass die obersten vier Elemente alle horizontal versetzt sind.
John Gordon ⚡️
2 days ago

After a strangely busy day (Alameda to Stockton, back to Alameda, then to Pacifica, and finally home), I have had an idea for an app that doesn't appear to already exist in the app store.

That's not strictly true. There are apps that achieve the same thing, but they use a very different implementation, and require the user to do a lot of the work.

Might have to see whether this is something I can pull together quickly. Just when I thought my #iOS app dev days were behind me.

Anthony Arblaster
2 days ago

@stroughtonsmith late to the party here for #showcase. My little app #MigraineBot for helping track #migraine attacks is in app review for version 4.1.1. Coming soon to an #iOS app store near you!
#IndieDev #iOSDev #SwiftUI

@nixCraft @somcak This is coming from my #ios device. I have two pc. The one I use most often has Trisquel #GNU #Linux and runs the Mate desktop. #FOSS So, I voted "GNU/Linux". How interesting, my IOS Mastodon client preselected that option.

Actions for Obsidian
3 days ago

Talking to other developers, I have learned that it takes Apple anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to review new in-app purchases, such as iOS or macOS licenses that you might consider purchasing for my app.

I've submitted all the #ActionsForObsidian license types just yesterday, so …

Yeah 😬😬😬

#ObsidianMD #Obsidian #PKM #ShortcutsApp #iOS #macOS

The Coding Beard
3 days ago
Matt 2.0
3 days ago

@dansup @pixelfed

I had this solution in mind for #Mastodon on #iOS, but I guess its somewhat transferrable to #PixelFed too if you are willing to maintain a list of instances.

A step-by-step sign up flow for Mastodon iOS app.

Step 1: Choose to either create an account or sign in

Step 2: You are asked to pick a username which is split into two parts; the first pre-fix and the second part is picking a domain name from a drop down list.

Step 3: Pressing the drop down invokes a full list of server names to browse and select from.

Step 4: You have picked a new server and it shows more details about that server.
Carsten Winter
3 days ago

Hi @tootapp
On iOS, I use Toot! as my preferred app for Mastodon.
What I miss, however, is the function of being able to swipe to the right from a lower level to get to the level above.
It's too much of a hassle to always click on "<Home" at the top left, as the spot is hard to reach with my thumb.
Is this possible, but have I just not found the function - or is this still being implemented?
Thanks for your answer!

#toot #app #ios #mastodon #userexperience

ko 🦊🌸
3 days ago

my poor dear Photo Stream. they are executing her on the 26th of July. such is life... #Apple #iCloud #iOS #iPhone #iPad #Mac #macOS #MacOSX #MacOS #OSX #MyPhotoStream #iCloudPhotos #July26

3 days ago

Ich weiß ja noch immer nicht, was ich von #Bluesky halte. Aber mit dem neuesten Update der #Android App rennt diese auf jeden Fall genau so gut wie das #iOS Pendant.

4 days ago

Does Apple now allow developers to hide files and directories in iOS?

#Apple #iOS

Actions for Obsidian
4 days ago

New #iOS #TestFlight version!

This release is preparing things for the upcoming iOS release. Please update the Actions URI plugin in #Obsidian as well (Obsidian → Settings → Community Plugins)!

- Added purchase/paywall tab
- Fixes successful "Create"-type actions halting workflows
- Fixes "Search and Replace"-type actions not working on iOS

Requires Actions URI 1.1.2, please update via Community Plugins.
#ActionsForObsidian #ObsidianMD #PKM #ShortcutsApp

Steve Wetherill
4 days ago

Another blast from the past. The 25th anniversary edition of Nodes of Yesod for iPhone & iPad from 2010. This one is Objective C++ and OpenGL, banished from the App Store for its lack of 64 bit-ness, but running here on an old iPad. Note the ‘classic’ & ‘enhanced’ modes. I did complete a 64 bit update of this, and even localized to French/German/Spanish, but then a job move and inertia set in. That was 6 years ago now. #RetroGames #ZXSpectrum #iOS #iPhone #iPad #NodesOfYesod

Nodes of Yesod game running on an old iPad

@stroughtonsmith We just released an update to our privacy focused #podcast app #Lysten. All data is synced using #NSPersistentCloudKitContainer, so no backend. 😍

In the latest release we added #SharePlay, making it possible to listen to pods with friends and family.

Here’s an #AppClip link to the latest episode of #UnderTheRadar by @_Davidsmith & @marcoarment . (Yes, the app is so small the entire thing fits inside an App Clip 😂)

#showcase #swiftUI #icloud #ios

4 days ago

Finally figured out how to play an alarm only through headphones on an #iPhone and NOT through speakers (for example when sleeping on a train and you don’t want to miss your stop but also not annoy others):

Open #iOS #Shortcuts, create an automation with a timer and have it play a music track that’ll wake you up. Turn off “ask before running” and “notify when run”.

Connect your headphones, set a good volume, and have a nap.

(Just don’t forget to disable it or else it’ll go off the next day too)

iOS shortcut screenshot:

An automation scheduled to run daily at 18:40 to play a music track
heise online
4 days ago

heise+ | RaspController: Raspi-Rechner mit dem Smartphone steuern

Mit der App RaspController lassen sich Raspi-Rechner mit Smartphone und Tablet steuern. Das ist bequemer, als den Rechner hochzufahren und Putty zu starten.

#Android #iOS #RaspberryPi #news

Andre Louis
4 days ago

Added a new card to #Monzo today. On #iOS, I'd have to line the card up using the camera for it to be added. On #Android, I just held the card to the back of the phone, ding, done. #NFC for the win. Couldn't have been easier.

Tixie Salander 💕
4 days ago

#help needed 🙏 : I’m looking for an #iOS shortcut to allow me to download Instagram Reels through an option in the native share menu

I have something like that for YouTube (cf image), and considering how often i manually go paste my reel url into a shortcut would be awesome

A youtube-dl option in my ios native share menu
Actions for Obsidian
4 days ago

Preparing macOS v1.1.2 for release. Contains mostly preparation work for the upcoming iOS release.

I hope the App Store review(s) won't dig up any big problems.

#ActionsForObsidian #ObsidianMD #Obsidian #PKM #ShortcutsApp #macOS #iOS

Iain Nash
4 days ago

Can anyone recommend a good diff tool for iOS (and also ideally Debian)?

I was hoping to use Meld but can't seem to get it work on the latest iOS

#FOSS #recommendations #debian #iOS

4 days ago

Hey, #Mac users!😎 Rekindle your love for #creativity and #customization – explore Vivaldi and see how it compares to #Safari 🔥


#macOS #Apple #iOS #browser

Vivaldi Browser

Love again

The graphic displays a mac with a colorful screen
Mark Wyner :vm:
4 days ago

Friends in native iOS development. I’d love advice.

I’ve been writing code for over two decades, but never native iOS. Nor C. Nor anything related. But I’m beginning the journey.

Can you recommend a favorite resource for helping folks begin from the ground floor? I can spend all day in an editor and my terminal. But Xcode and iOS is an entirely new world for me.

Thanks in advance!

#iOS #iOSDev #Development #Programming #Code #SwiftUI

Michael Rawdon
4 days ago

Haha, #MagicArena on #Steam is Windows-only. So it's basically useless to me, since I only play on #macOS and #iOS. Oh well!

Baffling since the Epic Games store has supported the Mac client for years.


Kelly Guimont
4 days ago

Related to the amazing work of @stroughtonsmith highlighting amazing #iOS apps: how do you keep track of "that app is awesome I wanna check it out later"? RIP Wish List button. I haven't figured out a good option to replace it and wondered how all y'all were muddling through.

Sam Grover
4 days ago

A New App, Maybe

Some time ago I wrote about a simple app I made to export routes for workouts so that I can embed them in blog posts.

Well, I kept making improvements to it to the point that now it is looking like an interface to my workouts that I prefer over the standard one from Apple.

What do you think? Would you be interested in using it? Should I start a beta so you can share how you really feel?

See a quick demo:

#iOS #indie #iosdev

Devin Prater :blind:
4 days ago

Today, I copied my OpenAI API key from my computer, and pasted it into an app on my Android phone. I mean, there comes a point, which I know, I'll switch back in like a week or a month from now, where features on a phone only go so far. Stability and interoperability go far too. Like shoot, I use Windows much of the time, and Apple ain't opening up stuff any more than they have to. I don't know. But my eyes are still fixed on both systems. I can't wait to see what TalkBack 14 brings, and hope app developers get new API's to make things better, but I hope iOS 17 brings tons of bug fixes.

#iOS #accessibility #blind

Devin Prater :blind:
4 days ago

So, iOS developers, how easy was it for you to make your app accessible to VoiceOver? Android developers, how easy was it to make your app accessible to TalkBack?

#accessibility #development #Android #iOS

Sami Samhuri
5 days ago

@stroughtonsmith My first app @videoforants is on the store! It helps you compress videos and is mainly geared towards fitting into the Mastodon limit right now, though it does other things too.

#showcase #video #mastodon #ios

5 days ago

Henry’s dream

(Custom per-pixel emulation using custom palette. 160x256, 2∶1 pixel ratio. Bayer 8x8 dithering.

Created in #Retrospecs for #iOS -

#pixel #pixelArt #8bit #8BitArt #16bit #16BitArt #digitalArt #eraserhead #davidLynch #jackNance

A limited palette double-width pixel rendition of the character played by Jack Nance in David Lynch’s “Eraserhead”. The image consists of a headshot of a man with tall, backlit hair in a palette of light blues and off-white and black.
Guy Moorhouse
5 days ago

The ChatGPT iOS app is now available in the UK
#ChatGPT #iOS

5 days ago

We have news!🤩 And if browsing with Vivaldi makes you happy, we're sure you'll love this update!🥁

Vivaldi is releasing the first look at its #iOS version!

Spots are limited! Don’t delay!🔥

#Apple #Mac #iPhone #iPad #Browser

Vivaldi for iOS teaser image
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
5 days ago

@siracusa The new #Marathon sounds nothing like the original, despite appeals to belonging “in the same universe”:

And I agree with @gruber that it’s downright criminal not to have it on an #Apple platform. Maybe you can make a market share argument against #macOS, but what about #iOS?

1 week ago

Who likes subscription models for software? Apple.

So stop blaming devs for them.

#Apple #MacOS #iOS #IndieDevelopers

1 week ago

Zum Releaseday von Logic Pro auf dem iPad, neu im Blog: iOS Musik Playground
#musicproduction #iOS

Anders Borch
1 week ago

Last time I did cross platform mobile dev I was using jdk 11. Today I just installed jdk 17 to get the latest toolchain up an running.

Currently I am:

- relearning c++ after 20 years
- relearning react native after (?) years
- learning rust
- security reviewing some php code
- security reviewing a mysql setup

I hope it pays off in the end.

#ReactNative #Cpp #Rust #Java #Android #iOS #Swift #PHP #MySQL #SecOps

That may seem like tag spam but I have actually been doing all of that in one week.

At least I get to sit outside while working.

My laptop running an Android simulator and an iOS emulator at the same time, while my dog is enjoying the sunshine in the background.
Brandon Horst
1 week ago

Need some accessibility opinions. I’m adding Syntax Highlighting in my app. If the user requests “Increased Contrast”, should I try to find a high-contrast theme? Or just disable syntax highlighting altogether? I’d love to avoid a setting to let users pick their own theme, but maybe that’s the best from an accessibility standpoint.

#Accessibility #A11y #Swift #SwiftUI #macOS #iOS

1 week ago

Does anyone know why a lot of the App Store reviews are so old? Surely apps like Drafts have reviews more recent than four or five years ago?

#Apple #AppStore #iOS

Simone :mac:
1 week ago

@ivory I deleted the 0.9 (14004) #TestFlight version from the Applications folder, then I installed the 1.0 #Mac App Store release. Checking #Ivory’s Settings I still see the Beta subscription expiration date. I’m not actually subscribed to the #iOS + #macOS Yearly Sub, I was planning to move from my iOS Yearly sub after the public release.
Should I delete something from my Library folder?

Ivory 1.0 from Mac App Store identifies the Beta subscription
1 week ago

Wow. Lots of freemium crap in the Apple Design Awards this year

#Apple #MacOS #iOS

Ricky de Laveaga
1 week ago

The color picker in Markup for #iOS is fire 🔥

Screenshot of Markup color picker Sliders tab
Screenshot of Markup color picker Spectrum tab
Screenshot of Markup color picker Grid tab
1 week ago

The wait is finally over! It's time to try Vivaldi on #iOS in its beta!🎉

We are as excited as you are🤩 Be among the early explorers and help us improve Vivaldi on iOS!

Spaces are limited🔥 Read more on how to get on board! ⬇️

#Apple #iPhone #Browser

Text over a series of clips. 

Supercharging your time online"

Adapting to you, no matter how iconic you are."

Helping you get away from big-tech"

Zoom-in on an iphone with "Welcome to Vivaldi. Powerful. Personal. Private", the welcome screen of Vivaldi on iOS.

"What you love about the Vivaldi Browser is coming to iOS"