I just love this „slide up to unlock“ twice. #ios17
Cc @imyke @jsnell @siracusa @marcoarment @caseyliss @viticci
(I should have taken this screenshot at 21:12 for symmetry reasons. 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Bas van der Ploeg
5 minutes ago

In iOS 17.1 beta 1 you can now favorite songs from the Lock Screen.

#Apple #iOS17

15 minutes ago

I’ve seen some mentions of MagSafe chargers that support landscape for the new standby mode on iOS 17 and I’m surprised no one mentioned the Belkin BoostCharge Pro wireless charger yet.
Small, light, 15W MagSafe, currently available for 29€ on I liked it so much I bought 2 extra ones 😅
#iOS17 #magsafe

Samuel Prudencio :fatyoshi:
16 minutes ago

Amigos, que en iOS 17 sigue el bug de las notificaciones sin las esquinas redondeadas en la pantalla de bloqueo.

¡Muy propio de una startup como Apple!

#iOS17 #bug

21 minutes ago

A round of applause for whoever worked on this UI improvement to make the indicator for connected headphones now much clearer than it used to be! 👏

No more having to consciously check a little greyscale icon to figure out what’s going on!

(I’ve said it before, but I think colour is an accessibility feature, so it’s nice to see this is now an obvious bright blue when something is connected)

#iOS #iOS17 #Apple

A screenshot of the Audio section of Control Centre on iOS 17, with a blue indicator in the top right corner to show that headphones are currently connected as the audio output device.

Below it are the details of the audio that’s currently playing (the song Becoming X by Sneaker Pimps) and at the bottom are previous, pause and next playback controls.
47 minutes ago

Here we go!


56 minutes ago

@khad So it’s just me!

Ha, that’s the same reason I set up this Shortcut! 😄

It has a single Start Workout action in it to start a workout, because a few months ago Siri stopped being able to reliably start a workout using my normal phrases. So I created a Shortcut to do it, then simply ask Siri to run the Shortcut, but now the Shortcut has stopped working! 😅

These might be the buggiest releases for me since iOS 13. So many of my day to day functions are currently buggy 😬

#Shortcuts #iOS17

1 hour ago

Abgesehen mal davon, dass, unabhängig von meiner persönlichen Freude darüber, diese Art Temperaturen Ende September um diese Uhrzeit uns allen den Arsch auf Grundeis gehen lassen sollte - wie TOLL ist bitte diese aktualisierte Wetterdarstellung inklusive Mond? #ios17 #globalwarming #klimawandel

hackbyte (friendica)
2 hours ago

Aktuelles update der wordfilter-listen trends:

#rmafcu, Champions-League-Trophäe, World Cup, #moresports, #malcolmmarx, #rugbyworldcup, #HFCM60, #baseball, #newyorkmets, #arizonadiamondbacks, #BVB, #Wolfsburg, #BVBWOB, #Sports, #Football, #CFB, #CollegeFootball, #iPhone15Pro, #IOS17, bluesky, #bluesky

Ich hadere immernoch mit mir ob mastodon nicht auch noch auf die liste sollte.... *seufz*

's #fediverse war mal so angenehm. ;)

2 hours ago

Her er de nye funktioner i Beskeder på iPhone og iPad som er kommet i IOS 17. – anderslorentsen apple tips og tricks

Audrey Couleau ⌘
3 hours ago

🎬 Ma série de vidéos sur les nouvelles mises à jour proposées par Apple est au complet ! Merci @marine_redac pour les sous-titres et pour réussir à me suivre 🤪


Bon visionnage 🍿

Aida Akl
3 hours ago

Upgrading may toggle the feature on or off.

PSA: Security researchers highlight two potential iCloud Keychain issues #Apple #ios17 #macsonoma #cybersecurity #infosec @9to5Mac @benlovejoy

3 hours ago

🖌️🎨 If you have a Magsafe Duo, a big iPhone (Plus or Pro Max), and iOS 17 : Tada

📽️ More detailed video on Patreon (@niniefy) & Youtube (@niniefy tutos)

🌐 👩🏽‍🎨✍🏽

#Niniefydesigns #njaeink #tutos #iphone #apple #magsafe #magsafeduo #stand #ipad #ipadpro #airpods #airpodspro #ios #ios17 #standby #applewatch #tutorial #digital #tech #hightech #diy #charger #charging #journal #mode #planner #pencil #desk #creator #setup

3 hours ago

My Scoreo update for #iOS17 and macOS #Sonoma is available now! I've got lots more to add for 17, but this new version takes advantage of some nice new features in #SwiftUI to nicely clean up some of the UI. I've also migrated to using Swift Graphs and wow it's so easy to make fantastic graphs now!

Rob Marquardt
3 hours ago

I hoped that iOS 17 would fix the long-standing bug of songs not syncing across devices when you added them to a playlist with a Shortcut, but no.

Along with the sorry* excuse** for crossfading that got added to iOS Music (and so many other issues) it really feels like “Music is in our DNA“ belongs with “Don’t be evil“ in the graveyard of defunct, now-ironic company statements.

#iOS17 #AppleMusic

* Fixed-length, not based on song volume levels

** Doesn’t work over AirPlay

Massaging the Medium
4 hours ago

If #iOS17 was just #iOS16 with the new text autocorrect, it would still be a great deal

Thomas 🧸
4 hours ago

iOS 17 ist bei mir recht buggy. Tastaturanschläge sind plötzlich auf voller Lautstärke, ebenso die Musik, das long press-Menü einer App ist auf einmal weg, die Karten-App schwört, ich sei in einem Tunnel und in der @signalapp wird der eingegebene Text abgeschnitten und die Curserbewegung per Leertasten-Longpress funktioniert nicht richtig. Von den verstellten iOS-Privatsphäreeinstellungen und dem kaputten Wetter-Widget auf der #AppleWatch wurde ja schon berichtet. #iOS17 #Apple
4 hours ago

#Apple hat ein wichtiges Update nachgelegt - vor allem für all jene, die sich ein #iPhone gekauft haben und ihre Daten übertragen wollen. #iOS17.0.2 adressiert ein Problem, das die Datenübernahme behinderte.,138719.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia 📚
4 hours ago

Some users who bought new iPhone 15 models discovered that they were not able to transfer data from their old iPhone during new iPhone setup process. The iOS 17.0.02 update fixes this bug for iPhones. #iphone15 #ios17 #ios1702

5 hours ago

Are all Workouts-related Shortcuts broken in iOS 17 or could this be a bug on the watchOS 10 side of things?

Even a minimal Shortcut with a single Start Workout action fails for me now. It spins for a long time and then gives a generic error.

#watchOS #watchOS10 #iOS17 #Shortcuts

The screenshot of Siri on iOS 17 being given the command “Hey Siri Exercise Time”, which is the name of a Shortcut that starts a Workout.

Siri responds with “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.”
Matt Cooney
6 hours ago

When did #ios17 remove the people category from this picker screen? #apple #iphone #ios

Apple just updated the support page about iCloud Keychain and removed the part that says when keychain data is deleted from Apple servers. This means if #iOS17, #iPadOS17, or #macOS 14 has turned syncing on without your permission, it's a hassle to make sure data is deleted from #Apple servers.

Our investigation and testing showed that upgrading to Apple's latest operating systems switch iCloud Keychain on without user permission. The number of users experiencing this issue is growing 👇:

#privacy #cybersecurity #security #infosec #privacymatters

If you turn off iCloud Keychain
When you turn off iCloud Keychain, password, passkey, and credit card
information is stored locally on your device. If you sign out of iCloud on
that device while Keychain is turned on, you're asked to keep or delete
that information.
• If you choose to keep the information, it isn't deleted or updated
when you make changes on other devices.
• If you don't keep the information on at least one device, your
Keychain data is also deleted from the iCloud servers.
Published Date: October 24, 2022

If you turn off iCloud Keychain
• When you turn off iCloud Keychain, password, passkey, and
credit card information is stored locally on your device.
• When you sign out of iCloud on your device while iCloud
Keychain is turned on, you're asked to keep or
delete your Keychain information.
• If you choose to keep the information, your passwords and
passkeys are stored locally on your device, but aren't
deleted or updated when you make changes on other
• If you don't keep the information, your passwords and
passkeys aren't available on your device. An encrypted
copy of your Keychain data is kept on iCloud servers. If
you turn iCloud Keychain back on, your passwords and
passkeys will sync to your device again.
• When you turn off iCloud Keychain or sign out of iCloud on
your device, you won't have access to any of your shared
password groups. Other members of those groups will still
have access to the passwords and passkeys that you shared.
Published Date: September 26, 2023

The new wind map on #ios17 is super nice, it’s more of an interactive experience than animated tiles approach for rain

First time ever iOS is taking that time to restore everything on a new iPhone. Some of the special awards on the Fitness App are still missing. Am I the only one experiencing this?

#watchOS10 #iOS17

Jan Adriaenssens
9 hours ago

Things that are not solved in iOS 17 — the spamfilter of the iOS Mail app is still abysmal.

(Why do I even bother to "move to junk" certain messages? It's not like the Mail app is learning anything, or acting at all…)

#iOS #spam #iOS17

David Nicolas
12 hours ago

iOS 17 el nuevo producto en el que el usuario es betatester. Hacía mucho tiempo de esto.
Vamos a update a la semana.
#ios #ios17 #apple #betatester
13 hours ago

🔴 Nieuwe software-updates nu te downloaden met bugfixes en probleemoplossingen, waaronder iOS 17.0.2 voor iPhone 🚀🌐📲


#ios17 #iOS #ipados17

EINGFOAN :donor:
17 hours ago

16) #lockdown mode on #iOS17 tells you that you have not enabled lockdown mode on all other of your #iOS devices. (if you have them)

sorry have no screenshot of the message currently.

Dennis Hwang
19 hours ago

Does #iOS17 have different weather background images? Seems like it does.

19 hours ago

Updating to 17.0.2
#iOS #iOS17.0.2

This is just an automatic post for archival reasons.

21 hours ago

Now why wouldn’t #MacOSSonoma offer all the same new alert and ring tones that #iOS17 and #iPadOS17 offer? This is the level of attention and consistency I feel #Apple is really slipping up on.

Actualidad iPhone :mastodon:
21 hours ago

iOS 17.0.2 para todos los iPhone y watchOS 10.0.2 sólo para los nuevos Apple Watch #AppleWatch #iOS17

:rss: AAPL Ch.
21 hours ago

Apple、iPhone 15シリーズ以外にも以前のiPhoneから新しいiPhoneに直接データが転送できなくなる不具合を修正した「iOS/iPadOS 17.0.2」をリリース。
#applech2 #apple #ios17 #ipados17 #iphone15 #iphone15pro #不具合

A small security check:

If you're one of the few users who haven't synced their Passwords & Keychain with iCloud and have upgraded to iOS 17, iPadOS 17 or macOS Sonoma, check your iCloud settings and make sure the option to sync "Passwords & Keychain" is off. This case was reproducible in our testing, but some iCloud accounts didn't change the setting. The reason is not clear.

If you find that the setting has changed to on, don't panic. Keychain data is end-to-end encrypted. Apple cannot read it.

Also it would be helpful if you share your experience in the comments. 🙏

#Privacy #Cybersecurity #Apple #iOS17 #iPadOS17 #macOS #infosec #Security

Screenshot of iCloud settings on macOS Sonoma showing that syncing Passwords & Keychain has changed to on after the Mac was successfully upgraded from macOS Ventura
22 hours ago

Und noch einer zur Nacht: #Apple hat soeben noch das #iOS17.0.2 rausgehauen. Offenbar mit Korrekturen an Bord.

Ich schreibe morgen dazu - hier und natürlich für die AKG iNutzer auch in unseren Blog.

#iPhone #iPad 📚
22 hours ago

Another insufferable iOS 17 point update #apple #ios17 #ios1702

Iron Mik
22 hours ago

aggiornare IOS / iPadOS17.0.2

risolve un problema che poteva impedire il trasferimento dei dati direttamente da un altro iPhone / iPad durante la configurazione

#iOS17 #iPadOS17 #iPhone15

23 hours ago

Sicherheitsrisiko oder nützliches Feature? Was meint ihr? #ios17 #iphone #apple

John Hood
23 hours ago

Apple releases iOS & iPadOS 17.0.2 and watchOS 10.0.2! #IOS17

Carlos Cuéllar
23 hours ago

One good thing about #ios17 that nobody mentioned: Mail's handling of gmail accounts is decent, actually usable! I wonder if they fixed this in #sonoma too.

Aktualizacja do #iOS17.0.2 dla wszystkich urządzeń.

#iOS17.0.2 verfügbar!

1 day ago

Ich habe jetzt schon mehrfach gehört, dass offenbar bei einigen Nutzern nach dem #iOS17-Update einige Privatsphäreneinstellungen zurückgesetzt waren.

Bei mir ist das übrigens nicht so. Vorsichtshalber dennoch hier für euch zur Info.

#Apple #iPhone

Marek Demčák
1 day ago

Tak zatímco update na #IOS17 proběhl relativně v klidu, #watchos10 na mých #aw6 mají dost zásadní bug - nejde nastavit nižší jas než střední. Dříve jsem míval na konci dne i 50 % a s trochou štěstí hodinky vydržely 2 dny a jednu moc na 1 nabití (na noc sundávám = spotřeba malá), teď mám po 14 hodinách 8 %.

Pozoruje tu někdo podobný problém?

1 day ago

@schlauschlau Ahhhh, Fehler gefunden: #checkin funktioniert nur dann, wenn der andere auch ein iPhone hat. - Das ist ja doof. #ios17

1 day ago

Gerade mal die Check-In Funktion auf m. iPhone #ios17 gesucht und nicht gefunden im Messenger. What‘s wrong? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Brian Wolf
1 day ago

#iOS17 still fails to let me put a double wide lock screen widget in the middle.

Why not?!

What is the actual reason?

It makes no sense!

flips desk

The Iconfactory
1 day ago

:wallaroo_app: Wallaroo has a huge library of beautiful wallpapers for your Apple devices with new ones added every week. Now, thanks to interactive widgets, you no longer have to pick just one wallpaper to enjoy - decorate your home screens with all of your favorites at the same time!

Version 1.4 sets walls more reliably, lets you view and save any size variant, adds a new latest category, fixes some bugs, and more.

#WallarooApp #Wallpaper #iOS17 #Sonoma

Video capture of Wallaroo's Interactive widgets displayed on the Home Screen of an iPad Pro. Three widgets are displayed and one of them is customized from the total wallpapers in Wallaroo.
1 day ago

Hoping the next beta of #iOS17 lets me control if I want my wallpaper blurred or not, can’t use this one because of it

Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this, but since iOS 17 there have been a bunch of location-related bugs in Find My and on the Weather complication. I noticed it on Apple Watch, but also just on people in general it seems.

I’m hoping there will be an update to iOS and watchOS along with Sonoma today, or at least sooner than later.


apfeltalk :verified:
1 day ago

Apple Podcasts erweitert Angebot mit Top-App Abonnements
Apple hat in einem Update für September 2023 angekündigt, über 100 neue Podcasts von führenden Apps und Services in Apple Podcasts aufzunehmen.
Integration mit
#Music #News #Services #AbonnementsVerknpfen #AppleMusic #AppleMusicRadio #AppleNews #ApplePodcasts #ApplePodcastsCharts #IOS17 #Mediathek #OriginalPodcasts #PremiumAudioinhalte

PositivDenken 🤯
1 day ago

“Interactive widgets” - my Linux desktop had that over 25 years ago. 😂😂😂

#apple #iOS #iOS17
1 day ago

Datenschutzeinstellungen nach #iOS17 Update anders? Es sind wohl Einzelfälle, Apple bestätigt aber schnell, dass man eine Untersuchung eingeleitet hat:,138694.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

JRP :ivory_logo:
1 day ago

I’ve just been into local Apple store again to try & convince myself to upgrade from my 14 Pro Max to the natural Titanium 15 Pro Max. This is so unlike me when it comes to iPhones , however I still can’t seem to just press that button.

Sure it’s lighter , feels better in the hand & the action button is nice. That said , I always have a case on my phones, I’ve never been a budding photographer & currently I’m still just not getting ‘ that ‘ feeling.

Oh Apple

#Apple #IPhone15ProMax #iOS17

Nathalie 🍂☕️
1 day ago

#iMessage wurde mit #iOS17 wirklich #verschlimmbessert!
Warum kann man das #Transkribieren von Sprachnachrichten nicht optional anbieten? Es dauert über 1 Minute, bis nun eine #Sprachnachricht versendet wird! Das geht gar nicht!
Von dem umständlichen Durchklicken, bis ich nun einen Sticker versenden kann, möchte ich gar nicht erst anfangen!
Sehr ärgerlich das Ganze!
#Apple #iPhone

Xavier Ashe :donor:
1 day ago

🚨PSA: iOS 17 turns these sensitive location options back on. If you have disabled significant locations as well as adding your location information to your iPhone analytics before upgrading to iOS 17, iOS 17 will turn the options on as shown in the screenshot.

While significant locations remain local on your iPhone, they can be abused as they record detailed information about the locations you visit frequently. iPhone analytics, on the other hand, are shared with Apple. Having your location information included in these analytics reports might have privacy implications, even if the reports don't identify you.

Security experts have always advised to turn these two options off.

Go the Settings app: Privacy & Security ➡️ Location Services ➡️ Scroll down to System Services ➡️ Find these two options and turn them off:

👉 Significant Locations
👉 iPhone Analytics

Re-post and share it with your friends.
You're welcome!

#Privacy #Apple #iOS17 #CyberSecurity
Reposted from X (https://twitter[.]com/mysk_co/status/1705665324035498016)

2 days ago

So many devices, so little time!

#ios17 #iphone15 #ios #apple #watchos #applewatch

A meme about updating to apple device ios 17, iphone 15, iphone 16, ipad os 17, watch os

New #feditext update supports #ios17!

2 days ago

@9to5Mac changes also in iCloud, although iCloud Drive and all others deactivated. Activates Facetime, Pages, Numbers, Game Centre amongst others and loves doing it for Apps using encryption, like Telegram, Signal, Threema, OTP, Password Manager etc. #iOS #IOS17 #iOS1701

2 days ago

Ach, Apple! VoiceOver: „Audionachricht … Kein Transkript verfügbar. Taste“. Transkript steht aber völlig korrekt drunter. #iOS17

2 days ago

Hile: ich hab jetzt einige male verschlafen weil ich dank #IOS17 meinen Wecker nicht gehört habe. Ich stelle meinen Wecker meist via Siri und er legt mir immer den „Radial“-Ton, den ich wach schon kaum höre vor. Wo kann ich das ändern? Bei Einstellungen Töne und Haptic ist es nicht.

Rich Aesthetic
2 days ago

Just realized that Spotlight is not something you can invoke through Shortcuts or even the new action button. I really hope they add this as an option as I can definitely see myself using the action button to either give me a menu of Shortcuts, one of those being Spotlight, or just using it to invoke spotlight, directly. #iPhone15 #ActionButton #Shortcuts #iOS17 #Spotlight

2 days ago

Widgets on my Homescreen no longer update reliably. I have to reboot my iPhone to get them to update.


Kai Flogaus
2 days ago

@iphoneblog @timo ist das bei euch auch so, dass #iOS17 bzw. das #iPhone15p Telefonate automatisch mit dem internen Raumlautsprecher startet anstatt mit dem Ohrhörer?
Ist das Brett vor den Mund halten jetzt etwa der Standard den man nicht ändern kann?

Warum nur? Warum?

2 days ago

I can no longer use my AirPods to make phone calls, people no longer understand me.


Upgraded to #iOS17 and now scrubbing in videos by just dragging around anywhere in the video doesn't work anymore wtf? Why Apple 😪

2 days ago

I was listening to a voice memo in iMessage using my AirPods. I unlocked my iPhone. it had switched to landscape mode while locked — I was holding it in portrait mode. It did not rotate back. I swiped "from the side" to close the app. While doing that it showed the "Connected to Airpods" notification on the "top" (left edge) of the screen in landscape, but with the content was portrait mode. The portrait formatted content stuck out over the edge of the banner.


2 days ago

I just pressed my AirPods to pause a podcast. My iPhone faded from playing the podcast to playing music, instead of pausing playback.

The music app was closed, not even in the app switcher, I had completely closed it yesterday. Pressing again did do exactly nothing at all. The Control Center playback controls did not show anything playing. Opening the music app revealed it was playing and I was able to pause there.


2 days ago

Maybe I’ll start collecting a thread. Here is Number one:


2 days ago

Installing #iOS17 was a mistake. Its so buggy, I would rather use … no, would rather not use my phone anymore.

Alex Pretzlav 🥨
3 days ago

It’s nice that #iOS17 finally lets you create multiple timers, but they also slightly broke creating timers with Siri: now they always use the new system default “Radial” sound instead of the sound selected in the Clock app.

This is really frustrating because I use timers with my three-year-old all the time, and the new sound is much fainter and sometimes he doesn’t even hear it. This makes Siri much less useful for me.

Apple folks: FB13202849

3 days ago

Ein #iOS17 Feature was ich mag ist der Turbo für Haptic Touch 😊

Öffne die App „Einstellungen“

Navigiere zu „Bedienungshilfen“

Wähle den Abschnitt „Tippen“

Tippe auf „Haptic Touch“

Wähle die Option „Schnell“, „Standard“ oder „Langsam“ aus

Anschließend kannst du die gewählte Geschwindigkeit mit dem Blumenbild testen

#HapticTouch #ios17 #Apple #iOS

3 days ago

Habe heute die letzte Folge von #Audiodump gehört , Ben @Och hat vollkommen Recht, ich suche auch noch nach den für mich wichtigen Neuigkeiten in #iOS17

3 days ago

I don’t know what Apple changed in #iOS17 but @organicmaps’s rendering has been very choppy since I updated 🥲

konsensor :mastodon:
3 days ago

@janosch Könnte sein. Mal schauen wie ob und wann sich das in den kommenden Tagen einpendelt. #iOS #iOS17 #iPhone #Apple

konsensor :mastodon:
3 days ago

Hmmmm... wird irgendwie nicht besser. Kaum Nutzung, Akku leergesaugt. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #iOS #iPhone #iOS17 #Apple

Apple Batteriestatus-Grafik mit schnell abnehmender Akkuleistungsanzeige.
4 days ago
Wesley Hilliard
4 days ago

Contact Posters are amazing. Too bad that when viewed in the Contacts app, all you see is the person's forehead due to how portraits are framed.

Generally I fill a frame with a person's head and shoulders when taking a picture. I take fewer pictures of people's entire torso. But it seems Contact Posters work best with the latter more than the former.

And the name placement also needs a lot of top space above the subject's head. It's like you have to take a photo specifically meant for Contact Posters for the best results.

#Apple #iOS17

Michael Bond
4 days ago

StandBy has reset my configuration (on the same charger) about 4 or 5 times now. Starting to lose hope. #iOS17

David Blue ※
4 days ago

@CARROT did, indeed, manage to spoil me into spinning far too much time away just gawking.

gotta make myself actually finish up the personal voice synthesis process in #iOS17 / #iPadOS so that I can hear/forcibly distribute robotized me talking CARROT-ass shid.

Mocked-up iPad Pro screenshot of my big ole, landscape-oriented, *fully sending the it* custom CARROT weather forecast view.

🚨PSA: iOS 17 turns these sensitive location options back on. If you have disabled significant locations as well as adding your location information to your iPhone analytics before upgrading to iOS 17, #iOS17 will turn the options on as shown in the screenshot.

While significant locations remain local on your #iPhone, they can be abused as they record detailed information about the locations you visit frequently. iPhone analytics, on the other hand, are shared with #Apple. Having your location information included in these analytics reports might have privacy implications, even if the reports don't identify you.

Security experts have always advised to turn these two options off.

Go the Settings app: Privacy & Security ➡️ Location Services ➡️ Scroll down to System Services ➡️ Find these two options and turn them off:

👉 Significant Locations
👉 iPhone Analytics

A re-post or boost would be appreciated to spread the word🙏
You're welcome!

#Privacy #CyberSecurity #infosec #Security

Screenshot of the location services settings that iOS 17 switches on even if they were disabled before.
Warner Crocker
4 days ago

Interesting. Seeing and hearing some agita about this. Mine never changed.

People are freaking out over the iOS 17 text tone — here's how to change it back

Tim Farley
4 days ago

Dear #Apple: The phrase "iPhone XS and later" is effectively meaningless to anyone other than Apple employee or a Wikipedia editor. Was the XS before or after the iPhone 9? Is "XS" after "SE"? Nobody remembers this stuff but you. #Security #SecurityRelease #IOS #IOS17 #IOS1701 #CVE202341993 #CVE_2023_41993 #iPhone

Axel Le Pennec
4 days ago

I rebuilt my 10-year-old boating logbook app @AppSkipper from scratch in #SwiftUI & the update is now available for #iOS17 🥳.


It's time to bring it to the next level: widgets, Live Activity, CloudKit sync, watchOS...

#indiedev #buildinpublic #iosdev

I now understand why people were excited that Apple was adding sticker support across iOS. I’m addicted to stickers now. #iOS17

ednl 🇪🇺
4 days ago

Fun improvement in #iOS17: a "spirit" level on the camera screen. I used to try my best to level by using the layout guide lines, but of course that's no good once other axes are tilted as well. Now I can finally test my theory that the main sensor in my phone is crooked, i.e. rotated by 1.5 degrees ;)

Also I think they upped the HDR processing. Straight out of camera jpegs:

What does my home screen tell you about me? #iOS17

Screenshot from iOS 17 showing a widget for Things, and app icons for Photos, Camera, Calendar, Maps, Home, Settings, Clock, 1Password (Testflight), Music, Reeder, Books, Overcast (dark icon), Wallet, Bear, Yazio, a folder (containing Bluesky, WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram, xx messenger, LINE, Rocket.Chat, SimpleX), Discord, Signal, Apple Mail, Ivory (yellow icon). The Dock shows app icons for Phone, Messages, Fastmail, Safari. 📚
6 days ago

Apple has very quietly added another layer of privacy for Safari in iOS 17 that basically lets you avoid using Google when you are in private browsing. #apple #ios17 #safari #google #private

Dave Mark
6 days ago


BEST iOS 17 tip:

In Messages, long press on the + and Photos will appear!


#Apple #iOS17 #Messages

6 days ago

akkor jó, azt hiszem eddig lehetett videókat szerkesztgetni iOS alatt, van ez így - bármit vágni akarok, bal alsóban preparing és ennyi volt, kék #ios17

screenshot about the frozen Photos app on iOS17
Chee Aun 🤔
1 week ago

Sad that my iCloud backup now keeps failing. It always fail whenever I switch to dev beta releases in the past years, but start working once on the stable releases. But this time on iOS 17 (stable), it’s still failing 😅


James Gayfer
1 week ago

Just realized I won’t be getting #iOS17 on my iPhone X 🫡

Nice try Apple. Still not upgrading.

Alec Perkins
1 week ago

“it is the worst update for non dog people” #iOS17

A pile of cut out images of a black dog looking around or curled up on the floor as stickers on iMessage
Matthew Campbell
1 week ago

No Alex voice, it's You Tube, not You Chube. #iOS17 #Fail

1 week ago

On the new #iOS17 the punctuation keyboard keeps coming up while I’m typing and I’m not sure how it keeps getting triggered. #iOS

monkeydom, Ar.T
1 week ago

E.g. this spam mail. #iOS17