Epiphanic Synchronicity
1 hour ago

@siracusa Ditto for an #iPad or any #tablet (or phone) without a hardware keyboard. I actually find the iPad’s soft keyboard slower and more clumsy to type on than an #iPhone’s.

1 hour ago

@jgoerzen That does not make sense! 😋 #ForeFlight for #Android on an #iPad.

2 hours ago
Jason McFadden
2 hours ago

Time to try a new keyboard case for #ipad


Kenny Park
6 hours ago

Hell, if they get to the point where one purchase would let you install on #Mac, #iPhone, #iPad and #AppleTV, with cross progression, they could seriously take on #Steam and the console stores. I know it'd suddenly become my preferred format over #PS5.

John Goerzen
7 hours ago

#iPad migration 5/ This whole thing took a day or so. A ridiculous experience. /end

John Goerzen
7 hours ago

#iPad migration 4/ So after a couple of attempts, I restart the migration and now it requires installing iPadOS 17.0.1. It downloads it, claims to be installing, then hangs with a spinner at the "installing" thing. For hours. Canceling means wipe & reset. I tried this 3 times and couldn't ever get past there. I eventually had to wipe, set up without migrating, upgrade to a later iPadOS 16 version, upgrade to iPadOS 17.0.1, then wipe, then migrate, and then that FINALLY worked.

John Goerzen
7 hours ago

#iPad migration 3/ Do I want custom or standard migration of settings? I hit custom, then quickly realized, no, I really want standard. I hit Back, except back didn't take me back to that question... it took me back to the start. At that point, I got in an endless loop of going between the very first screen and a settings question, and couldn't get out of it. The only way to do that was to cancel migration, which meant wipe & reset. Meanwhile, old iPad thought it was done.

John Goerzen
7 hours ago

#iPad migration 2/ First, a minor issue: when held horizontally, the on-screen keyboard caused most of the "next" buttons to be hidden. Then it says, bring the old iPad "near" and they should see each other. OK, I did, and... nothing. Well I guess it takes 2 or 3 minutes but eventually they saw each other. Then I can choose to migrate over from the old iPad. OK, tap.

John Goerzen
7 hours ago

For years, I have had exactly one #Apple device: an #iPad that I use for flying (because there's nothing as good as #ForeFlight on #Android). My old iPad is somewhere near 10 years old and showing its age. I got a new one and, oh my goodness, the activation and migration process was TERRIBLE. Anybody that tries to say that Apple stuff just works has clearly not tried to migrate one iPad to another. Here's how it went: 1/

Beardy Star Stuff
7 hours ago

Experimental iPad Configurations
Before I dive into the discussion of my ongoing experimentation with iPad modularity I think it would be helpful to provide a description of the physical space and context of my iPad use.

I work from a 200 sq ft tiny house which I share with 2 dogs and a cat. Over the past 15 years most of my work time is either in this small space or outside on a porch. In the house, only about 30% of my work...

#iPad #Apple #TinyLiving #TinyHouse

A first generation iPad is docked to the Apple Keyboard Dock for iPad. It's sitting on a wood plank table in front of a bowl of apples and near a window showing a view of trees and grass in the near distance.
An iPad sits on a wood shelf that is attached to a large dobsonian telescope base which is below the bottom of photo, not visible. The wood plank is held up with a pipe. So that it is at standing level. The telescope is at an angle away from the iPad.
An iPad sits in a stand placed on two books near a window and on an old wood plank shelf or desk. In front of the books is a keyboard. A soft warm light out of frame on the left side. Plants are visible to the left and right of the window and iPad.
A plank of wood serves as an improvised lap desk. An iPad sits to the right, a blue coffee mug to the left and a keyboard in front.
David Chartier
15 hours ago

Nice recent thread from people who use an #iPad mostly or entirely for their work (though I’ve seen other, much longer threads). I like stuff like this since it’s outside the tech/nerd echo chamber of tHe iPaD cAn’T bE uSeD fOr REaL wOrK.

Oh sweetie. Maybe not for your work. But that’s ok. Lots of people do it every day. #Apple

20 hours ago

Chairchromism. Drawn with finger on an iPad, with SketchClub. Just playing and trying it out.
#artexperimentation #MastoArt #Drawing #urbansketching #furniture #painting #iPad #DigitalArt

Cubist chromatic drawing of a chair, vector-style.
Jason McFadden
1 day ago

A Week With iPad Air 5
Is 64 gigs enough? Why choose 11" size? Joy-Cons pair with iPad?

#tech #apple #ipad

Jason McFadden
1 day ago

PSA: As of today, both Amazon and Best Buy have the Logitech Folio Touch keyboard case for iPad Air on sale, but Amazon also includes an additional $10 off coupon.

#ipad #logitech

Trenton Matthews
1 day ago

From Stephen Robles

I Tested 10 USB-C Devices with iPhone 15 Pro, Here’s What Happened

#USBC #Apple #IPhone #IPad

EINGFOAN :donor:
1 day ago

Ok #paypal you tell me on every of my devices (#iPad, #iPhone, #Mac) AND on every browser (#safari, #chrome, #duckduckgo) that you don’t #support #passkeys on my device AND I already used them / enrolled them in the past.

What exactly do you want to tell me now?

Ps: the faq does not elaborate on what is #supported…. :ok:
1 day ago
:rss: AAPL Ch.
1 day ago

Human Things、iPadOS 17のiPadにも対応したHDMIキャプチャーボード「Genki ShadowCast」の後継モデルとなる「ShadowCast 2 /Pro」の発売キャンペーンをKickstarterで9月26日より開催。
#applech2 #game #ipad #ipados17 #kickstarter #uvc

Samuel Prudencio :fatyoshi:
1 day ago

Voy a vender mi iPad 6 y usar un pro de 1ª gen de mi pareja que no lo usa. Si alguien lo quiere por aquí, por 150€ es suyo. #venta #ipad.

Si no lo subiré a mi pesar a Wallapop.

Tengo caja, cargador y cable original sin usar.

This article at Forbes is now updated with new information from Citizen Lab and Google TAG detailing a zero-day exploit chain leading to a no-click exploit of an iPhone. It’s time to update all the Apple things, well, a whole bunch of them anyway.

#infosec #Apple #ZeroDayExploit #iPhone #iPad #AppleWatch #Mac

:rss: Gadget Gate
2 days ago
:rss: Gadget Gate
2 days ago
apfeltalk :verified:
2 days ago

Telefonica O2 kann keine eSIM
Telefonica O2 kann keine eSIM. Das ist die Kurzfassung einer Nutzungserfahrung beim Wechsel vom iPhone 14 Pro aufs iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Schön wenn man das Glück hatte am Starttag, Freitag dem 22. September, ein
#Ausprobiert #EditorsPodcast #iPad #iPhone #News #Services #Aktivierung #eSIM #Geschftskunden #GooglePixel7a #Iphone14Pro #IPhone15ProMax #MeinO2 #SoHo #telefonica #TelefonicaO2

2 days ago

📖 “iOS and iPadOS 17: The MacStories Review” – In case you’ve not read it yet, @viticci has once again written what is probably the best iOS review out there. (Oh, and I’m one of those dozens who still misses 3D Touch!) #longread #iOS #iOS17 #iPadOS #iPadOS17 #iPhone #iPad

Mitch 🌵
2 days ago

I got a new clear shell/case for my iPad Pro and I’m really digging it. I forgot how nice the iPad is to use while lounging on the couch when the rigid keyboard isn’t attached to it.

It makes me miss the old flip around keyboard and case combo.

#apple #ipad #ipadpro

hmm. i don't think #tidal is loading correctly on my #ipad. couldn't tell you why. just a hunch

a screenshot of an ipad with the tidal app open. the ui shows a layout for a playlist with generic elements labelled as "Label", "Label asdf asdfasdfsdfasdf", and "Button".
Adams Immersive
2 days ago

FY: my free grid-based visual checklist app Mind Magnets (designed to let you use shapes and colors in fun, meaningful ways—and reportedly helpful with #ADHD too) DOES still work under iOS 17. My users should feel free to update! #mindmagnets

(I’m still working on a big overhaul for multiple reasons—but compatibility is not among them!) #organization #todo #kanban #iphone #ipad

Richard Hodson
2 days ago

They added Chillhop study beats to ringtones

#iOS17 #iPadOS17 #iPhone #iPad #Apple

Thomas Rabenstein 👽
3 days ago

Heute gibt's ein paar Updates für den Mac und der kostenlosen iWork Suite, mit neuen 3D-Features für #pages, #numbers und #keynote.
PS: auch fürs
#iPhone und das #iPad.
#macos #ios #ipados

Screenshot: Updates verfügbar für Pages, Keynote und Numbers.
Paul Gill Rider
3 days ago

@terrigarland #Remarkable2 hands down. I, too, have both, but #iPad just doesn't feel right. I'd argue that R2 does much more than provide a vehicle for writing notes. It's my go to pdf reader and annotator, too.

Terri Garland
3 days ago

Help me decide on a new device to manage handwritten notes for work: #Remarkable2 or #iPad. Downside of iPad is that I like to maintain separate devices for work & personal, but iPads are too expensive for that. Downside of R2 is having to carry a device that does only one thing. Thoughts? 

Mac & i
3 days ago

Neuer Exploit: Apple aktualisiert wichtigste Betriebssysteme – auch iOS 17

Apple hat am Donnerstagabend erneut auf aktive Angriffe auf seine Betriebssysteme reagiert. Betroffen sind auch jüngste Versionen.

#Exploit #iOS #iPad #macOS #news

Hacker,Attack,Computer,Hardware,Microchip,While,Process,Data,Through,Internet - Apple-Blog
3 days ago

Ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal des #iPhone15ProMax ist die neue #Telephoto-Linse, die erstmals einen fünffachen optischen Zoom bietet. Apples VP of Camera Software Engineering, Jon McCormack, hat nun erklärt, warum das Zoomobjektiv des iPhone 15 Pro Max auf einen 5x optischen Zoom beschränkt ist.

Zum Artikel:

#appgefahren #Apple #iPhone #AppleBlog #iPad #Mac

📸 (c) Apple.

Detail eines iPhone 15 Pro vor schwarzem Hintergrund.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

I love this for the iPad!

New 'Orion' App Turns Your iPad Into an HDMI Display for a Console or Mac

#App #iPad #HDMI #Display #Console #PC #TechNews

An iPad being used as a secondary display using Orion.
3 days ago

well, this is a neat little app that turns your iPad into a portable display.

#iPad #iPadOS #iOS #Apple

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

This looks like a big deal and I want to try it out!

Camo Studio for iPad is a new powerful streaming and recording app that's totally free - 9to5Mac

#CamoStudio #iPad #Streaming #Recording #App #StreamingNews

An iPad with the Camo Studio software running with the copy "Introducing Camo Studio for iPad" off to the left.
Beardy Star Stuff
4 days ago

Pages and Publisher on the iPad Compared Pt 2:

Why Affinity Publisher?

Simply put Publisher offers nearly everything I need and want for designing documents on the iPad. No app is perfect but Publisher is excellent and a real pleasure to use.

Before I dig in to everything I like about the app I’m going to tackle the one current problem I have with the app: It’s not yet optimized for Stage Manager and external display support....

#iPad #Apple

I'm not sure if this is a bug in iPadOS 17 or with Fantastical, but it looks like upgrading to Fantastical made it so all existing Fantastical widgets on my home screen were displayed as blank widgets. I went to edit my widgets to see if I had to re-add it or something and Fantastical was removed as an app in the widget select screen.

I restarted my iPad and tried again and was able to select Fantastical widgets again.

#fantastical #ipad #iOS17 - Apple-Blog
4 days ago

Im November 2022 fiel der Startschuss des neuen #SmartHome Standards #Matter. Schon damals hat man immer wieder betont, dass es eine lange Reise werden würde. Bis die ganze Geschichte in Schwung kommt, scheint es aber doch länger zu dauern, als viele von uns gedacht haben. Was bringt Matter bei bereits ausgereiften Smart Home-Geräten, fragt sich #appgefahren-Redakteur Fabian am Beispiel von #PhilipsHue.

Sein Artikel:

#Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac

Philips Hue Bridge, montiert und verkabelt an einer Zimmerwand. Foto (c) Philips.
Jason McFadden
5 days ago

Using my new iPad on the external display with app windows, I keep forgetting I'm not on my MacBook. My muscle memory goes to hit the red stop light to close the window and...oh yeah, I'm on the #ipad

Jason McFadden
5 days ago

Added Mastodon and WordPress as web apps to home screen in iPadOS 17, showing on ext. display via Stage Manger. Looks and works great!

Loving my new computer. 👨🏻‍💻

#ipad - Apple-Blog
5 days ago

Wir müssen uns noch einige Tage auf das neue #iPhone15Pro und #iPhone15ProMax gedulden, die Auslieferung der Vorbestellungen startet am Freitag. Zur Steigerung der Vorfreude könnt ihr schon jetzt die ersten Testberichte lesen, die seit heute veröffentlicht werden durften.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #iPhone #iPhone15 #Apple #AppleBlog #iPad #Mac

📸 (c) Apple.

iPhone 15 Pro und iPhone 15 Pro Max vor schwarzem Hintergrund.
Natalia Panferova
5 days ago

Excited to release our app update for #iOS17 🥳

Exsto - Relaxing Drawing 3.0 is available to download and try out for free:

@hishnash and I added new interactive widgets that let you create abstract art right from the home screen. Every tap ads a new stroke, so you can watch your masterpiece evolve throughout the day 🎨

The update also includes support for SharePlay, so that you can collaborate on your artworks with friends and family.

#iOS #iPad #IndieDev #Art

Strokes with random organic shapes are added to a widget on iPhone creating an abstract artwork.
6 days ago

Are you an #iPad user? If so, what are you using your iPad for? What widgets do you have on your Home Screen?

David Chartier
6 days ago

As much of a giant raving fan as I am of the iPad mini 6, it really needs a better screen and Face ID and maybe larger storage or I say we raid Apple Park. They can’t stop us all.

#Apple #iPad #iPadMini

Florian Heidenreich
6 days ago

HabitBoard v1.8 is here with support for interactive widgets on iOS 17 🙌

You can now mark your intentional habits directly from one of the widgets.

In addition, the new version introduces a App Shortcut to mark habits as done, missed, or skipped — perfect for combining it with your favorite meditation or fitness app.

Have a nice iOS 17 release day everybody!

Enjoy and take care ✅

#habits #iOS #iPhone #iPad #watchOS - Apple-Blog
6 days ago

Ein #iPhone mit einem beschädigten Glas ist generell eine recht teure Angelegenheit - auch wenn das Glas in den letzten Jahren deutlich stabiler geworden ist. Rund um das #iPhone15Pro und 15 Pro Max gibt es aber gute Nachrichten: Die #Reparatur für eine beschädigte Rückseite ist bei #Apple deutlich günstiger geworden.

Alles zum Thema:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPad #Mac #iPhone15 #Displayreparatur

📸 (c) Apple.

Das neue iPhone 15 Pro in den vier erhältlichen Farbvarianten.
Craig Grannell
6 days ago

Also! As we motor to the end of the year, I’ll be writing 2023 round-ups for #iPhone, #Android and #iPad apps and games.

If you have released an entirely new product (1.0) *or* made *substantial* updates to an existing app, please let me know.

Beardy Star Stuff
1 week ago

Pages and Affinity Compared Part 1

I've been using Pages since the first version available on the Mac many years ago. And of course I used the first version that was available on the iPad from day one. In the years since the app has gone through many changes as Apple worked to bring compatibility between the iWork apps on the two platforms which began with the Pages 1.7 on iOS and on the Mac, version 4.3 in 2012. But the big ...

#iPad #Apple

A screenshot with app icons for Affinity Publisher and Apple Pages. The text reads Apple Pages and Affinity Publisher Compared
A screenshot of a document in Apple Pages. A drop down menu of formatting controls is on the right side
A screenshot of the Pages app with a document and the sidebar of formatting options
A screenshot of Affinity Publisher with a document and the sidebar of formatting tools palette on the right side
Blake Patterson
1 week ago

I salute Apple finally moving to USB-C on the iPhone. (The first Mac with USB-C came in 2015.) That said, here's a little history of Apple's ever-changing interface.

#Apple #iPhone #iPad #Mac #USB #USBC #tech #technews #blog #iPhone15

Beardy Star Stuff
1 week ago

Working on a fun and hopefully helpful two-part article. The overall topic is a comparison of Apple Pages to Affinity Publisher. Though specific to the apps on the iPad it generalizes pretty well to the Mac.

Part one is centered from the perspective of Pages and I've written the post in Pages and designed it in Pages as a sort of 3 page example of what a user can do in terms of laying out a document with the app. I'll have that as a viewable/downloadable pdf.

#iPad - Apple-Blog
1 week ago

Zwar schon etwas älter, aber mit wichtigen Antworten zu noch wichtigeren Fragen: Sind alle Modelle der neuen #iPhone15-Generation mit Apples #Poliertuch kompatibel - oder verärgert #Apple die Kundschaft mit geplanter #Obsoleszenz?

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Reinigungstuch #Satire

Apples Poliertuch inklusive Verpackung auf einem Tisch.
1 week ago

I just posted an overview of iOS and iPadOS 17 on my Tech Talk site.

#ios #ipad #iphone #apple

Jason McFadden
1 week ago

Can you grab HTML, convert to .txt, paste into WordPress Classic Editor, and publish new web pages - *all on an iPad using only default apps?* YES! Yes you can. 😃

#ipad #ipadfirst #blogging #wordpress #html - Apple-Blog
1 week ago

Vor ein paar Wochen hat Fabian #MyPostcard in Berlin besucht. Vor etlichen Jahren hat man eine der ersten #Postkarten-Apps für das #iPhone entwickelt. Eine Sache wurde im Gespräch festgestellt: Wir haben schon lange nichts mehr zusammen verlost. Das soll sich heute ändern – und im Mittelpunkt stehen neben den Postkarten von MyPostcard gleich zwei neue #iPhone15 im Gesamtwert von über 2.000 Euro.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #Apple #Gewinnspiel #Verlosung #iPad #Mac

Auf einem Schreibtisch liegt ein iPhone mit geöffneter MyPostcard-App und eine Halterung mit einer MyPostcard-Postkarte.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

@christianselig @agiletortoise The #iPhone lacks a notion of the #iPad’s external display

Ahmet Alphan Sabancı
2 weeks ago

Question for the #Apple folks and #iPad users in the fediverse: I’m planning to get an iPad for mainly reading and research stuff and I’m not sure if iPad mini would be enough for the job or should I go for an iPad Air.

Does anyone have recommendations or experience with this kind of use? What do you think I should consider before making the decision?

2 weeks ago

The #AppleEvent might be over...but the best news are yet to come!

Vivaldi Browser, coming soon to your favorite devices 🔥

Are you ready? 🙌
#iPhone #iPad

iPhone screen capture showing a notification of the browser Vivaldi, which reads "We're almost there!".
David Chartier
2 weeks ago

Procreate: Sketch. Paint. Create.

Procreate Dreams: Now anyone can animate.

Procreate Nightmares:

😄 #Procreate #Apple #iPad

Ria Kovbasa
2 weeks ago

Alright I’m definitely getting back into #animation and visual effects - #Procreate announced a standalone animation app - Procreate Dreams. It looks so so so cool! And like a real alternative to Adobe’s After Effects, at least on #iPad

Warner Crocker
2 weeks ago

The iPad Mystery That Really Isn’t a Mystery

With new iPhones about to be released why is everyone talking about iPads?

With some links from @jsnell @gruber @harrymccracken @jasonmcfadden @wes_davis and more.

#iPad #iPhone #VisonPro #spatialcomputing #iOS

An iPad mini and an iPad Pro with images of The three bears displayed on the screens.
2 weeks ago


A serious zero-click vulnerability was discovered in all Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacOS, etc) that is being actively exploited in the wild. It does not require any user action to compromise a device!

Apple has now published patches for all devices. Go get them RIGHT NOW.

Details of vulnerability:

Fixed OS versions:

iOS 16.6.1
iPadOS 16.6.1
watchOS 9.6.2
macOS Ventura 13.5.2

#Apple #infosec #security #safety #hacking #Mac #iPhone #iPad #software #malware

Mono :verified:
2 weeks ago

Como algunos saben, he andado investigando un poco porque quiero reducir al maximo mis gadgets, en mi vida he gastado demasiado en esos aparatos, me refiero a tiempo y dinero. Quiero quedarme con un teléfono, una consola y un dispositivo para consumir multimedia, leer y editar ligeramente documentos (tablet). Todavía estoy indeciso sobre de que tanto desacéreme. Que sería su mínimo necesario en tecnología? #ios #ipad #android #switch #windows #surface #pc #iPhone #MacbookPro #linux

Marcel Waldvogel
2 weeks ago

DO update your #Apple devices ASAP. There is a zero-click #iMessage exploit in the wild.

Thanks, Apple for being so quick with your updates! #Mac #iPhone #iOS #iPad

Chris Pirillo
3 weeks ago

my #tech #news view in fewer than two ~ #apple is suggesting that the visionOS beta will include the app store, both #ipad & #iphone apps will be published automatically there ~ i don’t feel good about this ~ the #hardware will be worthless if the #software isn’t optimal

3 weeks ago

If you liked #Apollo for #reddit (by @christianselig) you may want to check out #Voyager for #lemmy by @alex.

Have only tried it on #iphone and #ipad, but apparently, it also runs on #web, #android and #applewatch.

It's also open-source:

Hidde van der Ploeg
4 weeks ago

Petey is now also available on the iPad! 🎉
🎨 The design has been optimised to use the bigger screen better.
⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts for more efficient use.
🪟 Multi-window support to run alongside other apps.
✨ Many improvements and bug fixes for iOS and watchOS.

#ChatGPT #iPad #Apps #AI

HEY #RPG fans, thinking of playing as my very first D&D video game Baldur's Gate 1 or 2 on iPad.


I only have iPhone, iPad, and Switch as my devices to play games.

Is this a good starting point? Should I start with 1 and not 2? or 2 first is okay???

#videogames #games #baldursgate #gaming #turnbased #ipad #ios #switch #nintendoswitch

does anybody use their #iPad Pro without some sort of case? i don’t want to put a case on mine, but it’s such an expensive piece of equipment that i'm constantly afraid of breaking it 😢

Andy Carolan :prami:
1 month ago

Somehow, I was reminded of The Sum of All Fears this morning, so I'm watching it while at my desk working.

#TheSumOfAllFears #Apple #iPad

The Sum of all Fears playing on an iPad Air. Other items in shot include Apple Keyboard and Trackpad, Apple AirPods case, Nintendo Switch, Apple Pencil attached to iPad, and Wacom Pen in a stand. Glass topped desk, and Corsair Desk Pad.
Hobbits Wife
1 month ago

Oh good. Seems my perfectly usable #iPad mini is no longer getting updates and #ITVX won’t even allow me to stream come Friday. This isn’t a sustainable model, making things obsolete that are still working fine! Won’t be buying a replacement, I’ll inherit hubbies when he upgrades

Beardy Star Stuff
1 month ago

The iPad is Failing: Summer 2023 Edition

It's late August 2023 and during this slow time for Apple-related news the pundits have all found time to circle back around to the age old problem of the iPad. The most recent round seemed to start with Jason Snell's post "Giving up the iPad-only travel dream":

"I’ve noticed that a lot of my colleagues who were previously working hard to integrate the iPad into their professional work have backed off...


A iPad Pro in a stand sitting next to an external display. There is a keyboard and trackpad in front of the iPad and it is connected to the display.
Peter Müller
1 month ago

Daring Fireball: 'Giving Up the iPad-Only Travel Dream'

About #iPad and #MacBook and being productive at home and whilst travelling

1 month ago

And ultimately it comes down to the gulf between what I think an #iPad is capable of, and what #Apple want it to do.

At this stage, iPads have M1/M2 processors, and are more than capable of running macOS, but Apple are more concerned about product lines eating into each others profits than making one device that can do everything. They have essentially the same hardware as my MacBook, but are crippled by an OS that Apple have on a tight leash.

1 month ago

Good piece here from @jsnell regarding where the #iPad currently is.

Over the past few years I've gone from 'IPAD ALL THE THINGS' to having an iPad in a drawer with a broken screen that I ought to get repaired, that I wish I could figure out a use for.

Ellane W
1 month ago

I've digitised my sister's family favourite recipes. They live inside my #Obsidian vault, and are backed up to Dropbox. Obsidian is working well on my #iOS devices these days, but in the spirit of multi-#app accessibility, I've just pulled up her pumpkin soup recipe in the Dropbox app on my #iPad. It's deliciously monotype plain texty; I love it!
And just because I can, in #iA Writer. Gorgeous as always.

1 month ago

Сommission for koshkojenaa, bday gift for Koffy

#red #dragon #sketch #portrait #teeth #fangs #procreate #ipad

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

Now that I'm 52, I've learned to recognize this dynamic, from the #EternalSeptember:

to the moral panic over menuing systems replacing CLIs:

to the culture wars over what would happen when the net got a normie-friendly GUI:

And yeah, I've done it too, explaining "Why I won’t buy an #iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either)":


1 month ago

I’ve been trialing both @Tutanota and @protonmail as a replacement for #Google and #iCloud mail and calendar and I am torn:

#ProtonMail has an excellent (but less secure than Tutanota) bridge app that integrates Proton Mail directly into my desktop mail client, but their #iPad app is not to my liking & it doesn’t have a native #Linux client.

#Tutanota has a superior iPad app IMO, but their desktop app PALES in comparison to #Thunderbird with the Proton Bridge.

Murat Çorlu
1 month ago

iPad is a great device to measure the responsivity level of a UI. It's "a big mobile phone" in portrait mode and "a small desktop" in landscape mode. It has a multi-touch screen but can also use with a pointer. It can be used with the on-screen keyboard and an external keyboard. UI developers should target to have a successful app on iPads. #ipad #frontend #ui

David Chartier
1 month ago

Might switch to an 11-inch #iPadPro (14 day return policy). I love the 12.9, but for my uses it has some portability challenges. #Apple #iPad

Two iPads sitting next to each other in Magic Keyboards, one 11-inch on left and 12.9-inch on right. They are transferring data between the two so I can basically grab the new one and go.
Stephen Radford :telly:
1 month ago

Gonna take a lot of work to rejig everything but this could really work as a three column #lemmy #bean #ipad #ios

Bean running in a three column layout
Bean running in a two column layout