My sister missed out on iPhone 15 Pro orders, so I created a Homey Flow that constantly checks the iPhone stock in nearby Apple Stores.

And guess what… It worked! Got a notification, opened the Apple Store app, used Apple Pay, done!

Ready for pickup tomorrow. 🙌

#Homey #HomeyPro #Apple #iPhone #iPhone15Pro

iPhone users: struggling to make the keyboard add apostrophes automatically in, for example, I’ll and we’re, rather than autocorrecting to illuminate or werewolf? Just type the final letter twice, so illl becomes I’ll and weree becomes we’re.

You’re welcome!

#iphone #Apple #tip #autocorrect #iOS17 #DamnYouAutocorrect

38 minutes ago

Putney Bridge, London

#Photography #Books #PutneyBridge #London #iPhone

Book shop Putney Bridge, London. 
Books lined up blocking the front window, which is used as a book shelf.
43 minutes ago

Apple recomenda que não sejam usados cabos USB-C para “Android” no novo iPhone 15
#android #apple #iphone #noticias #tech #tugatech

Apple recomenda que não sejam usados cabos USB-C para "Android" no novo iPhone 15
Epiphanic Synchronicity
49 minutes ago

@siracusa Ditto for an #iPad or any #tablet (or phone) without a hardware keyboard. I actually find the iPad’s soft keyboard slower and more clumsy to type on than an #iPhone’s.

53 minutes ago

iPhone 15 Pro Max: o que existe dentro do novo modelo da Apple?
#apple #iphone #sistema #noticias #tech #tugatech

iPhone 15 Pro Max: o que existe dentro do novo modelo da Apple?
Daryl Baxter
56 minutes ago

If you think a case is ‘next level bad’, it may be time to put the #iPhone on standby, go for a walk and realise what’s more important in the big wide world.

Tymur Yarosh
1 hour ago

#iPhone tip: You can listen to long reads in Safari if you upgraded to #iOS17. There are some expected controls like rewind and forward and the speaking rate. What I find especially remarkable is that if you end up listening in the middle of the page, you can resume listening later. This feature uses #siri voice, so you can change it in Settings 👉 Siri & Search 👉 Siri Voice. My favorite is American (Voice 4). The listening experience is fantastic.

Wayne Dixon
1 hour ago

iPhone Availability for the Afternoon of Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Here is the latest iPhone availability for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

#Apple #DeviceAvailability #iPhone #iPhoneAvailability

Front and back of the All Colors on the iPhone 15 Plus
1 hour ago
Bernd Dorer
2 hours ago

Ich würde gerne meinen #pihole am #iPhone als #dns eintragen. Hierfür muss man ein Profil erstellen. Hat das schon mal jemand gemacht?

Performing a reset of my phone (volume up, down, hold lock until reboot) vastly improved the brightness, but this 15 Pro is still not as bright as my SE.


3 hours ago

Assistive Access in Apple’s iOS 17 is a great digital minimalist approach.

Choose six apps and stick with them. No distractions. Just the basics.

Triple-clicking the power button activates and deactivates the feature.

For two days, I will be using this mode and blogging about it on Wednesday. I will post the blog on here.

#Apple #iPhone #iOS17 #digitalminimalism #dumbphone #featurephone

Joseph Kohlmann
3 hours ago

Hey, what iPhone-only apps are people using to track their walks using GPS? #iPhone #Walking #Fitness

Heath Stewart
3 hours ago

@Lee_Holmes After many years with #Android - since being one of the last holdouts for Windows Phone - it's partly crap decisions by Google like this that are making me consider switching to #iPhone.

Gilly 🐈
3 hours ago

@inzuam hat sich für das weiße #iPhone 15 Pro entschieden und das sieht schon verflucht gut aus in Kombination mit dem Titan-Rahmen 👌

Ich halte ein weißes iPhone 15 Pro in der Hand
Andreas 🇪🇺
3 hours ago

@rstockm kann ich mit meinem #iPhone 11 genau so bestätigen 👍

Seriously, dont knock it till you try it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #Apple #iPhone
The writer refuses to try something new, so he stays in his own "loop" and disses the iPhone/users for staying in the Apple loop. Fk off that sht...

7 reasons why I won't be buying an iPhone 15

WeKeys :unverified:
4 hours ago

Les #iPhone 15 et 15 Pro ont désormais un port USB C plus fragile que l’ancien port Lightning.
Fort heureusement il n’est pas soudé à la carte mère, mais malheureusement il est vraiment compliqué à retirer. Il faut un temps fou afin de le changer.
Ne changez rien #Apple vous êtes au top.

This one is a bit odd - my Thunderbolt 3 SD card reader works well on the #iPhone 15 Pro, but when I try to attach a Thunderbolt 3 SSD, I get an error saying that Thunderbolt devices aren't supported.

An iOS error:

"Cannot Use Thunderbolt Accessory

Thunderbolt accessories are not supported on this iPhone."
Eric Ferraiuolo
5 hours ago

Saw this post where someone made the iPhone 15 Pro action button dynamic: opens Camera when in landscape orientation, otherwise toggles Silent Mode.

Here’s my Shortcut to replicate this


Drea Rich
5 hours ago

We drove home through upstate New York this weekend and we saw the first hints of fall. #AutumnLeaves #NewYork #MobilePhotography #iPhone #ShotOnIphone

Picture of trees that are just starting to turn red
Trenton Matthews
5 hours ago

From Snazzy Labs

10 Awesome iOS Apps You've Never Heard Of!

#Apple #IOS #IPhone

Tech news from Canada
5 hours ago

Wired: 20 Best MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone (2023): Webcam Mount, Car Docks, Wireless Chargers #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Accessories #AccessoriesandPeripherals #Gear/Products/Phones #Gear/BuyingGuides #buyingguides #Shopping #Magnets! #iPhone #apple #cases #Gear

With all of the complaints about the new #Apple woven case, I am glad I am a bold, case-less #iPhone user.

Kenny Park
6 hours ago

Hell, if they get to the point where one purchase would let you install on #Mac, #iPhone, #iPad and #AppleTV, with cross progression, they could seriously take on #Steam and the console stores. I know it'd suddenly become my preferred format over #PS5.

Josh Z
6 hours ago

I used to be way more understanding when it came to a lack of updates in a pay-up-front world, but when it comes to subscriptions, a “Sorry, for not updates the last couple of months, specially now that a new iOS version is out” doesn’t cut it. If devs want to charge subscription prices, they have to have something to show for it. It’s not the norm with the devs I support, but it’s jarring when it happens.

#iOS #iPhone

Dave Mark
6 hours ago

My wish for the iPhone 15 Action Button:

Let me change the Action Button based on what app I’m in. Camera? Click the shutter. Safari? Go to next tab or Reload.

Also, let me assign functions to a double or triple-tap.

Agree with this? Any other ideas? 💡🤔

#Apple #iPhone #ActionButton

Ralf Stockmann
7 hours ago

Anekdotische Evidenz: mein #iPhone 11 ist jetzt drei Jahre alt, und der Akku macht keinerlei Probleme. Bisher waren die nach 2 Jahren ziemlich runtergerockt. Irgendwas hat #apple da optimiert. Maximalladung: 87% das finde ich bei täglichem Gebrauch sehr amtlich.

Marcel Bischoff
7 hours ago

Somehow, in #iOS17 on my #iPhone, #Apple managed to mess up the lock screen Music widget even more than it already did. Come on Apple, have you stopped caring about base-level software quality now?

Seth G.
8 hours ago

Last week, when pre-orders for the new #iPhone #iPhone15 first opened, I was going to purchase an #iPhone15Pro , before deciding it wouldn't be the smartest financial move. I've got a working #Google #GooglePixel 7 Pro, and no matter how much I've come to dislike the direction #Android is going, there's no problem with it.

Yesterday, my phone froze 3 times and again this morning, locking up until I forced a reboot. Of course, everywhere is out of iPhone stocks with delivery dates in November.

9 hours ago

#lockscreen #homescreen#iPhone#mobile#android
Gradient Wallpaper
Source: @BasicAppleGuy

Jack Roberts :ivory_boost:
9 hours ago

I think it’s safe to say that I want the action button on my iPad now #iPhone15 #ActionButton #iPhone #Apple

Greg Lowe
9 hours ago

First full 25x zoom with #iphone 15 #promax (vs. 5x). Hard to complain about this

10 hours ago

#lockscreen #homescreen#iPhone#android
Template app: @mizframa
Mizframa app has recently launched iPhone 15 models, with 5 colors to choose from.

konsensor :mastodon:
10 hours ago

@janosch Könnte sein. Mal schauen wie ob und wann sich das in den kommenden Tagen einpendelt. #iOS #iOS17 #iPhone #Apple

11 hours ago

#wallpapers #homescreen#iPhone#mobile#android
Gradient Version 

11 hours ago

#wallpapers #homescreen#iPhone#mobile#android
iPhone 15 Pro Wallpapers(mod)

konsensor :mastodon:
12 hours ago

Hmmmm... wird irgendwie nicht besser. Kaum Nutzung, Akku leergesaugt. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #iOS #iPhone #iOS17 #Apple

Apple Batteriestatus-Grafik mit schnell abnehmender Akkuleistungsanzeige.
Dave Rahardja
15 hours ago

I’ve seen several samples of photos from #iPhone 15 Pro Max that are way overprocessed like this, with weird artifacts, with some areas oddly sharp while others nearby really muddy and blurry.

Whatever AI or ML #Apple is using to post-process photos seems to be turned up much too high. I felt that the iPhone 14 Pro camera was a downgrade from the iPhone 13 thanks to its over-eager post-processing that yielded weird and artificial-looking results. I was looking forward to getting a more natural camera with the iPhone 15, but I guess that is not to be.

It seems Apple has doubled down on new tech rather than admit it’s going down the wrong path yet again (TouchBar cough cough), but I hope they realize that overcooked photos with meddling AI enhancements isn’t what pros want.

@cloudguy Some people fret about...

#ElonMusk's nonexistent town square?

Strategists celebrate REAL #SocialMedia🔴

❷ Being monetized?

Minimalists smile🔴

❸ The #Fediverse — while urging all to run & go patch that #Smartphone, #iPhone, #iOS, #Android or #Mobile device against Predator or other latest #Security flaw?

#Tech minimalists smile some more🔴

📌 #Zen, my friends😋

#Contentment is #Health🟢

Chris Pirillo
17 hours ago

i'm not sure i could recommend using the #apple #iphone for any kind of product #photography over, say, a flagship #samsung #smartphone ~ details seem to be lost on several shots, despite having (arguably) more accurate color ~ can't get those details back, ever

Joshua Wood
17 hours ago

I want to set different actions for this new action button depending on the current focus. #Apple #iOS #iPhone

Mike Rastiello
18 hours ago

If you have a new #iPhone with the action button in the side and not the silence switch and you are a normal human being who doesn’t permit their phone to make a sound… you may have notice a muted bell icon up by the time.

Well, you can turn that off in #iOS settings.

Settings > Sounds and Haptics

A screenshot of the Settings > Sounds & Haptics screen showing how to turn off the muted bell icon.
James Scholes
20 hours ago

My first impression of the #iPhone 15 Pro is that, compared with my 11, it's kind of ugly. It may be slightly narrower and shorter, but it's also thicker, lacks the sleek rounded edges and smooth glass back, and has the volume/power buttons too far from the top. The camera bulge is also quite obscene.

Is there anyone using #swift in a context outside of the #apple ecosystem?

As in, if you're using it as the backend of a service on something like #Linux or #FreeBSD, but it's a service for an #iPhone or #MacOS app, I wouldn't count that.

If it's just a generic service that's consumed by non-apple sources, I'd count that.

Boosts appreciated, this is purely for my own curiosity. Feel free to share what you work on, if you can, in replies!

Chris Pirillo
22 hours ago

If you’ve missed my new tech video YouTube notifications, here’s a roundup of the last few that might be of interest:

#iPhone 15 Pro Max Unboxing and First Look!

Moto Razr+ First Impressions!

iOS 17 First Impressions!

Why You Should Buy The #Apple Vision Pro!

iPhone 15/15 Pro Breakdown!

Chris Pirillo
22 hours ago

my irreverent #apple #iphone 15 pro max (f)unboxing #video is up:

23 hours ago

I discovered that @IceCubesApp allows you to explore local timelines so easily on their app. This is pretty handy to see what’s happening on other servers on the go when I’m not at a desktop
#Mastodon #mastotip #ios #iphone #infosec #cybersecurity

BeAware :verified420:
23 hours ago

Get yourself ready for #Halloween on #Mastodon this year by using my new icon for #IceCubesApp on #iOS!

It's free to download. Though if you enjoy the app, you should tip @dimillian a few buckaroos for this awesome app! And follow the official account for updates @IceCubesApp

Also includes my new icon based on #neurodiversity!

#ADHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergence #fediverse #apple #iphone

🚨PSA: iOS 17 turns these sensitive location options back on. If you have disabled significant locations as well as adding your location information to your iPhone analytics before upgrading to iOS 17, #iOS17 will turn the options on as shown in the screenshot.

While significant locations remain local on your #iPhone, they can be abused as they record detailed information about the locations you visit frequently. iPhone analytics, on the other hand, are shared with #Apple. Having your location information included in these analytics reports might have privacy implications, even if the reports don't identify you.

Security experts have always advised to turn these two options off.

Go the Settings app: Privacy & Security ➡️ Location Services ➡️ Scroll down to System Services ➡️ Find these two options and turn them off:

👉 Significant Locations
👉 iPhone Analytics

A re-post or boost would be appreciated to spread the word🙏
You're welcome!

#Privacy #CyberSecurity #infosec #Security

Screenshot of the location services settings that iOS 17 switches on even if they were disabled before.
1 day ago

I love this fight so much. #google could make an #rcs app for #iphone, there’s a third party one operating today. But they know their brand has zero draw for consumers on iOS to switch messaging platforms. So instead they’re going to harass #Apple into giving them the only #imessage integration as the sales pitch for why consumers on #android should use their app vs #whatsapp or #signal or any other option.

Joey van der Poel
1 day ago

Keep your phone up-to-date, always! “3 #iOS 0-days, a cellular network compromise, and HTTP used to infect an #iPhone

Marcus Noble
1 day ago

Oooo just discovered that the new #iPhone action button can be used as the shutter button in the camera app! Nice! 📸

EINGFOAN :donor:
1 day ago

@zak Still in the #mini #iphone #club

Tim Farley
1 day ago

Dear #Apple: The phrase "iPhone XS and later" is effectively meaningless to anyone other than Apple employee or a Wikipedia editor. Was the XS before or after the iPhone 9? Is "XS" after "SE"? Nobody remembers this stuff but you. #Security #SecurityRelease #IOS #IOS17 #IOS1701 #CVE202341993 #CVE_2023_41993 #iPhone

Alexander Hay
1 day ago

How DOES one get a #MacBook or #iPhone repaired in #Havana? Its underground technicians work their magic against amazing odds.

"...García Padrón had mended her waterlogged laptop after her home in '#Cuba flooded, but when the #Journalist took it to an official #Apple Store in #Berlin, the authorized repair person had expressed disbelief, saying there was no trace of any water damage at all. 'Then my Cuban repairman must be a magician,' she recounted telling [him].

Wayne Dixon
1 day ago

iPhone Availability for the Morning of Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Here is the latest iPhone availability for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

#Apple #DeviceAvailability #iPhone #iPhoneAvailability

Front and back of the Black iPhone 15

Hey, #iphone purchasing friends!

May I recommend if you need a case?

- Biodegradable!
- Colourful!
- Etched options!
- Cheap!
- Even cheaper with the WAVE20 20% discount code!

Highly recommended.

Marcus Noble
1 day ago

Awwww yeah! 😁

#iPhone #iPhone15

Me holding my new iPhone 15 Pro Max in titanium blue. The back of the phone is shown.
1 day ago

Soll ich von #iphone 12 pro max auf das 15 pro upgraden oder noch warten? sind halt mindestens 900€ die mich das extra kosten wird…..
von den Vorteilen wäre es schon sinnvoll, aber hab dieses Jahr schon do viele Ausgaben.

1 day ago

@david Do you know about anything no similar for #Android? And do you know if it works with #iPhone / #iOS, too? It would make sense also on smaller screens!

1 day ago

Been hearing stuff about how bad the #iPhone Finewoven cases are so I’m curious to see if that’s really the case.

For context, FineWoven is a new fabric option you’ll find for iPhone 15 cases, AirTag holders, and MagSafe wallets. Apple calls it a “luxurious and durable microtwill.” The catch? They’re expensive, feels more like a $10 cheapo case, feels cheap almost like cardboard and much more.

So if you do have a Finewoven case, do you actually like it?

Well, also on the #iPhone, I couldn’t resist this year … #iPhone15ProMax #upgrade #excited

iPhone 15 Pro Max on my desk
Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

#ios on an #apple #iphone 15 pro max: still sloppy and choppy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuu (hot garbage, through and through)

Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

doing a good ol' fashioned #apple #iphone funboxing now #live on #twitch ~

Josh S
2 days ago

Its mad that my iPhone now has 8GB of RAM. Years ago, that was the amount of storage. Apparently that's where my head goes before sleep. #apple #iphone

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@daringfireball I disagree that “the #MagSafe Battery Pack is a flat-out great product.” I would slap it on my #iPhone 12 Pro when warned I had 20% charge left, and at best it merely paused the phone’s full discharge for a few hours, even with #iOS low-power mode activated.

Many times, however, the battery pack would cycle between delaying the phone’s death and switching itself off as the phone overheated, with or without an official MagSafe case.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

John Scott-Railton ☕
2 days ago

4/ #Apple moved quickly to fix the zero-day exploits
@maddiestone & my Citizen Lab colleague Bill Marczak discovered.

So upgrade your #iPhone #OSX ...

There is a piece of good security news buried in all this...

We believe & Apple's Security Engineering & Architecture Team confirms, Lockdown Mode would have blocked this attack!

We *strongly* encourage all Apple users that may be at risk because of who they are or what they do to enable #Lockdownmode!

@citizenlab @maddiestone

Sam H.
2 days ago

Swapped to an #iPhone. Any fun tips or things to try? I know the basics of how to use it already. #Apple

John Scott-Railton ☕
2 days ago

🚨UPDATE your #Apple products now!

We @citizenlab w/TAG's @maddiestone caught #predator #spyware attacks against a prominent pro-democracy Egyptian politician after he announced presidential ambitions.

Apple rushed a patch.

Attacks used network injection to drop the 3 #zeroday chain on his #iphone

We attribute the tech used for the injection to #sandvine's packetlogic.

#cybersecurity #infosec #hacking #egypt

Richard Hodson
2 days ago

How many generations of #iPhone do reckon will be titanium?

Adam Lasnik
2 days ago

@nfd @stshank @tchambers

I'm an Apple user (phone, laptop, tablet), and I care strongly about this. I have friends and family who choose to use Android phones, and it just seems stupid to either have our photos/videos shared as potatoes OR convince everyone to install/learn/use a 3rd party messaging service... when Apple could pretty easily fix this*.

* by either using RCS *or* making iMessage available for Android. The ball's really in Apple's court here.

#apple #iphone #rcs #android

Amiga Love ❤
2 days ago

Today from the edge of the universe…
How this didn’t explode during re-entry I really don’t care!

#apple #iphone #iPhone15

Matt Birchler
2 days ago

24MP of Sherman #iphone #DogsOfMastodon

Photo of a great and white puppy curled into a ball on the couch.
Doug Parker
2 days ago

Had to download #WhatsApp the other day and I'm amazed at how it effectively *requires* access to your contacts.

If you try to even send a message, it immediately asks for access to your contacts, and if you say "no" it just stops and you can't send a message. I'm not getting tricked into giving my social graph to #Meta again.

What's crazier is that a friend downloaded it at the same time but *could* send a message without giving access to contacts. Apparently their #iPhone app support this while the #Android app does not.

So my friend could initiate a conversation with me, and I can view and respond. But I can't initiate a conversation with them. (I wonder if this was a requirement of Apple's review?)

Seriously, fuck off with these privacy-invasive designs. There is no valid reason for this.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp "Chats" tab. A dialog is displayed which reads "To help you message friends and family on WhatsApp, allow WhatsApp access to your contacts. Tap Settings > Permissions, and turn Contacts on."
Kyle :kaseya:
2 days ago

Good morning #Fediverse! Happy iPhone Release Day for all those who celebrate. For those that don't....well you really should. JK...maybe. 😜

What does everyone have planned for today? Anything exciting? Let us know below.

For me, I'll be working and then also be setting up the new iPhone when it gets here. Not sure what's planned for this weekend just yet.

#GoodMorning #HappyFriday #HappyWeekend #iPhone #iPhone15ProMax #iPhoneReleaseDay

2 days ago

My current #iPhone hasn’t been murdered by Apple yet, so I won’t get an iPhone 15, but I’m making plans and preparing for an iPhone 17 pro max

Line art of man carrying a large window pane
Carlo Zottmann
2 days ago

For those of us who don’t get a new #iPhone 15 w/ action button, please remember that iOS 16+ comes with a "Back Tap” feature which can run a Shortcuts workflow of your choice when you tap the back of the phone with your finger or, uh, whathaveyou.

Settings → Accessibility → Touch → Back Tap

Additionally nice: You can specify two different workflows, one for double tapping and one for triple-tapping.

#ActionButton #ShortcutsApp #Automation #PSA #AccessibilityHelpsEveryone

Caleb Hearth :d6:
2 days ago

Today I’m getting a new #iPhone 15 Pro and a #Playdate in the mail📱 :playdate:

So at least I’ll have something to entertain me while the phone gets set up 😂

Annabelle Kennedy
2 days ago

En route to Edinburgh to pick up my new phone!

#iPhone #iPhone15 #Edinburgh #Apple

Andre Louis
2 days ago

Successfully connected my #Samsung T7 Shield to #iPhone 15 Pro without any complaint about 'Device requires too much power' blahblahblah. Immediately visible to the files app, no questions.

Andre Louis
2 days ago

#Android users be like... 'Shut up you fool!' But can I just say how utterly bizarre it is connecting a USB-C anything to an #iPhone?

Bas van der Ploeg
3 days ago

Yeah, the Natural color turns out to be really pretty. 🤩

#iPhone #Apple