Chris Gervais 🎸🥁💻
3 days ago

Killer OG lineup I pulled out of an old cabinet #ipod #razr #iphone

Image of an iPod 20GB, Motorola Razr, and original iPhone - pulled out of an old cabinet
6 days ago

Sammelte nicht jemand #Ipod ?

8 verschiedene Iods
Christian Alvarez
1 week ago

I was cleaning out some old photos I've saved throughout the years in Google Photos (Remember Picasa, anybody?) and I stumbled upon this photo of what appears to be concept art (possibly by a random individual) for an iPod Nano, so I did a reverse image search and it looks like that pic was from 2005! Funny to see that just 5 years later in 2010 we'd see that similar form factor on the 6th gen iPod Nano.

#Apple #iPod #music #retrotech #tech #AppleFan #iPodNano

2 weeks ago

Still my most favorite iPod. The iPod Photo 😍#apple #applevintage #ipod

2 weeks ago

Oui en 2023 il y a encore des gens qui font ça ! #iPod #iTunes #Synchro #OldSchool

LeRoy Miller
2 weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago I was given a 1st generation #iPad with 64GB. No charger for it, so I didn't have any idea if it worked or not. Last week I got a broken non-working #iPod that had a charger. (The battery is bad in the iPod, but it works if on the charger).
After a few hours, the #iPad powered on. Much to my surprise it's holding a charge.

1st generation iPad
Mono 🍂
2 weeks ago

Alguien alguna vez tuvo un zune? #microsoft #zune #apple #ipod

Imagen con IPod blanco de Apple y atrás un Microsoft Zune negro
Wojtek Pietrusiewicz
2 weeks ago

W ekspresowym tempie dotarł do mnie kolejny produkt od Grid Studio – iPod Classic z 2004 roku. Przed rokiem był to rozebrany na czynniki pierwsze iPhone X, a tym razem jest to ikoniczny iPod.

Grid Studio tworzy i sprzedaje ciekawą koncepcję – rozbierają ciekawe i często wyjątkowe sprzęty, których poszczególne komponenty potem doczepiają do tła i szczegółowo je opisują.

W swojej ofercie mają praktycznie wszystko od Apple’a, od pierwszych iPodów po współczesne iPady i iPhone’y. Mają też Apple Watcha, SoC firmy z Cupertino, pięknie zatopione w pleksi, niedawno wprowadzili do oferty pinezki, no i nie można zapomnieć o konsolach do grania, w tym o Gameboyach.

Grid Studio, z okazji Black Friday 2023, od najbliższej środy 22 listopada do wtorku 28 listopada (więc promocja zahacza o Cyber Monday), organizuje przeceny, których wartość sięga 50%.

Jeśli szukacie podpowiedzi, to zaproponuję iPhone’a 1. generacji – to smartfon, który zmienił wszystko.

Wysyłka od Grid Studio jest bezproblemowa i trafia do adresata w ciągu paru dni – sprawdzone już dwukrotnie na własnej skórze.

Jeśli macie jakiekolwiek pytania na temat tych produktów, to zapraszam do kontaktu.

Jeszcze raz przypominam, że promocja startuje za 2 dni, 22 listopada, więc pilnujcie tej strony i pamiętajcie, że dostępność jest ograniczona, szczególnie starszych sprzętów, bo trudno dzisiaj je kupić w odpowiednim stanie, aby nadawały się na taką ekspozycję.

#GridStudio #hardware #iPod #iPodClassic #Sprzęt

3 weeks ago

#ipod mini modders: do you have a preferred replacement Li-Ion battery brand that you like to work with?

i replaced mine with a (surprisingly expensive) "HSABAT"-brand battery from aliexpress that failed after 6 months.

3 weeks ago

does anyone know how to get music onto a 3rd gen ipod nano? #files #mp3 #ipod

Rescued and working better than I remember. #ipod #IFixedIt #repairability

For a Friday night project, I am attempting to rescue an 60GB #ipod :Classic within Linux. I tried awhile ago on a Mac with no luck but it seems like it may be rescued with with #gnome :gnome: and #Rhythmbox


Matt Godden
1 month ago

my #iPod with no #Apps was a better #Music / #Audiobook / #Podcast player than my #iPhone.

Nicer to use, nicer to hold, nicer to manage.

Greensleeves Website
1 month ago

Presenting the Greensleeves Jukebox, an ipod nano setup containing 565 versions of greensleeves

Battery powered or wired, this Genuine Artifact means you can have greensleeves anytime. Gifted as a raffle prize at my wedding

#ipodNano #ipod

A light-green ipod nano, sitting on top of a circular speaker dock of a matching color
Jessie Nabein
1 month ago

😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

Picked: touchHLE_apps/domo-the-journey.ipa
App bundle info:
- Display name: Domo
- Version: 1.1
- Identifier: com.horsefeathers.domo
- Internal name (canonical):
- Minimum OS version: 3.0

Warning: app requires OS version 3.0. Only iPhone OS 2 apps are currently supported.

#TouchHLE #ipod #emulation

1 month ago

So, ich hab meinen alten #iPod 5. Generation (iPod Video hieß der damals, glaube ich) aus der Schublade geholt, #RockBox installiert und was soll ich sagen: Das ist immer noch einer der besten mobilen Audioplayer aller Zeiten.
Jetzt bekommt er einen neuen Akku und die 30 GB HDD wird durch 512 GB SD-Cards ersetzt. Damit hab ich noch ein paar Jahre Spaß.

Mac & i
1 month ago

PlayerMods: Ukrainische Firma modernisiert alte iPods

Es gibt eine große Hardware-Hacking-Szene, die alte iPods modernisiert. Aus der Ukraine kann man mittlerweile auch fertige bestellen.

#Apple #Bluetooth #Entertainment #HardwareHacking #iPod #news

John Balestrieri
1 month ago

And my #iPod Socks. Gray is missing.



a.d. 
1 month ago

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #HashtagGames #iPod

The first #Apple product I brought back in 2005, the #U2 iPod. It was so kewl to carry all of my music in that, and the original #iTunes software was so easy to install & use. I think I had about 200+ songs.

1 month ago

Now And Thenのシングル、iPodにも無事入れられた…
#NowAndThen #LoveMeDo #TheBeatles #2023Mix #iTunes #iPod

1 month ago

Experimenting with the #iPod instead of #MiniDisc today, and discovering that the biggest reason I don't listen to music more when out is because my MD player is godawful loud. It's okay-ish when just playing but seeking to a new track or just starting playing is so loud; and my unit is pretty freshly cleaned and lubricated although perhaps it was still quieter when it was new.

1 month ago

Just being a trash goblin again. #RetroTech #iPod

A blue second-generation iPod Nano playing “The Touch” by Stan Bush from the original Transformers movie soundtrack, being held in a person’s hand.

Well, it's cute, that’s for sure!

#iPod #iPodTouch #BSD #Unix #Darwin #macOS

1 month ago

Ich glaube für den #iPod Touch kommt nix mehr. 😂

Screenshot vom iPod Touch (6.G)

iOS 12.5.7 
Deine Software ist auf dem neuesten Stand.
Pablonius Monk
1 month ago

iPods are now considered ‘vintage’ tech—so of course, they’re sold out at Urban Outfitters 🎧

Apple’s fifth generation iPod was listed for a whopping $349 at the Gen Z-favored retailer.

If you’re shocked that the iPod is making a comeback, prepare to have your brain “shuffled.” The Apple iPod Mini (first generation) was selling for $199, while the Apple iPod (the fifth generation) cost a whopping $349.

@fastcompany #SarahBregel #UrbanOutfitters #iPod #Vintage #Music

ITF Tech Ltd
1 month ago

Can you believe this week marks 22 years since the launch of the iPod? It was the gadget that could hold '1000 songs in your pocket' and it paved the way for so much more. What was the first song you downloaded?

#Apple #iPod #HappyBirthday

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago

Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: Here Are the 10 Most Frightening Stories You Will Ever Hear: Our 2019 Winners #Jezebel #constanthitmaker #operationgarzon #subaruoutback #shoulders #lauren #kathy #jesus #ipod

1 month ago

On one hands $200 for a modded iPod Mini with 128GB of flash storage and a new battery isn't actually that bad. That's about the going rate from independent modders. On the other hand, I'm feeling the olds.

#iPod #Vintage #technology

Manzanas Enfrentadas
1 month ago

Un día como hoy en 2001 #Apple anunciaba el dispositivo que revolucionaría la industria musical.

1000 canciones en nuestro bolsillo gracias al #ipod

¿Tú tuviste algún iPod? Compártenos los momentos que viviste con uno de los mejores inventos en el mundo.

Mario Guzmán
1 month ago

The first tv commercial for the first iPod. 😍😭🥹

#iPod #AppleiPod

Mario Guzmán
1 month ago

Oct. 23, 2001 - Apple Announced iPod

#iPod #AppleiPod

1 month ago

#iPod1stgen #iPod #2001

1 month ago

22 years ago on October 23, 2001, Apple introduced the original iPod.

The original iPod with the iconic mechanical scroll wheel, had a 5 GB hard drive capable of storing approximately 1,000 songs.

It was compact, easy to use and most importantly, it synced seamlessly with iTunes, Apple's music management software.

#Apple #Tech #TechHistory #iPod

Leave it to Apple, maker of some of the world's sleekest computers, to come out with the world's coolest MP3 player. Flash an Apple iPod ($399 list) around and your friends will be begging to play with it. But this beauty has more than good looks going for it: Its usefulness and simplicity make it a standout product, even for the price.

Apple's iPod is the first MP3 player with a FireWire connection, which transfers music at up to 400 Mbps. Most players utilize USB, which can manage only 12 Mbps. We transferred a 523-song music collection (2.31GB) in 5 minutes flat. This is great news for Mac users, but not for those who work on PCs; The iPod is only Mac-compatible.

The iPod houses a 5GB hard drive, enough storage for approximately 1,000 songs encoded at 160 Kbps. With CDs averaging 14 songs, that's about 71 CDs. There are MP3 players out there that hold more, but none are this portable. At 4.0 by 2.4 by 0.8 inches (HWD), the iPod is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs a mere 6.5 ounces
Say Hello to iPod

1,000 songs. In your pocket
1 month ago

🗓️ 23.10.2001: Der erste :apple_inc: #iPod mit 5-GB-Festplatte wird vorgestellt.

#geschichte #heute #apple #wikipedia #technik

I wanted to make the joke that the #walkman in his pocket was a 1980s #ipod. Then I realised that a lot of people alive today don't know what an iPod was... #monsterdon

Tyler Sticka
2 months ago

Don’t mind me, just anthropomorphizing old consumer electronics again

#inktober #inktober2023 #MastoArt #iPod #bird

A giant iPod Classic (possibly 4th generation) with robot arms and legs sings along with a small, happy bird perched on its finger. The iPod's screen displays a heart shape.
2 months ago

@BasicAppleGuy Finally an #ApplePencil for #iPod Classic 🫶 Does it pair via FireWire, tho? 🤔😏

Tech news from Canada
2 months ago
Kroc Camen
2 months ago

Nani!? #ipod (it was fully working, but the screen was stuck wrapped like this!)

Photo of 5th gen iPod where the display is shifted and wrapped by half!?
2 months ago

So a lot of the #iPod issues seem to have been caused by the iFlash SD card drive replacement being... kinda crap. Shoving an actual hard drive in it can play back the same music formats that gave the SD card trouble and actually maxes out USB 2.0 speeds.

I've seen reports of other people having similar issues, so watch out.

Not a great long term solution because well... hard drive! But at least the noises it makes are nostalgic, even if you can feel the access times.

Jed Baldwin
2 months ago

Cursed 30-pin iPod charging station in the wild. #retrotech #ipod

Daniel Neuman
2 months ago

So our kitchen radio apparently has an #iPod dock. Feels a bit retro.
#pioneer #nowPlaying @MASTERBOOTRECORD

An iPod with a screen, playing the song EDIT.COM, sitting attached at a dock in front of a stereo system. The stereo is mostly a blank plastic surface with speaker grills on the sides and a display on top reading”IPOD”.
2 months ago

Did the upgrade. 400GB iPod 5G 💪🏽 #apple #ipod #modding

TentinQuarantino :damnified:
2 months ago

Hat hier jemand Erfahrung mit dem Modding von iPods? (5. bis 7. Generation)

Was mich speziell interessieren würde: Ich möchte auf SD-Karte umsatteln, aber die #iflash Boards sind wegen Zoll usw. Bisschen zu teuer. Ich weiß aber nicht wie gut die grüne ZIF zu CF zu SD Adapter sind.

#iPod #modding

2 months ago

@9to5Mac This image just made me so nostalgic.

#Apple #iPod

An old 2005-ish promo image from Apple, showing a brushed metal iTunes window in the podcasts browsing view and a white 5th-gen (?) iPod.
Stu :att:
3 months ago

What y'all know about this relic piece of tech... 🤣🤣

#iPod #Apple #30PinConnector

@goatsarah @fne8w2ah #Apples #Lightning Connector was shit from day 1 and had 0 reasons to exist - unlike the original #DockConnector, but even then the #iPod could've used #MiniUSB or #MicroUSB + #AV-Chinch and #MHL to do Audio & Video.

#MagSafe is also another #proprietary #SingleVendor solution when #Qi+ existed for over a decade.

3 months ago

Remember when you had to plug in your #iPod to sync with #iTunes? That's basically how I use my #AppleWatch and #iPhone today: My iPhone is the hardware-iTunes I use to manage my #Apple Watch, which is the replacement for my iPod. I hope some time soon we'll get Apple Watches that no longer need an iPhone to be managed. I'd be ok with setting it up via iPad or Mac, but I really don't want to own a #Smartphone anymore. My dream setup would be an Apple Watch, an iPad Mini, and a #Mac.

Tom Lorenz
3 months ago

Found out that my old iPod Nano still works, so I have that going for me. Sadly, my disproportionately large hands make it super challenging to use. #iPod #iPodNano #OldTech

Yellow iPod Nano in my hand.

Still got your #ipod ? Here’s mine. #apple #tech

Erin Fernby
4 months ago

Playing around with a busted iPod.
This device’s UI is beautiful.

#Apple #iPod #RetroTech #Music

Old iPod displaying the Imagine Dragons song Demons, from Night Visions.
4 months ago

"A mint-condition, first-generation iPod sold for $29,000 on collectibles investing platform" #ipod #collector (red flag on "collectibles investing platform" however).

Took too long to make this #Monsterdon. That was how big an #iPod was in 1955. It held two songs that you could listen to on repeat.

him: are you picking up alien signals?
her: no, I'm trying to figure out how to cancel this damn Apple Music subscription.
Dave Mark
4 months ago

Pretty cool:

- OG iPod, mint in box, sells for $29K

- This marketplace is like a stock market for collectibles. You can buy into an original Wozniak Apple I, for example.


#Apple #iPod #History #Collectibles

OG iPod
4 months ago


Competent shitposter, and spewer of opinions, nonsense, and links to music.

Baldy beardy bloke living in the South of England, married to @Troggie, and have two cats.

Liberal uses of the #NowPlaying, #iPod, and #UKHashtagScene hashtags to be found here.

Used to make a #Podcast, and am liable to do it again if the mood takes me -

Used to do a #Radio, but no one wants me on air anymore -

So old and still alive. I love my #iPod 5th generation from 2005! Originally it was the 30GB version. I upgraded to the 60GB version by replacing the micro hard drive and a new back cover. 😍

A black iPod 5th generation from 2005
4 months ago

Help me fill my #ipod looking for music to relax and vibe to whether I’m working, walking, or working out like some trance music or electronic dance music similar to Tiesto, Lily Pita, and more. I can grab it off #applemusic and such and convert it to music for my iPod offline. I will pay for music as well as I am able to to support artists.

Drop artists, albums, or even sets you love below please! I got about 220GB of space available!

#dance #house #electronic #music #retrotech

Modified iPod classic showing “all nighter” by Tiesto playing
John Peart
4 months ago

🆕📝 New blog post:

I’ve found a new hobby: building iPods Classic using bits from AliExpress parts bin storefronts. It’s not that hard really – you could do it too!

#blogging #iPod #iPodClassic #apple #retro #retrotech #AliExpress #making #maker #tech

5 months ago

Oh look what I’ve found in a long forgotten drawer… I wonder what songs I put on back then. #Apple #iPod

Vintage Apple iPod mini
Dave Mark
5 months ago

One of my favorite Steve Jobs moment ever. That moment when he reveals the iPod nano.

It's about 1:23 in. Steve doing what he does best. 👏🏻

#Apple #iPod #History

Jodsclass 🏴‍☠️☕
5 months ago

One of my old project posts is doing really well thanks to Mastodon users. Seems to be massive interest again in both retro audio tech & offline audio players. I still use mine on a regular basis. #ipod #apple #offline #audio #ssd #mindful

pukas :pikachuroll:
5 months ago


Mi nombre en internet es pukas360.

Soy informático pero no he hecho nada relacionado en años porque trabajo de otra cosa. Me gusta trastear con ordenadores y mi #RaspberryPi donde hago algunas cosillas de #SelfHosting Mis equipos son un iMac y un Thinkpad Debian.

Juego en consolas, la Switch y PS4, aunque me gusta trastear con cosas retro.

También me gusta la música y reproductores #Minidisc, #iPod, #Walkman.

Y veo anime y leo manga ocasionalmente.


dan 💾
6 months ago

Listening to music like it’s 2003. #ipod

An iPod 3G with a new battery playing some music
6 months ago
Photo of an iPod with touch controls from 2003 playing Apparat’s song “Arcadia” from the album “Walls”.
Thomas 🔭✨
6 months ago

They don’t make them like this anymore #ipod #retrocomputing

A 3rd gen iPod with monochrome screen, playing “The Race for Space” by Public Service Broadcasting

Despite learning a lot about computers when I was a kid from the Apple Performa my family had, I've never been an Apple guy, despite owning an iMac once myself. I also really didn't like iTunes, so I never had an iPod.

Back around 2005ish when people were mostly getting iPods and before I got my beloved brown Zune (that someone later stole) I had a wild and wacky (and physically HUGE in comparison) DMC XClef mp3 player that looked like this. It had a LOT of storage space for the time, for the price, and had no software like Apple or Microsoft packaged in with their mp3 players. You didn't need it! You would just plug it up to your computer and transfer the damn files, as it *should* be. A method I use to this very day with my phones.

And I just looked it up to compare, 5th generation iPods around 2005 had about 30 or 60GB drives, these XClefs had 80 to 100GB. I had a friend joke saying I'd never fill it up - and I had to tell him I already pretty much had. 😂

#mp3players #tech #history #TechHistory #music #iTunes #Apple #iPod #Zune #MusicAddict #MusicAddicts #2000s #mp3 #mp3s

DMC XClef mp3 player from 2005 in someone's hand for size comparison
DMC XClef mp3 player from 2005 lit up with song list showing as if it was turned on.
Gersande La Flèche
7 months ago

My 14 year old iPod Shuffle works beautifully... except for the 45 minute battery life. I'd really love to have a longer battery life, since I use it while walking, and it's rare I walk less than 2 hours a day at the moment.

I have no idea where to start about installing a new battery into this thing. If you have any recs for tutorials and where to order parts for this little project, please let me know!

(Aussi: Conseils et tutoriels en français sont tout à fait appréciés, fédi franco!)

#iPodShuffle #iPod #FixYourTech #Apple

Selfie of myself, hair tied back and wearing big headphones, holding up a small silver 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle I bought some time in 2009 and which I am getting back into the habit of using.
7 months ago

I got lucky, and found an old #iPod cable in the street.

#100DaysToOffload #apple #music

Daryl Baxter
7 months ago

Following on from yesterday - I have budget for many #Features at iMore this week.
They can be 'out there' as much as possible, it just has to be fun.

From #iOS to the #Watch, #Accessibility, #VR, #AI, #iPod Hi-Fi and more, feel free to #pitch me, even if you haven't written about #Apple before.
#freelance #journorequest

I want new voices.

#SingaporeAirlines has still got it. For an economy flight, it was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. And I suspect the plane I was on must have been one of their older ones. #iPod

Media ports in a Singapore Airlines seat, one which is marked “iPod”
Florian Ziegler
8 months ago

🎧 #daily #photoblog #monochrome #photography #fujifilm #xe4 #iPod

Since I am past the halfway point, I might as well add a counter to these toots: [190/365] 😬

dan 💾
9 months ago

I can hardly believe we’re into the second week of 2000 already, you guys! #iPod

A third  generation iPod showing the date as 11 January 2000.
11 months ago

I think it's kinda cute that Sony have released two new Walkman models, and the (largely USA-centric) tech world is absolutely mystified as to why, apparently unaware that a) Sony never stopped making portable audio devices, and b) DAPs are a huge market.

It's astonishing to these people that not everyone thinks that streaming music is the pinnacle of music appreciation.

#Walkman #iPod #Sony #Music

Eric Leamen
11 months ago

I’ve been thinking of starting a weekly #TechTuesday discussion where we can nerd out over our favourite stuff, old and new. Would that be of interest to anyone?

Here’s my modest but growing tech museum that brings me so much joy! Anything here catch your eye? I have a few newer additions that aren’t on display yet. Running out of shelf space, but the Funkos are soon to relocate to a new cabinet. #Apple #Mac #iPod #iPhone #StarWars #Nintendo

Disconnection from walled garden complete.

Synchronizing an old #iPod Nano with a Mac using the marvellous Swinsian instead of the pointless Apple's (which replaced iTunes on Catalina).

iPod nano with connection cable inserted, showing the "synchronizing" animation on its screen.
Dylan Staley
11 months ago

In 2017, I wanted a way to programmatically put music on my iPod. While I found old libraries written in C and Perl that mainly targeted Linux, there wasn't anything modern and cross-platform.

That changes today.

Meet Clickwheel, a .NET 7 library for managing iPods, written in C#.

#dotnet #csharp #ipod