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So that was one hell of a ride! Stunning, cold, hard, slippy, but overall perfect!
One question: how do you prevent this? #MTB #Fatbike #Ice

Ice-covered pedal on my fat bike.
3 hours ago
This is a photograph of a pathway in a woodland park. There are trees running along the outside of both sides of the path. The trees are covered in ice with a little dusting of snow.

Ich sitze (dank Reservierung) im #Zug, der nicht weiterfahren kann, weil er zu voll ist. Die #Bahn schickt kein zusätzliches Servicepersonal um die Zugbegleiter zu unterstützen. Es ist erbärmlich! Verspätung derzeit: 90 Minuten
#DeutscheBahn #Wintereinbruch #Fernverkehr #ICE

El Perro Negro
6 hours ago

3 Dec 2010. Patagonian Icecap. Probably my most difficult mountain day ever. I remember well the exhaustion and tiredness and also the relief when we were able to retreat the following day, albeit a touch snow blind.

"Blizzards, snowdrifts, gales, frostbite, snow-blindness, buried tents, floods, hardship, cold, sleepless nights. It must be summer then in deepest Patagonia 😀 "

#patagonia #mountains #mountaineering #snow #video #ice

A ferocious snow blizzard hits some mountaineers and their tents on the Patagonian Icecap
Don Trueten :antifa:
6 hours ago

Ich hänge immer noch in #München fest. In keinem #Medienbericht den ich gelesen habe, werden die strukturellen Ursachen für das #schneechaos, das tatsächlich erst in zweiter Linie was mit dem #Wetter zu tun hat, auch nur mit einer Silbe erwähnt.

#Wintereinbruch: Gottgegeben. Das konnte ja keiner ahnen.
• Tausende Reisende gestrandet: Machens an #Stadtbesuch, mir hom schöne #Weihnachtsmärkte und im #ICE schläft es sich um Welten besser als im schönen #Hauptbahnhof, der wird gerade umgebaut.
• Tausende Haushalte ohne #Strom: Schicksal.
• In #Sibirien fahren Züge? Alles #Propaganda.

Ich möchte am liebsten irgendwas kaputtschlagen.


Mike Torr
16 hours ago

Took these today (oh wait, actually it's after midnight, so yesterday!). I love ice patterns.

#Ice #photography

Front of a red car, with intricate frost patterns glistening in the light.
Black and white photo of frozen JCB tracks in the mud. They are filled with ice, some of it cracking and crumbling.
Daniel Tóth
19 hours ago

Pod Tatrami je dnes ľadové kráľovstvo.

#ice #winter

Update: Met Éireann yellow warning extended to Monday:

⚠️ Status Yellow - Low Temperature/Ice ❄️

"Very cold day and night time temperatures with frost and ice persisting in places."

Possible Impacts:
• Slippery conditions underfoot
• Hazardous travelling conditions
• Animal welfare issues

Warning remains in place until Monday, 4 December 2023, at 11am.


#geimhreadh #oighear #sioc #sneachta #winter #ice #frost #snow #weather #MastoDaoine #MetÉireann

Met Éireann map of Ireland, showing the Yellow warning for Monday, 4 December 2023, across the 26 counties. (Once again, Northern Ireland is somehow free of ice and fog.)
20 hours ago
Bramall Hall,  a 15th-Century timber framed hall with 7 irregular gables and 5 brick chimneys. The Hall is positioned on raised grassy steps and surrounded by trees. The grass is white with ice, the sky is blue.
One of the fishing ponds at Bramall Hall. The pond is frozen and there are a lot of ducks crowded round one bit of available water. The path around the pond is icy
Behind the pond are trees, which look wintery and 2 bridges: a wooden ramped bridge and an older stone bridge. There is a park bench by the path.

It's not clear, but the ducks are mallards and mandarins.
A view along poise Brook, but you can't see the water due to the ice covered grass and shrubs. You can see the gable end of Bramall Hall Chapel in the top right corner: oak beamed and filled with wattle and daub. There are trees in various shades of brown and red. It looks cold.
Another frozen fishing pond. The ice is green and has a tree growing at the edge with it"@ branches leaning out over the water. Underneath the branches, which are very low hanging, there are 3 moorhens walking around on the ice, pecking for food.
1 day ago
1 day ago

Poor thing now has two days of ice coating it.

#photography #nature #ice

George Steffanos
1 day ago

Pine trees reflected in Beaver Pond (its official name, capital B capital P), White Memorial Foundation, Morris, Connecticut. December 13, 2021

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #winter #December #forest #reflections #ice #naturephotography #trails #lake #wintertime

A large gray rock outcrop along the shore of a lake. A few tufts of grass are growing on top. Stately pine and hemlock trees and leafless hardwoods along the far shore are mirrored on the lightly rippled lake surface, along with the deep blue cloudless sky.
1 day ago

Feels like I’m in Narnia this afternoon #photograhy #ice #pond #trees #bird #winter #landscape

This is a photograph of a frozen pond in a country park. There is a bird skating on the ice. There are shadows from the trees around the pond reflected onto the frozen water.
Marco Hernandez
1 day ago

The snow dance.
Data by the USNIC and SEDAC
"2023: The year in graphics"
#snow #ice #xmas #dataviz

Animated map showing the extent of snow across November 2023 in the northern hemisphere.
A Fool And His Fuji
1 day ago

@Priotero Couple of very quick shots between rain showers (naff day here). Handy this is the view from across the road at home 😀

These are at 50mm and 230mm on the Fujifilm XC50-230 mm Lens f4.5-6.7, hope they help Pedro 😀

#frost #ice #plants #naturephotography #landscapephotography #farmland #nature #greenspaces #cumbria #lakedistrict #photography #photographer #winter #fence #mountains #rain #snow #clouds

Clouds at 230mm
Clouds at 50mm
Mountain at 230mm
Mountain at 50mm

Incase you think @alcea dyyyed (all strands of hair)
#ICE , pls #confirm first:

Did @alcea #recently :
* upload to #codepen ( )
* #upload to #pixiv ? ( )
* change the #website ( ) ?
* Post on #fedi (anywhere)

Only then #call a #wiiu wiuu #ambulance !

Thanks for ur #patronage :blobcatwut: :_uwu:

2 days ago

I'm beginning to wonder if the weather is anything to do with the reason I have a cold.

#photography #winter #ice

Martin Liebermann
2 days ago

Ice No. 01 and No. 02

Ice on a shallow pond
Partially frozen brook in a forest

I was always fascinated by ice and the transformations it brought to nature.

German winters have become much warmer, so I had to wait several years for a with the right conditions: no snow and cold enough to freeze a brook. Finally, in February and March 2018, first the ponds were freezing, than thawing, and finally it became very cold. The light changed very quickly, but I I got several days to workuntil my hands were to numb to operate my camera.
It became the first book I (unsuccessfully) self-published, and part of a group exhibition.

#Ice #trees #frozen #nature #landscape #brook #winter
#abstraction #SelfPublish #photobook


Photography of a frozen shallow pond. The murky brown ground and some green plants show through the ice. Lines from the ice formation and tiny  frost crystals are on top of the ice sheet. Below it, methane bubbles are visible.
Photography of a partially frozen brook in a wintery forest. The brook, reflecting the blue sky, is cut into the loam soil of a beech forest. The ground is thinly covered  with frost. A sunlit meadow appears in the background.

Updated weather warnings from Met Éireann for across the country:

⚠️ Status Yellow - Low Temp/Ice ❄️

⚠️ Status Yellow - Fog 🌫️

"Very cold day and night time temperatures with frost and ice persisting in many areas."

Possible Impacts:
• Slippery conditions underfoot
• Hazardous travelling conditions
• Animal welfare issues

Warning remains in place until Sunday, 3 December 2023, at 12 noon.


#geimhreadh #oighear #sioc #sneachta #winter #ice #frost #snow #weather #MastoDaoine #MetÉireann

Met Éireann map of Ireland, showing the Yellow warning applying to each of the 26 counties. NI is magically free of ice and fog - or else the Met Office hasn't yet issued any similar warnings.
ralf warümme tauscher
2 days ago

hej @josh i wanted to say thank you for your inspiring #iceberger .
since years everytime i get contact to any kind of #icebergModell i respond instantly with your wonderful implementation that shows how it will flip over.

for all others #physics #ice #coolness #melting #climate #savetheicebergers

@librescrum @NadjaBoehlmann @karen @Alisa @mariakuehn @pgoetz @mydalon

2 days ago

Cocktail Culture #ice #rocks

James Guilford
3 days ago

Mallard Duck dealing with hard water this morning.

#mallard #duck #pond #ice

A mallard Duck stands on the surface of a pond that has iced over. The ice reflects the blue of the sky and the dark underside of the duck. The mallard’s bill is yellow, its head is iridescent green, its breast appears brown, and the side of the duck, beneath his dark folded wing, is white. Small tail feathers are curled upward and the bird’s legs and webbed feet are orange.
Jason Coward
3 days ago

Cold early morning pastel light revealed some intricate details in the snow along the river, which had been melting and refreezing over the past week.

#photo #photography #nature #ice #landscape #intimatelandscape #snow #colorado #nikon

⚠️ Met Éireann's Yellow low temperature/ice warning has been extended, and almost the entire island of Ireland is affected (except Tyrone, Armagh, Fermanagh):

"Very cold with temperatures expected to fall below -3 degrees in many areas. Frost and ice developing will cause hazardous travelling conditions."

This warning remains valid until Friday, 1 December 2023, at 12 noon.

Take care out there. ❄️

#geimhreadh #oighear #sioc #sneachta #winter #ice #frost #snow

Map from Met Éireann, showing the affected counties.
Jason Coward
3 days ago

I saw some more unique ice formations on the Animas River Tuesday morning. These shapes were forged by two separate forces: the snow melting off the rock refreezing overnight and waves on the river coming into contact with the bottom of the ice in the 10°F air.

#photo #photography #ice #nature #intimatelandscape #colorado #nikon

Burdock - I took this photo in Ultuna, Uppsala, Sweden, It was a very cold morning. #foto #sunrise #natur #NaturePhotography #photo #Sverige #nature #photography #macro #fineartphotography #Frozen
#closeup #sunrisephotography #vinter #snow #ice

5 days ago

Andy Goldsworthy- ‘Balanced Ice Column’. Helbeck Craggs, Cumbria, UK, 1985. #art #sculpture #ice #landscapeart

This is an ice sculpture by the UK artist Andy Goldsworthy constructed in Cumbria, 1985. The sculpture  is 8 storeys tall
5 days ago

Ähm... O_o

Deutsche-Telekom-Tochter DFMG: Neuer #Mobilfunk-#Sendemast stürzt auf befahrene #ICE-Strecke

"Beinahkatastrophe beim Mobilfunk-Ausbau an der #Schiene: Ein Sendemast der DFMG ist kurz nach dem Abschluss der Bauarbeiten auf die ICE-Gleise der Strecke von Hamburg nach Hannover gestürzt."

6 days ago

A wee bit behind here in defrosting the drink fridge. #ice #fridge

Giant block of ice in a refrigerator, encasing the entire freezer section. Ice packs visible under the frost.

Winter River - I took this photo while walking along Dalaälvnen river. not far from Söderfors , Sweden.
#frozen #ice #nature #river #sverige
#winter #winterscape #fineartphotography #naturelovers #naturephotography #naturelover

1 week ago

Leaves in and on the ice, part 1
#leaves #ice

A frozen puddle with leaves frozen in the ice. Some are completely submerged, some have tips sticking out. Tiny air bubbles are also frozen into the ice. Vibrant browns, blues, and greens. The color saturation has been edited in my iPhone
Peter Müller
2 weeks ago

Ich war ein paar Tage bei LinkedIn in Graz, um zwei WordPress-Videokurse aufzunehmen.

Die Bahnfahrt vom Frankfurter Flughafen zurück nach Groningen war ziemlich chaotisch und dauerte gut vier Stunden länger als geplant.

Grund war eine Kollision zwischen einem ICE und einem Wildtier auf der Schnellfahrtstrecke bei Montabaur. Da fahren die Züge rund 300 km/h.

Erfahren habe ich das heute hier:

#ICE #Frankfurt #Köln #Schnellfahrtstrecke #Montabaur

18.11.2028 - 2021
Polizeidirektion Montabaur

Sperrung der ICE Strecke nach Wildunfall

Am Samstag, 18.11.2023, zwischen 17:00 Uhr und ca. 19:00 Uhr, war die ICE Strecke zwischen Montabaur und Siegburg / Koin gesperrt. Hintergrund war die Mitteilung über eine Kollision zwischen dem Richtung Norden fahrenden ICE und einem größeren, nicht naher definierbaren Fremdkorper. Da nicht ausgeschlossen werden konnte, dass eine Person von dem Schnellzug erfasst wurde, wurden umfangreiche SuchmaBnahmen mit einer Vielzahl von Kraften verschiedener Stellen durchgeführt. Die Bahnstrecke wurde sowohl von Mogendorf, hier kam der ICE nach der in Rede stehenden Kollision zum Stillstand, als auch von Ebernhahn aus in beide Richtungen abgegangen. Es konnte kein menschliches, denn vielmehr tierisches Gewebe in Gleisnähe aufgefunden werden. Letztlich belegte ein Schnelltest des an der Lok anhaftenden Blutes, dass der Zug mit einem Wildtier kollidiert sein musste. Im Einsatz waren neben der Bundes- und Landespolizei auch Feuerwehrkräfte der Verbandsgemeinde Wirges sowie Kräfte des Rettungsdienstes.

Just finished carving up some large clear ice cubes for my cocktail making stream tonight (which will be around 9pm-ish PST).
#ice #cocktails

A sink with several large clear ice cubs on a towel the rim, with ice carving tools and a large mallet in the sink.
Knud Jahnke
2 weeks ago

Btw. #train #wifi between #Barcelona and #Madrid is all but not existing. In the tunnels outside Barcelona also not, after that it gets better. On the #TGV and #ICE trains it was generally quite ok.



⚪ Kalte Schönheit... ein
🟤 Cold beauty... a favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #MaritaJoensen in Loc.: #Djúpalónssandur Island #Snæfellsnes Iceland 🇮🇸 2019 - Title: untitled ("Djúpalón") - #Streetart #Art #Ice #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Travel #Fotografie #Photography #Djúpalón ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photograph of a stretch of coastline in Iceland. The stony landscape is covered with small frosty ice flowers. In the foreground lies an almost heart-shaped large round stone in this cool landscape. The sea and the outlines of people on the beach can be seen in the background. Some large rocks can be seen on the left and a friendly blue sky with veil clouds and orange sunbeams complete this beautiful landscape photo.
Knud Jahnke
3 weeks ago

But only about 20min changeover time in Valence. Great! ☹️

So based on delayed #ICE and bad info from the conductor plus unwillingness to let me on the only feasible train without standing in line at a "customers" center for 15min I'm probably going to not arrive in #Madrid today.

Of course there's a direct train #Paris-#Barcelona, which arrives the very same minute the last train to #Madrid leaves.

No-one in this whole chain cares, at all.



Knud Jahnke
3 weeks ago

Now in the #ICE, 20 min delay due to problems with a track switch.

Full speed towards #Karlsruhe and #Strasbourg.


Screen inside an ICE train showing "248 km/h"
Knud Jahnke
3 weeks ago

Wtf #DeutscheBahn, #Mannheim is literally the 2nd stop on that #ICE. My transfer in #Strasbourg (and the rest of the trip) seriously endangered.



Departure sign for ICE9568 showing 20min delay
Knud Jahnke
3 weeks ago

Made #train no 2, yes, not quite as full as expected, but with 200 ppl changing platform 5 min before departure.

Arriving in #Mannheim. 15min to catch my #ICE to #Strasbourg.



3 weeks ago

Hair Ice coming up from the soil. There may have been wood hidden underneath. Wood-rotting fungi (Exidiopsis effusa) play a role in creating this delicate ice formation.
It doesn't last long, the sun melts it quickly.

#ice #winter #fungiverse

Hairlike ice formation on the ground. It has pushed up with it pine needles and fine sand from the ground. In the upper left corner is some snow visible.

"Is Trump really that dangerous?"

I get asked this question from time to time. People forget Trump completely turned ICE loose during his presidency on communities all over the US. They would roll in to towns, set up roadblocks, then go from business to business arresting people. ICE also patrolled the streets doing the same. So, yeah, he's really that dangerous.

#Trump #Fascism #Cruelty #ICE #Gestapo

Barry Phillips Smith
3 weeks ago

I know that #EV are "better" than #ICE vehicles, but just fractionally when we need step-change.

Instead of promoting the replacement of ICE cars by EV cars, wouldn't it be far better to invest decent inclusive electrically powered public transport infrastucture?

Imagine how many batteries we could avoid manufacturing, and how much less the electical infrastructure would need upgrading if we did this.

It's not impossible - it just needs a change of mindset from a straight replacement with "less bad" to viewing the current #ClimateCrisis as a opportunity to do things "better".

1 month ago

Heute gibt es einen spannenden Beifahrer im #ICE. Er nutzt eine Sina Workstation der #Bundeswehr. Trotz sicherer Inter-Netzwerk Architektur, separierter System-Sitzungen und isolierter Partitionen gelingt mir der Fernzugriff. Ich kann den Bildschirminhalt aus der Ferne ablesen. Die PIN habe ich mir natürlich nicht gemerkt. 😁🤡

Achja, geht um irgendwas mit vorläufigen Bedarfen.


Screenshot schlechter Qualität aus einem Video.  Das Bild zeigt einen Laptop auf einem Tisch im ICE. Der Bildschirm Inhalt wurde verwischt. An der Seite des Laptops steckt ein 2FA USB key.
1 month ago

I have watched this about 216 times now, and I still don't know what is happening - But that's perfectly fine:

#Music #China #OddlySpecificTitles #Ice #Hole #YouTube #WTF #Spelunking #TheresATreeByARiverTheresAHoleInTheGround

1 month ago

Panne im Stellwerk Wuppertal: #ICE biegt auf Schwebebahn-Gleis ab

Jer 🚵🏼
1 month ago

I mean, frozen dog water does have its charm.
#DogsOfMastadon #ice

‘Stop the #madness’: UN chief warns #Nepal’s mountains have lost one-third of their #ice.

" From the foot of Mount Everest, António Guterres warned of floods, droughts and landslides (3 of the #Horsemen) if 1.5C global heating is breached.

Nepal's snow-capped mountains have lost close to one-third of their ice in over 30 years due to global warming, the UN Secretary-General warned today."

1 month ago

On a morning walk, we see ginkgo leaves transitioning. Once vibrant green, they now show yellow hues, marking life's shifts. This change isn't an end. Droplets and snow suggest their next role: nourishing the earth, a testament to the sun and water within them.

#Photography #Photo #Canon #Eosr5 #Nature #Snow #Water #Tree #Leaf #Ice #Fall #Autumn #Autumnleaves #Zen #Impermanence #Tranformation #Silence #Interbeing #Calm #GinkgoLeaves #naturalCycle #ThichNhatHanh

An image showcasing ginkgo biloba leaves in varying stages of their life cycle. Some leaves remain a rich, verdant green, while others have transformed into a golden yellow, hinting at the approach of winter. There are droplets of water that glisten on the surfaces of these leaves, and patches of snow interspersed between them, marking the union of autumn's end and winter's beginning.
1 month ago

NASA Is Locating Ice On Mars With This New Map
-- <-- shared technical article
-- <-- shared paper
-- <-- web mapping
“The map could help the agency decide where the first astronauts to the Red Planet should land. The more available water, the less missions will need to bring.
Buried ice will be a vital resource for the first people to set foot on Mars, serving as drinking water and a key ingredient for rocket fuel. But it would also be a major scientific target: Astronauts or robots could one day drill ice cores much as scientists do on Earth, uncovering the climate history of Mars and exploring potential habitats (past or present) for microbial life.…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #Mars #water #hydrology #map #spatialanalysis #remotesensing #space #extraterrestrial #mission #RedPlanet #waterresources #watersecurity #ice #fuel #rocketfuel #climate #biology #SWIM #subsurface #NASA #JPL
@nasa @JPL

NASA Is Locating Ice On Mars With This New Map - Maps global maps show the likely distribution of water ice buried within the upper 3 feet (1 metre) of the planet's surface
NASA Is Locating Ice On Mars With This New Map - hypothetical astronauts mining water
NASA Is Locating Ice On Mars With This New Map - web map of water / ice on mars, remote sensing
Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

The anatomy of ice: A surreal visual tour of Greenland’s glaciers

"In this #PhotoEssay, we invite you to revisit #Greenland through his eyes. You’ll see the country as it’s meant to be: an ever-changing #landscape, formed and reformed by the #science of #ice and #climate."

aerial photo of ice surface with a water stream intersecting a darker patch of cryoconite material
1 month ago

It's disheartening to see fewer #ev sales but I hope we continue to press onward. We must begin the transition from #ICE vehicles now and this is the pain we must go through. Of the viable gas alternatives, electric is probably the only one. Maybe in 20 years we will really figure out fuel cells, but we should focus on what's possible today. #tesla #ford #rivian etc.