Micas Carvalho
11 hours ago

You want to buy an ice cream 🍦 to a girl and this guy makes you a fool 😑 😂
#icecream #icecreamlover #turkey #istanbul #fool #crazy #insane

Cesar Delgado
1 day ago

Hand picked mint ice cream in the making.
#iceCream #mint #homeMade

Retro Librarian
2 days ago
Peach Sorbet in a glass bowl
BC Info Bot
2 days ago

I like to have #treats for my #subs but I don't buy ahead, because I know what will happen: they'll end up in my #belly.

So when Pretty Impala (gf) came over, we went to #Walmart. (She does not like PDAs. The #Bodhisattva of Not Fucking Things Up had to come to my aid to not #kiss her in #public and fuck things up.)

I'm glad she got #Strawberry ice cream, because that's one of the flavors that is not likely to end up in my belly. There's plenty left if I wanted to indulge.


2 days ago
2 days ago

Traditional Friday Night #Family #IceCream 🍦

Missed out last week but back this week. 😀

🔥one of my favorites is back this year!! Blueberry!! Oh yeah I caved and got the medium 😬😇

Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the #weekend

Cheers #Mastodon to a great weekend 🎉

Traditional Friday Night Family Ice Cream Trip. Medium Soft Served Ice Cream. No Twist.
Atlas Obscura
2 days ago

Sarabha's Creamery in Nashville, Tennessee

A rainbow of kulfi and falooda flows from this Indian-style ice cream parlor.
Sarabhas Creamery

3 days ago

Erdbeereis in the making 🍨

#icecream #eiscreme #eis #erdbeeren

Etliche geputzte Erdbeeren liegen in einer Mulde aus Edelstahl.
3 days ago

Tried mixing ice cream with a combination of espresso, Baileys and caramel syrup. I think I’m in love.
A perfect treat for a hot summer afternoon!

#IceCream #Espresso #Coffee

Ice cream with some chocolate-colored deliciousness in a glazed cup
3 days ago

Unfortunately there won't be a positive update to : #Venice has always been a place w/ few #organic food places, and I haven't been able to find a single new entry to the #organictraveller 's #travelguide to #Venezia this year. The only organic #icecream in town I know of comes from #French #franchise #Amorino, what a shame...

I'm rather bemused. I've not had tiger tail #icecream in over 2 decades, and I don't typically like black licorice. But the mixture of orange and anise is unique, and it's not hard to tell why it's so beloved up here in the frozen north.

Definitely worth using that Chapman's coupon on. #food

Andrew Briscoe
4 days ago

@ariegoldshlager Buying some Ben & Jerry’s next time I see it! #IceCream

4 days ago

They’re ice creams!!! 😍 #nailart #nails #icecream

Nails painted like ice cream and sprinkles
Retro Librarian
4 days ago
Ice cream , vanilla
Brian Transplant
5 days ago

Favorite thing about my local #IceCream shop? Hanging out with #Emo #Superman.

You can practically see him mentally writing his new hit, "Letting Him Kill Martha." Coming out this summer on Vagrant Records.

A Superman mannequin sits inside a phone booth, outside an ice cream shop.
Retro Librarian
5 days ago

Summer Fun! 🍉 🍎 🍌 🍒🍓🍇🍑🍊🍋🍍🍏🍐
1958 Sealtest Ice cream ad
#icecream #advertisement #sealtest #food #retro #vintage

Ice cream surrounded by fruit
6 days ago

The penultimate #AmiguruMay of 2023!

Feel I should take this one to the beach but instead I'll be constructing tomorrow's #amigurumi

#AlmostFinished #IceCream

Crocheted vanilla ice cream cone with dribbly chocolate sauce
1 week ago

this afternoon. had 1st #touchbase with my new boss…over #icecream! that alone was already a #greatidea to start that hour with.

turned out he’s the only person #irl #inreallife i know who watches and genuinely enjoys #tedlasso! unbelievable! then every time he mentioned something from the show, it just gave me #goosebumps. every. single. time. #amazing!

now. can we actually solve #reallife #problems #problem by the #words of the #story? as if it’s a #bible or something? #funny #notfunny. hmm?

TeaHands :pmgpurple:
1 week ago

Attempt 2 at a birthday day out: much more successful!

It's not a proper lemon top, but it's close enough.

#Saltburn #IceCream #BankHoliday

Holding in my hand a lemon and vanilla ice cream swirl in a sprinkle waffle cone. Yum! In the background you can see a bit of beach and the distinctive red and white walls of the Saltburn pier arcade building.
Dustin [BusySignal]
1 week ago

Tell me you’re home for the night without telling me you’re home for the night.
#Carvel #LactoseIntolerant #IceCream

Gerald So
1 week ago

#FrozenYogurt is to #IceCream as #DietSoda is to regular #Soda, too far off in taste, going to great lengths to have fewer calories. I say just have a regular soda or ice cream. The occasional satisfaction of having it beats the deprived feeling of having frozen yogurt and diet soda.

Oli ✅
1 week ago
A tub of Davisons ice cream with a programme for the 2023 pre TT classic motorbike races
Andreas Scherbaum
1 week ago

Found an ice cream parlor where I haven't been before. Just 16km cycling, one way. That's progress, but not sustainable.

@ Mia's Eiscafé, Wandlitz

And they have free Wi-Fi.

#icecream #cycling #Wandlitz #FahrradEis

The picture shows a cup of ice cream, and a cappuccino. Half in the picture: sunglasses.
1 week ago

@StacieBee Ohh! You said #IceCream!

To the freezer!🏃‍♂️

1 week ago

Beginning to feel a lot like summer here...

#IceCream #Summer #Yorkshire #Photo #Photography #LickMe #Food

a photo of an unfeasibly large mountain of chocolate orange ice cream perched on a small cone held by the fingers of a medium sized hand
Tony Wells
1 week ago

If this goes on, I'm fairly certain that England will riot over summer.

#99 #Flake #IceCream

Jon Hancock
1 week ago

"You can’t give someone a 99 with a broken flake… It’s embarrassing for an ice-cream man."

#99Problems #IceCream #Flake #99Dude

Headshot of short-haired woman reclining in a bath and eating a Cadbury's Flake chocolate bar in what is definitely not a sexually suggestive manner, dear me no.
1 week ago
Jonathan Wright
1 week ago

Cadbury Flake too crumbly for 99s, moan ice cream sellers

"Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate ... "

#Cadburys #Flake #IceCream #99Cone #Vendors

Retro Librarian
2 weeks ago

1958 Sealtest Ice Cream Ad.
#icecream #sealtest #advertisement #spring #food

Ice cream - chocolate- train in back ground
Master Scorp
2 weeks ago
🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago

Since the Sivan celebration will be held around dinnertime, delicious dairy and vegan dinners will be served outdoors.

Enjoy #blintzes, #lasagna, #kezadas, and of course, plenty of #IceCream! Shomer treyf students may eat their dinners at the separate table with a yellow tablecloth.

I know we’re all going to have a great day, and Chag Sameach to EVERYONE!

Principal Ariella Zimmerman


2 weeks ago

Lovely Peeps!

Yes, I know, another Twitter thread, but this is one of wholesome brilliance and #IceCream - how could I not share? 😃

Also because this could be a great idea for someone else to do for fun


I love the #inclusive guarantee of #NutFree for those with #allergies, and the #DairyFree and #GlutenFree options. 😇

But mostly posting for its wholesome brilliance & because I now have a new #LifeGoal. 😊

#LifeGoals #Gaming #Kindness #Ben&Jerrys

Andreas Scherbaum
2 weeks ago

Went for a walk, met someone, we found an ice cream place

@ Eisdiele Angelina, Lübars, Berlin

#icecream #Berlin

Picture shows two cups of ice cream on a table
2 weeks ago

First spin with my new toy!

Cream and milk from the fridge, sweetened condensed milk and b cocoa from the shelf. Neither mix nor machine pre-chilled. ~50 mins to churn. Very little overrun, maybe 10%.

Smooth #icecream though, very sticky, almost like #gelato (no egg ofc). Which it can do (variable speed), so not sure if I set it to that LOL!

Pretty happy so far. ☺️

Churning chocolate ice cream
Churning chocolate ice cream
Bex Markwick
2 weeks ago

OK. I need to buy ice cream and sprinkles. For security reasons.

No joke. Angus must eat ice cream for security purposes

#infosec #securityawareness #security #icecream #sprinkles

2 weeks ago

Some snaps today around our area: first ice cream of the season, from the van behind the social club; strange creature near jetty down the park; removals (or deliveries?) at the Spar in the Triangle; and a new, yet barely visible sign about feeding the ducks on the still closed jetty.

#bitternepark #southampton #localnews #icecream #mosaic #duck #removal #photography

First ice cream of the season from the van behind the social club
Interesting creature at Riverside Park
Deliveries, or removals, at the Spar
New don't feed the ducks sign at the still closed jetty
Dario Solera / Photography
2 weeks ago

Everyone likes ice cream, including these nuns.🍦
📍 Porto Venere, Liguria, Italy | March 2023

#people #streetPhotography #photography #iceCream #travel #travelPhotography #nuns #candid

A group of nuns sits and eats ice cream.
3 weeks ago

Every summer I think I'm gonna eat healthy due to the abundance of fresh fruits and veg, and every summer I end up eating a lot of hot dogs and ice cream instead. 😂 :sadness:

#Summer #HotDogs #IceCream #ExpectationVsReality #HealthyEating

Gif of Ben in Parks n Rec at an office party or celebration, turning around and winking at the camera with a mouth full of food he's chewing.
1 month ago

Which ice cream would you choose at a birthday party?
#Poll #Polls #Birthday #IceCream

Scottish Lass
1 month ago

Starting a new tradition. When I bought my house I celebrated with a 99 from the #UniversityCafe - best ice cream in the west. For another Big Life Event day getting an oyster with a flake. 🍦

1 month ago

What’s your favourite flavour of #IceCream? (You can choose more than one)

maique :prami:
1 month ago

🍦 Ok, so maybe just one before I start the car. Throwback to yummy ice-cream, and better times.

#photography #myanmar #iceCream

An ice-cream seller, with his motorcycle.
IT News
1 month ago
Anita Y Cheng
1 month ago

ICYMI, as a former scientist, this article about #IceCream and #science made me laugh so hard. Uh yes, science is biased. The data as measured is objective, but experiments are designed, performed, and interpreted by people…who have biases.

Or as someone in my lab days used to say, “Science is done by people, and people are assholes.” 🤪 Sorry, can't escape that reality!

Purple Rosemary
2 months ago

I was in Norris, TN, visiting a brewery and on my way out of town, I spotted it, like a beacon - The Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Shop. Prints available #AYearForArt #SPringIntoArt #ArtPrints #NorrisTN #IceCream

A small building with a covered porch, lit up for the night.
2 months ago

May you too be blessed by the freshest best tasting #IceCream on a warm morning!

#Millies in #Pittsburgh is just amazing* anytime - they make and pasteurize their own base (which most ice cream sellers don't - just adding flavor + sugar). This is their s'mores ice cream - eggless and amazing with biscoff bits and Guittard chips.
[*and I've never been a big ice cream person]

A cold 2" pipe with condensation on it pointing downward and thick ice cream coming out of it and coiling and piling in a brown gallon container. Background is steel and equipment and many empty small pint containers stacked
White Ice cream in a small cup with brown biscoff cookie bits and chocolate chips
Warner Crocker
2 months ago

“the data suggested that ice cream might be the strongest diabetes prophylactic in the dairy aisle. Yet no one seemed to want to talk about it.”

Nutrition Science’s Most Preposterous Result - The Atlantic
#icecream #diabetes

Retro Librarian
2 months ago

1956 advertisement for Log Cabin syrup
#LogCabin #Syrup #icecream #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage #Ephemera #food

Bowl of vanilla ice cream with log cabin syrup, spilled over, and a waffle cracker on a plate

Me with a vegan vanilla ice cream that I got from the Greenery Creamery in downtown Orlando.

This was surprisingly delightful, especially with the black cone. I understand that a lot of vegan ice cream isn't too good, but this one was tasty to me and my girlfriend. Best of all, their soft serve ice cream machine actually works!

#icecream #vegan #food #travel

Andrew Briscoe
2 months ago

@chuckwendig Umpqua Cookie Dough ice cream is my fave but I love a lot of their flavors. Tillamook brand is second best but it is much better straight from their factory than the store.


2 months ago


Tillamook Marionberry Pie #icecream

Oh, yeah.

Shelby DeNike
2 months ago

Freak Shake from the Gulf Coast Fudge company in Cape Coral, FL ( #icecream

Freak Shake from Gulf Coast Fudge Company
Anthony Rosbottom
2 months ago

Large Summer Snack - colour version. #procreate #ipadart #summer #icecream #monster

Digital painting of a small green monster licking an ice-cream cone

"A recent review on the Häagen-Dazs website for its vanilla ice cream, which still lists its size as 500 ml instead of the new 450 ml on the site, criticized the company for the move. “That makes it taxable so now we are paying more and getting less,” wrote one individual. “It seems not well thought out and unfair to the consumer.” "

#Shrinkflation #IceCream

maique :prami:
3 months ago

🍦 Welcome to Friday!

Not an easy one, but we made it to the end! Enjoy.


a plush ice-cream cone, surrounded by fluffy pillows
Dr Dan Shugar
3 months ago

Hypothetical Q: would a combined #brewery and #icecream shop work?

3 months ago


What appears to be a painted papier-mâché ornamental ice cream figure, advertising Gelateria de Menorca, Ciutadella.
[Portrait image - may require a click]

#BlackAndWhitePhotography #Monochrome #StreetPhotography #IceCream #Shop

Black and white image of an almost human-sized ice cream cone figure.  The creature has both arm and legs, and an ice cream scoop face. The figure uses its hands to hangs off of the wooden slats of a door shutter. Its tongue protrudes from its smiling lips as if licking them.
3 months ago

So I got some! Look at this cup - so cuuute! ^-^

- -
#food #foodie #IceCream #dessert #photos #MastaFood #photography #yellow #bear

Yellow and white gelato in cup with a polar bear munching on something words yumm yumm next to it, in the background is a blurry display of ice cream/gelato
3 months ago

Some of the nicest looking ice cream/gelato presentations I've seen in a minute!

I love that they put actual bits of the stuff in there ex. lemon slices for Lemon flavour, mango slices for Mango flavour etc.
🍋 🥭

- -
#food #foodie #IceCream #dessert #photos #MastaFood #photography #lemon #chocolate #cheese #cake

Assortment of gelato display - cheesecake, lemon, hazelnuts, vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate, mango
Matt 2.0
4 months ago

Eating chocolate Diplom-Is (the boks-is) and it tastes of air. It’s like if someone spooned some feathers into my mouth and they were chocolate flavoured.

If you threw this in the fjord it would float. For comparison, if you threw some Ben & Jerry’s in the fjord it would sink like a stone.

And that’s because Ben & Jerry’s is good and this is bad.

1/6 🎲

#NorskTut 🇳🇴 #IceCream 🍨 #FoodReviews 🐀

Eugenia L
4 months ago

#Fairies eating cone nectar-cream with Daler-Rowney #watercolor. Ultimately, that's the kind of art I prefer: children's books illustrations. I only had two such books as a kid (a #SnowWhite and a #Cinderella one), and I treasured them. In terms of toys I had only one ball at 4 yo, and one doll when I was 7. No other toys as a toddler or as a kid, as I grew up in poverty.

#mastoart #illustration #folktale #fairytale #watercolour #icecream #traditionalart #art #gouache #aquarelle #fairy #poverty

fairies eating nectar cream
5 months ago

First up today, the #icecream is on. And the mix tastes delicious!

It is inspired by a Nigel Slater recipe in A Cook's Book for Lemon Ice cream but I mixed it up somewhat. It has:

500ml whipping cream, soft whipped
300g lemon curd
250ml custard (store-bought)
120ml of the soft creamy top of a tub of yoghurt (I use Desi/Indian yoghurt)

Plus a blended up mix of juice of 1 lemon, mint leaves, lemon verbena leaves, makrut lime leaves, makrut lime zest, lemon zest, ripe cumquats (remove seeds but use skin and flesh), slug alcohol (I used dry vermouth as it was out on the cupboard for a risotto) - whizz this all up till it is blended nicely. The leaves need to be pulverised.

Mix all together.

Freeze in ice cream machine.

Place in freezer to solidify.


(@koosli I wish I'd added a little salt, just a touch. Next time.)

#cookingAU #SummerAU #cooking #WhatIAmCooking #food #vegetarian #NigelSlater #ACooksBook #MyRecipes

Aral Balkan
5 months ago

Consent, a quick guide for tech bros:

Opt-out: I just stuck my ice cream cone in your mouth, you can remove it if you don’t like it.

Opt-in: Would you like some ice cream?

#consent #tech #technology #techBros #optIn #optOut #iceCream

5 months ago

I’m feeling guilty 👅

A cup of vanilla ice cream
6 months ago

I ate a cute ice cream with grandma.🍨
It was pink, rose shaped and so sweet❤️


rose shaped ice cream. its center is yellow, other part of it is pink.
Caryl Shaw
6 months ago

We used to visit my wife’s family in Fargo, ND every year. We don’t go anymore for reasons, and I really miss Moose Tracks ice cream which I would eat while I was there. Anyone know where I can get it in the SF Bay Area? Help? #MooseTracks #IceCream

6 months ago

Here's my #introduction

I'm Taylor and I work on #Esports with #Twitch and their original content division #twitchrivals

When I'm not working, I love #VideoGames, #IceCream, and #prowrestling

I currently run my own server at, where I'd like to start opening up to content creators.

Happy to have you here!

Me in front of the Twitch Rivals sign at TwitchCon San Diego 2022
Karin Kallmaker
7 months ago

Because #IceCream You know who you are...

Scoop of creamy sculpted chocolate Venetian gelato in a brown sugar waffle cone against a green and white striped canvas.
Crystal King 👑
7 months ago

Sooo today is #NationalPickleDay and #Boston area companies JP Licks and Grillos Pickles (both of whom I'm big fans of) have teamed up to make #pickle #icecream. I'm a freak for ice cream and I ❤️ me some good pickles, but really not sure I could do this. Could you?

Josh Barocas, MD
7 months ago

I would like someone to convince me that Jeni’s OR graeters are better than other ice cream. I will be accepting donations to make my decision. #icecream is #science

maique :prami:
7 months ago

I guess I’ll do an #introduction as well…

I’m maique, a daddy and #photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

Love #helloKitty, #photography, #travel, and... World Peace. Oh, also #iceCream.

Spend most of my online time at, and at this lovely instance,

Not a lot else to add, but you can find a bit more at