Hylke 🍵
3 hours ago

reorg time! #vscode #icons #cleanup

The VS Code icon sheet on Figma looking like a complete mess.
16 hours ago

Icons disappearing/reappearing, causing input lag #unity #2204 #icons #dock

Did you know #Azure #architecture center has lots of reference architectures with #diagrams that you can download? Reuse and edit them with Azure #icons for your own solutions.

Download diagrams and icons from Azure architecture center
2 days ago

Some others I've looked at:

- #TriStat Core
- #SentinelComicsRPG
- #D6 Powers
- #AmpYearOne
- #ICONS Assembled

The last three seem like they would handle basic supers fine. Tri-Stat seems like the best fit but I'm struggling to grok it. Sentinels seems geared toward topical 4-color supers but I'm wondering if it might be versatile enough to handle what I want.

3 days ago

The button icons switch depending on the input map. They can switch from controller buttons to mouse and keyboard buttons if they register with joysticks, arrows buttons, WASD or their equivalents.

#RandyandManilla #devlog #indiedev #IndieGameDev #ui #icons

3 days ago

The button icons switch depending on the input map. They can switch from controller buttons to mouse and keyboard buttons if they register with joysticks, arrows buttons, WASD or their equivalents.

#RandyandManilla #devlog #indiedev #IndieGameDev #ui #icons

4 days ago

Made a few #icons for some batch files I set up to launch additional files with #games, like trackers and mods. Should probably write up some tutorials or something to go with them... 🤔

4 days ago

How to hide wifi/Bluetooth/battery icons from top right corner in status bar/top bar? #wireless #bluetooth #icons #battery

5 days ago
Chris Glass
1 week ago

Not sure exactly what default means, but here are the pieces of software I use on my computer that is not a phone.

This list is inspired by many… Chuck Grimmett, Tracy Darnell and Jasper Tandy were the nudges through RSS I needed, but there are over 200 other lists to peruse thanks to Robb Knight.

Let’s dig in!

First off, macOS person here.

I sometimes use a Windows machine for Powerpoint against my will (it has way more features than the Mac version). I’ll be honest, I like seeing what Microsoft is up to and generally quite dig the experience!

Back to the Mac apps…

Photo Editing: Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

  • Mostly I use Photoshop to edit a single photo, help friends redecorate their home, add crazy hairstyles to snapshots with AI or make memes for text messages.
  • I use Lightroom to edit large sets of images, picking favorites and applying batch adjustments.
  • Long ago I purchased presets called VSCO Film that are increasingly difficult to install, but I often use their Kodak and Agfa filters to process RAW and JPG files.
  • I changed the default Photoshop icon to an old one because I like it better.

Image Compression: ImageOptim
To radically reduce the size of images, I use this tool thanks to a tip from Naz Hamid. (It’s messy, but I also keep uncompressed versions of each photo to boot.)

Photo Organization: I use folders — one for each year, month and day. It looks like this:

Did you know you can take a screen grab of a window without that shadow? Shift Command 4, spacebar, then hold option key when clicking.

Interface Design: Figma
I think the best way to learn something is to work on a project as opposed to going through features. During the beginning of the pandemic I (was bored and not busy) and redesigned my site in Figma, learning how to make interactive demos to click around and explore possibilities. It was a game changer in so many ways… Mostly it inspired thinking systematically about components at every level, which then evolved into thinking about design systems.

I now use the app for every client to realize ideas. It’s kind of amazing, very collaborative and the pricing model is bonkers awful and confusing.

Vector Design: Adobe Illustrator
For identities, precision icons and quick print work, I use Illustrator. (I still miss Freehand) I’ll begrudgingly fire up Adobe InDesign for big print work. (Why are bullets so hard?)

Text Editor: TextBuddy
I have this open almost all day as I need to strip out formatting from text. I also have ConvertCase bookmarked for ALL THE NONSENSE.

Playing Music: Spotify
I also use Apple Music but Spotify has one major benefit (to me) — integration with to capture listening history which is super valuable when piecing together what I listened to a particular day.

Sharing Music: Odesli
Instead of linking to Spotify or whatever, I go to here for sharing songs, albums or on the very rare occasion, podcasts. (Gosh I hope this service lasts forever.)

I don’t listen to podcasts and this vexes me, but it is what it is. When I go on a roadtrip I use Overcast because it is less confusing than other apps. I wish I went on more roadtrips.

Recipes: Paprika
I paid for Paprika on every platform (desktop and iOS) and it has been my hands down, go-to favorite way to organize and scrape recipes from the web. (It’s getting long in the tooth though, and I’m starting to want some social features that other recipe apps are baking in to their feature sets.)

Calendar: Apple Calendar, Google Calendar + Calendly
It’s annoying to maintain multiple calendars, but I have found scheduling with Calendly is worth the trouble.

Grocery List: Apple Reminders
I prefer other methods but this one works with Siri and sorts items by zones in the grocery store automatically. Fine.

Media List: Sofa
Whenever someone recommends a movie, book or television program, I add it to Sofa with a note. That way when I stare blankly into the void I have some options.

RSS: Feedly
I took a break after their AI push but tried other things and just keep coming back this browser based reader. I pay to have search capabilities.

Backups: Backblaze
Backblaze is for the monster drive of everything I’ve ever made digitally, including all work files and photos. It’s reasonable and unobtrusive and I hope I never really have to use their restoration service.

Filesharing: Dropbox
Dropbox keeps adding features I don’t need and the one feature I do want is buried (the download button). But it works and makes collaboration easy enough.

Browser: Safari
I’m leaning into Keychain for password management so this makes sense. I also like iCloud tabs. I use Firefox for developer mode. I’m toying with Arc because it feels exciting.

Messaging: iMessage for life / Slack, Signal and Viber for work
I much prefer typing texts on a desktop keyboard, so iMessage integration across devices is awesome, even with notification hiccups. As for all the work comms, I loathe each of these apps.

Email: Apple Mail
Also Gmail in the browser to search archives, which isn’t often.

Notes: Apple Notes
I collaborate with friends on a few lists of ideas and use lots of folders for my own. I very much miss Wunderlist. Don’t tell me Microsoft Todo is the same. I am eyeing Obsidian, I need a video tutorial. (HMU if you know of one!)

FTP: Transmit
I don’t need to move files on servers as much anymore, but when I do, I use Transmit.

Video Calling: Zoom
The amount of buttons they keep adding might ultimately make me look for an alternative.

Video Compression: Handbrake
It’s free and does the job of making video files much smaller.

Search Engine: Kagi
It’s not perfect, but for the most part I get the answers I need. And if that doesn’t work I’ll begrudgingly open up a tab and go to that other search engine.

Batch image processing: Retrobatch
I often need to fiddle with a bunch of formats to other formats, and this utility makes it easy.

Site Mapping: Octopus
Whenever I start a new project I doodle things out with this site map builder.

Custom Icon Fonts: IcoMoon
I barely make custom icon fonts, but I do for the tiny handful on this site and always forget what I used, so I’m making note of it here!

#Apple #computer #icons #MacOS #picturesOfScreens #software

MacOS dock with design and communication apps
Directories of photos organized by year, month and day
Mike Rohde
1 week ago

The Sketchnote Live Workshop Set: Lettering, Layout, and Icons

This set includes all 3 in-depth workshop recordings on lettering, layout, and icons at one great price, just $50!

Set includes:

1. The Lettering Live Workshop
2. The Layout Live Workshop
3. The Icon Live Workshop

It’s a great time to refine your lettering, layout, and icon skills — and I'm here to help. Purchase your $50 Sketchnote Live Workshop Set today!

#sketchnote #workshop #lettering #layout #icons

Beaver Notes
1 week ago

Hey folks, since I had some time off, I decided to design some additional icons for the app. As Mastodon doesn't allow for images and polls in the same post, please check out the comments to select your preferred icon in the poll that follows this post. #BeaverNotes #design #icons #foss #opensource

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Released a new version of Arcticons, with 150 new and updated icons this time 🙂


#arcticons #iconpack #icons #androidapp #opensource #design

The Alien Icon theme looks pretty good and supports many more applications than the Haiku theme does.

#gnome #fedora #icons

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

November update for Squared is live with 20 new #Icons. Grab it now!

Lorraine C.
2 weeks ago

Curtis Mayfield
Move On Up (extended version) w #bongosolo

Hush now child
And don't you cry
Your folks might understand you
By and by
Just move on up
Towards your destination
Though you may find, from time to time

Bite your lip
And take a trip
Though there may be wet road ahead
And you cannot slip
Just move on up
For peace you will find
Into the steeple of beautiful people
Where there's only one kind

#music #soul #civilrights #dancemusic #icons #usa

2 weeks ago

#French #artists & #icons lead #SilentMarch in #Paris for #peace
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris on Sun. to participate in the march, led by artists & #StreetPerformers, calling for peace in the #MiddleEast between #Israelis & #Palestinians.

Holding #OliveBranches & white banners, French performers from different religious & ethnic backgrounds led thousands of people on a silent march...

#CeasefireNow #France #PeaceActivists #PeopleForPeace

2 weeks ago

Arcticons Linux development is going pretty solid now, with new updates released regularly.

Check it out ⬇️

#linux #kde #gnome #DesktopTheming #theming #icons #iconpack #arcticons #freedesktoptheme #opensouce #foss

3 weeks ago

bei "designer in action" gibts mal wieder eine schöne sammlung "Weihnachtliche Symbole":
#weihnachten #christmas #xmas #icons #pictograms

3 weeks ago

“We don’t inherit the earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”
#Laycon #bahdlex
Playing my part with @layconcaresfoundation
#laycon #icons #bbnaija #resign

3 weeks ago

Created a monochromatic version of the cute mouse for @voyagerapp !

#icon #icons #materialyou #design #androidapp #voyager #lemmy

monochrome voyager icon
Petra van Cronenburg
3 weeks ago

In my browser version, #Mastodon has changed the #icons and the only thing that annoys me is that some of them now squeak. Before, they hummed in a friendly way. 🤣 #synesthesia #synaesthesia

4 weeks ago

Duo and Nano updated with 40+ new #icons. Also you can now send premium requests from the app itself ✨✨

Duo Nano

1 month ago

How to replace app icon in top bar of ubuntu 22.04 #2204 #icons #topbar

1 month ago

Anyways here are the new icons!

#arcticons #iconpack #icons #androidapp #opensource #design

1 month ago

Hey everyone, around this time, 3 years ago, I released the first version of Arcticons with around 900~ icons, now we have 8000+!

In these three years, the project gained many contributors, and thanks to its low entry level. We’ve managed to do quite a lot in that time.

This is all possible thanks to the open-source nature of the project, and it’s fantastic community. ❄️

#arcticons #iconpack #icons #androidapp #opensource #design #graphicdesign #animation #mograph

A sleek promo video of Arcticons
H.Lunke & Socke
1 month ago

Kennt jemand ein OpenSource Icon Pack, in dem ich
- PV Module
- PV Freiflächenanlagen
- Windräder
- Biomasseanlagen
- Geothermieanlagen
und generell alles, was irgendwie mit erneuerbaren Energien zu tun hat finden kann?

#OpenSource #Icons #SolarSystem #WindTurbine #RenewableEnergy

1 month ago

@SubplotKudzu I don't think I could sit down and play it now. I don't think I remember enough about how the game actually played to do that.

We ended up moving to Champions and HERO system. Then Mutants & Masterminds. The last supers game I played was using the Icons Reassembled rules. My brother just started a Fate game that uses the Marvel stats as somewhere between a skill list and approaches. Only played one session so far, but it was a lot of fun!

#Fate #MutantsAndMasterminds #Icons

The Iconfactory
1 month ago

Join the fight against SHOCKER with these hard drive icons by Talos Tsui, based on the heroes from the film Shin•Kamen Rider.

These icons and other bonus goodies are available exclusively to our Patreon supporters!

#icons #macOS #windows

Preview of two hard drive icons with a Shin Kamen Rider theme.
1 month ago

Opening 4 slots for my icon commissions! Flat Price - 50€
Comment or DM me if interested!

2 - OPEN
3 - OPEN
4 - OPEN

* What I will need
- Your PayPal e-mail for the invoice
- Character reference sheet
- Desired expression or mood
- Desired background color/elements
- In case you'd want any LGBTQ flag then your desired flag

#MastoArt #furry #furryart #commission #commissions #icon #icons #xxkitsune #lgbtq

David Bisset
1 month ago

"Griddy" Icons: 100 Free Unique #Icons for UI 📚
1 month ago

If you're ready to tidy up your Windows 11 taskbar, you can remove icons with a few simple steps.

#microsoft #windows11 #taskbar #icons

1 month ago

Wer gestaltet eigentlich solche #Icons?

Wenn das Symbol für "Audio-Datei" eine so entstellte Note ist, dass man sie kaum noch erkennen kann, muss schon einiges schiefgelaufen sein.


ein sehr schlechtes, plastik/rundes Theme stellt eine "Note" als Symbol für eine Audiodatei dar.

Es sind 2 grüne pseudo-3D Kugeln, verbunden mit stark gebogenem Rohr(?) mit Schatten
1 month ago

The next Arcticons update is gonna be a chonky one! We have 200+ icons so far, and aiming for a lot more, but you'll have to wait a bit longer for that.

#arcticons #icons #iconpack

200ish icons in the Arcticons style
The vOICe vision
1 month ago

An investigation into the effectiveness of using acoustic touch to assist people who are blind The return of William Gaver's #auditory #icons from the late 80's? #SonicFinder

Srishti Sethi
1 month ago

#Wikimedia recently released #Codex1.0! It provides a library of design tokens, #userinterface components, and a catalog of #icons. Already used in many #wiki features, it comes with a #Figma kit that allows designers to reuse these components and assets. Learn more how to use Codex:

#designsystem #userinterface #wikimedia #wikipedia

AI Emoji Generator: Tries to make custom reacji
#via:iandees #generative #reacji #slack #emoji #icons #art #ai #+

Timothée Goguely
2 months ago

Is it just me, or is there a strong comeback of Apple’s 80s vibe in recent digital products branding? 🧐

:kare_mac: 1-bit icons
:kare_font_kit: condensed garalde fonts

#Typography #Icons #Branding #Apple #SusanKare

2 months ago

A new Arcticons ❄️ update is here, just a week after the previous update. This time with 175 new icons!

#arcticons #iconpack #free #opensource #icons #fdroid

Lauren Herda
2 months ago

Time for an updated #introduction!

Hi, I’m Lauren! 👋 You might have Herda me, but if not, here’s the gist: I’m an interactive designer in Baltimore, USA.

I love making #3D stuff in #Blender, building #icons and UIs in #Figma, making #typefaces, #illustration, and collecting hobbies.

I geek out about stuff like #zeppelins, antique #postcards (mostly of zeppelins), #scifi like #StarTrek, and retro-inspired aesthetics like #dieselpunk. I love learning how #games are made. I love coffee AND tea.

2 months ago

Atcticons You is back on the Play store (hopefully it won't get removed again)

#iconpack #icons #android #androidapp #arcticons

A colorful image containing multiple possibilities with Arcticons You
2 months ago

A new release of Arcticons (Dark/Light/You) is here.
🎉 118 new and updated icons!
🔥 7378 icons in total!

#iconpack #icons #androidapp #opensource #android #update

An image with all the new icons in Arcticons
2 months ago

#odicforcesounds #Music #edm #Tao #Creativity #Monkey #introduction #business
Normally, links are in yellow #color but sometimes, they are white. For albums and some special #tracks, top-menu #icons, lead you to dive into more details.
#Enjoy the Music, the #poetry, the #story and let me know what did you like and what you didn't. Thank You.

Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

Karuta is a collectible card bot powered by Discord that currently features more than 90,000 anime characters.

Working closely with the creators of Karuta, I designed and supplied over 240 skill icons, and more than 50 status and effect emotes for use within the game.

#Design #Illustration #Portfolio #icons #emotes

2 months ago

Making huge progress with Arcticons Linux, thanks to @autinerd !

Come help us test & expand it further! ⬇️

#linux #icons #arcticons

Linux screenshot with Arcticons
Linux screenshot with Arcticons
3 months ago

Some cute emoji made in #Figma!

#design #icons #icondesign

A set of 12 emoji. The set includes: Smile, blush, kiss, sweat, tongue sticking out, face with love hearts, face with heart eyes, halo, winking with tongue, zipper-mouth face, sleepy, and tears of joy.
Noah Jacobus
3 months ago

Big things are coming to Chunk #icons!

Promo image for my Chunk 3 icons. Lots of red (and some red and cream duotone) icons on a yellow background, with a big black and blue "CHUNK 3" in the middle.
3 months ago

We've crafted ~30 custom icons for a client. Is there an AI tool that can take these existing icons and generate variants from them?

Preferably, in vector format (SVG).

#ai #aitools #icons

3 months ago
3 months ago

Missing an icon in Arcticons? Just know that priority request are available through Ko-Fi!

You'll get the icons you want in Arcticons style and support the open-source development with it.

Some examples below:

#arcticons #iconpack #opensource #icons #design #commissions

3 icons in arcticons style
12 icons in arcticons style
5 icons in arcticons style
The Iconfactory
3 months ago

An Iconic Anniversary - The iMac recently had its 25 year anniversary and to help commemorate the event, Iconfactory artist @talosman has cooked up some very special icons for the occasion.

Read all about his Bondi Blue™ adventure and download these fun, FREE desktop icons over at The Breakroom.

#icons #iMac #design #art #DigitalArt

Andy Carolan :prami:
3 months ago

Karuta is a collectible card bot powered by Discord that currently features more than 90,000 anime characters.

Working closely with the creators of Karuta, I designed and supplied over 240 skill icons, and more than 50 status and effect emotes for use within the game.

#Design #Illustration #Portfolio #icons #emotes