Mój #ikea #drybox już szczelny, środek prawie wydrukowany. #3dprint #prusa3d #mk4 #druk3d

Na zdjeciu: pudełko ikea Samla 22L z dodaną uszczelką okienną oraz zatrzaskami. Popularny w świecie druku 3d sposób przechowywania filamentów w suchym miejscu.

ver.di Westfalen
14 hours ago

Der #Streik im #Handel geht weiter! 💪 Heute u.a. im #Netto-Lager und bei #Kaufland in #Hamm. Sowie Kaufland und #IKEA in #Dortmund… Solidarische Grüße 🖖 an alle die heute mal wieder auf der Straße für ihren #Tarifvertrag waren. 🦺 Denn: #Tarif kommt nun mal von aktiv!

#Gewerkschaft #verdi

20 hours ago

Wydaje się to zbyt hermetyczne, ale znając kontekst, trzeba stwierdzić, że po raz kolejny #Ikea nie zawodzi 😍


#marketing #socialmedia #realtimemarketing #sprawadlareportera #smieszne

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
23 hours ago

🇷🇺 Gazprombank Group said on Thursday it had bought #IKEA owner Ingka Group's 14 MEGA shopping centres in #Russia

2 days ago

IKEAs logistical systems in the UK seem to have been in meltdown for the past couple of weeks. Specifically, I wouldn’t recommend “click and collecting” from them for a while.


I love clever ads.

In her happy place.

Tane Piper
3 days ago

In Älmhult today for the third time since I've been with #IKEA and got to visit the prototype labs. Sorry no pictures from inside it - but some cool stuff in the pipeline

A photo of the IKEA of Sweden building
A photo of a giant Allen key surrounded by IKEA flags
A photo of me next to a giant KRUX lamp
A prototype is worth a thousand meetings
3 days ago

Die CR2032 von #Ikea heißen tatsächlich "PLATTBOJ"? 😂

Roman S.
5 days ago

Wollte ich gestern zum #Caturday eigentlich posten - unser neues #Katzenklo. Aber heute kann ich zumindest schon berichten, dass es unsere zwei Stubentiger gut annehmen.

Und meine Frau ist jetzt auch glücklich, weil kein Streu mehr herumliegt und das Kisterl gut aufgeräumt ist.

Kostenpunkt: Ingesamt ca. 100,-- EUR (von #ikea)
#LifeHack #Katze #catsofmastodon #cats

Drei Bilder eines Katzenklos in einer Schublade - an der Stirnseite ist ein Loch in der Kastenwand, durch die die Katzen in die Schublade hinein können.
5 days ago

Parece que #IKEA publicará online todos sus catálogos. De momento sólo están en sueco, pero dicen que su intención es ir publicando las versiones en otras lenguas también.
El catálogo del año 2021 fue el último publicado en papel, así que resulta lógica la idea de un #repositorio.
#recursos #interiorismo
- - -

5 days ago

At my own personal hell, #IKEA on a weekend.
But do you think my wife will notice this cylinder vase I slipped into the trolley?

An IKEA cylinder vase 70cm tall box poorly hidden in an almost empty trolley

Kinda wish I lived closer to Renton, so I could hit up Ikea’s cafe regularly for a healthy-ish, filling meal under $10. (And free coffee/tea.) Eating out here - even getting coffee here - is SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE.

But alas, I’ll probably renew my lease on my current place (…8 months from now), since we have a 3-day/week mandated RTO starting in January, and I’m a 5-minute drive from work.

#ikea #renton #seattle #eastside

A quick #ikea / renovation thread, because their Skytta closet/room dividers are neat.

Lilia Roo / Berrysap the Bori
5 days ago

Today I have learned that #IKEA is not kidding when its instructions say two people are needed

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
6 days ago

Es geht!

Die beigelegte Anleitung ist falsch.
Nicht einmal 5 Sekunden drücken, sondern schnell 4x drücken. Dann wird das Teil erkannt...

WTF. #IKEA hat die Anleitung verkackt.

Janne Moren
6 days ago

The IKEA octopus is really pretty cool! Only reason I didn't take one home today is I'm on the way to the airport and there's no room in my bag.

#ikea #octopus #cephalopod #kobe

Yellow octopus lounging on top of some IKEA furniture flatpacks.
Yellow octopus sitting on my head in an IKEA warehouse.
1 week ago

Tested for you: #ikea veggie hot dog > plant based hot dog. Oh boy that fake meat tastes awful 🤢. The veggie one is perfect, spicy and rich.

Gadgets that force you to press a button on it to connect are the worst. I’m looking at you #hue and #ikea - and if you’re listening pls also fix your icloud backups so you can restore with settings intact.

Planning our company winter retreat and was asked to gather some weather data on a few possible locations. I added some extra data points for... umm... science.

#datascience #meatballs #IKEA

A table of data that includes locations, average weather for the month December, and lastly, the chance of meatballs (based on location to nearest IKEA or Sweden).
1 week ago

#IKEA wird einen neuen Lautsprecher der #Vappeby-Serie starten. Der Neue wird ein Bluetooth-fähiger Lautsprecher im schlichten Design sein, den man unterwegs o. daheim betreiben und mit Spotify beschallen kann.,138623.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

1 week ago

— Из вашей квартиры слышны звуки драки и насилия!

Ralph Ruthe (@ralphruthe), 29 March 2011 • via #quoteRT #RalphRuthe #cartoons #strips #Ikea #furniture #furnitureassembly #comparisons #commonplot #comicsartists #2010s

【 Ну а ЩенокЩенком здесь, конечно же, увидит начальную сцену порноролика. 】 #notRalfKönig

Карикатура Ральфа Руте. Житель дома открыл дверь и видит двух полицейских в ярко-голубой униформе. Усатый полицейский говорит: «Из вашей квартиры слышны звуки драки!» (на германском; «Aus ihrer wohnung sind kampfgeräusche zu hören!»). С висков жителя спадает пот, правой рукой он держит дверь за ручку, а левой сборочный ключик (увеличен в размерах, чтобы его можно было опознать на картинке). Справа через проём видна комната, по центру которой стоит частично собранный шкаф, на полу лежит упаковка с логотипом «Икеи». Другие преобладающие цвета на картинке: зелёный, жёлтый и рыже-жёлтый. // Cartoon by Ralph Ruthe. The apartment resident opened the door and sees two police officers in bright blue uniforms. The mustachioed officer says: “The sounds of fighting can be heard from your apartment!” (in German; “Aus ihrer wohnung sind kampfgeräusche zu hören!”). Sweat is falling from the resident’s temples, with his right hand he holds the door handle, and with his left the assembly key (enlarged in size so that it can be identified in the picture). On the right, through the opening, you can see a room, in the center of which there is a partially assembled wardrobe, and on the floor there is a package with the Ikea logo. Other predominant colours in the picture: green, yellow and orange-yellow. //

Finally ported my sensor data onto a website utilising my #Splunk reports. It was a bit tricky getting those report embeds to work and look the way I wanted them, but I think it works now... mostly.

This isn't an Internet website, but it certainly makes it a lot easier for me to view the metrics since I can just go to the website at home.

I may look into setting up a Grafana instance later, but for now this will do fine.

#IoT #ZigBee #IKEA #sensors

Screenshot of the '' website, titled "Environment Dashboard --". It was a table with 4 columns with metrics and graphs.
Architecture News
1 week ago

Dezeen : IKEA and H&M's design incubator unveils products by 22 emerging London studios #LondonDesignFestival #Furniture #Fashion #Design #IKEA #all #HM

1 week ago

An #IKEA smart bulb failed & I replaced it with a spare one. Easy, right?


In order to associate the new bulb with a room, I need that room’s remote control puck which was … somewhere. When I find it, the CR2032 battery’s dead and I need to find a new one. The puck’s been off so long it’s lost its connection to the basestation so I need to resync it. Then resync all bulbs in the room with the puck. Then rename and set them up in the IKEA app, and then the Alexa app.


Klima Nachrichten
1 week ago

Mit #Wasserstoff statt #Schweröl schippern

Mehr als 20 große Konzerne von #Amazon über #Ikea bis #Tchibo schreiben einen CO2-freien #Schiffstransport aus. Das soll ein Anreiz für Reeder und Hersteller von Wasserstoff und "grünen" Kraftstoffen sein.

The controller paddle of my #IKEA #IDASEN standing desk frame wasn’t working after my move, realized the tip of the connector had been oddly crushed.

Luckily for me, it’s an RJ45 connector! I dug out my networking supplies and tools, crimped a brand new connector, and it works! :1up:

Oddly crushed RJ45 connector. The pins underneath are all misaligned.
A new crimped connector.
My office floor, with bits of cabling, tools and connectors.
The paddle connected to the desk frame.
2 weeks ago

#ikea new ad in the #UK suggesting a new sofa every year? Go f yourselves

Primo Natura
2 weeks ago
Robert B.
2 weeks ago

Danke #IKEA

Martin Vogel
2 weeks ago

Wer zur Förderung der heimischen Schmetterlingsfauna ein Insektenhotel aufstellen möchte, aber weder Garten noch Balkon zur Verfügung hat, sollte über ein #Ikea Ivar nachdenken. Die reichhaltig angeordneten Bohrungen in diesem Regalsystem sind ein perfektes Zuhause für die possierlichen Tierchen.
Die Drecksviecher haben sich bei mir durch einen Plastikbeutel mit Sonnenblumenkernen gefressen. Möglicherweise verdauen die nicht nur Kork und Leder, sondern auch PE-Folie.

Bohrungen in einer Regalstütze. Einige sind mit einem weißen Gespinst verschlossen.
2 weeks ago

Decided to add some color to the hallway to the children’s room. #paint #color #home #decoration #IKEA

Painted wall, yellow clouds, with shelves filled with children’s books
Haarlem updates
2 weeks ago

Rad van Rommel bij Ikea

Dit jaar is het thema van #Ikea opruimen. De atleten Dafne Schipper en Churandy Martina gingen afgelopen Zaterdag 16 september in Haarlem de strijd aan met bezoekers met als doel om zo snel mogelijk op te ruimen.

De presentatie was in handen van Willie Wartaal. De winnaars kregen een ijsje.

Een reportage van 023TVonline....

#ChurandyMartina #DafneSchippers #Haarlem #IKEA #opruimen #RadVanRommel #rommel #WillieWartaal

2 weeks ago

A tool to do what? Wrong answers only #ikea

Klaus Vink Slott
2 weeks ago

If you are moving, or for some other reason are taking down your #IKEA #traadfri for more than a couple of weeks: Remember to remove all batteries from the remotes.
Not sure if they all got into panic poll mode and or something, but now, upon retrieving them from the boxes, they all seem to have dead battery 🪙

Mark Fischer
2 weeks ago

IKEA adding solar covered parking lots to some of their US locations.

Can’t wait for this to come to our IKEA in Tempe!
#ikea #solar

I bought some air quality equipment from Ikea yesterday and created a python script (using Leggin's Dirigera library on GitHub) to write a CSV log file to send to Splunk.

I linked all the devices in, created a sourcetype in Splunk, then made this dashboard! :blobfoxcomfycomputer:

The air quality in Sydney hasn't been great this week, and now I have it logged.

#AirQuality #IoT #ZigBee #IKEA #sensors #Splunk #python

Air Quality graphs in a Splunk Dashboard showing Temperature, Relative Humidity, PM2.5, and VOC Index of 3 different sensor devices.
3 weeks ago

The three #bleptember emotions one experiences at #IKEA: amazement, boredom, and fear.

Three small dogs in a stroller with three different reactions 
Kernel Bob
3 weeks ago

The parent toot was by far my most popular for some reason—I never know what you hominids are going to like. Anyway, these photos of one table on top of another are pretty anticlimactic.

The orange joiner is just for photos. I'll swap it out for another black one.

#3DPrinted #IKEA #IkeaHacks

One black IKEA LACK table on top of another.  The legs are joined by 3D printed joiners that are the same width as the legs and 20mm tall.  The top section of the front right joiner is orange with 19mm visible, and the bottom section of the front left joiner is orange with 1mm visible.   The rest are black.

The bottom table has black 3D printed feet.

There's some caustic light on the wall behind the upper table that makes it look like the table has a glass door or something.  But it's just light on the wall.
One black IKEA LACK table on top of another.  The legs are joined by 3D printed joiners that are the same width as the legs and 20mm tall.  The top section of the front right joiner is orange with 19mm visible, and the bottom section of the front left joiner is orange with 1mm visible.   The rest are black.

The bottom table has black 3D printed feet.

Yes ! Ma mère nous a avancé l’argent pour le dressing, on avait encore les fringues en vrac dans des cartons ! 🎉

Le weekend prochain je me farcis le montage (:blob_lurk:) vu que TaskRabbit m’annonçait environ 270€ d’après leur outil d’estimation (et “seulement” 160 d’après le devis reçu post-commande Ikea mais qui ne liste qu’une infime partie des équipements concernés donc j’ai un doute)

J’espère que je vais pas regretter. Si vous avez déjà monté du PAX et que vous assez des astuces pour que ça se passe bien je suis preneur :D

#PAX #Ikea #Bricolage ?

4 weeks ago

@moreentropy jup funktionieren super! Liegen hier im Wohnzimmer. Die usb-a buchsen brauch ich allerdings nicht mehr und hoffe das #ikea mal bald mit usb-c nachzieht.

Kernel Bob
1 month ago

This project is not dead; it's just slow. I printed a quartet of these joiners a while ago, and I also designed and printed some drill guides so I can put the holes in the right places in the LACKs. Today I drilled the table and assembled those pieces.

Some photos, maybe.

But now I'm stuck. I'm putting rubber feet on the bottom table, but I only have three feet. More have been ordered from the big piranha-infested retailer.

#3DPrinted #IKEA #IkeaHacks #AmazonPotShots

A green 3D printed drill guide with four holes is on the corner of a black IKEA LACK tabletop.  The guide has four holes near the corners.  I am holding a punch with the tip in one of the holes.
A black IKEA LACK table leg in a vise with a 3D printed drill guide on top.  The drill guide clamps the leg on all four sides, and has four holes on top, one near each edge.  I am holding a punch with the tip on one of the holes.
A black IKEA LACK leg in a vise with a 3D printed orange joiner, socket half, affixed by four wood screws.
An IKEA LACK tabletop with the positive half of an orange joiner screwed on, and a LACK leg with the negative half of the joiner screwed on sitting nearby.
1 month ago

First set of seedlings planted in their new "home".

First large #IKEA hydroponic almost filled with seedlings and going to fill the rest soon.

Hopefully they will survive!

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants

The Coding Beard
1 month ago

@Brad_Rosenheim we loose ours under #ikea #poang chairs almost daily.

1 month ago

L'autre jour, on est passé à Ikea et puis, j'ai craqué.

#ikea #sablier

Un sablier sur une table de chevet
1 month ago

#Kivik-3er-Sofa von #Ikea aufpolstern? Die Anleitung.

Vorab, auf dem Bild unten sieht mensch vorher - nachher und es lohnt auch optisch.

Hintergrund. Mir war/wurde es zu weich. Kaputt war es aber nicht, also kein Grund für eine Reklamation.

Schere, scharfes Messer, Gaffer, doppelseitiges Klebeband und eine 2 cm dicke und sehr feste Schaumstoffplatte in 70x90 (RG 5078 (sehr fest))

1 month ago

I found my quickstart guide to #life in the #IKEA flatpack I arrived in. I’d say I wish I’d seen it decades ago, but … uhm… like … let me drop a few:

So you’ve been born!

-…and right into your class that you can only move down from

-Life will be unfair and anything you’ll ever need to thrive will boil down to luck and privilege

-Nothing is safe and you will die even if you choose not to live

-Be good to cats and dogs and you’ll have their brief lifelong love

-Sobriety is key to pain


1 month ago

J'ai commandé une carafe chez #ikea (avec des meubles). Bon la carafe arrive endommagée, ça arrive.

On fait une demande de changement, nickel.

Aujourd'hui, on a reçu...

Un drap housse.

Notez que c'est moins fragile il n'est pas cassé.

Ashley Porciuncula
1 month ago

Shopping in IKEA and this co-working cafe space has a website on the wall. It's been there for ages but I've never checked it.

To my surprise, it was was available... so of course I bought it. What should I do with it?

#nerd #geek #webdev #webdeveloper #ikea

An IKEA setup like a co-working cafe.
A website on the wall that says
Narrelle M. Harris
1 month ago

I have no Before pictures of the teetering Craft Mountain that was taking over our back room, but an IKEA cube unit has tamed it. Many thanks to @timrichards for helping me to build the thing and Ikea for making it relatively easy to build!
#ikea #craft #tidy #storage

A 12-cubical cube shelf from Ikea filled with boxes of jewellery making, crochet and sewing craft. It is gloriously tidy and not a giant Mountain of random boxes and bags and I love it.
Emily Chwiggy
1 month ago

This one is for @ada and all the other #blahaj fans out there:

The Creation of Blåhaj

#MastoArt #Renaissance #IKEA #plushies

Digital Painting: Recreation of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, but with Ikea plushies. A plush shark sitting on some land, one flipper outstretched to a floating group of plushie sharks of various sizes in front of draped red fabric. The biggest plushie stretching its fin to touch the other shark
Kernel Bob
1 month ago

It amuses me and gratifies me when my functional designs come out looking weirdly beautiful. This is a two-piece joiner to attach an IKEA LACK table leg to the top of another LACK table.

The plan is that the male part will screw onto the table top, and the female part will screw onto the end of the leg, then they'll interlock. I'll need four of each. The curvilinear shape will be entirely hidden when it's assembled.

#3DPrinted #IKEA

CAD screen capture of a thing.  It has a thin square base.  Four screw holes project above the base with webbing between them in an X pattern.  The webbing is filletted and tapered into a smooth, almost melted shape.  The screw holes are countersunk with a compound taper, because that's what the wood screws I found have.  The thing is 51mm long and wide and 19mm high.
Screen capture of PrusaSlicer slicing the thing and its mating part.  The mating part has four screw holes where the thing's webbing isn't.  Both halves are the same dimensions.  When joined, they'll form a solid block, minus the screw holes.
1 month ago

Also ich weiß ja nicht, aber irgendwie vertraue ich dem Akkuzustand in Home Assistant nicht 😂

#HomeAssistant #Zigbee #Ikea #smarthome

Screenshot der Home Assistant Oberfläche. Zu sehen ist die Detailseite eines Ikea Tradfri Shortcut-Buttons. Der Batteriezustand wird mit 150 % angezeigt.
Screenshot der Home Assistant Oberfläche. Zu sehen ist die Detailseite eines Ikea Tradfri Shortcut-Buttons. Der Batteriezustand wird mit 200 % angezeigt. - Apple-Blog
1 month ago

#IKEA hat vielleicht nicht das beste #SmartHome System, viele der Produkte sind aber solide gestaltet und preislich fair. Bislang gab es vor allem eine sehr große Einschränkung: Die #iPhone-App #IKEAHomeSmart funktioniert nur im heimischen #Netzwerk, nicht aber von unterwegs. Das scheint sich nun zu ändern: IKEA testet in einigen Ländern mit dem jüngsten #Update der #App eine neue Funktion mit dem Namen #ControlAnywhere.

Mehr zum Thema:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPad #Mac

📸 (c) IKEA.

IEKA Smart Home-System mit smarter Lampe und IKEA Dirigera-Hub auf einem Schrank.
Yorkshire Bylines
1 month ago

Whether you’re shopping for bombs or baby clothes, Clarion Events has got you covered. But sponsors of the Baby Show are less keen on the connection to the marketplace in death and destruction | David Goff

#Clarion #DSEI #BabyShow #IKEA

Ben Hardill
2 months ago

Has anybody managed to extract data from the Ikea VINDSTYRKA? The new version with the screen on the front? Looks like they are Zigbee based.


2 months ago

Puh, #Ikea Dirigera Hub neu gestartet. Jetzt sind die Hätte aller Geräte offline. Muss ich echt nen Tag warten, bis der das hinbekommt das Zigbee-Mesh wieder aufzubauen?

2 months ago
#PetiteAnnonce #Vente #Occasion #Meuble
Au cas où ça puisse intéresser des gens sur la région de #Bordeaux : je vends un #Bureau (120x80) de chez #Ikea à hauteur réglable. Les détails sont ici :
Alasdair Allan
2 months ago

Enough people asked me about it, I sat down and wrote it up properly. Here's how to hack an #IKEA #Vindriktning air quality sensor using a @Raspberry_Pi Pico W and @micropython to add make it into a network connected #IoT thing.

Thibault Le Cornec
2 months ago

Mon bureau, actuellement en morceaux, je le monterai peut-être ce week-end ...

J'ai hâte car passer d'un bureau statique de 120 x 55 cm à un bureau assis-debout de 180 x 80 cm ça va me changer la vie ! #UpAndDesk #IKEA

Tane Piper
2 months ago

Whoo! The video of the demo we built at #ontocommons of our #IKEA #knowledgegraph recommender system - using no third-party data - is now up -

(The main demo starts at 27:20 - featuring me - and as usual technical difficulties)

Alasdair Allan
2 months ago

@blitzcitydiy @Raspberry_Pi …added a BMP280 sensor to report the temperature and pressure, it also fitted nicely inside the case of the #IKEA Vindriktning. I've updated my Gist to add in support for @adafruit's BMP280 breakout and with a bit more information about pin connections,

Alasdair Allan
2 months ago

…got everything working! Wrote a quick web server in MicroPython to serve the pm25 measurements from the sensor. But not only that, the @Raspberry_Pi #PicoW fits neatly inside the #IKEA #Vindriktning, and then it all closes up cleanly. Pretty pleased with how things turned out!

Alasdair Allan
2 months ago

Saw @adafruit‘s neat hack of the #IKEA Vindriktning air quality sensor using an #ESP32,, and figured I had to have a go with a @Raspberry_Pi #PicoW. So in today’s mailbag, air quality sensors from #IKEA,

3 months ago

New blog post: IKEA Ivar Hack: Pen Plotter Sliding Drawers

#PenPlotter #IKEA #Ivar #DIY #Maker

An IKEA Ivar shelf modified with sliding drawers holding vintage gantry pen plotters.