3 days ago

will leave it here, my first darkroom’s preset, ilford hp5 400 pushed 2 stops

#darkroom #preset #ilford
1 week ago

Heute, 20:15 Uhr wir schließen mit Folge 389 die Berichtserstattung und Interviewreihe der Photopia 2023 ab. „Analoge Fotografie macht Spaß!“ Neufi im Gespräch mit Jochen Kohl u.a. über eine analoge Test-Serie die quer durch Europa führte und einem Drucker auf Rädern. In dieser interessanten Folge wartet ein neues Gewinnspiel mit tollen Preisen auf euch. Erfahrt als erste die Infos zu den im Blog gestellten Aufgaben. #fotopodcast #podcast #ilford #Gewinnspiel

Obsidian Urbex Photography
1 week ago

My adventures with #sprocket scanning continue!

This photo is of an interesting place in Ireland. Once a school, then converted into a mechanics garage. Now abandoned, with cars and everything left inside.

#Ireland #Abandoned #BarnFind #VWgolf #AbandonedSchool #MonochromeMonday #Monochrome #Ilford #Ilfordhp5 #FilmePhotography #35mm #35mmFilm #BelieveInFilm

black and white photo of a car in an abandoned building
Roland Dieterich
1 week ago

Brutalismus in Köln-Chorweiler, November 2023.

#brutalismus #brutalism #ilford #fp4

Hochhausfassade von unten fotografiert. Viele gleichförmige Balkons, teilweise aus blankem Waschbeton.
Fußgängerrampe, die sich spiralförmig-eckig um ein achteckiges Loch in der Decke windet. Sichtbeton.
Oberhalb einer eckigen Fußgängerrampe aus Sichtbeton. Blick auf ein großes Gebäude auf massiven Betonstelzen.
Achteckiger Betonpilz auf einer Fußgängerbrücke über eine Schnellstraße. Sichtbeton.
2 weeks ago

Mon fils me prenant en photo avec un Yashica Electro 35 pendant les fêtes du 15 Août en Outremeuse à Liège 😍

:artcam: Canon New F1
:35mm: Ilford HP5+

#photography #filmphotography #analogphotography #shootfilm
#CanonNewF1 #ilford #YashicaElectro35 #liège #shootfilm #HP5plus

Gros plan sur un jeune homme me prenant en photo. Son visage est entièrement caché par l'appareil. A l'arrière plan la rue et quelques badauds.

Close-up of a young man taking my photo. His face is completely hidden by the camera. In the background, the street and a few passers-by.
Dave Copeland :ruby:
3 weeks ago

Of note, if you go to Iceland in the winter, and are thinking of taking some B&W photos…do note that a white sky and a snow-covered ground make for some challenging editing later on.

Here's a hot spring steaming from a snow-covered ground while it was overcast.

(The Geothermal Park Hveragerði / Hveragarðurinn, same #Ilford Delta 3200 #film as previous)

Photo of a snow-covered ground on a winter day with leafless and evergreen trees in the background. In the foreground is a hot spring emitted steam. The spring is surrounded by a chain fence. The photo is B&W so distinguishing these things is not easy.
Dave Copeland :ruby:
3 weeks ago

Wasn’t in love with's cover. The updated version (reminder: free to all purchasers of the e-book) uses a B&W photo I took of the House of Eyrabakki in Iceland.

This house was brought to Iceland as a kit, and was the first wooden (non-turf) structure built there. It (obviously) is still standing, having been maintained.

This is a great analogy for Rails and sustainably keeping a Rails app running.

#Ilford 3200 Delta #film, developed at 2400 ISO (in my basement :)

Book cover that reads “Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails by David Bryant Copeland”. It shows a picture of the House of Eyrabakki, which is a wooden 1.5 story house. The roof has alternating black and white boards. There is a dormer window on the top, centered, and two shuttered windows on the first floor. There is a chimney.
Vitalii Kovalyshyn
4 weeks ago

Друзі, вітаю!

Сьогодні я виставляю свою улюблену камеру середнього формату — Rolleicord Model K3B випускався в період з 1950 по 1953 рік. Усього було зроблено 87 000 камер. З нею у мене повʼязані емоційні спогади, а комплект просто шикарний, то я сподіваюся зібрати не менше 15 тис грн. Усі кошти, як і попереднього разу, спрямую на потреби ЗСУ. А у вас є можливість зробити донат та виграти камеру, плівку та експонометр за ціною 1 котушки чорно-білої плівки.

Новий лот:

⁃ Камера середнього формату #Rolleicord з ремінцем )
⁃ Плівка #Ilford HP5+
⁃ Експонометр Twinmate L-208

Щоби взяти участь у лотереї, вам потрібно:
1. Закинути донат на банку –

2. Вартість 1 квитка – 200 гривень. Що більшою є сума донату, тим більше шансів виграти цей чудесний набір.

3. Увага, якщо ви поповнюєте банку не з картки Моно, то обов’язково пишіть в коментарях до поповнення свій номер телефону, щоб потрапити у список учасників!

4. Лотерея триватиме до 20:00 10 листопада, а переможців визначимо через функціональність розіграшів, яка зараз є у монобанку.

#filmphotography #blackandwhitephotography

1 month ago
Dans un musée à Anvers. Depuis une mezzanine, on voit uen ouverture rectangulaire dans un mur blanc. Deux personne passent dans l'encadrure de cette baie. Derrière eux un panneau d'affichage digital sur lequel est écrit "Nothing Yet". 

In a museum in Antwerp. From a mezzanine you can see a rectangular opening in a white wall. Two people are walking through the opening. Behind them is a digital billboard with the words "Nothing Yet".
1 month ago

1st walk out in a week and with a camera and #Film (#Ilford Pan 400). Theses photos of a small pond and surrounding bushes and trees were taken on my phone. I'm looking to Dev' as soon as poss though. 🤒 #ColourPhotography #PhotogSocial

May I ask if anyone can advise on the cheapest place in the UK to buy #Ilford chemicals (notably DD-X) from please?

I'm alreasy aware of Bristol Cameras, Morco online & AG Photolab in Brum.

Thanks in advance, Lee.

#Photography #AnaloguePhotography #FilmPhotography #HomeDeveloping #BelieveInFilm #IlfordPhoto

1 month ago
A black and white picture of an empty airport terminal. A long aisle with thin columns. There's a stark contrast between a very bright all around window and a dark ceiling and floor. On the side many rows of empty seats.

There has always been something about Ilford film. I'm new to shooting it. I'm beginning to get the something.

Ilford Delta 3200
AF Nikkor 85mm f1.8 D
Nikon FA


A tree and a shrub in classic back and white. There is a fence behind them.
2 months ago

Harvesting the rye

#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #BlackAndWhitePhotography

A Combine Harvester working in a field of rye is approaching a footpath crossing the field, leading towards Kenilworth Castle on the horizon, in this black and white film photograph.
2 months ago

Not in use

#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

Portrait format black and white photo of a brick wall, on which there is a defibrillator. To its left are two panels, the top one with faded and missing writing, starting "EMERGENCY CALL", while the lower one contains a wall phone with a twisted cable; on it is scrawled the message "NOT IN USE"!
2 months ago

Fancotts Cottage

#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

A white-pained door, split into two sections, one above the other, with 4 black-painted old-fashioned hinges, sits in the centre of this image. There are hanging baskets filled with plants on either side. The wall behind is brick, with two small windows partly in frame to the right; to the left is visible external plumbing. In front of the door are two steps; to the left is a tub of flowers, and behind it a stone "mushroom". Black and white photo in portrait format.
2 months ago

Bee on a teasel in flower
#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

A bee crawls over the spiky flower head of a teasel in this black and white photo.
2 months ago

Tent circle

#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

In an open grassy area surrounded by trees is a circle of white, pointy-roofed tents, each with an accompanying picnic table. Cheap holiday accommodation for John Lewis staff. Black and white photo.
2 months ago

Thames backwater

#PentaxLX, SMC #Pentax M 50/1.7, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

A quiet stretch of water curves from bottom left right and then left before disappearing. A tree overhangs at the left, with a reflection in the ripples. more trees can be seen on the right bank round the bend. At the mid-left behind the tree is an open stretch of lawn, with two picnic tables. Black and white photo.
2 months ago

A bit of a #FilmPhotography recap for the week, something I wanna start doing maybe to keep myself working week in and week out, and keep myself honest with my photos:

Took one roll of #Ilford #Fp4 this week, really didn't end up with anything I loved, but maybe got a few near misses. Most of the roll was really just playing with exposure and filters in some quiet familiar haunts, as my social anxiety was kicking my ass this week.

All taken with #Pentax KX
Left: Pentax-M 35-70mm f2.8-3.5, red filter #25. Top RIght: Pentax-K 135mm f2.5, No filter. Lower Right: Pentax-K 135 f2.5, green filter #13.

#BelieveInFilm #AnalogPhotography #Photography #BlackAndWhite

Black and white film photograph of The Keeper of The Plains, a Cor-Ten steel sculpture by Blackbear Bosin that resides at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas River in WIchita, KS. It is a early morning photograph, with the light low and partially obscured by clouds, just barely illuminating part of the sculpture. The sky behind is filled with large white clouds.
Black and white film photograph of a Victoria Amazonica lilypad and bloom surrounded by dark reflective water in the low morning light. The bloom has just emerged from the water, and has you to blossom.
Black and white film photograph of a flower in bloom, with dew droplets on the petals, many of which are missing, and with it's tone fading dark as you approach the center.
Jan B.
2 months ago

Habe das Ende des ersten Films (Ilford Delta 3200) fast erreicht und frage mich, ob ich den Rest der Veranstaltung mit dem Kentmere 400 bearbeiten sollte. Push auf 1600 ist für den ja kein großes Problem und das Licht wäre gerade so ausreichend dafür. Oder all-in und pushen auf 3200? Was sagen die Fotografen unter euch?

#ilford #IlfordDelta3200 #kentmere #kentmere400 #push #pushdevelopment #magiccon

2 months ago

Home sweet home. 19 storey tower block in Sunderland's east end, the one I live in. Built in the late 60's mainly to accommodate residents of the clearance of the nearby garths. I rather like living here. Taken with a 1950's 6x6 compact folder camera, the Zeiss Ikon Nettax: basically a Nettar with a light meter on top. #Zeiss #ikon #nettax #Ilford #fp4 #6x6 #FilmIsNotDead #urban #concrete #brutalist #TowerBlock #architecture #civil #housing #photography #analogue #vintageCamera

1960's concrete tower block in monochrome, looking steeply up from the bottom
2 months ago

Roker Lighthouse, Sunderland. An outing for one of my film cameras, my Bronica SQa. I even metered from a Weston MasterIV!. I could afford neither in the early 80's, settling for a 35mm SLR, a Pentax M.E Super. #FilmIsNotDead #Bronica #BronicaSQa #Ilford #FP4 #photography #120RollFim #MediumFormat #6x6

2 months ago
Black and white film photograph of the back window of an old black car with chrome trim. The interior is distant and out of focus, and there is a sticker that says, "Sears Air Conditioned" on the back window.
2 months ago

Bull Point

#PentaxLX, #Pentax SMC A 24/2.8, yellow filter, #Ilford FP4, home dev in #Adox FX39 II.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #ShootFilmBeNice #BlackAndWhitePhotography

With open land to the right and sea to the left divided by rocky cliffs, this bay is close to Woolacombe in Devon. Wispy white clouds. Black and white photo.
3 months ago

I’ve been playing with a pinhole 4x5 camera to direct positive print paper and it’s been interesting so far. Contrast is hard to control!

#analogphotography #pinhole #pinholecamera #blackandwhite #bnw #ilford #harman

3 months ago

Got a chance to play around with an early 50's era Argus C3, and while it was little banged up, and the winding mechanism ate my film up awfully well, I did get one shot I really loved.

Interior from The Wichita Art Museum

#Photograph taken on #Ilford #Hp5 at 400 box speed.

#Analog #AnalogPhotography #FilmPhotography #Photography #BWPhotography #MonochromeMonday

Black and white 35mm film photograph, a seating area and staircase are illuminated from the light coming down from stairwell above.
4 months ago

Dame avec ses chiennes, forêt de Séquoia Géants (Redwoods)
1/4 @ f/8
OM H.Zuiko 24mm/2.8
Rollei Retro 80S
Perceptol 1+1, 9min

#NoirEtBlanc #BlackAndWhite #BelieveInFilm #Olympus #Rollei #Retro80S #Ilford #Perceptol #HomeDeveloping #lumix #darktable

Photo en noir et blanc d'une dame et de ses chiennes s'arrêtant au font d'une forêt de séquoias géants.
5 months ago

does anyone have any idea why Ilford Delta Pro 100 would turn out so grainy in full sun? And what's up with these black spots? Trying to sort out if my camera is dying, or if there's something else amiss.

#film #35mm #ilford #blackandwhite #filmphotography

5 months ago

Here's one taken with my Yashica 'A' twin lens reflex camera on #Ilford HP5+ 120 film way back in mid January this year. I remember this day well. I'd spent too long without my gloves on and I could hardly move my fingers 😄

A square black and white photo of an old rusty metal kissing-gate frame and wooden strainer-post, in the back ground at the top of the hill is Kinpurney Tower, near where I live. The gate is long gone and the metal frame is leaning to the side now. A track leads up to the rectangular stone tower with its castellated rampart. It was built in the late 1770s and used as an astronomical observatory by a local landowner. The scene is sidelit from the right by the low January sun and the metal frame is casting a shadow to the side.
Adrianna Tan
6 months ago

Wok Shop Cafe along Van Ness is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the city.

(Nikonos IV, Kentmere 400, self dev in Microphen 1:1)

#BelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #BlackAndWhite #FilmPhotography #Photography #Kentmere400 #Kentmere #Ilford #Nikonos #NikonosIV #VanNess #SanFrancisco #SanFranciscAnalog

a scan of a black and white photograph of the Wok Shop cafe along Van Ness in San Francisco
7 months ago

Pensive blueberry blossoms in the sun

Nikon F3 HP | Nikon 50mm | Ilford HP5 Plus | F16, 1/250

#WistfulWednesday #Nikon #FilmPhotography #nature #photography #Ilford

A slightly dreamy black and white image taken from near a blueberry bush showing the woods beyond and the sun shining towards the camera, lighting up the tiny blossoms and casting a little sun streak towards the left foreground.
7 months ago

16 exposures on kentmere pan100.
chinon cx body and some 28mm lens.

#multipleexposure #experimentalphotography #filmphotography #film #ilford #35mm #kentmere #bw

Adrianna Tan
8 months ago

First roll from my bathroom sink development: shot on Fuji GW690II.

T-Max 400 (120) developed at 800 in Ilfosol 1+9 (8.5 min)

A lovely photograph of the baristas I chat with every other day.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #FilmPhotography #Ilford

a scan of a black and white photo of two baristas in a cafe in San Francisco
Rom | Tapas in the sun
9 months ago

The walk back to Playa de los Genoveses. Although the track generally followed the coastline, it was inland. This is the end of the walk. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

📷: Nikon FE2
🎞️: Ilford Delta 100
🧪: Ilford Ilfotec LC-29

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #spain #nikon #nikonfe2 #ilford #delta100 #cabodegata #coast

Black and White photo of flat open landscape. A water supply, possibly for irrigation, is in the foreground with mountains in the distance.
Black and White photo of a flat open landscape with a few tall flowering agave plants and mountains in the distance.
Rom | Tapas in the sun
10 months ago

The Tabernas Oasis Series - Photo 1
While exploring the Tabernas desert in January, I came across an oasis. Or, at least, that's how it looked. Over the next few days, I will post a series of film photos, starting with this one - the walk to the oasis.

📷: Mamiya M645 1000S
🎞️: Ilford FP4
🧪: Ilford Ilfotec LC-29

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #monochrome #spain #mamiya #mamiya645 #ilford #delta100 #tabernas #desert

Black and white photo of a dry and barren tabernas desert landscape. The view is along a dry river bed, with cliffs, hills and mountains on either side.
Rom | Tapas in the sun
10 months ago

Ready for the wedding fiesta in La Almadraba de Monteleva. There was a big wedding that day - the party went on for several days.

📷: Zorki 4
🔭: Jupiter 12 (35mm)
🎞️: Ilford Delta 100
🧪: Ilfotec LC-29 1+29

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #spain #zorki #ilford #delta100

Black and white photo of an empty village square with a lamppost in the centre and streamers stretching to it. A church spire is visible behind the low white houses along the far edge of the square.
10 months ago

Calling home film developers!
I'm getting back into home dev & would appreciate some advice.

I've just developed a roll of rollei retro 400s pushed to 1600 & the negs are REALLY thin & trying to figure put why.

I processed at time given on the data sheet multiplied by 1.33 squared, as per - so 22 mins. I used Ilford ID11 - not ideal, from reading, but it was all I had! Temp was ok (20.5 C).

Any ideas anyone? Cheers🙏

11 months ago

This is one of my favorite shots using film that does not have people in it. It is of the Wheaton Metro stop just north of DC. #WheatonMD #Analog #film #Zeiss #Contaflex #Ilford #HP5Plus400

Black and White photo of a subway line from the platform
1 year ago

Hoping for some advice from seasoned home-developing photographers

I'll like to try shooting some Rollei Retro 400s at 1600 (wish me luck😁)

It'll be home deving in a spiral tank & the developers I have are ID11 & Rodinal (which I've read isn't great for pushing). BUT - I can't find dev times for ID11 (not even from the massive dev chart)

Anyone have an idea of times with ID11?

I hate to ask, but please boost - thanks🙏
#35mm #FilmPhotography #rolleiretro400s #Ilford #35mmfilm

1 year ago

‘Sky Grater’

📍 Milan, Italy
🗓️ February 2022
🎞️ Ilford HP5
📷 Nikon FM + Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AI

#photography #filmphotography #beliveinfilm #filmisnotdead #monochrome #blackandwhite #architecturephotography #fotografia #milano #nikon #ilford #35mm

#introduction #introductions #NewHere

I am an ace software development student living in Scotland.

Things I love:
- The constructed language of #Lojban (.i e'o ko jbobau tavla mi)
- #Protogen fursuits and characters
- #Programming in homemade #Assembly languages and homebrew CPUs
- Collecting laptop stickers
- #FilmPhotography, particularly on #Ilford films
- Electric #trains, particularly those serving metro systems
- Jay Eaton's Runaway To The Stars (

Jean-Sébastien Caux
1 year ago

#introduction By day I'm a quantum physicist, by early mornings/evenings/weekends I'm a developer, but in between the cracks I'm keen on #Monochrome aka #BlackAndWhite #Photography.

I keep things traditional with #Silver, #Pyro developers, and the magical #CarbonTransfer.

I'm a junkie and shoot mostly #Ilford film on #Leica in #35mm, #Hasselblad in #MediumFormat, #ArcaSwiss in #4x5 and #ChamonixCameras in #ULF #11x14. My home darkroom features a #Durst #L1200 + #RHDesigns and #Heiland extras.

Spaceship cathedral.