Dave Smeg
4 days ago

I have a vivid memory of walking home late on a winter night after the last bus was cancelled, staying the night at a freind's flat, and leaving the next morning through snow.
The problem is, the place we stayed at isn't there.

#dream #illusion #strange

Catherine Ivers Norton
5 days ago

Our minds love to measure, organize, and create rules. If I am here and you are there, there is a quanitifiable amount of space between us.

And yet distance is no more than an illusion that allows us to operate as separate beings, apart from each other, the Earth, and the rest of the Universe.

There is no separation.

So, what purpose does the illusion of separateness serve?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #philosophy #psychology #spirituality #physics #connection #entanglement #illusion #deepthoughts

A woman with a hand shielding her eyes from the sun looks across a river valley. The caption reads, "Distance is an illusion."

@casualcatte @sunflower

#illusion of time
#link to a past
#ocarina of time
#echo vr
#final fantasy 7,8
#half life alyx
#beat sabre
#tennis ace
#red alert
#batman Arkham series
#life is strange series
#echo visual novel

Radiohead addict'd :verified:
1 week ago

The Magic Carp-pet
Rug by John Leung
#carpet #optical #illusion

Steve Davidian
2 weeks ago


50 years ago as a bored high schooler I observed this phenomenon in myself.

And today it's won an IgNobel prize!


Elsewhere, the literature prize went to researchers exploring the peculiar feeling that can arise when the same word is repeatedly written – a phenomenon they say is an example of “jamais vu”, whereby people find the familiar to be unfamiliar

#neuroscience #illusion #brain

Psychozoic Era
2 weeks ago

You needn’t be intimidated by your dreams or scared by your fears, because in a world of illusion, where you are their creator, you are also their greater.

#psychozoicera #time #changeyourlife #goforit #illusion

There are 12 dots. Can you see them all at once? #illusion

2 weeks ago
Every year when this day comes around, I think, do we really have to do this again? Where were you when it happened? Etc. At this point I'm more interested in what it did to us.

#Culture, #movies, #9-11, #Cloverfield, #horror, #illusion, #paranoia, #reality, #safety, #Science Fiction

Cloverfield movie poster
Jean-Marie Vailloud
2 weeks ago

Vu sur Reddit.
Il y a 16 disques dans cette image.


Dominik Alexander
3 weeks ago

You know the thing with lemons and life. Well, this is some kind of a longer, more poetic version.

#amwriting #lemon #poetry
#imagine #illusion #fantasy

A lemon was just dropped into water in front of a black background.
Mini Mimi
3 weeks ago


Promachoteuthis sulcus is a rare, strange-looking squid, best known for its human-like teeth. Discovered in 2007 when a single, small distinctive individual was caught in the south Atlantic Ocean.

Only the 1 single specimen has ever been examined.

Surely, the picture is disturbing and may haunt the dreams of many. So, does this creature exist? And Does it have teeth?

Yes it does exist. But, WHAT ABOUT THE TEETH?

The #teeth aren’t teeth but an #illusion. What appears to be human dental structures are circular, folded lips, with only the upper and lower portions visible.

P. Sulcus does have a small beak, lurking deep inside the mouth, although it is not visible in the photos.

As for the creepy teeth, they are circular, folded lips, with only the upper and lower portions visible.


Jason Kautz :smug:
3 weeks ago

We live with an #illusion that rich people have something you want; they just #struggle in a different way

#life #usa

Dierck ✅
3 weeks ago

Hat ein paar Sekunden gedauert ....

Playing with the field of depth.

Photographer: Sami Ucan

#perspective #depth #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #illusion #BlackAndWhite

A large puma appearing to follow a very small Thumbelina-sized human. However, it’s just perspective. The puma is a black car, and the dude is a dude.
Adam P
4 weeks ago
A logarithmic spiral arrangement of triangles. They are made of concentric stripes alternating between animating inwards and outwards while maintaining seamlessness. The motion creates the illusion that the spirals themselves are rotating while the only motion present is the outward/inward one.
Adam P
4 weeks ago

Where is the nearest train station?

#illusion #CreativeCoding

Black and white arrows arranged in two interwinding logarithmic spirals such that the white ones are the complement of the black ones. The "legs" of the arrows oscilate between two neighboring tips, making the directions of the arrows alternate.
Adam P
4 weeks ago
Nested black and white triangles seamlessly alternating between growing and shrinking, tiling the plane. The animation is not perfectly synchronized, creating a circular moire pattern slowly going inwards.

#Zoo: Nicht nur ein Übel für die dort eingeknasteten #Tiere, sondern auch für die #Menschen, die sie versorgen. Zoo ist NICHT #Artenchutz, schon gar nicht #Tierwohl, das jetzt im #Arbeitskampf drohend hochgehalten wird. Zoo ist kein Tierparadies, sondern eine Geldmaschine die von #Illusion und #Entertainment lebt, und sie geht dabei über Leichen. #hagenbeck,hagenbeck1504.html

1 month ago

Accidentally created an optical illusion. The inner and outer frames are parallel to one another.

#graphics #design #illusion

A double border made of repeating flower designs. They look askew with respect to one another, but aren't.
1 month ago
1 month ago

Fixer le centre de l'image pendant 10-20 sec, puis regarder ailleurs.

#psychedelic #illusion

Colin aka ManiacalV
1 month ago

A #Thatcher Effect #Illusion I made of #Musk and his creepy, upside down smile last May on the Platform Formerly Known as Twitter.

A photo of Musk upside down and upright. Next to them are duplicates except the eyes and mouth are upside down.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Devin Townsend Talks Music Industry Disillusionment: The Illusion Was Shattered So Quickly
"I had always perceived the nature of music to be rooted in something beyond people, divine in a way."

#devinTownsend #musicIndustry #disillusionment #illusion #shattered #artistPerspective #hope #communityConnection

This is Vietnamese laser programmer and performance artist Lại Trần Ninh Kiềm. He is doing some mind-blowing things with his art form.

The transition between environmental and manual control of the lasers is wild. And he has meticulous, granular-level control over the illusion. It’s quite remarkable.


#Art #PerformanceArt #Lasers #Technology #Engineering #Illusion #Magic

Two people in brightly colored black light suits, dancing around in harmony on a small stage. Carefully orchestrated lasers are moving in sync with the music, transitioning between environmental movement and being controlled by the performers’ hands.

Einbildung ist auch nur so eine #Illusion.

Goog :verified:
1 month ago

i'm super exited

3D illustrations

by #vitalkulesh
#3d #illustrations #illusion

Krieger des Lichts
1 month ago

"Spiritualität" und "Ausbrechen aus der Matrix" sind nur weitere mentale Gefängnisse

#illusion #matrix #Spiritualität #Dualität

2 months ago

Albert Camus: "#Wahrheit statt #Hoffnung

Subtitel: Albert Camus warnte davor, sich angesichts einer politisch sowie existenziell düsteren Gegenwart auf das Hoffen zu besinnen. Wahrer Fortschritt, so argumentierte er, finde sich nur abseits der Hoffnung. Die bisher in Deutschland unveröffentlichten Jugendschriften bieten nun neue Einblicke in das Denken des französisch-algerischen Philosophen.

[...] "Allzu oft orientieren wir uns an einem Fortschrittsglauben, den #Camus als #Illusion von Träumern entlarvt. Fortschrittsdenken zeigt sich ebenso gegenwartsvergessen wie Hoffnung. Fortschritte der Zivilisation sind dem jungen Camus nicht radikal genug – die gegenwärtige Zivilisation scheint ihm nicht fortschrittsfähig in einem gehaltvollen Sinn. Camus nimmt offenbar den #Fortschritt beim Wort und wendet sich gegen das Fortschreiten mit seinem „Weiter so“. Er stellt uns die Aufgabe, Fortschritts- durch Wahrheitsorientierung zu ersetzen."

#Philosophie #Existenzialismus

Zitat aus

2 months ago

Ghost tall ship floating over San Francisco.
#illusion #ship #ghost

2 months ago

The Ames Window #illusion at the #TwistMuseum

Wish they had stuck a rod through one of the panes like in this Curiosity Show video
#scicomm #perception #OpticalIllusion

Ames Window is a trapezoid surface slowly rotating about its middle axis. The surface texture is made to look like a 2x3 paned window in perspective projection. This creates conflicting visual cues that trick some observers into seeing the window rontating in the reverse direction
2 months ago

Visited the #TwistMuseum yesterday.

They have a Wonder kinetic sculpture by
#scicomm #perception #illusion

Wonder is a kinetic sculpture that consists of a vertically oriented double helix - the inner helix is a smaller diameter than the outer helix and they are joined seamlessly at the top and bottom. They are made from a polished metal so that when slowly rotated it gives the illusion of waves flowing both upwards and downwards
2 months ago

perhaps it is the late hour mixing my thoughts, but it brings my mind back to the dialogue from the #1992 #movie #Thunderheart, written by #JohnFusco, spoken by #ValKilmer and #JohnTrudell.

“What makes you such a threat?”

“We #choose the #right to be who we are.

We know the difference between the #reality of freedom and the #illusion of #freedom.

There’s a way to live with Earth and a way not to live with Earth.
We choose the way of #Earth.

It’s about #power.”

José Manuel Barros
2 months ago

THE ILLUSION OF MORAL DECLINE by Adam M. Mastroianni and Daniel T. Gilbert (Nature, 2023).

"In a series of studies using both archival and original data (n = 12,492,983), we show that people in at least 60 nations around the world believe that morality is declining, that they have believed this for at least 70 years and that they attribute this decline both to the decreasing morality of individuals as they age and to the decreasing morality of successive generations. Next, we show that people’s reports of the morality of their contemporaries have not declined over time, suggesting that the perception of moral decline is an illusion. Finally, we show how a simple mechanism based on two well-established psychological phenomena (biased exposure to information and biased memory for information) can produce an illusion of moral decline."

#Nature #Illusion #Memory #Moral #Past #Psychology


Martijn BAARDA
2 months ago

Optical #illusion...

2 months ago

Floating rock?

3 months ago

but sure, let's keep calling selling the system to the highest bidder a "democracy".
#Corruption #Electoralism #PowerOver #PoliticalDomination #PolicySpaces #Illusion

3 months ago

The #illusion of #MoralDecline. Anecdotal evidence indicates people believe morality is declining In series of studies using both archival, original data we show that people in at least 60 nations around world believe that #morality is declining, that they have believed this for at least 70 yrs & they attribute this decline both to decreasing morality of individuals as they age and to decreasing morality of successive generations.

John Einselen
4 months ago

Is there a name for this temporal #motion #illusion?

I remember seeing it demonstrated 15-20 years ago; continuous individual motion (the constant wiggle) may appear to pause when the brain perceives collective group motion (the periodic rotation of the array). This is my attempt to recreate what I remember of that decades-old example in #B3D.

Try as I might, I can't seem to find the right terminology to verify or research this further.

A collection of points individually animate with a small wiggle, while periodically rotating as a group. This may cause the wiggle to be perceived as paused while the group motion is perceived as more important by the brain.
Danie van der Merwe
4 months ago

A green bush on fire? No, it is a chance reflection in a restaurant window, reflecting the fireplace inside! It was all the more amazing as it was raining outside.

#illusion #weird

A green bush with flames coming out of it
Cees Grootes
4 months ago

Time is not an illusion. It’s an object with physical size.

Not a backdrop, an illusion or an emergent phenomenon, time has a physical size that can be measured in laboratories.


#time #timemeasure #illusion #Einstein #relativity #relativitytheory #universe #physics #timemeasurement

Tiny frog on a leave.
Mike Riversdale
4 months ago

I was alone, I took the photo, but how?

#infinity #mirror #illusion #photography

Infinity mirrors and a photo of me taking the photo, somehow


Watch the #video: Perceived #speed may be different depending on how much visual information is included in one’s field of view. Zoom in, the train appears to travel slowly. Zoom out, and it’s speeding along again.

#illusion #opticalillusion #train #japan #trains

Henry Segerman
4 months ago

Behind the scenes shot of the blue Lego space explorer being dragged away by a robot snake. Even seeing the second view and knowing what the shape of the room really is, when I look at the view from the first camera my brain tells me that blue is shrinking!
Full video at:
#3dprint #lego #illusion

Henry Segerman
4 months ago

Here’s an animation showing the trickery. Full video at:
#3dprint #lego #illusion

Two Lego space explorers, investigating a strange spacial anomaly (The Ames room optical illusion).
Henry Segerman
4 months ago

Why is blue bigger than red?

Video: #illusion #lego

4 months ago

This kept me busy for a moment. Fascinating #illusion, source unknown.

Two photographs merged showing both a profile and a portrait depending on how you look at it.
4 months ago

#illusion : an unreal image presented to the bodily or mental vision

- French: illusion

- German: die Illusion

- Italian: illusione

- Portuguese: ilusão

- Spanish: ilusión


Fill in missing translations @

Meekers 🌆
4 months ago

Took this photo at the Museum of Illusions in #philadelphia. If you look around the photo, it appears to warp and ripple.

#photography #illusions #illusion

⚪ Mein Mai und Baum...
Lieblingsfoto. 🌳
🟤 My may and tree...
Favorite photo. 🌲
📷 by Artist: #DenisCherim 🇷🇴🇪🇸 in Loc.: unknown, Europe 🇪🇺 - Title: "The Coincidence Project" Series - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Tree #Maibaum #Perspektive #Photography #Fotografie #Illusion
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a forest with rows of trees standing parallel and almost in a straight line. The front tree sawed off, leaving only a quarter of it standing. Due to the position of the shot and the tree behind it, it looks like it is a single tree with a piece missing in the middle and the upper part floating in the air.
The photographic series "The Coincidence Project" started in late 2012. And you will have a hard time believing that these perfectly timed photos taken by Denis Cherim aren’t photoshopped.
Kiki Love
6 months ago

Combined a couple of stencils to make this #blue #mandala
I’m loving the #symmetry When I stare at the center dot it gives the #illusion that the picture is changing! #art #mandalaart

Blue mandala

These stop-motion videos by Omozoc are mesmerizing. The sound effects and illusionary magic are unexpectedly calming. How he defies physics is, well, watch.

He notes:

“This is a stop motion video. CG is not used. This video is made up of 791 un-doctored photos stitched together. I spent 22 days making this one minute video.”

#StopMotion #Animation #Illusion #SoundEffects #Omozoc #Physics

7 months ago

In "Phase Shift," San Francisco-based artist Zai Divecha translates the #illusion of movement to monochromatic #paper works.

A monochromatic gif of a white paper cube rotating on a flat surface. Threads are joined together to depict a small narrow object (that looks close to a small worm) traveling across the middle of the paper cube as it rotates.

Happy Year of the Duck, oops, I mean Year of the Rabbit, No Duck ... no Rabbit .....


Duck-Rabbit illusion as animation
Michael Bach
9 months ago

Been away for a while, much depressing disease around me (on top of world climate in more than one sense)…
Now built a new (of sorts) angle #illusion, striving for the simplest arrangement showing #illusions

4 horizontal rows consisting of disks and small line elements in alternating yellow & blue colours. The rows look slightly oblique relative to each other, but they are not: an angle illusion.
mark henick :verified:
9 months ago

It is possible to perceive something, to feel certain about it, and still be wrong. And that’s ok.

Certainty is a feeling, not a fact.

This image contains no yellow.

(Illusion credit: Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

#mentalhealth #psychology #science #perception #illusion #vision #learning #growth #humble #leadership

Laurent Perrinet
9 months ago

@APoD beautiful picture! This makes it very clear that the inner disk seems brighter… is this #physics or a #visual #illusion ?

Michael Bach
9 months ago

@sharoz Thank you. #Colorblind friendly: Yes, important, I agree. The "Lilac Chaser" #illusion also works w/o color in spite of its name ;). I just set the blob color to black ( and you see a "white ball" rotating.

Michael Bach
9 months ago

@sharoz Apologising for soapboxing, here this #illusion was published for the first time 17 years ago.

The Color Aftereffect: Stare at the center of the circle, and the blank spot will appear bright yellow. #VisionScience #Illusion

A visual illusion
Michael Bach
10 months ago

New addition to my #illusion collection:
This site now totals 150 #illusions.

If you like following #illusion posts, I recommend changing Mastodon's default setting to see the full images:

Preferences -> Appearance -> turn off "Crop images" -> Save Changes

Michael Bach
10 months ago

#Introduction I'm a vision scientist, now somewhat retired. Interested in #psychophysics, #electrophysiology, #neuroscience, #programming, etc. Special interests in visual acuity, #illusion (s); also life, music, …

Rhombitrihexagonal negative space animation

made with #p5js

#creativecoding #illusion #art #geometry

Motion #Illusion #VisionScience

(on a phone, you may need to view it in widescreen)

Text that appears move