Patrizia Rinaldi
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Thank you CSER for inviting me to the conference “1964-2023: sixty years of study and analysis on migration”. #migration #immigration #rome

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On Hasan Minhaj, Trauma Passports, and Immigrant Fictions

It would appear that Minhaj has lost his Trauma Passport: that potent combination of trauma stories mixed in with just enough humour to seem edgy but not, you know, depressing. Yasmin Nair writes.

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“Bottom line, is that they don’t belong here,” one woman said at the latest protest against the temporary housing of asylum seekers in the red-voting borough.
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Ce qu'il y a de curieux et de tragique dans ce débat sur la «capacité d'accueil» du Québec versus le risque de minorisation (de qui? des vrai.e.s Québé, c'est qu'en voulant limiter le nombre de personnes venues d'ailleurs s'installer ici, on va obtenir à coup sûr une plus grande minorisation politique du Québec au sein du Canada.
#Immigration #Québec

Jay Baker (they/he)
1 day ago
1 day ago

“The home secretary’s ambition is not matched by talent…” 😂
(That’s the only funny bit.)

When I listen to Braverman, I think there must have been a time when they gave away law degrees in return for three Kellog’s Corn Flakes box tops and a ten shilling postal order.

#Braverman #Tories #Immigration #Asylum

1 day ago

White Trashionalists: "Immigrants are all freeloaders!!"

Immigrant: "No time for chat, I'm busy protecting nature for all to enjoy."

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1 day ago

Auf der logarithmischen Scala sieht es aus, als ob es 2015-2020 stottert und nach Corona einfach wieder aufholt.

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Mojo ♻️
1 day ago

University rankings are a #ponzi scheme, the education industry has devolved into an #immigration racket, with institutions serving as migration agents rather than educators. #auspol #ausecon #freeeducation

I campaigned for almost 30 years for #LGBTQ #immigration rights in the UK and #SuellaBraverman steps in using falsehoods to undermine the hard work of so many. Sigh.

TapTap 🎮
2 days ago

Elon musk thinks we need border walls only in "the most convenient places to cross the border"


how has NOBODY thought of this before!

Just put walls at, say, the easiest places and leave large gaps in inhospitable terrain! WOW!!

(If anyone is not from the US and genuinely does not know...we ABSOLUTELY have walls in all of the "convenient" places)

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2 days ago

“Keir Starmer’s Labour is right to see a new returns agreement with the EU as critical to actually stopping the boats. There were no small boats when we had a deal, and having it again would make every difference.”

Let’s see how you get on with that…

#Immigration #Asylum #Labour

Scott Lucas
2 days ago

On air alongside Republican activist Greg Swenson in 15 minutes on BBC Talkback to analyze #GOPDebate

*Dominance of misinfo/falsehoods from #immigration to #economy to #UkraineWar

*Diversions over women's/LGBT rights

*Did #NikkiHaley move to front?

Scott Lucas
2 days ago

On air soon w @BBCNews to analyze #GOPDebate

*Lots of sound, fury, and misinformation/falsehoods, e.g. on #immigration and #economy

*Diversions on key issues such as women's rights and gun control

*Could #NikkiHaley move to front of pack w her forthright approach?

curmudgeonaf 🇨🇦
3 days ago

#NovaScotia is expanding a fast-tracked #immigration program to include international students who want to become #paramedics and other #pharmacy technicians.

3 days ago

Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

3 days ago

Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

Octávio Lima
3 days ago

“Ekwaldo Romeo, who moved from Antigua to London when he was four, and who got a letter from the Home Office fifty-nine years later telling him he was in the UK illegally and offering him ‘help and support on returning home voluntarily’, said layers of racism lay behind the scandal."

Amelia Gentleman, The Windrush betrayal – Guardian Faber 2019, p 239.

#Windrush #Immigration #UK

Flipboard News Desk
3 days ago

The U.S. will aim to resettle up to 50,000 refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean in the next 12 months as part of a Biden administration plan to welcome as many as 125,000 people fleeing violence across the globe in fiscal year 2024.

CBS News reports on the plan:

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3 days ago

Europe’s rightward drift is not set in stone: our new research should give hope to the left

We’ve examined French voting data going back to the revolution – and it shows the politics of migration is a dead end, write Julia Cagé and Thomas Piketty.

#FarRight #economy #poverty #labour #labor #immigration #deindustrialisation #PublicServices #JuliaCage #ThomasPiketty #europe #france

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

From the magazine: “Recruiters prey on young people ... who have limited opportunities, and take advantage of their economic situation and promise them huge signing bonuses or say things like, ‘We’re going to help you or your parents become citizens quicker.‘”

#military #Latino #immigration #war #USpol #politics #news #Afghanistan

#CanPoli #CdnPoli Canada Politics Poll of the Day! #CPPD
Do you believe Immigration is a top factor in Canada's housing crisis?
#Housing #Immigration #Canada #HousingCrisis

Ang Black
3 days ago

Revealed: US collects more data on migrants than previously known

> Documents show immigration agency #Ice and BI Inc gather more information on those in Isap program and store it for longer


3 days ago

“Grubby, cruel and cheap.”

I couldn’t put it better myself.

THIS is the central point that ought to be remembered in any debate:
“The dynamics of refugee movement are complex. Most of the time, most people do not want to leave their homes.”

#Braverman #Immigration #Asylum

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
3 days ago

@Melinda @harriettmb

In a small room of 20 far right #US associates, Cruella #Braverman, the daughter of 1970s #Indian #Immigrants announced: "Multiculturalism has failed" 😳

The irony! 🙄

Why's she decided to fly so far to make such incendiary claims? The starting gun for #GE2024 has been fired, & as predicted the #Tories are putting #Race & #Immigration front & centre, just as they did in 2019 with #Brexit

HOWEVER, this time it's the children of Indian Immigrants happily leading the charge

Matt Green
4 days ago

New video:

Suella Braverman on Refugees!

The Home Secretary is going to make a speech on Refugees - but what will she say? Top Correspondent Jonathan Goodenough has more...

#comedy #funny #satire #ukpolitics #politics #suellabraverman #immigration #refugees

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
4 days ago

#Tories #Immigration #CONservatives

🚨*Fearing discrimination for being gay or a woman not qualification for #Asylum, says #Braverman*🚨

Addressing a #US think tank, Braverman will question whether the application of the UN's 1951 #Refugee Convention is "fit for our modern age".

With #Sunak weak & vulnerable, the fiscally unhinged #Truss & grotesque fascist Braverman make early plays to lead the #Tory far right in anticipated leadership bids.

The #CONservatives! 👆🏾 🙄

Cruella Braverman

Suella Braverman:

“we will not be able to sustain an asylum system if in effect, simply being gay, or a woman, and fearful of discrimination in your country of origin is sufficient to qualify for protection.”

What a horrendous woman. She can fuck right off.

#politics #immigration #migration #lgbt #women

Jack of all trades
5 days ago

The German government is weighing whether to impose checks on the border with Poland in order to stem an influx of asylum seekers,

Some 204,000 people requested asylum in Germany within the first eight months of 2023, 77 percent more than the same period last year. Friedrich Merz, the leader of Germany’s center-right Christian Democrats, has warned that German municipalities are “hopelessly overwhelmed” by the influx.

#immigration #Germany #Poland

Raymond Scott Pert
5 days ago

Texas border town ‘at a breaking point’ amid jump in migration

> El Paso (Texas): The dramatic increase in migrants crossing the #US border from #Mexico has pushed the city of El Paso, #Texas, to “a breaking point,” with more than 2,000 people per day seeking asylum, exceeding shelter capacity and straining resources, its mayor said on Saturday. #migration #asylum #refugees #immigration

MIGRANTS walk along razor wire looking for a place to cross the Rio Grande river, near the US-Mexico border. —AFP
The Japan Times
6 days ago

The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research projected that Japan's total population will decline by about 30% to 87 million in 2070, with people aged 65 or older accounting for nearly 40%. #japan #society #surveys #foreignworkers #jobs #population #depopulation #immigration

Christian Pietsch 🍑
6 days ago

Gab es einen Putsch in D? Die Rundfunksender jedenfalls haben nur noch ein Thema: Die #Immigration sei an allem schuld.

Anders als mit einem Putsch kann ich mir nicht erklären, dass die veröffentlichte Meinung dermaßen auf Nazilinie liegt.

Eben im #Presseclub hat z.B. ein weißer Mann insinuiert, an unserer Wohnungsknappheit und Bildungsmisere sei die Immigration schuld. Eine dreiste Lüge, der niemand widersprach.

Kurz zuvor hörte ich im Radio, nichts rege die rechten Stammtische so sehr auf wie abgelehnte Asylbewerber, die sich weiterhin in D aufhalten – und deswegen sei es jetzt das Wichtigste, diese Menschen und ihre Familien schnell abzuschieben. Wir sollen also nicht das Richtige tun, sondern das, was die noAfD und die Springerpresse verlangen. Weil sie es verlangen. Ist das nicht völlig verdreht?

1 week ago

#immigration We who live in these counties should feel shame. Especially those claiming to follow the teachings of Jesus.

1 week ago

🌞 Good morning, #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 63F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

The White House will tell federal agencies on Friday to prepare for a #shutdown. Negotiations are ongoing.

The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is back after a short-lived name change (to The Frankmobile).

Mass. is continuing to ask the Biden administration to speed up work permits for migrants arriving in the state. #immigration

What a relief. 😬🙄🤨🤬
decembr14 - ‘In these most recent results, all the water samples tested for legionella were deemed “satisfactory”, although some of the bacteria were identified in two of the samples.’

“Satisfactory”. Oh, well that’s all right, then…

#BibbyStockholm #Immigration #Asylum

1 week ago

‘In these most recent results, all the water samples tested for legionella were deemed “satisfactory”, although some of the bacteria were identified in two of the samples.’

“Satisfactory”. Oh, well that’s all right, then…

#BibbyStockholm #Immigration #Asylum

Luca da Firenze
1 week ago

I hear a lot about STOP #immigration from #American #Fascists the #MAGA,
especially from that squawking 'Karen' #Green
It seems they forgot that the 'greatness' of the #USA
exists thanks to immigration.
(excluding First Nation people and African American, since they were brought to America against their will)
With out IMMIGRANTS USA will not exist.

1 week ago

🌞 Good morning #Fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 67F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

#Boston will be host to a new womens' #soccer franchise.

#Massachusetts approves new #LGBTQ inclusive sex ed guidelines, the first update in 20 years.

Democratic governors are asking the federal government to approve work permits for asylum seekers. #immigration

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago


Challenge for the sake of challenging? 🤔

#Starmer is picking his battles carefully. What's the point in giving the #Tories the gun & ammo to shoot yourself with, when they've got a 70+ seat majority?

No, you challenge them when they're patently wrong & you bide your time with issues you disagree with, but don't want to give them a free political hit if you oppose

They've been desperate to drag #Labour into a #Brexit & #Immigration war, but until this week, Labour resisted

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago


Oh dear! 😂😂😂

The amount of #Tories who've already stood down, or have indicated they won't stand for re-election at #GE2024 is quite telling.

#CONservative candidates are creating publicity saying "Local CONservatives", & not putting #Sunak's face on their leaflets just as they did with #Truss & Doris #Johnson before him.

#Starmer meeting world leaders on his world tour, & broaching #Immigration & #Brexit is the biggest indicator yet that the #Tories are in BIG BIG trouble! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Natalie Sedacca
2 weeks ago

More avoidance of scrutiny. Braverman has told the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration that he will not be reappointed next year. Internal correspondence obtained through FOI shows Home Office officials branded him “excessively critical”

#Borders #Immigration #migration #MigrantsRights #HumanRights #HomeOffice #Accountability

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Interesting perspective. It is simplistic to blame immigration for everything.
My parents’ contribution to Australia is greater than the house they took off the market

#auspol #Immigration

Hard right rising

“The Trump T-shirt above was being worn in Italy, during yesterday's annual rally of the far-right #Lega (League) party in northern #Italy.

International #Trump support reflects a global phenomenon: The hard right, once fringe, is gaining power and popularity across #Europe, #LatinAmerica and elsewhere.

#Immigration, #Inflation and the rising cost of #Climate policy are creating potent new targets for #Populism

#rightwing #fascism #authoritarianism #axiosam

2 weeks ago

@brewsterkahle #propaganda works. always has. the far right multiverse of channels snd influencers spews out a million tons of a emotional agitprop a day. #crt #libraries #LBGTQ #transrights #immigration #hunterbiden etc etc etc. and crap filled #socialmedia platforms’ like #Facebook #YouTube #algorithms #meta injects people with the sh#t all day long. So yes it’s in #Canada.

#Starmer #GE2024

2/ Labour interim manifesto cont...

⚠️ Multinational tech companies to pay their fair share of tax

⚠️ Decarbonising electricity grid by 2030

⚠️ Create publicly owned GB Energy Company

⚠️ An “Unshakeable” commitment to NATO

⚠️ End Zero-Hours Contracts

⚠️ Single status for workers

⚠️ Repeal post-2010 anti-strike legislation

⚠️ Fair pay agreements

⚠️ Reform the sick pay system

⚠️ Reform points-based #Immigration system

⚠️ Scrap Public Order Act

⚠️ Commit to triple lock on pensions

Sir Keir Starmer - Rishi Sunak
2 weeks ago

#Trump & snr advisers on his team came to believe #career ofcls who raised objections to their #policies on #legal or practical grounds — including some of their disputed #immigration plans (#TheCrueltyIsThePoint #FamilySeparation)— were deliberately sabotaging their agenda. Portraying #federal #employees as unaccountable bureaucrats, the #TrumpTeam has argued that removing #JobProtections for those who have any influence over #policymaking is justified because it is too difficult to fire them.

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

David Lee Espinoza was one of the last Americans to die in the war in #Afghanistan, killed by a suicide bomber during the waning days of the conflict. He was 20 years old.

This is his story, and other #Latinos like him, lured to the #military by false promises:

Presented in partnership with Latino USA.
#war #Texas #news #politics #USpol #schools #education #immigration

Once again disappointed in #EricAdams as he tries to claim that immigration "will destroy #NewYorkCity". Seriously?

We had *massive* immigration back when Ellis Island was processing floods of new people (including some of my immigrant ancestors!). It helped us turn NYC from a middling, up-and-coming town to "the Greatest City in the World". Adams needs STFU and take #immigration out of his goddamn mouth. #USPol

3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 10, 1897: A sheriff and deputies killed 19 striking miners and wounded 40 others in Lattimer mine, near Hazelton, Pennsylvania during a peaceful mining protest. Many of those killed were originally brought in as strikebreakers, but then later organized and joined the strike. The miners were mostly Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak and German. The massacre was a turning point for the UMW. Working and safety conditions were terrible. 32,000 miners had died from 1870-1897, just in the northeastern coalfields of Pennsylvania. Wages had dropped 17% since the mid-1890s.

The strike began in mid-August, when teenage mule drivers walked off the job to protest the consolidation of stables, which had forced them to walk much further just to get to work. After a scuffle between drivers and supervisors, two thousand men walked out, as well. Soon, all the mines in the region had joined the strike. Most of the men who weren’t already members of the UMW quickly joined the union. Up to 10,000 miners were now on strike. The mine owners’ private police, known as the Coal & Iron Police (miners called them Cossacks, for their brutality), was too small to quash the strike, so they called on the sheriff to intervene. He mustered a posse of 100 Irish and English immigrants, who confronted the miners as they marched toward Latimer, on Sep 10. Along the way, they joked about how many miners they were going to kill.

The massacre provoked a near uprising. The sheriff called for the deployment of the National Guard, which sent 2,500 troops to quell the unrest. 10 days later, a group of Slavic women, armed with fire pokers and rolling pins, led 150 men and boys to shut down the McAdoo coal works, but were stopped by the National Guards. The sheriff, and 73 deputized vigilantes, were put on trial. However, despite evidence clearly showing that most of the miners had been shot in the back, and none had been armed, they were all acquitted.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #coal #mining #union #strike #latimer #massacre #police #PoliceBrutality #PoliceMurder #immigration

Retreating striking miners being shot in their backs by deputized posse, September 10, 1897. By Unknown author - The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 12, 1897, Public Domain,
Steve Thompson
3 weeks ago

President Biden, tear down that Wall!

"Trump's 'racist political stunt has been an ineffective waste of billions of American taxpayers' dollars': watchdog" #Trump #TheWall #immigration #greed #Texas #Arizona #NewMexico

"A U.S. government watchdog agency on Thursday released a report exposing how former President Donald Trump's wall construction along the nation's border with Mexico negatively affected cultural and natural resources, as critics have long argued."

Martin Rundkvist
3 weeks ago

Thousands of protestors and tens of professional organisations at the #Stockholm manifestation against the proposed Fascist law about mandatory informing on undocumented migrants. The head of the national teacher's union is just speaking.

#svpol #immigration #protest

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
3 weeks ago

For starters allowing the mum to stay and sending the young child back is in my books at least a form of child abuse. Probably in any reasonable person's books. Therein lies the problem. Our immigration system is run by ministers who are anything but reasonable people.

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

How the migrant crisis in blue states sparks a political problem for President Biden.

@axios has curated several stories on the topic:

#Biden #Migrants #Immigration #Democrats #USPolitics #Politics

Jeremiah Lee
4 weeks ago

Queers Beyond Borders is a new website with information for queer migrants moving into and across Europe. I wish I had had something like this for Sverige when I first moved here.

via @owenblacker

#LGBTQ #EU #immigration

Texas Observer Lives!
4 weeks ago

Most Texans now believe that racist monuments should come down. But that's only the beginning of grappling with the evils in our past, writes Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana:

"I’ve thought increasingly about my great-grandfather and his ignoble legacy as I’ve settled into life in #Texas, where the Confederate cause is memorialized on statues, flags, and street signs."

From the Sept/Oct 2023 issue of our magazine.

#history #racism #WhiteSupremacy #immigration #Mexico

A newspaper clipping showing a portrait of a Mexican-American man, José-María Arana. He has a graying moustache and is wearing a suit.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Previously: “The conditions at Casa Kokopelli were unsanitary and harsh. The temperature was kept extremely low, and Yovany and other #children detained frequently complained that they were cold to officials, but they did not raise the temperature.”

#news #politics #USpol #border #immigration #HumanRights #undocumented #law

Svenja Lohmann
1 month ago

Is anyone here an EU citizen and has experience with moving to Sweden without a work contract or a contract with a duration shorter than 1 year?
I’m caught in a bureaucratic nightmare and could use advice

Super long shot but maybe someone I know knows someone that knows someone etc. please repost 🙏🏻

#Sweden #EU #Migration #Immigration #Expat

Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

“Leticia suffered from extreme anxiety and depression during the prolonged separation. She feared for her own safety in #Guatemala and worried about her son’s well-being in foster care in the United States.”

Via our friends at Truthout, the U.S. government is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit over the anguish caused by family separation:

#news #politics #USpol #immigration #Border #FosterCare #CriminalJustice

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
1 month ago

I want my government to crack down on the white power movement & protect us from these hateful people & groups threatening & killing people. It’s all connected: racism, antisemitism, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ. It’s all of one piece. TY @maddowblog for covering it tonight. #whitesupremacy #racism #antisemitism #lgbtq #immigration