Setsune Wave
1 day ago

I finally have a little bit I can put toward some of the things I've needed to do, and now I'm not sure which of those things I should do. The list has accumulated so randomly it's like, "This! No, wait, this! ...This?" to the point where it feels like any choice is the wrong one. #indecision #financial #anxiety

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
1 month ago

How do we choose what to #focus on?
We can get caught up in #indecision and #overthinking things, and #decisionmaking can be really difficult.
In this season, Leo asks you to play along and focus on a project where you'll work with #fear and #resistance. But how do you choose a project?
We'll take a look not only at how to choose a project, but how to choose anything. And how choosing from the heart (or gut) can be a #powerful thing.

Emery Brooks ✒️📚
2 months ago

I share your fears. You see things like a book must follow this specific formula for people to read it, but every favorite book of mine doesn't seem to follow a formula.
Now, that being said, some things usually and probably be followed through on, but even that can be questioned as long as the story is entertaining.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like a lot of this comes down from publishers more interested in marketing than the story. But makes sense too, it is a business. #indecision

WIST Quotations
2 months ago

A quotation from Johnson, Lyndon:

That’s just the trouble, Sam Houston — it’s always my move. And damnit, I sometimes can’t tell whether I’m making the right move or not. Now take this Vietnam mess. How in the hell can anyone know for sure what’s right and what’s wrong, Sam? I got some of the finest brains in this country — people like Dean…

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

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3 months ago

"Sometimes we want to fly, but we’re sitting on our own wings." — Julie Schmidt Hasson — — — #JulieSchmidtHasson #quote #quotes #act #fly #initiative #activity #doubts #inactive #indecision #hesitation

Simon Zerafa :donor: :verified:
4 months ago

Dear People,

Your buying The Wrong Thing to solve your problem, is not really my problem.

I can advise you on how to solve Your Problem (that you created) but you have to make the decision on which option to pick to solve or mitigate Your Problem.

All clear now? 🙂🤷‍♂️

#ITSupport #ProblemSolving #HandHolding #Indecision

4 months ago

"Once I make up my mind, I'm full of indecision." — Oscar Levant — — — #OscarLevant #quote #quotes #quip #snarky #humor #humorous #funny #decision #indecision #choice

Della Wren
6 months ago

The lag time between a choice you make and actually moving forward with that choice will allow the doubt to creep in there. The faster you can move the better.

If you can manage your thinking and/or act quickly on your choices, you'll remove the doubt and you'll be able to move forward with them.

Why does the doubt creep in there?

Self-protection. The mind fills in the unknown space with something and often that something is the potential for pain because the mind is trying to keep you safe.

When you recognize that it's safe to look in the shadows and that the unknown doesn't have to be scary, you can find ways to move forward with your choices anyway.

You don't have to get stuck in the doubt.

Managing your thinking and acting on your choices quickly are the two simplest ways to stay out of the doubt.

Love to all.


#dellawren #Doubt #choices #indecision #selfmastery #thinkingproblem #thoughts #managethemind

Steve Ince
7 months ago

This is our cat (minus the space suit).

#cat #space #airlock #indecision

Autistic Widower ("AJ")
8 months ago

I wrote about five things I regret.

After I'd finished, I realised they all had something in common.

Can you guess what it is?

#regrets #life #decisions #choices #decisionmaking #lookingback #indecision #action #medium #writingchallenge

Dana Williams
10 months ago

I made a mistake a few weeks back: I picked up a book that I've wanted to read for years. It's great, but then I passed by a different book on my shelf. Started reading that second one--also great. Then, a few days later, I made the stupefying decision to pick up a third one.

Each book is wonderful and I'm passing back and forth between them. But "multi-tasking" isn't efficient and it's all too distracting. I'm one-third of the way through three different books.

#AmReading #indecision #books

Matt. (Subculture)
10 months ago

I'd planned on getting a #Radiohead themed #tattoo early next year, booked the session and now I've realised it's booked on the twentieth anniversary of #AFI 's #SingTheSorrow so I might change the idea. Although, there's a squid in the STS artbook which I could add to the original #ThereThere idea depicting the "siren singing you to shipwreck". #Indecision #punk #goth

10 months ago

yes I changed from black and white to color. #indecision

@Hinterlands I’m thinking about setting up a #pixelfed account but can’t decide on a server. #indecision

Michael Boezi
10 months ago

Just released a new single this morning, everyone: "SHE BELIEVES" is available in all streaming platforms (and #Bandcamp).

It's a revolutionary act to opt out of a culture that's toxic.
Capitalism's never-ending requirements grind us all into dust.
This song is a reminder that we don't have to accept what is.

#decision #indecision #leaving #optingout #optout #anticapitalism #latestagecapitalism #endstagecapitalism

The cover for my new single, "SHE BELIEVES" which just release this morning in all streaming platforms. The image is a clean white shirt on a shabby mannequin, with a long silver chain necklace.
2 years ago

I just finished writing a new article.
Methods For More Quickly Deciding on Trivial Tasks #decisions #deciding #indecision #decisive #indecisive

Sparkpaws™ 5000®
3 years ago

Which of the following will make the best pair of names for a pair of #pubs and dance clubs in #Minecraft?

For context, the pair will be built above and below a building called the Wolfe House. Their counterparts in the Nether and End are called The Hound Way Underground and The Extraterrestrial Hound, respectively.

Feel free to boost far and wide.

#indecision #naming #gaming #gameing

4 years ago

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Si a veces te cuesta trabajo ponerte de acuerdo con alguien sobre qué comer, quizá este método te pueda ayudar:

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