24 minutes ago

My historical yuri VN, Blackberry Honey, is part of the ÉlanFest 2023 - Fall into Yuri Itchio bundle \o/
There's a bunch of fun yuri VNs in this bundle, so do consider checking it out!


#yuri #visualnovel #indiedev #indiegame

Henry Jooste
44 minutes ago

I've released #UltimateStarterKit v3.6.0 for UE4 and UE5. The FPS character now supports animations and there's a new weapon system! More features coming soon

#gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #madewithunreal #unrealengine #opensource #plugin #ue4 #ue5 #screenshotsaturday

47 minutes ago

How it is going

#indiedev #godotengine

1 hour ago

Hi, I'm working on a surrealist dark comedy point and click game!

It's called Tourist Trap and it's coming to xbox and steam.

You can add it to your wishlists :D

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #indiegame #adventuregame #pointandclick

1 hour ago
Cosmic Void
2 hours ago

I'm working on Twilight Oracle, a point and click adventure that's inspired by games like Kyrandia and Simon the Sorcerer.

Wishlist on Steam:

#screenshotsaturday #indiegame #indiedev #pointandclick #adventuregame #retro

2 hours ago

Introducing Sir "I should have not chosen to do a crime today" - Knight/Soldier enemy Map sprites!

#screenshotsaturday #pixelart #gamedev #indiedev #ドット絵

Shadow Grove
2 hours ago

💡 #UnityTips: Want to keep your floats and ints in line? 📏Use the [Range(minimum, maximum)] attribute to set the boundaries! #InspectorGenius #GameDev #IndieDev #Unity #Unity3D #Inspector

Weküfu Studios
2 hours ago
Willy Elektrix
2 hours ago

Character bio from Last Chance in Xollywood, the #visualnovel I just released. (Links in comments.)

This is Vanilla. She can be your best friend as long as you don't slack off and don't try to flirt with her. #indiegame #vndev #indiedev #rpg


Epic Llama Games
3 hours ago

For this week's #screenshotsaturday - a video.

The first "mission" involves saving a stranded tribe. Since this intends to ease the player into the concept, it's pretty simple and straightforward.

Also a look at the rewards of such a mission, a Blood Brother to assign, and the start of the Tribehome.

#indiedev #gamedev #indiegame

Amini Allight
3 hours ago

Finally got as far as testing in-game VR menus and they all look like this lol
#gamedev #indiedev #opensource #vr #virtualreality

A VR menu stretched vertically so it has extremely narrow and tall buttons.
Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
3 hours ago

I can't decide how I should approach my #gamedev #indiedev -

1. Finish up ALL MY CLASS PREP ASAP so that I can spend the rest of my semester just on grading/class and then lots of (hopefully) free time for gamedev,


2. Get good at doing a little gamedev every week, even though my brain has a really hard time with inertia and transitioning.

Am I incorrect for thinking that #1 is an okay strategy? The way I get work done is in LONG STRETCHES where I'm focused for HOURS...

Veridian Expanse
3 hours ago

Do you sometimes miss? With our patented missiles, you can miss less!

#gamedev #indiedev #opensource #gaming #ScreenshotSaturday

Winter Wolves Games
3 hours ago

crazy to think that next month, I’ll release the first spin-off of my most famous game, Loren The Amazon Princess, 10 years after its release. I’m nervous but I did my best to make a good game. Now, I just need to pray the Steam algorithm will smile upon me #indiedev #gamedev

3 hours ago

Also got the grasses in this week, though with less performance than I got out of Unity and at a nearer cull. Works well enough for now though...

#ScreenshotSaturday #GameDev #indiedev #indiegame #Godot

Screenshot of Godot showing the grasses in my world. Not quite as dense or performant as I'd like, but it'll do for now.
3 hours ago

Using petrol to burn some slimes in #Warlordocracy for #ScreenshotSaturday. Also, you can see the upstairs maps of the city. Gonna be lots of layers in Ch.2.

#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #strategy #rpg

Peter Tripp
3 hours ago

Proud to announce the release of playdate-luacats! It super-powers VSCode for Playdate Lua development, enabling static analysis, auto-complete and drastically improves Github Copilot predictions too!

I converted the Playdate API to a machine readable format (LuaCATS), manually defined types for ~2000 values and now VSCode (via sumneko.lua extension) can detect errors and offer suggestions while you code.

Give it a whirl!

#playdate #lua #luacats #vscode #indiedev

AI generated picture of a cat holding a yellow video game controller.
3 hours ago

Ooooft, this took some doing!

Exported my heightmap, used it to rebuild the terrain in Blender and chop the river bed out, then had to add the bridge in to Blender too and painstakingly align the low poly terrain copy to the bridge vertices to create a mesh that lines up properly for Godot to build a navmesh from...

It works! A navmesh that crosses the bridge but otherwise ignores the water 😀

#ScreenshotSaturday #GameDev #indiedev #indiegame #Godot #blender

Screenshot of Godot with a generated navmesh that crosses a bridge but otherwise ignores the water in my scene

Tenemos un nuevo video en #Youtube donde te muestro montones de #videojuegos indies desde cyberpunk, terror y hasta un perrito

⭐🔄para más placer

#indiegame #indiedev #igcollective #igcshowcase #pc #steam #itchio #playstation #xbox #NintendoSwitch

Rogue Labyrinth
3 hours ago

Don't feel like fighting an enemy? Spam the Prince's Pillar ability to block enemies into a corner. 🙈
#IndieDev #ScreenshotSaturday

3 hours ago

My little game has got a temporary name : "The Gate"
Doors has been now completed, they are fully working and I removed the hardcoded test data moving all of them into an external file where, for each map, doors will be defined :)
Now it's time to implement furnitures, our detective will be able to search for useful stuff interacting with these items.
I've also started to write down the story behind "The Gate" :P

#AMOS #AMOSPro #Amiga #gameDev #soloDev #indieDev

Demonstration of the fully working doors
Stormplay - English
3 hours ago

#OperationPinkeye is now on sale as part of the #RD2023 Steam event! Get it now!

#ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiedev #steam #retrofps #lowpoly

Joni Korpi
4 hours ago

Made the world generation produce more smooth valleys and flatlands. I thought the flatness would be boring, but the contrast with rarer landforms actually makes everything more interesting.

#webgl #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday

A bay area in a stylized game world. Each ”tip” of the bay is a long row of cliff walls extending from inland, like two prongs of a fork. Both walls are facing the same direction. Patches of forest. Fog. A road leads to one tip of one bay, where there’s a town.
A reddish plateau in a stylized game world. The plateau overlooks foggier lowlands. A road leads down from the plateau, into a town, and splits in two roads towards the horizon. Patches of forest, more in the lowlands.
4 hours ago

The Garden of Illusions is a magic testing ground - full of experimental curiosities that bend realtiy. But it also hides a dark secret, waiting to be found...

Numina Part II OUT NOW

#gamedev #gameart #indiegame #jrpg #indiedev #ドット絵 #rpg

Some image
Nice Gear Games
5 hours ago



#インディーゲーム #IndieDev #GameDev #ゲーム開発 #ゲームジャム #IndieGames #勉強会ジャム #StudyBuddyJam #ゲーム制作


Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
5 hours ago

Octopus City Blues - a surreal mind-bending pixel art adventure about a tentacle trimmer who lives in a city built around a giant octopus!

by #gamedev @OctopusCityBlues #indiedev #indiegames #gaming

Fabian Fischer
5 hours ago


The billiard #roguelike! 💀

🧱 Procedural dungeons full of traps and loot!
📦 100+ items to draft crazy synergies from!
🧠 20 difficulties to find your perfect flow!

Wishlist on Steam! :steam:

#indieDev #gameDev #ScreenshotSaturday #gaming

Rack and Slay - art overhaul preview
5 hours ago

Humble seem to have learned the secret of making a good bundle great.

Just add Godot support!

The Audio Odyssey bundle now has dynamic game soundtracks + SFX and plugins for #GodotEngine, #Unity3d and #UnrealEngine

#gamedev #indiedev

Trese Brothers Games
5 hours ago

Weapons with a full auto mode can be used to attack all enemies you have line-of-sight to in a cone of fire. All classes can make use of it, but Soldiers have talents to master it.

Powerful option when you're getting cornered! « wishlist?

#ScreenshotSaturday #RPG #VideoGames #Gaming #PCGaming #LinuxGaming #IndieDev #GameDev #TurnBased #Strategy #Steam #SteamDeck #Games #sRPG

GIF from Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, an isometric tactical RPG. A player's squad member targets three enemies within a red targeting cone and fires, unleashing a rapid barrage of bullets dealing a critical hit to all three, blasting them down.
5 hours ago

In just over an hour it will be October in Japan! And with it, the #勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam will begin!!

This is your chance to learn a new game engine, tool, genre, whatever! If you've never made a game before, here is your chance! If you've made a thousand games before but you've never made a puzzle game or FPS or roll-n-write, this is also your chance! Let's try something new in October!

#GameJam #IndieDev #GameDev #IndieGames

勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam. Let's try something new!
5 hours ago

Missile counter is pretty cool imo!

#indiedev #gamedev #godotengine

🫙 Announcing the Study Buddy Jam for the month of October!

Are you interested in learning a new game engine or tool? Do you always make RPGs but want to try making an FPS? Have you always wanted to make your own TRPG module? Have you never made a game before and don't know where to even begin? The Study Buddy Jam is about learning something new and gaining the confidence to step out of your comfort zone!

#IndieGames #IndieDev #GameDev #GameJam #StudyBuddyJam #勉強会ジャム

🫙 10月の間は勉強会ジャムを開きます!



#インディーゲーム #IndieDev #GameDev #ゲーム開発 #ゲームジャム #IndieGames #勉強会ジャム #StudyBuddyJam #ゲーム制作

勉強会ジャム // Study Buddy Jam. Let's try something new!
6 hours ago

Something may or may not be coming in the next few days.... eheh :ameowbongo:​

#vgm #gamedev #IndieDev

Vertex Rage
6 hours ago
6 hours ago


Ever had an info you share all the time? A template message you often use? An IBAN hidden in your bank app, inaccessible with low network?

Say no more! SharePal is there for you!
Share your info at the speed of thought directly from iMessage 💬, and in any other app with the built-in keyboard ⌨️

Get SharePal now with a 40% discount!

🗓️ SharePal launches on October, 4th.

#iOSApp #IndieDev

Lightning speed sharing.
Everything you might share.
From iMessage, with SharePal
6 hours ago
Benjamin Rivers
7 hours ago

☀️ Saturday morning #GameDev update!

There are so many things in games that players won't notice, but will definitely feel if they're wrong. So I get to spend a lot of time finding those elements (like the UI transitions I wrote about before) and polishing them.

Playing your game and feeling things flowing, bouncing and moving correctly is so satisfying! A game can be fairly simple, but when these elements are fine-tuned, it can seem much more impressive.

#IndieGame #IndieDev

7 hours ago

Particles now spawn around poisoned npcs ! #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame

7 hours ago

Currently in the process of building the faction reputation system.

#ScreenshotSaturday #solodev #IndieDev #IndieGame #indie #rpg

7 hours ago
Enxebre Games 🎮 Deadvivors
8 hours ago

We made new animations so enemies always react to hits. Xoel is busy doing some crowd control here 🔫.

#ScreenshotSaturday | #gamedev | #indiedev | #indiegame | #ドット絵 | #pixelart | #horrorgames

8 hours ago

#godot #gamedev #indiedev
I love having my own assets, you have full control.

If you still use #GodotEngine 3.x and you notice that you have strong lag spikes on every startup of the game.

It's the GPUParticles, turn them off or change to CPUParticles and it will be fixed and smooth.
Took me months to figure that out haha.
#gamedev #fix #lag #indiedev

Nikita Lisitsa
8 hours ago

Working on the main menu. The cool thing is that the menu background uses the same renderer as the main game, and you can see all video settings applied in real time :)

#indiedev #screenshotsaturday

13 hours ago

Adding progression system to the Mushy Score in form of talent trees. Now all I need to do is come up with fun talent ideas.

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #monogame

Video of Talent Tree from Mushy game. There is a wooden UI panel that is on top of forest background. Mouse selects talent which unlocks the child talents.
Ron Gilbert
21 hours ago

My IMGui view into quests. It's not pretty but it works.

#IMGui #indiedev

Skyboy Games
22 hours ago

Our new NES Zapper game, Gunhawk, is now available for download at

Check it out!

#indiedev #indienes #gamedev #homebrew #retrogame #nes

Title screen of Gunhawk, a homebrew NES Zapper game.
1 day ago

Frying pan hat, don't question it! (guest hat made by my pal @Dooper64!) 🍳
#lowpoly #gamedev #indiedev

1 day ago

Yo! Need something with mechanics overload and tons of bullets??

Cavity Busters has you covered!

Pick it up for 25% off during the #SteamShmup sale :)

#indiedev | #roguelite

Kay Lousberg 🎨
1 day ago

More free assets :) Restaurant Bits out now!🍔

140+ cooking and food #gameassets for building kitchen and restaurant interiors, or making chaotic cooking games.


#gamedev #indiedev

Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
1 day ago

The Last Exterminator - a carnage-filled Duke Nukem inspired FPS where an exterminator deals with an invasion of evil alien roaches!

by #gamedev Ironworks Games #indiedev #gaming #indiegames

1 day ago

While the #Unity3d runtime fee fiasco is mostly behind us, the fallout continues. Including a surprising appearance of a huge (the biggest?) Unity creator and some hints about #GodotEngine in their future.

#gamedev #indiedev

Antoine G. 🐼💤
1 day ago

Baby Dino Adventures🦖 will be part of a few Steam events next year!

Not much more I can say (confidential), but I'm super excited! 🤩🫣


#babydinoadventures #indiegame #indiedev

1 day ago

I've been really down since the whole unity thing. I was working really fast... but it totally derailed me. I know they can't be trusted for future projects... but what can I do now? I really prefer building worlds in unreal, but I'm not sure if I trust them either... And for my purposes, godot isn't there yet (I'm not a programmer. I do music, pixel art, scripting, and writing). So I've been kinda messing around in all the engines... without any clear direction. Anyone else end up like this? Here's some shots from each engine.
#indiedev #gamedev #unity #godotengine #godot #UnrealEngine #pixelart #gamedev

1 day ago
Andrew Reist
2 days ago

Might be able to get this thing done by the end of the month! I've always loved little arcade multiplier games like this, so it's fun to finally make one!

#pico8 #gamedev #indiedev #pico1k

2 days ago

Drilling down into the fiery depths 🔥 🐚

#pixelart #gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly

Tearcell Games
2 days ago

Spent the day tearing apart Somnipathy to get a leaner demo that we can put back up on as a webgame. 1 gig is asking alot...

Anyway long story I got the pck file down to 535ish megs and platueued. Then started deleteing Sound effects and wow. I had no idea how poorly all my wavs package. Literally 350 of the remaining 535 are sound related.

Anyone got tips on dealing with this? Is it possible to do it better? Using #godot 3.5

#gamedesign #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine #audio

Fourth Woods Games
2 days ago

#100DaysOfGameDev Day 6. I imported the butterfly into #Godot today and sat it in a window. I need to learn the workflow for importing models into Godot as it doesn't seem very straight forward. For instance I first couldn't get the animation to loop because I had to check some advanced options on import. Also, currently the material settings are mostly read-only. I need to mess with that a bit so I can tweak textures and shadows. #GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #IndieGames #Blender3d #Godot4

Crappy butterfly animation imported into a Godot scene.
2 days ago

Prickly comes back in Frogun Encore as a merchant, but what about the other bosses? Can you imagine Hexy selling you fashion? 🕸️🎩
#lowpoly #gamedev #indiedev

Martin Höller
2 days ago

I'm really happy with my theme editor for @inyourface. It is now more or less feature complete and I'm looking for beta testers to give it a spin. I'm happy to share the #TestFlight link via DM. #indiedev #buildinpublic #feedback #macos

2 days ago

The 2023 September issue of #IndieTsushin is out now! It is viewable in browser and available to download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. We also have digital postcards and the Japanese interview editions (インタビュー特集) to download. It is PWYW, so everyone can enjoy!

#IndieGames #GameDev #IndieDev #Japan #Japanese #Zine

Indie Tsushin 2023 September zine issue
2 days ago

With a huge influx of #Unity3d developers, C# support in the #GodotEngine has never been so important.

There are now discussions on how to improve C# support in the future, as well as some of the problems that exist today.

#gamedev #indiedev

Axel Le Pennec
2 days ago

I just released an update to my app Skipper (boating logbook) that brings back GPX file import. It works both from the share sheet (email, iMessage, etc.) and from the native file importer.


#buildinpublic #iosdev #indiedev #SwiftUI

Kay Lousberg 🎨
2 days ago

50% off all extra assets (and source files!) until Monday🥳🎮

Start making something cool this weekend!

#gamedev #indiedev

Rams Horn Studios
2 days ago

Thanks, Tim Sweeney, for helping me make a decision on which engine NOT to use for my gamedev projects.

"Hi, I'm worth $5 billion and I made the bad decision to overhire, but the people who trusted me bear the consequences of my bad decisions."

#GameDev #IndieDev #UnrealEngine

Nikki 🦔
2 days ago

Hey folks, if you like retro pixel art arcade adventures, with casts of extremely LGBTQ inclusive characters, and dancing skeletons who can see through time - you might like my in-development game, Quantum Witch!

I'd love you forever* if you followed @QuantumWitch where I post updates, art, and music from it.

Boosts REALLY appreciated! Thank you!

* not necessarily forever, but for a bit anyway

#indiedev #indiegame #lgbt #gay #lesbian #trans #retrogaming #retrocomputing

Screenshot from Quantum Witch. Ren, dressed in a red dress, is looking at a portrait of her and her wife.

I'm doing another hecking sale on my games for #ldjam this weekend!

My past year of games are available for free! But only during the Jam part of Ludum Dare! Check the sale page for your local time! (It also includes an asset pack from one of my games!)

#Godot #Ldjam #Games #MadeWithGodot #FreeGames #Gaming #GameDev #IndieGame #IndieDev

Benjamin Rivers
2 days ago

☀️ Thursday morning #GameDev update!

It has been a very productive week so far. I am having a *lot* of fun polishing UI and finding myriad ways to make our core gameplay scenes better and funnier.

It's always amazing how a game can seem like complete pants until you refine all those little things a player can't pinpoint but will absolutely feel — and then it all starts to come together.

After all this time, I'm finally seeing the light!

#IndieGame #IndieDev

2 days ago

My app @stempel on macOS 14 Sonoma does not work in iCloud Drive anymore, it worked fine on Ventura. If anyone from Apple is reading this, could you please take a look at FB13109005 (FIFinderSync not calling menu(for menuKind: FIMenuKind) when secondary-clicking in Finder)?

Basically custom Finder Extensions don’t work anymore in iCloud Drive – where I have all my data. The app I wrote for myself out of love does not work anymore – this is heart breaking.
#IndieDev #MacDev #SwiftLang

The right click menu in Finder showing a Finder Extension for creating new files.

I'll be streaming some #Godot4 #GameDev tonight in #Twitch! Tune in at 9PM Eastern to watch me continue work on my Space-themed #SurvivorsLike!

#DotNet #LiveCoding #Programming #IndieDev #SciFiGame #CSharp #Godot

#GDoCExpo steam sale!!

edit: some of the games are free and have demos btw! Demos!!! :blobfoxaww:

#GameDevsOfColor #gameDev #indieDev #videoGames

Joni Korpi
3 days ago

Realised characters didn’t look where they were going. Now they do, and go back to idly glancing around after stopping.

(Making a 2D character ”look” at things in a 3D world is a bit of a mindbender, but I hope the way it works here makes good enough sense.)

#webgl #gamedev #indiedev

Forested waterside area in a stylized world. Tiny player character runs around. A portrait frame showing a feminine face with grey hair looks around somewhat convincingly as the character moves.
Josh Holtz
3 days ago

✨ LAUNCH DAY for @PlaypenApp

“Keep Kids Busy” with configurable kid safe activities

✅ YouTube
✅ Photo/Video Albums
✅ Interactive animal sounds
… and more to come

⌚️ Best part… change activities from Apple Watch and nearby iOS devices

Get it 👉

#LaunchDay #iOSDev #IndieDev #Parenting

Joni Korpi
3 days ago

Random gameplay while I test some video capture settings

#webgl #gamedev #indiedev

Tiny player character illustrated with a portrait of a blue-haired, feminine face. Running in a stylized world across forests, a threshold between drier red terrain and lush green terrain, over a road leading to a glitchy town, and finally to a shore.
Winter Wolves Games
4 days ago

update: after my appeal, Steam removed my upcoming game from adult only category! 😎I have to say that I didn't expect this. Thumbs up to Steam review team.
So now if you can safely wishlist my game here:
#indiedev #gamedev #RPG #fantasy

yogurt dev
4 days ago
Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
4 days ago

Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint - a gloriously brutal 2D pixel art beat ‘em up inspired by Oldboy and other Korean crime movies!

by #gamedev Hack Publisher #indiedev #indiegames #gaming #pixelart

4 days ago

I published my first game on the Google Playstore!

Check out my journey:

#Godot #GodotEngine #gamedev #IndieDev #indiegaming #indiegames #MobileGaming

RPG in a Box
4 days ago

Come make a spooky game with RPG in a Box, and invite others to join as well! 👻

Boosts are very much appreciated! Thank you so much to those who already have done so! 💖

#rpginabox #godotengine #gamedev #indiedev #gamejam

📢 The Shmup Fest Relay is a special shmup STG streamer event which starts this Saturday!

Lots of great games like Gunvein, Super XYX, Eigengrau, Stellar Fury and many more games being played over the weekend!

#Shmup #Shmups #ShootingGames #IndieGame #IndieDev

4 days ago


People at @nsspain and @swiftconnection have heard about it!

Meet SharePal, the ultimate companion for sharing all the text or URL snippet you often share like IBAN, social medias, Landing pages, hashtags…

It comes with iMessage app & custom keyboard for quick access. 🚀

To join the public TestFlight:

#TestFlight #NewApp #iOSDev #IndieDev

Lightning Speed Sharing
HardPenguin (Janek)
4 days ago

Looking for a full- or part-time job! 💼

🕹️ #indiedev marketing, strategy
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 community, Discord
🚂 Steam, itchio
📱 TikTok, streams
📸 influencers
✨ social & more

Get in touch:

Please share the message 📣♻️

5 days ago
Photo of one of my #inkyDays drawings, with a sassy watermark added to it that says "Sassy Watermark says Get vaccinated and wear a mask!"
Jake Beamer
5 days ago

I realized today that when I lost Twitter, I also lost a lot of the cool indie game devs I was following there (and the updates on their games). And that totally sucks, because I really love to play indie games. Apparently Twitter was my main source for discovering them (sheesh).

Below is a pretty big list of games (with links to them!) that I'm looking forward to. There are SO MANY games on my Steam wishlist that are still being worked on and upcoming (some of these are on itch also, and some have alphas, betas, and demos, I've noted which).

Some of these games are definitely coming later this year, and fingers crossed for maybe full releases of the rest in 2024?

Here's the links!

Mina the Hollower

Forgotten Mines (has a demo)

Edge of Dead: Under a Uranium Sky (has a playable prologue)

Metal Ascension (has a demo)

SKALD: Against the Black Priory (has a demo)

Squirrel With a Gun

Tameshi (has a demo)

Slime 3K Rise Against Despot (should release this year)

Below the Stone (has a demo)

Worm Slayer (has a demo)

Wizordum (has a demo)

Pizza Possum (comes out Sept 28, for consoles too!)

Rainbow Hills

Dying Breed (has demos on itch)

Hop for the Best

Winnie's Hole

#IndieGames #SteamGames #ItchGames #itchio #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #roguelike #roguelikes #rpg #shooters #shmup #shmups #ShootEmUps #platformers #DungeonCrawler #DungeonCrawlers

Sandro Pennisi
5 days ago

And this was actually made with Kolibri itself. One tap and you have the SwiftUI code for such an animation. It took me maybe 10 mins to make it using SF Symbols and pre-made animations in Kolibri.

#SwiftUI #IndieDev #SorryForSelfPromoSpam

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
5 days ago

big helpful gamedev resource 🤯
The Engine Database:
a big database of game development engines all conveniently in one place.
this seems like the end all when it comes to keeping track of alternatives, and it’s a resource you can easily share too!
(got shared with me just now and i’m over the moon it exists)

#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #Programming #Games

Łukasz Langa
5 days ago

I took part in #PyWeek this year and managed to make a simple 3D game with #PyScript and #ThreeJS.

This technology is quite something, it runs at 120 FPS in Chrome at 4K... while the game logic is in #Python.

I wrote a few words on my experience here:

#GameDev #Gaming #IndieGame #IndieDev

A short video of a playthrough of the game. It's flying through a dark tunnel with obstacles that you avoid by pivoting within the tube.
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
5 days ago

Living With Ghosts is now out on Itch!


It's a short visual novel game about grief, love and ghost encounters. A playthrough takes around 10 to 20 minutes, and there are free builds for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. 🌼


#gameDev #visualNovel #renpy #IndieGame #indiedev

The cover image of the game. Close-up portrait of Blossom at night. Her face is being cupped by a ghostly hand as a tear runs down her cheek.
Screenshot of Blossom sitting up in bed at night, looking out of the window. The narration says "Of course she recognized the lullaby. She had heard it many times when she was a child."