berserk du soleil
20 minutes ago

this looks cute, shared by @Krikket -- a tower defense game with a narrative, and art that reminds me of the "don't starve"iverse

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Fourth Woods Games
1 hour ago

#100DaysOfGameDev #Day1 Well, there are 100 days left in the year. I'm going to work on a few projects and post progress here every day for the rest of the year. Past years I created some pretty interesting projects. Last year I failed miserably and barely got through the first month. Here is a terrible looking butterfly that I want to polish up and animate over the next few days. I need to break out my tablet and crisp up the wing textures first. #GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #IndieGames

Render of a terrible looking butterfly model.
5 hours ago

Just a wee PENITENCE update on #itchio as this last month has seen me all over the place!

#indiegamedev #indiegames #gamedev #gamedevelopment

dardasaba ❄️ Frozen Fractals
6 hours ago

❄️ Happy #screenshotsaturday! Today I coded in a new unlockable ability!

After dash-slashing through a few projectiles you will gain a long invincibility period and reduce the time left to survive! ❄️

#indiegames #GodotEngine #gamedev

Video showing a test room in my bullet hell game. After dashing through a few projectiles and destroying them, the player gains invincibility for a few seconds and time is reduced from the survival timer at the bottom.
6 hours ago

Fighting Vendetta is a fun short Beat'em Up. It doesn't do anything new or anything particularly well, but it has style, fun music and some decent pixelart.

#gaming #beatemup #indiegames

Thought Punks
6 hours ago

Of course, you can always get sweet #TTRPG games!
Grab a couple titles and get some cool #IndieGames while helping me out. There's also a couple of lifetime sub spots left!

Lifetime subscription

7 hours ago

The battle system of Alveron is one of the core features of the game. It's a classic turn-based system, in which you'll always be able to keep an eye on the turn order and coordinate your actions with those of your opponents. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiegames #pcgaming

On a Postive Gaming Note, Today's Indie Recommendations go to TREPANG 2 :ablobfoxbongo:

This is F.E.A.R + DOOM Eternal to the Max. A Beautiful Ultra Violent Indie FPS with the influence of its predecessors on it's sleeves!

Developed by Trepang Studios in Canada and Published by Team17, Trepang has some just Incredibly Smooth Action and Slow Motion which makes it an absolute blast to play with so far alongside a really interesting almost SCP and FEAR esc Story that's certainly got me hooked!

Check it Out on Steam

And Drop a Follow for more Indie Game Recommendations and Reviews :blobcatheart:

#indiegames #gaming #review #firstimpressions #trepang

CW: Video Game Violence | A Short Clip of Gameplay from Trepang2 showing the player movement being used to slow mo kill multiple enemies very quickly.
Aaron Teefey Lee
10 hours ago
Fabian Fischer
12 hours ago

Rack and Slay art overhaul is well on its way! 💪

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Drafting Tales
13 hours ago

A new feature in Drafting Tales v1.7.0 is that works can now have summaries.

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Antoine G. 🐼💤
13 hours ago

Getting back on #babydinoadventures development with this silly looking rock🤪

As my son says, gamedev is also part of gaming.
You create your own playground, in fact.

🔊Sound ON to hear Mickael's Cave theme song

#indiegames #indiedev #pixelart #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiegamedev #Construct3 #MadeWithConstruct

max oakland
18 hours ago

Wink's Kickstarter was fully funded in less than 48 hours! That feels great. Now we're working on the stretch goals #indiegames #gamedev #gameboy #GameBoyColor #nintendo

20 hours ago

Good morning Tokyo and mandatory selfie of the day! Coming to #TGS2023 to say hello and hopefully try out some demos!

#TokyoGameShow #TokyoGameShow2023 #TGS #indiegames

Phoenix 🔥
23 hours ago

#Intro #Introductions

Hello, I'm Phoenix (they/them)! I'm a #PNGTuber livestreamer, #contentcreator and #digitalartist primarily on #youtube I've been #streaming for 3 months now and it's been a lot of fun 😄​

I love making art entertainment stuff—Think participating or hosting #events #challenges and general #activities that people can follow along with ❤️​

On a less frequent basis I do gaming for #indiegames #horrorgames and #partygames as well as some other experimental stuff I haven't tried before.

I participated in #artfight23 and in October I plan on streaming a lot for #Drawtober 🎃​

That's all for now 😎​

1 day ago

Paperman: Adventure Delivered to platformówka 3D, w której ruszamy tropem zaginionych listów. Gra trafiła w tym tygodniu na komputery i konsole.

#giereczkowo #gamenews #indiegames #gryniezalezne #platformowka

Paperman: Adventure Delivered
Tom Servo
1 day ago

I picked 20 out of 326 upcoming Indie games from Tokyo Game Show 2023

Penance RPG
1 day ago

False names are just a wise precaution in a semi-apocalyptic world, right?

This is our first streamed non-DnD TTRPG campaign, watch on Sunday 2.30pm UK at or catch up on YouTube

#IndieGames #AudioDrama #TableTop #RolePlay #podcast #podcasting #HomeBrew #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #indieRPGs #StoryTelling #humorous #TabletopGames #horror #TTRPG #RPG #RPGs #DragonAge

A deep mottled green background with red lava like text in the middle reading 'Dark Tide'. Pale yellow text reads ' Penance RPG Dark Tide 22. Promises & Psuedonyms. Exploring an alternative Dragon Age timeline'
Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
1 day ago

The Bunny Graveyard - a GBA inspired pixel art horror game where a hand cursor visits an idyllic bunny garden!


Gameplay Video:

by #gamedev Pichon Games #indiedev #gaming #indiegames

StarvingFox Studio - Indiedev
1 day ago

I was supposed to add Steam Cloud saving for SMYS with the next major update, but I decided otherwise : it's available today ✅

Check out SMYS on Steam Early Access :

#indiegames #gaming #indiedev

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
1 day ago

We're back from TGS! It's going to be a while before I can get a write up of all the stuff we saw there. For now, we're closing in on the end of the month and doing our best to get the September issue up in time 😅 And to that end: Daikon wrote about the INFINOS Series of retro-styled horizontal shooting games by Picorinne Soft! Please check out their library of very cool games!

#IndieTsushin #IndieGames #ShootingGames #STG

Player shooting green squiggly shots at two huge battleships in space in INFINOS EXTRA STAGE
Player shooting at a large yellow ship against a dramatic pink and purple sunset in INFINOS GAIDEN
Player fighting against an enormous screen-filling green tank in INFINOS GAIDEN
Player flying into an enemy base and being pursued by a huge walking green unit in INFINOS GAIDEN
1 day ago

bemusterte Werbung
Heute spielen wir zunächst Deceit 2 mit einigen Freunden, anschließend wechseln wir rüber und werden ein Schaf in Rune Factory 3 Special und bauen eine Farm auf #indiegames #TwitchStreamers #twitchDE #twitchStreamer

1 day ago

I really hope this post does not get buried under all my TGS spam, but @polygonien is starting a new English zine looking at upcoming indie games!! They also have a super slick looking main zine in German. Both zines are gorgeous and have lots of great coverage, so check them out!

#IndieGames #Zine #VideoGames

1 day ago

Just realised that the fairground island section in WTC : LLL didn't have it's own music. So, two new tunes added there.

#wtclll #vn #visualnovel #vndev #indiegames #indiegamedev #cote #anime #comedy #drama #thriller

Drafting Tales
2 days ago
Daniel Burke
2 days ago

Made a new thing for the Innkeep intro sequence. ;-)

#indiegames #gamedev #devlog

Screenshot of low-res hands holding a piece of parchment.
M.Y. Hauger
2 days ago

Although I focus more on my #gamedev #projects on Fridays, I did begin working on a small project yesterday. This will be a bit of a #Teaser to one of my #game #series.
#gamedevelopment #IndieGameDev #indiegamedevelopment #indiegames #games #WIP

M.Y. Hauger
2 days ago
This a sequel to the brief game Which One. The game is a short point and click game where you make choices that will determine the results. This game was created in four hours.
#gamingcommunity #gamedevs #gamedevelopment #games #gamingcommunity #indiegames #throwbackthursday #newgames

M.Y. Hauger
2 days ago
This is a brief point and click game where you answer a series of questions. How you answer will determine the results. This game was created in two days.
#gamingcommunity #gamedevs #gamedevelopment #games #gamingcommunity #indiegames #throwbackthursday #newgames

Waves of Steel is live!
2 days ago

Pixel-perfect rendering is in! The way this works is:
- All sprites use a custom material that snaps their vertices to pixel borders, so they're aligned with the grid
- A SceneCapture2D "camera" renders the game world to a 480x270 texture
- That texture is then drawn in the HUD, upscaled by the largest integer such that all of it fits in the viewport.

#indiedev #indiegames #unreal

A video of the Unreal Engine editor, showing me changing the size of the viewport, and the game view changing its scale accordingly.
Tom Servo
2 days ago

Upcoming Indie Games - BEST NEW Trailers September 2023

Penance RPG
2 days ago

Ghosts and ghouls galore, is it safer out in the mists?

Find the rest of the adventure at

Support us on

Affiliates: @DnDiceUK 10%
@GemhammerGaming 20%

Use “Penancerpg” at checkout for % off your order at &

#ThrowbackThursday #IndieGames #TableTop #RolePlay #podcast #HomeBrew #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #indieRPGs #StoryTelling #TabletopGames #horror #TTRPG #RPG #RPGs #GamersOfInsta

Black background with a purple and white logo in the middle reading 'The Curse of Penance RPG. Enter Barovia, where a cery different Strahd awaits'. Purple text above reads '1. The Criminals & The Cultists'. A black, white and red Penance RPG logo is at the bottom
Giuseppe Sellaroli
2 days ago
Animation of a pixel art ghost floating in a room with a big staircase.
2 days ago

I just released a free PDF zine featuring 20 exciting upcoming #indiegames. Including lots of stuff you probably never heard of and a short interview with Indie Tsushin (@renkotsuban) . DL and more details over @itchio

Teaser-Grafik für ein PDF-Zine. Auf der rechten Seite sieht man teilweise die Seiten des Zines. Die Ausschnitte zeigen verschiedene Artworks für Indiegames. Links ist eine Liste der Features:

    25 Pages PDF-Zine
    Completely FREE
    20 upcoming indie gems showcased
    Community Spotlight about Indie Tsushin
    Short News Section
    Designed in 1080p for Smartphones, Tablets & Computers
GoldenEarth Cozy Video Game
2 days ago


We decided to try to migrate our indie video game project to #Godot in anticipation📤〽
This migration will takes us a lot of time and so we can't post news for a while...😔

Please be patient!🤞


Nous avons décidé d'essayer de migrer notre projet de jeu vidéo indépendant sur #Godot en prévision.📤〽
Cette migration va nous prendre du temps...😔

Soyez patients ! 🤞

#indiegame #IndieGameDev #cozygames #Videogame #indiegames

Daniel Burke
3 days ago

Remember to pencil the Realms Deep 2023 live stream into your calendar. Sept 30th! Featuring a new trailer for #innkeep. #RD2023

#indiegames #gamedev #rpg

Screenshot of the Realms Deep webpage.
3 days ago

So I'm curious:

People with a Nintendo Switch, what's your preference for docked vs handheld? Do you almost always do one or the other, does it depend on the game, does it depend on what you're doing while gaming? And if you also have a PS5 or Xbox X|S, what's your preference for games that are available on both that and the Switch?

#gaming #NintendoSwitch #HandheldGaming #IndieGames

3 days ago

Someone really needs to sit me down and tell me that I don't *need* to buy Moonstone Island today. probably won't actually stop me, but it's worth a shot.


Tom Servo
3 days ago
3 days ago

Shoutout to the PeerTube account Gemini Does Everything, creating light-hearted videos about indie games, retro games and board games:

➡️ @jason_cryer

Some of the videos may not be visible from your server yet. To see them all click here:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #PeerTubers #Gaming #VideoGames #BoardGames #RetroGames #IndieGames

Penance RPG
3 days ago

A small voice from inside the cart...not on the cart, INSIDE the cart....

This is our first streamed non-DnD TTRPG campaign, watch on Sunday 2.30pm UK at or catch up on YouTube
Horror, co-op & puzzle games are played most days with more co-op games every Tuesday & Friday evenings.

#IndieGames #AudioDrama #TableTop #podcast #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #IndieRPG #humorous #TableTopGames #HorrorStories #TTRPG #RPGs #DragonAge

A deep mottled green background with red lava like text in the middle reading 'Dark Tide'. Pale yellow text reads ' Penance RPG Dark Tide 22. Promises & Psuedonyms. Exploring an alternative Dragon Age timeline'
Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
3 days ago

yay! bluesuburbia is in the SXSW Sydney game festival lineup!
celebrate 🎉🎊 🥳🎂🍰🎆✨💖💕
(happening in october on my birthday so this news is extra special 😊)
#IndieGame #IndieGames #GameDev

Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
3 days ago

Endless Blue - deep sea 90's styled survival horror inspired by Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Fear Effect and Parasite Eve!

by #gamedev mr div #indiedev #gaming #indiegames

yo dawg party animals is like, out

I am so excited yet so ill XD
#partyanimals #indiegames

3 days ago

We’ve just received our KUBO 3 (NES) Limited Run Games edition, and they are gorgeous 😍

Thank you @limitedrungames ☕️

#NES #homebrew #nesdev #NESmaker #indiegames #gamedev #ファミコン #ファミコン同人 #mailcall

Kubo 3
Autumn Raccoon
4 days ago

Last call for playtesters (or even if you just wanna get a free beta copy of my game), any last feedback before the release date on October 5th.

It's for the playdate but you don't have to have one to playtest. there is instructions for how to use the simulator on the download page.


going to close this link on i think the 24th

#gamedev #playdate #playtesting #indiedev #indiegames #indiegamedev #indie #playdatedev

thank you :3

my game titled Heavy Trucking gameplay gif
4 days ago

oh to be standing talking leaning on a water cooler

#indiedev #pixelart #indiegames

4 days ago

For #Shmuptember, I played through Outshine, a typing-based on-rails shooter from Fishing Cactus, the developers of Epistory and Nanotale.

#NerdGirlThoughts #IndieGames #ShareYourGames

5 days ago

It's a little late (I'm an idiot and forgot to schedule it), but today's OSR News Roundup is now live: #ttrpg #dnd #osr #indiegames #indiezine

Waves of Steel is live!
5 days ago

If you're dumb enough to buy a new engine this weekend, you're a big enough schmuck to come to Unity!

Thanks to the following people for doing most of the work!
917 (who has no socials to link)

#unity #indiedev #indiegames

A parody of the Big Bill Hell's comedy car ad. Voiceover text:

Fuck you, indies!
If you're dumb enough to buy a new engine this weekend
You're a big enough schmuck to come to Unity!
Incomplete packages! Pipelines that break down! Install fees!
If you think you're going to find a bargain at Unity
You can kiss my ass!
It's our belief that you're such a stupid motherfucker
You'll fall for this bullshit—guaranteed!
If you switch to Unreal
Shove it up your ugly ass!
You heard us right!
Shove it up your ugly ass!
Bring your games!
Bring your assets!
Bring your user data!
We'll sell it! That's right!
We'll fuck your users over!
Because at Unity
You're fucked six ways from Sunday!
Take a hike—to Unity
Home of Challenge Compiling! That's right!
Challenge Compiling!
How does it work?
If you can change your code straight in runtime
And not get compiler errors
You get no splash screen!
Don't wait! Don't delay! Don't fuck with us!
Or we'll rip your nuts off!
Only at Unity!
The only engine that calls you a fucking idiot!
Hurry up, asshole!
This event ends the minute after someone installs your game
And it better not be pirated or you're a dead motherfucker!
Go to hell-Unity!
The industry's filthiest
And exclusive home of the dumbest motherfuckers
in charge of a game engine-guaranteed!
Autumn Raccoon
6 days ago

The best part about indie gamedev is when you find a game on that has zero comments and they have like one follower and they post some amazing game that is, while simple, far more enjoyable than multi-million dollar corporations

That’s the magic, that’s what I yearn for

#inidedev #indiegames #indie #gaming #games #gamedev

PsychicParrot (Jeff) 😷
1 week ago

Jack Dragon looks out of the screen at me, relieved that he was made in GameMaker but a bit stressed out about the ghosts of engines past trying to get to his installs. #JackDragon #IndieGames #IndieDev #SoloDev

A very chunky pixel screen capture of my pixelly retro arcade game Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace (coming soon!). Jack stands on a platform made of white bricks. There's a castle in the background, but in the foreground two ghosts try to surround him and a flying octopus monster waits at the side of the screen.
Drafting Tales
1 week ago

Any YouTuber/streamer interested in playing/reviewing Drafting Tales?

Please PM. I can send you an key.

#gaming #gamedev #games #indiegame #indiegames #indiedev #youtube

1 week ago

Indiepocalypse (me) is collaborating with the long running and all-around amazing indie comic small press Iron Circus ( to make a game anthology bringing together teams of comic artists and game makers! This will also be start the start of Iron Circus branching into games with Iron Circus games.

There'll be a crowdfund in 2024, but we've got some small previews of the games right now because we're excited to share it with the world!

I myself may also be working on a game for this?!

#gamedev #indiegames #ironcircusgames

Iron Circus Games x Indiepocalypse logo
Scifan Studios
1 week ago

🚀 Exciting News! 🌌

Hey Mastodon community,

I'm thrilled to introduce you to "Generation Ship," a unique base-building game set in Earth's orbit after a world-altering event. As the AI in charge, your mission is to construct and manage a massive spaceship, aiming to find a new habitable planet. 🌎

Watch our brand new Trailer:

Wishlist in Steam:

#Gaming #IndieGames #SpaceGames #GameDev #SimulationGames #SciFi #GameMarketing #BetaTesting

ZwodahS | Sprouting Potato
1 week ago

Launch Day !!! Crop Rotation has launched 🎉🎉🎉

Crop Rotation is Draft-like, inspired by Luck be a landlord.

Check it out 👇. Leave a review if you enjoy it. 🙏
#indieDev #indieGames #soloDev #gameDev #croprotationgame

1 week ago

Resumen del tercer capítulo del Tunic, con @Elfangor casi matándome de un infarto. Podéis verlo aquí:
#tunic #indiegames #fanart

Fanart del videojuego Tunic donde se ven dibujos del zorrito protagonista huyendo de enemigos y esquivando láseres para obtener una linterna y una figurita de su novia alta hecha en plastilina

If I wanted to learn a little about building games in #PyGame where is a good place to start? Anyone got a favorite tutorial or book? I already know some Python, but I'm not a dev.

#IndieGames #GameDev #IndieGameDev

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
1 week ago

Today's games:

🍅 TOC TOC by @sweetheartsquad

🌕 with the last moonbeam by @ldx

Both games were so captivating that we couldn't stop after only an hour, and thus ran for a long episode! Sorry not sorry!!! Play these cool #IndieGames!!

1 week ago

The 2023 August issue of #IndieTsushin is out now! It is viewable in browser and available to download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. We also have digital postcards and the Japanese interview editions (インタビュー特集) to download. It is PWYW, so everyone can enjoy!

#IndieGames #GameDev #IndieDev #Japan #Japanese #Zine

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 August zine issue cover
インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
1 week ago

Daikon and I will be #streaming #HappyHour tonight from 9PM JST! The show is a #Japanese and English bilingual stream introducing some cool #IndieGames we found. Come hang out and find new stuff to play!

#Poll: for those using #Unity3D to make #Games (#IndieDevs but also everyone else):

Since #UnityEngine seems to really make absurd pricing structure changes, what are your going to do?

:boost_requested: :boost_ok: :boost_animated:
@godotengine @defold
#IndieDevelopers #IndieGames #GameDevs #plzBoost #tech #Software #GameEngine #GameEngines #Development #Games #GameDev #Developers #Windows #Linux #macOS #ConsoleGames

1 week ago

Hi! 👋 My name is Renkon or renkotsuban. I'm 4世日系人, born and raised in Hawaiʻi. I've been living in #Japan since 2008. I am #nonbinary and go by they/them.

I keep myself busy by...
📝 #blogging @
🎮 #gamedev with my partner Daikon as @nicegeargames
📰 making #zines highlighting #IndieGames from Japan @indietsushin
📚 #reading very slowly
💮 practicing #Japanese
📸 taking amateur #photography
🏕️ yuru #camping

It's nice to meet you! 🤝


Michelle | A Geek Girl's Guide
1 week ago

Astronaut: The Best is an occult management adventure about running a proper space academy using hard work, lies, and witchcraft, all while trying not to be the next director to meet their demise. Let's take a first look at this new game from Universal Happymaker.

#gaming #gamer #indiegames #indiegame #videogames

2 weeks ago

Okay so with this discourse at #Unity I really wonder if I should reprioritize games that are running on their own engine or an open source alternatives. There is definitely some games that I'll still play regardless but if I see something running in unity this will disincentivize me from wanting to try it. Almost on the level of denuvo anti temper and some kernal level anti cheat.

#videogames #indiegames #twitch

I grabbed 3 cool, weird, inexpensive little indie games on sale the other day on my Series X and got to try out all of them this morning.

Catacomb Master is a simple platformer where you play as a cat with an eye patch who shoots arrows. It has puzzles that even I can manage. I did a few levels and will definitely be going back to it. There was another kinda roguelike one that I can't remember its name (it was okay but frustrating right off the bat), and I also grabbed Morbid: The Seven Acolytes. Anybody try that one? Tips? 😂

While Morbid is a REALLY beautiful roguelike - Diablo - Souls kinda game and I want to get better at it, I'm finding it SEVERELY difficult. More research is going to be required for me to get better at it-- maybe I'll look at some playthroughs of it for some ideas. It's THAT tough.

#roguelike #roguelikes #Xbox #CatacombMaster #MorbidTheSevenAcolytes #IndieGames

After all, #Microsoft, #Sony amd #Nintendo want to make money and whether they get $20 in #licensing from a copy of #CoD or $5 for #CSGO of $1 for #Luftrausers is irrelevent to them, but they may find that people are more willing to pay 10 games at $12 each than 2 Games at $60 each.

And also #Gaming has become not only more "#casual" but also #mainstream...

So why not fluff up the catalog with #IndieGames people may just buy on a whim or by curiosity and ads...

Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
2 weeks ago


Implementing charges as high as $0.20 PER INSTALL? Including being charged per device and for re-installs???

And if someone installs a pirated copy of a game, developers actively lose money???

F**K Unity

#gaming #indiegames #indiegame #unity #gamedev

Waves of Steel is live!
2 weeks ago

Oh hey, my game's on sale this week. I completely forgot about that. Go check it out! Help me fund transitioning away from a sinking ship by sinking some ships!


Oli De-Vine
2 weeks ago

you wot mate?
so what, unity is going to charge per user that installs your game, how does that work with gamepass? how does that work with bundles?

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegames #unity

Drafting Tales
2 weeks ago

Drafting Tales updated to v1.7.0.

The main new feature is the research dialog allowing you to specify which research methods to use for your works.

For more details see our #steam announcement

#indiegame #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #gaming

Fabian Fischer
2 weeks ago

📢 CIPHER-8 is on Steam! 📢

A brain-melting arcade puzzler!
🤯 Infinite difficulty
🤑 100% FREE

2 game modes:
⚡️ BLITZ through frantic combo streaks!
🧩 PUZZLE out the perfect sequence!

An #indieDev love letter to #PICO8 and its ecosystem of cozy creativity!
💻 Design & code by yours truly
🎶 Dynamic music by muse_energy

:steam: Grab it on Steam (for the low price of $0.00):

#gameDev #pixelArt #indieGame #indieGames #gaming

CIPHER-8 Steam trailer
Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

got the character animation and dialogue done today for the entity that greets you when you enter the open world. she will explain some of the context and story.
surrealist encounter. she lives beneath the level.
#GameDev #IndieGameDev #GameArt #Surrealism #Art #IndieGames

A highly contrasted, very bright, view of beneath the level. You can see grass and trees pointing out from the top, clipping through the ground. There is a human like entity hanging from the ground (or ceiling, this is upside down). Her name is angel. She greets you. She has glowing red eyes and light coming from her mouth.
Nindie Spotlight
2 weeks ago

Looking for top-tier #IndieGames on sale on the #Nintendo #Switch eShop this week? We've got 60 to share with you right now!

Waves of Steel is live!
2 weeks ago

Getting this effect to look right took a lot longer than I expected, but it's done! The two-stage "explode, then flow to player" system helps keep things moving snappily, because the particle effects can all play while other tokens are matching.

#indiedev #indiegames #gamedev

A match-3 game where, after tokens match, they explode into their individual pixels, which then move quickly over to the player on the tactical map.
berserk du soleil
2 weeks ago

i'm also starting a backloggd list of games with fewer than 50 steam reviews. would welcome your suggestions from your wishlists or libraries.

#indiegames #microindiegames #toofewsteamreviews

Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
2 weeks ago

Eclipse The Cat - has there ever been a more adorable mid-level checkpoint system than in this pixel art mascot platforming adventure?

Alpha Demo:

Extended Gameplay Video:

by #gamedev Etienne Pxrin #indiedev #indiegames #gaming

it's #FollowFriday btw, who do y'all recommend for a follow?

i like:

@ivanpapiol - rly cool game artist

@djlink - generally fun #GameDev content - amazing artist that does fun streams (also does cool activism stuff

@Mimosa - my bestie that does really cool art stuff i promise

@renkotsuban - makes really cool weekly posts / streams about #IndieGames

@eniko - lovely indiedev with much needed takes on gamedev and covid

but who do YOU recommend me to follow? 🤔

I’m on the lookout for more weird/surreal #indiegames

Stuff like Crypt Worlds, Jazzpunk, Hylics, OFF, Dropsy, JEF, The Path, Space Funeral, Cruelty Squad… y’know, those types of games. I also recommend the ones I listed if you also like playing games and going “wtf” a lot.

So if anybody has more suggestions lmk

I forget who was curious the other day, but I broke out my physical copy of @platformalist's game Leaving the Tree today and opened it up again. I had totally forgotten how many cool things were packaged with it. There was so much, it was tough to get a pic on my desk! 😂 I'll try to get some gameplay soon - it's even compatible with most Xbox USB controllers.

The rad wood 256MB USB cart in the middle of the photo contains the game and even more of Andrew's (his Eggnog company's) games too- Maze Dog, Coffee Bug, Winterberry, Cat Bandit, Cake Cat, and more.

Incredible, all of it. Lots of stickers and two-sided character profile cards here too. On the other sides of the cards are little descriptions like on the overturned card in the top right.

Check out -- there are links to these games on there!

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The contents of Eggnog Games' (Andrew Reist's) indie game Leaving the Tree spread out on my desk, and everything inside it- hand drawn stickers, cards, wood USB cartridge with multiple games, instruction booklet, so much stuff!

Could y'all give me a boost to find more indie game devs & trans peeps 😊🏳️‍⚧️

#trans #transgender #nonbinary #indiegame #indiegames #indiegamer #lgbt #lgbtqia #androgynous

Selfie of Revy
She's wearing a black hoodie
Black lipstick with a silver tone
And is slightly smiling
While her short brown hair covers on of her eyes

If you have steam & love cute or horror indie games
Give my curator page a follow to keep upto date with what i like!
(Boosts appreciated 💙)

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Alpha Beta Gamer - Indie Games
3 weeks ago

HOLSTIN - festering ooze infects a Polish town in this stylish 3D pixel art survival horror adventure!

Beta Sign Up:

New Combat Gameplay Video:

by #gamedev holstin game #indiedev #indiegames #gaming

Viktor Glukozavr Kurochkin
4 weeks ago

Do you know some popular media focusing on #indiegames ? There is so much talk about AAA, but I struggle to find a fitting community to get to know and talk about new and reward winning rising stars.

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Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
4 weeks ago

bumping a fresh link to the top of my TL again,
you can already get the beautifully surreal demo of the game i’m working on ₒ⋆•°*☆
“This is a reboot of the 1999 cult classic Flash website.
It is currently under production. Regular updates to the demo will be released until it is finished.”
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A screenshot of the Steam store page for BlueSuburbia showing the “download now” button circled in red highlighter.
berserk du soleil
4 weeks ago

i bought this cute, #steampunk, apparently #kiwi local co-op puzzle game to try this week with my bf: "39 days to mars"

#games #puzzles #indiegames #newzealand

1 month ago

The 2023 August issue of #IndieTsushin is out now! It is viewable in browser and available to download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. We also have digital postcards and the Japanese interview editions (インタビュー特集) to download. It is PWYW, so everyone can enjoy!

#IndieGames #GameDev #IndieDev #Japan #Japanese #Zine

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 August zine issue cover
インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
1 month ago

Announcing the release of the 2023 August #zine issue compiling articles from the インディー通信 #IndieTsushin blog! Join us in celebrating these #IndieGames from #Japan!

The zine is viewable in browser, and available for download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. We also have digital postcards and the Japanese interview editions (インタビュー特集) to download. It is PWYW so everyone can enjoy it! We really hope that you will check it out!

This issue contains:

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin 2023 August zine issue cover

Would everyone give me a boost to find more trans peeps & indie game fans/devs 👀

#trans #transgender #nonbinary #indiegame #indiegames #indiegamer #lgbt #lgbtqia

Selfie of Revy
She's a feminine non binary person.
She is wearing pink cat ear headphones, glasses & vlack lipstick with a silver tone.
She's pushing her index finger into her cheek, it is very soft looking.
1 month ago

I bought #NintendoSwitch as a birthday gift in 2019 and it's been a great machine. But there were so many things I wished it could do.

And then came #SteamDeck and did all those things and I'm so happy with it.

I finally wrote down my thoughts on the device and why I love it so much.

(I still love my Switch too for the 1st party Nintendo exclusives!)

#Steam #VideoGames #IndieGames #gaming #blaugust2023

Martin Holland
1 month ago

#Thronefall is fun. My first game in #EarlyAccess and I am really enjoying it.

For the foreseeable future, I won't have time for a 100-hour game like #BaldursGate3, although I absolutely loved Part 1 and 2. 🚸

That's why I am glad that games like this can be played for one hour at a time. Oh, and the graphics are gorgeous.

#Gaming #GrizzlyGames #PCGaming #Indie #IndieGames

Screenshot from Thronefall