Tim Chambers
46 minutes ago

@J12t @evan @davidslifka @JPEGuin @judell @gabek @xtel @mike @pfefferle @manton @haubles @anildash

Raises my own hand ✋ - but then also add you can build on three developer communities already vibrant here: #Indieweb #WordPress developers and various flavors of #decentralized web developers....

Jeff Sikes
2 hours ago

I’m working on a project for my parents - moving 10 years of emails as their provider goes dark.

A decade of photos, recipes, conversations and memories - good times, hard times. They are all there. Bits and bytes on random servers across the globe.

There are no family albums and letters to pass down anymore. This is it.

Your #Fediverse content should have the same longevity and portability. I can see it, we’re almost there. Let’s keep going. 💪🏼❤️ #ActivityPub #Mastodon #IndieWeb #POSSE

A photo from the late 1920s of a men’s basketball team from Cabot, Arkansas in the United States. My grandfather, Oris Spence, is seen at the top right. Found in my parent’s decades of emails tonight.

What I like about Infinite Backlog is the speed and ease of use. You can find my profile at and add me.

Great indie website. This is my first time using "boosts appreciated,"; but for a good reason. Support stuff like this.

P.S. I am just a user, not affiliated with the website or devs.

#Backlog #IndieWeb #GreatWebsite #Gaming #PlaystationOnline #VideoGames #BoostsAppreciated

@john I like that approach. In a way, it is similar to #IndieWeb, it pulls in the content from your other online presence and displays it in your own website.

The third-party services then become our “posting” channel, then it shows up in our own domain. It's like a CMS or blogging platform connected to the #Fediverse, but the other way around.

Did I understand it correctly?


fluffy 💜
2 days ago

@erincandescent @elplatt @cwebber @tsyesika those are good points. But it still seems like there should be some sort of periodic polling to backfill missed pushes, rather than relying entirely on retry with backoff which has a tendency to lead to thundering herd problems whenever there’s an outage.

Also I kind of prefer separate composable/optional protocols for doing different interactions, like webmention for replies (like in #indieweb).

Andrew Shell
2 days ago

Hello everyone! I'm a web developer (#Node and #PHP) in Madison, Wisconsin.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the idea of #PKM, #SecondBrain, and using #Wiki to improve my #Productivity and #NoteTaking. I'm passionate about the ideals of the #IndieWeb and #SemanticWeb. I'm also interested in #Metaphysics, #Manifestation, and #Synchronicity.

I want to meet new people for conversations. I'd love to connect if any of my interests resonate with you! Thanks for reading my #Introduction.

Arp Laszlo • Comics • ADHD
2 days ago

Any #ActivityPub experts here? Is it possible to edit or delete an item that's in the author #feed that can be followed on the #Fediverse?

It's a cool feature but the lack of control is frustrating - especially since it goes to what looks like a #Mastodon (in this case) account where there's no way to edit the profile or respond to comments (at least that I know of).

#WordPress #IndieWeb #Blogging #POSSE #Website

2 days ago

@leigh @leigh from my experience: #ttrpg is a mixed bag with a good number having jumped to Mastodon and large percentage of others staying over there. In general if they have a game/podcast/convention to promote then they stayed on Twitter due to better reach.

#webdev is also mixed. It seems like the #indieweb aligned folks who like their vanilla html/js/css are all here. The framework folks stayed on Twitter or are doing both.

Chris T. Roll
3 days ago

#Blog updated: Some thoughts on the difficulty of getting a #GameDev job at an entry level, how inequality perpetuates itself, and what we can do to help.


Pelle Wessman
3 days ago

Seeing the split community between Mastodon and Twitter kind of makes me want to double down on blogging instead.

Be a bit more focused on value over volume and finding my way back to my #IndieWeb roots.

Matthias Pfefferle
4 days ago

Is someone interested in helping me build an #IndieWeb and/or #fediverse #wapuu (my first draft is a bit amateurish 😂 )

Heck yes. Upgraded to latest #Pixelfed release and now Pixeldroid properly reports boosts.

The speed with which new features and bug fixes are being shipped in fedi software is a joy to experience. All the more so since these folks actually publish release notes and change logs.

#IndieWeb #Fediverse #SelfHosting

Oleksandr Kryvonos
4 days ago

here is a simple deal you support me on Patreon for any amount of money for at least one month and your name will be in supporters list *

* exceptions may apply if foul language is used

#indiedev #indieweb

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
5 days ago

I'm finally dipping my toes into an auto-poster setup using the Share on Mastodon plugin:

Fingers crossed that this works as-expected, although I'm sure I'll end up with some formatting oddities in the short-term. It'll be worth it, though!

#Fediverse #IndieWeb #Mastodon #ProjectStandifordBlog #WordPress

5 days ago

New blog scrap: Sadness - Making and Receiving

This scrap is a brain dump of overcoming one of my worst habits, making myself sad.

#IndieWeb #Blog #MentalHealth #Depression

6 days ago

really excited for next month's #queer #tech meetup in #bristol - we'll be talking about what leadership looks like for queers.

It's a topic I've become really interested in lately - I feel corporate environments often fail those who don't fit the expected profile of a "senior" person.

#indieweb #queerart #queerjoy #lowtech #lgbtqia #techleadership

Mike Maney
1 week ago

How to sell the fediverse and decentralization to the masses:

“Imagine doing all the stuff you do today on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…but doing it without battling some random corporate algorithm, minus all the advertising and tracking, and knowing you aren’t making a billionaire billionairier.”

#fediverse #indieweb

Cassey Lottman
1 week ago

Nerd friends of Lincoln, a friend and I are going to host a mini Homebrew Website Club next week, dm me for details if you'd like to join and we know each other IRL. (Hosting at my home for this one, sorry strangers)

As a celebration of the indie web, we'll all work on our personal sites (code? No-code? Blog?) and do a lil show & tell.

Kat Moss
1 week ago

I hate it when there isn't parity between iOS and Android for one particular application, particularly if it's an app that's not for productivity as much as for enrichment. As a tech witch, I have found ways to use technology to assist with spiritual communications. I will seriously buy a cheap tablet just to run Indigenous and valhalla+. Indigenous is for the #indieweb, while Valhalla+ is for Viking communications with the gods and lots of other cool pagan features.

1 week ago

I can hardly believe it, after two years I finally managed to work through all my tweets and sort them out properly. All tweets that remained, I have taken over to my website following PESOS.

There were really so many posts whose context I no longer understood myself. How should it expect it from others?


Found out about the #HomebrewWebsiteClub on the #IndieWeb site. It’s

“a growing world-wide network of meetups for everyone who wants to take back their web experience from #socialMedia silos, and own their online identities & content, or just want support with #blogging!”

I’ve been anti-digital sharecropping for awhile and with my new #blog, this is right up my alley.

I’d love to try to do a #meetup locally in person but this might be a cool thing to do as a monthly #webchat here on #Mastodon/the #Fediverse.

Comment or boost if you’re interested in joining a regular webchat here.

Bryan Callahan :clubtwit:
2 weeks ago

Kind of odd to me that #ActivityPub doesn't support following #RSS feeds in the spec. #IndieWeb 🤷‍♂️

Pablo Morales
2 weeks ago

Do you use indieauth?

Check out my blog post on implementing indieauth and enabling h-entry on my website using Datenstrom Yellow Flat File CMS.

#indie #indieauth #indieweb #community #w3c #opensource #datenstrom #cms #implementation #hentry

pieceofthepie :coffefied:
2 weeks ago

Is anyone aware of software that would provide commenting/likes/shares on a blog that is driven by #ActivityPub?

I've had a hunt but have come up short.

I'm thinking a Disqus like service that can be dropped into an existing static site and provide similar functionality driven by the interactions with a linked ActivityPub note.

This would be similar to #WebMentions via #IndieWeb but potentially more accessible to users who would simply be responding to a toot/post.

#SmallWeb #SelfHost

Brett Kosinski
2 weeks ago

@admadlad @mmasnick I'd just follow the #fediverse hashtag plus any interesting and adjacent tags (I'm a big fan of the #indieweb which shares a lot of the same concepts and ethos) as a starting point and then build out a following list from there.

Jeff Sikes
2 weeks ago

Is anyone aware of a repo similar to Tweetback that uses your Facebook archive data to create your own static site of post history? Boost if you want to know, too!

#OwnYourData #IndieWeb #Facebook

Screenshot of my personal Tweetback archive, showing all ,y tweets exported from Twitter.
Aaron Parecki
2 weeks ago
well that was unexpected! I have a "secret" hashtag in the post, so the post shows up on the #indieweb hashtag page even though I didn't mention #indieweb in the post at all!
Aaron Parecki
2 weeks ago
Ignore this post, I am just testing some #ActivityPub hashtag stuff
2 weeks ago

A table of 0 border thickness and simple CSS1 text styles - web design in the late 90s and also the basis of my #neocities site. If you want to go all #retroweb, you gotta experience the tech of the time. No CSS Grid here. Still, not an animated GIF, nested table, spacer, or iFrame in sight - I never went in for them in the 90s anyway. #yesterweb #indieweb

Claire Barnes
2 weeks ago

@wjmaggos @tchambers Would this be possible with simple HTML sites? WordPress seems very dominant already?
#BackToBasics #WebDesign #IndieWeb

Johannes Ernst
2 weeks ago

I'm very happy for @pfefferle : he's been working tirelessly on lots of #IndieWeb and #Fediverse open-source software over many years. Now Automattic hired him to better integrate Wordpress with ActivityPub, and he got a Techcrunch article to boot!

Johannes Ernst
2 weeks ago

@aswath : So you are proposing to 1) have a personal website #IndieWeb-style, and 2) use it to #IndieAuth into all #fediverse accounts you have on various Fediverse apps, and 3) somehow (rel=me, maybe?) claim ownership of all of them, so people can understand that's all you "elsewhere"?

What about people who don't have or don't want a personal website, for whatever reason?

/cc @thelaughingmuse

Stefan Bohacek
2 weeks ago

I don't normally waste time thinking about Elon Musk, but when I read about Meta working on an ActivityPub-compatible social media network, I did, just for a brief moment, wonder whether it's finally dawning on him that Mastodon's not his real enemy.

That what he's up against is an idea, about a better web, free from people like him. Hm.

#mastodon #fediverse #OpenWeb #IndieWeb

I’m looking for the comic where on panel one a guy sets up his little house blog and invites people to visit and on the next panel he gets enticed to move by Facebook to this massive condo and gets his guests to visit there instead. Later, he gets locked out because Facebook took away his things and his visitors unless he pays to get a fraction of them back.

This gets posted often around here and I can’t find it. It’s a perfect illustration of what may happen with the Meta fediverse project.

#Facebook #Comic #IndieWeb #Meta

Mark Everitt
3 weeks ago

I should probably make some sequence diagrams. My setup is a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine, but it's surprisingly robust and really convenient to use. For example, sharing photos happens right in the iOS photos app because shortcuts integrates into sharesheets. #indieweb

Mark Everitt
3 weeks ago

I'm really enjoying my POSSE setup. I publish to my micropub endpoint using my own iOS shortcuts for photos or study sessions (as events). For plain notes and bookmarks I typically use Omnibear.

The micropub endpoint pushes to a repository on GitHub, and an Actions workflow picks them up and syndicates photos, notes, and bookmarks to Mastodon. The workflow is fast enough that stuff frequently reaches Mastodon before Netlify has finished building my site. #indieweb

3 weeks ago

I just spent time today building a static #html page in #seamonkey Composer for my #neocities site and it felt like the late 90s in a good way. And yeah... I used a single table to hold stuff in boo to the elitists out there! 😁 #retroweb #indieweb

Tim Chambers
3 weeks ago

"If the recent Twitter debacle has taught us anything it is that platforms aren’t stable. Tying your online identity to a corporate-owned website is fine for a while but in the very long run anything posted there is, ultimately, ephemeral....The only thing we can really rely on on the web is the web itself.

It is ubiquitous enough to be mostly decentralized, has backward-compatible standards that are mostly agreed-upon, and is mostly resilient to attack..."


Jeff Sikes
3 weeks ago

And here's a fun one on TILvids. I love Guestbooks! #IndieWeb @veronicaexplains

Tiny websites have always fascinated me, along with internet web portals (which haven't been a thing for many years-- at least in the way we used to know them). I'm talking a simple HTML page with just a graphic or two, and a bunch of links. Something that might resemble the early days of Yahoo, etc.

The idea for this site I made has been buzzing around in my head for a while now. It is NOT responsive, there is NO JavaScript, and there's just a TINY bit of CSS. The whole site (one HTML page) is only about 9kb!

A simple site like this one might look primitive compared to some of the huge, complicated websites we see as standard on the internet today, but this site is guaranteed to work on any browser or device.

I used links for sites/documents that I frequent or use a lot, and mixed in my own personal projects for fun. It's a super simple page-- mostly for my own usage. But I really love the design of it!

I don't have a URL set up for it other than just on my free server at freehostia, but here it is! I call it 'Mr Beamer's Old Timey Web Portal'. 😂

#html #simplesites #webportal #webportals #htmlmostly #css #bareboneshtml #weirdweb #personalsites #personalwebsites #indieweb

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

This is a bit nerdier blog post about my recent migration to CapRover. If you're looking for a self-hosted alternative to Heroku, either for your own project, or to try some of the self-hosted apps it supports, you should give this a try.

#IndieWeb #selfhosted #website #webdev #WebDevelopment #heroku #DigitalOcean

Joel Auterson
3 weeks ago

Wrote about #indieweb and what I've done to get my website on board!

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

It's really awesome seeing all the innovation and experimenting around Mastodon, fediverse, and ActivityPub.

Some of my own work includes:

- browse the most recent posts by tags
- a Mastodon extension that adds instance switcher and profile cards (currently beta-testing, feedback welcome!)

#mastodon #fediverse #OpenWeb #IndieWeb #BrowserExtension #feedback #HelpWanted #OpenSource

Stefan Bohacek
3 weeks ago

Tik Tok is next to tell you what kind of links you can put on your online profile.

"TikTok has begun blocking links to app stores in creators’ bios, [....] The block [...] also extends to third-party link-in-bio solutions like Linktree."

And this is why you need to own your web presence, even if it's a basic, single page hosted on or via @Sarahp

#IndieWeb #OpenWeb #news #TikTok