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One journalist in article is a friend/former colleague of mine.
We need folks to understand that not only are #Indigenous #LandDefenders & hereditary leadership & their non-native citizen supporters treated #unjustly - multiple #media #journalists are also #arrested & blocked from doing their job by #RCMP 😠

In #BritishColumbia - #BCNDP knew their #CorporateMercenaries were #BreakingTheLaw & still gave them more #TaxpayersMoney to raid & #harass #FirstNations on #UncededNativeLand in #Canada 🤬
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“I’m overwhelmed.”

Former McGill hockey star to be inducted into university’s sports hall of fame

Francis Verreault-Paul, a Montagnais from Mashteuiatsh, an Innu community in Quebec, starred for four seasons at McGill University before embarking on a pro career in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and England.

And now he’s being inducted into the university’s sports hall of fame.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #sports #hockey #university #McGill

Two photos: At left is a photo of a male hockey player with the puck on his stick on the ice. At right is a head and shoulders shot of the hockey player in a white jersey with red trim.
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#RCMP arbitrarily decides who's a #journalist & who isn’t & prevented journalists from #accessing sites of #Indigenous resistance. When #media fought back RCMP reduced those barriers only to #obstruct journalists’ ability to #document arrests. #Mounties have aimed guns at journalists. They’ve #arrested & #jailed #reporters for doing their job. These are #incursions on journalists’ & all #Canadians #ConstitutionalRight to a #FreePress 💥

#KKKanada #FirstNations #DefundRCMP
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Conor Kerr weaves the emotions of anger and hope through the pages of his newest poetry collection Old Gods.

It’s autobiographical, says the descendant of the Lac Ste. Anne Métis and the Papaschase Cree Nation.

He expresses a heartfelt longing for his traditional territory on the “prayerie.” And knows that in the grand course of history, the years of colonialism are a mere blip on the scale.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Métis #books #poetry #Prairie

Two photos:: At left is the front cover of a new book of poetry called Old Gods. The printing of Old Gods poems and Conor Kerr is in red. The rest is in sepia tones. An oddly shaped cloud is over a photo of buffalo on a grassy landscape. At right is a photo of a man, the author, he is wearing a black baseball cap, and black jacket over a denim shirt.
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CBC Indigenous: Indigenous-led bison repopulation projects are helping the animal thrive again in Alberta #FN #CBC #Indigenous #Radio/TheCurrent

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CBC Indigenous: 'I feel like I'm not behind': Indigenous students in Manitoba embrace Jordan's Principle supports #FN #CBC #Indigenous #News/Canada/Manitoba

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CBC Indigenous: Manitoba government must have known about Jim McCrae's residential school denialism: Murray Sinclair #FN #CBC #Indigenous #News/Canada/Manitoba

Atlas Obscura
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In Washington State, a new preservation facility offers a back-up plan for an uncertain future.
Kelp Seed Banks Save Biodiversity and Indigenous Traditions
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Windspeaker’s latest newsletter is now online.

Subscribe and get the newsletter to your inbox each Friday morning.

It contains links to the week’s stories, plus extras.

This newsletter: Mermaid tales, Alberta election stories, and sports.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Metis #Inuit #culture #legends #elections #Alberta #sports #hockey #lacrosse #skijumping #news #media

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CBC Indigenous: Orchestral Powwow braids Indigenous beat with symphonic sounds #FN #CBC #Indigenous #News/Indigenous


-Sima Lee

#queer #trans #anarchism #pride #activism #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise

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I got my beads!!! I've been beading like crazy 😁 can't wait to show you guys what ive been working on!

Follow my Instagram to stay tuned:

#Beadwork #Indigenous #Native #NDN #IndigenousMastodon #NativeMastodon #Decolonize #Indigenize #LandBack #InstanceBack #WoodpeckerSocial #IndigenousCreatives

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Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma

By the time Europeans arrived, the Potawatomi were living around the Great Lakes, with a social structure that included a strong communal lifestyle. The people were bound together through ties of kinship, custom and mutual necessity. Several removals devastated the Potawatomi people after Europeans moved to present-day America, but a resilient group, the Citizen Potawatomi refused to give up hope.

#Potawatomi #Indigenous #Native #NDN

The Flood by Roy Thomas | Courtesy: Charles J. Meyers Great Lakes Indian Art Collection
Canadian History Ehx
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Today in 1885, the Battle of Frenchman's Butte occurs when 400 Alberta Field Force attack 200 Cree warriors.
Led by Wandering Spirit, the Cree repel the attack. While victorious, the NW Resistance was nearing an end after the Battle of Batoche weeks earlier.

#canada #war #history #indigenous #cree #canadian #histodon #histodons

CelloMom On Cars
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"Armed with drones, [#indigenous women in #Guyana] are scanning #mangrove forests for illegal cutting and expect to soon start collecting #soil samples and mangrove litter to measure the #carbon held in remote coastal ecosystems that have long been out of reach for scientists. Such data could nudge the government to create policies and programs to protect critical areas."


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CBC Indigenous: Soaring value of Maud Lewis works invites fraud, art experts say #FN #CBC #Indigenous #News/Canada/NovaScotia

Mayazteca Studios
2 days ago

It's a big weekend. We launched our e-commerce site featuring products we've created, and have our Inaugural Booth at Carnaval San Francisco as vendors.

But there's also the work we do that is more than design- it's the work we do that supports external projects important to us and that significantly impact communities.

One we've been able to support is the subject of this KPIX | CBS story.

We designed and built the website for CANA - Cultura Y Arte Nativa de las Americas, highlighting the resources and strategies behind community projects, including The Village.

We took time to build this site knowing it had to be ready for Roberto Y. Hernández’ trip to Washington DC for the Justice 40 Initiative presentation.

It means the world to us to be a small part of an incredibly impactful plan, featured on CANA’s website here:

We are proud to be entrusted with CANA’s mission and messaging, and will always strive to do work with meaning.

#Indigenous #Latinx

2 days ago

Do yourself a favor and listen/watch this episode of Red Power Hour. What starts out as a justified rant about natural history museums and #Indigenous exhibits, turns into a passionate plea for resistance against colonial violence and fascism today. Native or not, if you have been feeling the squeeze or alienated by this new reality, then you will get a much needed dose of sanity and solidarity. And probably learn a few things.

2 days ago

#Brazil congress is voting on a new law that could allow miners and tree cutters to destroy the #Amazon rain forest and #indigenous sacred lands. Please help put the global spotlight on the Brazilian Congress and their forthcoming decision: losing the Amazon truly would spell disaster for life on planet #earth


Corey Bradshaw
2 days ago
2 days ago

'We were anything but primitive': How #Indigenous-led #archaeology is challenging colonial preconceptions: #archeology #canada

2 days ago

#Australia #Indigenous #politics #SocialMedia #OnlineAbuse #anonymity

'The most active Twitter accounts opposing the Indigenous Voice to parliament are people using false identities who are stoking an increasingly divisive online campaign, rather than computerised “bots”, an analysis reveals.'

Danilynn Jiibay
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I was re-acquainted with my 2nd cousin Angeline Boulley (yes THAT Angeline) at a book signing here in town today. Happy her new book about an "indigenous lara croft" is doing well.

#AngelineBoulley #FirekeepersDaughter #WarriorGirlUnearthed #Books #Literature #Indigenous

Angeline Boulley (2nd cousin) at her book signing in Sault Ste. Marie, MI on May 27, 2023. She was on a book tour for her follow-up to Firekeeper's Daughter, Warrior Girl Unearthed (book picture next to her).
Me and my 2nd cousin/famed author Angeline Boulley after signing my copy of Firekeeper's Daughter.
Book autograph by Angeline Boulley during her book signing.
2 days ago

Signage at the Wallowa-Whitman Mission has been updated to include #Indigenous perspectives about Whitman. NPS Director Chuck Sams (who's Cayuse and Walla Walla) described it to me as "one of the best examples I’ve seen in my own lifetime" of public signage adjusting for honesty about colonial violence.

But the signage at Deadman's Pass in #Oregon continues to erase Indigenous people and perpetuate settler mythologies.

(More from my conversation with Director Sams:

Historical sign with colonizer bullshit
Historical sign with colonizer bullshit
2 days ago

Signage at Deadman's Pass does mention Marcus Whitman, a missionary high on Manifest Destiny who got his ass handed to him by the Cayuse.

Whitewashed and demonizing accounts of #Indigenous heroes protecting their lands and people inspired even more colonizers to descend upon Cayuse lands and persecute the people with religious oppression.

More on the fraudulent "Whitman massacre" and its role in the #Oregon Trail:

Historical signage with a bunch of colonizer bullshit
2 days ago

Cayuse and Nez Perce linguistic anthropologist Phillip Cash Cash once told me about a place in #Oregon called Deadman's Pass, where settler-colonizers murdered an #Indigenous family gathering food. Even today, public historical signage at Deadman's Pass gives a pleasant view of settlers, calling them "emigrants" and lionizing their efforts at colonization. The signage makes no mention of #Indigenous people.

More from Cash Cash on why this kind of thing matters:

Historical signage full of colonizer bullshit
Historical signage full of colonizer bullshit
Historical signage full of colonizer bullshit
2 days ago

Had my coffee with Shoshone Falls yesterday morning. These falls were described to me by Klickitat River Chief Wilbur Slockish, who once spread out a blanket here and listened for hours because the sound brought back boyhood memories of Celilo Falls before the US drowned them.

“Man, I missed that sound,” he told me.

#PNW #Photography #Idaho #Indigenous #Salmon #SnakeRiver

More on Slockish and his memories of Celilo:

Purdy waterfall
2 days ago

"One morning, I woke up to my dad’s panicked voice yelling, 'Get up, get up, get up!' He threw my bed aside, and he and my mom threw gunnysacks full of fish into the hole, along with a net covered in fish scales. He quickly changed and scrubbed off what mud he could, tossing his scaly clothing down with the fish.

"Soon the state game wardens came knocking at our door..."

Lana Jack recalls the Fish Wars.

#Indigenous #Salmon #Oregon #PNW #Washington #Fishing

Karen Wyld
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Christian vandal/s used a power tool to graffiti Jesus saves deep into a sacred Aboriginal site for ceremony and birthing.

A pox on whoever did this. And may nothing save them :trebuchet:

#Indigenous #FirstNations #SettlerViolence

Yehuda Rothschild
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#IndigenousMutualAid #SettlerSaturday


Big big big thank-you to all the generous people who have helped with server expenses.

Server bills are paid 100% through the July 3rd billing. Any donations made from now through the end of June will be distributed to the moderators.

Mvto! Mvto! Mvto!

If you'd like to help:$Yehuda1491

#MutualAid #Indigenous #Native #NDN #IndigenousMastodon #NativeMastodon #LandBack #InstanceBack

Rita Portela (parody)
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Background articles:

Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

“No matter how it was collected, where it was collected, when it was collected, our language belongs to us," said Ray Taken Alive, a Lakota teacher.

#Lakota #LanguageReclamation #DataSoviergnty #Indigenous #IndigenousRights

More articles, Interviews:

Rita Portela (parody)
4 days ago

Please consider donating: Help him fight back.

These White cosplayers stole an Indigenous language, copywrite it, & are now selling it back to the Indigenous community at exorbitant rates.

They recorded his grandmother speaking & now they are taking legal action to prevent him from accessing the language & *speaking his own language.* He is a language instructor.

#Indigenous #Native #NativeAmericanLanguage #LanguageRevitalization #RayTakenalive

Karen Wyld
4 days ago

4/ #SorryDay #StolenGenerations #Indigenous

If interested in educating yourself, below are some more resources.

Movies, documentaries:
Servant of Slave, 2015 Screen Australia.

Lousy Little Sixpence, 1983, directed and produced by Alec Morgan, co-produced by Gerry Bostock.


Jane Harrison, 2006, Stolen, Currency Press

Marie Munkara, 2014, A Most Peculiar Act, Magabala Books (teachers notes available)

Sally Morgan, Sister Heart, Freemantle Press (teachers notes available)

Doris Pilkington Garimara - University of Queensland Press
(1991) Caprice: A Stockman’s Daughter.
(1996) Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence
(2002) Under the Wintamarra Tree.
(2006) Home to Mother.

(2006) Home to Mother. All from University of Queensland Press, Brisbane.

Non fiction
Natalie Harkin, 2019, Archival-Poetics, 2019, Vagabond Press

Rita Huggins and Jackie Huggins, 1994 (republished 2005), Aunty Rita, Aboriginal Studies Press

Betty Lockyer, 2009, Last Truck Out, Magabala Books

Archie Roach, 2020, Tell Me Why: the story of my life and my music, Simon & Schuster Australia

Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter (Illustrator), 2020, They Took The Children Away, Simon & Schuster Australia

Karen Wyld
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3/ #SorryDay #StolenGenerations #Indigenous

Government removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children commenced in the early 1900s. Before then, settlers were stealing First Nations children (women and men) without government authorisation.

The policies that allowed the forced removal of children ended in the 1980s.

However, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are currently being removed at far greater rates than ever in the history of invasion and colonisation of this continent.

Too many setters argue that all the bad things happened a long time ago, but the Stolen Generations, enslavement and Stolen Wages happened in many of their lifetimes. And the bad things are still happening.

In recent years, Sorry Day has also become a day of activism for the many children still being removed, wage theft, and the unfinished business of the Bringing Them Home Report recommendations. This activism is First Nations-led, and does not over-shadow Sorry Day's purpose of a day of remembrance for the Stolen Generations.

And no, the voice will not stop the bad things happening - it's one more toothless committee the government will ignore, just like previous committees and governments - so don't fucking @ me, I don't care how you intend to vote.

Karen Wyld
4 days ago

2/ #SorryDay #StolenGeneration s #Indigenous

These State and Federal governments' practices of child removal was based on eugenics and was a form of genocide. Christian doctrines underlined these removals, and churches run many of the institutions the children were incarcerated in.

Basically, the idea behind the removals was to quicken the eradication of First Peoples (to create easier access to land and resources for settlers) by removing children and forcing them to assimilate. Alongside this was State control of Aboriginal women and girls relationships and reproduction rights.

This forced removal of children by government and church is a form of genocide, recognised in the UN Convention of Genocide >

At the same time, First Peoples were regarded as a free source of labour to build the new empire. So the children were trained in basic skills, and then sent out to work on farms/stations, businesses, and in private homes, as young as 9 years old.

They were not paid, and would be captured if they escaped. They were given basic shelter and food, and often subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Pregnant girls/women would be sent back to the Homes (institutions). Once they'd given birth, the baby was taken and the girl/woman sent back to work.

This domestic servitude and labouring was a form of slavery >

This enslavement finished by the 60s in Australia. People are still fighting for their stolen wages.


Karen Wyld
4 days ago

Acknowledging that today (26 May) is the 26th Sorry Day. And I am thinking of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people stolen by government and church, and the many who never came home 💗 :firstnations:

#SorryDay is a day of remembrance for the many 1000s of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children forcibly removed from their families and communities. And a day of reflecting on the the pain their families felt, and the intergenerational impact.

The word sorry in Sorry Day does not refer to apology or regret. It comes from the Indigenous practices and protocols of grief and loss, known as Sorry Business.

Sorry Day centres First Nations people who suffered loss due to these race-based government policies, not on settlers who feel remorse/white guilt.

This annual day of remembrance is one of the very few actioned recommendations of the 1997 Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families (Bringing Them Home Report), which was the result of a royal commission >

The Healing Foundation has more information about the Stolen Generations, including an excellent portal of resources >

In the next post (ie linked) I'll do a quick explainer on Sorry Day and the Stolen Generations >

#Indigenous #FirstNations #AboriginalAndTorresStraitIsldners #StolenGeneration #SorryDay

4 days ago

@tempest i do all the things! Visual art, cultural crafts, theatre tech, organizing, and more!

Find out more at :D

#Indigenous #IndigenousGulf

Arlyssa D. Becenti
4 days ago

#scams on #tribal communities isn’t new.
Been covering fraudulent #rehab centers off and on since December. What pisses me off is that after regular everyday #Natives posted about it on #tiktok and it gained traction, that’s when state and tribal entities acted.

I found it’s been happening since 2019 - so why no warning until recent?

#indigenous #arizona

Prof Kemi FG
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@clairep @mastodonmigration

Yeh man, we out here. Got a nice little community myself (my Fediverse feed is very nicely colourful tbh) I second what @mastodonmigration said - follow hashtags (#BlackFedi, #BlackMastodon, #BlackFriday, #BlackTwitter, #Indigenous, #Latina, #Latino), follow similar users, etc.

5 days ago

Three of Indonesia’s largest Indigenous and civil society organizations have launched a new initiative that will be first to channel climate funds directly to Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) on the frontlines of protecting forests, restoring land and ensuring food security.

By Hans Nicholas Jong

#News #Conservation #Environment #Indonesia #Indigenous

Danilynn Jiibay
6 days ago

Designs I made for a grassroots Anishinaabe two-spirit council that was formed in 2023.

Their FB page: Two Spirit Council of Baawating

#art #nativeart #graphicdesign #logo #twospirit #lgbtqia #indigenous

Banner header of the Two Spirit Council of Baawating, an Anishinaabe grassroots movement advocating for Two Spirit and LGBTQIA rights.

Black background with logo on the left (see separate logo image from this toot/post for more info) and 'Two Spirit Council of Baawating; Nizhiiwag Zagaswe'idiwin Baawating' in full white text on the right side.
Logo for Two Spirit Council of Baawating (designed by me). The top part of the design includes a green directional-like circle with the progress/pride colors inside said circle. Below the circle are two feathers with red dots; the feathers themselves represent the two spirit indigenous peoples.
Métis Mini
6 days ago

Sending big Marsi Thank you and appreciation to our host of @roag505 🌸 🌼🌷

Check out indigenous videos at:
or support a Indigenous mastodon instance:

#IndigenousMastodon #Native #Indigenous #Nativetwitter

Decolonize Your Bookshelf🧡
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@diygene Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! So exciting to see more folk embracing #Indigenous authors!

Book 2 is about to come out (or it just released, I can’t quite remember!).

<fundraiser plug voice>

Miles is a disabled, indigenous, non-binary trans person who is planning to flee from #florida to #minnesota with their partner. If you have the funds to spare, consider helping them. They are a little over $1000 away

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #disabilitycrowdfund #trans #indigenous #bipoc #gtfomystate

K. Tempest Bradford
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It's the 📢 #BIPOCcreatorBOOST 📢 post!

Writers, game makers, artists, crafters, & other creatives of color, respond to this post to promo yourselves and your work. Post links or upload images/video.

Don't be shy and don't be afraid to take up space.

Everyone else: ❤️ & RT!

#BIPOC #Blackstodon #AAPI #BAME #indigenous #Native

graphic that says BIPOC creator boost with a multicolored rocket

Have y'all seen the white instance "dedicated" to decolonization lol

one of the ppl there is a white person living in Hawaii who i already have blocked or muted because they used the Indigenous tag :p

#Indigedon #Indigenous

1 week ago

Members of the American Indian Caucus describe Montana's legislative session:

“It was terrible.”


a “really difficult and horrible time.”

“the most hyper-partisan, super hyper-partisan session I’ve ever been in.”

"a double standard"

“walking on eggshells.”

“turbo-charged racism"


“feels like we’re dogs asking for scraps.”

“completely ignorant of Indigenous people in #Montana

“They made up these rules on the spot.”


1 week ago

in many writings & talks by #indigenous people, you'll hear language like "the law of the land" or "nature's law."

i understand this to refer to what might be called ecosystem & population dynamics.

it's what happens when you kill the wolves & now there's too many deer. that population of deer will be subject to the heavy arm of the law of the land.

you don't have to know any math to understand the idea.

what do you all think?

#ecology #systems #environment #ClimateChange #plants #biology

Peter Dutton, leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition in Australia, is pig¹ ignorant.

He is deliberately misinterpreting the current situation in Australia with regard to Indigenous status and claiming that The Voice to Parliament will create an Australia 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘢𝘭𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘺 𝘦𝘹𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘴, in which all people are created equal but some (the non-Indigenous) are more equal than others. He know this but he is hell-bent on refusing to acknowledge it, happy to manipulate the emotions of the less-informed, creating outrage where none should exist.

I suspect that he is aware the The Voice to Parliament will curtail, rightly, a few of the plans of the wealthy to further exploit the country; the wealthy that the Liberal and National Parties need to even exist.

Edit: Forgot the link ...

¹ Pig ignorance that may come from his time as a Queensland copper 😒 👮🏻‍♂️

#AusPol #PeterDutton #VoiceToParliament #Indigenous

Yehuda Rothschild
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#IndigenousMutualAid #SettlerSaturday

The donor: "thanks for bringing more indigenous folks onto fedi"

So, let's get some more Indigenous folks here. I'm still on a musician bend.

Any Indigenous wants to make a Petition for The Halluci Nation to join I'm serious!

cc: @roag505
#MutualAid #Indigenous #Native #NDN #IndigenousMastodon #NativeMastodon #LandBack #InstanceBack

Yehuda Rothschild
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#IndigenousMutualAid #SettlerSaturday

Wow, an extremely kind & generous person paid a whole month of server expenses, so June 3rd bill is 100% & July 3rd bill is at 80% of goal.

Take that #DebtCeiling #DebtLimit !!!

I know I b*tch about people a lot but there are some real great ones too.

If you'd like to help:$Yehuda1491


#MutualAid #Indigenous #Native #NDN #IndigenousMastodon #NativeMastodon #LandBack #InstanceBack

I'm a disabled Indigenous queer person who exists on Jobseeker, which means almost 50% ($269/week) below the poverty line ($489/week).

After living in the same house for almost 10 years, I have to move because the people we rent from want to renovate.

It's going to cost $3990 just to move, not including the new bond and rent for the new place, cleaning costs for the old place, and all the other incidentals.

I hate asking, but please consider helping if you can - I'd be super grateful.

#MutualAid #Indigenous #Aboriginal #IndigenousMutualAid #disability #JobSeeker #PleaseShare

A screenshot from Google:
Is JobSeeker below the poverty line?
People in households relying on JobSeeker were $269 per week below the poverty line
Yehuda Rothschild
1 week ago

347 Federally Recognized Indian Tribes Within the Contiguous 48 States

227 Federally Recognized Alaska Native Villages/Tribes Within the State of Alaska

A grand total of 574 Federally Recognized Tribal entities in the US

I think you need to read each line in the whole list to begin to grasp the diversity of Nations & the wrongs done in US alone:

#Indigenous #Native #NDN #IndigenousMastodon #NativeMastodon #Decolonize #Indigenize #LandBack #InstanceBack