2 hours ago

#PSA for any #strava using #BikeTooter and #infrastructure nerds: My local #MPO recently published a regional #bicycle & #pedestrian plan draft where they used publicly available Strava data as part of the demand assessment. They also mention that users can mark an activity as a #commute, but it appears this did not have an effect on their assessment. I’m not sure if this is common practice, but it may be an argument for keeping your Strava activities public and marking commutes.

20 hours ago

@0 @vij @chris @msquebanh

I don't think it's a matter of #optimistic vs. #pessimistic. It's that the #engineering, #infrastructure, #economics, #population, population #density, and #remoteness of #France are utterly #unlike what they are here in the #prairies.

2 years? Not possible here. If we wanted to replace 80% of ICE vehicles with BEVs, we need major electrical #generation and #transmission upgrades. I'm #guesstimating it it started today, it would take 20 years.

20 hours ago

@0 @vij @chris @msquebanh

I'm not even sure it would be possible to install a SuperCharger there. The whole town's current #electricity #supply is probably only a few hundred kW - the existing #infrastructure probably does not have the excess #capacity for a single 150kW charger, much less a pair of them.

Terry Hancock (Director/Producer)
23 hours ago

After much testing and careful comparison shopping, I determined that for what it is costing me to run my "virtual studio" site (which includes this Misskey, but also other services) on cloud services from Digital Ocean, AWS, and Backblaze, I should be able to run the whole thing from a single colocated server, which will greatly improve performance and capacity.

So I bought an off-lease Dell Poweredge R720, some new drives for it, and have plans to move it into a datacenter in Dallas (which is nearby).

This is a new adventure for me! First time I've tried this.

It's just sitting on a shelf, here, where I can hook it up for testing.

I wonder if I need to put something under it to allow for more airflow?
#Lunatics #Infrastructure #Server #Colocation

Used Dell Poweredge R720 rackmount server.

The front of the machine includes 8 hot-swap 3.5 inch hard drive trays. There's also a DVD-ROM for loading the operating system, and various peripheral connectors.

I have it sitting on a high shelf in my office, where I should be able to hook it up to my local network for installation and testing.
Dee G Lloyd
1 day ago

As #NPR noted in its report about the #NovaKakhovka #Dam, various spokespeople from #Russia have indeed blamed #Ukraine for the destruction. What it failed to mention was how before the tragedy, Russian propagandists were openly calling for the destruction of Ukrainian #infrastructure including dams and hydroelectric stations, and are now bragging about how its destruction helps their #War efforts, and that they should blow up MORE dams. Why not mention this?


Bicycling Monterey
1 day ago

"There’s about a 90-percent less chance of fatal accidents in roundabouts as opposed to signalized intersections," per Todd Muck, ED, #Transportation Agency for #MontereyCounty, as reported by David Schmalz, #MontereyCountyWeekly. Schmalz's report also points out that this widening of Imjin Parkway project "will also add a protected, off-road bike lane."

#BikeTooter #BikeMonterey

Kyle Malloy, PE
1 day ago

Manholes repurposed as public art in Luray, VA #streetart #infrastructure

"Our infrastructural systems, particularly our energy systems, are largely built around the idea of localizing the benefits to their consumers and distributing the harms." -Deb Chachra @debcha

This essay hits themes that are in her forthcoming book How Infrastructure Works: Inside the Systems That Shape Our World #infrastructure #books #energy #EnvironmentalJustice

"Water treatment plants are a physical instantiation of the idea that politics are the structures we create when we are in a sustained relationship with other people." -Debbie Chachra @debcha

Looking forward to reading her book How Infrastructure Works: Inside the Systems That Shape Our World #infrastructure #books #systems #transportation

Let's take a moment to appreciate the infrastructure we have.

We're making coffee, which requires running water, electricity and complex supply chains. You're reading this using a sophisticated global-spanning interconnect system that allows almost every computer to talk to each other.

#Infrastructure is sexy, yet invisible when it works. It deserves appreciation every day.

2 days ago

Unfortunately, #BicycleCulture folks are very #ableist & I've yet to see any of them provide adaptive accessible transport options for #disabled or #MobilityChallenged folks in their #UrbanPlanning or any actual #transportation #infrastructure plans.

What about us - disabled folks? Where do we fit into your bicycles city plans?

Design Training for Safe, Walkable and Accessible Communities sponsored by WSDOT Active Transportation Division.
June 21, Olympia: 2-5pm, WSDOT HQ or online.
June 22, Moses Lake: In-person 10:30am-4:30pm includes walk audit, lunch on your own; online-only 1-3pm, key concepts of design training. Register for either date

#WSDOTActive #infrastructure #transportation #accessibility #walkability #RoadSafety #SafetyOverSpeed #BikeTooter #engineering #ActiveTransport

Kyle Malloy, PE
2 days ago

A lot of opportunity for crowdsourced #infrastructure reporting

2 days ago

@debcha Preordered today! #infrastructure

Duncan Watson
2 days ago

A follow up, I am 100% a supporter of weight based fees assessed on owners cars and trucks. These should scale and start at ~3000lbs.

#infrastructure #cars #trucks

Official says destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam has 'very serious consequences' for essential services and environment.
World Bank to assess damage after destruction of Ukraine dam
ES Michelson
3 days ago

#ClimateDiary 4/3
Of course, the irony here is that the #jogger, the #pedestrian and #bicyclist all offer clues to a piece of the solution. Improved #infrastructure to support #GreenTransport. In the post 1 if you look down the sidewalk you can see a utility pole right in the middle of it. In post #2 in the #sidewalk foreground, you can see it simply ends in a dirt trail. In post #3, at least there is a #crosswalk, but there are no protected #bikelanes.

Rob / OGTrekker
3 days ago

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete #Buttigieg said that #Republicans are attacking #LGBTQ+ #rights to distract from their own “#radical positions.” These positions include opposition to improving national #infrastructure and decreasing the cost of #insulin, he said. #Hero #Politics #GOPLies #Hate #Bigotry #Prejudice

Pete Buttigieg accuses #GOP of using #antiLGBTQ+ rhetoric to distract from their "radical positions" - LGBTQ Nation

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

“Data shows for the first time that the peak demand for electricity this summer will exceed the amount we can generate from on-demand, dispatchable power, so we will be relying on #renewables to keep the lights on.”

But rather than fix the grid, #Republicans spent their time in the #Texas legislature trying to block renewable #energy:

#environment #infrastructure #ClimateChange #TXlege #politics #news #USpol #OilAndGas

Achim Klüppelberg
3 days ago

The #Kakhovka dam forms the basis of the reservoir that guarantees the safe supply of cooling water to Europe's largest nuclear power plant #Zaporizhzhya. Now with this breech, there will be problems at that plant.
#Nuclearwaters #UkraineWar #infrastructure

AGF : poemproducer
3 days ago

good day to rethink infrastructure

please visit this project by Russian/Belorusian artist team #onset #demonology #infrastructure

Nicole Darechuk
4 days ago

Did you know you CAN have full control over your #cloud #infrastructure costs?! #nohardware is the new norm for scalable business and you can save on the upfront costs when you choose services like #AmazonWeb Services. Their flexible options make a great fit for businesses of any size to host applications, run #IT infrastructure in the cloud and beyond.

4 days ago

We signed a grant under the #CEFTransport #EU #Military Mobility call supporting the modernisation of road-rail loading points in 13 location across #Poland.

Dual-use #infrastructure will improve freight transport by #rail and enhance military mobility.


Sheila Scarborough
4 days ago

What are designated U.S. scenic byways, and why should you look for them on your next road trip?

#TravelTuesday #travel #ScenicByway #RoadTrip #transportation #infrastructure

Maryland Scenic Byway sign with two-land road, one car, and lush green trees, near Lander MD.

@saint_rebel_ukraine_ Also destroying #civil #infrastructure - like all #ScorchedEarth tactics - is literally a #WarCrime!

In #Ukraine, #Russia is the sole #Agressor!

Lindsey Lavender
4 days ago

Newly opened Summer Collection at Gallery Heinzel (including three of mine):
03 June - 26 August

Vantage | Pilgrimage | Clyde Light
part of the Own Art Scheme #paymentplan
#Aberdeen #Scotland

#art #painting #cityscape #infrastructure

Samuel Vermeulen
4 days ago
Bicycling Monterey
5 days ago

"County #PublicWorks Director Randell Ishii tells me that this winter’s torrential storms are partially at fault for the deteriorating condition of county #roads, noting that maintenance crews have been 'working extended hours and weekend shifts' to fix as many as possible." —Rey Mashayekhi, #MontereyCountyWeekly

Also see "Where to report a bikeway maintenance need in Monterey County, or maintenance needs for #California State #Highways":

#MontereyCounty #transportation #infrastructure
#BikeTooter #cycling #ActiveTransportation

Defend Democracy
5 days ago

Together with 40 organisations we urge the #EU & its Member States to invest in *public* #digital #infrastructure.

We demand #DemocraticInfrastructure that ensures Europe’s digital sovereignty & a just digital transformation that respects democratic values.

Flipboard News Desk
5 days ago

India is investing billions in new high-speed trains, but is the country neglecting safety improvements on its massive outdated network?

CNN reports on the investigation and history of Indian rail travel:

#News #India #Train #Infrastructure

5 days ago

Odisha Train Tragedy: An Unaccountable Central Government Enabled by Big Media

There was a time when the mainstream media would ask questions of the regime. Now it attacks those who dare to ask.

#odisha #OdishaTrainAccident #balasore #IndianRailways #infrastructure #VandeBharat #media #television #NarendraModi #india

6 days ago

The bullet train syndrome perpetuates an elitist approach to the Indian Railways

If the focus were on the convenience of ordinary passengers rather than national prestige, big improvements would be possible within a few weeks, writes Jean Dreze (article from February 2016).

#IndianRailways #RailwayBudget #railways #BulletTrains #infrastructure #technology #accessibility #JeanDreze #india

6 days ago

Odisha train accident: Experts talk of the many measures that could have saved lives

If the planned modern equipment were in place as promised, the accident — which killed more than 260 people — could have been averted.

#odisha #OdishaTrainAccident #balasore #railways #infrastructure #kavach #india

Interpipes 💙
6 days ago

PSA for any #datacentre #infrastructure / #dci types who follow me; if you use kWh metering #Enlogic "Advantage Series" #PDU s, certainly the per-outlet metered EN6329 that we use, we uncovered they were only actually recording half the expected energy consumption(!)

They have confirmed that they have reproduced the issue and are currently testing the next build that addresses this issue, expected to release in a couple of weeks.

Poetry News
1 week ago

What a virus has taught us - we're humbled and small.
What seemed like triumphs, now just a stall.
We need more health workers, with fewer supplies,
Less faxing and calls, just more time to advise.
Amid science and tech that seems so sublime,
It all boils down to a simple design.
Build the infrastructure - meet the demands,
Our Covid response will better withstand.

#covid #lessons #infrastructure #tech #ode #poetry

1 week ago

new blog post up btw!
some thoughts and experiences I've had walking in areas that are designed only for driving.
#carculture #cardependency #cars #infrastructure #suburbia #urbanism #walking

1 week ago

@n8fr8 Are there any precautions taken against #C2PA becoming dependent on a paid-for infrastructure, like basic, trustworthy digital #timestamping became dependent on it? Can there be an open and free & libre #infrastructure, accessible to everybody, backing C2PA?

In other words, since you picked the HTTP/HTTPS analogy: can there be a "Let's encrypt" for C2PA?

Rob Ricci
1 week ago

I'm headed to #NYC and though I've been there many times, I'm bringing a guidebook. Because I'm an #infrastructure nerd, and this is no ordinary guidebook.

Networks of New York by Ingrid Burrington describes the #networking infrastructure in the city: pavement markings, visible equipment, and locations of key buildings such as carrier hotels.

Yeah, this is what I look for on vacation. 🤷

The cover of  "Networks of New York, An Illustrated Field Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure" by Ingrid Burrington
Two pages from Networks of New York showing pavement markings for "Characteristics of a Duct" and "Companies"
Two pages from Networks of New York. The left page has the heading "Carrier Hotels and Data Centers: Architecture for the Internet", and the right page has a map of Manhattan with several datacenters marked.
A page from Networks of New York describing network connectivity in subways and depicting a ceiling-mounted antenna.
Adam Cook
1 week ago

@csnetprogrammer I really cannot understand how... between the so-called Bipartisan #Infrastructure Bill and the, ahem, Inflation Reduction Act (#IRA) how... how in the world... this route is not being planned as we speak.

And why new regional #rail projects are not seeing funding from that.

What an enormous miss if either:

- Local jurisdictions or the federal government (where applicable) are not aggressively pursuing it; or
- Neither bill had suitable allocations for this.

1 week ago

I cannot get enough of this.

#BuffaloNY #cycling #infrastructure

separated right of way for bikes at twilight
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 week ago

The Biden-Harris administration announced the $51 million Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Ride and Drive Electric funding opportunity to support the rapid transition to electrified transportation and catalyze private sector investments in clean transportation. Deadline for concept papers is June 16, 2023.

#ClimateAction #Energy #transit #Transportation #EVs #rural #CallForSubmissions #CleanEnergy #infrastructure #ElectricVehicles #funding #Biden

Blue background, index finger pointing at white lettering of a dollar sign and the word "funding."
1 week ago

Legislators steered more than $400M in federal dollars to build internet facilities in unconnected, largely rural communities across WA.

But some public entities struggled after private telecommunications companies intervened: #politics #broadband #infrastructure

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #21/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

‣ 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 #NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with #Facebook without consent
‣ ☁️ Severe Flaw in #Google Cloud's Cloud #SQL Service Exposed Confidential Data
‣ 🇨🇭 💰 US govt contractor #ABB confirms #ransomware attack, data theft
‣ 🦠 🤖 #Predator: Looking under the hood of Intellexa’s #Android spyware
‣ 🇦🇿 🇦🇲 Hacking in a war zone: #Pegasus #spyware in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
‣ 🦠 🎮 Dark Frost #Botnet Launches Devastating #DDoS Attacks on Gaming Industry
‣ 🇷🇺 🦠 Mysterious #malware designed to cripple industrial systems linked to #Russia
‣ 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 ‘Operation Magalenha’ targets credentials of 30 Portuguese #banks
‣ 🩹 #GitLab 'strongly recommends' patching max severity flaw ASAP
‣ 🇮🇷 🇮🇱 Iranian hackers use new #Moneybird ransomware to attack Israeli orgs
‣ 🇺🇦 Cyber Attacks Strike #Ukraine's State Bodies in Espionage Operation
‣ 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 Chinese state hackers infect critical infrastructure throughout the US and Guam
‣ 🐍 👨🏻‍⚖️ #PyPI was subpoenaed
‣ 🇰🇵 🦠 N. Korean #Lazarus Group Targets #Microsoft IIS Servers to Deploy Espionage Malware
‣ 🦠 🤖 Data Stealing Malware Discovered in Popular Android Screen Recorder App
‣ 🇩🇪 Arms maker Rheinmetall confirms #BlackBasta ransomware attack
‣ 🦠 New ‘GoldenJackal’ APT Targets Middle East, South Asia Governments
‣ 🇺🇸 🇰🇵 Treasury Department sanctions entities tied to North Korean IT scams, hacking
‣ 🇺🇸 📰 Cuba ransomware claims #cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer
‣ 🇺🇸 🏥 After ransomware attack, state’s second-largest health insurer says patient data stolen
‣ 🇯🇵 🇮🇳 🏍️ #Suzuki motorcycle plant shut down by cyber attack
‣ 🇺🇸 🪖 #Pentagon explosion hoax goes viral after verified #Twitter accounts push
‣ 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 #Meta Fined Record $1.3 Billion and Ordered to Stop Sending European User Data to US
‣ 🦠 🎬 Cloned #CapCut websites push information stealing malware
‣ 🇰🇷 🇺🇸 Warning: #Samsung Devices Under Attack! New Security Flaw Exposed
‣ 🍏 #Apple fixes three new zero-days exploited to hack iPhones, Macs

#hacking #cyber #cyberdefense #security #health #cloud #infrastructure #OT #ICS

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Cyber Defense Matrix: The Essential Guide to Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape" by Sounil Yu

Subscribe to the #newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every Sunday ⬇️

@SwiftOnSecurity EXACTLY!

Or even better: Having the need for a car is an #Infrastructure #failure because it means #PublicTransport is neither more #convenient nor #cheaper nor #accessible than a #car...

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

Build, baby, build.

"To get on the path to #NetZero, we must rebuild most of the physical energy #infrastructure of this country. And we need to do it with unprecedented speed.

It took us about 150 years from the days of Edison,Tesla, and Westinghouse to build today’s #grid. Now we have to double the grid’s electricity generation, using only new, clean resources, in just three decades."


If #hydrogen is the future for #greenenergy then 3 sets of #investment is required:

#renewable electricity to make the gas needs continuing investment in that #infrastructure;

electrolysers to split water into oxygen and hydrogen; costs here need to reduced;

build hydrogen's own distribution infrastructure.

FT/lex calculates that if we need 500mn tonnes of hydrogen to meet #netzero by 2050, the current rate of investment remains under 1% of what's needed;
this is what #COP28 should focus on!

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

After cutting Russian power imports, Finland struggled with producing enough energy and citizens had to restrict their use. They have transformed their system so much that they're having to reduce output from nuclear stations. They aim to have wind power as the primary means of production by 2027.

#GoodNews #Finland #Energy #Electricity #Infrastructure #Wind #Solar #Hydro #Renewable #Nuclear

#water.... the major issue of the new millennium:

in the UK we have a problem of #pollution compounded by leaks & dilapidated #infrastructure;

In southern #Europe the persistent #drought, caused by #climatechange & again compounded by leaks is about shortages of water;

periodically, across the world, suddenly there is too much water & #flooding ensues....

We need answers to these issue if we are to survive & let me tell you #privatised water provision is not going to deliver anything useful

Julien Deswaef :tw:
2 weeks ago

"Loud Men Talking Loudly: Exclusionary Cultures of Internet Governance"

Excellent research by @C__CS of internet governance cultures, their supposed openness and how they continue to benefit certain groups.

#Diversity #IETF #infrastructure #ResponsibleTech

3 weeks ago

Thread 1/…🪡

“Gov. Gavin #Newsom plans to unveil a sweeping package of legislation and sign an executive order Friday to make it easier to build transportation, clean energy, water and other #infrastructure across #California, a move intended to capitalize on an infusion of money from the Biden administration to boost climate-friendly construction projects.” #ClimateCrisis

Nicolas Lenz ❄️
3 weeks ago

One of those beautiful road junctions in #Dortmund that makes me angry everytime I cycle or walk past it.

It has a very long and wide-radius slip lane that sandwiches the bike lane, so cars don't have to get slower when turning. Great fun when cycling there, you'll get cut off by cars changing to the turning lane without looking properly or braking.

The pedestrian crossing over the slip lane is completely unprotected as well and has bad visibility. As the slip lane has a very wide radius, the turning cars approach at high speeds and you only see them quite late when trying to cross.

I think the highway-access-like layout of this junction was chosen because the Zillestraße, the street branching off here, was supposed to be an high-capacity access road to the Autobahn 44.

The A44 was originally planned to be built a little further south from this junction. You can guess the originally planned path for the Autobahn from the layout of the interchange Dortmund/Witten, that was clearly built to accomodate a future expansion.

Thankfully those plans were abandoned, and so this high-capacity junction is overkill for the actual car traffic here, while being dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians.

I hope the @stadtdortmund will at some point remove that slip lane and build proper bike lanes and pedestrian crossings.

#infrastructure #cycling #urbanism

A junction, with a wide-radius slip lane for turning right and a bike lane sandwiched between  the straight and turning lanes.
The beginning of a long turning lane, sandwiching a cycle lane between it.
The pedestrian crossing over the slip lane. There's no markings or anything on the road, the turn radius is wide and you can see the quickly approaching cars quite late.
An OpenStreetMap snippet, in the south west corner there is an expressway interchange that is built in a way that it could be extended to the north east. In the north east there's the junction from the other pictures.
Stuart Croall
4 weeks ago

The City of Winnipeg is working very hard to hide the truth about the claimed benefits of the proposed widening of Route 90.

Many of the claims run counter to general modern road design concepts, but even the city's own data contradicts the claims.

This post does a great job breaking the mythical claims down

#winnipeg #wpgpoli #infrastructure

Dezene Huber 🌻
4 weeks ago

This is the current fuel situation in #British #Columbia, via:

As per the linked tweet 🐦, anything red or above means easy #ignition.

#Alberta, directly to the east, is currently in the midst of a #record #fire #season. #BC has a week or so of >30ºC #temperatures ahead. Crews and #infrastructure in both provinces will be stretched to the limit before this week is over.

This is not a drill. Make wise decisions, everyone. Lives depend on it.


Map of BC with most of the province in shades of red or dark red (some orange or yellow). This forecast of the "fine fuel moisture code" means that virtually the entire province is under extreme threat of fire as ignition is very easy.
Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

Is Biden's infrastructure program bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal?

USA Today reports on "32,000 projects announced across 4,500 communities totaling $220 billion in planned spending."

#Biden #USPolitics #Infrastructure #Economy

Erin Whalen
1 month ago

Meanwhile, in micromobility news: France has announced plans to invest €2 billion over the next four years to promote cycling. One of their goals is to increase the total number of cycling paths in the country from 57,000 km to 80,000 km by 2027, and 100,000 km by 2030.

YES!! I hope Canada does something similar. More bikes, fewer cars please!

#sustainability #bikes #ebikes #transportation #micromobility #environment #future #infrastructure

Hey peeps, my team at #Oda is hiring! If you enjoy working with a variety of nerds and non-nerds in an inclusive and open culture and have some experience with #infrastructure engineering, click on the #job link! We're more into how you think than what stack you have experience with. You don't have to live in #Norway to apply.

#kubernetes #gke #swe #oslo #gcp

Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

Private flights have boomed since the pandemic. Beyond the environmental impact, are taxpayers picking up the tab for the public infrastructure cost?

CBS News reports:

#Airlines #Infrastructure #Airplanes

Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
1 month ago

What condition are #streets and #roads like where you are?

By this I mean every part you use from the pavement / sidewalk to fast highways/motorways - whether on foot, a cyclist, a driver, on wheelchairs or mobility scooters..

Is it just here in England where everything seems to be falling apart (holes everywhere, random debris), or are other countries also like this?

Feel free to reply (with your approximate location/region) and boost..


1 month ago

The FCC Is Supposed to Protect the Environment. It Doesn’t.

The agency is mandated to safeguard the #environment from damage caused by communication #infrastructure. But when companies want to add new cell phone towers, build on protected land or launch satellites, the agency typically does little or nothing.

#FCC #Pollution #Emissions #Regulation #Communication

1 month ago

The I-375 highway was built in the 1960s after Detroit razed Black Bottom, a Black neighborhood.

Now the city and state want to replace it with a boulevard to free $50 million of land. A project meeting to gather feedback from nearby residents drew mostly white attendees.

“They have to get Black people and Black businesses involved. If not, this project will just be a continuation of the deletion of our history.” #infrastructure #newsDET #urbanism

christina d-h
1 month ago

#OilBeach podcast alert! 🛢️ 🏖️ 🎧

Had a lovely conversation with Dave O'Brien about all (well, some) things #wildlife & #infrastructure for the #NewBooksNetwork:

#AnimalStudies #energy #Podcast #NewBooks #STS #EnvHist #California @geography

Kevin Russell
2 months ago


Worker safety has expired in countries our corporations use to drive wages down. In large part our biggest crises are caused by corporations working to avoid responsibility.

#Climate #oil #safety #wages #pollution #infrastructure

Updated my list of bike-related hashtags yet again. Added a new category for #BikeStyle tags, #Bikenomics for the work by Elly Blue and others to highlight economic benefits of bicycling, and more. This list is going to keep growing! #cycling #BikeTooter #BikeEverywhere #BikeMonth #bicycle #bikes #velo #BiciBus #SafeRoutes #infrastructure #transportation #BikeArt

No foul play is suspected in the US structure's collapse, which took place near Pace University in lower Manhattan.
Parking garage collapses in New York City, killing at least one
Bicycling Monterey
2 months ago

Questionnaire for #BikeMonth:

WHO: Wherever you live, and whether you’ve biked a little or a lot—or just want to, but something is holding you back—you are encouraged to respond to this #Bicycling #Monterey questionnaire. Tell us your ideas, opinions, or experiences.

If you formerly biked but have stopped, we want to hear from you too! The first respondents range in age from 12 to 54, and all ages are welcome.

WHY: Many things contribute to just how welcoming, pleasurable, convenient, and safe #biking is for a person, regardless of their age or ability. The combined responses will help raise awareness about the impacts, both positive and negative, of attitudes, behaviors, #infrastructure, and more on whether or not people #bike.

Heightened awareness is vital to bringing about positive changes—in individuals, institutions, and society at large!

Thank you.

#BikeTooter #BikeMonterey #BicyclingMonterey #MontereyCounty #BikeAdvocacy

Better Streets for NSW
2 months ago

New open access paper: Bikeability and the induced demand for cycling

> Using a large dataset of GPS trajectories of bicycle trips and fine-grained network data covering the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, this study finds a large effect of infrastructure provision on the volume of bicycle traffic.

By Mirosława Łukawska from @nerdsitu (ITU Copenhagen)

#bicycle #cycling #infrastructure #planning #paper #science #copenhagen #denmark #gps #study

Tom Resing
2 months ago

The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a great example of providing walkers, bikers, and others with a safe, easy way to travel from one part of a city to another.

This new bridge is an investment in health.

#BikeEverywhere #KirklandWA #Cycling #Infrastructure #CrossKirklandCorridor #Eastrail

A view of the new bridge under construction. The existing path now connects to a paved ramp onto the bridge. There are fences preventing entry to the bridge which is still receiving finishing touches like hand rails.
Tab Combs
2 months ago

Device #recommendations?

My #research team is going to be conducting field #surveys at busy intersections and we need to be able to show short videos on a #tablet. Surely there are some wizards out here who've done similar and can recommend sturdy, super-bright, low-cost tablets that'll get the job done?

(the AI-generated "best bright tablets for outdoor use" reviews are what you might expect from AI generated reviews)

Thanks in advance!

#transport #RoadSafety #BikeTooter #Infrastructure

A mandate to fill pot-holes, in every nation (that isn't America) around the globe. That sounds like US.
#infrastructure #NationBuilding

Elizabeth Neo
2 years ago

[Re. @SimonMarksFSN]
US facing fuel price increases after pipeline cyber attack reveals infrastructure vulnerabilities. My live report for @ChannelNewsAsia with @ElizabethNeoCNA 📻: #CyberAttack #pipeline #Biden #Infrastructure