18 hours ago

@doctormo 20 years is a really awesome anniversary. I use #inkscape often! It's my primary tool with all my coffee labels, in fact.

Martin Owens
1 day ago

Did you know it was #inkscape's 20 year anniversary this year?

I was trying to get the project to fund a nice video, or perhaps some tshirts. But no one seems very interested. In one way this is good as most contributors are hyper focused on the future and not very nostalgic about the past.

But some stickers would have been cool.

The date is in November, so one and a bit months away.

Do you think I should spend some time doing something without project funds?

1 day ago
A round pale yellow "button" with a blue ring on which is the statement "I got my flu shot" (phrase split in two parts, "I got my" at the top and "flu shot" at the bottom in white lettering.

Starting to learn me a bit of #inkscape. Mighty impressed by its capabilities!

Delta Wye
2 days ago

Starting to use #Inkscape a fun little special thing. I started using Adobe Illustrator for work stuff awhile back - the UI here is different, some things I prefer in Illustrator, BUT you absolutely cannot beat the price.

What’s ironic is I learned the basics of Bézier curves in a 3D program, Blender. So instead of learning 2D and going to 3D, I’m going from 3D to 2D!

So many #birds! 🐦‍🦉🦢🦅🪿 Who is your favourite?

Started this project over a year ago as a birthday present (it's a #jigsaw #puzzle! I didn't take any photos when we did it 🤦‍♀️) and now it's finally here!

Testing out #Society6 as an #printer with this one (and #CutePlanets), check it out:

#FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #Inkscape #nature #landscape #birding #crow #jackdaw #blackbird #naturelover #poster #artprint

A vector illustration of a landscape stuffed with (European) birds, there's probably 25 of them including crow, blue tit, jackdaw, seagull, owl and many more.
Detail of the illustration featuring a jay, a robin and a swan (and a house in the landscape).
Another detail with a swift, a crow and a kingfisher, all flying in the sky with clouds in the background.
Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
2 days ago

Die kunterbunten Icons von #duplicati waren mir bisher ein Dorn im Auge - aber mit einer dezenten #svg Überarbeitung via #inkscape @inkscape passt sich das großartige #foss #backup #tool neben #nextcloud @nextcloud & Co ideal an das #kde @kde #tray an! 🤤 💙

#linux und #opensource machen das möglich! 🥰 🎉

By the way muss ich an dieser Stelle gleich noch "Werbung" für den #splitscreen in #dolphin via F3 machen! 😀 👏

Splitscreen in Dolphin mit kunterbunten Duplicati-Icons links sowie dezente Icons mit weißen Linien und transparenter Füllung rechts
Martin Owens
2 days ago

When you watch videos of people making color separated printing plates so you can fill out #Inkscape's #silmarillion deep lore backstory so when you go to write the much more focused feature, it has that lived in-real world feeling to it. 😅

More work on the USS Budapest engineering during the weekend.

Added a glass panel at the center of the room, it'll display the EPS conduits all across the ship, similar to the TNG 'pool table'.

Also added more control panels at the back of the room and a door to a Jefferies junction at one side. Modeling is now mostly done, I just have to add some light fixtures on the ceiling and other bits.

#StarTrek #StarTrekFanArt #Blender #Inkscape #FOSS #MastoArt

3 days ago

I ran some #penplotterart tests on my @idrawpenplotter. I would really like to get a workflow with a brush going, but the simple ballpoint pen currently still works best. I might be able to work some magic with #blenderfreestyle to improve the brush look, though.
So far I tried workflows with #clipstudiopaint vector export, Clip Studio and #Inkscape image tracer, Inkscape tweening, a half finished model I made in blender a while ago and some #blendergeometrynodes magic.

Pen plot of three spheres. The first is barely there, the second has lots of gaps and the last is almost fully there.
pen plot of a geometrical border
messy open plot done with a silver brush. you can barely make out the design
pen plot of a weird looking 3D model of a church (something for one of my comics)
3 days ago


Happy GNUos 40th


GNUos 2023  poster
40 years of Software Freedom (bold)
followed by a sequence of 4 year steps
"GNU's not UNIX"
back to 1083  "Let's have Software Freedom" (White with black outline)

In the lower left corner is the GNU logo by Aurelio A. Heckert, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
3 days ago

Illustration for "The first voyage of James Cook" a free #LibriVox #audiobook

✏ Made with #Inkscape

Cover design for the audiobook The first voyage of James Cook. The illustration  has a brown and blue map for the background and a compass in the front.

Hello #FediFriends ^__^

Does anyone know if it's possible in #Inkscape, #Scribus or another #Linus #Foss #vector #design tool to link/embed a #PDF or #SVG?

I want to be able to change the original file and then have the linked one updated. Inkscape just imports all the layers directly if I'm not mistaken and I can neither get Inkscape nor Scribus adhere to cropping boxes in import.

Any #help is very much appreciated, merci ^__^

#AskFedi #Question #FediQuestion

Martin Owens
4 days ago

Very late #inkscape developer update video this week! Sorry about that. Text to glyphs, cms contemplations and stroke to path fixes.

I'm doing an outside shoot, which was a bit of a mixed bag result. I think the green looks great, but the sound and lighting are terrible. Next time more verity!

John Samuel
4 days ago

Some years ago, I embarked on a journey, capturing everyday objects through vector graphics. It might seem childlike, but this ongoing quest is a source of continuous learning and self-discovery for me.

The project involves creating digital drawings that breathe life into memories, using Inkscape to tell stories from the imperfect perspectives of daily life.

#Art #inkscape #OpenSource #DigitalArt #Drawing

Marc JESTIN 🕊️​
5 days ago

J'ai réussi à transformer manuellement un copier-coller d'un inspecteur web vers un #SVG lu correctement par #Inkscape.

Cela me comble de joie.

Rien d'exceptionnel, il suffit d'analyser la syntaxe, d'ajouter ce qui doit, de remplacer ce qui doit l'être par ce qu'il faut.

Vive les langages informatiques !

5 days ago

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies - #wordplay #wordies #idiom

Happy weekend from here, #puzzle fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around the puzzle frame.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: Two for same idiom

Created with the Free Software SVG editor #Inkscape

Wicked Wonderful Wordies
visual idiom puzzle

(Sometimes it helps you to to see a wordie done in more than one form...but for the same idiom.)

Left version: Large word "often" above small word "not"

Right version:  the word "often" shown three times above the word "not" shown two times.
Ain Tohvri
6 days ago

@nasser yes, I can connect to that sentiment. Years ago, and with extensive Adobe Illustrator background, I found #Inkscape extremely clumsy to work with.

6 days ago

@BlackAzizAnansi So hard to pick one let's see if I can go down the priority list

- #GIMP -
- #Inkscape -
- #Aegisub -
- #calibre -
- #qBittorrent -
- #ShareX -
- #OBS -

Took me 20 minutes just to trim it down to this. It could easily be 3x as long.


Hunter Roge
1 week ago

It's Spooky time #inkscape

aaaaand done!

#heckWeasel is our make-website-thingy... a static website compiler (ty @actualcassomary )

yah i guess #Aldercone was a software making thingy before I was ready to admit it lolol *cries*

#transSoftware #FOSS #inkscape #vectorArt #heckinTech

a fisher weasel icon, white with black details, including an 8 pointed compass type star on her forehead. Behind her is a pink octogram woven around a cyan cicle. In a very metal font beneath the icon is HECKWEASEL, in a pink to white to cyan gradient
Oliver Smith
1 week ago

No matter how good AI image generators get, don't think I'll ever get tired of playing around with all the amazing features in @inkscape 😻

Made 3 new shirts ft. :postmarketos: / 🐧 / 🏳️‍🌈 for:

#postmarketos #inkscape #art #freesoftware #linuxmobile

The postmarketOS logo on top of a bunch of phones, displaying various UIs.
A penguin wearing sunglasses. One of the glasses has a small postmarketOS logo. The background says "postmarketOS" in what looks a bit like hard to read graffiti font. And to make sure you really don't miss what this shirt is about, below the penguin it also says "postmarketOS" next to the postmarketOS logo.
The postmarketOS logo in the middle of a circle, below the logo is the rainbow pride flag. Around the circle is text saying "postmarketOS", "All Creatures Welcome", "Good Vibes And Mainline Linux"

Now to pick the one that is best... I think maybe the middle one?? I like the one on the left a whole bunch too!! What do y'all think?

#FOSS #transSoftware #Aldercone #vectorArt #Inkscape

three versions of the heckweasel icon! It has a simple drawing of a fisher weasel with a stellated 8 pointed star on her forehead, and behind her is various octograms that are all trans colours. One is a bright pink octogram with a cyan circle woven into it. One is a brought pick octogram layered with a cyan octogram. The third is a bright pink octogram that has a fill colour of cyan. Oh and the HECKWEASEL in a metal font is trans colours too! The letters are a gradient from pink to white to cyan.

not done but you see where i'm going with this!

#inkscape #iconography #vectorArt #aldercone #heckweasel

screenie of Inkscape. on the left is HECKWEASEL written in various sorta "metal" fonts, on the right is a fisher weasel in simple black and white, its mouth open with big bottom fangs showing, and it is over an octogram that fits in a square
1 week ago

#Inkscape recently. #Thunderbird, as usual. I also find #Krita quite fascinating.

Here's a project I started more than a year ago, but I could never settle on the layout and dropped for a long while. Now I'm finally getting into it properly: main engineering for the USS Budapest (more on the ship here:

As you can see the style is very much Voyager's, but it's smaller with a lot less stations, and in only one level.

#StarTrek #StarTrekFanArt #Blender #Inkscape #MastoArt #FOSS

1 week ago

The last updates of #Inkscape almost doubled my productivity with it. I am really impressed by how good this software is becoming!

I had a similar feeling with #Blender a while ago. Those are excellent examples of truly awesome #freesoftware.

Puplaroid 👾💿
1 week ago

Another older Rascal the Numbat artwork. :blobfoxmlem:​

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Inkscape #PuplaroidArt

Digital vector artwork of a young furry numbat character. He is smiling, wearing black sunglasses, a three shark teeth shark necklace, red swimming shorts with white tropical leave patterns, and black flip-flops, with a white paw sole design beneath it. He's holding a red and white ring swim floater.
Martin Owens
1 week ago

Wild #inkscape found! This is from S01E04m31 of BET/Paramount's TV show "Average Joe".

At least it's being used in a heart warming mother-daughter scene about hope for the future and not... what appears to be a lot of men pointing guns at each other in the rest of the show. 😅

I love to see #FOSS in culture. It's important for our ideas about software freedom to make it out of our nerdsphere in order to make an impact on the world.

A frame from a TV show.

A person is at a laptop in a cosy bedroom at night, there's a desk lamp on next to it.

On the screen is an Inkscape window with a graphic design that says "JOE Washington Plumbing & Heating"

More progress on the USS Yeager ready room. I think this is now finished, except for a painting of the ship on the wall which I'm having commissioned and that will take a while to be done.

#StarTrek #StarTrekFanArt #Blender #Inkscape #MastoArt #FOSS

A small office style room, with a desk on one side with two chairs opposite each other. There's another chair on a corner. There's one entrance, opposite of which are a pair of windows looking out into space.
A small office style room, with a desk on one side with two chairs opposite each other. There's another chair on a corner. There's one entrance, opposite of which are a pair of windows looking out into space.
A small office style room, with a desk on one side with two chairs opposite each other. There's another chair on a corner. There's one entrance, opposite of which are a pair of windows looking out into space.
1 week ago

Recently dedicated some time to learning #inkscape. Man, is it powerful!

An obvious use case for it is creating small icons, and I've done that.

But an underappreciated aspect if how programming-like you can make larger projects.

When coding, you reference and re-use functions in different places. In Inkscape, you can create clones of objects, use these objects as masks, or reference color swatches.

I can set up an entire design with dozens of element that I can recolor with just one click.

Iago Andrade
1 week ago

@SurpriZe Unfortunately I can't help you much with that.. since I am still stuck in my old career while I try to find my first roles in programming =/
I can share some of the tips I received myself, but they're just general tips really. The first one that comes to mind (and one that I unfortunately can't make use of) is to be enrolled in a course that allows you to take internships, since at least here in Brazil you need to be inside an university or something similar to be able to take those.
Another one that I am actually trying to do is to complete any small project, even if it is a web page for yourself, because it can be used as a way to show what you can already accomplish, and serves as a portfolio.
I also want to start getting some hands-on experience by contributing to opensource projects like #inkscape, but I am having trouble finding time to put into that because of my current full time job, but if you have some free time, that may be very interesting too (what could be better than helping the community *and* getting some activity in your github/gitlab).
Wish I could help more, but wish you good luck with this journey (and if you find other good tips, feel free to share them too haha)

Puplaroid 👾💿
1 week ago

A art style experiment I did back in last year. :blobfoxthinking:​

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Inkscape #PuplaroidArt

Digital lineless vector art of a furry wolf character. He is smiling, looking at the viewer. He's drawn in a very stylized way, with mostly geometric and sharp edges.
Puplaroid 👾💿
1 week ago

A artwork of Rascal the Numbat's early design, I have yet to finish his newer redesign though... :blobfoxthink:​

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Inkscape #PuplaroidArt

Digital lineless vector artwork of a young furry numbat character. He is smiling at the viewer. He's wearing red swimming shorts with tropical leaves patterns in it, a necklace with three shark teeth, and grayish blue and white sneakers. Behind him there's a abstract background.
Puplaroid 👾💿
1 week ago

A drawing I made for a friend as a thank you for his friendship and support. 🦝 :blobfoxheart:​

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Vector #Inkscape #ArtWithOpenSource #PuplaroidArt

Digital vector artwork of a cute furry piñata raccoon. He is looking towards the viewer. Behind him there's a abstract stripped background.
Martin Owens
1 week ago

#inkscape UX Question: When you use the "lock guides" option (or button), do you expect it to stop you moving existing guide lines, or also stop you from creating new guidelines?

Most programmers think it should stop you making new guidelines and a fix is prepared by new contributor Pete Eigel; but Mikekov isn't convinced by the solution.

Rather than this being a purely PvP discussion (programmer vs. programmer). What do you think?

Puplaroid 👾💿
1 week ago

Starting my posts here, I thought about sharing my main fursona, Puplaroid! 🐶 :blobfoxcomfy:​

#MastoArt #Furry #FurryArt #Inkscape #Vector #PuplaroidArt

Digital vector drawing of a cartoony furry small Beagle dog. He is smiling and looking at the viewer. He's wearing a green beanie, a green sweater and round glasses.
1 week ago

#inkscape autosave just saved me a lot of headache.
Very glad it's on by default!

1 week ago

The logo and all materials for this event were designed using #FLOSS tools: #Scribus, #Inkscape, and #Krita. So if you weren't sure whether you can do professional print work with FLOSS tools, you can; I do it all the time! #graphicdesign #print

A printed program showing white text on top of a bright blue background.
The cover of a printed program with a combination mark logo saying "Launchpad" on a light background of clouds.
metallcorn 🐧
1 week ago

Поробовал #Karbon вместо #Inkscape порисовать в векторе... и что-то не смог. Не смотря на то, что пользуюсь я тремя с половиной функциями, которые в карбоне точно есть. Что-то пока не понимаю как интерфейс устроен..

Хотя что это я.. интерфейс Inkscape это эталон лабиринтов

Marcel Waldvogel
1 week ago

@puniko @adfichter Ja, habe den "silbernen" Rand halbtransparent über die Stange gelegt, weil ich keinen echten 3D-Effekt hinzuzuziehen wollte. (Sind alles lineare Farbverläufe aus #Inkscape).

Muss scheinbar das nächste Mal doch auf #Blender upgraden. Aber nur für dich 😇

Run #Inkscape. We now need to turn every picture into a bitmap and separate the outline from the embossed foreground.
I'll only use the Path menu. I don't know what the others do and I have a vague idea about what a path is.
1.) Trace bitmap then remove the original bitmap.
2.) Simplify path. Without this the rendering would be way too long and it also removes some artifacts.
3.) This is a good chance to remove remaining artifacts and fix issues.
4.) Duplicate the path. The duplicate will serve as an outline. If it's not closed, connect the open parts so that the picture can be filled in.
5.) Fill between paths. Then merge ("union") the duplicate and the outline.
6.) Rename the paths so that we'll be able to identify them when separating. I also change the color and transparency of the outline as a visual aid. (5/10)

2 weeks ago

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies - #wordplay #wordies #idiom

Happy weekend from here, #puzzle fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around the puzzle frame.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: no plan

Created with the Free Software SVG editor #Inkscape

Wicked Wonderful Wordies
a visual idiom puzzle

in the center of the frame, the word "the" and centered right  on top of it, the word "fly".

Made 3d-printed necklaces from hand drawn pictures. These are prototypes, the idea is to get the procedure right and then use children's drawing.

Used #GIMP, #Inkscape and #OpenSCAD. I'm no good at either of these tools, so there's a #Perl script that does things I couldn't figure via trial and error. But I think it turned out okay.

Blue 3d-printed silhouettes of hand-drawn cat, pig and a sheep with white contours. They're placed next to a paper with original drawings in black ink.
Blue 3d-printed silhouettes of hand-drawn cat, pig and a sheep with white contours. They're placed on a paper with original drawings in black ink.
Martin Owens
2 weeks ago

This week's :inkscape: #inkscape update video is out and contains a new camera angle 😉 , also lots of exciting updates about colour managed output in Inkscape including cmyk jpeg/tiffs, soft-proofing display mode and putting those raster images into pdfs. Come check it out:

Big thanks to all my sponsors. ❤️
Please re-share to reach more people. :cc_sa:

Paul Flo Williams
2 weeks ago

Diagramming would be an utter pain without the myriad of snapping and alignment options available in #Inkscape.

A diagram being drawn in Inkscape, with a pop-up showing the snapping options. The diagram features multiple cut-throughs on an outline for arrows to pass through.
Snowflake 🥶
2 weeks ago

#Comic Freund*innen aufgepasst.

Kennt ihr eigentlich schon
David ist ein großartiger Künstler und Comiczeichner der sich ganz und gar
#FOSS / #FLOSS verschrieben hat.
#WebComics erstellt er mit #Krita, #Inkscape #Blender etc. und sie sind gratis auf seiner Webseite in 67 Sprachen zu genießen.
Die Abenteuer von "Pepper & Carrot" können nicht nur Kinder begeistern, versprochen

Schaut es euch an und lasst euch begeistern. Wenn es euch gefällt, lasst liebe und vielleicht eine Spende da, denn dadurch finanziert er sich und seinen Comic.

Gerne dürft ihr den Beitrag auch boosten

#kunst #Zeichnen #Malen #DigitalesMalen #DigitalesZeichnen #DigitaleKunst #WebComic

2 weeks ago

Schnell noch anmelden für die letzten freien #Workshop-Plätze für
#Gimp, #Ansible, #Proxmox, #Inkscape, #Inkstitch und #Mautic morgen in #Kiel!

Rachel Rawlings
2 weeks ago

The #WebP buffer overflow bug that caused all the major browsers to issue patches earlier this week (e.g. #Firefox 117.0.1) also affects applications built with Electron. #1Password issued an update today for their Mac build.

The CVE affects the underlying webp library, not just web browsers, so this will be an ongoing issue.


"Who uses #libwebp?
"There are a lot of applications that use libwebp to render WebP images, I already mentioned a few of them, but some of the others that I know include: #Affinity (the design software), #Gimp, #Inkscape, #LibreOffice, #Telegram, #Thunderbird (now patched), #ffmpeg, and many, many #Android applications as well as cross-platform apps built with #Flutter."

Walt Wooton
2 weeks ago

@ChrisHardie Some industry group should fund a study of what it would take to make #Scribus, #GIMP, and #Inkscape ready for newspaper usage, and then fund a bounty for coders to pursue those issues. #FOSS

2 weeks ago

We are gushing from all the love, dear users!

#Inkscape 1.3 has surpassed the one million mark!

We ❤ you and your support for our free #libre and #opensource software!

Screenshot of the Inkscape download web page, with over 1000000 downloads from our site alone.

During the weekend I started work on a small ready room for the USS Yeager (see here for info on that ship

Given the small size, the room itself is mostly done, I just need to add decorations and props all around

#StarTrek #StarTrekFanArt #Blender #Inkscape #MastoArt #FOSS

A small office style room, with a desk on one side with two chairs opposite each other. There's another chair on a corner. There's one entrance, opposite of which are a pair of windows looking out into space.
A small office style room, with a desk on one side with two chairs opposite each other. There's another chair on a corner. There's one entrance, opposite of which are a pair of windows looking out into space.
Martin Owens
2 weeks ago

I knot it's not much yet, but I'm quite excited about this Color Managed #Inkscape redesign. It's all functional and a bunch of assumptions are all made sane so you can actually use Inkscape to Color Proof your document in a DeviceCMYK profile before exporting to PDF, TIFF or JPEG in an actual CMYK profile.

I'll talk more about this in this weeks update video. But perhaps this will wet your anticipation.

My work can be supported on Patreon:

Inkscape CMYK color proofing design for 1.4. It shows a preferences dialog with Color management and a Display properties popup to the right with some new functional buttons.
3 weeks ago

Another wee #map, this time showing the Outer Hebrides, the Western Isles of #Scotland.

Made with #QGIS and #Inkscape with a helping hand from #OpenStreetMap

I had a lot of fun with this one. Hope you like!

#mapmaking #Hebrides #WesternIsles #cartography #maps

A map showing the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It's made somewhat in a fantasy style, with a parchment paper effect in the background. There is text to the left of the islands reading... 

"The Western Isles, also known as the Outer Hebrides, lie off the north-west coast of Scotland. Comprising over 65 substantial islands, and many smaller islets, the chain stretches for around 130 miles in length. There are around 15 inhabited islands, with the majory of the Hebrides' 27,000 population living on Lewis and Harris. Stornoway is the largest settlement with around 8000 residents. The islands' culture streches back thousands of years with the standing stones at Callanish, dating from 3000BC, a famous example of their ancient history. The majority of Scotland's Gaelic speakers reside in the Hebridean islands."

At the bottom right is the title of the map along with the Western Isles flag which shows three Viking-like ships on a yellow background.
3 weeks ago

Please join us in appreciation as we award mrks9 with #Inkscape #ArtistOfTheMonth for his innovative line drawing 🎇 !

If you would like to take part in next month's AOTM contest, please upload your artwork to our website gallery before the end of this month.

Banner announcing September's artist of the month, mrks9. The graphic contains a line drawing of a nature scene.
Albert Cardona
3 weeks ago

If you are drafting figures for a scientific paper or presentation, remember that exists: a repository of free SVG cartoons for science.

#SciDraw is supported by the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre.

All content on SciDraw is shared under creative commons license (CC-BY) unless stated otherwise.

#inkscape #SVG #science

3 weeks ago

Sometimes I draw #audiobook covers for #LibriVox, a public domain project where you can listen and download (mostly) old books read by volunteers.

All my covers are made with #inkscape and .svg are available on the #internetarchive

This time I decided to draw a #sheep and use gradients despite not being very comfortable with them 🙈 The audiobook is "Catalogs to sleep by" a collection of texts aimed at helping you.. to #sleep! 💤


Audiobook cover for "Catalogs to sleep by" on Librivox. A collection of texts to help people sleeping well. The drawing raffigures a sheep with some stars and a light bulb. Orange and purple are the main colors.
4 weeks ago

Dafuq is there any plausible reason for #Inkscape to NOT select everything when I'm hitting "Ctrl+A"? It's duely ignoring two multi-line text fields 🤔

Martin Owens
4 weeks ago

This week's #inkscape video is out! A bit late, sorry about that it's been hectic at home, back to school season is always busy round here:

More PDF work, more crash fixes!

Bonne nouvelle !
Mes formations peuvent être financées par Pôle emploi !

* Retouche d'images avec #GIMP
* Mise en page avec #Scribus
* Montage vidéo avec #Shotcut

Me reste plus qu'à enregistrer celle sur #Inkscape, puis #SynfigStudio quand j'aurai écris un programme…

#formation #logiciellibre