Skeleshin (Sanshin)
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Inktober 2023 Day 2: Spider
Lucy as a Spider Queen.
Luan pranking Leni.
and Jake being a Spider, normal magic dog things.

#inktober2023 #Inktober #inktober2023day2 #LucyLoud #Jakethedog #LeniLoud #LuanLoud #adventuretimefanart #loudhousefanart #inkdrawing

Today's #inktober is just head empty 👍

a featureless angel with a transparent head and hands in a praying gesture
it's kat!
7 minutes ago

bohemian living isn’t always the healthiest & kiki ended her life in 1953 by collapsing on the pavement outside her flat - &, with that, tsuguharu foujita proclaimed the glory days of montparnasse to have died along with their queen. kiki proved that women can thrive on their own terms: with a bit of art, an onion, some bread & some red.
#kikiDeMontparnasse #inktober #tsuguharuFoujita #paris #france #illustration #art

it's kat!
9 minutes ago

she’d been painting her own canvases, anyway, so had a wildly successful exhibition of her own & was still in demand by paris creatives who had crowned her ‘queen of montparnasse’ by the time she was 28. 1929 was also the year that her autobiography was published. ernest hemingway wrote its introduction, but that didn’t spare it being banned by the US government.
#kikiDeMontparnasse #inktober #paris #ernestHemingway #illustration

it's kat!
11 minutes ago

running with the cool kids meant the muse needed a suitable moniker. she chose kiki - &, as she’d carved her niche deep in the 14th arrondissement, it was only natural that she added ‘de montparnasse’ as her new surname. six years with man ray did not tame her & kiki probably didn’t flinch much when he dumped her for lee miller. after all, alice was nothing if not resourceful.
#inktober #kikiDeMontparnasse #manRay #leeMiller #art

it's kat!
13 minutes ago

it helped that alice prin was unconventionally & extraordinarily easy on the eye. when, at the age of twelve, she broke free from the grandmother who’d barely managed to drag her up, alice fled to paris to live with her mother. it was an arrangement that didn’t last & alice almost immediately fell in with the artists of montparnasse. she began posing (sometimes nude) for photographers, painters & film directors.
#france #paris #inktober #kikiDeMontparnasse #illustration

Your Pal Cal
14 minutes ago

Catching up on #Inktober, here is day one, DREAM. #myart #inktober2023

A hand-drawn scene featuring a flaming scroll, surrounded by three small fireballs. It has various arcane sigils and glyphs across it, with a large eye-like symbol in the center. To the right of the scroll, a cross-shaped tombstone with vines and roots growing from it. Another sigil hovers in the air above the marker.
14 minutes ago

A spider graveyard for this #inktober prompt.

I am so proud to report that in the past couple of weeks I saved 4 spiders by trapping them under a glass and bringing them outside. But I'm not at home and while still gross, they were not the giant house spider type. If they were and invaded my home, they would most likley end up in the vacuum. I am by no means proud of this. But the other choice would be burning down the house and it's not mine, so there.

Black and white drawing of a vacuum cleaner with a big christian cross on the front.
it's kat!
16 minutes ago

#inktober #art #history:
‘all i need is an onion, a bit of bread & a bottle of red…& i will always find someone to offer me that.’
day two of inktober is perfect for alice prin - better known as kiki de montparnasse - as it's her anniversaire. if you want to know more about the muse (& WHY WOULDN'T YOU?), you can read more in the posts to follow.
#montparnasse #paris #kikiDeMontparnasse #ink #illustration

illustration of french artist, muse & model, kiki de montparnasse, that i drew with digital ink in stark black. the word, 'kiki', is above her head in stretched uppercase letters. she wears a head scarf & her shoulders are bare. an abstract shadow sits behind her.
illustration in black digital ink that i drew of french artist, muse & model, kiki de montpanasse. she wears a head scarf & her shoulders are bare. around her head is an abstract design of deco triangles.
loude 💫
17 minutes ago

No. 2 is a redstart!

#Inktober #MastoArt

Ink drawing of a redstart, painted with blue and a contrasting orange.
24 minutes ago

Und Tag 2: Spiders gleich hinterher... #inktober

Gezeichnetes Bilder von einem Holzbalken über dem ein Spinnennetz gespannt ost und unter dem eine Spinne baumelt
Hulver 🌱
29 minutes ago

02 • Cat & Autumn 🍂

#inktober #inktober2023

35 minutes ago

Écrite comme une géométrie sacrée
Dans l'équilibre des cieux marbrés,
Les vagues chantent la lente fortune
D'une Circé titanesque tissant sous la lune.
Nous, étendues sous les lumières blêmes,
Nous contemplons, oh, peut-être le millième
De ces jours sortis d'une nuit blanche,
Baignant dans le vin jusqu'aux hanches,
C'est une toile extatique, extasiée
Qui assied l'hégémonie d'une araignée
Attendrie, attendue et tendue,
Tissant, bien sûr, nos amours éperdues.

#inktober #poesie #potober

38 minutes ago

Plein d'énergie et de courage à tous ceux qui font le #inktober parce que whaou 😍 et re whaou 🤩.

40 minutes ago

2/31 La conductora del autobús de la zona, una troll muy bien plantada, se ha parado a recogerme. Me ha dicho que me hacía el favor porque total, tenía que parar a fumar.

#tintubre #inktober #inktober2023 #villacolmillo

Dibujo en blanco y negro de una troll con uniforme de conductora de autobús, arremangada y con tatuajes en los antebrazos, subiendo una maleta al maletero de un bus con una sola mano, mientras la protagonista mira desde la ventana del bus.
Detalle del anterior dibujo, apoyado sobre una mesa con las herramientas utilizadas (plumilla, rotulador, tinta china)
Detalle del dibujo con zoom en la cara de la protagonista, que apoya las manos en el cristal muy contenta
41 minutes ago

Day 2 of #Arttrober is Shiva from #FinalFantasy, specifically the FF16 incarnation.

I was a fan of Final Fantasy, but my interest seemed to peter out sometime around FF13. It may have been due to not having a PS3, but I confess to not feeling any excitement about FF15 or 16 either on release. Perhaps the magic was gone for me?

This drawing is a bit rougher than yesterday's, because I need to actually do one of these a day for a month.

#inktober #drawtober #mastoart #procreate #gaming

A drawing of the summonable character Shiva from Final Fantasy 16, a kind of ice elemental lady. She'd drawn looking at the viewer, her cloaks (?) billowing out behind her.
Layla H.
41 minutes ago

since it's day two of #inktober already, here are my sketches for their favorite outfits.

gary would never admit to it, but he likes dressing like a potato because it's so comfy.

#inktober #oc_tober #furryart #anthroart

drawing of an anthro cat in a yellow sundress
drawing of an anthro pine marten in a washed out ugly band shirt that says "blap sabbap". he is pinching the neckline and saying "the holes are for aerodynamics!"
Monsieur G
42 minutes ago
Inktober 2023 - jour 2
Un garçon tape avec beaucoup d’énergie une piñata bourriquet et des araignées en jaillissent
Layla H.
45 minutes ago

well i totally missed september turning into october this weekend. but good thing i had already ordered a very tiny sketchbook just for #inktober months ago!

here's the theme i picked. i feel like being self-indulgent with my OCs pris and gary this month.

all sketches done with micron and copics. no effort, just good vibes :blobcatpizza:​

#furryart #anthroart #inktober #oc_tober #fediart

o-c-inktober sheet with a theme for each day
photo of a tiny sketchbook with a wave pattern on it and a black micron pen next to it
drawing of an anthropomorphic cat sitting and hugging her knees
drawing of an anthropomorphic pinemarten in a leather jacket, sitting somewhere and holding a cigarette
47 minutes ago

Es ist wieder #inktober \o/ Und ich starte direkt mal verspätet... Tag 1: Dream

Gezeichnetes Bild einer liegenden, träumenden Frau
Cats Who Draw
50 minutes ago

since it's #inktober should I get a new tattoo? :blobfoxlaughsweat:

58 minutes ago

Avec un jour de retard, mais j'avais fortement envie de tenter l'expérience.

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1 hour ago

Voici ma version allégée de l'Inktober... Bienvenue dans le Eauctober !

#artchallenge #inktober #eauctober #eauctober2023

1 hour ago

October means #drawingchallenge
There are a lot of them born in the wake of the famous #inktober

I decided to try to follow this one which seems quite simple and funny ...don't know if I'll be able to do it all but in the meantime I'll start
- uhmm... maybe I'm a bit of a masochist... ;) :P -

This is the first entry, while the second is already online on #patreon

#bodypositive #digitaldrawing

1 hour ago

Langes Wochenende und direkt das Datum verrafft - das bin ich <3

Habe mich spontan entschieden beim #Inktober mitzumachen und da ich jetzt eh einen Tag zu spät bin und "Spiders" für mich ein No-Go ist... gibt es heute Prompt 1 "Dreams".
Ich bin absolut eingerostet, aber vielleicht komme ich so ja wieder rein. Nehme gerne Tipps an - bin absolut unvorbereitet XD

Jedenfalls heute der Traum jedes 90er/00er Kindes. Freue mich, falls es wem gefällt!
#mastoart #art

Liner/ Tusche Zeichnung eines schlafenden Jungen im unteren Bildabschnitt. Oben ist eine Traumblase zu sehen, in der verschiedene Charaktere und Gegenstände aus Animes der 00er Jahre zu sehen sind.
1 hour ago
boy in spiderman costume signs a spider to bite him
1 hour ago

Take care, … no, TAKE CARE when playing with Inkjet refills. And don't ever make color bombs with it. Don't ever fill it up into vaping liquid bottles. Please use gloves. #inktober

cloud shaped inkblot on dotted paper.
Ged Maheux
1 hour ago

This one was fun! A smidge of Morticia, a dash of Aracnia, and a pinch of the Queen of Hearts. 🕷️

Day 2: Spiders

#Inktober #HumanArt #LineaSketch

The stylized, black and white, drawing of a Gothic woman, being framed by spiderwebs on either side of her, holding a red rose
The official prompt list of October 2023 with Day 2: Spiders crossed out by… Spiders
1 hour ago


*** 𝕀ℕ𝕂𝕋𝕆𝔹𝔼ℝ_𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟛_𝟘𝟚 ***

Create with PROCRATE on October 2, 2023 👨‍🎨😁👍

Créer avec PROCRATE le 2 octobre 2023 👨‍🎨😁👍

#inktober2023 #inktober52 #inktober

Bastian Melnyk
2 hours ago

#Inktober 02: Spiders
Und schon werde ich untreu, zeichne statt diversen Spinne nur eine einzige. Und dann auch noch ohne Netz. Aber dafür bunt und mit nem Fäkalwitz. Wie sich das gehört.

2 hours ago

*** 𝔻ℝ𝔼𝔸𝕄 - ℝ𝔼̂𝕍𝔼 ***

*** 𝕀ℕ𝕂𝕋𝕆𝔹𝔼ℝ_𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟛_𝟘𝟙 ***

Create with PROCRATE on October 1, 2023 👨‍🎨😁👍

Créer avec PROCRATE le 1 er octobre 2023 👨‍🎨😁👍

#inktober2023 #inktober52 #inktober

2 hours ago

Another comic lineart in place of #inktober. This one is from the first chapter of Night Bloom and an important moment in Shefali’s development. I still quite like her expression here.

#comics #inktober2023 #originalcharacter #MastoArt

Lineart that shows a pretty woman with long braided hair. She looks rather serious and pensive.

Today's #SciArtInktober prompt is "flagellum", so I decided to draw an imaginary microscopic sample.

#ink #drawing #art #SciArt #inktober

Abstract generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern looks a bit like bacteria with flagellum under a microscope.
2 hours ago

Inktober 2023, already a day late.
Here is the skeleton that haunted my nightmares when I was young. Soberly named "The terrifying Mister Nightmare". Lol


#inktober2023 #inktober #dream #inktoberday1 #inktober1

2 hours ago

If you're curious how yesterday's #inktober got made, you can watch the time-lapse at YouTube, here:

#drawing #illustration #cartoon #art #digitalart #procreate #ipadpro #mastoart #fediart #timelapse

2 hours ago

Habe mich heute entschlossen, doch noch am Inktober 2023 mitzumachen. Und so fliege ich, mit hoffentlich vollem Koffer, dem Traum hintennach…
@Inktober Day 1, Dream

#inktober #inktober2023 #inktober2023day1

Eine Person fliegt auf einem Koffer durch Wolken. Sie hat die rchte Hand asugstreckt und zeigt auf das Wort "Dream".

02 - Cannon cottage

#inktober #inktoberWorlds

Une main qui tient une illustration à l'encre noir et à l'aquarelle. L'illustration représente une petite maison de campagne avec des végétaux autour.
Pat McIlroy
3 hours ago

Inktober Day 02: “Spiders”

Here’s the second piece. Be sure to check out yesterday’s and follow along for the month!

#inktober #inktober2023 #spiders #spookyseason

A ink drawing of a spider with a long dramatic shadow.
Kathaja Krim
3 hours ago

#Inktober - Spiders.
To everyone who expected me to NOT draw my favorite spider boy... pffah! No way 😆🤍

This is #Zhaikes with his various extra-limbs. Random fact: Only a few people of his species (the #ZhorKhat) have them - 4 big ones on the back and 4 small ones on the head. They are part of a genetic "mutation" and come with fancy skills.

#inktober2023 #art #alien #MastoArt #CreativeToots #SciFi

A drawing of an alien person with four big extra-limbs on his back which remind of thick spider legs. There are also four smaller and much thinner "spider-limbs" on his head - two pointing forward and two backwards.
3 hours ago

The coolest spider gang :)

#Inktober Day#02 : Spiders.

A selfie of Gwen, Peni and Miles from the spiderverse.

I missed the first day but I decided to participate on #Inktober and see what's up, day 2: #spiders

#InkDrawing #Inktober2023

A spider
3 hours ago

Hi there!
Despite having a hard day I managed to draw another #inktober #art prompt. Today's prompt is: #Path. The #drawing did not come out exactly as wanted, but I'm still quite content with the result. #inktober2023

An anthropomorphic cat following a path to a pagoda located uphill.
4 hours ago

I can't draw every day, but I'll do some prompts from #peachtober23 over on instagram this month! Today: Bee.

#inktober #mastoart

a paint marker drawing of bees around a flower. they are taking bites out of it and licking it.
Tyler Sticka
4 hours ago

I love deep sea documentaries… angler fish are almost normal in comparison to most of the stuff down there. Fun to draw, though!

#inktober #inktober2023 #MastoArt #AnglerFish

A cartoonishly menacing angler fish attracts a smaller fish to its luminescent lure.
4 hours ago
multiple people connected via cables, reaching towards the wi-fi icon with antenna hands
Jencel Panic
5 hours ago

Ah, I almost forgot about #inktober this year, starting to draw immediately, as I am one day late

rhizomatic arcade
5 hours ago
A sketchy drawing of a tree without leaves growing in a railroad track. It's black and white, and drawn digitally with a "gel point" brush.
Bryan Hansel
5 hours ago
An ink sketch of a bike crankset spider area. It's within a sketched box there's blue at the top green at the bottom. Below the sketch it says day two spider inktober
Andy Wallace
6 hours ago

Here's my sketch for #inktoberday2

This one uses five colors, distributed in random patterns for each hex.

I'm trading these sketches for donations to Coalition for the Homeless. Scroll up in the thread for info!

#inktober #inktober2023 #plotter

Day 2 of #Inktober , SPIDER is the topic, our little friend is having a hard time ! #gophers #golang #inktober2023day2

Benjamin Becquet
7 hours ago

Diving bell spider (Argyroneta aquatica, Argyronète in French).
The only spider living totally underwater, by keeping air bubbles in silk nets and bringing smaller bubbles around their abdomen when swimming.

2 - Spiders (yes I totally ignored this plural)
#inktober #inktober2023

Pen and ink picture of a diving bell spider, next to its air bubble.

#Inktober2023 - #Day1 : #dream / #rêve

Ho, non ! Des rêves s'abattent sur la petite sorcière et terrifient ses amis les monstres démoniaque !

#Inktober #Sorcière #Sorceress #Licorne #Fée #rabbit #Demoniac #Insomnia #cute #mignon

Une petite sorcière dort mal car des rêves de créatures mignonnes et d'arc-en-ciel s'abattent sur elle !

Ses amis monstres sont terrifiés et se cachent dans sa chambre.
Firehorseart lives!
8 hours ago

My ink illustration of Dream (from the Sandman comics) and Death seems to qualify for the first Inktober prompt.

In this picture, Dream and Death are standing in a dreamlike landscape that references two artworks by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch: The Scream, 1893 and Madonna, 1895/1902.

My artwork was created for an annual independent comics event in Oxford called Caption.

#art #Inktober #Inktober2023 #InkDrawing #drawing #illustration #Sandman

A black ink drawing on white paper, with a collage element. 

Dream and Death stand in the background on the pier, overlooking a fjord. 

In the foreground is a screaming figure and the nude floating head and torso of a female figure, with an anatomical heart floating over their chest. 
8 hours ago

All those #inktober posts are wreaking havoc with my brain. I always expect them to be about #tattoos 🤣

Wednesday Dessauer
15 hours ago

#Inktober2023 day 2 “Spiders” #Inktober

A monochromatic ink drawing of a worm and spider touching with the caption “We never hold hands”.

I’ve been looking forward to picking up drawing again for #inktober, but now I’m utterly surprised that it’s already October and don’t feel like I have time :-|
Maybe next year…

17 hours ago
Line drawing of a dog with snout curled up on their tail. Abstract circle around the dog and swirly lines as a background
Odin Halvorson
17 hours ago

My first ever Inktober and my first time drawing with pens! This was fun. 🍂🍂🎃

#Inktober #October #Halloween #Drawing #Art #artober2023 #Dreams

An ink sketch. A city skyline in the distance. In the foreground, a truck overturned on a highway. A figure floats above the truck's overturned bed. A hoard of figures, distorted and uncertain, wave up at the figure as if reaching for it.
Bryan Hansel
19 hours ago
A ink sketch of a nightstand with a pile of books. On top of the pile of books is a clock. Next to the pile of books is a lamp. At the top it says dream and inktober.
A. Lee Bennett Jr.
21 hours ago

Every time I see #Inktober pop up, I think to myself, I have an iPad. I have an Apple Pencil. I have Linea Sketch. Why am I not doing this?

And then I remember. I really, truly, genuinely don’t have drawing skills. Not by hand, anyway.

Inktober day 1! Lavender chillin

#inktober #traditionalart #furryart

Traditional ink drawing of an anthromorphic feline-like creature, their fur is grey with purple and pink markings, they are wearing a scarf ends of which are shaped like bat wings with a few tears at the tip. They are laying down on a large purple pillow, relaxing
Ged Maheux
22 hours ago

Journey of 1,000 miles and all that. This will be my first Inktober on Mastodon. Hope you enjoy the posts! ✍️💕👍

Kicking it off with Day 1: Dream.

#Inktober #HumanArt #LineaSketch

Day 1: Dream - A sketch of a pumpkin dreaming of happy candy corn jumping over a fence.
The official 2023 Inktober prompt list with the first day, Dream, crossed off the list

For the month of October, I'm participating in the annual #inktober drawing challenge. I'll be following some of the official Inktober prompts, but mostly the SciArt Inktober prompts. I will also be giving up my colorful inks and restricting myself to black ink.

Today, I'm following the #SciArtInktober prompt "lipid" and drawing some phospholipids.

On my Patreon and Kofi at:

#ink #drawing #art #SciArt #MastoArt #GenerativeArt

Hand drawn Generative Art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is inspired by how membranes are made of phospholipids.