MOULE :RainbowLogo:
3 hours ago

After wrestling with numerous technical doohickeys I FINALLY upgraded my own #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance to 4.2.0! 🥳

I followed the instructions on and spent a LOT of time troubleshooting errors.

The only thing I haven't configured yet is ElasticSearch which allows for full-text search. Will configure it later! I'm just so happy I got Mastodon 4.2.0 working at least.

Screenshot of the bottom-right corner of my Mastodon instance's page showing is on version 4.2.0. A green circle and arrow point to it saying "Nice" with a sunglasses emoji.
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8 hours ago

Alrighty! Round 2 of trying to update my #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance to 4.2.0. Wish me luck (again)! #FamousLastWords

Axel Rafn
1 day ago

Doing an upgrade on my #vanlife #Mastodon #instance as we speak.

This is the start of the thread for those who are following me here from there.

1 day ago

is instance down?

in maintenance?
taken down by police due to terrorism concern?
hacked by climate change denier?

#mastodon #climatejustice #instance @paulatothepeople

500 internal server error
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1 day ago

Just had to restore my own #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance from a week-old #DigitalOcean backup after having lots of problems while trying to the new Mastodon 4.2.0 update. Thank goodness for back-ups! 😪

I admit I'm not quite familiar with updating Ruby, Node.js, NPM and Yarn, but I am learning. As I'm on 4.1.7 currently, I'll try updating to 4.1.8 and then 4.1.9 first before updating to 4.2.0 as mentioned in 👍

Got any tips for upgrading? Do let me know! #MastoAdmin

Don Trueten :verified_root:
1 day ago

Our #Mastodon #Instance has just been successfully #upgrade​d from 4.1.7 to 4.2.0

Overall, the installation was successful, but there were some hairy problems to overcome, with the upgrade to #Ruby 3.2.2 being the least of them. In fact, a server reboot was necessary after the #database migration hung up several times.

The reindexing of #Elasticsearch, on the other hand, went completely smoothly.

Please report problems via DM or mail.

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2 days ago

Alrighty! I'm gonna upgrade my #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance to 4.2.0 (nice 😎) so it might be down for a bit. Wish me luck! #FamousLastWords

2 days ago

Mastodon 4.2 will be a great upgrade. Especially for search. Read all about it in this blog post. Can't wait to roll this out to our CosmicNation instance soon.

#Mastodon #update #upgrade #search #functionality #CosmicNation #Instance #server #ServerAdministration

#goedemorgen bij de aankondiging staat er meer info over. Maar wat ben ik blij met alle sponsoren. kunt u ook bijdragen aan stukje #Fediverse #onderwijs . #GoodMorning more info to find at announces. But so happy with all sponsors. Want to be part off this great #fediverse #education #instance

Sarah A
2 days ago

Ok. so creating my ke7zum on my masto host instance is not going to work, my email is taken. of corse it is, lol! woops?I have a linode, well it's running owncast so I don't think a mastodon instance will work on it unless I'm careful. a bit of help here? #mastoHelp #instance
I could get another masto host instance, but why. has now been updated to #mastodon v4.2.0. You can read the changes made in this update here:

#instance #update #mastoadmin #esper

Tech Geek
3 days ago

@ticho @mdiluz
This makes a lot of sense 😳. #Server #storage #sharing will solve a lot of these #issues. That will #federate an instance #storage too. Eg : Texts can be stored in but the #images #attached to it can be saved in This way the #instance handlers will have the #expected #data and #storage #traffic they were expecting. I'm no server #expert, but something like this will #help the #issue u mentioned.

Tech Geek
3 days ago

@ticho @mdiluz
Just checked with #writefreely and I couldn't login with my mstdn #account 😥. But I could #login my mstdn account in #pixeldroid app. I was able to post etc in both apps(pixeldroid and #fedilab) with same account. So I guess writefreely should bring an option to login with other #instance accounts in their apps. That will #solve ur #problem ig

3 days ago

I'm looking for instance with less restrictive rules and 'generic' (easy to misinterpret) in speech.

You know, idk what people mean by 'hate speech' but there's a lot of individuals that can easily be offended even by simple joke. I don't care if you are weak glass.

Servers that do not have ' Do not use slurs or racist, sexist, homopho...' yada, yada.

I'm not searching for extreme cases, just enough to speak about dangers of woke / dei.

#askfedi #instancemove #instance #server #mastodon has now been updated to #mastodon v4.1.9. You can read the changes made in this update here:

#instance #update #mastoadmin #esper

luckily, i havent encountered any #rome obsessed #incel​s here on my version of the #fediverse (yet ..).
guess it ll be different on the darkside

*cough* #gab #noagendasocial, a notable amount of #pleroma #instance​s etc etc *cough*

#mamema, guaranteed to deliver #memes when the trending #meme is about to fade or has done so already
#roman #empire #romanempire #spqr #mastodon

mad men i dont think about you at all meme, shows a conversation between two men in an elevator
man 1 wears a roman uniform: you are supposed to think about the roman empire several times a day

man 2 has a mastodon head: i dont think about you at all


Guys, who didn't know it yet, I didn't either until just now:

There is a #SearchEngine for all #Mastodon #instances, where you can register.
So if you want to #switch to another #instance and you are also a fan of individual #emoticons, you should definitely check out this search engine.

MEGA, I think.

4 days ago

Oh Twitter. I guess let's do this again:

Are you looking for a Mastodon server with those tasty animemes? Perhaps you've gone searching but found some...unsavory stuff... :INTSLAquapanic:

We created as a safe, cozy, English-first home for happy weebs and all of our varied interests :remspin:

URUSAI! Social: All the otaku content. None of the toxicity.

Come join us in our mission to be wholesome :KaitoCheer:

Transferring servers is a simple 2-step process and all your stuff comes with you, even your followers! :HoloParty:

#anime #manga #mastodon #instance #server #otaku #nerds #geek

Boosts appreciated! #BoostMe

Christy S
4 days ago

Does anyone have suggestions for getting my #nonprofit themed instance listed on one of the #instance lists out there? I'm hesitant to go with the ones that require you to agree to the #mastodon code or whatever it's called. This is not because I have a problem with the moderation requirements, but rather because with using, I don't have control over who has access to the physical server or how often backups are done.

Christy Smith
4 days ago

i'm hoping someone here can help. I run a #server through for #nonprofits who want to get on #mastodon but don't necessarily want to be responsible for their own server. I'm not really sure how to get the word out though. Specifically, I'd like to have it listed on at least one of the many #instance list sites that are out there. However this is a kind of different idea from most instances. Any suggestions? has now been updated to #mastodon v4.1.8. You can read the changes made in this update here:

#instance #update #mastoadmin #esper

4 days ago

Denk eraan om #firefish als #educatie #instance te gaan gebruiken
voor tegen?

I’ve decided that my time with my own instance has come to an end.
I’ve been using it since March, but I need to cut costs! (Not being in work does that to you!).

So, you can find me over at @Doony
Would love it if you follow me over there - if you’re not already.

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
5 days ago

Shoutout to all #Fediverse #instance #admins as they prepare their #servers for a surge in sign-ups from #X-#Twitter users after #ElonMusk paywalls the whole site! 😅:Fediverse:

#Meme #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Public-domain 15th-16th century sketch by Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi of Atlas holding Earth, but the Earth is labelled "Influx of New Users" and Atlas is labelled "Fediverse Instance Admins". Source:

#Twitter now #X planned to be payed for all. Lot of #Fediverse places to join. #education ? You can join and .social for the general stuff. With two #instance you miss nothing

6 days ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for Mastodon instances that have higher than 500 character post limits, preferably ≥ 2000 characters. Preferable community of spoonies, disabled, medical, or anything like that.
#mastodon #instance #spoonie #medical #disabled #disability

6 days ago

I have decided to shut down my botany, nature & wildlife Friendica instance as I am still totally clueless why it suddenly stopped working, without me interfering, and this is not a good situation for an instance admin. I had ca. 50 registered users but none of them (but me) active. I'll continue self-hosting on, but only for me and family & friends. #botany #nature #wildlife #plants #science #instance #instanceadmin #friendica #fediverse #shutdown #announcement

1 week ago

Hi #hi It looks like I can't #migrate out of this #instance because I've already done it before. I am probably #going to be banned before the timer runs down (even if I don't post again, I expect to be banned -- #I was just warned because of something on another instance). #You should feel free to #follow me on my #main, or not! (no feminists or conservatives pls)

Johannes Ernst
1 week ago

Reddit is now making their internal user #reputation score available. This is interesting.

We could do something rather similar for each #fedverse #instance.

1 week ago

I love that there's an #instance called

#fedi #fediverse #masto #mastodon

#fediverse #admins is it possible to transfer members from one #instance to another . Example #mastodon to #firefish

Don Trueten :verified_root:
1 week ago

We relaunched search via #elasticsearch today and re-enabled it after a brief interruption of service in our #Mastodon #instance.

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 week ago

Alrighty! So over a week ago I followed the instructions on so my username ends with "" rather than "". :MOULE:

After about a week, I see the changes have been gradually federated, and instances like and see the "" suffix when I search my handle through them! :MOULE_Stars:

Just curious to know which suffix you now see my username as on your #Fediverse #instance? 🤔

2 weeks ago

Huge thank you to @brian for these awesome stickers!

I'll be adding at least one to my Macbook Pro!

#Stickers #HoosierSocial #Mastodon #Instance

A photo of the stickers that were sent to me.
Insider UA
2 weeks ago

❌ Яким же було коротке життя важливого сервісу

На сервісі пояснювали, як користуватися Mastodon та давали статистику щодо серверів / кількості користувачів

✅ Тому настав золотий час для, де @ihor зібрав корисне про Mastodon й сподіваюся, буде оновлювати статистику

@rada @ua

#mastodon #instance #Ukraine

2 weeks ago

Is there a reliable single source of info for which #Mastodon instances are federated with each other? I really don't want to move to a new #instance but I've noticed lately that I seem to be missing some posts (and I'm seeing fewer generally). #FediTips @mastodonmigration any thoughts?

2 weeks ago

Vous êtes né(e) en France

Si l'un de vos #parents est #français à votre naissance, vous êtes français de droit.

Tout #enfant, né en #France de parents #étrangers, devient français de plein droit à sa #majorité à condition d'avoir habité en France au moins 5 ans depuis l'âge de 11 ans.

Cette démarche doit être faite auprès du #Tribunal d'#Instance du domicile par le #jeune dès l'âge de 16 ans ou sinon par ses parents, avec son consentement, dès l'âge de 13 ans.

Real Quack
2 weeks ago

@mekkaokereke @Jorsh

Someone on one of my #Discord hangouts was looking for a home #instance.

Another user invited them to their home instance. Except this particular instance requires members to verify. This can be tough for folks without a web presence and the knowledge of how to get the special link where it needs to be.

I was at a training for #volunteer #teachers earlier today. They talked about "expert bias" and that's what this is. It is not easy to add the special link.

0ddfactory :leaf:
2 weeks ago

Instead of putting a custom logo after playing around I just decided to replace the mastodon logo with a greeting above the navigation. We'll see if I leave it like that I guess lol

#mastodon #admin #instance

Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
2 weeks ago

@billzismyname Hey! I'm looking for a potential #instance to move this account for my Sex Ed for Bi Guys series, since there are performance issues with my current instance. Where do you see going in the future? How open are you about discussing #sexuality out of a CW? I try to follow my 7th-grade rule: if I would say it during a sex ed workshop with 7th graders, I don't CW it. #queer #mastodon


Imagine there's some shift in the #internet #markets, such that #servers #Mastodon and other #Fediverse programs cannot afford to keep going without mandatory #financial #contributions from their users. (I don't think this will ever happen, it's just a #hypothetical)

What is the maximum amount of #money you would be willing to #pay / #donate to keep your #server / #instance running?

What #content would you most want to keep interacting with? #Friends, #art, #science, #news, #politics, #AI, #tech, #VideoGames, #streaming, #LGBTQ, #furry, or something else? What cause would most entice you? #OpenSource, #NonProfit, #Democracy, #Freedom, or just non-#toxic #SocialMedia?

Please respond to and #boost this #poll, and let me know your thoughts in the #replies! (Sorry for #hashtag #spam, trying to maximize #reach for #diversity and volume of #responses)

Being on an #Instance, that, for instance, is in this instance the kind of instance that brings in an instance the sort of things you might find in an instance, I highly recommend in this instance.


2 weeks ago

#AllThingsTech stickers have arrived!

As usual with anything from Sticker Mule, they came out looking really nice!

#Stickers #Mastodon #MastodonServer #MastodonInstance #Instance #StickerMule

A photo I took of the AllThingsTech Mastodon instance stickers that I ordered from Sticker Mule.
3 weeks ago

//If there is a #mastodon #instance for in-character roleplay let me know! I only saw one that appears to be for table top rpgs.

anyone know any good Warhammer/star wars/leftist/nerdy servers?
I'm trying to help a friend find an #instance

Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

After for German government agencies, for European ones and from the Dutch government, now the government from #Switzerland has also created its own #instance on #Mastodon:

It's still empty, but the #MastodonMigration is continuing – slowly but steady. And #europe is still leading in some parts.

#SocialMedia #TwitterTakeover #Fediverse #Germany #Netherlands #Europe

Hector Lahminewski ⏚
3 weeks ago

@siegi @BK_KOMM

La #ChancellerieFédérale #suisse exploite cette #instance #Mastodon dans le cadre d'un essai pilote. L'objectif est d'acquérir de l'expérience en matière de communication dans un réseau organisé de manière décentralisée et basé sur des logiciels ouverts.

@Setok @joshuagrochow

If you're an instance admin, consider #GetMoarFediverse by @g3rv4. It's a nifty tool that lets you pull #hashtags from servers you specify even if you don't have much interactions with it.

Another tool is called Fedi Buzz Relay:

If you're using #Akkoma or #Firefish, they have the bubble/recommended timeline where the #instance admin can import timelines from select instances & show it to their users.

Hope this helps!

4 weeks ago

**Do you know a friendly general instance that implements translation?** Markdown (Is that only Firefish or Glitch?) would be nice...

Leads appreciated. :masto_love:

I've given the "small instance" via managed hosting a fair shot. I've been 100% happy with @mastohost

However, lack of visibility and lack of reach due to poor federation gets real old.

I've been waiting on a relay's approval for 24+ hours...

Any suggestions for a suitable new home? I pitch in 💸 .

@feditips #instance

1 month ago

I wonder if there’s an instance for a loudmouth bookish gamer. A sprinkle of science would be nice too #instance #mastodon

1 month ago

KDE Gear ☀️ 23.08 🏖️ has got you covered! Do you run your own Mastodon instance? Tokodon lets you post to and manage your instance all from one desktop application. It also helps you share your posts through any other app.

#mastodon #instance #federation

A view of a user's home feed in Tokodon
You can manage accounts on your instance directly from within Tokodon
A view of a details of a single user account
Moderation tools on Tokodon includes a utility to block domains on your instance

@Camille_Poulsard @Julianoe en tout cas, j'en ai un (lien : Traduire) qui change le pouet en sa version française.
S'il y a des #admin d' #instance pour préciser le sujet !?

1 month ago

Having spent a few hours catching up on allegations and how concerns and grievances have been handled by #Fosstodon admins so far I wonder if it's time for my first #FediMove to an instance more aligned with my values (and one that lets me emit the occasional toot in 🇩🇪).

Problem is, I don't know where to go 😓

My dream instance has always been - any #recommendations for an #instance along similar lines?

#InstanceRecs #BoostsWelcome

BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

@marqle @kizu this is controlled by the "content retention" settings that your #mastoadmin has set for your specific #instance.

Infinite doesn't exist, everything takes server resources. Smaller instances will have lower content retention due to server resource limitations.

This post is the repetition of my #introduction. First of all. You can ignore all other accounts, since this one give me everything I want.
Sometimes if not, many times, I like to write a lot, trying to explain few little things of reality, using words.
Reality is so beauty that we can only #enjoy it, because we know how #complex is each #fragment of #simplicity. The #key is always in our #ability to #imagine.
The focused subject is as well what create the necessary #tools to #find the expression of it in #reality.
Is curious that subjectivity is for each self, objectivation of reality, which makes things more #funny. The #Solipsism is the condition.
Is like to #imagine that we are #Universes and there is no other thing that can deny your absolute notion of reality.
When I #follow you, it mean I may like the content that you share, but when I interact with it, is where I wish to learn more and create a possible and natural conversation, where two persons try to explain their own interpretation about the subject in causa, so that condition, #lead both persons to #grow. Is the #psychologic aspect of those who #dream, which if you think, even #dogs or #cats do. :D
Thank You #GOD to giving #CONSCIENCE to all simples animals that doesn't #TALK or #READ text, but I am not sure about the #Free will of #Choice that you gave to human kind, while I cannot deny about mine. In fact I cannot deny yours, which is the condition that declare solipsism a false theory. But is #true at the same Time. And all of it is only #data (objects and functions) that are in #memory.
#Theories are like myth's and illusions.. which is our inability to intercept correctly, reality.
Ah, I had other account here in this #mastodon #instance, but I got a strike for giving tips to someone to hack reality. Sometimes, those reactions, lead me to think that no one like to have new suggestions to learn how to deal with reality, which is #strange.. and not.. we go again to our eternal positive and negative condition when dealing with reality, which is solipsism..
I like what is possibly #True. But When I do, I try to care it. Is like trying to care flowers to make them grow #stronger. They will be like many others, but better in upgrading their personal #skills.
Even then, we always need to point into some direction, which includes #intentions. I think reality is fine as it is, but you know, I am just a #Monkey and I like to imagine a better world. That world can be only possible if others agree with it. I don't care who you are, what cultural base you have. You will be persons for all eternity. People have the ability to create what ever they wish to. So, I join this instance because in fact give me everything I need to possess to feel #good. I can write a lot :D Monkey #style. I can explain.. GOOD !!!
Sometimes I have this style, which can be a bit provocative, but what can I do, if not, being my self even if here, I am nothing more than simple text. I am nothing.. I am just data.. only useful if you wish to do something with it. But that is not me, just the data that is here, #impressed in #electrical #signals that our #brain can #process, like #machines do. As you can see.. I am nothing than #text. So since text is data and data can be organized in #onjects and with them we can create #functions, I always like to tag everyone is the #world and talk about #education approaches.
A #lamp is only a #lamp .. if I am the expression of #Yang.. is only light. #Music is #light for my #mind. I don't know about you but I always like to think about #China.
I have a crazy illusion that I have the #mission to talk with the #Dragon. Some #old knowledge says he will help me to dream in a safer way. But I cannot prove that, because that is my illusion. In my illusion, there is the other side of the coin, which is the #Tiger. Even if the Tiger can be good, like all cats, they have that skill that prove to be #brave, while sometimes, #evil.
Dragon have different approachs, and normally, dragons are more respectful, while abcessive with perfectionism. I don't know the Dragon or the Tiger, but here I am talking to them. #USA #ASIA #AFRICA #EUROPE #INDIA #RUSSIA #AMERICA #Galaxy
I am just a peaceful monkey that likes to write and produce music and nothing more.. is what #develpers or #educators do, most of the #Time.. even #Scientists, #jornalists, etc...
But you know.. I am in this shell of Time, that can repeat it self, every time that the conditions to happen are true in reality, else they couldn't happen. :D #activism or #artivism is what some call.. I don't know.. but #rationaliy is in my way of being the self.. that is why I need to give a plent of congratulations to Jerry.
I can dive into the Scientific research that is based mainly in #documents, created by "us". :D ..
I think "God" did like me, but I don't understand why. I cannot explain how thankful I am, but you know, he gave me this mission where an #Eternal #license needs to be accomplished and here, with you, we can solve many problems together.
Is what #technology is doing for years, but we need to focus technology to something good and #healthier for all. #Japan try that, putiing robos as workers. That is good. They have a lot of others #crazy things.. good imagination with #math .. what they cannot ? but hey, USA or SouthAfrica is the same. is Knowledge in the brain. :D
#dance and #enjoy #life and #leave all things that create bad #moods. I like #animals too. all kind. I like #Linux. #Terminal with #Black background, where I can write something and create light, even if doing something wrong. :D

1 month ago

I am on the hunt for a #Roleplay #RP instance here. That is akin to #RPC here or #TwitterRP . I like to write a lot, and make stories with others, and if I could find a #Instance on the #Fediverse that is to my liking. I will make a new account over there and bring my friends over from #Twitter #X, and #Discord over to there.

So if anyone has ideas or where I can find one. Or hell, if anyone wants to make an #instance with me for #RP purposes, hit me up on Discord.

I'm this desperate.

BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

@Azoor well maybe if they launched as an equally feature complete alternative to #twitter, it would have done something. Instead, #zuckerberg let #elonmusk trick him into releasing early, making people go "well, this is a shit experience". First impressions never go away. Thankfully #mastodon is thriving!

I, for one, welcome my new #fediverse overlords.

Oh wait, I host my own #instance, scratch that. 🤣

#x #twitterx #Threads #socialmedia

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 month ago

Over the next few days, I’m going to see if I can change my #SelfHosted #Mastodon #Instance’s config, DNS, and SSL certificate settings to rename it from “” to “”.

From what I understand, this may cause #federation issues with other servers that know mine as “”, and my instance may not be available to others.

If you’re a #MastoAdmin with experience renaming instances, feel free to drop me some tips! 👍

Patrick Stewart
1 month ago

Ugh. I'm trying to #transfer to a new #instance, and I'm stuck! For some reason, the new instance won't let me make an alias for this account. I have my full handle in there. I wonder if it has to do with the slowness of this new server?

Deniz Opal
1 month ago

Me posting whatever the hell I want because I'm on my own #instance.


Life Of Brian Jehova scene.
1 month ago

I do wonder if there is an #instance out there in the #fediverse with a similar layout to what #Twitter / #X has, but better?

Also that is friendly for #RP / #Roleplayers ?

BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

And THIS is the number 1 reason why #Lemmy doesn't work for me.

The largest #piracy community hosted by @db0 was just blocked by the biggest Lemmy #instance,

Remind me again, why one person should be able to control what thousands of people see and engage with?🤦🏻‍♂️ Fucking hell.

And for shits and giggles, @mwadmin, though a satisfactory explanation doesn't exist. This is someone covering your eyes like a baby going "you shouldn't see that!"


nonlinear lives at praxis now
1 month ago

Now that I have my own mastodon #instance (via , thank you) how do I extend it to #pixelfed too?

Do I need to install another server? Does it come out of the box with #activitypub? Can I even do it?


BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

#Mastotips of the day:

If you want to know if your #instance has a bad reputation across the #fediverse, go through this curated #fediblock list.

#Mastodon #Feditips #MastoAdmin

1 month ago

Salut les petits fedipotes, l'instance Mastodon :occitanie: :occitanie: a ouvert ses portes ! 🥳
N'hesitez pas à me DM si vous avez des remarques ou suggestions.

#mastodon #instance #toulouse

@web3isgreat I wonder if this means #Disney will try to make their own #instance

1 month ago

Bon bon je fais les derniers ajustements mais je pense bientot pouvoir ouvrir les inscriptions sur l'instance 🥳 #toulouse #instance #mastodon

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

@nus now i'm a little conflicted about the new #mastodon update. On one hand, we have REALLY useful features like this. I'm on a one person instance and would like to keep track of some bot accounts for news and such, but my timeline becomes filled with bots. If I dont follow them, they don't show up on my server at all because of how mastodon federation works. This will alleviate that.

On the other hand, the same update will break projects like, which helps TONS of small #instance #Mastoadmin finetune what gets federated with their server.

I REALLY hope someone comes up with a solution for the problem.

George Liquor, American
2 months ago

I am clearly on the wrong #instance to be throwing around booger jokes all willy-nilly !

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

For any #MastoAdmin out there looking to improve their #instance disk usage, I HIGHLY recommend this article. Doing the things in this article has cut my disk usage IN HALF!

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Mastotips #Feditips

Noelle 📚
2 months ago

So I found a really good photographer here on Mastodon, but when I tried to follow them from this account it says their profile has been hidden by Wtf? And I can't see any of their photos, every post says "Not available" over the photos.

😒 Not impressed.

They take really pretty nature/flower photos and I wanted to boost some of their posts.

#mastodon #fediverse #instance

Silent Observer
2 months ago

Need #support! So much #lag. I keep trying to like or follow, and it takes eons for the app/site to respond. And sometimes, after all that lag, it happens in rapid fashion as if to catch up on the 20 times I tried to hit like. (Star gets marked/unmarked/marked… etc). Is this my #instance having trouble, or is it a me thing? I cleared my media cache in the #iOS app for #mastodon but it still has problems every day like this. I want to be interacting here more, but when it gets laggy it feels like I’m slamming my hand in a car door over and over. #Help!

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
2 months ago

Goodnight from down under! 👋🦘

Every day it feels so good to run my own #SelfHosted #Fediverse #Instance and be in full control of my own data while corporate #SocialMedia is failing. :FediStar:

Jon Juarez
2 months ago

With this in mind, I think it would be good for Mastodon if, when choosing an instance, we could read reviews and recommendations from other users.

#Mastodon #instance #Fediverse

Deniz Opal
2 months ago

Our #Mastodon #Instance has its first #Introduction and #moderator #admin rules!

By signing up to this server you agree to partake in the quest for world domination to smash the patriarchy, and free the proletariat. This may involve working with the Robot Monkey Army, Cyborg Werewolf Ninjas, Algebraic Velociraptors, and/or a Necromanced Kung Fu Audrey Hepburn.

Time travel may have already become a part of your experience here, you have just not got to that part yet.

Sam at BLAG
2 months ago

"Whispering slogans that were never intended for our ears."

My quote used in this article about #ghostsigns in #Tacoma☺️

PS. I'm interested in finding a #mastodon #instance for my #ghostsigns work, separate to BLAG, suggestions appreciated.

Ghost signs are so interdisciplinary that a themed instance is a hard choice, e.g. #history, #advertising, #graphicdesign, #heritage, etc.

PPS. It will be sad to lose my #twitter following, but I think I'm done with that site now.

Top portion of a brick building and some sky above. The wall has a fading painted sign on it with white lettering on a black background reading "Hunt & Mottet, Wholesale Hardware" although the last T of Mottet and the second half of the word Hardware are not actually visible in the photo.

The picture is taken from the linked article where the credit is given as: Photographed on July 12, 2023 by Jack Glenn,
2 months ago

@jenniferplusplus I have the impression that early adopters of the #Fediverse, of which many trans people belong to, fell into the false sense of comfort that there was a stable, uniform #fediculture. But #culture is inherent to #groupdynamics & a 100k group is not the same as a 2M network. While it's paradoxical to seek to enforce a culture across the Fediverse, a network designed to SUPPORT #divergence, I think it's fair to debate whether an #LGBTQ #instance should ban the #BBC or not.

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
2 months ago

I just updated my #Custom #Mastodon #Instance's #CSS to the #MastodonBirdUI by @rolle – everything looks so much more modern and refreshing! So easy to install, too! :MOULE_Happy: #UI #UserInterface

Screenshot of my profile on my Mastodon instance,, with the Mastodon Bird UI CSS installed. It is on dark mode, with a dark grey background,

The left and right sidebars from the original Mastodon layout have swapped places, profile pictures are now rounded, and overall it just looks more "modern" than the original Mastodon interface.

IMO, the inability of a #FediAdmin to move their #Lemmy, #Mastodon, or #ActivityPub / #fediverse #instance to a new domain without needing to redo everything is a massive oversight. Every other standard provides a mechanism for redirecting, forwarding, Etc to a new domain by now. #MastoAdmin #LemmyAdmin

:lime: ash
2 months ago

oh right here's some #stuff i made in like 10 minutes

it's a #mastodonBot that toots the system info (cpu usage, ram usage, disk usage, and uptime) of the server it's running on), which is something that may be useful to #instanceAdmins, and just neat in general, i suppose

here's a toot sent by the bot on my instance:

#instanceAdmin #instance #admin #mastodon #bot #bots

A Great Tit
2 months ago

Trying to get this instance more widely federated.

If you happen to see this toot,

please boost or the point is moot.

#newInstanceWhoDis #halpPls #newInstance #newServer #instance

My friends call me Sam
2 months ago

Tell your friends, family, enemies, and coworkers (some of which may be the same) about Mastodon!

Join the #Mastodon #Fediverse! Choose an #instance/server via:

The cool people hang out here though:

Right @jon ?

A screenshot of the Vivaldi.Social.Net Mastodon network "create account" server page.
Dr Hitchcock
2 months ago

What’s the best #Mastodon #Instance for buddy’s that are into #graphics and #design that you want to lure away from other social media platforms? 🥲😎🙈 Preferably one that has signed the #fedipact

Ed Suominen
2 months ago

Does anyone else use the first person for #python docstrings? I picked this up from reading #twisted source written by @glyph and @itamarst. My dialect of it: The #class is speaking about itself. It refers often to "my #instance" or "an instance of me" when speaking of an #oop #object rather than itself as a class. And methods are where it says "I do this" if that's what it does generally, like a leader speaking about what she did with the unspoken help of others carrying out that actual work.

Heya, Amelia here!

I realized I never really made an introduction post for our instance, so here it is. Please boost for reach, thanks! :Blobhaj_Heart:

Transfem is a fairly new Instance hosted in Germany🇩🇪 and thus abides by German and EU privacy protection laws. Transfem aims to provide a safe space for transfem :heart_trans: individuals and allies. While the instance is primarily targeted towards transfem individuals, everyone is welcome as long as you abide by our rules and are an ally.

We would highly appreciate new users, even if you don't fully move, so we can get a little more active. Our local timeline ( is very inactive atm :astolfo_cry: .

Also, because some people like features, here's a list of some features our instance has :astolfo_lurk: :
- Quote Reposts
- Markdown
- 5000 Char Limit
- Local Only Posting
- A Real Verified Badge :Blobhaj_Thinking: (cuz why not)
- Translate button so you can translate messages from languages you don't know
- Reacts
- Ability to add a Music Status to your profile that shows what you are listening to

and others

Last but not least let me mention that we also have a mascot her name is Luzie (image attached to post)

#instance #new #lgbt #transfem #trans #transgender
Image of Luzie the Mascot of doing a Smug face
BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

@SasquatcherGeneral and it's gonna get #activitypub support, so this toxicity will soon reach and most big #instance....hope that $$$ was worth it Eugen🤬🙄

#Mastodon #fediverse

BeAware :verified420:
2 months ago

Well, does anyone have an ACTIVE #pixelfed #instance that supports #Mastodon sign-in? Since @pixelfed flubbed it on, I can't use it because I signed up 12 hours before the feature was announced and theirs no backwards compatibility. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤬

Robert Boler
2 months ago

If you think words like #server, #instance, #federated, or especially #fediverse are intuitive, welcoming, or commonly understood language outside of techie circles,

then I’d like to ask that you pause and consider broadening your empathy.

Most humans don’t know what these words mean. That reduces their likelihood to embrace a nice place like #mastodon, and condemns anyone who has expertise in other fields to ad-based social media.

formally introducing: watchbird! 🦅

@watchbird is an #uptime #bot for instances around the fediverse. it will CAW when something's up, like when it can't connect to the instance main page. it's powered by #uptimekuma + #apprise + the #mastodon #api.

if you want your #instance added, just let me know here on mastodon @taco (reply or dm, whatever)! i'm constantly adding more servers that i find that i want to keep an eye on.

you can see the full page of monitored instances here:

#bots #mastodonbots #mastoadmin #monitoring #monitor

a screenshot of two posts from the watchbird bot notifying that instafops was down and then went back up