Martin Holland
26 minutes ago

Now with more and more #instances upgraded to version 4.2.0 of #Mastodon, you can compare full text #search on different ones: Having multiple accounts, I did – and yes, the differences are rather big.

Once again it seems clear, the bigger your instance the better for finding content in the #fediverse. Especially for journalists, this also implies, that an instance by your organization might not be the best idea. Something like could make more sense.

@feditips @tchambers

Search for posts with the word "iran" on, and – left goes back 5 days, the middle 7 days the right one day..
Martin Holland
35 minutes ago

A search on your #instance goes only through accounts, "your instance knows".
That's more than the sum of all accounts in the #fediverse, that are followed by someone on your instance, but less than all the accounts on all #instances with accounts, that someone on your instance follows.

Ricardo Harvin
4 days ago

I rarely use the #Mastodon #web #interface so I don't know if the #dormant #following / #follower option has been available since I first joined last October (it's buried), but I just went through both groups and deleted most of the accounts there.

It seems a lot of them are artifacts of people migrating #server #instances, and a good chunk are folks who went back to #corporate #SocialMedia.

My follower count is now more realistic, from 1.6k to 610. Accounts I follow went from 374 to 259.

This can be a problem with blocking #instances - as I've seen with some instances being blocked without there being evidence of bad conduct.

But there's also the assumption a particular opinion is automatically a bad one, therefore should not be considered.

I wonder if social media encourages this, since you go online and find all sorts of opinions. It's easy to get annoyed at someone's take, but can anyone be bothered to go through that person's timeline to see if that take was a one off?

Sarah A
6 days ago

It looks like we are back up, however I might just move this account over to my masto host. As I run my own instance there, and it is set to private, this should be fun. Sorry to everyone who might get follow requests from me, again. #MastoHelp #Mastodon #Instances

tffp podcast
6 days ago

for those who were following me on my instance, it appears to be down both via google and my clients I'm using. I guess it's the waiting game right now. If this happens again in the next few months I will not be too happy about this. #mastodon #Instances


Guys, who didn't know it yet, I didn't either until just now:

There is a #SearchEngine for all #Mastodon #instances, where you can register.
So if you want to #switch to another #instance and you are also a fan of individual #emoticons, you should definitely check out this search engine.

MEGA, I think.

1 week ago

It is hard for #Tusky to show posts from different #instances . Can this be fixed? How can simple folks like help?

#mastodon #mastoadmin #mastodev #fediverse

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
1 week ago

@jenniferplusplus Fwiw...


I began in Masto last year, tried numerous #Instances, experimented with two #Firefish Instances & loved lots about it but was turned off by the serious bugs &/or design problems, spent time in two #Friendica Instances & again loved lots about it but was turned off by various issues, & am now back in Masto. 🤦‍♀️

Good luck! 🤗

1 week ago

Since getting #reported for that one post on #masto #social once..

I think I will not return to #public #instances ...

I had deleted the post in question (which was just a theroetical anyways)
And still got notified about some "we decided to delete your post, despite it being already deleted"

Maybe #socialmedia isn't for me.


Does there exist, anywhere, a list of actually active #mastodon #relay sites that little #instances such as my own could subscribe in order to see more of what's available on the Fediverse? I think I'm missing out on some important discussions about the future of mastodon (and therefore learning new things and understanding others' viewpoints) and the like because I'm only seeing updates from instances where I've got people followed.

I'd like to be more involved.

Thanks in advance to anyone with a list (or even a suggestion of one or two!) relays which are ACTUALLY ACTIVE and responding to relay requests.

Other #admins of little instances like mine would appreciate this.

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

I've been away from this Instance [#KolektivaSocial] for a few months, but sadly across that period DMs i'd sent to Admin & Mods remained unreplied. Though it might not give a better outcome, i'm now asking again publicly, in case for some reason @moderation & @admin DMs are never monitored, or maybe are disabled.

1. Does have any plans to use the #GlitchSoc #GlitchSocial Mastodon fork here, instead of plain vanilla Masto s/w as now? It brings numerous benefits, not only but including toot Markdown formatting support.

2. Would it be possible to expand the #emojis available in the compose-posts emoji-picker tool, by adding these commonplace #FOSS #Linux ones [which are available in at least some other #Instances ]:

🤷‍♀️ 🤞


There need to be solutions for this kind of thing...

Too many #instances dying for no cause

If you switch this to "local" you might notice #something #interesting for some of dem #instances

Uhh.. #Lol ?


Most #nitter #instances seem #defunct ?! won't render #profiles #correctly

Guess I need to pull my #Switch #Screenshots #manually...

3 weeks ago

I see a lot of people talk about creating a second or third or fourth account to follow different #instances. Why not just create a list for different local instances/timelines, like this?

Image of list for local timelines

Hmm since use that #datasaver #opera thing...

#Mastodon #instances render like garbage if I ever #dare to turn it #off

I even cleared the #browser #cache etc.

Very #strange

:projetstodon: Shalien
1 month ago

@Gary_Host @mastohost @feditips Small instance owner here, no relays added because I tought it would be overkill. I trigger the #federation by following people on others #instances and #boosting posts. It's slow and organic but a month later I really see how far the federation is going and it's truly pleasant (again IMO).

For the visibility part, if what you're posting is intresting and found foot in your followers, it will gain visibility trought the boosts.Hope you find the right place 4 u

Fun. I just used the tool here to see the connections I have made to different instances across the Fediverse. Surprised by the huge list! (this is just the first page. Over 500 total) Biggest source of connections is of course because Canada 🇨🇦 :)
#Fediverse #Instances #Mastodon

A spreadsheet of server with number of connections on those servers and the percentage of my total connections


Especially on smaller #instances, use "open on original #instance
There really needs to be a way to #force all #messages to be loaded...

It's a #good thing non #popular #instances are not #scrutinized for #copyright #stuff as much...

Otherwise you,'d probably find me #assassinated in a #nearby #parkinglot by the

#Music #Industry #goons for
"Sharing valuable musicz"

(I bet they'd put a #vinyl with the #engraving "don't steal our s#%+ " next to their target as a kinda deterrent )

1 month ago

One thing that's been pretty cool about #Mastodon after using it for a while is how many smaller, more intimate #instances I see in people's usernames. When I first joined mastodon, it felt like *everyone* was on, but over the last year and a half, people have found their niches and filled them out appropriately. It makes me feel warm inside when I see a new instance url in someone's name that I had never seen before. That's the #federation working as intended!

Nvram (iel)
1 month ago

Salut mastoche ! Aujourd’hui, on va parler politisation des espaces en lignes. Ou comment expliquer à taon collègue centriste que continuer à aller sur le réseau de #Musk, ce n’est pas très différent que de continuer à consommer les médias de Bolloré ou Murdoch. #thread #pédagogie

📜 Il y a quelques jours, l’annonce de twitter de supprimer la fonction blocage a beaucoup fait parler, mais n’a pas toujours suscité d’analyses approfondies sur les tenants exacts de cette décision. Qui est vraiment gêné.e par l’impossibilité de #bloquer les autres, et qu’est-ce que ce type de changement structurel appliqué au réseau (qui n’est pas le seul depuis son changement de propriétaire) implique pour sa population et les messages qu’il renvoie ? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

En fait, il faut voir les choix techniques et de gouvernance faits depuis le rachat comme un ensemble, mais celui-ci, que ce soit pour son effet d’annonce ou ce qu’il implique directement, est particulièrement imagé.

Pouvoir bloquer un.e utilisaterice, plutôt que simplement utiliser le bouton mute, a quelques effets immédiats que l’on peut considérer directement : ne plus pouvoir être mentionné, ne plus avoir de QRT, bref, s’exposer à moins de bruit et se séparer du reste du réseau, surtout en cas de harcèlement (ce qui n’empêche malheureusement pas les choses comme les captures d’écran, le blocage est de plus en plus contourné).

Mais ce qu’il faut se demander sur le blocage, c’est qui en a le plus besoin… Ou plutôt, qui a vraiment besoin de filtrer ce qui lui provient et de s’isoler de certaines parties du réseau plutôt que d’autres ?

📌 À titre personnel, je suis sur #mastodon pour une raison plutôt simple : j’étais sur Twitter il y a une dizaine d’années, j’y ai acquis plein de choses utiles (les bases de mon éducation politique, de culture anti-psy qui m’a grandement aidé pour plus tard, des connaissances pour mon futur boulot dans l’informatique, un moyen de sociabiliser avec quelques personnes, et surtout un moyen de rester en activité en tant que personne avec TDAH, c’est quand même vachement utile, bref).

J’étais sur Twitter en 2012, jusqu’à que ce le réseau où l’ambiance était encore bonne, peuplé en français de journalistes, d’, et dans mon cercle proche quelques militant.e.s libristes, féministes intersectionnel.le.s ou anar commence à être pourri par l’extrême-droite.

En dix ans, le réseau s’est rempli de personnalités qui sont surtout arrivées sur la fin de la décennie pour l’espace francophone, la société s’est polarisée, TPMP est arrivé sur les écrans, le Figaro nous a donné des larmes à boire sur le wokisme, Tiktok a fini par commencer à prendre le relais pour informer les gen Z plus jeunes sur la culture queer ou les neuroatypies (et tant mieux pour le moment), mais surtout, Twitter est devenu invivable. L’ambiance est mauvaise, on se fait agresser en permanence, le réseau paraît impossible à modérer correctement. La communauté est d’une taille énorme, trop grande, tout le monde interagir trop facilement avec n’importe qui.

💥 Mais si Twitter continue toujours à tenir à peu près debout jusqu’à là, malgré son ambiance, c’est que comme les sociologues le montrent régulièrement, les communautés qui l’utilisent se regroupent naturellement en #clusters. Des groupes sociaux avec leurs codes culturels et leurs signes de reconnaissances propres (les néo-pronoms, le drapeau dans le tweet name, etc.), leurs gros « influenceurs » respectifs qui sont le noyau dur de pas mal de communautés, pour notre langue pas mal de gens branchés sur les réseaux anglo-saxons qui redistribuent les concepts qu’on y trouve de plus frais en général.

Ces communautés peuvent présenter au premier regard un aspect un peu étanche, faiblement poreux mais poreux quand même : on a trouvé de plus en plus de groupes, ligues ou gens isolés perdus par l’algorithme qui se sont mis à contredire gratuitement des gens qui ne portaient pas simplement leurs sensibilités, par divertissement, par haine ou par maladresse, avec les années.

D’où la détérioration automatique des climats locaux. Et surtout, d’où le fait que Mastodon par exemple est séparé en #instances où le facho ne vient pas taper sur lae féministe devant ellui et vice versa. On a des exutoires et des moyens pour rappeler ce qui nous gêne dans la vie de tous les jours mais sans faire un champ de bataille, ce qui est plutôt sain in fine,

Du coup, sur Twitter, le blocage, le choix des abonnements et autres fonctionnalités servaient un peu à se polariser comme il faut et à garder des espaces de dialogue sains entre individu.e.s fédéré.e.s par les mêmes luttes. (1/3)

1 month ago

@mairin It's #unfortunate, and I hope you do whatever lets you use the #language(s) of your choice freely.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, many #instances have English-only (or other single-language-only) #rules because they fear #legal #liability because of their inability to effectively #moderate or respond to complaints about #content posted in a language they cannot understand.

So anyone: if you moved #instances and therefore fell off my #lists that I manually check to see what's going on with people, I did not mute you!

I just happen to follow a Niagara Fall's worth of accounts (over 5K) and haven't seen you whizzing past. LMK you are still there if I haven't seen you in a while!




A New Hope Friends
A Plus Bird Friends
Conscious Ones
Court & Legal
News 1
1 month ago

Seeing quite a few toots circulating the #Fediverse again about #Mastodon #instances going to shut down. If you're on one of those instances, feel free to take a look at what has to offer.


1 month ago

is there a list of #fediverse #instances with high character limits?

I mean, if this is true, that #Elon destroyed #Twitter precisely because #black voices were being too well represented ...

Doesn't that mean the #Fediverse is the ideal alternative? Where folk can run their own #instances?


Soon after Twitter was founded in 2006, researchers noticed that Black users were overrepresented on the site. Edison Research estimated in 2010 that Black people made up a quarter of Twitter users — roughly twice their share in the general population.

Black Twitter had other unique characteristics: People in the network were likely to follow one another, creating a dialogue that catapulted memes, clapbacks, hashtags and witticisms onto Twitter’s Trending Topics list. There, they became visible to a broader Twitter universe populated by celebrities, politicians, journalists and other culture mavens.

As a result, Black voices were elevated in a way that felt new. “People who pulled the levers of the most powerful institutions in society suddenly had a bunch of Black friends that they wouldn’t have had before. And that had a tremendous impact,” said American University journalism professor Wesley Lowery, a prolific Twitter user with more than 630,000 followers.
Zaya the Jew
2 months ago

I'm very new still and far from fully initiated but already quite enjoying what seems to be some drama around servers on here. The nice thing is that it's got some soap-y drama yet the tone and language are civilised, so really top notch stuff all around! 🤣

#mastodon #fediverse #servers #instances #defed #defederation

2 months ago

The Fediverse has a Mental Health Problem

Over the past year the Fediverse has experienced significant growth, and this comes at a very real cost: Mental Health.

#fediverse #infighting #mentalhealth #instances #shutdown #blocking #admin #moderator #future

FraYoshi the 2nd
2 months ago

#Ciao a tutti!! :blobcheerbounce:

Since I have some #friends in #instances that block #qoto, have decided to create a secondary #account in one which has an higher #reputation on the #fediverse.
Will use both, this will be a more general one so keep them both if you want the whole of it! I plan to stay active in both :blabcatverified:

Have chosen to create it here on #mstdn because I've been following @stux for quite a while now, and never fails to put a #smile on my face! :ablobcatnomcookie:

Nyla Smokeyface :heart_ace:
2 months ago

So I know that #Mastodon #instances don't show all posts by all servers on all accounts but I looked up a tag on to see what would show up and found a account that was not federated with my instance. I know federates with my instance. Is it because the account wasn't following anybody?

I read #Feditips post on what accounts and posts I will see but if this is how it works and this one account wasn't showing up then how do any new accounts show up on other instances?

#fedihelp #fediversemeta #fediverse #fedimeta #mastometa #MastoHelp


A fitting analogy to how the #human #race stagnates..

Quite staggering.

At #least #instances csn be spun up by #oneself.
Which is #great

2 months ago

Looking for instances for posting about adult entertainment. Any suggestions?
Any software (Mastodon, Calkey, Misskey, etc) EXCEPT for Lemmy - since that’s focused on communities instead of personal profiles.

#fediverse #askfedi #instances #mastodonInstances #nsfw

2 months ago

I like but the 500 character limit is getting very tiresome because of the importance of hashtags. Anyone got suggestions for other instances that also don't have overly trigger happy moderators but do have a longer limit?

So ... Can there be different #instances that use the #firefish set up or protocol or whatever?

Like #Mastodon?

#Fediverse #AskFishy

Joshua M 🇦🇺
2 months ago

Is NAS a commonly blocked / muted instance? Or do authoritarians and leftists on the fediverse just not like discussion/debate?

I seem to never get buy in when I want to be challenged on my ideas.

#NAS #NoAgenda #debate #politics #left #liberal #liberalvalues #libertarian #libertarianvalues #libleft #libright #mastodon #fediverse #fedisphere #instances

Not at all perfect, but this was my attempt at explaining to people how I understand Mastodon since a lot of people seem really hesitant on coming over here lol.
(and yes ive been told that the big box being mastodon isnt really correct lmao)
#mastodon #explanation #fediverse #instances

2 months ago

@ninokadic ye mean less populated #instances than the one yer currently on? 🤔 The one I'm on is absolutely great for me, I have seen other instances that would also suit me too, but I'm not inclined to move, as I know the admin, Trumpet, is active & looking after it. Find the one ye think suits ye best. Social is highly populated, only of its own making, doesn't mean it's popular...

Dan Wagstaff
2 months ago

I have a #mastodon question: what is a good server for a #book / #design blog account? It would be a mix of automatic *and *manual posts. I personally defaulted to but is there somewhere else more appropriate for my website? #fediverse #mastotips #feditips #instances

I'm Kerro
2 months ago

I found this interesting. Mastodon Art has a limited block on Mastodon Social for being spammy?! Is that common? #fediverse #Servers #instances #spam

caleb isaac
2 months ago

#Fediverse friends, what are the pros and cons of switching #instances? I’m tryna see sumthin… 🧐

just added all of the #furry instances from and and one "normie" one that i'm on. please send me suggestions for more #fediverse #instances to add to this uptime bot!

a zoomed out screenshot of an uptime kuma status page

Toot Works update:

We are up to 38 users (23 active users). I'm standing by my pledge to shut down new sign-ups when we reach 100 active users. At this rate, it is going to take 6 more years to get there, though.

Storage is hockey-sticking at the moment. We are still using which has 440 Connected Servers. I think that a lot of that is growth in the relay.

We are still using @mastohost's Star plan. I'm hoping to stay on that for a while. ...

#MastoAdmin #Instances

12 new users, 23 active users, 1,675 interactions, 0 reports opened
Peter Cammeraat
3 months ago

Just found out that my government (Dutch) has its own Mastodon instance:

Are there more governments and/or organisations that have their own Mastodon instance?

Also the European Union: 👀

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Instances #Governments #Organisations #Dutch #EU

3 months ago

Oh, merci pour ce lien vers la traduction, c'est d'utilité fediversique !

Comme il y est dit, les dés sont pipés par la puissance et l'hégémonie des #gafam
N'épuisons pas nos forces en vaines disputes : agissons en utilisant ces outils libres et non intrusifs mis à notre disposition par une communauté de dé
Alors pensez à faire un don à vos #instances. Même 1 € est precieux.

Signé : un utilisateur reconnaissant ❤️

#fediverse #mastodon #libre #internet

3 months ago

How long until #instances start blocking perfectly fine instances because they didn't block #meta ?

How long until you stop seeing your friends on the #fediverse because they are "in the wrong instance" ?

I personally think that segregation, gated communities, borders, walls are not good for the network itself, and that blocking should be an individual choice, not enforced by anyone.

But to grok me you'd need to understand coercive groups & cults toxicity / group thinking drifts.



I can't think of it in a tech way, my metaphor is that Fediverse is a big city and you have to join one of the houses.
From there you can see out the windows to all the other houses too. You can still communicate with all the other houses, there just needs to be a line established into your house.
It may already be established, or if not you may have to use your window (search field) to grab your friend's line and bring it in. Then you can chat all you want.

robyn ✨
3 months ago

⚠ UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I have joined for now 😊

In search of new instance! #boostOK

Does anyone know of any #gardening #plants #florespondence #bloomscrolling #sustainability #instances that are accepting new folks?

I am on, but the instance has been down for almost a full day now without any notice or status update. While I hope it'll come back, might be good to have a plan b.

#isoInstance @plants

Daniele Verducci
3 months ago

Found this interesting #article expaining why the #fediverse should be made of very little #instances, and how some smaller implementations manage big workloads.

#mastodon #misskey #pleroma #selfhosting #smallweb

Fediverse and single user instances. • Uriel Fanelli

Petra van Cronenburg
3 months ago

@thegibson #Fediverse #instances #fediblock #Facebook #Meta #metaverse #fedipact ⬆️ (With hashtags you reach much more people and make your post searchable. You can edit hashtags even later.

Roni Laukkarinen
4 months ago

It seems there's even some delay on my powerful instance, but only for some minutes or so. I'm deducing this based on the notification flood. Or then the issues are all round, not sure which way. Even #MastodonSocial struggling? #Eurovision causes quite a heavy server load. #MastoAdmin #Servers #Instances #MastodonInstance #SysAdmin

hannah aubry
5 months ago

I'm super excited to share a conversation I had recently with #FastForward program member @unascribed.

Una is the creator of #Jortage, a communal storage pool for #Fediverse instances. The project helps admins here on #Mastodon and beyond keep costs down by pooling resources and de-duplicating content storage across the 70+ #instances that use it.

So let's get into it:

Since #Calckey seems to have gained a lot of popularity in the #Fediverse recently, I would like to share the attached screenshot with everyone who is considering this service - maybe as a powerful #Alternative to the omnipresent #Mastodon.

The table shows a clear comparison of the various features that the
#Fediverse #Software #Calckey and other services (#Mastodon, #GlitchSoc, #Misskey, #Pleroma, #Akkoma, #Foundkey, #Pixelfed & #GoToSocial) have to offer.

Source and more information on

An overview of Calckey
#Instances can be found at:

The screenshot shows a table-like comparison of the different features that the #Fediverse service #Calckey and other services (#Mastodon, #GlitchSoc, #Misskey, #Pleroma, #Akkoma, #Foundkey, #Pixelfed, #GoToSocial) have to offer.

The features (Rich posts, Chatting, Migration, Search, Quote posts, Emoji reacts, Post edits, Deep Threads, User backfilling, Roles, Groups, Mobile app, Masto API) are in the left column, the mentioned services in the header.
PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
5 months ago

:fedi: #JoinTheFediverse :fedi:

Do you like the idea of a free, decentralized social media? Then make the move today. Simply use the built in migration feature and move from to one of the smaller servers.

You can choose a server that has a theme that fits your posting habits, a server local to where you live or a generalist server in your language.

Find servers here:

#MastodonSocial #decentralization #federation #migration #ServerList #Instances

5 months ago

@atomicpoet @Natanox I confess I thought that all changes in the #Mastodon code - the ones that affect all #instances - had to pass through a #community vote among the most committed Mastodon devs.

Is it fair to say that the Mastodon network is #decentralized as a product, but not as a process?

Martin Holland
5 months ago

One of the big advantages of #Mastodon and the #Fediverse is the possibility to move accounts between #instances (even of different services).

Still I always see accounts on, so maybe this feature isn't really used that much. So I'll do a #poll (well two, one already in German 😉 – interesting to see, if there's any big difference):

How often did you move your here account already? (Boosts welcome)


Want some #opinion : How often do you move #instances, and how often is too often?

5 months ago

@chris Regarding #instances, here are the ones I tend to hang out on:

▫️ Mastodon:
▫️ Pixelfed:
▫️ Funkwhale:
▫️ Peertube:
▫️ Bookwyrm:

Note that some of these (incl. the Pixelfed and Bookwyrm instances) are the main project instances which aren't always the best to join since a) they tend to lag and b) smaller communities are often cozier. I would check out the official project sites which often have a list!

6 months ago

@shoq @tchambers

...the same thing as the #EuropeanUnion and its member states: their own, highly protected, #Fediverse #instances.

In Germany, even (almost?) all government agencies now have a handle, as well as almost all federal courts.

If there is a list of politicians in none-EU countries, people here can start pushing for that.

Martin Urschel
6 months ago

@jake Have we made any progress on #universities and #colleges setting up their own #instances? @fediversenews

Dear #Muslims on #Mastodon:

We need to come together and make our voices heard. We can make the #Fediverse a #SafeSpaceForMuslims, but we need to put in some work.

Demand better #moderation of #Islamophobic #toots and #instances. Call out #admins for #Islamophobia as soon as you see it.

Contrary to what you may be told, this is NOT “dogpiling.” #Bigotry has NO place here. Fight back. Use your voice.

Inverse Phase
6 months ago

I don't intend to move, but can anyone recommend good #music #instances? I'd love to have some on-hand to recommend to other #musicians who want to join #mastodon.

Jupiter Rowland
6 months ago
@Johannes Ernst is currently invite-only after a recent case of a Nazi troll invasion on several #Lemmy #instances.

You could either write to the instance owner(s) and apply for an account or find another Lemmy #instance that's fully open.
6 months ago

@atomicpoet @Gargron

#Mastodon just needs more abstraction. People find it too complex. They need to think of #instances, #servers, #moderation, etc.

The onboarding isn't simple.

The metric should be whether your grandmother can do it. If my grandparents were to sign up today, they would pester me for months about what an "instance" is and completely overthink it.

Does the instance you join really still matter?

Well, it depends. If you just want to replace #Twitter because it dies tomorrow or becomes unbreakable today, then no.

That's where the simple onboarding of #Medium is nice. People basically just get an account. They don't need to worry about moderation, rules, federation and interaction distance, and reach of the posts.

I, on the other hand, know and understand more. So I know what advantages I would get by joining a more #tech focused instance like or

7 months ago


One thing I am wondering about the new #Microsoft #DotNet instance is how it is going to be used. Will they allow employees to use it freely?

Will #BigTech companies that start their own #instances keep it for their employees and use it to host their official profiles, similar to official profiles on other platforms.

7 months ago

@Gargron best wishes for conquer this attack.😈

This #DDoS should also good reminder as well, to spread users across many #Instances and don't let them pile up at one. 😉

Peter Butler
7 months ago

Is there a Mastodon instance dedicated to local lending libraries?

I’ve been running the South Berkeley Book Stand for a couple years now and it’s been a very enjoyable experience. I’d love to create an account for it and connect with other operators of small neighborhood libraries.

#Libraries #Mastodon #Instances #NeighborhoodLibraries

Allen Michie
7 months ago

@grbenny @rwba @terjefjelde @muz4now @Imprint @stevewfolds @cambraca

Lots of people are signing up today on the Mastodon instance for jazz people,, thanks to this great new article appearing today on All About Jazz. We'd love to have you join us if you'd like to migrate over or set up another Mastodon account! Come join the conversations.

#jazz #instances

Allen Michie
7 months ago

Lots of people are signing up today on the Mastodon instance for jazz people,, thanks to this great new article appearing today on All About Jazz. We'd love to have you join us if you'd like to migrate over or set up another Mastodon account! Come join the conversations.

#jazz #instances