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Die Munich Re veröffentlichte gerade eine Analyse, in der für den Cyber-Versicherungsmarkt ein immenses Wachstum vorhergesagt wird. Das Risikofeld ist für Unternehmen inzwischen eines der bedeutendsten. #Cybersecurity #Cyber #cyberinsurance #MUNICHRE #insurance #versicherungsmarkt #cybercrime

7 hours ago

My shitty dicksock of a housebuilder is in Liquidation!!! 😄😃😎😁😀🎂🎇🥳🍾🎈🥂🎉
This is amazing news as now it's official we can claim on his indemnity insurance and finally get the house build moving again! And with a builder who's not a bastard.
#Relief #ShonkyBuilders #CanMoveOn #Insurance

Screenshot of notice from the ASIC website:


Paragraph 491(2)(b) Published: 30/0512023 Regulation 5.5.01

(Name and ACN redacted)

Status: In Liquidation
Abe Drayton
10 hours ago

Make no mistake – this policy, if it’s maintained, is a phase-out. They will lose customers, for one reason or another, and they do not intend to replace them.

#StateFarm #GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #California #Insurance

15 hours ago

Also, to follow up with this: If you have #insurance, please use it and get whatever diagnosis and accommodations you need. Just be safe and make sure your insurance isn't a scam. For example, public servants (especially #NYS ) have some of the best insurance in the United States. As for abroad, please do what's best and find a trusted caregiver to help you

Dee Toher
22 hours ago

More on how #insurance industry is crippling events in #ireland
We never thought that Beyoncé and the European Juggling Convention would be in the same headline!


1 day ago

Liability Insurance for gun owners (a new AR 15 typically costs between $1500-$2000, while a 9mm semiautomatic pistol runs $400-$1000) is a good way to create responsible gun owners, who store their weapons in secure safes and store their ammo in separate secure location, without infringing. It would also mean there is a fund available to ensure if someone is injured or killed with their weapon, by them or by others, to compensate the injured/dead.
#smallbusiness #insurance #guns #gunrights

2 days ago

Insurance giant halts sale of new home policies in California due to wildfires

State Farm also cites inflation of construction costs in statement which comes after increasing wildfires in state

#climate #climatecrisis #california #insurance #wildfires #statefarm #us
#theguardian #inflation #constructioncosts

2 days ago

#Insurance is weird. #Government action makes it weirder. If you have perverse #incentives, you get perverse results.

An example.

Every spring, there are floods somewhere in North America. Maybe the Red River that flows up through North Dakota to Winnipeg and beyond. Maybe the winter snowpack is heavy and melts quickly in the Rockies, flooding out parts of B.C. Maybe torrential rains in Atlantic areas cause overland flooding throughout Quebec.


#flood #flooding #incentive

undergrowth-feed 🍃
2 days ago | Insurance giant halts sale of new home policies in California due to wildfires |

"The insurance giant State Farm, America’s biggest car and home insurer by premium volume, will halt the sale of new home insurance policies in California, citing wildfire risk and inflation of construction costs." | #California #ClimateChange #wildfires #capitalism #insurance #StateFarm

Bob LeFridge
2 days ago

Starting this weekend, America's biggest car & home insurer -- State Farm -- will no longer write new home or contents insurance in California. Existing policies will be honoured.

Last year AIG advised thousands of Californians that their insurance would no longer be renewed.

An increase in wildfires due to climate change is the driver here. And if you can't insure your home, you can't get a mortgage.

#ClimateChange #California #Insurance

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

"The #insurance giant #StateFarm, America’s biggest car and home insurer by premium volume, will halt the sale of new #HomeInsurance policies in #California, citing #wildfire risk and inflation of construction costs."

Let that sink in: You can build a home in California, but State Farm refuses to insure it. I'm sure other insurers will follow.

“State Farm General Insurance Company made this decision due to historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation, rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and a challenging reinsurance market."

“The factors driving State Farm’s decision are beyond our control, including #ClimateChange, reinsurance costs affecting the entire insurance industry and global inflation."

#USA #California #FossilFuelsKill #DontLookUp #JustStopOil #ClimateCatastrophe #insurance

ACAB for Cutie
2 days ago

What. The. Actual. Fuck.
So, what am I even paying a premium for!? What is this insurance even doing!?

Email subject:
Response needed: Your insurance won't allow us to fill more medications
#HealthcareIsARight #Insurance #HealthInsurance

Email subject:
Response needed: Your insurance won't allow us to fill more medications 
> Health/PillPack

Hi Cassandra,

We are unable to fill your <prescriptions> because you've reached the maximum retail pharmacy fills allowed by your insurance plan. They will need to be filled by their own mail order service.

You may be able to request an exception by calling your insurance company directly. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to make this change on your behalf.

You can also pay the cash price for these medications. The following represents the cost of a month's supply of your medications through our preferred discount program
3 days ago

#StateFarm #insurance, "Like a good neighbor" we won't insure you if you live in #Florida or #California, or soon any other state where we might actually have to pay out a claim.

Like credit, the only time you can get insurance is if you can prove you don't need it.

@petergleick 🥥 Tell me about #ClimateChange being revealed by #insurance premiums, Peter. My home insurance premium has doubled since 40% of our town went up in flames 2 years ago. 🥥

3 days ago

Interesting... my #insurance company recently told us they have contracted a company to do #wildfire prevention/response on insured properties, and saw this email about the company doing "long term fire retardant" applications (which looks like an extra-cost program). Curious if the insurer is actually trying to protect properties, or this is an additional profit generating partnership for them.

Insurance email: Good Morning,

I hope you are doing well. We are planning to start scheduling our  Defender fire retardant application in the coming month. This application will help provide extra protection during what we are anticipating to be a long and intense fire season. It will also help to protect your home, your family and your assets

If you are a client that receives the Defender application, we will reach out to you in the next couple of weeks. If you would like more details on our Long Term Fire Retardant and Defender programs, please let me know. I would be happy to give you more information.

Please continue to take care of your property, start working on getting your go bags ready, make sure your evacuation plan is set and ensure your neighbors are ready as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We are here for you.

3 days ago

State Farm cited “rapidly growing catastrophe exposure” but that this "does not apply to personal auto insurance or existing home insurance policies in the state. #insurance #wildfires #disasters

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
3 days ago

State Farm will "cease accepting new applications for business and personal lines property and casualty insurance", effective May 27, 2023, citing "rapidly growing catastrophe exposure" as a major reason.

"rapidly growing catastrophe exposure" 😲

Get it now, climate deniers?? 😠
State Farm General Insurance Company®: California New Business Update

#Climate #ClimateChange #Insurance #California

#IAmDB #News

Preston MacDougall
3 days ago

@petergleick ⬆️

#Insurance industry, now do gun sales!

Higher #LifeInsurance for gun owners, and #Liability insurance for sellers of #GunsAndAmmo.

A registry for convicted #ammosexuals would be good for #PublicSafety , too! 🙏


State Farm halts new property insurance policies in California due to “rapidly growing catastrophic exposure.” #climate #wildcire #insurance – Press Enterprise

β Mets Radio Booth 🤖
3 days ago

Nimmo tripled again. Lindor sac fly scored him again. 5-2 Mets in 9th. #Insurance

CelloMom On Cars
4 days ago

There go the people who might give a clear signal on #ClimateRisk for projects and inftrastructure.

"The Net-Zero #Insurance Alliance (#NZIA) has been buffeted by growing political opposition from some #Republicans in the US who say the group could be violating #antitrust laws by working together to reduce clients' carbon #emissions.

This month 23 US state attorneys general [said NZIA targets andrequirements] appeared to violate both federal and state antitrust laws."

Pierce ⚖️ 🇺🇸 🌵
5 days ago

Offering repairs in response to a defective work claim against a #construction company make senses right? Not always. Often there is #insurance that comes into play. Most companies aren't liquid, especially for costly repairs. If a contractor agrees to perform repairs, they can jeopardize that insurance. In the case below, $600,000 worth of repairs were needed and now there is no good source to fund it. It's critical to get #legal advice. #law #lawfedi #litigation

The #EpiscopalChurch of the Redeemer is now accepting donations to replace the vandalized #welcome #sign because the church's #insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of #repair

According to Black, the total cost of replacing the sign, which was installed in 2016, is $15,050.

Flipboard News Desk
6 days ago

He visited the U.S. for his daughter's wedding — and left with a $42,000 medical bill.

NPR reports on one American expat's unhappy encounter with the insurance industry.

#Health #Insurance #Travel #PersonalFinance

Bennett McIntosh
1 week ago

This is bad and is a reminder of the vastly underappreciated power of the insurance industry to enforce social norms through the psuedo-objective language of "risk"

Houston's only lesbian bar, Pearl Bar, was denied insurance for hosting drag shows because drag is considered to be a "risk factor." @Chron via @TexasObserver

#drag #lgbtq #insurance #uspol

2 weeks ago

#Cdnpoli #Onpoli #Insurance

One year after the derecho, this man still has a hole in his roof — and no repair in sight.

The Insurance company is not responsible for repairs. Their only responsibility is to pay fair costs. Mitigating your loss, and finding a contractor is solely on you

matsuko (they/she)
2 weeks ago

Sick of job postings for "part-time" roles that are actually 30+ hours/week.

#work #jobs #insurance #benefits #employers

"One insurer denied 49 percent of claims in 2021; another’s turndowns hit an astonishing 80 percent in 2020. Despite the potentially dire impact that denials have on patients’ health or finances, data shows that people appeal only once in every 500 cases.

Sometimes, the insurers’ denials defy not just medical standards of care but also plain old human logic…."

#HealthInsurance #healthcare #capitalism #insurance

Elisabeth Rosenthal writes that denials of health insurance claims are increasing:

"A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) of plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplace found that even when patients received care from in-network physicians — doctors and hospitals approved by these same insurers — the companies in 2021 nonetheless denied, on average, 17 percent of claims."

#HealthInsurance #healthcare #capitalism #insurance

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
2 weeks ago

@Chron Fascism is a partnership between the rulers and the businesses to force conformity and increase production. This checks out.


Milla Havanka
2 weeks ago

'"Prior to those two big fire years, homeowners #insurance had been relatively stable for a very long period of time, and then, all of a sudden, it wasn't,“ said Rex Frazier, president of the Personal Insurance Federation of California.

Frazier said the two fire seasons wiped out 24 years of underwriting profits industrywide.

“It was just a massive shock to the system that such a large amount of money could be paid out in such a short period'

2 weeks ago

(Edited: Thanks to @me for the gift link). Press Democrat: Homeowners in areas of high fire risk hit with sudden policy cancellations
As a new climate reality sets in, complete with more frequent and intense wildfires, sea level rise and unpredictable storms, people living in higher fire risk areas in particular are increasingly facing sudden cancellation, the refusal of residential insurance coverage or unmanageable premium costs #insurance #climate #wildfires

Headline clip of this article (in text) to make it obvious the gift link works

So after a day fighting with doctors' offices and reading about drug shortages, I think I'm having trouble finding motivation to work today. Because it doesn't feel important to work and have health insurance to have doctors ignore it and maybe they'll have the medicine I need in a crunch or maybe they won't who can say really?

#HealthCare #Insurance #Work

2 weeks ago

Congressional Committee, Regulators Question Cigna System That Lets Its Doctors Deny Claims Without Reading Patient Files

A key congressional committee asked #insurance
giant #Cigna to provide documents so lawmakers can examine the company’s practice of denying health care claims without ever opening a patient file.

The probe follows a ProPublica/Capitol Forum investigation that found Cigna allows its doctors to reject hundreds of thousands of claims a month.

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

Helping the #insurance industry get a handle on the climate-changed rsks.

"This partnership between #NSF and #NOAA focuses on industry and academia jointly solving some of the most difficult problems we face. Predicting the risks and damages of #climate-related perils such as #wildfires, #floods, #tornados and #hurricanes in a world of radically changing and intensifying catastrophic weather is essential."

EU Finance 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

RT @eiopa_europa_eu: High #inflation & rising interest rates can affect your #pensions & #insurance products and reduce your purchasing power. 📉

Find out what steps you should take to deal with their impact.💡



ESAs draw consumers’ attention to how rises in inflation and interest rates might affect their finances
David Turner
2 weeks ago

Insurance against rain-soaked #holidays was a thing?

Eagle Star #insurance offered such policies and in 1939 the #LondonandNorthEasternRailway, as part of its "Meet the #Sun on the East Coast" #marketing campaign, arranged for a 10% premium reduction for customers visiting the East Coast.

2 weeks ago

The Shadowy Financial Empire Built Around Liberty HealthShare Is Showing Signs of Strain

Beers family members built a “conglomerate” — including an airline, a bank in the #Ozarks, carpet stores, a #marijuana farm, and more than $20M in #RealEstate — by selling a #Christian alternative to traditional #health #insurance.

They’re now scrambling for cash, even though they received millions in #PPP loans that were later forgiven.

#HealthCare #LibertyHealthShare #Ohio

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Has a health insurance company denied your claim?

Have you come across other infuriating denials on social media?

Help us by tagging posts with:

@ProPublica reporters will be tracking this hashtag and following up with information on how you can request the internal notes and audio surrounding the claim.

#Health #Insurance #HealthCare #Hospitals #Doctors #Patients #Medicine #Medication

3 weeks ago

Health Insurance Claim Denied?
See What Insurers Said Behind the Scenes

When a #health #insurance company is deciding whether to pay for your #medical treatment, the company generates a file around your claim.

All the records associated with your case should be part of your file. This includes documents explaining the reasons your claim was denied.

You have a right to see this file.

Learn how to request it:

#HealthCare #Hospitals #Doctors

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

Looking to buy a house? You can tell from the home insurance #premium how much #climate risk there is on that property.

"#Homeowners should understand the potential hazards and find the right #insurance policy or policies to protect them from harm. And they need to be aware that the costs of living in harm’s way are going to rise in coming years."


Ian Brown :fedi:
3 weeks ago

“Why pay what some consider expensive premiums for increasingly limited [#insurance] coverage when further investment in #cybersecurity is viewed as a more effective way of managing the risk?” said Philippe Cotelle, [industry association] Ferma’s deputy president

Cycle touring insurance can be a minefield, so you need to be switched on. ALWAYS read the policy, to see what you'll be covered for before signing up.
I did that and was shocked!
#CycleTouring #Insurance #Cycling #WillCycle

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #18/2023 is out! It includes, but not only:

‣ 🇷🇺 🇫🇷 Pro-Russian Hackers Claim Downing of French Senate Website
‣ New #Android FluHorse #malware steals your passwords, 2FA codes
‣ 🇰🇵 Kimsuky hackers use new recon tool to find security gaps
‣ Why Robot Vacuums Have Cameras (and What to Know About Them)
‣ Researchers Discover 3 Vulnerabilities in #Microsoft #Azure API Management Service
#Cisco phone adapters vulnerable to RCE attacks, no fix available
‣ 🇺🇸 Coming to DEF CON 31: Hacking AI models
‣ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russian hackers use #WinRAR to wipe #Ukraine state agency’s data
#Facebook disrupts new #NodeStealer information-stealing malware
‣ 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 Russian national charged for role in stolen credit card verification scheme
‣ 🇺🇸 Court Rules in Favor of Merck in $1.4 Billion Insurance Claim Over #NotPetya Cyberattack
‣ 💸 When it comes to online scams, ‘#ChatGPT is the new #crypto
#Google starts rolling out passkey support for Google Accounts
‣ 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 FBI seizes 9 crypto exchanges used to launder #ransomware payments
‣ 🇪🇺 288 #darkweb vendors arrested in major marketplace seizure
‣ 🇰🇷 #Samsung Bans Staff’s AI Use After Spotting ChatGPT Data Leak
‣ 🎙️ Decipher Security Podcast: @Weld and @spacerog
‣ 🇷🇺 New ‘Lobshot’ hVNC Malware Used by Russian Cybercriminals
‣ T-Mobile discloses second #databreach since the start of 2023
‣ 🇻🇳 Vietnamese Threat Actor Infects 500,000 Devices Using 'Malverposting' Tactics
‣ 🇮🇷 ‘BouldSpy’ Android Malware Used in Iranian Government Surveillance Operations
‣ 🇺🇦 Hackers use fake ‘Windows Update’ guides to target Ukrainian govt

#cyberattack #security #data #podcast #insurance #windows

📚 This week's recommended reading is the #2600Magazine Spring Issue!

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Need I say anymore. #insurance

Today we're going to learn about insurance, 
Hey insurance I am injured and need some of that money I give you in case I get injured. 
And that's how insurance work.
Jan Penfrat
4 weeks ago

OK @beuc's #ConsumerDebates event on #EHDS is over.


🤩 @TheProgressives MEP #PetarVitanov seems to have patients' right to #privacy front and centre. Kudos!

😖 The @EU_Commission seems to neither understand #bigdata nor their own #dataprotection law #GDPR. Sad!

💸 The #insurance #industry wants to milk us for more profits. Surprise!

🤔 And #BEUC defends #patients' rights but for some reason less so when it comes to the secondary use of #medical records by 3rd parties.

*** END ***

Jan Penfrat
4 weeks ago

Of course the #insurance lobbyist gratefully jumps on that falsehood, throwing all the #innovation and medical advancement journey BS that the insurance industry allegedly provides at us. #EHDS #ConsumerDebates

Jan Penfrat
4 weeks ago

Great push-back from @beuc's #MoniqueGoyens against the insurance lobby: the whole idea of #insurance is the #mutualisation of #risk, so abusing medical records for individual premiums and prices breaks the entire system.


Two years ago Gatik Ship Management owned just two #oiltankers, now its has 58 vessels.

How's it grown so fast?

Well if I tell you that over 75% of its cargo is #Russian oil avoiding various sanctions I think you'll get the picture.

Based in #India, no longer using mainstream #shipping #insurance with many ship registered by single ship 'divisions' of the firm, its ownership & operations are murky

If you wondered how Russia was surviving #economicsanctions; you can always sell oil!


1 month ago

Tip: If you're looking for car insurance in Australia - do *not* go with Budget Direct / Auto General.

I waited 3 1/2 months just for them to approve the repair and allow the mechanics to order the parts, so far I've been without my car for 4 months and counting.

#Australia #Insurance #BudgetDirect #AutoGeneral #BadBusinesses #CarInsurance

Is your doctor running behind? It's probably your insurance company's fault

A behind-the-scenes look at the costs of health #insurance #priorauthorization denials

#blog #blogpost #MedMastodon #healthcare

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

Real World Evidence Shown to Emulate Some Clinical Trials

A #study of #insurance claims #records matching the design of randomized clinical trials shows #claims data can in some cases resemble clinical trial results to make causal inferences.

#News #Science #Business #ClinicalTrials #RCT #RealWorldEvidence #Algorithms #Analytics #Software #MedicalRecords #FDA #JAMA

Finger silhouette pointing at data code on a screen
C.H. Romatowski
1 month ago

Passing along a #JournoRequest.

Annie Lowrey wrote this great piece on the admin burden & timesuck “imposed on citizens in exchange for benefits that putatively exist to help them” in the US.

Now she’s looking to talk to folks for a book about it: “Tell me about the #insurance snafu ruining your life, the years you spent waiting for benefits, your #immigration process, your #FAFSA cluster, your #healthcare nightmare. I'm”

#NEISvoid #disability

Frederik Borgesius
2 months ago

Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM): 'Our researchers expect that digitalisation and the use of data could lead to insurance becoming highly personalised. This offers advantages such as better service, a more personalised offering and more choice. But at the same time, the researchers warn that consumers may become more vulnerable and in extreme cases even uninsurable.'
#tech #ai #law #insurance #EU #netherlands #fintech #economics

2 months ago

Track All of Your Stuff with Under My Roof from Binary Formations

A beautiful UI with a rock-solid application that makes tracking your stuff actually enjoyable.

#database #insurance #MacApp #iOSApp #iPadOSApp

Michael Reeder LCPC
2 months ago

These wages no doubt look pretty good to some people. A few points about that:

a) Psychotherapists are paying off student loans for masters and doctoral degrees.
b) These are pay rate examples for self-employed psychotherapists. Rent, utilities, overhead, vacations, and sick time all come out of our own pockets. These rates are not take-home pay -- we are contractors, not employees.

I now know people in their 30s making $85K in public relations and marketing who feel underpaid. I have a former Medicaid client now making $120K (and gods bless, they deserve every penny). Other therapists I talk to point out:

-- moonlighting teachers command $90/hr. for tutoring

-- hairdressers, dog groomers and tutors get paid in cash and don’t have to carry liability insurance or be on call

-- "$65-$75 per head for cut & blow dry in my suburban area. Approximately a 30-45 min service. No waiting 30-45 days to be paid. Cash in hand. No notes to keep. No files to maintain. No clawbacks. Not on call for emergencies."

-- "Ins fees for 90834 range from $48 for the market place plan to about $80-$84 for BCBS. The average fee appears to be about $67 to $77." [This varies by area of the USA.]

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have plenty of problems -- but seem to do better in pay negotiations. Teachers are underpaid, but largely get to benefit from unions. Psychotherapists need either the ability to organize/unionize -- or national associations with the money and capabilities to fight for better wages and take on big-money insurance interests.

-- Michael

#psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy @psychotherapist @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork #union #unionizing #pay #healthcare #reimbursement #ShermanAct #APA #ACA #NCSW #inflation #wages #insurance #healthinsurance


2 months ago

Doctors at a major US #insurance company deny tens of thousands of claims a month without even looking at #patients’ files.

“We literally click & submit,” a former #Cigna #doctor told ProPublica & The Capitol Forum. “It takes all of 10 seconds to do 50 at a time.”

Here's the inside story (THREAD)...

Surprising no one, ProPublica reveals that Cigna prioritizes profits over people by mass rejecting legitimate healthcare claims without review, counting on most people to just pay instead of appeal. I guarantee they aren't the only insurance provider doing shit like this. The U.S. healthcare system is fundamentally broken, and will remain that way as long as it is profit driven.

#cigna #healthcare #insurance #universalhealthcare

2 months ago

Insured through #Cigna or #UnitedHealthcare?

ProPublica & Capitol Forum have investigated how these #health #insurance companies fight to reduce spending on patient care.

Join us Tuesday, 3/28 to learn our findings.

RSVP to this free online event here:

Dr T ²
2 months ago

Next article in an ongoing series by @ProPublica on US health insurance system denials of care. This time, Cigna and their algorithm to allow hundreds of denials a minute with no review.

#healthcare #insurance #cigna

2 months ago

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them
Internal documents and former company executives reveal how Cigna doctors reject patients’ claims without opening their files.

“We literally click and submit,” one former company doctor said.

#Insurance #Health #HealthCare #Cigna #Medical #Hospitals #Doctors

2 months ago

This County Has Spent More Than $1M Fighting Insurance Coverage for Deputy's Gender-Affirming Care
Officials in one #Georgia county said gender-affirming surgery for sheriff’s deputy Anna Lange was too costly.

They spent more than $1 million on private #lawyers in a fight to keep transition-related care from being covered by their health plan.

#Health #HealthCare #Insurance #Transgender #NorthCarolina #Arizona #Police #CivilRights

4 months ago

Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) Managing Director Rokiah Bakar and @MAS_sg Managing Director Ravi Menon signed a MoU to deepen cooperation in #banking & #insurance supervision at the fourth BDCB-MAS Bilateral Roundtable.