Erika Sumner
27 minutes ago


Pls note, I was condemning bad actors, not attacking the #UAE. The article you shared proves my point. Conflicts of interest can only be managed when there is disclosure. #Biden auction wasn’t secret & he was taken to task. To refer to what I said earlier about our #SCOTUS debacle, their #integrity is in question b/c they haven’t been disclosing. The leader of a #climate summit secretly doing business in direct conflict of summit goals DURING the summit is acting in bad faith

Erika Sumner
3 hours ago

MASSIVE #SCANDAL: Leaked docs show the president of the #UN global #climate summit #COP28 secretly planned to lobby countries to increase the United Arab Emirates’ oil & gas exports. The man is the head of an #oil company & outcry when he was chosen to lead COP28 was ignored. I wish the world would learn from our #SCOTUS debacle. Conflicts of interest erode #integrity like acid.

#ClimateChange #UAE

2 days ago

So I just got a message from a person to which I sold my old iPhone 13 to. They informed me that even though I had done a factory reset on the phone they was still, by default, logged into my Spotify account. How strange is that!? 😲 I immediately went into my account and logged out of every device - but I feel that should happen automatically when resetting a device! 🤯

#spotify #security #integrity #ios

Illuminati Press Office
5 days ago

The OCC's decision to quietly replace Prashant Bhardwaj is concerning. It's important for the public to feel that the financial industry is being monitored by honest and trustworthy individuals. #Integrity #Accountability #FinancialIndustry #OCC #TheIlluminati

Stitch Media
6 days ago
UwU Siemer
6 days ago

#Cybersecurity Architecture: Fundamentals of #Confidentiality, #Integrity, and #Availability


IBM Security QRadar EDR :

00:00 Confidentiality
03:51 Integrity
06:50 Availability

Ulises Gascon
6 days ago

🚩 Keep up to date with @nodejs #security by watching the #Nodejs Security Working Group's last meeting on YouTube!

🔥 Discuss possibility of #consulting engagement with #securityExpert (
🔥 Have a #SBOM for #Nodejs?
👉 #nodejs Code #integrity on #Windows
👉 #License checker process/script
👉 #Audit build process for #dependencies
👉 Initiative for CII-Best-Practices for Nodejs Projects
👉 Permission Model - Roadmap

Dan Connolly
1 week ago

That's a #darkpattern , after I #donate I follow the Unsubscribe link from the receipt email, only to get a 404 error . Grr. #integrity is job 1. And nothing says lack of integrity to a web guy like a 404.

At least the 404 page suggested a search, which led me to a straightforward unsubscribe form.

Serhii Nazarovets
1 week ago

Why archive journal editorial boards are important? 1) journals might not have any formal mechanisms to register changes in the editorial constitution of the board; 2) there is historical importance in appreciating changes to editorial board constituency, including changes to #gender representation; 3) changes might be made opaquely to hide or masquerade information that is intricately linked to the historical aspect of that journal.


#integrity #reproducibility

Nazarovets, M., Teixeira da Silva, J.A. Use of the Internet Archive to Preserve the Constituency of Journal Editorial Boards. Pub Res Q (2023).
Charlotte Joanne
1 week ago

What if you had to live with the consequences of your actions forever? How would that change your choices, your attitude, your relationships? This is the #Philosophy of living every day as if you have to live with the consequences forever. It means being mindful, responsible, compassionate and honest. It means not taking anything for granted, not wasting time on trivial matters, not hurting others or yourself. It means living with #Integrity, #Purpose and #Joy.

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 week ago

It is important to know and be our authentic selves, so we can resist the pressure to conform, please others, or be anything else than who we are.

We honor our spirit by walking away from those who act as if we aren't good enough. Likewise, we should want to see, appreciate, accept, encourage, and love others exactly as they are.

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #presence #intention #authenticity #integrity #respect #love

A girl’s contemplative face is reflected in a mirror. The caption reads, "Be your authentic self."
Jo Jitsu
2 weeks ago

And that's not even mentioning those who just opened their door to the wolf when he said 'Let me in' and did not refuse entry.

It's also a story about #integrity. Personal and structural.

Joseph Lim :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

"'Worthy of applause': UAE's head of anti-money laundering lauds Singapore's handling of $2.8b bust"
Why do I sense sarcasm in that "applause" - or is it just me?
#AML #FATF #transparency #integrity #banking

2 weeks ago

Dear Followers of #Hashtags,

#Truth #Integrity #Kindness #Understanding #Wisdom #Calming #Environment #Nature #Trees #Solutions #Urban #Choosing #Zone #Decide #Change

Yes we can follow hashtags, OF OUR CHOOSING. Is it rude to shout, scream or scram? We decide …

Can we block, boost and follow? If we do, will our #timeline and what we find there, change? Count on it.

Can we find what interests us? Go find out! Bon Voyage of Discovery … We are Free, as in free to choose :ablobdancer:

We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. We are the Zone. Now we know?

2 weeks ago

Chronic lateness hurts us all. Being on time shows respect, discipline, and care for people. Learn how punctuality nurtures relationships and success.

Being on time shows
Care and respect for others
Tardiness harms all

#Punctuality #TimeManagement #Respect #Responsibility #Reliability #Relationships #Reputation #Professionalism #Integrity #ABeautifulMess

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

Interesting. Leica M11-P

"The world’s first camera with Content Credentials"

"Leica M11-P is the first camera to seamlessly integrate content authentication according to the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the C2PA standard.

...opportunity to verify moments in time, taking responsibility for the provenance of a moment – ensuring that every photo you take stands as a hallmark of credibility, integrity, and innovation..."

#jouralism #integrity #photography

Juanita Olaya
2 weeks ago

Four different working groups of the UNCAC Coalition have drafted this submission to the upcoming UNCAC COSP10: *Consequences of Corruption:The Right of Victims to Participation and Reparation in Corruption Cases.* We urge States Parties to accelerate efforts to address the consequences of corruption and ensure remedies for the damages caused, particularly at the collective level.

#corruption #integrity #humanrights #victimsofcorruption #COSP10 #UNCAC

3 weeks ago

@madargon I luvs #integrity. It is the first #shift into under steer. OR MU as the Zen cows X-Press it so ORwellian …

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

The question voters need to ask themselves before wasting their votes:

What are the virtues & ethics the guy, who begs to get my vote to make him represent me, my family & friends in United States Congress really has?

Will s/he serve me & most Americans or will s/he just be another lobbyist for an over-wealthy, self-centered splinter group unrepresentative of the nation's community?
#DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #DefendTheUnion #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice #EthicsInGovernment #Integrity #Honesty #Incorruptibility #Fairness #CleanCongress #Corruption #NationalSecurity #Dereliction #JoeManchin #Sinema #BuildBackBetter #VotingRights #EnvironmentalProtection #FreeFromFossilFuels

Martin Skrodzki
3 weeks ago

Great lunch lecture of the Delft Young Academy today by Martin Sand, who told us about "Teaching Scientific Integrity at @tudelft". It's important as the @KNAW is soon having consultations on the new code of conduct for #Research #Integrity. A topic that is also important to

Martin Sand on the left with a screen on the right showing the title slide of his talk.
3 weeks ago

The unsafe Safeguard Mechanism: how carbon credits could blow up Australia’s main climate policy
"The reputation of offsets or these projects do serious damage to Australia’s emissions reduction efforts."

"Our research shows that most of these projects have low integrity. People are getting carbon credits for not clearing forests that were never going to be cleared anyway, for growing trees that already exist, for growing forests in places that will never sustain them, and for operating electricity generators at landfills that would have operated anyway."

"Fixing these flaws is challenging. But by refusing to face the problems head-on, the government has sabotaged its own climate policy. Its failure could also permanently stain the reputation of offsets."

"Like Robodebt, the scheme is badly designed, unethical, and destined to fail, albeit for different reasons. We can only hope that when it unravels, it doesn’t do Australia’s decarbonisation efforts permanent harm."

What do forests have to do with greenhouse gas emissions?

Here we list an extensive list of media and publications concerning integrity problems with carbon offset schemes.
#offsets #FossilFuels #ClimateActionNow #Australia #climate #NativeForests #deforestation #GHG #market #NetZero #transition #integrity

John Henry
3 weeks ago

Discussing the dynamics of Facebook's engagement bonus program, advising users to avoid shortcut methods and fake engagements. Also: a sidebar article about related abuses on FB by bad actors targeting legitimate activists who get in the way of the widespread grift in leftist social media.- #astroturf #disinformation #facebook #influence #informationliteracy #integrity #medialiteracy #socialmedia

Juanita Olaya
3 weeks ago

We need to address the consequences of corruption, break the silos and see the connections between corruption, environmental degradation, climate change denial, wars and human rights violations. I am proud of the collective effort that has lead 4 different working groups of the UNCAC Coalition to draft this submission to the upcoming UNCAC COSP10:Consequences of Corruption:The Right of Victims to Participation and Reparation in Corruption Cases. >>
#corruption #integrity

Catherine Ivers Norton
3 weeks ago
A woman lit by sunlight smiles as she holds a teacup to her lips. The caption reads, "A wise woman once made a cup of tea and said nothing."
Silver Huang
3 weeks ago

I wrote about an insight that popped up for me today about how integrity is (partly) about what we choose to keep close to our hearts and how authenticity, therefore, is made of what we *choose* to give.

#authenticity #integrity

4 weeks ago

Yesterday was also the 32nd anniversary of the first public release of Tripwire. Gene Kim labored mightily at realizing my design, and answering my riddles three to get the code out. 😉

I still believe that integrity monitoring is underutilized.

#tripwire #cybersecurity #integrity #history

Silver Huang
1 month ago

I wrote about my recent trauma-healing journey: Reclaiming my power through standing up for my most treasured gift—The ability to see the unseen in others and offer it with alacrity and compassion for their healing and growth as a helping professional.

#mentoring #coaching #intuition #insight #SelfEmpowerment #integrity #authenticity #TraumaHealing

Hebrew by Inbal
1 month ago

Integrity: The Silent Force Behind a Life Well-Lived

Hey friends,

I felt compelled today to discuss something that often goes unsaid but is always noticed—integrity.

It's a word we've all heard, but its power is sometimes overlooked, and nowadays is more important than ever.

In its purest form, integrity means doing the right thing when nobody's watching.

#integrity #liveauthentically #standwithisrael #virtues #values #jewish

John Earle
1 month ago
1 month ago

@verdantsquare Live your life in such a way that you don’t have to hide your very recent viewpoints. #integrity #LifeLessons

1 month ago

Attempted #pogrom by a mob at an airport in #Dagestan. Deadly attacks on Palestinian villagers by other mobs, in the #Westbank.

You can be horrified and want all of this to stop, because you realize the only thing these have in common is contempt for human life, human rights, and humanity.

Or you can say "But…", look for "reasons" why one mob isn't really as bad as the other one, and lose your #integrity.

Travis F W
1 month ago

If you do not clearly envision a better world, it will never come.

1 month ago

Dear Friends of Morrisons,

Had a fad food delivery from #Sainsbury super-hero-market, well its all faddy now, from local hype-market prices. What I ate today was five bowles of brown spaghetti monster noodliness. I broke the spag to release the ease of suck added a jar of hidden veg toms sauce. You say #Tomato, I see potato. It was delish, especially as I added my own twist of #vegan tuna … well eh … vegan by lobster 🦞 standards as it had been butchered and tinned. I such a badly vegan 🤭

Then using my powers of bloat, I watched the always Halloween extreme-news, all extreme now. What a load of desperate twaddle. We are doomed? I think not. Just the reincarnation of ye olde oppressives in new guises, as the #Buddha she say …

Anyways peeping livers, live your life with #truth, #integrity and #sincerity. You will be happy when death, destruction and demons float your boat. You will be kind because you can-can. Mostly survive. #Wishing #well. Long Live Joy!

1 month ago

#AntonioGuterres gehört zu den wenigen Personen in hochrangigen Positionen, die die Problemen klar ansprechen. Er versteht die prekäre Lage, in der wir uns befinden.

Das scheint der FAZ nicht zu passen, die offensichtlich lieber bei Schönrederei und den Kopf in den Sand stecken bleiben möchte.

#UN #Guterres #Honesty #Integrity

Earthy Tonez
1 month ago

Looking at history, it’s hard to say that any current negative trend is truly “historic” but I’ve been really bothered by the flagrant lack of #integrity of modern life:

Websters defines integrity as:

1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY
2: an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS
3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 month ago

If the challenging road was easy, everyone would be on it.

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #presence #journey #confidence #integrity

A woman with long hair walks away down the center stripe of a 4 lane road. The caption reads, "Faith is not expecting everything to go well, but having confidence when it does not."
Andrea Chiarelli
1 month ago

Questionable or 'grey' publishers are a growing issue. According to this recent study, Malaysia is the most concerned country, but China, Poland, France, and Spain are also exhibiting signs of unease. #researchintegrity #integrity #publishing

1 month ago

Judge #Chutkan’s limited #GagOrder really sought to thread the needle on balancing Trump’s #rights to #political #speech as a candidate & her own #duties to #protect the #integrity of the case in front of her. But it is likely that if she tried to hold #Trump accountable for any particular offending statements that his lawyers will fight the effort vigorously.

#legal #law #criminal #conspiracy #obstruction #ElectionInterference #SpecialCounsel #JackSmith #WitnessIntimidation #JuryTampering

Swede’s Photographs
1 month ago

Good morning. 😴😪☕

16 October 2023

One of my valued values is integrity. I believe persons should do what they say they will do and only say what they will do. That value causes me to be scarce with commitments because if I say I will do something, I'll do it or at least try my very best to do it. That hasn't always been the case for me, it's something that evolved with maturity and in the Army, integrity is a core value, or at least supposed to be. As with anybody else, when somebody tells me they will do something, and they don't do it, not only am I disappointed, but I'm also genuinely perplexed. and feel deceived at best.

“Don't assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don't say anything you can't stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel.” - Warsan Shire

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #integrity #flowers #weeds

This is a photograph of Late boneset (Eupatorium serotinum) on a darkened background, it is a weed, but it has hundreds of small bright white flowers.
Jennifer Moore 😷
2 months ago

"A trip by plane from Papua New Guinea to Germany produces, in 32 hours, 5.3 tonnes of CO2 per passenger. Slow travel produces approximately 12 times less (420kg). In the current state of climate emergency, wasting 4.9 tonnes of CO2 – about how much the average person in the world emits in one year – to expedite my return to Europe is not morally acceptable to me."
- Gianluca Grimalda


#ClimateChange #integrity

Now that I have migrated some of my hosts to #NixOS, I do have a bad feeling because of #Microsoft and most probably GitHub being hacked.

As mentioned on the deep #GitHub dependency turns out to be a real downer for this OS.

#security #integrity

📺 VIDEO:🌹 "Thorn In The Side Of Secure 🔓 Encryption"

Looking Into #NGO Lobbying For Encryption Compromises

Public Early Watch On Blog (click peertube) Shows up on channels soon

#News #Blog #HumanRights #e2ee #encryption #crypto #Thorn #security #infosec #cybersecurity #privacy #anonymity #AI #anonymous #Journalism #integrity

"The secret of life, of abundant life, with its strength, its felicity, and its unbroken peace is to find the Divine Centre within oneself, and to live in and from that, instead of in that outer circumference of disturbances."
James Allen
#mindset #integrity #abundance #joy #inspirational

Pusher Of Pixels
2 months ago

@GottaLaff @WagnerTonight this is something you have to answer for. #NBC #MSNBC #Integrity

3 months ago

Perpetuating the travesty and NYT is complicit. #ClarenceThomas filed an "updated" financial disclosure report that does nothing but continue the lies he has told for 30+years about the #graft he continues to receive. For all of us who have had to file Real Financial Disclosure Reports annually, subject to multiple layers of review, his #lies are beyond the pale. #thurgoodMarshall #SCOTUS #corruption #ethics #integrity #truth #justice #authoritarianism

(PDF) On understanding types, data abstraction, and #polymorphism (1985) | Luca Cardelli | 1860 Citations

"paper proposes an approach to extend the conventional #SOA to cater for essential ESB requirements that include capabilities such as service orchestration, "intelligent" routing, #provisioning, #integrity and security of message as well as service management. The layers in this extended SOA, in short xSOA, are used to classify research issues and current research activities.",current%20research%20activities.

Preston MacDougall
3 months ago


If Congress doesn’t have the #CommonSense of #Integrity to sink the #YachtTax exemption 💰, then #TeamOrcas will sink the yachts 🛥️!

3 months ago

Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right
to be wrong in his facts.
--Bernard Baruch

#Responsibility #Integrity

Axman6 | 🇦🇺
3 months ago

Been here for several months now, so I guess it’s time update my #introduction post! The following is probably inaccurate!

I’m Alex, better know as Axman6 pretty much everywhere you can think of - IRC ( etc.), 🦤 site, probably LinkedIn and others too.

As far as jobs and hobbies are concerned, I’ve been a professional #Haskell developer for nearly a decade, with various roles in finance and #HFT (despite not really having much of an interest in finance…), in the public sector where I worked on much of the #RenewableEnergy parts of at #NICTA & #CSIRO, writing backend services in Haskell, doing lots of #geospatial data processing, #SQL, #DevOps and much more.

Previously writing #Daml, a dialect of Haskell, for a large financial system. Currently working for a Canberra based startup making scientific test and measurement equipment using #FPGAs, #python & #C.

if you’re in need of an experienced remote Haskell dev who loves to make things go fast, I’d love to have a chat.

Previously undertaking Masters in #cybersecurity at #UNSW but gave it up because of the lack of advanced content.

I’ve got a strong interest in #cryptography, #integrity, as well as #hacking things to see how they work, and love a good #CTF.

On the more personal side of things, I’m based in #Canberra, #australia. As you can see from my profile pic, I’m also a volunteer in the State Emergency Service - I guess you could say I like pin coladas, and talking walks in the rain… in a storm… on your roof… with a chainsaw⛈️

In conclusion, the interaction between the #1stAmendment and #14thAmendments, along with the changes instigated by the #RFRA, forms a multifaceted legal landscape requiring meticulous #JudicialScrutiny. The #principles of #religiousfreedom and #equalprotection unequivocally #reject the #granting of #exemptions from #antidiscrimination #laws, preserving the #integrity and #coherence of the #Constitution. (7/8)

#Ontario’s #integrity commissioner being asked 2 widen ongoing #Greenbelt investigation 2 include Premier #DougFord's personal cellphone amidst allegations he is using device “intentionally 2 avoid accountability.”

Ontario #NDP sent commissioner new letter Tuesday requesting investigation in2 how Ford communicates with members of government & external stakeholders looking 2 do business w/ the Ontario government.

John Gordon ⚡️
4 months ago

LinkedIn really needs to stop people gaming their job listings. Got an alert this morning about a listing that matched my background. Here’s the title of the job and the first paragraph of the description.

Listing title says San Francisco. First line of the description says it is in New York & out of state applicants need to relocate.

Lying in the job posting doesn’t make me feel good about the company. What else do they lie about?

#linkedIn #integrity #hiring

Chief Technology Officer
San Francisco, CA (Hybrid)
About the job
This role is hybrid in New York City. Out of state applicants will be required to relocate.
4 months ago

The US judge overseeing #Trump’s prosecution for allegedly #criminally #conspiring to overturn Biden’s election victory said while TFG has #FirstAmendment rights to #FreeSpeech, those #rights are not absolute & must be weighed against protecting the #integrity of the #CourtProcess, regardless of his status as a #political #candidate.

Raising concerns on questionable #ethics approvals – a case study of 456 trials from the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire Méditerranée Infection
(#Research #Integrity and #PeerReview)

👉 "Here, we report a case of a single institution for which one may find hundreds of #publications with seemingly relevant ethical concerns [...]. We thus argue for a stricter control of ethical authorization by scientific editors and we call on publishers to cooperate to this end."

Charlie McHenry
4 months ago

Nobel laureate, Hopkins researcher retracts additional articles, bringing total to six in two years - #Academia is in turmoil as an increasing number of #Research papers are retracted. The former Stanford president, behavioral researchers studying ‘honesty’ in Maryland, the list goes on-and-on. Show us the data and have it properly vetted before publishing. And get rid of the silly ‘publish or perish’ mentality driving this sloppy and dishonest incompetence. #HigherEd #HigherEducation #Science #ScienceMastodon #Integrity

🧭 "Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values, and in no other way."

— Stephen R. Covey

#quotes #integrity #values #purpose

Photo of compass with an open gold-covered cover, with dial pointing north, on wooden table. By Aaron Burden (@aaronburden) on Unsplash.
Håkon Alstadheim
4 months ago

@Teri_Kanefield There is a word, #Integrity . . All the meanings of the word are related, and inform each other. Having different truths for different purposes is not how you do #integrity. #Integrity is supposed to be vital in someone you pick to represent you. Someone you entrust with a precious thing like the future of your country.

4 months ago


I'm wondering if you have any #thoughts on the "#Web #Environment #Integrity" proposal by some #Google folks. I wrote a short thread about it, but would be interested in hearing your thoughts before reading it (if you do read it - I'm not demanding it 😀 ).

Re: it's essentially a proposal to #lock #down #browsers so they can't do things the web #publishers don't want - think #adblockers, #extensions that modify content, etc.


4 months ago

Google's "Web Environment #Integrity" #proposal is one of the #evilest things I have ever seen proposed for the #internet, possibly only behind #government #IDs being required for any access.

Let's get this out of the way: they give a number of #reasons why #webservers "might wish" to establish that a web #client is running on a "#trusted" software stack, including things like "make sure other game players aren't cheating" and "ensure I'm talking to another human".


Jeffrey Gray
4 months ago

@JohnShirley2023 The truly amazing thing here is that in a profession where integrity is paramount, this persistent pattern of deception isn’t considered to be a disqualification. Reflects poorly on the Connecticut State Police at large if they don’t do anything to put their house in order here. #Connecticut #Policing #Integrity #dishonesty

Let's just assume that the #UK #government's request for a judicial review about the evidence it's being asked to hand over to an enquiry investigating its handling of the #pandemic means they probably do have something to hide.
#integrity #professionalism and #accountability


Grant Denkinson
7 months ago

The #integrity of #science
A #conference about the conflict between public policy and independent science, in honour of Dr. Árpád Pusztai (1930 – 2021)
EDINBURGH (UK), 26 – 27 MAY 2023

There are several #values that can help you achieve success in any job or task you undertake:








By embodying these values, you can increase your chances of doing a job well and achieving #success in your #career.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
9 months ago

@lowqualityfacts That's why multi-billion dollar corps better stay on dying corporate networks like twitter or develop a kind of social responsibility that fits real social media & could well lead to a beneficial coexistence of both.

#Mastodon #SocialMedia #Integrity #Freedom #Democracy #Responsibility

9 months ago

We welcome the idea of a European society empowered by new technologies. Technologies that will serve us and will respect our common values, and a secure environment that respects #privacy, #dataprotection, #dignity, #integrity and other #fundamentalrights.

10 months ago

GrapheneOS continues to work on improving verified boot and hardware attestation security significantly beyond the basic system in standard Android 13.

As part of this, our app repository client now supports installing fs-verity metadata with packages:

#grapheneos #privacy #security #android #verifiedboot #attestation #measuredboot #fsverity #integrity #auditor

Bread and Circuses
10 months ago

This is genius Albert Einstein who refused to speak at white colleges and at the end of his life spoke exclusively at black universities.

He said: "The separation of races is not a disease of colored people but a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it."

#Einstein #Racism #Integrity #Equality #BlackFriday

Copied from this post --

{ I added #AltText4U 😁 }

An elderly Albert Einstein stands in front of a blackboard teaching a group of male college students, all of whom are black and wearing suits and ties. Photo appears to be from the 1950s.

This is genius Albert Einstein who refused to speak at white colleges and at the end of his life spoke exclusively at black universities
"The separation of races is not a disease of colored people but a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.

#Einstein #Racism #Integrity #Equality

10 months ago

The Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of #Germany has ruled back in 2008 that the #integrity and #confidentiality of (our personal) #computers is indeed a constitutionally guaranteed right.

The ruling seems to emphasize limits on acute or punctual infiltration rather than stopping the systemic weakening of the infrastructure by laws that demand #backdoors, access and #coercion of administrators;

But AFAIK, it still lends support to the goal to #ProtectTheStack at all levels.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
11 months ago

@MarkRuffalo This quote could have been by President Obama as well.

There were times, when being a disgrace to the public was not part of the "Republican" platform.
A long time ago.

#Congress #DefendDemocracy #Integrity #Honesty #Consensus #Cooperation #UnelectableGOP #PartyOfLies

husbandpanda 🐼
11 months ago

@molly0xfff Lol, article summed up as : "tell me it's a ponzi without telling me a ponzi." I guess people have about as much #journalistic #integrity in #crypto articles as the do for *most* anywhere else in journalism, sadly.

Unpopular opinion:

I read the NYT op-ed about Signal. I don't think it's terrible.

Privacy is good. But a lot of decisions involve difficult tradeoffs. If you pick one thing that is good for people (e.g. prosperity, freedom, health, safety) and prioritize it over everything else, you'll have problems.

And many encryption proponents do seem to be true believers who are predisposed to oppose any barriers to E2EE (to be fair, many of their opponents are also true believers who prioritize child safety above everything else incl privacy.) I've been accused of wanting backdoors and gatekeeping privacy for expressing the opinion that "encryption is good, but shouldn't be combined with mass virality"

But what the op-ed gets wrong is that the actual E2EE companies aren't true believers. Signal/WhatsApp both limit virality through e.g. group size limits, forwarding limits, etc. They implicitly acknowledge the nuance Mr. Blackman claims they ignore.

#e2ee #encryption #integrity #signal

1 year ago

My thanks to all involved with ACSAC.

A special nod to Gene Kim on this.

My entry for Tripwire won the first ACSAC Impactful System Award today. Details and the writeup are here:

If you work in cybersecurity and aren't familiar with the original Tripwire, you might want to read it.

#Cybersecurity #Tripwire #ACSAC #Integrity #IDS

Axman6 | 🇦🇺
1 year ago

Been here a few days, so I guess it’s time for an #introduction post

I’m Alex, better know as Axman6 pretty much everywhere you can think of - IRC ( etc.), 🦤 site, probably LinkedIn and others too.

As far as jobs and hobbies are concerned, I’ve been a professional #Haskell developer for nearly a decade, with various roles in finance and #HFT (despite not really having much of an interest in finance…), in the public sector where I worked on much of the #RenewableEnergy parts of at #NICTA & #CSIRO, writing backend services in Haskell, doing lots of #geospatial data processing, #SQL, #DevOps and much more.

I’m currently writing #Daml, a dialect of Haskell, for a large financial system but also #LookingForWork - if you’re in need of an experienced remote Haskell dev who loves to make things go fast, I’d love to have a chat.

I’m also doing my Masters in #cybersecurity at #UNSW - oh how I wish there was more overlap between the #cyber and #functional programming worlds… does it all end with #seL4? Let me know!

I’ve got a strong interest in #cryptography, #integrity, as well as #hacking things to see how they work, and love a good #CTF.

On the more personal side of things, I’m based in #Canberra, #australia. As you can see from my profile pic, I’m also a volunteer in the State Emergency Service - I guess you could say I like pin coladas, and talking walks in the rain… in a storm… on your roof… with a chainsaw⛈️

1 year ago

Anyone tried the internet browser #Brave to any extent? I installed it briefly and liked parts of it but was a bit put off since ownership and country (🇨🇳 ) of origin got me worried.

#integrity #speed #privacy

Todd 1.0
1 year ago

@a This is a fun thought experiment. I think the decision would come down to a self-assessment of your own #integrity and whether that aspect of you would be present in your clone. A very high level of trust would be necessary for this to not be a disaster.