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4 days ago

ah, #IntelliJ is asking questions again! It's always so helpful!

Module X has no exported member Y. Did you mean to use 'import Y from X' instead?
Jeff Martin
1 week ago

Awww... #IntelliJ/#CLion isn't compatible with the new #Rust 1.70 release. Womp womp.

There are integration issues with the test runner.

Looks like there won't be a fix for this until Rust stabilizes a machine-readable format for test results. And you know how long they take to stabilize things. The tracking issue has been open since 2018! :blobcatgrimacing:

2 weeks ago

Just got an update to my “Getting to know IntelliJ IDEA" book - thanks @trisha_gee & @HelenJoScott !! Can't wait to read this at lunch!

#java #intellij #jetbrains #intellijidea #books #bookstodon

For my very small #Rust project, I asked IntelliJ IDEA to run all tests with coverage reporting, and it caused Cargo to install something called grcov. And about two-dozen crates as dependencies. Since then the compile/run times have gone up by several seconds.

How does a test coverage reporting feature have such a heavy footprint?

#RustLang #UnitTesting #IntelliJ

Jeff Martin
3 weeks ago

Oh hey, I figured out why #Intellij/#CLion chokes on my #Rust proc macro! :blobcatcheer:

It took quite of debugging to figure this out, but if your proc macro prints its tokens to stdout before returning them, cargo/rustc do not care at all, but that apparently causes errors in IntelliJ.

So IDE support increases dramatically (ie macro expansion works again) if you don't print anything to stdout in the macro.

But then you can't debug your tokens on the console. But the IDE expander works now, so you can use that instead?

I guess it's an either-or kind of situation? :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Jeroen Postma
3 weeks ago

To any #JetBrains #IntelliJ editor plugin devs reading this. There seems to be a good opportunity to fill a need for #IDEA #typst support!

Witalij Berdinskich
3 weeks ago

Another update: from 231.9011.34-2 with #archlinux-java-run you should not set java-runtime-17 and can run it with even 11 and 8.

#intellij-http-client #ijhttp

Jeff Martin
3 weeks ago

#Rust procedural macros are really powerful, if somewhat painful to use. But #IntelliJ/#CLion has a really hard time expanding them, so IDE support is limited which reaaaally hinders their usefulness. With any luck, I can rely on older codegen techniques and declarative macros instead for this project.

Womp womp. Apparently proc macros take a lot of work to support in the IDE, so it's hard to get them just right. JetBrains was nice enough to write a blog post explaining why:

Jason Raimondi
3 weeks ago

Does anyone know how I can turn off the #intellij annotations that show up above functions in #rubymine #webstorm?

Ravi ☮️
3 weeks ago

The new IntelliJ Idea splash screen is very Van Gogh 😄

#IntelliJ #Jetbrains

Splash screen of IntelliJ Idea 2023.2 EAP.
3 weeks ago

Something is wrong with #IntelliJ #Idea for #Python, but I can't figure out what and have too little information to create a bug report 🤔

Has this been happening to somebody else?

%CPU · Subsystem

202.0 · <Process total CPU usage>
43.6 · <JIT compiler>
13.7 · <unidentified: JobScheduler FJ pool>
8.6 · progress (in com.intellij.openapi)
6.3 · <unidentified: UI thread>
5.9 · Plugin Python: python.psi.impl (in com.jetbrains)
5.8 · Plugin Python: python.codeInsight.typing (in com.jetbrains)
4.7 · <Activity Monitor>
3 weeks ago

I find that programming in #scala with #Github Copilot is nice and helpful.
It comes up with some very good guesses on what code is needed, Those need to be read carefully and improved on, but this can save a lot of time looking up APIs and documentation scattered around in many places. For example, I think Copilot helped a lot with the code shown in lines 64-75 of the test suite below.
I wonder how much strongly typed #scala helps Copilot here. But it certainly comes up with very good guesses, such as the test on the last line.
This works with #IntelliJ and #VisualStudio #githubcopilot

Test code is written with the help of Github Copilot in Visual Studio Code #VSC. The grey line at the bottom are those it is just suggesting now.
Armoured Wizard
3 weeks ago

I am now completely lost again
#git #intelliJ #AndroidStudio
Can anyone explain: What is Fetch, Pull, Branch??
Like I'm 8yrs old
With pictures
and bullet points

4 weeks ago

I saw it is saying #jetbrains is chaging their way from #javafx to #jcef.

I was thinking to write some small desktop application, now I wonder what is jcef 🤓


Jan <3 :gopher: 🛹
4 weeks ago

Not the second #Java Developer who doesn’t know how to use their build tooling because “I just press play in #intellij”😭 Meanwhile me, a Typescript, PHP, golang Developer, teaching them how the #cli works

Marit van Dijk ☕️🥑
4 weeks ago

@karlhigley Git integration in #IntelliJIDEA and other #IntelliJ based IDEs ftw

Witalij Berdinskich
1 month ago

The client has an issue: you can run in only with JDK 17

Only on #ArchLinux the patched version of #IntelliJ HTTP Client works with JDK 17 and newer :)


1 month ago

A small hint, when you have problems with a lot of old git-branches in #intellij.

With the plugin "GitToolBox" you can automatically delete merged local branches.
Before this plugin I had a very complex command for that job. Very useful. 😎

#coding #git #hint

Screenshot of IntelliJ where the "branches cleanup" option is visible. Under "Git -> GitToolBox".
1 month ago

Second day into using #helixeditor as my only editor and so far it's going pretty well.

I've never really had success with modal style editors but I've been keeping some notes about keybinds as I need them and so far I've been able to adjust to them pretty well.

I'm still slower than my #intellij setup but I feel like the break even point isn't that far away and hopefully I can learn to embrace the full modal experience to speed things up.

Witalij Berdinskich
1 month ago

Demo application to show using of #IntelliJ HTTP Client #Maven Plugin


Anthony Goubard
1 month ago

Applet Runner 2023.2.0 is now available in JetBrains Marketplace 🎉.
Demo at
Download at

#intellij #IntelliJIDEA #plugin #free #applet

John Hawksley
1 month ago

#Rust SDK for #AWS/#EC2 (0.26+) has (finally?) split the generated model types up so they can be loaded by #IntelliJ #IDEA, meaning code-insight and typing is now working. 🎉

1 month ago

This is going to be my life for a few days.

#PyCharm #Theming #IntelliJ

A screenshot of the UI Inspector in the IntelliJ IDE from JetBrains.
Bo Stahlbrandt
2 months ago

@zaherg guess you are using #phpstorm which is a great tool and covers a lot of ground. I also use #intellij a lot, often for web services, but also for other kind of java applications. I use #clion for stuff which is definitely not web, such as embedded targets. I would assume #webstorm and #pycharm can be interesting to work with, but I haven’t, as of yet.

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #12
A clipboard history 📋 for IntelliJ IDEA that includes history from other applications (like Chrome).

Install instructions at

#clipboard #history #paste #intellij #androidstudio #plugin

Mx Autumn :blobcatpumpkin:
2 months ago

I just stumbled upon a very weird error with my #IntelliJ IDE and tailwind autocompletion.

It turns out that in order for the IntelliJ #TailwindCSS plugin to function your tailwind.config.js must be in CommonJS format.

jbz :catjam:
2 months ago

「 This is a plugin that adds support for Elixir to JetBrains IDEs.

The plugin works both in the rich IDEs that allow alternative language SDK selection and small IDEs that are language specific 」

#Intellij #Elixir #MyElixirStatus

Darran Lofthouse
2 months ago

New blog post available "An Introduction To Server Connector for IntelliJ"

#wildfly #intellij #ide

Pixelcode 🇺🇦🕊️
2 months ago

#LanguageTool in #IntelliJ is now telling me that “afterwards” is incorrect because it's only used in British English “and other dialects” (of American #English)… 🤡

LanguageTool popup in IntelliJ saying: “In American English, 'afterward' is the preferred variant. 'Afterwards' is more commonly used in British English and other dialects. Incorrect: 'We visited him afterwards.' Correct: 'We visited him afterward.'

‘Quick’ Features in IntelliJ IDEA | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog #intellij

Ben Evans
2 months ago

Anyone else found that after upgrading #IntelliJ that certain #Maven projects need to have their .idea dir nuked and be reimported? #Java

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #7
I created a Powerpoint Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA.
The demo video and install instructions are available on YouTube:

#powerpoint #plugin #pptx #java #applet #intellij #androidstudio #free

2 months ago

Go home #IntelliJ, you're drunk

2 months ago

There is nothing left TODO.

That's a big problem, #IntelliJ...

Commit contains problems


[Review TODO] or [Ignore]
Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #6
I created an Excel Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA.
The demo video and install instructions is on YouTube:

#excel #plugin #xlsx #xls #csv #java #applet #intellij #androidstudio #free

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #5
I created a Microsoft Word Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA.
Here is a quick demo:

#word #msword #plugin #docx #java #applet #intellij #androidstudio #free

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #4
I created a free YAML Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA
30s demo and install instructions at

#free #plugin #yaml #yml #java #applet #intellij #androidstudio

2 months ago

@graalvm this made me wonder when can we see #intellij and #eclipse or #netbeans native binaries?

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #3
I created a free JSON Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA
Demo and download instructions at

#free #plugin #json #java #applet #intellij #androidstudio

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #2
I created a new XML Viewer for JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

#plugin #free #xml #applet #java #androidstudio #intellij #intellijidea

Anthony Goubard
2 months ago

Day #1
Created a new free PDF Viewer for IntelliJ IDEA

#plugin #intellij #free #pdf #pdfviewer #applet #java

João Antunes
2 months ago

You know when you have so many browser tabs open, you start to get a bit lost?
That's me right now, but besides the browser tabs, I have too many IDE instances open, trying to dig into how some (not well documented) stuff works.
#JetBrainsRider #IntelliJ #VSCode #Kafka #Avro

A screenshot showing too many IDE instances open
Astra Kernel :verified:
2 months ago

✨ What is the best editor for Rust or any other programming language?

#rustlang #programming #developers #rust #intellij #vscode #vim #neovim #helix

My response to "what's the best editor for x programming language?" is always "what's your favorite editor for other programming languages? Can that editor be configured to work for x?"

So, if you already use and like intellij then use intellij for rust.

If you already use and like vim then use vim for rust.

If you already use and like vscode then use vscode for rust.

If you already use and like emacs then use emacs for rust.

If you already use and like sublime then use sublime for rust.
Khalid ⚡
2 months ago

Also, the #IntelliJ team released a CLI version of the HTTP Client so you can run all your HTTP client requests from the command line and CI/CD environments.

Joe C
2 months ago

Mildly annoying when an update of your IDE makes such a hash of your project that you have to downgrade said IDE again. #IntelliJ

2 months ago

After updating my Intellij to the latest version I realize that now they have introduced a preview of the types inferred by the TS compiler 😍 #intellij #typescript #compiler #types #developer

Screenshot where you can see a preview of the types inferred by the typescript compiler
CK's Technology News
2 months ago

#IntelliJ Idea 2023.1 is out

Changelog too huge to list.

2 months ago

@bomberstudios Depends on your use case. For example I use #Spyder, but only for #Python. I've heard some good things about #IntelliJ, #Atom and #Sublime, but you would probably have to check it out yourself. I can already feel the pain of this, but it's probably better to chose the best option for you if you're switching anyway.

New #intelliJ from #jetbrains release is out today - Really great update. I have been using IntelliJ since maybe 2003. Crazy

Willem Van den Ende
3 months ago

@hkrn TIL there is an #AWK plugin for #IntelliJ (I sort of like the idea of AWK, but the language is not sticky for me, so I always have to look the half of the one-liner I need to fetch a column up in the documentation).

Quick #intellij + #micronaut #tip

The IDE launches your ./gradlew run task for you. But if you edit it, and add the -t continuous build flag, you'll get continuous rebuild/relaunch on source file changes. No need to relaunch manually.

Editing the run configuratoin to use gradlew run -t, with the -t flag doing continuous rebuild.
3 months ago

@trishagee @HelenJoScott I wish you have advanced level or beginner level versions ☺️ probably a 20 pages doc which covers advanced topics would be enough for me 😃 used #eclipse from 2008 to 2018 and since then I am using #intellij very happy with it

3 months ago

#TIL: In #IntelliJ you can mark any string in terminal and press double-shift to have it automatically fill that string into the search bar. That is nice.

Chris Wensel
3 months ago

Nice new #Intellij for #java plugin for builder code generation.

It's primary difference is that if you POJO has default values, it will promote them to the builder class so they don't transparently get stepped on.

Sebastian 💙💛
3 months ago

Bin jetzt ein großer Fan vom #IntelliJ Profiler. Mit ein paar kleinen Optimierungen schnell mal 25% bessere #Performance rausgeholt.

#libGDX #gameDev #java

DAT :loading:
3 months ago

Ich mache #Delphi dafür verantwortlich dass wir heute jeden Tag mit unfassbar kaputten IDEs leben müssen.

Damals war das so eine Erfahrung von "Etwas lahm und träge - macht aber alles und wenn wir mal schnellere Computer hätten, wäre das richtig praktisch"

Und seitdem werden Entwickler jeden Tag mit #Eclipse, #VSCode, #Intellij und co. gefoltert.

Immer in der Hoffnung dass der scheiß mit dem nächsten Rechner evtl. nur noch so benutzbar langsam wie damals Delphi sein könnte.


3 months ago

#intellij nur noch wie bakkerij aussprechen

The everyday dilema when writing tests... 🤔 💻
#IntelliJ #Idea #PhpStorm #PhpUnit #NetteTester #UI

An IDE popup for creating a new test showing a long selection of items all labeled as "Create New Test" and without any clue what kind of test the item creates.
3 months ago

I could keep posting things I learned about #IntelliJ but it basically boils down to "Enable Tip of the Day".

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
4 months ago

I think #Scala deserves criticism, but when I think about the state of the tooling and the ecosystem, I can't help but feel that the build tools and the IDEs are freaking awesome.

Metals may have some bugs, but have you considered how awesome it is that we have a language server that works? E.g., #Kotlin can't say that, and #Python's VSC extension was riddled w/ Microsoft's proprietary shit.

Also, #IntelliJ is freaking wonderful, w/ the frontend's false positives being a minor annoyance.

4 months ago

Q: So, how was your weekend?

A: Not bad, spent a while debugging X11GraphicsConfig initialisation in #openjdk17

Q: Why?

A: To work out why it was failing to load libXrender

Q: OK... Why?

A: To be able to update to #IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1

Q: Wha- Why?

A: Oh, IntelliJ 2023.1 wont start start unless per pixel translucency is available

Q: ...

A: That's only the start. The "Shared Indexes" plugin now aborts unless you are on a defined platform

Remember: everything is #Linux #Windows or #macOS

Julien Lengrand-Lambert
4 months ago

New blog, on something I've been working on since Christmas : Replace #postman and your CI by the #intellij HTTP Client for any #api using an #openapi generator
I created.
Super excited about the possibilities 🎉🔥.

Geert Bevin
4 months ago

The RIFE2 #IntelliJ #IDEA plugin is now available for free from the JetBrain plugin marketplace:

#java #webframework

Screenshot of the RIFE2 page in the JetBrain marketplace
4 months ago

Trying to track down a very odd #java #dateparsing issue which only seems to occur under #wildfly with #openjdk17 (but not #openjdk11, or with the same code outside of wildfly)

Dates for 11 months of the year parse just fine, but dates in one specific month always throw an Exception.

Finally caught this in #intellij debugger. Can anyone guess which month had the issue?

Partial sceenshot from IntelliJ debugger in the java DateTimeFormatterBuilder$TextPrinterParser class. Various variables are shown, the key item being an array of 12 month names: Sept Jul Oct Feb Apr Jun Aug Dec May Nov Jan Mar
yopox :skymin:
5 months ago

I have used this dialog so many times, yet now that I have fixed the borders on the bottom part it looks alien to me :alien_biem: #IntelliJ #IntelliJIDEA

(totally not an excuse to test the new screenshot tool demonstrated by @khalidabuhakmeh 👀)

5 months ago

Is anyone else seeing issues with #Jetbrains #Intellij using large #java #gradle based projects. I frequently see long (many hours) of high cpu usage with no clear tasks running. Isssue IDEA-304093 opened in early October but sadly basically no update from

Trisha Gee
6 months ago

People keep asking me which tools we used to write and collaborate on Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA, so I wrote a blog post about it:

#intellij #intellijidea #asciidoctor #leanpub #CodeWithMe

Michael Abon :1password:
6 months ago

@joshourisman Oh, man, I've been bit by an accidental smart quote too many times in my programming career.

If you use #VSCode or any of the #Jetbrains / #IntelliJ IDEs, we also have plugins that let you refer to secrets stored in #1Password.

Instead of using a real value in your configs, environment variable files, or anywhere else in the codebase, just drop in the secret reference in your IDE. It works in local and deployed environments.

A screenshot that says "op://Production/Connect Server/token". It explains that "Production" is the vault, "Connect Server" is the item, and "token" is the field.
Allen Holub
6 months ago

Well, in comparison to the old one, it's a huge improvement 😄. I didn't notice the lack of tooltips, though. That's definitely an issue. The #IntelliJ UX has always been miserable. Who can remember a gazillion different Ctrl, Alt, Cmd, some random letter "shortcuts"? I can't. They need to hire a competent UX person. At least their vim emulation is better than VSCode's!

6 months ago

Personally I’ve just made the jump from #intellij towards doing most of my #java work in #Neovim, which finally works pretty fantastic with all the new bells and whistles that lsp and treesitter has introduced. My biggest gripe is that I still haven’t been able to get Java DAP running, which will enable me to run individual unit tests in test classes effortlessly. Right now the alternative is to either run the whole suite (‘mvn test’) or spin up #Intellij for a while.

Sven Tiffe :bazel:
6 months ago

So my first #contribution to the Mastodon project turned out to be a documentation PR 🎉 After having figured out how to send signed http requests to an instance using Java.

Things that I've learned after years of not doing actual coding: - #IntelliJ is awesome
- setting up Mastodon for dev locally is easy
- debugging and reading Ruby is ok
- signing data and the subtle differences are easy once you know
- App Engine changed significantly

@wfaler Interesting (and yet - grrr) - #Maven Surefire isn't finding my "@Testcontainers" test - runs fine from #IntelliJ tho.

Tane Piper
7 months ago

Kite - An AI Code Assistant that's shutting down has released all their source code as #opensource - including its #vscode and #intellij plugins, #jupyter extension and loads of #python #go and #javascript code

Duke of Germany 💫
7 months ago

While going for a walk today, I listened to episode 110 of the "The .NET Core Podcast". Guest @maartenballiauw gave amazing insights into inner workings of many #JetBrains tools.

I use #IntelliJ and #JetBrainsRider pretty much every day, and I absolutely love these tools. 💜 So it was fascinating to learn a little about how the "magic happens". ✨

#Podcast #DotNet #CSharp

Duke of Germany 💫
7 months ago

@khalidabuhakmeh I have been using IntelliJ for so long. When I fell in love with C# and realized that there is Rider, I was all like "shut up & take my money" 😺

These tools are so amazing, it blows my mind each day. 🤯

#JetBrains #JetBrainsRider #IntelliJ

Geoffrey De Smet
7 months ago

3) Java Flight Recorder (JFR) shows memory allocations and lock congestion.
To get memory allocations data in #IntelliJ you need to explicitly change its settings as shown below, at a cost of a small performance overhead.

(Thanks to Jeremy Whiting for teaching me at #DevoxxUK)

Geoffrey De Smet
7 months ago

Create a main() Java application that runs the bulk of your code on a seriously sized dataset for at least a minute.

Run async-profiler and Java Flight Recorder (JFR) on that, either from the command line (free) or through #IntelliJ Ultimate (paid) as shown below.