Is #Web2.0 on its way out? (One can only hope) The trend is towards increased proprietization. Are there enough unenlightened millennials to keep Corporate Net going? #internet #corporate #socialmedia #reddit

7 hours ago

El Mapa de Caídas de Internet muestra qué sucede cuando hay cortes de algún tipo en la Red #internet | por @alvy

7 hours ago

Apple Vision Pro: design do novo óculos da Apple vira meme nas redes

Confira! 👇


Judy L Mohr
7 hours ago

Hey #writingcommunity, #writers and other creative types... I'm in the process of rewriting my book on building online platforms safely, incorporating some of the new tricks (and issues) that have cropped up over the last 5 years. But I would love to hear from you about some of the things that you wish you knew but had to find out the hard way.
#InternetSecurity #internet #SocialMedia

Fabian Schaar
8 hours ago

Unter dem Titel "Digital Naives" habe ich ein paar Gedanken zu meinem Selbstverständnis gegenüber der Digitalisierung und dem Leben im Informationszeitalter aufgeschrieben.

#blog #kaffeediffusion #web #internet #digitialisierung #technik #technisierung #socialmedia #fediverse #twitter #mastodon #friendica

Gianni Rosato
8 hours ago

In #WWDC, it looks like Apple may have secretly dropped a hint about a new feature in Safari. Hopefully this is legit and we can welcome #jpegxl to Safari & the Apple ecosystem soon!!

#internet #chrome #firefox 🌐
10 hours ago

✏ Crear cuentos ilustrados con IA de forma gratuita: StoryBooks #internet por

10 hours ago

Who really really controls the #internet

No it's not #Microsoft. Microsoft mostly makes products like #Xbox, #microsoftword, they don't really do much to control the internet as a whole despite being the owner of the largest computer os on the market and owning Bing. You can mostly say that #Google is the main ruler of what goes on the internet and what doesn't. They own #Youtube and Google do you know anyone else that's any bigger then that and has more then just one app dominating everyone else. (looking at just #Tiktok.)

Define internet: the transfer of data over the lines or something like that.
Define data: could be apps, images, games, videos, text, code, web pages.. stuff like that.

Besides the internet provider, who do you have to go through first to get the data transfered to you?

1. The search engine. As it doesn't usally tend to matter what web browser you generally use it doesn't determine what websites you can access. (javascript issues of said website on the browser is a different story.)

define search engine: searching on the web for web pages, indexing the sites pages in a easier way to access then having to rememeber the sites ip address.

2. The #appstore If you want an app that's not preinstalled, better hope #Apple will carry it, or/and the Google Play Store.

3. Video streaming. Want to download a video clip, or stream something. That streaming app or website might not always be able to provide that whether it be for their own choices, #copyright better hope that platform has your interests.

4. Games. It use to be gaming wasn't really too big on the internet with company's like Nintendo ignoring it originally. Now adays you can get the game from app stores, or video game console marketplaces, or pirate websites, or legit websites. If you want a specific title, best to hope the store fronts will offer it and continue to offer it. (Looking at Nintendo *and* Sony. Microsoft actually does pretty good on this.)

Fratm :archlinux:
12 hours ago

One thing I feel the Internet has failed at is the use of SSL. Yes it provides encryption, but it was also supposed to verify a companies identity. Back in the early days you had to prove you were the company you claimed to be before you could get an SSL cert. It was hard to do. Now any scammer can buy a domain, get a let's encrypt cert and pretend to be whomever they want. The system is now broken.

#Monday #Rant #Internet #Broken

12 hours ago

:breadthink: menno, jetzt hatte ich #probleme das alte #Handy mit dem #Internet zu verbinden aber auch nur weil ich gestresst #Gedanken um nichts machte (zu anderen Dingen)

Durchruigen ist nun angesagt... 🫠

Alex Afouxenidis
12 hours ago

"In Dec. 2022, the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission signed the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade. This Declaration sets out principles for shaping the European digital space in the years to come.
We welcome that the Declaration recognizes the importance of broad “participation in the digital public space” and of “fair and just working conditions.”
#EU #digitalequality #tech #internet #socialmedia

12 hours ago

@writingwoman @stefanm @silwol Jep, bin ganz bei Dir. War bei mir ebenso. (Nur ohne Baby…) DANKE! #empowerment #internet #coding

13 hours ago

uS advertising revenue of #Twitter from Apr.01 to early May was uS$ 88 million, what it's 59% down from one year ago.As I explained,NO advertise is going to pay for a brand that has got a big #Money and efforts to consolidate to appear next to tweets from neo-#Nazis or #Porn ographers
Only thing that grows in #Twitter are Ads for online #Gambling and for #Marijuana sales.
Look #eLoNMuSK,I hadn't thought about it: #Twitter will end up being drug cash'n carry #Internet gate

Twitter's US Ad sales plunge 59%
Headlines The New York Times 2023 Jun.04
13 hours ago

Let‘s block potentially malicious domains with pihole. It‘s simple! Just create an domain regex like:


You can add more TLDs if you want.

#pihole #dns #malware #malicious #hacker #internet #phishing

14 hours ago

Las redes sociales comerciales al borde del colapso es una interesante entrada de Felix Stalder en Niboë que no puedes dejar de leer.
El crecimiento de las principales plataformas de medios sociales ha sido tan rápido que resulta difícil imaginar nuestra vida cotidiana sin ellas. Sin embargo, Facebook, con 2.900 millones de usuarios, aún no ha cumplido 20 años. Twitter, utilizado por 330 millones de personas, se creó en 2006, e Instagram, utilizado por 1.200 millones de personas y ahora forma parte de Meta, la empresa matriz de Facebook, se creó en 2010. Sin embargo, su espectacular ascenso hace olvidar fácilmente que la práctica de la comunidad digital se remonta mucho más atrás #redessociales #internet #tecnologia #redes

19 hours ago

Orange débranche les pages perso : la fin d'une époque

#internet #web #orang

23 hours ago

Ubuntu 23.04 Wi-Fi keeps losing access to internet but still appears connected #networking #drivers #internet

heise online
1 day ago

Montag: MediaMarkt mit neuem Abo-Modell, Sony mit KI für besseres Cloud-Gaming

Reparatur und Support per Abo + Verbesserungen für Cloud-Gaming nötig + Frankreich droht Influencern + Manager verlassen Twitter + Tipps für KI-Diskussionen

#CloudDienste #ElonMusk #Gaming #Handel #Internet #KünstlicheIntelligenz #OnlineWerbung #Reparatur #Sony #Twitter #Werbung #news

Kleiner Laden für Handy-Reparatur in einer Markthalle; Montag: MediaMarkt-Abos, Sony-Cloud-Gaming, Influencer-Einschränkungen, Twitter-Rückzug & KI-Tipps
1 day ago

Y' know, people say #CliffordStoll couldn't have been more wrong about the #Internet back in '95.

I think he couldn't have been more right.

"Every voice can be heard cheaply and instantly. The result? Every voice is heard. The cacophany more closely resembles citizens band radio, complete with handles, harrasment, and anonymous threats. When most everyone shouts, few listen."

#SocialMedia #Predictions #internet

1 day ago

The hardest thing about the #internet #love #affair for was knowing how much you wanted to fuck in person but also knowing you'd never meet to do it. It's a kind of cruel self inflicted torture. If you've never tried it don't. Just find someone to cum with and be happy.

Peter M 🎯
1 day ago


Sorry, #internet is niet hetzelfde als het ontmoeten van échte mensen en dan luisteren naar hun verhalen.
Dat doen #toeristen te weinig, dat weet ik.
Ik heb het vaak kunnen doen en gewoon geluisterd naar hen. Die verhalen hoor je niet op #internet. Prachtig om eens te luisteren naar een #schoenpoetser in #instanbul of een #toeareg in #marokko. En naar al die andere mensen.

Sorry, ik weet dat ik mij dit kon permitteren, maar #internet is géén alternatief voor mij. Integendeel. 😖

1 day ago

An #internet #fuck #buddy who can find? Their worth is more than rubies, especially if y'all lust after each other heartily. 😆

1 day ago

Instead of an #internet #love #affair, find a good #fuck #buddy, a #FWB, a #masturbation partner, and leave your emotions out of it. Have fun with each other, and always be looking for the next one. Because internet fuck buddies are fickle AF.

1 day ago

Don’t look for an #internet #lover. They, or you, will profess undying affection one day and disappear the very next. Save yourself from grief.

Nicolas Delsaux
1 day ago

Je croyais que l'article allait parler de vraie queue de message au niveau applicatif (genre Kafka & co). La réalité est en un sens bien pire : il s'agit d'utiliser S3 comme queue de paquets IP #internet #linux #amazon #s3 #tcp #hack 🌐
1 day ago

✏ Haz lo que te haga feliz, ¡búscalo! + Infografía #internet por @richartasanchez

2 days ago

Can't connect to Internet on any wifi but my own #wireless #internet #2304 #technews
2 days ago #technews »#Twitter and #Reddit's #highpriced #APIs are bad news for the #internet's future: A less fun, less affordable #web may await us.«

2 days ago

Anyone at @mastodonindians remember or recall JAIN TV and their ‘Internet for Life’ CD they included with an edition of CHIP magazine? It was for ₹500/- and it was decent. Convinced my parents and bought it. But of course, there’s no such thing as a ‘subscription for life’. They were bankrupt soon after and the subscription lasted for no more than a year and a half. Circa 2002, IIRC.

#Nostalgia #Internet #India

Cricketer Manoj Prabhaker answers a reporter in Netflix's documentary, Caught Out that's about the scandals in world cricket around the 90s.
2 days ago

@WideAperture Well I think that’s today’s #internet Winner 🥇😁

Alain MICHEL 🤓
2 days ago

5. Un jeu de cartes pour rester net sur #Internet !
« Ce jeu de carte permet d’aborder les différentes problématiques sur la protection de la #ViePrivée et d'ouvrir le dialogue entre tous les joueurs, peu importe leur âge ! ».

Frederik Borgesius
2 days ago

A Dutch entrepreneur has been giving away Internet domains of island state Tokelau and 4 African countries for free for 20 years. But the abuse has been unprecedented, and now Meta is demanding half a billion dollars. ‘Een Nederlandse ondernemer geeft al twintig jaar internetdomeinen van eilandstaatje Tokelau en vier Afrikaanse landen gratis weg. Maar het misbruik is ongekend hoog, en nu eist Meta een half miljard dollar.’ #tech #internet #business #spam #security
2 days ago

█ Sense mòbil fins a la secundària: el codi que s'aplica a tota la ciutat de Greystones ▓▒░ Les vuit escoles d'aquesta ciutat d'Irlanda, amb el suport de les famílies, han acordat un "codi voluntari sense telèfon intel·ligent" per als nens de primària #324cat #infancia #internet #menors #tecnologia #xarxessocials

Here in #rural #Minnesota, our internet sometimes drops for hours. For fun, I setup #Kiwix offline internet content server using and old laptop and modem. Now we have our own private #internet that never goes down (except when the power is out, which is another toot).
We have #Wikipedia and lots of other useful content, all available without an internet connection. To learn more, follow the Kiwix Project.


I will talk at #tedxfreiburg about @matrix

i will try to explain how #matrix is a chance to "cure" our beautiful internet from those centralised messengers. so we stay in control and are able to own our conversations.

credits go to @julectiv to convince me and to @greve set my mindset into the brave #gnu world. to @fosdem to set the stage for @matthew in 2015 ;)

@wir #TEDxFreiburg #Speaker #Digitalisierung #Internet #Gemeinschaft #Inspiration #ideasworthspreading #TEDxFreiburg2023

picture of me and the tedx logo
2 days ago

█ La saga completa de "Harry Potter" ja es pot trobar en català a HBO Max ▓▒░ En les pròximes setmanes apareixeran a les plataformes audiovisuals milers de títols doblats i subtitulats en català #324cat #catala #cinema #internet #series

Sam Altmann gibt ein #Interview und #OpenAI lässt es nach der Veröffentlichung aus dem Netz entfernen.

Die wissen wie #AI geht,
aber wie das #Internet funktioniert haben sie nicht verstanden.

1) humanloop - zensurierter Artikel:

2) - unzensurierter Artikel:

2 days ago

Richtig fleißig sind die hier unten an der Deutsch-Niederländischen. Hier läuft das, #Internet besser habe ich den Eindruck!Die helfen uns jetzt!😂 :verified:
3 days ago

Se siete ridotti ad augurare la morte ad un reduce dell'#Olocausto perché un post su #TikTok vi ha detto che è #Rockfeller vi prego, non mandateci segnalazioni. Buttate il cellulare e vendete il #PC perché non siete degni di #Internet e della società

Dan York
3 days ago

P.S. And even though the #Iraq Ministry of Communications made positive comments about keeping the #Internet on during student exams, the Ministry of Education seems to have overruled that. Current information is that they will be shutting off the Internet for four-hour blocks for maybe 10 or more days over the next few weeks!

More from a colleague of mine:

Dan York
3 days ago


One of the very cool (but sad) parts of my job with @internetsociety is writing up "incident pages" for our Pulse platform about government-mandated #InternetShutdowns or blocking of services.

This week there were THREE! Iraq, Mauritania, and Senegal

IRAQ continued the incredibly stupid (IMHO) process of TURNING OFF THE #INTERNET FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY for four hours so that students couldn't cheat on exams!! 🤦‍♂️🤯🤦‍♂️ -

#InternetAccess #KeepItOn

Stefan Bohacek
3 days ago

When available, do you typically use software/browse websites in your native language?

#poll #survey #language #software #internet

CelloMom On Cars
4 days ago

"With no #power, #water or #internet across large areas, frustration is building in the US territory #Guam over what is seen as a slow response to the crisis

The island’s governor, Lou Leon Guerrero, said based on updates from utility agencies she expected 80% to 85% of power and water restoration to be completed within four to six weeks."

4 days ago

Le ministre de l'intérieur du #sénégal Antoine Diome a aussi confirmé que les autorités avaient restreint l’accès aux réseaux sociaux, ce qui a été constaté par exemple pour Facebook, WhatsApp ou Twitter. « Ayant constaté sur les réseaux sociaux la diffusion de messages haineux et subversifs, l’État du Sénégal en toute souveraineté a décidé de suspendre temporairement l’usage de certaines applications digitales ».

#censure #internet
4 days ago

Premier samedi du libre du 3 juin

N’hésitez pas à passer nous voir au prochain #PSL à La Villette, si :
– vous voulez en savoir plus sur l’accès à un #internet neutre auprès d’un #FAI éthique
– vous souhaitez installer une #brique internet
– ou si vous voulez simplement nous rencontrer !

Ce sera l’occasion de discuter de
Protection de la #ViePrivée et des #LibertésNumériques,
#AutoHébergement et #BriqueInternet @yunohost

4 days ago

Haben sie #Internet → Ja
Wo finden sie wir → Puh eh, da haben eir früher... also das jetzt wissen wir auch nicht meh... ja ne war mal anders...

Kavum und nun #Domain geklaut und vermarktet nun #Geld #Abzocke mit faschen Versprechen – Das ist halt #Business... 🤷‍♂️

»Domain vergessen: Marylands Nummerntafeln bewerben Internet-Casinos«


4 days ago

✌️ Guten Morgen #Internet!
☕ Ich brauch erst mal #Kaffee...

heise online
4 days ago

Starlink bekommt Auftrag vom Pentagon für Satelliteninternet in der Ukraine

Disput über die Finanzierung ist beendet. Das US-Verteidigungsministerium hat Starlink offiziell beauftragt, für Satelliteninternet in der Ukraine zu sorgen.

#ElonMusk #Internet #Internetzugang #Militär #Politik #Starlink #UkraineKrieg #news

Joshua Wood
4 days ago

Websites in the 90s were more social than most modern “static” sites. These days you can’t even sign the guestbook.

#internet #web #indiedev

A screenshot of a retro blue website with a form titled “please sign my guestbook!!!!”

@aurynn Makes sense!

We don't need more #Enshittification of the #Internet: #Ads runed EVERYTHING!

Ortwin Pinke
4 days ago

"was man sich tum Thema Sex wünschen kann" - findet man nur im realen Leben, nicht im #Internet!

JW prince of CPH
4 days ago

I find it difficult to describe just how fucking bonkers it is that we have #computers & #internet literally hundreds of times faster than just a few decades ago - and yet almost nothing feels faster. Some things even feel slower, if you can believe it.


Internet Society
5 days ago

From our Pulse platform:
Internet shutdown observed in #Mauritanie 🇲🇷. Mobile Internet access down after protests erupted over the death of a young man in custody.

More at:

#InternetShutdowns harm societies, economies, and the global Internet infrastructure. #KeepItOn

#Mauritania #Internet #InternetAccess

5 days ago

Ich fand #Twitter schon vor Jahren unangenehm aber seit dem Kauf vom #ElonMusk und den #Arabern, verhaltet es sich nur noch plump als ihren #Einfluss Verlautung.

Es wirkt wie so ein Versuch die #Meinung zu kaufen aber als schlechter #Witz im Nebenzug aufzutreten zu lassen für "Informstion". Deren Versuch damit Geld zu verdienen wirkt einfach nur als #Desinform – Ja ne, alles #Internet pros... 😜

«Twitter verlässt EU-Verhaltenskodex gegen Desinformation»


heise online
5 days ago

Donnerstag: Kfz-Schilder mit unfreiwilliger Werbung, Ende für ersten Chromecast

Nummernschilder mit Casino-URL + Chromecast von 2013 ohne Support + Rückgang bei Kartenbetrug + DSGVO-Bußgeld für DKB + #heiseshow über Netflix, EA & Tesla

#Chromecast #Domain #DSGVO #eCommerce #ElectronicArts #ElectronicCash #Glücksspiel #Google #Internet #Kreditkarten #Kriminalität #Netflix #Streaming #Tesla #Verbraucherschutz #news

Symbolisches Streaming über einer Stadt; Donnerstag: Casino-Kennzeichen, Chromecast-Ende, Plastikgeld-Betrug, Bank-Bußgeld & #heiseshow
Alistair Young
5 days ago

I should just like to say, apropos of NOTHING AT ALL, that if you are a cableco and you plan to upgrade every CMTS in the city to ones that only support DOCSIS 3.1, many people would take it as a kindness if you'd announce that you were doing it .

#internet #isp #mayIhaveAnother

5 days ago

🤔 Wenn ihr mich fragt, emfinde ich den Vorschlag schon einen doofen Versuch um #Geld über #Urheberrecht abzuzocken ohne wirklich im Internet zu wirken (auch wenn es online ist). Wirkt irgendwie ziemlich inhaltslos von #Schweiz'er #Medien die verkrampft Inhalt behalten wollen oder verstehe ich da was zu falsch?

»Änderungen im #Urheberrecht - #Bundesrat: Vorschauen im #Internet sollen neu vergütet werden«


Matt 2.0
6 days ago

I love it when I got to a website and it loads, then I click something, and the whole website died.

Today's example, :lastfm:

#EnoughInternet #TooMuchInternet #InternetSaysNo #Internet #IsThisWeb3Yet

A screenshot of showing a 503 error message. The site is down, depicted by a crying robot illustration.
Internet Society
6 days ago

Internet access should be possible, no matter where you live. 🌎🌍🌏

Across the world, remote communities are mobilizing to bring the Internet where service providers have refused to go through self-built community networks.

Learn more ➡️

#Internet #InternetAccess #TheInternetIsForEveryone

6 days ago

☝️ Hoffentlich nicht zu unverständlich formuliert, es geht um:

Heute wurde innert kurzer und spontaner Endscheidung mich aus der #Notfallstastion in einer #Lernzentrum zugewiesen. Ich werde am morgen aus dem Notfallzentrum in ein Lernumgebung reisen. Lustig ist, ich darf rechtlich nich vorher nach hause sondern nur direkt gehen 👉

Intensieve #Aufgaben fürs #Lernen & Fortschritte sind angesagt und kann evt. die #Kommunikation im #Internet veringern, was macht das schon aus? 😉

Eric Maugendre
6 days ago

Thank you Nick @npd and @mallory for your clear article on #SDWAN and #netNeutrality.
I would stress one of your points:
Applying #serviceLevels in poor areas may flatten best-effort traffic, resulting in low #internet quality for the many.
(Poor areas is my gross approximation for where the circuits are small. We may also consider "sparse" areas where the circuits are rare.)

Fair quality may remain in the central region of Western Europe:

SDN PoPs of a telco operator in Europe: they sit from Madrid to Stockholm.

(by Eric Maugendre, 2022)
leSombri :verified_panda:
1 week ago

Je lis et j'entends que le gouvernement veut réguler la #pornographie sur #internet une fois de plus.

L'un des arguments est que les ados tombent sur ce genre contenu de plus en plus jeune.

Hors je suis d'une génération pré-internet grand public et malgré cela j'ai vu mes premiers films pornos à 11 ans (un copain récupérait les cassettes de ses parents).

Alors ma question est simple à quelle age avez vous commencé à en voir ?

Reboost apprécié je dois pas être le seul parent à m'interroger

1 week ago

Musical thought...

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger as Internet security pioneers:

"Get Off My Cloud"
The Rolling Stones

#music #cloud #Internet

Photo of the Rolling Stones circa 1965. They are on a (TV?) stage, some of them holding their guitars.
Dan York
1 week ago

Fascinating piece about Diia, an app / service developed in #Ukraine that allows citizens to interact with a wide range of government services.. and also report Russian troop sightings! Interesting to see this use of mobile #Internet -

Martin Holland
1 week ago

Vermutlich KI-Training:
Massenhafte Zugriffe kicken @internetarchive mehrfach offline

Übers verlängerte Wochenende war das Internet Archive Ziel von vermutlich unabsichtlichen DDoS-Attacken. Der Verdacht fällt auf ein unbedachtes KI-Training.

#AmazonWebServices #DDoS #Internet #InternetArchive #KünstlicheIntelligenz #LargeLanguageModel #Trainingsdaten

heise online
1 week ago

KI-Training als DDoS-Angriff? – Internet Archive mehrfach aus dem Netz gekickt

Übers verlängerte Wochenende war das Internet Archive Ziel von vermutlich unabsichtlichen DDoS-Attacken. Der Verdacht fällt auf ein unbedachtes KI-Training.

#AmazonWebServices #Internet #KünstlicheIntelligenz #news

1 week ago

so my #librewolf has ... 3498 opened tabs 🤦‍♂️


Herr Irrtum!
1 week ago

Here in the German #Fediverse, and probably elsewhere too, right now there is a discussion going on, if its still okay to be active at #Twitter. This makes me thinking, so I took a step back.
Maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with how people are understanding that unbelievable miracle the
#Internet is for humankind.
So here is my little poll for you. Don't take more than 5s to decide. Don't look it up. I want to know...


(Your favorite is missing? No problem. Please make your point within the comments. Thank you very much!)

1 week ago

Learning DNS: @b0rk explains how she learned how DNS works and shares strategies to learn other hard things #DNS #networking #tools #Internet #DomainNameSystem #sysadmin

the word "start" printed on a road heading to the horizon with moon and stars
2 weeks ago

[#FridayReads] Did you know the Netherlands 🇳🇱 was the first European country connected to the internet?

Read this great article by @nemokennislink about the history of internet in the Netherlands and Dutch internet pioneers, including our CEO Erik Huizer @Milkshake and the major role he played in the protocol wars 👉

@SURF @ietf @nlnetlabs @SIDN @SIDNlabs

#Historyoftheinternet #internethistory #internet #internetpioneers #Netherlands

Link of the Day
2 weeks ago

📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Internet » Services

"WikiShootMe V3 (WSM) is a tool to show #Wikidata items, #Wikipedia articles, and #Commons images with coordinates, all on the same map" (created by @magnusmanske, contributed by @tiamat271)

#lotd #services #internet #computers #web #Wikidata #Wikipedia #Commons

2 weeks ago

Si jamais vous avez des soucis pour vous connecter à internet :

#internet #web #it #geek #leet

Sam Oldman 🐀
2 weeks ago

Joking aside, the "baby boomers" you are insulting as not knowing anything about computers were also the people who invented the internet.
The oldest boomers born in 1946 had careers from about 1966 to 1998. Youngest, born 1964, from 1984 to 2016.

Aol started in 1985
Netscape in 1994
Geocities in 1994

#boomer #internet #seniors #oldpeopleofmastodon

Jukka Niiranen
2 weeks ago

@rolle The Finnish equivalent. #Internet #KillItWithFire

"The whole internet should be blown to pieces" said a used car salesman.
Roni Laukkarinen
2 weeks ago

"Mastodon 'may be just a passing fad as people give up on it'" #Mastodon #Internet #SocialMedia

Newspaper from 2000, "Internet 'may be just a passing fad as millions give up on it'"
The Markup
2 weeks ago

HEY! Join us TOMORROW as our reporters give a demo on how you can investigate inequities in internet access.

Just sign up at

#webinar #equity #internet #data #research

Graphic that reads WEBINAR: Excluded from Fast Internet? How to find out if your town is split by a digital divide. It will take place on Tuesday, May 23 at 2:00 p.m. ET. To rsvp, go to The graphic is in white text on a black background and has a small pink character in the bottom right corner making a quizzical face.
Internet Society
2 weeks ago

Is this good news for #Iraq 🇮🇶? The Ministry of Communication has considered requests to not shutdown access to the #Internet during the upcoming general school exams.

Read more:

#NoExamShutdown #Keepiton #InternetAccess

Dan York
2 weeks ago

Nothing quite says "Wow! It's going to be an interesting week in #InternetGovernance and #Internet politics in general" like the EU dropping a €1.2B fine on Meta!

miriam heddy
2 weeks ago

@damon Whenever I think about #HumanIntelligence, the #Internet, #AI and our access to information (and Propaganda), I’m reminded of this video of wild animals reacting to mirrors:

Topher 🌱🐧💚
3 weeks ago

If we could go back in time for a re-do, what percentage of the things you posted on social media sites would you still post this hypothetical second time around?

#socialmedia #internet #privacy #safety

Joe Ortiz
3 weeks ago

The US Supreme Court has declined to address #Section230 protections and #liability in Gonzalez v. Google and Twitter v. Taamneh

This is a huge sigh of relief and good news for the entire #internet at least for now although I fear that the broken judicial branch isn't fully done with this and there will be more battles to come I'm sure.

3 weeks ago

When the #Internet was built, #computers weren’t #mobile. They sat in offices next to data centers. The Internet has changed but the assumptions made 30 years ago are making your experience slower and less #secure.
#vpn #security #privacy #cybersecurity

Internet Society
3 weeks ago

Our 2022 Impact Report is here! We worked with our community to:

🔌 Connect underserved populations
🪴 Grow reliable, affordable access
🙋🏽‍♀️ Counter actions that threaten the Internet

Because we believe in an #InternetForEveryone. Read the full report👇

#Internet #InternetAccess #ProtectTheInternet

Graphic with text "Safeguarding the Network of Networks. Internet Society Impact Report 2022"
Internet Society
3 weeks ago

The Internet should NOT be…

🚫 Shut down ahead of elections or school exams.
🚫 Controlled by corporations and governments.
🚫 Used to undermine societies and economies.

Preserving an open, globally secure, connected, and trustworthy #Internet is in everyone’s best interest.

#InternetAccess #KeepItOn

c't Magazin
3 weeks ago

heise+ | Twitter-Alternativen: Ein Blick auf potenzielle Twitter-Nachfolger

Elon Musk baut Twitter ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste und zum Missvergnügen vieler Nutzer um. Das eröffnet konkurrierenden Netzwerken neue Chancen.

#Apps #ElonMusk #Internet #Mastodon #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

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Internet Society
3 weeks ago

Join us on May 17th for World Data Lab’s webinar to launch the 2023 Internet Poverty Index - a project supported by the Internet Society Foundation.

Our Foundation Executive Director will share insights based on the latest data to combat digital exclusion.

Register now:

#Internet #InternetAccess #InternetPovertyIndex

c't Magazin
3 weeks ago

heise+ | Programmieren: In Assembler hacken wie vor 40 Jahren

Vor 40 Jahren war das Internet noch weit entfernt und das WWW gab es genauso wenig wie Python. Beispielprogramme wurden in einer Assemblersprache abgedruckt.

#Betriebssystem #Browser #Internet #Programmierung #Python #news

ms. liz
3 weeks ago

“don’t follow people because you agree with their answers, follow them because you respect the intellectual integrity that they bring to their questions.”

adam grant, you are not so smart podcast 231 #criticalThinking #internet #adamGrant #yanss