Micheal B
20 hours ago

Hello! I have moved instances!

A little about me. I game, I stream, I make #TikToks, Hate over love, LGBTQ+ friendly.

Now I just need to use this more. Hope you all are having a good day !

#introduction #intro

New instance new #introduction!

Hi, my name's Spike (DoomWeaselArt).

I'm an artist who likes to draw #FurryArt, #WildlifeArt and occasionally #DarkArt in both Traditional and Digital mediums.

I upload new work fairly regularly both here and on Bluesky.

I'm open for commissions so feel free to message me. :)

Discord: DoomWeaselArt


#intro #commissionsopen #commsopen #fedigiftshop #traditionalart #digitalart #furry

Black and white ballpoint pen drawing of an otter
Digital portrait of an anthro bat chatacter wearing glasses, a spiked collar and a fishnet top
Ballpoint pen drawing of a sandy coloured ferret from a fantasy setting
Ballpoint pen drawing of a canine skull with fuzzy ears on an abstract background

Shalom everyone!

You might know us already from @admin — if not, that's okay! This is our account on Mastodon.ART, which has wider / more liberal federation policies than we do, for wider post reach and as a backup!

#introduction #intro

3 days ago

The #opening #anime music video for the #Sega CD version of #Lunar completely and utter blows away the #Playstation and #Saturn version's #intro. Outside of Sonic CD's opening, this is likely my favorite 16-bit video game opening:

5 days ago

I get to do another intro, here we go:

I've recently come out as NB and my pronouns are they/them. I live with depression, generalized anxiety and OCD

Love playing solo video and board games, currently loving Disney Dreamlight Valley

Enjoy reading comics on my tablet and the MCU

I have 2 wonderful cats and 2 amazingly goofy twin shitzus

I love watching the seasonal challenge cooking shows


5 days ago
6 days ago

#intro Hello Mastodon Game Devs!

#TiltFive is the AR experience that will blow your mind! Follow this account for game developer news, hints, and other technical content related to Tilt Five.

6 days ago

WIP. State of the intro. Mostly did refactoring and optimizations.

Next: fixing this annoying tune for something smooth :P

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro #Retrocomputing

50+ Music
6 days ago

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is a song by the British rock band #Queen, released as the lead single from their fourth album, #ANightAtTheOpera (1975). Written by lead singer #FreddieMercury, the song is a six-minute #suite, notable for its lack of a refraining chorus and consisting of several sections: an #intro, a #ballad segment, an #operatic passage, a #hardRock part and a reflective #coda.

6 days ago

#intro post: Hi, I'm Michael. I reckon I'll post here about #hiking, #ClassicalGuitar, #music, #camping, #gardening, our #allotment, maybe a bit of #ukpolitics, books, stuff I find funny and the odd #caturday pic. I'm also, for stuff about the day job.

6 days ago

Intro post: I used to make little hobby games ever since I got my hands on a c64. I work as a programmer doing something totally unrelated to games but want to get back into making little fun games for me and my friends. Maybe an interactive fiction thing, maybe a visual novel, maybe a point and click. Who knows. Just looking to have some fun and be inspired by everyone’s stuff.


Michael Davinroy
1 week ago

Hi I'm Michael and this is my #introduction post! 👋

Programmer interested in #sysadmin #infosec #aml based in #BostonMA

Enjoy #tabletop #boardgames #hiking #camping #linguistics #history 🏞️

Curious about #rust #golang #foss #osint

Looking for positions in systems engineering #GetFediHired #HachyJobs #cpp #python👨‍💻

#MastodonMigration #Fediverse #FediFinder #Intro

Kelley Graham
1 week ago
another #xitter blunder over #auw. here's another #intro for #newcomers. Welcome! I share my process more than products. If you want products, see my websites. Born of a concert pianist and Navy Seal. I pursued jazz sax through childhood, then, as a young man, Architecture & the Arts. This formal education led to early career adventures in feature film production. Have been doing my own thing since 1994. From age 10, I have trained to pursue understanding of the place where mind and body intersect. #50ten40 #meditation #neuroscience #martialart #mindbody #art #artist #creator #maker #weld #tigweld #migweld #torchweld #metalsmith #fabricate #design #film #filmmaking #iatse44 #union #encaustic #architecture #permaculture #permatecture #instructionaldesign #photography #istillshootfilm #photorealism #darkroom #mindbody #learning #edutech #fedi22 #foss #floss #opensource #loq #cio #cto #author #writing #scot #ClanLamont #FollowFriday
graph of life satisfaction vs a…
graph of life satisfaction vs age
Christopher Brown
1 week ago

#Introduction #Intro

Hello, Mastodon!

Military brat, now veteran spouse. Have lived across US & EU. Have worked in #STEM #Education, sys admin & #Programming, #Research, and #SAHP.

Currently working on #GaitAnalysis, #SaMD, and #QMS

Enjoy family, #Travel, watching #Basketball & #Soccer, #Reading, playing #Games, #Denim, #Music, #Guitar & #Ukulele, and surf videos.


#Teaching #Mathematics #Math #ComputerScience #Science #Technology #MotionCapture #DataAnalysis #YNWA

I remade my #twstintro . I'll keep it pinned here too C:

#TwistedWonderland #intro

My twst intro.

Text reads:

Awkward potato.

I draw a bunch.
Self indulgent.
I have too many OCs.
Main oshi(s):
Picture of Vil and Leona and under "Main oshis."
Picture of Epel and Riddle and under "My sons."
Favorite dorm(s): Pictured Pomefiore, Diasomnia and Savanaclaw logos.
Other interest(s):
Fire Emblem, Honkai Star Rail, MXTX, Enstars, Tales of Games.
1 week ago

**Recently moved from New #Intro Post!**

Hey! I'm Eddie 😀

- I'm into #Legendofzelda and #Minecraft
- lots of different #Music
- I play #Drums
- I live with #ADHD and #CPTSD though I generally consider myself straight/cis/able/white/male (he/him/his)
- I do my best to support my fellow humans whether they be LGBTQ+, brown, disabled, or any spectrum of humanity, and am learning everyday how to be a better #Ally

Looking forward to getting to know the #DFTBA community!

Hello, my name is Mai and I am a professional #GraphicArtist.

I was invited here by Nara Moore and do illustrations for her novels.

Please be kind to me.

My specialty is #Yuri but het doesn't bother me. I have done drawings for #OthersidePicnic, #ImInLoveWithTheVillainess (#ILTV), #SpyXFamily, #BocchiTheRock, #LycorisRecoil, #lLttleWitchAcademia , and lot of others. I have also done #Idol #FanArt . I do #SFW #NSFW #Ecchi but nothing illegal. Don't ask me.

Below is a sample of my work, displayed with Nara's permission.

#Introduction #Intro #MastoArt #Commission #CommissionOpen #Fandom

Two girls dancing. One has rabbit headphones on. Both are wearing dresses of matching design, one teal the other black.
Kiki Phoenix
1 week ago

Hi there, I'm Kiki! I make spicy content and do live online and in-person performances often involving rope, skimpy outfits, and other fun things! Should I expand upon that? Happy to respond to questions!

#intro #intropost #introduction

In my black outfit with thigh high boots looking down at you and asking "Have you been good?"
1 week ago

And the car is coded and alive!

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro #Retrocomputing

2 weeks ago

Welcome to Buddyverse 🫂 🤗

#mastodon #fediverse #intro

2 weeks ago

WIP. Updated a lot of the code. Added initial sound support (pc speaker) with test tune.

Now the intro can be run in DosBox in a browser!


It runs 2x fast as it should but still fascinating :)

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro #DosBox #WASM

2 weeks ago

WIP. Updated scenes. Added sprite snake.

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro

2 weeks ago
@Reverend Welk bord? 😂

Zoals @harld al zegt, gewoon meedoen. Zet een aantal #hastags in je bio, maak een #Intro post met #hashtags over dingen die je interesseren zoals #meditatie, #stresskip, #progressief en b.v. #Bijlgooien voor gevorderden. Als dat je boeit, tenminste. Volg wat hashtags, en voor je het weet verdrink je in de interactie en maak je de stresskip waar. 😉
2 weeks ago

Hello, I'm Tesni, a queer woman from Wisconsin who has a lot of active (and other) hobbies while coping with a variety of chronic health conditions. I'm a martial artist, hiker and amateur strength trainer. Other interests of mine are tabletop and video gaming, ukulele, sci-fi and origami. I'm also passionate about disability advocacy and animal rescue. Feel free to follow as I share my thoughts and experiences!

#introduction #intro #disability #spoonie #MartialArtist #hiker #gamer

It's me with pink braids in my hiking gear (sun hat, sun shirt, hiking pants, hiking boots, pack, trekking poles) looking at the vast forest scenery from near the top of a mountain. The sky above is blue and clear.
2 weeks ago

WIP. Updated font, added typewriting text reveal, and burning CPU :)

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro

(Un)friendly Timeline Skycone
2 weeks ago

Hello, relations, strangers, settlers (I guess) and cousins who don't know we're cousins yet 😂. Allow me to #Intro myself.

Name's Ari. Last name is extremely Germanic and 12 letters long. Wife and I are uniquely possessive of this so no, i'm not gonna type it idk how weird you all are yet.

This is a new Instance but I've been on Mastodon under this existing @ for years at this point. If you see raantuva on the internet? It's me. Hi there. Hope you're well if we're acquainted already!

2 weeks ago

Good morning! ☕
I am usually very careful regarding my "hobby". My family, most friends and work colleagues know nothing about it. And they shouldn't. That's why I am also hesitant to give much personal info here.

But some of you might be curious. So here's a little more: I am 29 years old and basically live as a #homenudist since I moved to my own apartment. I always enjoyed being #naked a lot but I didn't grow up in a #nudistfamily.

#intro #Introduction

2 weeks ago

new instance, new intro

hi! we are ifelse95, a plural system of 10+ members. we are bodily 23 years old, collectively use they/them pronouns, and we are queer, polyam, and neurodivergent.

here we will be posting short form thoughts that are not long enough to go on our blog. also probably posting pictures of our dolls, maybe some art, blog posts, etc.

i hope we can be friends!

#intro #introduction

2 weeks ago

Hello Fediverse! After a summer with a lot of wonderful and exciting #naked time for me. I want to start something new here. I am a coffee junkie and #nudistgirl who is especially thrilled by the idea of being naked in situations where I shouldn't. This is a fresh account for that naughty side of me. Follow me for my adventures but don't expect photos or too many personal details. This is my secret side. 🤫


Nancy Mauro-Flude
3 weeks ago

#Intro \0/ I'm Nancy committed & (privileged) to be based home town lutruwita/tasmania 42.9717° S, 147.3269° E
practice permaculture, & permacomputing, file/seed sharing, and digital caretaking. passionate about eco-social transformation, co-designing sensitive strategies.
I’m excited to engage with and support this effort directly propelling the values of minimal computing towards broader public engagement is a vital part of my intention.

Time for a new #Intro Post

#HamRadio - @kg5jst

PRONOUNS: he/him

White and #Cherokee (non-citizen)
Mostly cis/het

#Attorney -
#Editor -

BLOG: (part of #Fediverse)

Note: I seek to use alt text for photos.

I do not do CW's for political/activism posts

3 weeks ago

Yeah the last one was supposed to be the last intro, but I keep switching software ​:blobfoxlaughsweat:​

I’m a sysadmin, furry, NixOS user, and nonhuman entity. I self-host a lot of my own services, including my own email. I’m an agender transfem nonhuman entity, and use
It/She/They/Xem pronouns. I enjoy programming in Rust, Python, and Javascript. I’m a contributor to Nixpkgs, and used to be a contributor to the Homebrew core repo. I’m a very ambitious person, and have big ideas, but not necessarily the skills to execute those ideas.

I’m studying cybersecurity in college, and enjoy reading and talking about it. I’m also a networking nerd, and my favorite protocol is BGP. I’m a member of the DN42 community, under AS4242422459. Peering is open, and you can contact me here or on any contact method listed in the registry.

As a furry, my current only fursona is a protogen with dark grey fur and a purple face display. Her name is I/O and she uses She/They pronouns, just like me.

I use Tailscale for all of my infrastructure, because it works really well. I talk about it a lot. None of my opinions about Tailscale are paid for, unless otherwise noted.

Also, feel free to DM me about anything, really. I’m generally open to answer questions about what I do/want to do, less so about who I am.

Current projects, as of posting: making my own blog, writing my own personal Discord bot in Python, starting college well, and just generally to survive the next few years.

#introduction #introductions #intro

john spurling
3 weeks ago

I don't really understand the whole Mastodon #intro thing, but to be honest, I find them awkward irl too.

Anchor Radio
3 weeks ago

Let's not forget the interactive part! We're all ears (and waves) for your messages, song requests, and even the occasional mermaid joke – after all, laughter is the wind in our sails. 🧜‍♀️🎤

So tune in, turn up the volume, and join us at Anchor Radio – where the music is boundless, the laughter is infectious, and the ship's humor is… well, let's just say we're working on keeping it afloat! ⛵️🤣 #intro #radio #mentalhealth

3 weeks ago

I'm Rachel, a 45-year-old cis woman living in the Heart of the Metis Homeland on Treaty One Territory. My Clan is Crane, and my Spirit Name is Dancing White Butterfly Woman.
I'm happily married and a proud Mom to a brilliant daughter. I'm a talkative introvert (INFJ) and a homebody. I love reading, documentaries, family history/genealogy, fashion, makeup, and online shopping. I'm a former social worker and remain a passionate Ally and Advocate for various causes. #intro

Shoni Town serait ouvert au public large du quartier dès le 1 septembre. J'ai écrit un grosse osti fil (ou 🧵) sur le sujet, mais dans ma maternelle, l'anglais. Ça commence ici:

#introduction #intro
#Shoni #ShoniTown #Montreal

Ok alors: au début d'août, j'ai décidé que ce site, Shoni Town, doit être prêt pour un lancement public dès le 1 septembre. Ce qui suit est une série de posts (un 🧵 , on peut dire) à propos de ce projet et ma vision pour lui

Pour ce, le premier post dans la série, j'utilise mon français qui est, je sais très bien, un peu laid. À haut voix, je t'assure que j'ai, au moins, un peu de personalité et rhythme qui peut t'impressioner comme charmant mais quand la grammaire est off ou le vocab est ben trop much English

Je pense que beaucoup de monde qui trouve ce post ne sont pas probablement des gens qui habite ou fréquente mon quartier, mais des gens que sont situé ailleurs, à Montréal ou ben plus distant (par exemple Québec, Ottawa ou Sainte-Hyacinthe). Ils sont des gens qui suit le hashtag #Montreal et/ou #introduction ou #intro. À l'autre côté, il y a au moins une homme vieux à la retraite il y 20 ans ou plus qui utilise des ordis ou des smartphones très rarement et qui n'a pas une bonne idée de ce qu'un hashtag est. Je veux qu'il pourrait comprendre ce que j'ai écrit à l'exacte même gré qu'une ado qui ne connaît rien vraiment de l'infrastructure de l'internet peut

Mon audience n'est pas, alors donc, les nerds qui sont déjà un fédivers déjà établi qui est plein d'urbanistes, geeks qui travaillent dans la programmation et tout autre chose comme ça

Mais ce qu'une personne hypothétique qui habite ou travaille dans mon quartier a en commun avec la plupart des gens déjà, c'est la capacité de comprendre l'anglais, probablement. Alors, je vais écrire les posts qui suivent en anglais, ma langue maternelle. Peut-être je vais les traduire plus tard, mais c'est sûr que ma parole textuelle sera plus fluide in English

Alors, commençons ce fil de discussion (e.g. 🧵, 1/10)

3 weeks ago

More glyphs and added horizontal color change. Now I can start play with colors.

It's running on an emulated 486DX2/66. Why exact this hardware? It was my first computer as a kid where I learned to program on QBASIC. I have a grayscale monitor and MS-DOS was the best OS to play games. And it has QBASIC :)

EXE: 31KB :)

#DOS #FreeDOS #Intro #DemoScene #CPP

4 weeks ago

Started thinking like a demoscener.
Created buffer and now just memcopy to the VGA memory.
Way faster!

Simple crazy bars.

Changed to C++ and OpenWatcom for a moment.

#FreeDOS #OpenWatcom #CPP #Demoscene #Intro

Amanda Wyatt Visconti
4 weeks ago

Work: DH/XS, research webdev, zines, public humanities, #mincomp, antiracist & transfeminist textual scholarship, community design, DIY scholcomm
* Past hats: TT R1 DH faculty, Literature PhD (all-DH/no-chapter dissertation!), librarian w/Info HCI MS, pro webdev
* @ach officer; runs DH Slack

Indoor photo, with a white lab-hound mix dog sitting in the foreground looking at the camera and grinning/panting widely. In the background, a large wooden sign that says "Scholars' Lab" in art deco font is visible leaning against the wall. The room is somewhat messy because I'd just moved into a temp smaller space.
Amanda Wyatt Visconti
4 weeks ago

#Intro! Hi! I direct the @scholarslab digital humanities/DS/XS research center & I do
*Book-adjacent human-computer interaction
*Culture+tech scholarship for social justice, community, joy
*Maintenance/care/SJ = and > innovation
*[library/university worker]-led futures for [libraries/universities]

A photo of a white lab-hound mix dog lying down but with head up, basking in the bright sun with eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. There is a red brick wall behind the dog.
4 weeks ago

My first plasma on a 486DX2 66Mhz, DOS executable!

#FreeDOS #TurboC #C #Demoscene #Intro

4 weeks ago

Hi! I'm Tryph, a Filipino 2D illustrator / game artist with 6+ years of experience working on games! ⚔️

My main interests are knights, medieval history, birds, crafts, and ramen! I'm also working on a visual novel with my friend (who is writing it) and am currently trying to port it to Godot. #intro

A screenshot of my indie VN. The character is in a garden setting. The text reads "Hmm? What's this?"
Illustration of a pink-haired priest raising a candleholder with a lit candle to his face.
Illustration of Lady Darklaw from Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney as a Hierophant tarot card. She has her hand doing the hierophant 3 finger gesture.
Illustration of a toy box with small figurines of Phoenix Wright as a blue knight, Professor Layton pointing, Luke Triton with Eve-the-Cat on his head, and Maya Fey dressed as a witch.
1 month ago

#introduction #Introductions #intro #about #aboutme #trekkie

OK, so this is my specialty account where I toot short memoirs of one or a few phrases. I used to do this on Twitter but then, well, you know ...

In real life, I #write a lot, am trying to get published, and have been arrested numerous times for protesting war and injustice.

I'm a #vegetarian, as if that were any of your business.

My main, more general Mastodon account is, so please check me out there.

Sangcheng Week
1 month ago

Time for an #intro post!

This is an account for a yearly #MDZS fandom fandom event, celebrating #sangcheng: #JiangCheng / #NieHuaisang 💜💚

This year, #SangChengWeek23 will run from November 5 to 11, kicking off on Jiang Cheng's birthday. We will release the prompts soon!


1 month ago

Figured I'd give this social thing a go.

Kind of housebound (night owl w fatigue, mostly) but don't want that to be my whole personality.
Still need to work out what My Thing is from here out

Into smart things & people, arty things, cool buildings, big ideas. More policy than politics. Cats more than dogs. Not sport.

#intro #fibro #fatigue #housebound #books #music #politics #news #economics

1 month ago
I have arrived, so here is my #intro to the world of the fedi variety.

🌈 Proud member of the alphabet gang #lgbtqia+ as a B and Q

I'm a photographer, digital artist and overall art fiend.
You can find some of my work over at

A bit of a #leftist and lover of all that’s weird.
I’ve been threatening to world with the concept of making music but up till now the world has been spared this horror.
Really into everything #industrial and #glitch
Looking forward to actually connecting with some likeminded people
Esther Roth-Colson
1 month ago

I suppose it's time to do a proper #introduction (again). I used to run for a while, but thanks to a dedicated server failure that I don't have the energy to fix (because the provider was already having problems), I'm now here on

I'm a
#pansexual #trans woman, #COVID #vaccine worker, and future #socialworker and gender therapist. I'm also #Jewish, #autistic / #neurodiverse, and have a number of #chronicillness issues, such as #crohns and respiratory issues.

For my hobbies, I enjoy dabbling in
#hamradio, doing electronics design work, and watching shows such as #Futurama and #StarTrek (especially Discovery, #DS9, and Lower Decks).

Thanks for dropping by!


Darren Di Lieto
1 month ago

Since I've changed my look, a new hairstyle, I thought I'd best toot a fresh #Introduction with mugshots. 👋

I build websites and communities, and for the last 20 years, I've been connecting freelance illustrators with clients – helping them take their careers to the next level. #Intro #Hireillo #BeardLife 🧔🏻‍♂️

Side view of Darren Di Lieto: He's wearing a hoodie, facing right and standing in a brick wall. Darren has a mohawk haircut and a sizeable greying beard.
Portrait of Darren Di Lieto: He's wearing a hoodie, facing forward and standing in a brick wall. Darren has a mohawk haircut and a sizeable greying beard.
Hannah Weinberger
1 month ago


I'm an investigative multimedia #journalist in #Seattle covering science & the #environment for Crosscut/KCTS9 #PBS. I write about climate #adaptation, human/ #wildlife relationships, enviro health, urban #ecology & ppl working to understand these things. I love reporting on assumptions, unintended consequences & grappling w/learning from mistakes. Also love #bikes & #dadjokes!

Excited to chat re: the above and scicomm/journo craft.

Photo tax: My #SalmonCannon Halloween costume.

The author dressed as a low-budget salmon cannon for Halloween, with a blue and red spandex onesie representing a dam wall and surrounding water; a vacuum hose decorated with plush fish; and lots of stuck-on Swedish Fish candies
Nvram (iel)
1 month ago

Coucou ! ✨ #intro

Je me présente au Fediverse 👯 comme il est coutume de le faire

Je suis un 👽 adelphe 👽 non-binaire, quoigenre (ou agenre, la notion de genre appliquée à moi-même ne me parle pas beaucoup) de 25 ans,

J'aime bien la psychologie et les sciences sociales (je n'en lis pratiquement plus en ce moment mais j'aimais beaucoup la géographie et la socio par périodes),

Je fais de l'informatique 👩‍🔬 pour le travail (et je n'en parle pas trop ici).
Je suis tout de même passionnée à la base, je maintiens quelques projets open-source (qui cumulent 3k étoiles sur github 💀 et un paquet dans les dépôts officiel d'Arch 🎁 ensemble) je fais notamment du Python et du Rust 🐍

Je suis aussi autiste, c'est une activité qui consiste à effrayer les valides,

Spectre ace et spectre aro (je peux m'attacher à des gens mais pas n'importe qui, il faut une vraie proximité 😉 ). J'anarel.
J'habite en Rhône-Alpes et je travaille à distance.

J'aime la musique électronique et les balades (en train 🚆 ), quand j'ai l'énergie et ce n'est pas la canicule,

Sinon je suis une personne de gauche, minorisée (handie et queer), j'interagis plutôt facilement avec les inconnu.e.s 🙂 (mais je ne débats pas avec l'ED 😵‍💫 )

Voilà pour toi mastoche,

For many years I have been practicing as a "Life" Coach. I have never liked the term because I don't think anyone needs coaching to live. It took me a few years and a lot of self discovery to hone in on what it is that I do believe and focus my practice and personal life around that.
I work with people to reframe the story of their daily lives and habits into a narrative that puts the self as the focus of the story. As with any story, once you accept the protagonist as they ARE, at the beginning of the story, you can begin to see how and why they function the way they do. Then, you can see what they need to move forward in their story.

I have decades of education in meditation, therapeutic movement, spiritual practices, neurolinguistic programing, and alchemical psychology techniques to bring to the work, but the core of my practice is the truth that there is nothing wrong with you.

If you are here reading this, then you are a survivor that has moved through life in the best way you knew how. None of us were taught how to move gracefully through life while keeping our hearts safe and secure in the process. We survived in a world that is determined to mold us into a shape that serves a very small minority who use greed to fill their emptiness.
I work with people who want to move past their survival mode armor and blossom into their authentic, beautiful, perfect, gorgeous selves.
I genuinely love my practice and know (in that deep core sense) that it is my purpose to do this.

1 month ago

Okay, dann probiere ich das mal. Hallo, ihr Lieben, ich bin neu hier! 👋
#neuhier #intro #introduction

Mein Name ist Marieke, ich bin Lektorin, Korrektorin und Schreibcoach und ich würde die Plattform gern nutzen, um Schreibtipps zu posten, vom Arbeitsalltag zu erzählen und andere nette kreative Menschen kennenzulernen. Ich hoffe, ich finde auch viele schon bekannte Gesichter. 💜

Mastodon-Tipps sind nach wie vor sehr willkommen, ich bin noch etwas verloren. 👀

2 months ago

New username (formerly CozyAvalon), new #intro.

I like fluffy #animals and cute #birds.
I'm dual citizen #Canadian and #American. Canadian born and raised. Lived in California for over 12 years (moved back north last year).
Child-free. Happily single.

I like reading fiction and graphic novels.
I like cross-stitch, random #crafts and #colouring.
I love #VideoGames and #TabletopGames.
I'm DMing a #DnD campaign for the first time!

So on and so forth. :ablobcatheart:

Pierrot ⏚🔻
2 months ago

#Intro #Introduction,

Je m’appelle Pierre (on me surnomme Pierrot) je suis une personne handicapée psychique et ancien consommateur de drogues/alcool. Je milite pour une démocratie ouvrière (dans la théorie). J’ai un usage militant d’une dizaine d’années.

Je suis aussi un ancien aide-soignant en
#EHPAD. J’ai arrêté pour cause d’inaptitude en même temps c’était voulu.

Je suis animateur sur vendredi soir quand je suis pas épuisé par mes cachous.

J’aime les chats, j’aime le blues-rock-jazz.

Je suis parti de Twitter en 2017 et définitivement fermé mes comptes en 2021 – 2022. Je garde un compte facebook où je ne publie quasiment plus rien.

2 months ago

Hello Mastodon!

I am Leh, an #illustrator who enjoys drawing monster girls, playing games, drinking chocolate milks and petting cats

✦ Enby and ace
✦ US-based Brazilian
✦ Millennial from the 80s

#intro #introduction #artist

Leh (that's me) wearing a hoodie and overalls and holding a mug of the best beverage that exists on earth: Chocolate Milk!

Acabei de me dar conta que até hoje não fiz uma #intro, daquelas que é boa prática no fediverso... E lá se vão sei lá quantos anos por aqui! Bem, vou ter que esperar chegar alguma inspiração, então de momento fica essa de tapa-buraco.

Minha primeira encarnação no fedi foi capivárica, pelo velho Tempo bom! Mas daí escutei o chamado da Ursa e pra cá migrei.

É que lontra raiz dorme de mão dada cazamiga pra correnteza não levar cada uma prum lado quando o soninho tá bão.

Finally getting to doing one of these! #intro

Hiya, my name is Dove! We're part of a traumagenic system! This is both an art and a personal account, I don't have the energy or the spoons to manage more than one account anymore.

What you will find on this account:

* OC focused, I adore rambling about my ocs and those who are connected to them!
* Personal vents and/or rambles
* Me boosting other artists and/or posts I ejnoy
My own artwork including commissions and personal work
* I will ramble about my tastes in dark fiction, and it will be very present in my artwork and Ocs


*Honkai Star Rail
*Toxic Relationships, Especially Lesbians
* Furries
* Needy Streamer Overload
* Paper Mario
* Dommy Mommies/Daddy's
* Monster Hunter
* So much more too many to fully list!

CWs for Account {all fictional ofc}:

* Noncon/Dubcon
* Torture
* Bondage/Chains
* Mindbreak/Hypnosis
* Tentacles
* Incest
* Sadism/Masochism
* Body Horror
* Humiliation {nothing with piss or scat}
* Religious Themes/Kinks
* Alpha's fighting over a mate
* Corruption/Innocence Lost
* And more but those are the mains <3

I hope to meet more likeminded people, as well as more art friends!!