#Introduction - #Pinned

Hey, I'm Johto. Coming to this instance in search of a place here in the #Fediverse.

I'm a huge Linux enthusiast and massive nerd from the Midwest. I play / watch anything that catches my eye.

I play drums and write music, as well as love photography! I will be posting some pics of mine and lyrics / drum takes.

I'm here to just vibe with good people, really. I'll often just say what's on my mind and joke around aha. Don't take what I have to say too seriously.

Mostly posting about #VideoGames #Gaming #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #WWE #AEW #Linux #LinuxGaming #Android #FOSS #RockMusic #Metal #Photography #Nature

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! 💞

Gif of the Video Game Pokemon Black and White, with the main character standing still in the flowery fields.
slice of life for life
3 hours ago

Hi! Call me Zubat. #introduction

I'm broadly into #Cartoons #Anime #Manga #VideoGames #KDramas #Sitcoms. I'm watching #UncleKDrama atm, and I'm very into #SkipAndLoafer #MyLiberationNotes #TheOwlHouse as well. I just got some games from the #3DS eShop closure, so I'll talk about those too.

I'm also #ActuallyADHD #ActuallyOCD so I'll talk about headcanons for characters involving those as well as about my own personal experiences (with warnings).

(more specific hashtags below)

Swagnum Moss
4 hours ago

#introduction (WIP lol)

Not my first time on Mastodon, but returning after a break from social media.

I sometimes shitpost at Mach Jesus just a warning.

Big PC gamer (mostly Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft at the moment). I also enjoy building computers even though I don't know what I'm doing.

Always down to learn new things and make new friends!

4 hours ago

#introduction redo (accidentally deleted it)
worked in the arts, but got really ill.
share mainly both my phone photos
and also pro photos (source marked)

#Photography #cat #dog #plants #LosAngeles #Chemotherapy #Homebound #VisuallyImpaired

more detailed alt text always available upon request

👋 #introduction time!

I'm a Solutions Architect Leader at #AWS, passionate about #CloudComputing, #photography, #travel, and #gaming. When I'm not on a computer, I'm hanging out in #Colorado with my wife and two little dudes.

This is my third account (most recent:, and hopefully, my last. I've set up Mastodon servers, and love learning from the community. Running a solo instance can get lonely, though, and I felt I was missing out on some of the best that Mastodon has to offer.

Yaisiel (Yai) Torres
5 hours ago

Hola 👋🏽! My name is Yaisiel (Yai) Torres. I've been living in the DMV area since 2015 and would love to connect with smart and interesting humans living in the area.

My professional interests lie in the intersection between web development, engineering management, and green tech. I want my kids and future generations, in general, to have a planet to enjoy. Anything I could do to contribute to that goal gives meaning to the daily grind.

Last but not least, I'm also a gamer (now playing Metroid Prime Remake on the Switch and the Villainous Boardgame) and a rock music fan (Tool, APC, and NIN sit at the top of my list). I'm currently working hard to make habits out of reading books and jogging at a nice pace.


5 hours ago

Hello! I'm Jack, it's nice to meet you! o/

I'm a #queer #gamedev with a particular interest in making browser-based games.

I particularly am interested in virtual pet games, and what we can make those look like with modern frameworks. But I'm also interested in the accessibility and intersectionality of that with "web 1.0" design principles -- JavaScript can do cool stuff but you shouldn't need it to load the basic page text.

Other than that, I play FFXIV and sometimes other games!

This account will likely mostly be dedicated to gamedev, but may have some other webdev and art mixed in. I also have a (SFW but 18+) personal alt over at:
But this account (at will likely be more specific in topic and not restricted followers-wise.

I think that's it! Thank you for reading and I look forward to posting here!


Brad Campbell
6 hours ago

Good evening everyone! I’m new to Mastodon and hoping to de-tweet my existence. I’d like to spend my SM time positively.
I follow US politics, but hate the divisive tone.
I like to cycle, read and learn. Currently trying to learn Japanese.
Travel is important to my mind as is thoughtfulness.
Everything has a grey area. But teaching and learning are vital to my existence.

#Introduction, #Introductions and #NewHere, #Cycling, #Recumbents, #PTSD, #HappilyMarried, #Meteorology

Starry Time Podcast
7 hours ago

Saw something about another increase in #new #Mastodon users -- if you're #newHere -- welcome! 🤗

By way of #introduction, let's be friends if you're interested in:
#astronomy #astrophotography #NASA #space #mythology #Greekmyth #storytelling #constellations or related content!

You can also expect:
- the occasional dunk on Johann Bayer
- strong expressions of love for #BlackHoles and #exoplanets
- ret-con(stellations) of classic constellation stories
-silly/fun constellation-related pop culture
- periodic #StarTrek, #DoctorWho, and #StarWars (mostly #Grogu content
- #podcast promos (but, hopefully, not in an annoying way)

Gif showing Grogu from Disney's Mandalorian waving and smiling with the text "Hello There!" below.
Alanna ❤️‍🔥
7 hours ago

Hey! Decided to move server since a lot of what I post is games-centric, so I think this is a better fit for me. So hi again! 👋

My name's Alanna and I'm a 3D Environment Artist for games! I've been at No Code in Glasgow for ~5 years now, and we're currently making a Silent Hill game. Spookyyy

I'll mostly post/boost things on here I love like illustration, games, and Blender (it's great ok), and sometimes my cat Medli.

#introduction #3Dartist #gamedev

Benjamin Hollon
7 hours ago

Howdy! Glad to have you with us!

I recommend getting started by filling out your profile and posting an #introduction so we can all get to know you. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask me and I'll help you out as best I can. Hope you enjoy embarking with us on this grand experiment. :)

chikorita157 🐰
8 hours ago

@CentaurWorks I noticed that you are new here. You should probably create an #introduction post to greet and tell more about yourself so you can get noticed in the fediverse and pin it to your profile..

There is no search on Mastodon, so hashtag your posts and make sure to add alt-text to your images describing what it is as some users may not boost your post without them. This is for accessability.

I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Adam M. Rhodes
8 hours ago

#introduction Hey folks, I'm making this page mostly to share my work and work I admire! Stay tuned.

glitched ~human 🔧​
9 hours ago

hi ^w^

I'm new on this instance (but on the fedi since late 2016 - early 2017) so let me introduce myself

I'm Émy or Xana (pronounced as Shana), a late 20's autistic and ADHD french transfem

I prefer when people use one of my names instead of pronouns

I am a disabled technician who hacks to improve my life and the lives of my loved ones as well as to survive

I practice mechanics as an amateur, on my car and my manual active wheelchair

I love modelling and 3D printing useful things to make my daily life better and more ergonomic, as well as to repair broken things
I publish some of my 3D models here:

I have a french-speaking tumblr where I present and explain my tinkering, but you can surely use an automatic translator:

I have a dog, a 9 years old german shepherd and malinois cross, called Leone
I may talk about her here one day

I learn to draw on an iPad, but I don't share much of what I do, or else on my french-speaking main account

I have a small website where all my links are listed:

before sending me a follow request, please send me a private message to introduce yourself or to get to know each other, it is very important for me
please don't mind me if I don't accept you, or that I don't answer or am late in answering, social is difficult for me

I leave you with this picture that I like very much ^w^


a bird's eye view of the front of a manual active wheelchair and a floor covered with dead leaves
RLM Art Studio
10 hours ago

#Introduction We're getting on the fediverse for the first time! We'll be sharing the medicinal artwork of social justice trickster organizer Ricardo Levins Morales (shown here in both his northern U.S. and Puerto Rican mountain habitats).

Ricardo's posters made for and within social justice movements span 50 years and counting.

RLM's art is available in many formats on our website, along with more info about him and our union shop in Minneapolis, MN USA.

A vertical illustration made from ink and watercolor on claybord using scratchboard techniques. The artist (a light brown skinned man with a beard) walks facing the viewer with a gray-blue sky and brick building in the background. His teal button-up shirt is held open to reveal an image of a small mountain home surrounded by lush forest and plants.  A butterfly, gecko and hummingbird accompany him, hovering or crawling around the artist.
Pontifix Maximus
11 hours ago

Hello DMV friends. My name is Walker and I fix bikes.

I love interesting builds and seemingly intractable problems.

When I'm not greasy from repairs, or sweaty from rides you'll probably catch me book in hand and cat in lap.

Hit me up if you need bike repairs or advice. Or if you have a good book rec to pass on.

#introduction #dmv #bikedc

12 hours ago
#introduction @ru @rf

Всем привет!👋

Перед вами программист, крафтовый алконафт, пека/ретро-геймер, лютейший виндузятник (но в работе использую Linux).
Люблю научную фантастику, технологии, OpenSource, self-hosting и чтоб работало с полпинка. Иногда ковыряю Ableton Live и нейросети.

Пришёл в Федеративные сети, так как давно хотел поучаствовать в увеличении информационной энтропии путём распространения никому не нужного бреда из своей головушки. Да и от самой концепции связных self-hosted блогов/соцсетей я в восторге.

В некоторых аспектах я скорее контр-обыватель Федеративной сети, чем её типичный представитель. Мои взгляды на политику, самоидентификацию и жизненные ценности, а так же мой возраст сильно отличаются от средних по палате русскоязычному сегменту Федерации (особенно в части Мастодона).

В споры на вышеуказанные темы не вступаю, при любом признаке когнитивной манипуляции просто баню - потому что могу следить надо не только за физическим здоровьем, но и за ментальным.

Живу в РФ 🇷🇺 и единственное место куда я хочу свалить - это светлое будущее, которого не видно ни в одной точке планеты.

#followme и да прибудут с вами мой сервер, который хрен знает почему отваливается, и рандомно расставленные запятые в бездарно написанных постах!

У меня есть второй аккаунт: @engineer - я его веду от имени администратора узла, выкладываю свои мысли на тему Федеративных сетей, пишу про администрирование Френдики, инструкции для пользователей и другую полезную информацию.
12 hours ago

@owstarr Write up an #introduction post as a lot of folks track that hastag, and it will probably summon @dgar too.

Curious if you’ve read this The Wolves of Algonquin Park: A 12 Year Ecological Study

Photo of the cover of The Wolves of Algonquin Park: A 12 Year Ecological Study
IUI Digital Scholarship
14 hours ago

Hi fediverse! We’re moving our social media stream to an open source community that better reflects our values and interests. We’ll post updates from our Center and related news from Indiana’s open knowledge, scholarly communication, and academic library constituents. #Introduction #openaccess #libraries #Indiana #Indianapolis

Rich Graff
15 hours ago

Greetings from a newbie! As an #introduction here's me in a nutshell: Widowed after 25 years with a wonderful human; gay forever; retired after 34 years in a so-so job; eager to see the world; awed by the universe, happy mostly

As the bio says, I'm a weirdo, I do all sorts of stuff!

I like FOSS, Linux, electronics, science, space, I'm a curious creature!

As for media, I love sci-fi themes, though I very rarely watch/read anything non-furry, so it's mostly in art and comics.

I am alterhuman, which in my case means I want to be a RL awooo and scream dispenser (folf).


BlueHunter ∞ 🥀
16 hours ago

Hey #introduction time!
I'm BlueHunter, an artist that loves character design, animals in robes or armor & stained glass art. Interested in freelance & contract work 🍷

Most of my work you'll find here is dedicated to my medieval headworld "in Nomine", the other half are commissions.

Trying to slowly establish myself on here as well.

16 hours ago

#introduction so people can find me by hashtags.
I'm a #London based #cheetah #furry.
I'm a #programmer doing #softwareengineering .
I love to ride a #motorcycle. Especially long distance #touring.
I'm a #babyfur, into #abdl and #diapers and often in #chastity.
I ride a #bicycle sometimes, though less than I used to.
A friend is trying to get me into #golf.
#londonfur #londonfurs #motorcycles #diaper

waso Leke
16 hours ago

#introduction v2.1 because i moved accounts again

im elke, a lightly-schizophrenic autistic genderflux aroace polyam pan-lesbian trans intersex label-collecting zhe/er girlthing
i program things (mostly go up until recently, now starting to use ruby and rust more) and make noisy music sometimes. i’ve got some (limited) experience with graphic design/visual art and writing because of gamedev stuff i do

i’m around 45% of tape noise café, a system of 4. links to their accounts are in my bio

sina ken toki pona la o toki tawa mi :smugcat:

bandcamp 1:
bandcamp 2:

Abandoned Berlin
16 hours ago

Hallo! Abandoned Berlin is a project to document the city’s ruins, relics and derelict places.
It began in 2009 when Spreepark, an old abandoned amusement park, was calling from the other side of a tall fence. I eventually went over and it was such a magical experience that I wrote about it along with a guide for others to enjoy it, too.
Teufelsberg, Krampnitz, Bärenquell, the stories kept coming. Tall tales of trespass and anecdotes of fear.
Go, explore. 🐗

#abandonedberlin #introduction

This is a photo of roller-coaster tracks going to the jaws of a psychedelic cat or a baboon or some weird creature at Spreepark, the old abandoned amusement park in Berlin.
Flavian Missi
17 hours ago

#introduction time!
I'm a software developer, enby, trans-masc, from Brazil.
I live in Sweden with my fiancee and our two cats. Our favorite family activity lately is to sit by a window and watch the birds eat the seeds we put out for them.
I'm also growing chili this year (among other things) for the first time! Do leave tips if you have any.
I work for Red Hat leading the work on OpenShift's internal registry (a team of one heh!) and also do some Quay work every now and then.
Come say hi!

Jason Perseus
17 hours ago

We can likely expect an influx of #Twitter refugees over the next three weeks given the coming changes to the site.

Remember that this place can be disorienting for new users. If you see anyone asking for help, reach out and help or provide resources!

If you are a newcomer: come on in, grab and a blanket, and make yourself at home. Consider an #introduction post about yourself with hashtags that interest you! Looking for #help? Just ask! There are plenty of people here willing to assist.

17 hours ago

So, #mastodon, a quick about me!

My name on the internet is thewarship, but most people call me Shippy!

I used to be a professional wrestler (you know, suplexes and superkicks) until 2019, when I broke my neck.

Since then, I've been on the internet, telling my story to all who will hear it.

I hope we can be friends!


Hello! I am running my own #Mastodon #instance for a few weeks now and despite some minor issues i still have, i'll keep it that way ..... so this will be my #introduction.
My Name is Patrick and i'm planning to post about stuff like #esp32, #coding, #retrocomputing, #space ..... whatever keeps me busy.

19 hours ago

Czas na #introduction #powitanie

Rocznik ’94, od dziecka związany ze światem gier, komputerów i wszelkim sprzętem elektronicznym.

Jestem geekiem, gadżeciarzem, fanem nowych technologii.

Od niedawna użytkownik sprzętu #Apple i #PS5.

Kiedyś miałem być księdzem, ale się opamiętałem… Kiedyś byłem organistą, kościelnym, nauczycielem, testerem gier…

Obecnie zawodowo uczę angielskiego i programowania z wykorzystaniem gry #Minecraft.

Prywatnie ogrywam gry #RPG.

19 hours ago

Inspired by 2 conversations here on #mastodon
Thank you.

Against #gunviolence for more #laws against unnecessary deaths.

#guns #violence #gun #humanity #better #brighter #world #silence #cry #scream

If you give me inspiration I will write more of these for a #betterworld

Another example of what I am doing. #introduction #introductions again.

I hope you like it.

20 hours ago

#Introduction.. Tarini Monga:
I am a PhD candidate part of the SAND team and a new resident in Leipzig, Germany.
My #research will focus on Mumbai's Coastal Road project and mobility #infrastructures to reveal everyday experiences with #sand and probe questions of #materiality, commodification and #extraction. In thinking together with our wonderful team over numerous cups of coffee, I hope to understand scales of urban governance and the political moments intrinsic to these shifting coastal landscapes.

Weimarner Planet
23 hours ago

Hello Mastodon!
I love all kinds of dogs, but Weimaraners have captured my heart! My sister has a 5-year old Weimaraner named Nelly.

I dog sit her often, so I'm going to share what she gets up to when she's at her aunt's!

(I dare you to resist this derp face!)

I also run a blog about Weimaraners, feel free to check it out!

#Introduction #DogsOfMastodon #dogs #weimaraner

Weimaraner dog with her lips stuck in her canines, looking at the camera, looking very derpy.
Jae 🐧 🎮
1 day ago

#Introduction - #Pinned

Hey, I'm Johto. Coming to this instance in search of a fresh start here in the #Fediverse. Looking for a new social life in this digital world we share.

I'm a huge Linux enthusiast and massive nerd from the Midwest. I play / watch anything that catches my eye. I live to have fun and as comfy as possible

I'm here to just vibe with good people, really. I'll often just say what's on my mind and joke around aha. Don't take what I have to say too seriously.

Mostly posting about #VideoGames #Gaming #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #WWE #AEW #Linux #LinuxGaming #Android #FOSS

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! 💞

Federal Bureau of Chimichangas
1 day ago

We should probably make an official #Introduction post. We are the Federal Bureau of Chimichangas, an agency dedicated to high quality, delicious chimichangas. We also protect this great nation against the threat of feral chimichangas as well as potential disaster, including those which are intergalactic and extradimensional. Our amazing people in Research & Development constantly work toward a greater understanding of our universe as well as the Chimichanga Dimension.

Federal Bureau of Chimichangas
1 day ago

We should probably make an official #Introduction post. We are the Federal Bureau of Chimichangas, and agency dedicated to high quality, delicious chimichangas. We also protect this great nation against the threat of feral chimichangas as well as potential disaster, including those which are intergalactic and extradimensional. Our amazing people in Research & Development constantly work toward a greater understanding of our universe as well as the Chimichanga Dimension.

Octopus Project ✅
1 day ago


It is me, the real octopus. Having a good time in fedi.

Looking good. Feeling good... Smelling good.

Not fishy!

Dont blame me for waves

1 day ago

👋 I'm UT, from Montréal 🇲🇶 🇨🇦. New to Mastodon, I will observe for a bit but wanted to make an #Introduction

I am passionate about #videogames and love a good #rpg I also review my backlog whenever I get the chance!

My #gaming is on #steam #playstation and #nintendo switch.

Lover of everything #gundam I recently got into #anime and #manga share stuff with me!

My two corgis, Barney and Denver, will probably make an appearance from time to time. :corgi:
🗣️ 🇫🇷 🇨🇦

1 day ago

#Introduction Helloooo I'm new here and looking to meet other techy queery people. I currently work in quantitative modeling and am finishing a master's degree in statistics. I really want to learn more about information security, server administration, and Linux once I graduate. It's good to be here! <3

2 days ago


32yo father of 3 beautiful girls
he/him 🏳️‍🌈 :flag_bisexual:
Iraq / Afghanistan veteran

Left Twitter because I'm not willing to pay for my blue checkmark after years of it being a free service to prevent impersonation.
This is my ALT account to learn more about those similar to myself.

Will probably listen for a while, but feel free to engage.

#LGBTQIA #BlackMastodon #Bookstodon
No NSFW please.

Y U R E ii 💫
2 days ago

My #Introduction post. Please boost so people find me.
Call me Jin, Im a Catmum, My Zodiac sign is #Libra and Lives in the Philippines.
Giving food to some straycats thats roams around my rented room and the neighborhood.

#Anime #manga #cats #movies #memes #funnyjokes #cuteanimals #music #catlovers #food

Andrew Shell
2 days ago

Hello everyone! I'm a web developer (#Node and #PHP) in Madison, Wisconsin.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the idea of #PKM, #SecondBrain, and using #Wiki to improve my #Productivity and #NoteTaking. I'm passionate about the ideals of the #IndieWeb and #SemanticWeb. I'm also interested in #Metaphysics, #Manifestation, and #Synchronicity.

I want to meet new people for conversations. I'd love to connect if any of my interests resonate with you! Thanks for reading my #Introduction.

2 days ago

hello!! i'm new to mastodon, but i'm glad i found an instance that's cozy

i love nintendo games, genshin impact, anime, and electronic music. i also draw sometimes!! (most recent art attached)

nice to meet you all 🕑 🌈


Tiger Hebert, Author
2 days ago

Okay, apparently there is an #introduction hashtag. 😎

Okay, so here we go!

My name is Tiger Hebert and I am an epic fantasy author.

More specifically, I write epic fantasy that dares to hope, edify, and inspire!

We call this #noblebright or #noblebrightfantasy !

What genres are you #reading ?

Melanie Ganz
2 days ago

Since my I moved servers, I will repost my #introduction post, so here it comes:

I am a researcher at the Neurobiology research unit at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and an associate professor at the Department for Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. My research focuses on the application of medical image processing and machine learning to clinical medical image data, mostly neuroscientific data. And I aim to embrace Open Science principles in my research e.g. @bidsstandard

2 days ago


:gnome: You asked, so here we are! This is an account for GNOME Boxes, a virtual machine manager designed to make your life easier when working with VMs on Linux.

In this account we will share development updates, ask for opinions, and help you with issues.


Flipboard News Desk
2 days ago

Hello Mastodon 👋! Flipboard’s editorial team here, and we’re trying something new: a News Desk account to give you context for the top news stories of the day. With a focus on explainers and analysis, we promise not to overwhelm your feed.

We welcome feedback from the community. Is this service useful? Suggestions? Let us know what you want to see from us.

#NewHere #News #Introduction #Media #Journalism

Naej Doree
2 days ago

Hi, my re- #introduction is kind of overdue so here it is o/

I'm a #trans girl that makes #indieGames in her free time.
I also do some #drawing and #animation from time to time.
Follow me to fill your feed with #gamedev and cool #art
And if you feel like it you can check out my games here:

Say hi if you're a #queer #artist or #gamedev so I can follow you 👀

A short gameplay extract of Tiny life a game inspired by conway's game of life
A short gameplay extract of Dice duel, a game where you use dices and mathematics to win musketeer duels
A short gameplay extract of Vamire Disco Night, a multiplayer bomberman like where you're a dico vampire trying burn you opponents with disco balls lights
A short gameplay extract of Two Gether, an infiltration/narrative game about navigating your identity
2 days ago

Hey everybody, Anki is here!!

Give her a big #Mastodon welcome,
and any help you can, as you would.
Everybody follow her. 😎

(She's been here a few hours, still no profile filled out? 😂 )

#Intro She/her is from Sweden, speaks better English than I do!

Known for saying Goodnight more than once. #LOL

I took the liberty of stealing her caricature from the birdsite.
#TwitterMigration #Newbie #Welcome #Introduction #Boost #Folllow #Alt4You #AltText

A cartoon image from her profile, the character of Anki (Ann-Kathrin) with a board that says HAVE A GOOD WEEK!
Jay Rook 🇨🇦
2 days ago


New instance, new #introduction...!

I'm a creative neurodivergent GenX human he/him Canadian.
I'm quantum entangled to the love of my life and serve two cats.
I make photos, digital (3D/cg) art and wrangle with writing.
I'm working on a neverending scifi...thing.
I consider myself progressive, and I try to be an ally to my co-humans. I know I still have a lot to learn.
Some more of my interests are hashtagged in my bio.

Essem :skeeter:
2 days ago

It's been some time since the last #introduction post, so here's a new one!

I'm Essem, a :neurodiversity: neurodivergent software dev, sysadmin, and occasional internet funnyman. I run this instance (:wdw: and have made plenty of other things, most notably esmBot.

I really like tech stuff (both old and new), video games (especially the :mario:​#Mario series, which this instance is somewhat themed around!), and other weird things. If that sounds interesting to you, let's chat! I'm always down to talk to new people.

My (somewhat minimal) personal website can be found at I'm also currently looking for a good Linux sysadmin or JS/C++/Java programming job if anyone is hiring.

Thanks for reading, and if you're new around here, welcome to the :fedi: Fediverse!

Bread and Circuses
3 days ago

For those new to Mastodon, here are some handy tips on getting the most out of your experience:

1. Follow a lot of people

2. Follow a lot of people

3. Follow a lot of people

4. Follow a lot of people

5. You can always un-follow them later, if you want to 😋

PS -- also remember to do an #Introduction post!

#Mastodon #NewHere

Jae 🐧 🎮
3 days ago

#Introduction - #Pinned

Hey, I'm Johto. Coming to this instance in search of a fresh start here in the #Fediverse.

I'm a huge Linux enthusiast and massive nerd from the Midwest. I play / watch anything that catches my eye.

I'm here to just vibe with good people, really. I'll often just say what's on my mind and joke around aha.

Mostly posting about #VideoGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #WWE #AEW #Linux #LinuxGaming #Android.

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! 💞

Anime girl posing pretty.
3 days ago

“ My Heart Will Go On “out now! My second cover single! Enjoy the fresh version that the combination of west and east elements😃 Link in bio!
#myheartwillgoon #celinedion #cover #musician #artist
#rainniemusic #introduction

Rob Pegoraro
3 days ago

Hello, all. I'm a D.C.-area technology journalist whose first immersion in social media involved Usenet in the mid 1990s. I've been freelancing full time since 2011, writing for the likes of Fast Company, PCMag, Wirecutter, USA Today and Yahoo Finance and speaking at conferences reasonably often. Before then, I wrote a personal-tech column for the Washington Post. Other relevant descriptions: husband, dad, cook, photographer, cyclist, gardener, frequent flyer.

Rob Pegoraro
3 days ago

[checks follower count]

Okay, the best time to do an #introduction post would have been before I hit 10 followers, not 1,000. But now would be the second-best time.

Sue Stone
4 days ago


Well, I have an odd hobby. I like to read and find news stories I think are worthwhile, both to keep from being blindsided by events and to stay well-rounded and informed.

My slant does tend to be human rights/justice oriented

Other interests include


Sometimes I post original content. Ya never know when a poem happens.

@JeavonsToffee when you get a chance, post an #introduction (include that hash tag) with pictures of your treats and a link to the shop, and I’m sure people will flock to you!

Use the #vegan hashtag too. Hashtags are important here because that’s the only way to search for posts, and people follow certain hashtags!

4 days ago

I figured out this whole #fediverse thing and picked an instance I like, so here goes an #introduction

I go by dianna, you can find me online using that name in a few places, depending on where you look

things that interest me

- #queer #lgbtq #trans spaces
- more of ‘em, please and thank you
- I really like queer clubs so you might see me dancing at one from time to time

- #software #programming #cs
- I write c++, c, rust, and python
- sorry gals, guys, and enby pals, I don’t do #ai or #ml, I just shitpost about jailbreaks and then freak over #aidontkilleveryoneism

- #endocrinology
- fucking hormones, don’t get me started
- but ask me about #hrt? I know too much

- #philosophy #math
- ???

things that bring me joy

- #coffee
- #books
- #plants
- #music
- very cute #gay #sapphic things
- unexpectedly intense conversations when you find someone with a shared interest

find me in #sf #sfba?

Grace T. O
4 days ago


Hi guys, my name's Grace, and I'm new here. I decided I've had enough, needing a change so I closed up my home on Twitter to move to a different platform, and start over. Lots of new faces! Finding myself getting lost but excited to explore. I know it would all become familiar soon enough. Looking forward to meeting all of you and building some new connections!


4 days ago

@bmerberg I'd usually say send an intro tagged with #introduction so people can share it - But you did that.

. Follow anyone who seems interesting, you can always unfollow later.

. Share generously! That's how stuff gets an audience, and gets to different servers on Mastodon.

. Likes don't do anything for the post, but liking is nice as a thank-you to the poster.

. Use #lots #of #HashTags and capitalise every word for screen-readers.

. Add a description of every photo you post.


4 days ago

This may be premature, but I'm feeling compelled to post this #introduction. I'm Bob Merberg and am new to Mastodon. I'm determined to get into a groove here, but the learning curve feels steep.

I deleted my Facebook account 10 years ago, my main Twitter account 5 years ago, and my secondary Twitter account in November.

In the past, I've been active on #linkedin, but I hate what it's become. For me, now, it's just a bad habit.

I have varied interests. My prof'l background is as a recovering employee wellness manager. Now I'm self-employed, mostly creating #content. I'm a #writer at heart.

My social media and web posts tend to mostly be about #work life and #labor. I have a user's interest in #AI. I'm not into memes, but may post the occasional #caturday pic.

I'm a #ukulele upstart and enjoy lots of different kinds of #music.

If you have suggestions for who/what I should follow, I'd welcome them!

Selfie of Bob Merberg with a desert cactus in the background.
4 days ago

Guess I'll start with an #introduction toot.
Came here from the #BirdApp. Have had enough of the changes made to that platform. I don't give a damn about the number of likes, or impressions I receive. I'm tired of adverts interwoven in the stream of posts. Most of all - I'm sick of the #ChiefTwitt doing monkey business.
Enough of all this rage. I'm here to start anew and I intend to make a positive contribution to #Universeodon... Hell, to the whole #Fediverse! Hope an occasional rant won't put you off interacting with me.

#Geek at heart:

Does the above qualify as tag-spamming? :D