Sohaib Hazama
2 hours ago

Hello #Mastodon! 👋 I am a Software Developer and Computer Scientist. I want to learn new things and have good conversations. #introductions

hey fediverse!

I just created my new account on mastodon, i will try to stay here for more than a week 🫣🤭

a few things about me: 18 yo, nerd, i like geography, math, I hate geopolitics and I'm pretty much open minded when it comes to politics or anything in real life

You can comment on my post, like, boost or if you're shy you can send me a DMs 😄

#introduction #introductions #gay #tech

2 days ago

OK I finally bit the bullet and migrated mx account from a MUCH smaller server so #helloworld !
I'm Lydia, a disabled, English, Nerd living in the west of Germany.
2 kids, 2 dogs and one working arm 😂 #Newbie #Introductions

Hot CamGilrs (NSFW) 18+
3 days ago

Hey all :) #introductions

3 days ago

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I doubt I'll post much, but I look forward to discovering more about Mastodon. #introductions

3 days ago

58 Boosts and 92 Favourites on my pinned intro!?! Wwoooosh! I haven’t had this much positive reinforcement since my 1980s trestle refit!
#grateful #introductions #welcome #railway

Christopher Bretz
4 days ago

Hello I'm Chris! Figured I would do a new intro. I am a freelance illustrator and art director that has worked in games since '95, including at my own company in the '00s. I was also the executive AD at Sega, and in global Security marketing at Cisco. #artdirector #introductions

Photo of a bearded man standing in front of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.
4 days ago

We are Jundullah, a community of Islamic activists seeking to promote the betterment of society through Islam and opposing the oppression of individuals and the world.

We fight against environmental exploitation, governmental corruption, and the oppression of LGBTQ+ people and other minorities.

Our agenda is to decry evil, and to promote the good in life - Islam.

#introduction #introductions #islam #activism #environment #environmentaljustice

I see people introducing themselves, so why not me as well?
Hi, I'm known as Komodozer, and I am a gamer. Say hello to me 👋

In 2014 I started to play a lot of Elder Scrolls Online, mainly Oblivion, Oblivion 2, Skyrim and Oblivion: Enhanced Edition.

Sometimes, I play Rainbow Six Siege on PS4.

I enjoy playing video games more than almost anything else in the world, and I see them as a great way to relax and unwind ☺️

#introduction #introductions

P.S. Follow me for more game stuff.

4 days ago

#introduction #introductions Hi, I am Takky! I am an #akita #inu from the UK who actually speaks #Japanese! I am technically a #greymuzzle ? seen as I turned 30 this year. I sometimes go to the #manchester meets, #club #animalz however I have been all around the country including #leeds, #york and many moons ago #Londonfurmeets #LFM

Hobbies include #gaming, #reading (especially if it's #kyellgold) and tinkering around with #tech things occasionally. I recently got an #iMac #Mini with the M2 chip and I am enjoying it! However, do also have #Windows and #Linux. I use #PopOS at the moment.

I am also a massive #visualnovel #VN nut and am reading so many of them I can't keep track. Luckily is useful in this!

I also read #doujinshi occasionally and speak #Japanese

Personal stuff: I am #LGBTQ and used to identify myself as #gay, however now I'm not so much bothered with labels and expectations around them. My #pronouns are #they / #them and I was #AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth)

4 days ago

#introduction #introductions

Hi! I am a resting mental health #nurse obviously interested in #mentalhealth living in the #uk #unitedkingdom.

Hobbies include #photography, #gaming (or #gayming as I am #lgbtq) and #reading if I can be bothered! (I go in bouts of #bookworm and then stop) as well as fiddling with #tech as long as it's not too obtuse.

Hoping to find #knowledge, #chats, #memes and enjoy an #opensource #alternative to #birdsite!

I am #nonbinary, #agender

#hashtags everywhere!

4 days ago

We are a small indie dev studio currently working on our first game Dead Crushers #introductions #gamedev #indiedev

Barbara Hulme
4 days ago

Hi all just joined and trying to find people I know! Im not sure if all is working smoothly as yet! I like the set up #introductions

5 days ago

Greetings all! Been exploring the #Fediverse and #Mastodon instances recently, just checking out the biggest server! A little bit about me:

- Ruby programmer and open source tech enthusiast
- Fan of foreign languages, I’ve studied #French #Spanish #Portuguese #Turkish #Persian #Tagalog and more
- I’ve grateful to have travelled to a few places in the world
- Trying to promote positivity and civilized discussion

Feel free to say hello in any language I’ve learned! #introductions

Soblow Xaselgio
5 days ago

#introductions (new one as I moved to a new instance! ) :dragn_tea:​

Hi! I'm a curious french dwagon, in her 20s, doing a PhD in Computer Sciences! :purple_dragon:​ :heart_transgender:​ :heart_bisexual:​

I like to talk about tech subjects (around work or my personal projects), ranting about C/C++, talking about videogames (FFXIV...), infodumping on some musics (especially videogame OSTs) :blob_cat_peek:​
I also like to toot about nerd shit we're doing with my dear S.O. 🦊 💜
I didn't mention it in earlier post versions, but expect some queer/furry content too~ :dragn_mlem:​

Feel free to drop a follow request, I put my profile in locked state to be able to check who's following, and I rarely refuse a request. Please don't send a follow request if you're minor, as I can sometimes (re)toot some lewd/NSFW stuff (always CWed appropriately). :dragn_owo:​​
(And, obviously, please have at least a few toots, a bio... some proofs that you're not a bot, you know? :dragn_sip:​​​ )

I might have a weird way to interact with people I'm not familiar with, sorry in advance if I make mistakes or seem weird, but don't hesitate to tell me about it... 🥺

And in general, don't hesitate to tell me if you think I'm doing something wrong, I'm always seeking some feedback to improve :blobhaj_heart:​

[Edit 1: Clarified posts to expect, updated some emotes]

Sarah A
5 days ago

Wow, how come in #Tweesecake I cannot sometimes hit win alt L on a user to follow them whnen viewing the #introductions hash tag. sometimes actualy in my home tl too. This should not happen, btw the devs know of this issue and no one has a clue as to why this happens. I've never yet seen this in myh federated tl, I'll have to keep an eye on this.

6 days ago

I am of course part of the great #TwitterMigration If you know of any #Mastodon #PixelFed or other #Fediverse people or servers of a rail, transport, or community activism sort, please do let me know or pass me along. I am always chuffed to see more railway peeps! I also have a bicycle and walking path along much of my 200km length!
#ActiveTransportation #BikeToot #Walking #Introductions #Intro

Me standing under an arch for the rail trail in Nanaimo
An overgrown stretch of railway.
A cross section diagram of the railway with two hand drawn train cars side by side on a track with trees to the left and right. There is a trail before the trees on the right.
Adaptive Electron
6 days ago

Greetings everyone! Adaptive Electron works on remote sensors, I.T. infrastructure, and machine learning. We believe that open source systems are critical to make new technology benefit everyone, rather than strengthen patterns of disparity, and are correspondingly excited to be on Mastodon. #introductions

Alastair Leonard
6 days ago

Hi there. I write songs. I live in Australia.

#Introduction #introductions

slacker radio
1 week ago

hey everyone this is a new account for @beef_skeleton and @ULTROS_PROFESSIONAL’s radio show on 3cr, slacker radio!

we’re going to be posting over here for radiothon but also for the long haul thanks for having us!


1 week ago

Just discovered the #Introductions tag and some other Fediverse etiquette tips I wish I’d known earlier. Whoops. Anyway, how we doin’?

Fresa Fox
1 week ago

#introductions HI! I'm Fresa. I like to do open-source software development and tinkering. I am a Linux and android user. I enjoy music, sometimes gaming, bicycle riding, and drawing. I hope to make new amazing friends here! Thank you for reading my introduction post!

penwing (they/them)
1 week ago

Following my failure to do a week's worth of questions about me, I was going to do a new #Introductions post last week for my 40th birthday but... nothing much has changed from my perspective from what's in my bio...

I'm still a #queer #geek from the UK...

so... shall I try an #AMA? What do you want to know about me?

Hi all OSM people.

This is the new account for the upcoming State of the Map Europe #sotmeu! We already feel right at home here together with @openstreetmap @OpenStreetMapUS

We will be tooting to keep you updated on news about the conference before, during and after!

The first thing we want to share, check our brand new website 🥳: (kudos @jbelien)


Spacepiece Design
1 week ago

#introductions Hello everyone! :thinkerguns:

I'm Spacepiece, a virtual assistant hoping to use my skills to help small businesses thrive. I have various interests on Mastodon, like programming, SEO, AI, books, philosophy, art, and social issues like empowering women and diversity, equity, and inclusion opportunities. I also like to boost toots that feel worthy and insightful. I'm excited to start my journey on Mastodon and to connect with new, interesting ideas and people.


Hello #Mastodon! We are new on the block, so #introductions are in order.

We are a devops company from Germany, and we love all #opensource infrastructure tools, like #OpenStack #Terraform #Ansible etc. Why are we here? To contribute back and take a more active role in the community.

Mostly looking to contribute code, documentation and maybe some time to projects. Also lots of interesting discussions would be great. 🥰

1 week ago

@heidilifeldman @azita Oh super good point about #hashtags. Mastodon does not have full-text search, so hashtags are super important. So let's add a few here...

#introduction #introductions #boston #massachusetts

1 week ago

omgggg!!! what a day! You all have awakened the MIGHTY @azita, our #Politics editor!

She is one of the very most interesting of my newsroom colleagues but she's having that classic new-to-the #fediverse situation where you log in and it feels like nothing is happening.

Pls follow her and connect her to ALL THE THINGS and of course tell her all about #FensterFreitag and #Caturday and @FediFollows!!! #politics #introduction #introductions #news #journalism

Craig Mcgee
1 week ago

hello #mastodon I'm Craig, live in the UK spend most of my time online as i'm #disabled so don't go out on my own. my main acc is @guiltmanager but have an ac here to attract more new #friend #friends who hopefully enjoy #unusual #questions
#introduction #introductions #intro #intros #chat #friendship

Just A Dad Who Loves His Kids
1 week ago

Newly joined here, so an #Introduction is called for.

I'm a father who chose Just_A_Dad_Who_Loves_His_Kids as a self-descriptive name. You can call me Dad, or Dude, or Dud if you want. Or just "you." Just please don't call me Late For Dinner.

My teenage child came out to us as #Trans several months ago. Prior to that they came out as a "they/them."

I guess my main reason for creating an account here is to seek out, and maybe even provide support from/to other parents in similar situations. Also looking for ways to better support my trans child whom I love more than life.

So, hello,! Oh, I'm also an IT professional, so there's the "tech" part of it.

#Introductions #intro

Messy Mae
1 week ago

Hi there! I'm Mae, you mae (hehe) know me from @taminaminam. I'm a neurodivergent queer trans girl! My pronouns are she/her, fae/faer, they/them and it/its.

I like doing art and photography and used to like tech and programming too (let's see if I get that passion back with some projects)

I'll mostly be using this account to be way too horny for my own good (so expect lewd content), exploring my own sexuality more and also getting to know maybe I'll move my main account (mentioned above) here too, who knows

I also like using tone indicators as a means of better communicating the tone of a message over text, a list of which you can find at I'd love if you used tone indicators when replying to me if the tone of your message can be ambiguous.

So, this is the end of my preliminary #introduction #introductions~ feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about me (however I may not answer every question). And with that, hello there

Jadzia_Adrienne Dax
1 week ago

I take regular unplugging breaks from #socialmedia . The #experts say it's a good thing, LOL. But I can't quite figure out whether doing this makes me more #lonely , or it helps with the #melancholy state of my #mental #health , because I've always remained slightly removed from it, even when I'm #present . #Virtual #connections are great, but they somehow feel dispassionate, like the machines operated by the people behind them. #introductions

Jadzia_Adrienne Dax
1 week ago

I take regular unplugging breaks from #socialmedia. The #experts say it's a good thing, LOL. But I can't quite figure out whether doing this makes me more #lonely, or it helps with the #melancholy state of my #mental #health, because I've always remained slightly removed from it, even when I'm #present. #Virtual #connections are great, but they somehow feel dispassionate, like the machines operated by the people behind them. #introductions

The VRoid Academy
1 week ago

We're a private guild for #VRoidStudio creators to learn from each other.

Applications for various roles are open to everyone through our official website.

We will post any updates regarding our activities on here from now on.

Fun fact: Many of our current members are #VTubers from different parts of the world!

#introductions #Fediverse #Discord #TheVRoidAcademy #TVAContent #VTuberUprising

Brent Holl
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm gbSketch. I've been doing a sketch or speedpainting every day since new year's day 2012. I love environments, colours, and otherworldly vibes. This account will be automatically crossposting sketches from my site, but I intend to use it to manually post other stuff too from time to time. Let's go on a journey!


2 weeks ago

Hello y'all.
I'm very happy to be here. I'll be trying to find some of my writer friends I haven't heard from in a while. I've written lots of things few have read because I’m basically horrible at self-promotion. I also like to travel. I once almost got stranded in Siberia without a passport, and I was the unwitting cause of an international missing person’s manhunt. Of course, I was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, but I apologized anyway. #WritingCommunity
#Introduction #Introductions

Ben Gray
2 weeks ago

Hello, Mastodon! I'm Ben, a 23-year-old tech enthusiast and advocate for equality. From vibrant NYC, I explore the ever-evolving world of tech, embracing its potential for positive change.

Proudly gay, I champion LGBTQ+ rights, striving for a world where all are valued. Let's connect, discuss, and learn in this diverse community. Together, we'll inspire a future where tech, equality, and acceptance thrive. 🌍✨ #Introductions #TechEnthusiast #EqualityAdvocate #LGBTQ

2 weeks ago

Hi everyone! My name's Hayden, and I'm a hobbyist programmer who mostly does Python and Godot. Other than that, I like a lot of different things - for example I already have 20-30 hours in TOTK. Taylor Swift music is my favorite, I play some piano, and am mildly interested in current events.

I'll be using this account for everything from coding questions to random jokes. Anyway, hi, and have a nice day!

#introduction #introductions #music #taylorswift #programming #zelda #python #godotengine

Admin Jerry
2 weeks ago


Hi Cole. Welcome! And thank you for joining! I hope you like being here!

My son also graduated from Amherst.

You mention that you're now in London. I lived in England for 3 fantastic years (Solihull and Hinckley). I envy you.

I only use this account for server-related and Mastodon-related posts. I recommend you follow me here for updates and such.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.


#introduction #introductions
@hapi841 @Thor @Jerry

Kathy Reid
2 weeks ago

A warm welcome to #Fediverse to @oaf - the Open #Australia Foundation, who bring you awesome #OpenSource tools like #RightToKnow and (I think) #BelowTheLine was their initiative too.

Top people, give them a follow.

#TwitterMigration #Introductions

@silentwitch Hashtags are a great way to do that! Have you posted an #Introductions

2 weeks ago

#Business #Introductions
Understanding news topic authority · How Google’s new system surfaces expert news in search results

#GoogleSearch #GoogleNews #NewsTopicAuthority #SEO #SearchEngine #Publishing #Website #Content #News

2 weeks ago

#Intro: Opted to come back to #Mastodon after some time away. I will mostly be following hashtags on #climate, #climatejustice, #climatechange, #climatecrisis.

I will also be posting new posts from #ScienceFiction and #Ethics,, and follow #StarTrek, #Babylon5, #TheOrville, & #BattlestarGalactica.

I will also post my mostly daily #playlists from, #classicalmusic, #jazz, etc.

Random #science articles will follow.

#introduction #introductions

Michael Rees
2 weeks ago

Hello world! I'm a longtime #Linux user and #OpenSource evangelist. I earned my #math degree in 2017 and spent a few years working in industry before doing a hard pivot into #churchmusic. I'm midway through the #organ scholarship at the Fourth Presbyterian Church of #Chicago, where I accompany a professional choir and play for thousands of people every week. I'm currently working on a digital #typography language, a #chessengine, and other odds & ends.

#introduction #introductions

2 weeks ago


I'm stevefaeembra. That means 'Steve from Edinburgh' in Scots.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I'm a web developer by profession, but a cartographer at heart.

Taught myself GIS.

I make maps using QGIS, Blender, Aerialod and Open Data.

#introductions #qgis #blender

My name is Andre, and here’s a quick #introduction.

I’m #Canadian 🇨🇦, living in #Toronto, Ontario. You’ll find me elsewhere online as ‘Winnopeg’.

I direct #product and #operations, and have spent the last decade working around both #hardware and #software at a YC S14 #tech #startup in the #fintech space.

Other areas of interest include #Apple, #business, #Bitcoin / #cryptocurrency, #design, #ux, #infosec, #compliance, #gaming, #cars and #EV.

Follow along and say hello! 👋


Sarah A
3 weeks ago

Happy sunday all. A daily reminder to please add a #bio to your profile via #mona or your instance's website. You are interesting. do not forget this. #introductions

Daniel Detlaf
3 weeks ago

Positivity Has Cooties: A Mastodon Story

[Toot 1/8]
#Mastodon #writing #writingcommunity #introductions #happy #blog

I've only been on Mastodon for about a month and a half. I want to start by saying: I love everyone. (And also you bots.)

I was chatting with a friend last night, and I mentioned a little post about using charity links in writing. I described the origin of the idea as "Mastodon rubbing off on me. It's like positivity had cooties."

And I've been reflecting on that all morning.

Craig Mcgee
3 weeks ago

I only use #twitter now to tell people that I don't use #twatter and give them alternative #contact info like an #introduction #introductions to #mastodon or my #Facebook #Skype and #Email address. I would suggest everyone else does the same, leave the #spaceKaren #fascverse to crumble to nothing. Whilst you're at it check my #Pinned post if you like #Unusual #Question #Questions please #Boost thank you!

3 weeks ago

Hello hello! I'm Euphreana, a webcomic creator of seven years working the night shift.

I'm here to socialize, so feel free to comment or message me!

#introductions #comiccreator #comiccreators ##artistsonmastodon

A 'Meet The Artist' sheet. "Name: Euphreana. Pronouns: Any. Age: Just over 30. Birthday: July 19th. Home: North Carolina. Job: Hotel Night Auditor."  Various other facts are listed, including favorite colors, favorite music, and favorite movies.
3 weeks ago

I’m a photographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma that enjoys architecture and city environments. Mostly monochrome. I love looking at all kinds of photography. I’m too introverted to practice traditional street photography. I love zoom lenses.
I spend time wandering in libraries and cycling. I’m working on a masters degree in library & information science.
I live with my partner and our cats.
#streetphotgraphy #blackandwhite #introductions #urbanphotography #monochrome

Parking garage with light reflecting from windows on adjacent building.
A lone man peers over a balcony of a tall hotel in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.
A door with carved crosses leans on an exterior wall of a Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Power lines and two church steeples under a gray sky.
John Washam 🎨
3 weeks ago

Intro time!

I'm John. I do traditional (pencil, ink) and digital art (Procreate).

I just moved from another instance that was focused on crafting, as is a better fit for my art.

Here are a few recent pieces so you can see what I like to do. Mainly portraits and creatures.

It's nice to meet you! I can't wait to find more super art and artists!

#introductions #digitalArt #artistsOnMastodon #mastoArt #art

Color image showing a woman (Shin Hati) with a lightsaber and using force powers.
Digital drawing of a female tiefling with long flowing hair and large twisting horns.
A mermaid with fins that feature long webbed spines.
Digital painting of a woman looking to the side.
3 weeks ago

Hello Fellow Bird Enthusiasts,

I am new here and wanted to say hello! I have been birding for a couple years and slowly creating my very own life list through Ebird. I'm excited to share facts, photos, and interesting finds with all of you.

For my first post, I want to share a first for me. A greater yellow legs in a nearby river park. It may seem quite common, but it was a first for me and apparently I was the first to see it on Ebird for this particular park hotspot as well! ✨ #introduction #introductions #bird #birdtown #nature

Greater Yellow Legs standing beside a river
The Slow Music Movement
3 weeks ago

I've just changed instances so this is a quick hello and intro.

The Slow Music Movement is a daily music tip blog, monthly radio show, playlist curator and record label focused on lesser known independent artists and generally laid back underground music.

Let's make Mastodon a nice place to hang out.

All the best

PS. If you want to find out more check the website:

#introductions #introduction #intro

Freedom Scientific
3 weeks ago

We're spreading the news! Check out our latest blog, "Follow Freedom Scientific on Mastodon:"

#FreedomScientific #Introduction #Introductions #FreedomScientificTraining

Cadey Bunny
4 weeks ago

Hiya! I'm Cadey!

I've just transferred to so here's my intro!

I'm a friendly trans girl hoping to form some sort of self-motivated career-- I write analytical musings on video games, sometimes I stream video games for entertainment, and I've got my own Unity project I've been working on off-and-on.
My ultimate goal is to make the world a brighter place!

I'm pretty open to socializing, too! Feedback, comments and boosts are welcome-- I don't bite, and I'm not shy!


Britt DK Gratreak 🖖
1 month ago

Let's start a #FollowFriday for people of #ScienceMastodon! Reply with:

What moment gave you joy over the past year? (Remember alt text for pictures!) I'll boost ya!

#MedMastodon #AcademicChatter #Introductions #TwitterMigration

I'll start: #SfN! Last summer, I dealt with an illness that destroyed mobility. My supportive mentor ensured I had everything I needed for my first Society for Neuroscience conference. I received an award & had fun.. a shoutout will be in my dissertation to IcyHot! 💃

Four students are standing in front of a poster board with their mentor who is much taller than they are. Their mentor is a young white bald man who is smiling proudly and resting his arm on the shoulder of one student. From left to right is a man with black hair and a mustache and gray jacket, a woman with medium length brown hair and stylin bright orange pants and brown blazer, a woman with pinkish brown hair and black hat wearing a black skirt and sweater and white and purple floral shirt and rainbow face mask (that's Britt), and a man with short black hair in a blue shirt and khaki shorts. They all look pretty stoked and happy.
1 month ago
Okay, it's #introductions time! Hi 👋

I'm Badri, a #writer and #nonfiction #editor at Snipette looking to explore and highlight the interesting aspects of our world 🔦

I also #read a lot, and am always on the lookout for interesting bits of #science, #culture, #history, or #philosophy which come out at some point or other in my articles 👀

I'm also @badrihippo, but this instance, Snipetteville, is a place for all Snipette editors to hang out. We may be talking in private, but if you see a public conversation you're most welcome to join. Feel free to tag me in deep and/or lighthearted #philosophical conversations about aspects of the world 💭

(If you want to write for Snipette, DM me now!)
Kristopher Idrees Crawley
1 month ago

#Introduction Salam, my background is in vocational rehabilitation as it pertains to blindness, digital marketing, and digital accessibility. In the past, I have served on the NFB Of SC state board, as president of the SC Communities of Faith division, and as first vice president of the SC Association of Black Leaders. I am a student of comparative religion and passionate about promoting understanding between people holding differing religious, political, and other beliefs. I am also passionate about Braille. Currently, I am working with the NFB Muslims Group and Islam By Touch to develop a program which allows for blind Muslims to connect with the. Qur’an by promoting literacy in Arabic (Qur’anic) Braille, inshaAllah. My most important titles however are Muslim, husband, and father. AlHamdulillah for everything. #Introductions

Steve Faulkner
1 month ago

🥳 Pleased to see my colleagues @freedomscientific are now on Mastodon

#JAWS #ZoomText #assistiveTechnology #accessibility

“Hello and welcome to Freedom Scientific's official Mastodon account! We look forward to connecting with you here. We'll do our best to keep you updated on all the latest happenings. Feel free to drop us a line or just say hello!
#Introduction #Introductions #freedomscientific

President Riccobono
1 month ago

#Introductions As an elected leader of America’s transformative membership organization of #blind people, I represent tens of thousands of blind individuals throughout all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. I am honored also to serve as the Vice-President of the North American Region of the World Blind Union. I value synthesizing the ideas and experiences of a diverse range of blind people into a movement. #Accessibility #CivilRights #Diversity #Opportunity #Community

Thomas Rigby
1 month ago


oh hai, I'm Thom!

I've been building things for the internet for over a decade and I read urban fantasy and scandinavian crime books.

My website ( has more detailed info or, you know, just ask me stuff!

#introductions #introductionpost #introduction

Mister Eric
1 month ago

MisterEric is here! lol. Greetings fellow #writers! I am a #poet, a #podcast producer and host, a hobby #photographer, a #mentalhealth advocate, and an all-around-goof (love a good "dad joke")

Nice to "meet" you all!