Tired? Even when you make time to rest?

"How Introverts Can Master the Art of ‘Doing Nothing’

It sounds simple in theory, but the introvert’s mind is always lively and active, making it hard to truly rest.

What It Really Means to Do Nothing (And How We’re Doing It Wrong)"

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Mitex Leo :verified:
2 days ago

Need some help 😩
But I can't explain the issue 😔

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Joanne Fisher
2 days ago
You think it's going to be okay,  but then you leave your house and people are just everywhere.
Iteration 1
1 week ago

I've always felt more comfortable alone, or at least comfortable in the kind of alone that happens in the forest, beach, caves, mountains, and unpopulated-by-people wilds.

For years these feelings were pretty simple and explainable as introversion, but as the years went on it slowly evolved into what's now diagnosed as agoraphobia.

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1 week ago

Dwa dni integracji firmowej to dla mnie jednak za dużo. Niby wszystko fajnie - popili, coś tam zjarali, pobawili się, pojedli. Teraz dwa dni będę dochodził do siebie mentalnie...

1 week ago

It sucks being an #introvert in a world that expects you to be high strung and animated and chatty and energetic and expressive ALL the freaking time. Sadly, I get these expectations even from immediate family. And it's tiring. Sorry, I'm not going to put on a show in order for you to feel more at ease or to get the reaction you want. I've got enough to deal with without people-pleasing.

I think #introversion is one of the most disrespected conditions. Absolutely no one ever feels any remorse about talking to random strangers, but it always feels like I've been assaulted when they do. I can't even complain about it because "people are just being friendly".


minerva koenig
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

I met a colleague for the first time and he took pictures of e v e r y t h i n g. I found it very annoying at first but then after a couple of days I realized he’s living his best life, documenting what he sees, and I became envious. Not because of what he was doing but because I always forget to do it. #introvert #introvertlife #havecameradontuseit #life

Sandra Dillon-Eriugena
2 weeks ago

Sitting in the dark shaking because your upstairs neighbor said she'd call down to show you her grandchildren so you can see how they've grown since you last saw them. #introvert problems

2 weeks ago

I wonder how many people at our workplace we see as #extrovert despite them being #introvert
Last semester, I bonded a lot with a colleague and her partner. The guy is very extroverted and the gal is super friendly... but she admitted to usually needing a lot of energy to deal with people, minus a shared friend-colleague and myself since we're unable to lie (strong non-verbal apparently).

Yes I've been rewatching some #bocchitherock why are you asking?

2 weeks ago

Week is finally over. During week I had chance to have nice remote interviews with several good companies. It is positive to see that #Finnish HR and #recruitment culture is much more nicer than the stories I have read from the US recruitment culture.

I can honestly say that each #interview has concluded with smile on my face and it has always been nice to meet new people.

I am quite #introvert so this kind of people meeting is much more nicer to me than offices.

2 weeks ago

Give me eight hours of sleep, five hours of rest in the morning, and the prospect of five more hours of rest in the evening – I'm going to be the most buoyant person at any social event that is taking place in between these two recreation phases. Nobody is going to believe that I'm an #introvert.

Give me five hours of fitful sleep, five hours of wrangling the child, and the prospect of five more hours of wrangling the child – I'm going to be a surly ball of misanthropy and grump, quietly hating in your general direction. Nobody is going to believe that I ever said a friendly word to anyone.

2 weeks ago

Before we had a child I didn't realise how #introverted I am.

I am an extraverted #introvert, which means that there is an extraverted aspect to my personality that can come out when I have had enough time to recharge my battery while doing introverted things (being alone in a quiet environment, focusing on something).

Before we had a child I usually had plenty of time to do these things, so with my social battery fully charged, I was able to do lots of extraverted things. Both myself and others may have underestimated my introversion in that period.

Having a child means that I have much less time for recreation and that my days are filled with more social interaction than before (going to the playground etc.). So my social battery is rarely well-charged, which means that I hardly ever feel like doing extraverted things. I tend to use all the free time I have for doing introverted things.

Enlightened Flamingo
2 weeks ago

Hello, my name is Amy & I'm a total noob here.

I am: disabled (CRPS), an introvert (INFP-T), multicraftual (cross stitch, crochet, pyrography, hand embroidery, sewing, acrylic painting, digital drawing, mixed media, etc.), short, & awkward.

Interests: all things paranormal, flamingos, gaming, rewatching the same shows & movies over & over, getting coffee with friends.

Looking forward to getting to know more crafty folk!

#Introduction #Noob #NewHere #Crafty #Disabled #CRPS #Introvert

Small round piece of wood with woodburning of a filled in circle, minus a heart in the center. Charming, friendly, & welcoming.
2 weeks ago

Introverts “welcome” mat.

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Rhett Bratt
3 weeks ago

I am an introvert — a very strong introvert actually — and yet I also yearn to connect with other people. I am happiest when someone initiates conversation with me — I’m am always-receptive and often-enthusiastic respondent, but I struggle to start conversations on my own. So if you are comfortable saying something to a stranger, go ahead. There are many who appreciate the opportunity to talk to you. #introvert #extrovert #microaction #conversation

3 weeks ago

(2/2) the blame isn't women, nor the horrible men (that definitely do exist). Technology and education are to blame. Whilst we were learning about religion in school, it seems we weren't taught social skills or given opportunities. So now we must take direct action.
Talk to quiet or disabled men, as there is probably more likelihood of loneliness in them. Not to mention better morals. Loud mouths in my experience always bring harm to others.
#introvert #loneliness #autism #disability

Miro Collas
3 weeks ago
Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Does anyone else take on a different persona for seemingly unknown reasons? I was outside in the garage, minding my business, when two gentlemen slowed down in their car to ask me if I was interested in them pressure washing my driveway. My response in my best Australian accent: “really? I’m in me boxers mate” #introvert #whyamilikethis #whatswrongwithme #thestruggleisreal

Alex Hyett
3 weeks ago

Does anyone else get completed exhausted by even small amounts of socialising?

#introvert #introverts

I enjoy @mikepope's #FunWithAmbiguity" posts. Today in looking up a medical term, I found a #definition that made me laugh:

"... the two [powdered medications] are separately dissolved in water, combined, and drunk while effervescing"

As an #introvert, I usually don't effervesce in front of others. And doing it while drinking? I'm not that coordinated.

Lisa Sass
3 weeks ago

Introverting 101
• Introvert says: “Sorry I have plans, but thanks anyway...”
• Introvert means: “I have a book order arriving on Saturday from a 3a.m. book ordering spree. They’re not going to read themselves, you know.” 📚
In the meantime, current pile, expected weekend travel location, and some tracks to read by courtesy of Friedrich Wilhelm Rust works for clavichord:

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A house floor plan with an arrow pointing to a spot in the living room.
Stack of books on a table.
Chris Jags
3 weeks ago

Friendships being forced upon me that I adamantly don't want: there's little that makes me more stressed and uncomfortable. I can deal with it here and there, but its three people this month and two of them are rather insistent 😬

#introvert problems

Science Blue :trek_tos_spock:
3 weeks ago

I took an online MBTI test for the hell of it. Got INTP (as it should be) and it said my mind was only 94% introverted. Well, nobody's perfect.🤣
#Introvert #PersonalityTest

Cindy Weinstein
4 weeks ago

Already talked to someone today.


Stacey Cornelius
1 month ago

From now on, whenever I don't want to go to something I'm going to say, "I can't make it. I'm visiting friends on Mandalore."

#Introvert #Nonsequitur #Nerd

1 month ago

As an #introvert, I realized that mass social media was never a good idea for people like me.
And getting away from it really feels like a detox.

cory hughart
1 month ago

I gave out about 30 businesses cards at #WCUS, I already "knew" maybe 10 people so I interacted with at least 20 strangers. That's probably a low number but it's a very large number for me. #introvert

Square Peg
1 month ago

I know I should be applying for that interesting job. I’m torn between imposter syndrome and the need to get out of my current job before the next Christmas ’fun’ day. #introvert

A classic #extrovert today was complaining to me about "this is why you shouldn't hire an #introvert".

Except that while the person he's complaining about probably is introverted, their main characteristic and the real thing he doesn't like is misanthropy.

(I mask well--or at least tell myself I do--but I lean introvert. Being by myself in general charges my batteries while being with others in general discharges them. Exceptions exist.)

Julien Lengrand-Lambert
1 month ago

I spent years of my early career avoiding conferences because I'm scared of crowds. Even now, I don't feel comfortable at all initiating a conversation with people I don't know.

Speaking changed all that for me. I feel speaking is the best way to join a conference as an #introvert, and it's a big reason as to why I moved into #devrel.

I wrote this a while ago, but I find myself sharing it often to folks that are scared of speaking, so here it is again 😊

1 month ago

Hello! Hoping to find my place on the Fediverse.

My wardrobe and sense of humour are often dark, with a few sparkly
bits here and there. I'm into movies, live music, creative ventures, and nature among everything else. Pronouns are she/her.

A few hashtags:
#introduction #movies #cats #dark #nature #photography #NewHere #introvert

Alarmingly Bad
2 months ago

COMIC VIDEO: Get To The Point


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Alarmingly Bad comic video where a man really hates small talk
T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
2 months ago

When introverts want to hang out with their friends…

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Three crows on one utility wire, spread far apart.
2 months ago


definite #introvert here.

🥥 Ricki, dahling, I'm an all-the-way #introvert introvert -- except on Mastodon.
For some reason I let it all hang out here.
Something about it has greed up something inside of me. 🥥

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

“The first problem of living is to minimize friction with the crowds that surround you on all sides.” — Isaac Asimov

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Black and white photo of pigeons gathered around my bench. Beyond them is the Picasso sculpture Chicago. Taken right now at Daley Plaza.
Max Leibman
2 months ago

If you've been invited to a wedding and need a date, I'll always be your minus-one.

#introvert #introversion #SocialCalendar

Max Leibman
2 months ago

The best way to charm an introvert is from afar.

But not using a phone.

Or any sort of real-time communication.

Or an expectation of reply.

#introvert #introversion #solitude

2 months ago

I'm new here, so here's a little info about me & this account, in case you’re wondering whether to follow or not.

I like creating & posting my #DigitalArt, (usually in the form of desktop & mobile wallpapers) & graphics. I also like to #crochet.

I post about #MentalIllness because I struggle with #OCD & #depression.

I’m #disabled & #ChronicallyIll (#PanHypoPituitarism, #AdrenalInsufficiency, #hypothyroidism, #GERD, #HipDysplasia, #arthritis, #osteoporosis, pituitary #dwarfism, #HoH), a #trekkie, #geek, #introvert, & a girly girl who loves playing with #makeup.

Feel free to follow & interact, but don’t be a jerk please. Thanks. 😊

#introduction #ActuallyOCD

2 months ago

Neighbor borrowing battery charger:

C: So, how's the introvert? I haven't seen you leave your house in a month.
M: Why, that's not true. It was only a week ago today you saw me being loaded into the back of an ambulance. About this time, actually.
C: ... That doesn't count.
M: I picked up groceries on Monday.
C: Did you get out of your car?
M: In a public parking lot? I beg your pardon, are you ill?
C: Yah. I'm the ill one. Thanks.
M: Admitting it is the first step! Any time!


David Hopkins
2 months ago

@selfcare Playing Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon' on vinyl, reading, and staying out of the noise of the weekend house. #Happy #Content #Introvert #Vinyl

2 months ago

Looking for more #furry friends to chat with!! Believe it or not, I'm actually very antisocial but I want to break out of that shell! If you are interested in maybe being my friend (👉👈) please let me know and maybe add me on Discord (my tags are in my bio ^^)!

Just tagging stuff down here, don't mind me! 🧹

#Fursona #felinefurry #furrycommunity #owo #uwu #cute #introvert

2 months ago

Embracing Introverted Strengths, Part 1
From UX Matters

"Many UX professionals are naturally introverted, which likely contributes to their not achieving the same career growth as other more extroverted professionals within an extrovert-biased corporate environment."

#ux #hci #jobs #ucd #uxmatters #introvert #extrovert

2 months ago

Is there a manual on how to back out of social obligations gracefully, without hurting feelings?
#AskingForAFriend #Introvert

2 months ago

It’s finally #caturday, friends! Are you up and about or resting easy this #weekend?

I have another social weekend ahead, which I’m excited about but also my inner #introvert is already exhausted thinking about it :blobfoxcrylaugh:

A black and a Siamese cat, cuddling on a brown couch
Larry Cornett
2 months ago

Sign up if you'd like to hear my conversation with Tim Yeo, the founder of The Quiet Achiever, in tomorrow's newsletter and podcast episode.

We discussed:

- Introversion and managing the job search and interviews

- How to get noticed at work without behaving like an extrovert

- How to be an introvert and still get ahead in your career

- And more!

#introvert #introversion #careercoach #careerdevelopment #careeradvice #careeradvancement #podcast #InvincibleCareer

2 months ago

How can we possibly make big decisions when we can't even hear ourselves think?

Did some solo hiking/camping this past weekend and the solitude felt like a balm for my brain.

(Tell me you're an #introvert without telling me)


A summer landscape photograph looking down into the Shenandoah Valley
A hiking trail in the woods
3 months ago

Hello. I'm a retired #science teacher. I like playing boardgames and exercising with VR. And science fiction. And pet rats.

Politics: #Liberal #Woke #ProChoice #DeathWithDignity #BLM #Union
Hobbies: #BoardGames #Reading #Rats #VR
Religion: none #Atheist #Atheism
Media: #GirlGenius #Evangelion #Babylon5 #StarTrek #Ghibli #Sense8 #scifi #Discworld #Pern
Music: #80sMusic #ElectroSwing #NewWave #ACappella
Relationships: #introvert #polyamorous


3 months ago

Otherwise I am a #VarietyGaming and watch #youtube or #twitch. I don't stream.

I'd call myself calm and laid back though occasionally I might let frogs out of my mouth, never ill intended.
I diagnose myself #neurodivergent #introvert

I am also significantly #queer, in rainbow and otherwise. I challenge a lot of traditional lifestyles. But, continuing the bingo, #RomanceRepulsed #aromantic #asexual, I consider myself #cis though with the nuance of #cassgender
#lgbtqia #aro #ace #aroace #cass

Mihael Brenko
3 months ago

Time for an #introduction I suppose :). I'm still figuring out what I will toot about since I'm not that active on social media in general but I'll give it a go here. Anyway, I live with my long term gf and 3 #cats so you can expect a lot of cat pics :). I like to read a lot, I've started learning to play #guitar last year, #photography, #mentalhealth, #introvert ...
Professionally, I work as an engineering manager working with #cpp .
BTW I use #opensuse .
#introductions #introductionpost

Michał Górny
3 months ago

Since I'm moving here from Fosstodon, I suppose it's a good opportunity for a re-#introduction.

My name's Michał Górny. You may know me as a Gentoo developer, though my social media usage extended beyond that.

I've joined #Gentoo in 2010, back when I was still a student. You could say that we've both matured together, perhaps became less bleeding edge and more stable. There are some things that I'm still doing all these years later, notably the maintenance of #Python ecosystem in Gentoo (which is superior to other distributions, I must say), #LLVM, #XFCE and some other random packages, building Distribution Kernels. I also create #OpenSource software (mostly tools related to Gentoo package management), work in QA, and either do or have done a lot of random stuff that simply needed to be done.

Professionally, I used to be a programmer. However, I quit my last job in 2022 due to health breakdown and haven't managed to find a good job so far. Right now, I'm mostly surviving on what I've managed to save years ago, with some help from my gracious sponsors (thank you for your donations!). I've started a new job recently, though onboarding is taking quite long and it's not yet clear if I'll manage to actually make any profit.

I am very #introvert. I always enjoyed #hiking and fast walks around #nature, and since I've been diagnosed with #diabetes in 2022, this changed from just a pastime to a necessary exercise. That said, I don't like repeating the same routes too often, so I go around by #rail. My main interchange stations are #Poznań, #Leszno, #Głogów and #Wrocław.

A few years ago I adopted three stray #cat siblings: Blackie (or Lulu), Ruh and Mr. Gray (or Mr. Ek!). They are going to cyclically appear in my avatars and profile backgrounds. That said, they made me realize I'm actually a cat, and a big cat too (that's why the "territory" I keep patrolling has roughly 200 km radius).

I hate #politics and I'm quite angry that I am forced to take interest in it. I'm a strong believer in the #CarFree ideology (I don't even have a driver's license). I will sometimes rant in the #AntiCapitalism mood, with a sprinkle of #ecology and #degrowth in the face of #ClimateCrisis.

I enjoy reading #books (fiction and non-fiction alike), watching #movies or #series (though I usually don't manage more than 30 minutes at a time) or playing computer #games (preferably slower, older, single-player games these days).

I generally toot simultaneously in english and polish (except for word plays that don't make sense in the other language). My polish account is:

Judith Boehlert
3 months ago

As an introvert, tech conferences can be quite intimidating for me. But I also love attending conferences because they remind me that it is great to be working in tech and leave me inspired to build things. 🚀

So I wrote an article for HackerNoon with some tips for how I stay calm at large tech events:

Check it out if you like, I'd appreciate your feedback.

Are you planning to attend any conferences soon?

#tech #conference #introvert #networking

My wife, @laughingmama, sent this to me. We both concur.


If anyone knows who this is, please do share. Where I found it he was not credited. I searched to no avail, but I’m hoping I can update with a credit.

#Introvert #Public #BeingInPublic #Funny #Humor #HomeIsBetter #WhyDoWeLeaveTheHouse

White man with a beard, glasses, and a beanie, dressed casual but nice, sitting in his car while narrating the monologue
4 months ago

I have to be cute both days this weekend and I’m already exhausted thinking about it #introvert :blobfoxpleading:

Doing podcast interviews to talk about my book is loads of fun, and I’m very grateful for the opportunities, but as an #introvert, it takes me the whole weekend to recover from one interview 😅😜

4 months ago

What makes you think that I’m an introvert?

#Funny #Fun #LOL #Humor #Humour #Dog #Dogs #Introvert

A dog inside a large, soft shirt that swamps him. Only his snout is visible sticking out of a sleeve.,
4 months ago

Introverted and proud! 🌌🤫 I find solace in solitude and introspection, cherishing quality connections over quantity. Embracing my introversion, I seek meaningful experiences and pursue personal growth. Hobbies and books are my companions, igniting my passion for knowledge. #Introvert #Solitude #DeepConnections #PersonalGrowth #BookLover

Mandu 🥟
4 months ago

How I feel 45 minutes into a dinner party:

Social battery low, please charge!
3% ■□□□□□□□□□

#introvert #introverted

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
5 months ago

hiya tooters, i’m brent.

#introdution ::
i am a #queer multidisciplinary #artist. i’m a #Leftist with a passion for #queerhistory, #queerart, and #cats.

here you’re likely to find samples of my art, inspirations & out-of-context messages for the fede’feed. topics will generally revolve around #sexuality, #mentalhealth, #socialjustice and/or #catart.

i hope to garner community support for my projects via this #introvert needs a cheerleader…

questions? ask.

selfie image of a gay, bearded brent pruitt outdoors without glasses
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
5 months ago


They're not on Mastodon, but you can find more introverty goodness here:

#introvert #BINGO #comics #doodle #writer #bookish #books #reading #Bookstodon

comic panel titled: INTROVERT BINGO

The grid of square from left to right, top line to bottom:

1. I let that phone go to voicemail
2. I read 3+ books last month.
3. My house is my favorite place.
4. I actively avoided someone today
5. I'm the King of good excuses.
6. I've had a crush on a fictional character.
7. I took a nap today.
8. I often think about thinking.
9. My best friend is literally an animal.
10. I'm better at writing than talking.
11. I'm adorably awkward.
12. I'm a good listener.
13. I'm much cooler on the internet.
14. I fangirl over artists & authors.
15. People make me tired.
16. I do most of my shopping online.
Jon Bowie
5 months ago