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2 days ago

A Beautiful Mind


"A Beautiful Mind" ist eine US-amerikanische #Filmbiografie des Regisseurs Ron Howard aus dem Jahr 2001. Im Film wird die reale Lebensgeschichte des insbesondere für die #Spieltheorie bekannten Mathematikers John Forbes Nash skizziert, welche auf dem gleichnamigen Buch von Sylvia Nasar basiert.

#ipfs #ipfskulturarchiv

Ryan He
5 days ago

開發 imgfs 一段時間的感想:所謂的『分散式』圖床只有在用戶都安裝了 #IPFS Desktop 與 IPFS Companion 才能成立一半:檔案是分散的,但是圖片上傳與瀏覽界面還是集中的。

然後圖片儲存所需的成本還是跟傳統儲存方式一樣,所以使用 IPFS 到底有什麼意義?🙄

6 days ago

Don't get me wrong, I like all the people I've met who work on #DANDI (an archive for neuroscientific data), but it seems like they quietly dropped the part of their roadmap where they planned on interoperability with #IPFS, or any other data system that isn't AWS's public dataset program. So, what exactly is "Distributed" about the "Distributed archives for neurophysiology data integration" now?

Another scientific infrastructure project destined for a half-limping life to inevitable death or capture. Thank god it's made free by this AWS program that can be terminated at any time and is definitely not a trap.

I feel like I can't wave my hands over my head and yell loud enough about how we're literally walking into ANOTHER "open science" scam where the open data mandates are just going to be "pay AWS a fifth of your grant" mandates.

I don't fault tool builders for both doing the overwhelmingly normal thing in making a database nor responding to the direct calls from funders to build cloud infra. but I do think researchers at large need to recognize that any sort of systematic push to make any one (or even few) cloud provider an official or expected resting place for all data makes us a runaway funding drain we don't want.

Sure it's free for now. in a few years you have saved a few hundred TB of your lab's data. the free trial ends. that's p bad, but if you're required, want to, or can't manage the data infra to avoid hosting that data indefinitely, that number never goes down. How much will storage and egress costs be with 5 years of data, 10, etc. for everyone. and larger archives have it some orders of magnitude worse.

it seems like an obviously bad plan to me! but the infrastructure plans of both major basic research funders in the US don't seem to think so!

edit: clarifying intent

1.4 Program Changes. We may change or discontinue the Program or any aspect of the Program at any time. We will post information about any change or discontinuation to the Program on or send you an email using the email address linked to the Program Account. Any changes to the Program will become effective at the time we post information about the change on the aforementioned site or as expressly stated otherwise in a notice provided in accordance with the Agreement.

1.5 Termination. Your participation in the Program will terminate two (2) years from the Effective Date. AWS may extend your participation in the Program in writing or enter into new Program terms and conditions, as agreed by both parties in writing, upon expiration of your participation. We may terminate your participation in the Program by giving notice of termination in accordance with the Agreement. Upon termination of your Program participation, you agree to comply with an AWS-determined wind-down period during which time Program Content will be available to End Users, unless otherwise directed by AWS. If your participation in the Program is terminated for any reason, as of the later of the date of termination or end of the wind-down period: (a) you will no longer receive Program Benefits, including payment by AWS of costs associated with your Program Account; and (b) you will no longer identify yourself or hold yourself out as a Program particip
1 week ago

Today another accident struck me: my old (2014) laptop froze when I was downloading several books from z-lib and I was trying to view the middle part of a PDF file via webbrowser -- lots of books got lost as I was using live OS (I had to reboot it)...

Okay, I redownloaded them again. Then I tried downloading from other ways e.g. ligen, #IPFS (not via Tor). seemed to be slow (and later was halt-prone), while IPFS gateway turned out to be the winner for me (tho it was slow firstly).

@Rob500 @BleepingComputer @me @mozilla

What I'd love to see is an "anti-#Chrome" with @torproject / #Tor, #I2P, #IPFS & #OpenVPN & #WireGuard other nice integrations from the get-go.

Same with #Thunderbird:
There the integration with for custom #eMail is way nicer and less "on the nose" but with #Enigmail integrates there's no excuse not to use #OpenPGP-based end-to-end - encrypted eMails...

1 week ago

DIDs say who you are. (AuthN - authentication)
UCANs say what you can do (AuthZ - authorization)

Learn more about UCANs on the Fission blog: #decentralizedweb #ipfs #web3

Also: The urge to set my own #ipfs node up intensifies.

Ryan He
2 weeks ago

做了一個類似 #imgur 的簡易圖床,儲存後端是用 #ipfs ,所以可以使用 cloudflare 或公開的 ipfs gateway 來分散流量。


Matti Järvinen
2 weeks ago

@zemarmot would be cool if you could store these meetings on peertube for everyone to listen unedited.

#IPFS does something similar on their YouTube biweekly IPLD.

2 weeks ago

New to WNFS? Here's a an overview of our versioned and encrypted file system built on top of IPFS. #ipfs #decentralizedweb #protocolengineering
2 weeks ago

🚀Dear community, faces financial challenges threatening our public service.😪We need your support to continue championing open, unbiased search for #Web3 and #IPFS. Share our mission & support us at #SaveIPFSSearch frontpage showing an urgent plea for funding rather than the search function.

Host Dynamic Content on #IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)

Ray Canzanese
3 weeks ago

We recently noticed an uptick of phishing pages hosted on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), so we did a quick breakdown of how it works and what we are seeing. The phishing pages themselves are pretty boring, but IPFS is pretty cool.

Phishing #Scams #IPFS

Mauve 👁💜
3 weeks ago

I'm honestly so happy I sat down and made this car2dot library. It's made it so much easier to debug #IPFS stuff.

Diagram linking a couple of nodes representing a Prolly Tree route to 1000 nodes containing key-value pairs

Durin: A new mobile app for the #IPFS network

Mauve 👁💜
3 weeks ago

Honestly I'm really happy with the simplicity of this tool. With it I can debug large datasets of #ipfs data without needing to touch the network or maintain a web app.

Durin: Mobile app for #IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)

Mauve 👁💜
4 weeks ago

Current programming mood:

Working on a thing that convers #IPFS CAR (Content ARchive) files to #graphviz dot files so that they can be rendered out to SVG.

Making this so I can debug some custom chunking errors I'm getting in @webrecorder

4 weeks ago

We need an alternative to #FDroid that uses #IPFS

Mauve 👁💜
4 weeks ago

Lol, just had a bug where I wasn't able to trigger #agregore to download a file from #IPFS due to it being interpreted as a text file (it was a @webrecorder WACZ file).

To work around this I opened up the dev tools and set `document.body.innerHTML = '<a download href="ipfs://whatever/webarchive.wacz">Download</a>' which replaced the page with a link to trigger a download of the file.

Honestly, I wish all apps had a devtools feature so I could mess around with their guts.

4 weeks ago

In the latest installment of our Projects We Love series, we're featuring Blockenberg - a headless CMS built on top of IPFS! #ipfs #oddsdk #blogging

John-Mark Gurney
4 weeks ago

One of the things I've been thinking about is hosting/storing #git repos for archiving, maybe in #IPFS and a trick like that can help reduce total storage of the repo.

(i'm thinking of hosting/mirroring lots of repos, so a little processing time would help).

Daniel Aleksandersen
1 month ago

“What happens when half of the network is down?” How 60 % of nodes going down in a distributed peer-to-peer network wasn’t a big deal for #IPFS. Increased latency but all content remained available. #P2P

Mauve 👁💜
1 month ago

Got productive an hour earlier than usual today. :P Feels weird to be off by one in the other direction for once.

This week is going to be focusing on roadmapping #DistributedPress and the #ActivityPub integration there, and testing the #WARC file chunking for #IPFS in @webrecorder

@lexd0g thank god for #IPFS & #BitTorrent so people can share it uncensorable!

Christian Pietsch 🍑
1 month ago


#Cwtch sounds interesting because it is based on a private and anonymous @torproject #OnionSite (much like #Briar). I hope it will become available via @fdroidorg soon.

#Berty is kind of interesting because if uses #IPFS which is not as bad as people might think just because the Web3 cryptobros use it. Sadly, the Berty website relies on Google Amp and Amazon Cloudfront. :oh_no:

#Tor #TorProject

Jack ☢️
1 month ago

Every time I fire up my #ipfs gateway, my firewall falls to it's knees.

Jack ☢️
1 month ago

Wouldn't that be cool to create an #ipfs supported version of #tiktok style content. Just little videos shared in a distributed file cloud.

blake shaw
1 month ago

"Querying Decentralized Data in Rhizomatic Systems"

Quinn Wilton ( @quinn ) on #JohnCage, #Bussotti, and the #Deleuze-inspired database #Rhizome for building #decentralized applications on #IPFS

Martin S 🚩
1 month ago

Anyone else getting tired of phishing links? I know IPFS isn’t a huge corp or anything, but man they react even slower than google abuse. #phishing #ipfs

IPFS Kulturarchiv
1 month ago

Blues Train Compilation

A compilation of classic blues songs, release date was 1999.


#ipfs #ipfskulturarchiv

⚠️​ #phishing "full mailbox" via #IPFS +


@tebicat depends...

#IPFS could be better and it can be natively integrated into #HTTPS as a means to decentrally store data.

Plus it doesn't need #CryptoBro bs like a #Blockchain...

@crossgolf_rebel @TwraSun @menzel IMHO wäre #BitTorrent & #IPFS schon jetzt machbar...

@crossgolf_rebel @TwraSun Schöner war's ja, wenn man seitens der #ÖRR statt #CDN's wie #Akamai auf #IPFS &#BitTorrent setzen würde...

Wäre billiger, effizienter und schneller...

@crossgolf_rebel @TwraSun hoffentlich packt's jemensch auf #IPFS & #BitTorrent...

thomas 🌸
1 month ago

Sitting outside in soho applying for jobs signaling to the world I am a programmer. #deno #node #javascript #ipfs #npm #jobs

laptop with a bunch of coding stickers on it
1 month ago

Ever wanted to serve real SPA from #IPFS with the Client-Side Router? With #CaddyServer
you can do like this. Now your CSR can be refreshed as they are pre-rendered.

Follow me for more #caddyserver, #ipfs, #devops, and #programming tips!

IPFS Kulturarchiv
1 month ago


Anson Funderburgh, Otis Grand, Debbie Davies - Grand Union 1998


#ipfs #ipfskulturarchiv

Arlo Godfrey
2 months ago

@atomicpoet @sequel Well that's fascinating.

I'm still waiting for the day someone builds a working social network on ipfs - something that only needs your personal device to operate, without losing platform-like features (toots, feeds, notifications, blocklists, etc).

Tooling for #ipfs is rapidly being deconstructed and standardized through working groups. Maybe when it all settles I'll take a stab.

Project Insanity
2 months ago

Wrote a #NixOS wiki page about #Ipfs with some short examples 🌐

Opalsec :verified:
2 months ago

It's been a heck of a week, with tonnes of great research and tooling that I'm sure you're going to get a kick out of - check out our wrap-up for all the news!:

Kaspersky researchers shone a light on the Dark Web trade in Google Play Loaders - a service to help inject malware into legitimate, and supposedly vetted apps, with guarantees of >1 week up-time and the option to boost your spread with targeted Ads.

#Nokoyawa ransomware have clearly got some talent on their team, having abused a #CLFS 0-day prior to Microsoft patching it last week - one of 5 different exploits they've used, mind you - and they appear to have a new, distinct ransomware strain in rotation, too.

There's heaps more great threat reporting, including a report that #FIN7 and former #Conti (#FIN12/#WizardSpider) members are collaborating on a new backdoor, and a crypto-mining campaign that may be the canary in the coal mine, indicating broader uptake of BYOVD and IPFS by low-level operators.

The #QueueJumper vulnerability from last week looks primed to explode in coming days, with a no-fix vulnerability in Microsoft Intune capping off a lousy week for Windows admins struggling to keep their networks secure.

TOOLING. Ooooh boy, this was a good week for tooling and tradecraft, ladies and gentlemen.

The #redteam have a new port of the SharpHound AD enumeration tool for Cobalt Strike; a great reference piece on leveraging stolen Office tokens to bypass MFA and access cloud workloads, and a list of keywords to avoid when crafting stealthy PowerShell scripts.

The #blueteam have a script to help tweak VM settings to circumvent malware anti-analysis checks; Procmon for macOS, and a lightweight bastion host to help redirect and record traffic sent to honeypots in your network.

This was a fun one to write up, with heaps of interesting reads and takeaways to be had. Get amongst it!

#infosec #cyber #news #cybernews #infosec #infosecnews #informationsecurity #cybersecurity #hacking #security #technology #hacker #vulnerability #vulnerabilities #malware #ransomware #dfir #soc #threatintel #threatintelligence #darkweb #microsoft #azure #mfa #mfabypass #cobaltstrike #bloodhound #sharphound #byovd #ipfs #intune #GooglePlay #Android #zeroday #0day

When I first heard about #IPFS I thought that it would function like a distributed browser cache; like IPFS could act as a proxy for normal websites, so that after you view the site from then on it could get served from IPFS until the content changes.

I've used many IPFS browsers/extensions, but this fantasy never becomes reality. You can manually "save site to IPFS" but it doesn't happen transparently like a cache does.

Why hasn't this use case been realized? It seems technically possible.

Boris Mann
2 months ago

Start of #IPFSThing thread! I’m attending along with a bunch of people from the @fission team.

Conference starts tomorrow goes through next Wednesday, gathering together #IPFS core protocol implementors.

2 months ago

From IPFS Thing 2022 to IPFS Thing 2023, read up on all the progress we've made the past year on IPVM! #ipfs #ipvm

Agregore Browser
2 months ago

Agregore got nominated for the #IPFS Implementations Fund. 🥳

@reticuleena Merke: #ValueRemoving #Rentseeker wie die #GAFAM und #CDN-#Hoster wollen ja genau das...

Und die haben halt das Geld für Lobbyismus.

#PS: #BitTorrent und #IPFS leben und sind größer denn je!

@cryptoxic np.

And yes I do think that we need to #decentralize stuff further.

Ideally using #BitTorrent & #IPFS in order to remove the need for value-removing rentseekers like #CSN's.

2 months ago

ever wanted to serve the static website on #IPFS but have it reverse_proxyied on your domain?

This is how I did it for with #caddyserver An additional perk is automatic TLS


2 months ago

NFTs, gaming and storage: The key to Filecoin and Arweave accruing value? - Future growth in blockchain gaming, NFTs and the need for more de... - #blockchainstorage #cryptocurrencies #decentralization #bitcoinordinals #marketanalysis #filecoin #markets #ipfs

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 months ago

In 2011/2012 the journalists and publishers at #wikileaks were demonetised by #PayPal, Visa et al and turned to #bitcoin, this had the effect of causing bad actors to focus their attention on targetting Bitcoin and maligning bitcoiners.

No matter where the real #journalists go, vested interests will emerge to try and suppress them.

So perhaps the question is how to best protect and safeguard journalists. This takes us to the point of natively #I2P, and #IPFS.

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
2 months ago

TL;DR The #CloudFlare #IPFS gateway has a censoring layer that blocks access to content on IPFS in at least 1073 cases.

Cloudflare Disables Access to ‘Pirated’ Content on its IPFS Gateway

yesterday by Ernesto Van der Sar

Cloudflare helps to provide access to millions of websites on the regular web. The company also offers an IPFS gateway, making it easier to access content on the censorship-resistant storage network. Unlike its CDN and DNS services, Cloudflare reports that it disables IPFS access in response to copyright abuse complaints.
In the first quarter of 2022, Cloudflare reports that this policy resulted in 1,073 IPFS actions. Presumably, this means that the company disabled access the same number of items on the IPFS network. No such actions were taken for the Ethereum gateway.

Cloudflare’s actions are notable for a couple of reasons. For one, it shows that decentralized and censorship-free networks lose their key feature when they are accessed through centralized gateways.
2 months ago

Some more verbose information on this topic are now on my blog:


2 months ago

Despite my blog being rediculously outdated - my last post is from 2020 - it now is available on #IPFS again!

I've set the _dnslink TXT entry for so you will automatically load it over IPFS when using an IPFS capable browser like #brave or any browser with the #IPFScompanion extension.

3 months ago

@peeja this was a great read! I learned a tonne — thank you so much for sharing!

Web zero sounds to me like it’d be a great partner to #ipfs (or any content-addressed & distributed data transfer mechanism).

“Here’s the hash of the photo sharing app I want to use” and “here’s the hash of the profile data I want to view”; you can pick your own front end, or remix the data with ease (all that forking/cloning you spoke of is trivial as the data & app are already local by then, just like Web 1.0 😍)

Mauve 👁💜
3 months ago

Just loaded my first #p2p site published to the new version of with proper #ipfs #hypercore and #dnslink support!

The DNSLink stuff is a bit iffy for hypercore, but I'll be fixing that up tomorrow.

Now stuff can be published via Distributed Press, and viewed via @agregore

What's cool is that in addition to keeping your content online, you can easily configure it to set up DNS keys for you by delegating with an NS DNS entry for the `_dnslink` subdomain on your domain.

Boris Mann
3 months ago

Today is the last day for early bird tickets for #IPFSThing

Brussels, Apr 15th - 19th, 5 days of learning, hacking, and collaboration on #IPFS and related #DWeb, #libp2p other decentralized tech.

And we’ll even feed you!

Buy your $99 ticket here

Please boost!

Robin Berjon
3 months ago

There's no guarantee that any of these will be accepted, but to give you a sense of the proposals that ✨ YOU ✨ should be submitting, I just proposed:

• A track on #dweb policy
• A workshop on governance in the #IPFS Cinematic Universe
• A talk about "What Is The Web?"

Interested in these? Join us at #IPFSThing!

Tickets ($99 early bird until Friday!):
Submit talks:

It's gonna be a Thing!

Boris Mann
3 months ago

The #IPFSThing 5 day gathering of #IPFS and related #DWeb ecosystems now has tickets on sale for only $99, but early bird ends this Fri, Feb 24th!

Go buy your tickets!

Brussels, Apr 15th - 19th, more details on the website

4 months ago

ok so re-reading #IPFS paper and there are a few things I think in retrospect are undesirable about the #MerkelDAG spec. it's hard to parse them out as separable ideas because they depend on one another, but the main thing I think is how it conflates the structure of a metadata graph, the content of the graph, and the notion of authorship/identity.

In (basic) IPFS, each node contains some data and some links. the data is some unspecified binary blob, the links are all references to hashes of other nodes, and then the hash of all that identifies the node. There are some abstractions like flattened trees that can represent n-depth links, but that's the gist. I'm refreshing myself, so correct me where I'm wrong.

This makes traversing the graph expensive from a naive (cacheless) state- you have to fetch each node and parse its links serially, and since there isn't a notion of authorship except when used to sign a node, you might have to do the resolution process across a lot of the network instead of being able to say "ah ok this is from this identity so I should ask their neighborhood first"

Since the links are untyped, and because of the need for serial resolution, you can't really "plan" queries and move the query logic to the "edges" (in a networking, rather than graph parlance) of the network - the network resolution logic handles all that.

This structure also makes it so you can't "talk about" a node. A node contains its links. The links are directional, so I could make some statement about a node by pointing to it, but I can't, as a third party make a link under my identity, separate from the author and content of the node, that points from some object to another. That makes the network more like a hard drive than a social space.

Further, since links aren't typed, you have to move that metadata inside the node. This makes you need to re-hash each node more than you need to, and since "keys" for identifying different fields in the node aren't themselves links, you can't have any notion of "schema" where a term can be reused. So there isn't really a facility for being able to do graph queries like "find me this type of data whose field has this value" which restricts a whole huge range of possibilities too long to list here. This also makes knowing what the binary data inside a node is potentially impossible without out of band info, depending on how it's encoded. #IPLD and #Multiformats are intended to solve this, post-hoc.

I'll stop there for now, and save what I think could be a different model for later, but I am thinking along the lines of merging with #LinkedData #Triplets , encoding the notion of authorship into links (so that links can have an "utterance" rather than "fact" ontological status), a notion of container/contained for explicit block formation and metadata separation, and formalizing the notion of orthogonal Merkel DAGs to change the points where the content addressing happens to be able to have "graph subunits" that allow for cycles at a "complete" scope but for the purposes of hashing have no cycles. very much #WIP, still at conceptual stage haven't started writing spec yet.

#LongPost #p2p #WorkingInPublic

Boris Mann
4 months ago

@xerz the Berty app has a pretty good (shipping) implementation of this, with #IPFS as the content addressing / sync

@brewsterkahle And that's why everyone should #torrent & #IPFS the #books #banned in #Florida and teach others #TechLiteracy.

Sooraj Sathyanarayanan
4 months ago

Use #decentralized hosting solutions! #IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) allows you to store and share files on a peer-to-peer network without relying on a central authority.

Mauve 👁💜
4 months ago

@Moon @cuaxolotl You might enjoy this comparison article I wrote about #IPFS, #Hypercore #BitTorrent and #SSB.

It doesn't get super into the weeds on the DHT tho

4 months ago

@theresnotime it would be great to use the Internet Archive, but also provide a copy over #IPFS, so the content does not disappear in case IA has some issue and to help them with bandwith costs

my quick search showed that IA still experiments with IPFS

(The Filecoin Cryptocurrency is not needed to use IPFS.)

i don't like to have additional archives like because you don't know where to find the content you look for

Cute little threat actor using #IPFS for their #phishing link.


Ricky de Laveaga
4 months ago

@technikhil @dietrich halfway through and this is already my favorite #SERadio episode of all time. #IPFS is so much cooler than I understood 30 min ago 🤯

@NatSecGeek I wish they'd #decentralize more and use tech like #BotTorrent and #IPFS exclusively to host and share their content.

After all, it's faster, safer, more secure and more efficient to do so.

All contents would be hosted solely on #BitTorrent & #IPFS to enshure #resiliency.

I wish @ddosecrets would do something like that...

Boris Mann
5 months ago

Happy New Year from UTC-8!

It's past 1am here in #Vancouver, because I decided to sit down and flip the switch for my main site to now be powered by #LogSeq

Published to #IPFS and served up via the @fission gateway

2750 "pages" from ~20 years of blogging, links, tags, and notes.

Arlo Godfrey
5 months ago

If you encrypt data with the hash of that data, the resulting file can only be read by people who know what it is.

When using #ipfs in your app, users selfhost all their generated content, but the only way to make 100% sure it stays online is for devs to help rehost all of it on their own always-online nodes.

What if we distributed that task to other users of your app, instead?

What if users could "trade" storage space for better data availability?

Could be a fun hackathon idea to explore.

Humbird0 Fandom
5 months ago

@mastodonmigration @blaine
Like Blaine Cook mentioned in that article, I often think that #IPFS could work really well with #ActivityPub instances to help distribute the bandwidth of hosting media, especially ones like #PeerTube, which already attempt to do something similar. It's basically a DIY content-delivery-network like #BitTorrent.

Morgan Peyre
5 months ago


Hi! I'm Morgan, a #Software engineer living in western #EU. I work as a lead developer, with an increasing focus on the #HumanFactors involved in making software. I'm also pursuing a #Psychology degree with the aim of becoming a better #UX #UI designer. When I write code I use #Java and #Typescript but i'd like to go back to #Ada someday.

I also love #Music (yes, all of it)! Share your favorite song with me! 🎶 I'm learning how to play #Drums and might dip my toes into #MusicProduction in the future.

I've been interested in decentralized tech like #Matrix and #IPFS for quite some time. And I still hold a tiny bit of hope that #Blockchain might yield something good eventually (but I don't have a pyramid scheme to sell you I promise).

Also I drink way too much #Tea .

Extra keywords that didn't fit nicely into the prose:
#IT #Ergonomics #Usability #IxD #AdaLang #France

5 months ago

Hey all!

If you like playing with #web3 #IPFS or #tezos you should check out my new app!

This service let's you create and manage IPNS addresses, and you can generate API keys for dApp development.

Invite keys available for interested parties!

Mauve 👁💜
5 months ago

Cool thread from birdsite on how #IPLD fits into the #IPFS stack.

Mauve 👁💜
5 months ago

Wrote up my blog post on #p2p databases on top of #IPLD / #IPFS Prolly Trees. Hoping to switch up how databases are approached with a focus on performance and the ability to combine datasets determenistically.

6 months ago

Did you know you can now use IPNS with ease????

It's cus I made a dope IPNS platform, and it's free to use!

Now giving out invite codes!

#IPFS #IPNS #Web3 #decentralized

Boris Mann
6 months ago

Super excited to see #IPFSThing pre-registration go live today!

This is an event for #ipfs & related protocol implementors that had huge impact this year.

First announce post by Mosh - save the date for the 2023 edition, mid April