Michael Burch
3 weeks ago

Apple verlängert den kostenlosen Zugang zu «Notruf SOS über Satellit»

Der Dienst «Notruf SOS über Satellit» umfasst zwei Punkte: einerseits das Alarmieren von Notrufdiensten über einen Satelliten, wenn keine Mobilfunk- oder WLAN-Verbindung besteht. Und zum anderen das Teilen des Standortes mit Freunden in der «Wo ist?»-App. Gestartet ist «Notruf SOS über Satellit» mit dem iPhone 14. Seit…

#IPhone14 #IPhone14Pro #NotrufSOSüberSatellit

PKPs Powerfromspace1
3 weeks ago

From one world war #WW2 to another #RussiaUkraineWar glory in the sky past.

Repost from @philippprinzing

Cruising down the Rhine 🇩🇪with the Emil on our site.

Everybody involved did a fantastic job.

©️ Philipp Prinzing

#messerschmitt #messerschmittbf109 #bf109 #fighter #warbird #warbirds #ww2 #luftwaffe #piper #behindthescenes #shotoniphone #iphone14pro #aviationreel #aviationreels #80smusic #abovetheclouds #ltbbende #officeoftheday #makethebestofit #adventure #seizetheday

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Phone camera HDR (multiframe compositing for better exposure & dynamic range) has advanced tremendously, but I still get artifacts like this headless jogger. (iPhone 14 Pro.)
#Photography #iphone14Pro #HDR #artifact

A jogger photographed with HDR; a compositing artifact means he has no head.

Tolles #iPhone 14 Pro mit Zubehör - günstig!! Heute Abend noch zuschlagen! #iphone14pro

Bee :verified:
1 month ago

Building 🏥 & Botanical 🌳
Getting back into the habit of taking photos from everyday scenes and practising photography. I love the lush greens among the concrete buildings, giving great colour contrast.

#photography #shotoniphone #iphone14pro

1 month ago

Perfekte Sichtbedingungen sehen anders aus, aber es ist auch noch etwas Zeit…


#mond #mondfinsternis #astronomie #iphone14pro #smartphonephotography

Mond mit vielen Wolken
1 month ago

Last night, I took a quick shot of the Moon with my #iPhone. Full zoom, 32sec video. I had a sudden urge to process this short video with #AstroSurface. Here's the result... Well, let's just say that the zoom definition on the #iPhone14Pro isn't great, it looks like a drawing! 😕😬

Résultat after processing with astroSurface.
Dave Rahardja
2 months ago

So I went to a couple of car meets today and did an A/B/C #shootout on an #iPhone14Pro and #GooglePixel7. All images appear in this sequence:

1. #Halide app on #iPhone 14 Pro, RAW with as many post-processing options turned off as possible
2 iPhone 14 Pro camera app, #ProRAW
3. #Google #Pixel 7, RAW

The photos are mostly images of cars, not people.

All images are shot with the default 1x lens.

All images are imported as .dng into Lightroom and left as-is *except* for Halide shots which are all inexplicably overexposed by around 1.5 stops. For those shots, I manually lowered exposure, but left all other sliders where they were.

Halide produces 12 MP images even when I choose 48 MP. iPhone camera produces 48 MP images. Pixel 7 produces 12 MP images. It’s pretty obvious that the “48 MP” and “50 MP” images are synthesized out of binned-pixel 12 MP sensors. The images uploaded here are downscaled to 1080p jpgs using the same Lightroom settings (sRGB, 95% quality).

OK, on with the show!


Three images of a yellow car - Apple-Blog
3 months ago

Wenn #Apple in der nächsten Woche die #iPhone15-Generation vorstellt, fragen sich sicher viele User eines #iPhone14-Modells, ob sie ihre #Cases und #Schutzhüllen auch mit den neuen Geräten weiterverwenden können. Wir haben heute erste Cases für das #iPhone15Pro von #Mujjo erhalten und können sagen: Nein, zumindest beim #iPhone14Pro sieht es für eine Weiterverwendung schlecht aus.

Alle Infos:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPhone #Keynote #Wonderlust #iPhoneZubehör #Case

Weißes iPhone 14 Pro passt von der Breite her nicht in ein cognacbraunes Mujjo Full Leather Case für das iPhone 15 Pro. - Apple-Blog
3 months ago

In genau einer Woche wird #Apple die neuen #iPhone15-Modelle der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren. Der Umstieg auf USB-C scheint sicher, zudem sollen alle Modelle die vom #iPhone14Pro bekannte #DynamicIsland erhalten. Die Pro-Varianten sollen hingegen zusätzliche Funktionen und Neuerungen bekommen, zum Beispiel eine anpassbare #Aktionstaste, den neuen #A17Bionic Chip, WiFi 6E und mehr.

Alle erwarteten Features:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Keynote #iPhone15Pro #iPhone15ProMax #USBC

Rendering eines möglichen iPhone 15 Pro in Titangrau von 9to5Mac. - Apple-Blog
4 months ago

Das waren unsere Themen der Woche: Zahlreiche User beklagen einen schlechten Akkuzustand beim #iPhone14, vor allem beim #iPhone14Pro. Im Herbst wird das Gerät ein Jahr alt, schon jetzt ist die Leistung des #Akkus bei vielen unter 90 Prozent gefallen. Passendes Thema dazu: #Anker hat #Ladegeräte und #Powerbanks im Angebot.

Alle Themen der Woche:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Akku #Zubehör

Ein iPhone mit entferntem Display, bei dem das Innenleben samt Akku zu sehen ist.

New not-new phone! Still vaguely nervous that it’ll get flagged as stolen, but it’s an eBay Refurbished seller/item, so fingers crossed…

Especially impressed that #TMobile was able to activate it via their website chat, without going into a store, and I could transfer files between phones via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately no #Otterbox Star Wars cases for it (unlike my rad #Chewbacca case), so I got a plain one to load up eventually with stickers. #refurbished #refurb #iPhone14Pro #sustainability

5 months ago

These colours look really good together. Wonder if it’s too late to change my username everywhere to purplebanana 🤔 #iPhoneXR #iPhone14Pro

Yellow iPhone XR and deep purple iPhone 14 Pro face down on grey table
7 months ago

I’m looking for a case for my iPhone 14 Pro (6.1”) that makes the back side of the phone FLAT. So that — like the iPhone 12 — the camera bumps don’t stick out, but are instead flush with the back of the case.

My GOOG searches/Amazon shopping has me coming up empty. Anyone here know of something? #iPhone14Pro #iPhone14ProCase #iPhonecase

Kristoffer Lawson
7 months ago

Rumours are that the #iPhone16Pro would increase its size to 6.3”. Come on! The current #iPhone14Pro is already too big (I got an #iPhone13Mini). The last thing I’d want is even bigger sizes.

From: @macrumors

Jeff Carlson
7 months ago

Been busy lately and feel like I haven’t done much #photography, even though the thing I’ve been busy with is my new Lightroom book (going to press this week!). So of course I go for a walk and happen on these beautiful tulips against a recently-stained fence in good light. #iPhone14Pro #sooc #spring #seattle #tulips

Yellow tulips against a recently-stained brown fence
Peter Barnes
7 months ago

Before and after
Moonlight cactus flower / dragonfruit

See this post for macro shots of an open flower

Also a #Dogwalking miscellany #iPhone14Pro shot

#photography #nature #flowers #cactus #fruit #art #AYearForArt

A moonlight cactus plant, showing a recently finished bloom at upper left, and an almost ripe dragonfruit at lower right. The plant itself is a mass of serrated, fleshy, triangular green stalks cum leaves, hanging down from a host plant. The flower is large and white, with golden bracts, while the ripening fruit is reddy-pink and ovoid, slightly smaller than fist size in this case.
Dave Rahardja
8 months ago

Bit of bad news on the #iPhone14Pro camera issue: Replacing my camera assembly did *not* fix the internal reflection/glare issue. The camera is still much more susceptible to sunlight glare compared to the #iPhone13Pro.

Rear shot of a matte red Lamborghini Huracan with the license plate LAMBOWO. The sun is positioned at the top right corner of the image, and sun glare and internal reflections are visible across the frame.
Peter Barnes
8 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

I was a little surprised to find this 5cm hawkmoth sitting on a tree trunk in broad daylight, but closer inspection suggested that it was probably recovering after a close shave. Still a beautiful moth, probably Theretra species.

#photography #insects #lepidoptera #moths #hawkmoth #Sphingidae #nature #macro #iphoneography #iphone14pro

A large, dark brown hawkmoth sitting on a light grey tree trunk. The moth’s body is cigar-shaped, about five centimetres long, with large, almost hemispherical dark brown eyes. Its wings are swept back from its body in a “V” or delta configuration, tapered at the ends and slightly mottled. Its legs and antennae are cream coloured. Its top thorax and abdomen have some bare patches where its scales have been rubbed or scratched off, suggesting some accident.
8 months ago
Peter Barnes
8 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

I’ve been a bit slack posting the iPhone happy snaps. Here’s a White Tussock Moth caterpillar on a tree trunk, encountered on the morning walk. The caterpillar is tiny, about 20mm.

#photography #macro #insects #caterpillar #moths #art #iphoneography #iphone14pro

A macro shot of a very tiny but beautifully ornate hairy caterpillar on a tree trunk.
The caterpillar’s body is basically black, however each segment has a lot of additional decoration. Some have a simple circumferential pattern of white dots, others have more complex symmetrical patterns of white lines, however these decorations are in turn mostly hidden by the variously coloured tufts of hair growing from each segment. Each has two large white tufts pointing out sideways, and two orange-brown tufts sticking up vertically. Even that isn’t the end of the show, its head and final tail segment sport longer, larger black tufts sticking out at 45 degrees,  and the antepenultimate and penultimate segments each have a bright white spot on them.
Peter Barnes
9 months ago
Charcoal clouds drift across the bottom of the frame against a dawning sky, almost black against the delicate purple-grey gradient of growing light behind them. Most of the frame is just a wash of colour, lightest at the bottom left, where the sun will rise, and darkest at the top right. Almost invisible, two-thirds of the way up the sky, floating above the clouds is the tiny crescent moon, just a tiny silver sliver in the sky.
Peter Barnes
9 months ago

#Caturday and #Dogwalking miscellany together

Two for the price of one!

“Chilling with great-great-uncle Leo”

#photography #humour #candid #cats #lions #felines #NotMyCat #NotMyLionEither #urban #iphoneography #iphone14pro

A shot into a suburban front yard. A composed and elegant black cat with white markings is sitting, sharing a plinth with a couched white plaster lion, which is not a great deal larger than the cat. The cat is sitting immediately in front of the lion, and both are in three-quarter profile, the cat’s head coming up to the lion’s nose, and obscuring part of its lower face. The cat is staring straight ahead at something, as is the lion... (Not my cat, not my lion)
Peter Barnes
9 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Lorikeets lack gravity #2

This is another twofer, a pic I think fits into both dogwalking and serious.

Also a shout out to @parrotoftheday

#photography #birds #nature #BirdsOfMastodon #parrots #lorikeets #palms #humour #wildlife #art #ArtMatters #patterns #iphoneography #iphone14pro

Two rainbow lorikeets perched, side by side, in identical poses on a palm inflorescence, eating fruit. Both birds are completely upside-down, heads pointing down, and only their tails cocked out at identical angles. The palm inflorescence is large and extremely dense, hundreds of yellow strands hanging down like thickly braided hair from a stem arcing out at right-angles from the trunk. In total it is much larger than the birds. Also in view is part of the trunk, and a profusion of green palm leaves and blue sky.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Taken on the dogwalk a couple of days ago, but continuing the themes of flowers and digital art.

“They’re flowers, Jim, but not as we know them”

Four visions of a Heliconia.

#photography #art #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #Heliconia #abstract #GMIC #sierpinski #iphoneography #iphone14pro

Heliconia flowers and broad green leaves. The flowers are a bright red-pink, and extravagantly shaped like a chain of large birds’ beaks, each about the size of a hand, facing in alternating directions. It’s a flamboyant and unusual  flower in both size and shape. In each of the following four digital manipulations the original has been modified. In this one, the image has been minutely swirled, giving something of the effect of paint strokes, but more like minute embroidery. It’s not visible from a distance.
In this second vision the colours of the image have been divided into polygons of varying sizes, delineating areas of roughly similar hue. It’s like breaking it down into pixels, but of both irregular size and shape.
This vision continues the process, further breaking the image into similar areas of shape and colour, however the intensity and saturation of the colours has been increased, making the overall effect both bolder and more abstract again.
This final vision radically alters the underlying organic shapes, breaking the image into Sierpinski triangles, which nevertheless retain the underlying hues, and still have a faint echo of the form in  the size and orientation of the triangles.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Large and small, near and far…

Moon in poinciana, and milk vine bug.

#photography #nature #iphoneography #iphone14pro #insects #macro

Daytime waning gibbous moon in clear blue sky over the top, leafy branches of a poinciana tree.
A milk vine bug on a broad-leafed plant.
The bug has a red head with segmented antennae, dark brown thorax, and orange-brown wings over a dark brown abdomen.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany


Madagascar palm, Pachypodium lameri

#photography #plants #urban #spiky #thorns #nature #ArtMatters #art #iphoneography #iphone14pro

The extremely spiky trunk of a madagascar palm. The trunk is covered in a dense spiral pattern of spikes, approximately two to three centimetres apart, and up to two centimetres long. Each spike is made up of three very sharp, conical, angled spines or thorns, the lower two longer than the upper, and in the same horizontal plane but at about thirty degrees to each other. The top spine is angled upwards at about thirty degrees, bisecting the angle of the lower two. It’s a fearsome array.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

...6, 7, 8, COME ON!

Little pied cormorant on a slow takeoff, Brisbane River. iPhone 14 Pro.

#photography #birds #cormorant #BrisbaneRiver #iphoneography #iphone14pro #humour #takeoff

A little pied cormorant is caught in motion at the left of frame,  wings outstretched and one foot trailing in the river water. Behind it is the tell-tale evidence of a running takeoff, a line of three evenly spaced splashes still with water in the air, and further back rings of ever-widening ripples stretching to the right edge of frame, pointing to where it has been furiously striding to gain airspeed.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

From the sporadic “Somebody else’s garden while walking the dogs” series (needs a snappier title).

Bougainvillia, morning light.

#photography #flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #nature #urban #iphoneography #iphone14pro

Closeup of a bunch of pink/purple bougainvillia flowers, strongly lit by early morning light.
Closeup of a bush of orange/red bougainvillia flowers, strongly lit by early morning light.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Water dragons

Over the last few years a large population of water dragons has established itself along the urban banks of the Brisbane River, and they're pretty confident of their territory.

In these dog walking shots, a pair of dragons, and The Triumvirate.

#photography #wildlife #urban #reptiles #WaterDragons #riparian #river #RiverWalk #Brisbane #whimsy #iphoneography #iPhone14Pro

A pair of water dragon lizards basking on boulders at the river's edge. Both are stretched out on the sunward faces of the rocks, inclined at about thirty degrees, heads erect and outlined against the background, which is the rippled surface of the Brisbane River.
Three water dragons in varying poses basking on riverside rocks, their heads all outlined against the river behind them. The leftmost dragon is facing the camera, but only its top half is visible above the rock's edge. The middle dragon is completely hidden except for its head, which is poking out from behind its rock, while the third  dragon is completely visible, stretched out away from the camera, facing the river.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago
Closeup of a flowering branch of white crepe myrtle. Each flower has a proliferation of stamens, the anthers bright yellow little buttons on the end of pale green filaments. Surrounding them are masses of white, highly crinkled petas.
Peter Barnes
10 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

A striated heron parent turning its back on a nearly-fledged chick.

#photography #nature #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #heron #river #mangrove #chick #iphoneography #iphone14pro

Looking down through the branches of a mangrove tree to the river below. One one branch to the left, looking left, is an adult striated heron, a bird the size of a small chicken with grey-brown plumage and a black head. In its resting pose its long neck is folded, giving it a squat, ovoid outline. Further out on another branch is a fledgling heron, looking back toward its parent.
Peter Barnes
11 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Bee on Ivory Curl Leaf (Buckinghamia celsissima)

These beautiful trees attract hordes of pollinators for the short time they're in flower. This tree is only just starting; soon it will be a mass of white flower spikes, buzzing with insects and crawling with ants.

#photography #plants #flowers #nature #urban #Buckinghamia #bees #macro #iphoneography #iphone14pro

A honey bee foraging for nectar amongst the hundreds of curling flowers on an Ivory Curl Leaf flower spike.
A honey bee foraging for nectar amongst the hundreds of curling flowers on an Ivory Curl Leaf flower spike. In the background another spike can be seen, its flowers not yet open.
Peter Barnes
11 months ago

#Dogwalking miscellany

Dawn canoes, Brisbane River

(I forgot to thread the previous dog walking post, so I'll tag it in here )

#photography #urban #river #canoe #dawn #silhouette #iphoneography #iphone14pro

A dawn shot at right-angles across the Brisbane river. The coppery light from the sky is reflected with added purple tones from the slightly rippled river, making the whole picture paradoxically light despite  the near darkness. On the river, close to the near bank are two six-person canoes, the paddlers' arms and paddles poised for a stroke. The boats and paddlers, like the opposite riverbank, are completely dark, and are seen in silhouette against the shining sky and water.