#Odras was the wife of a cattle lord. She refused to let one of her cows mate with the bull of the #Mórrígan. The goddess took the cows of Odras who followed her into the Cave of Crúachain/#Oweynagat before falling under an enchanted sleep. Upon awakening the milkmaid saw the Morrígan who whispered a spell over her, turning Odras into the River Odras, which in Modern #Irish must correspond to today’s River Boyle (an Bhúill in Irish).

Sarah777, RiverBoyleKnockvicar, public domain

„There were once three werewolves that in their human shape had been the three daughters of the 'Lord of the White Fort'. They had been seen coming out of a cave at the shore and were causing a great deal of destruction in the district, and so #Cascarach, who had the gift of charming, was called upon. While the #elven harper sat at the opening of the cave, luring the werewolves with his enchanted playing, Caoilte lay in wait, his magical spear in hand.
#Cascarach wove a spell that was soothing, calming, lulling the wolves to come forward. As they did so, #Cascarach mocked them for being in wolf shape, saying that they would surely appreciate the full beauty of his music in their own human form. The werewolves agreed, by this time spellbound by the delightful music, and they shed their wolfskins. In that moment #Caoilte acted, throwing his spear through the heart of all three, and thus they were slain.” From the #Irish folk tale 'The Wolf Maids' #Celtic

1 day ago

Today in Labor History June 7, 1866: 1,800 Fenian raiders were forced back to the U.S. after looting and plundering the Saint-Armand and Frelighsburg areas in Canada. The Fenian raiders were members of the Fenian Brotherhood (Irish Republican Brotherhood), a U.S.-based Irish Republican organization that attacked British installations in Canada. Their goal was Irish independence from the UK. They carried out raids in 1866, as well as 1870-1871. The IRB also took part in the ill-fated Fenian Rising, in Ireland, in 1867.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #irish #independence #ireland #republican #colonialism #IRB #canada #british

Depiction of the Fenian charge during the Battle of Ridgeway, with Fenians, in green uniforms, battling British soldiers, in red uniforms, face to face, with rifles with fixed bayonets. By The Sage, Sons & Co. Lithographer - Library and Archives Canada, CC BY-SA 4.0,

„In #Irish #mythology, the #Otherworld islands, said to be #Manannán’s home, lie ‘beyond the ninth wave’. The ninth wave is said to be greater than any other wave before it, and is also known as the ‘Wave of Transformation’.
The Tuatha de Danann attempted to protect #Ireland from the attack of the invading Milesians by shrouding the land in fog and storms. They ordered the Milesians to go back beyond the ninth wave but the poet #Amergin countered the Danann magic, and breached the spell; supposedly, it was the ninth wave itself which broke through.
The Imramma is a sacred sea voyage in Irish mythology which takes the traveller beyond the ninth wave in search of the magical Otherworld and the Gods which inhabit it. In this way, we can see that the voyage is more a spiritual journey than a physical one, the wave of transformation perhaps bringing with it the wisdom and knowledge we all ultimately seek.“
Source: Ali Isaac

Breaking waves at Mullaghmore Head, photocredit 1. Neu-Kelte
AJ Venter
1 day ago

I don't understand #Finnish, but I experience #Korrpiklaani basically as #Irish Drinking songs if Irish drinking songs were Finnish and metal?

"When we look at the #Irish terms for supernatural verbal power, we are stunned by their variety. To name just a few instances: aidmilled, airbe druad, amainse, ammaitecht, bluga, bricht, cerd cumainn, cerd ngenntlichtae, comal, corrguinecht, cumachtae, díchetal, doilbe, dolbaid, druídecht, elada, éle, eólas, epaid, faisdinecht, féth, felmas, and so on (see for translations).“
Source: Jacqueline Borsje (`#Celtic Spells And Counterspells`)

Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–96)[1], Pictures of English History Plate I - Druids, or British Priests, public domain.jpg

When a picture of the sunset through the grass turns out kinda cool #irish #ireland #photography #Pixel7Pro #sunset

Medieval (Scottish) Gaelic literature: the case of Finn mac Cumaill
Video of a talk given by Dr Geraldine Parsons on 23 May 2023

Introducing the corpus of #medieval works centred on the legendary hero Finn mac Cumaill. The earliest texts are #Irish – yet, outwith the #Gaelic tradition, Finn is often seen as a #Scottish literary creation, not least because of James Macpherson’s imagining of him as Fingal in the #18thcentury

#literature #CelticStudies

Mael Duin
4 days ago

Another comedy Northern Irish family moment.

On a video call with my mum in Belfast I told her that, even though we live in London, my two year-old son has picked up a Northern Irish accent from me.

She asked for an example.

I said "well he just 'daddy lie down!' "

She said "what's Northern Irish about that?"

I said "well I just said it in my accent, which is Northern Irish, in case you'd forgotten"


4 days ago

#Irish #law question. I keep seeing places implying personal flotation devices are legally required on #SUP and Kayaks in Ireland e.g. Decathlon.

Whilst this is super sensible, I can't see a #legal requirement anywhere.

I know about the personal watercraft requirement from SI 921/2005 - Pleasure Craft Regulations 2005, but SI 349/2012 - Pleasure Craft Regulations 2012 explains this relates to engines (it is focusing on jet skis). #sea

@jess Do y'all serve #SausageRolls or #ScotchEggs?

Asking for someone across the pond...who has been spoiled ROTTEN by the #UK and #Irish pavilions at #Epcot! 😂

Julian Day
4 days ago

#Duolingo #Irish doing its best to make fetch happen

Duolingo asking to translate "Cathimid bándearg ar an gCéadaoin" = "We wear pink on Wednesdays"

@Cbfoley I've just remembered about those books you recommended by Manchán Magan, so I've bought Thirty Two Words for Field. I had a discount code I had to use anyway. One more book won't hurt, right? 😂📚 #Irish #Bookstodon #Nature #Language

5 days ago

#TheGuardian : "#Irish town unites in #smartphone #ban for young #children"

"Parents and schools across Greystones adopt voluntary ‘#noSmartphone #code [of conduct]’ in bid to curb peer pressure", in a "rare example of an entire town taking joint action." "Not all parents will deny their primary schoolchildren a smartphone – the code is voluntary – but enough have signed up to create a…critical mass"

Brilliant #collective action!

#Ireland #screenAddiction #health

6 days ago

My bio sums it up pretty well. I’m Dylan, Irish software dev, based in Galway. #Irish #softwaredeveloper #Galway
I’ll talk work sometimes but not too often.
I’m a big fan of #F1 so expect posts about that (I’m also a #ferrari fan so don’t expect much joy 😅)
Also love all kinds of games. Video games #TotK #spiderman2ps5 #spiderman2 #pcgaming , board games, card games #mtg and #pokemontcg, and tabletop RPGs. #dnd #pathfinder #genesysrpg
Happy to be here! #introduction

Valentina Erminia Albanese
6 days ago

New paper published today, as part of the Representations of #Colonial #Landscapes in #Irish #tourist #Attractions research:

'The Irish Colonial Landscape Digital #StoryMap: an inclusive didactic tool'

John Mulhall
1 week ago

Fresh from the press of #Irish #Tech #News is my #Dublin #Tech #Summit review after covering the successful 2-day event. Had quality chats with the likes of the #IT #Ukraine Association, #redhat, Kaseya, ThreatLocker, MODE, Oleksandr Storokha from ITERA, and more including my Irish Tech News colleagues Ronan Leonard and Melanie Boylan. Check out this #quality #tech #event at

Image of a packed house talking event at Dublin Tech Summit 2023 in Dublin's RDS
1 week ago

#Agriculture accounted for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020
<< an industry that the #Irish government is simply afraid to tackle. So, in 7 years time, everyone will be hit by massive emission fines.

This is utter madness.

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Colm McGuinness - Strangers Like Me - Disney's Tarzan (IRISH FOLK Cover) - YouTube

#Music #Irish #ColmMcGuinness

A #Tigh nAlluis is an early #Irish sweat-house. They look like little stone #beehives with a low doorway, and can still be seen dotted around the landscape today, although their true purpose is one of debate. A fire would be lit inside, in which stones were heated. The ashes would be scraped out, and water sprinkled onto the stones to produce a heavy vapour.
Souce: Ali Isaac

Robert Freeman, Beehive huts (Cloghan) on Dingle penninsular. - panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0

#Celtic #FolkloreThursday: Brân Vendigeit 'the Blessed' had taken a cauldron from a pair of #Irish demons, which they had brought from the #Otherworld. If one lit a fire under it and filled it in the evening with the corpses of the slain, they were revived the next morning, only that they lacked the ability to speak.
Source: Helmut Birkhan `Die #Kelten`

Claude Valette, ChaudronDeGundestrup0, CC BY-SA 3.0
Oosoom. Copied from English Wikipedia., Harlech Statue The Two Kings, CC BY-SA 3.0
1 week ago

"But even among hardened #GDPR warriors, the real extent of the #Data Protection Commissioner's uselessness is genuinely shocking. A new report from the #Irish Council for Civil Liberties reveals that the #DPC isn't merely tolerant of privacy crimes, they're gamekeepers turned poachers, active collaborators in privacy abuse"

John Mulhall
1 week ago

Final day of Dublin Tech Summit and my coverage of it for #irish #tech #news … stay tuned for updates and my coverage article at

John Mulhall at an Irish train station
Russia-Ukraine Daily News
1 week ago

🇮🇪 🇷🇺 Liquidators have been appointed to two #European units of sanctioned #Russian leasing company GTLK after their bid to win the protection of the #Irish courts failed.

#europe #sanctions #ireland #russia

„Saint Colman was the son of an #Irish chieftain, Duagh, in the late 5th/ early 6th centuries AD. He became a priest, and according to legend, he kept three rather unusual pets: a rooster to wake him for prayers in the morning, a mouse to wake him for prayers during the night, and a fly to act as a sort of book mark and keep his place when he was called away from reading his prayer book.
Unfortunately, a fly’s life is short, and Saint Colman was devastated when his faithful little friend passed. He wrote to Saint Columba expressing his grief, to which Columba replied, “You were too rich when you had them. That is why you are sad now. Trouble like that only comes where there are riches. Be rich no more.” That was how Colman learned that one can be rich even without wealth.“
Source: Ali Isaac

no illustrator credited, compiler was Mary Mapes Dodge (1830-1905), publisher was Century Company of New York, Rooster Crowing at the Sun, public domain

`In #Irish #mythology, many characters had particular animals they were associated with. Ulster’s hero, #CúChulainn, had two special horses which pulled his chariot. Their names were Liath Macha, meaning the ‘grey of Macha’, and Dub Sainglend, the ‘black of Saingliu’. They were said to have emerged from the pool of Linn Liaith in the mountains of Sliabh Fuaid as a gift from the goddess, #Macha. This association with water clearly indicates their Otherworldly origin. Cuchulainn leaped onto their backs and rode them around the whole of Ireland in just one day, after which they were tamed.`
Source: Ali Isaac #Celtic

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 - 1951), CúChulainn in battle, public domain.jpg
1 week ago


Níl a fhios agam an féidir cúpla mar "siar agus aniar" a úsáid sa chás seo, ach b'fhéidir rud éigin mar seo:

Tuigtear an saol chun deiridh, ach caithfear é a mhaireachtáil chun tosaigh.

#Gaeilge #Mastodaine #Irish #Translation

Scott De Buitléir
1 week ago

A phobail Ghaeilge: Cabhraigh liom LBdT! Táim ag iarraidh ráiteas Danmhairgise, ón bhfealsúnaí Søren Kirkegaard, a aistriú go #Gaeilge:

«Livet forstås baglæns, men må leves forlæns.»
Nó as Béarla: "Life is understood backwards, but must be lived forwards."

Éinne? #translation #danish #Irish #mastodaoine

Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
1 week ago

The operation on my #hurly was a great success. Helped me score 7 points today. If you want to see the before photos, see my post below.

#GAA #Hurling #MastoDaoine #IrishMastodon #Ireland #Irish

The bas of my hurly after its operation. It's glued together and has two new metal bands to hold it together but is still a beauty to play with.
Yahia Lababidi
1 week ago

"If you've any
lose it early."

—Adrian Rice, Hickory Station

#poetry #motivation #truth #inspiration #Monday #irish

Bernard McKeever
2 weeks ago

The best celebration of the centenary of the end of the #Irish civil war would be the amalgamation of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

#ireland #politics

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

Rhasidat Adeleke tore another lump of the #Irish 400m record yesterday in California. At 20, she is now unquestionably one of the world’s best in the single race.

No doubt more is to come as the season ultimately progresses to the August World #TrackAndField Championships championships in Budapest

#IrishSport #GlobalIrishNation #Athletics #IrishWomen

2 weeks ago

I know I'm not the first to say this, but according to #StarTrek #TNG the #Irish unification is in 2024.

2 weeks ago

@Geri @bullivant

The #Irish know how to deliver a curse!

Náire agus aithis chugat: That you may be shamed and disgraced. Pretty much covers it for me.

Johnson is very close to Cromwell in my opinion!

I may be on holidays; I just arrived in Lanzarote this morning! But I have another awesome thing to share! I was kindly interviewed by We Are Irish on being an illustrator with MPS/fibromyalgia! Do check it out 😊

#MastoDaoine #IrishMastodon #WeAreIrish #Cork #Ireland #Irish #artist #illustrator #F1

A photo of myself squatting in a prayer pose in front of a display Alpine F1 car from 2022. I'm wearing a Renault F1 t shirt and rose patterned, blue trousers with white sneakers. My hair is long and tied up in a pony tail.
2 weeks ago

increasing coverage of #Irish/#Gaeilge names for rivers in Ireland too!

Thanks! 🙏

3 weeks ago

Caught swaggering home from the pub in the early hours of the morning...

Sláinte! 🐾

#Saturday #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #Cats #Photo #Photography #Ireland #Irish #Pub

a marmalade cat strutting its stuff outside a while painted building, only the lower half of the door, a window sill and part of a sign featuring a tin or bottle of beer are visible, but I know it was a pub because it I was there okay? There is also an urn style plant pot and a flower bed with flowers in bloom. Oh, and there's a cat in the photo, did I mention the cat?

Medieval (Scottish) Gaelic literature: the case of Finn mac Cumaill
23 May, 5–6:30pm BST (6–7:30 CET), free online

Introducing the corpus of #medieval works centred on the legendary hero Finn mac Cumaill. The earliest texts are #Irish – yet, outwith the #Gaelic tradition, Finn is often seen as a #Scottish literary creation, not least because of James Macpherson’s imagining of him as Fingal in the #18thcentury

#literature #CelticStudies

yo #Irish #celtic folks: is this accurate?

I'm not Celtic, but my kids are so I like to write fiction that sorta combines my heritage and theirs ysee

#samhain #halloween

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

Never wholly anywhere, never with anyone, either, that was me... Even as a child I seemed to myself a traveller who had been delayed in the middle of an urgent journey.

#Life was an unconscionable wait, walking up and down the platform, watching for the train. People got in the way and blocked my view, I had to crane to see past them.

— John Banville, #Book of Evidence

@bookstodon #books #bookstodon #irish #literature

Mu sgaoil aig Barrowlands, Glaschu.

Irish language rap and techno from the Six Counties.

#Gaelic #Gaeilge #Irish #MastoDaoine #Glasgow

Kneecap aig Barrowlands
4 weeks ago

The O'Hanrahan Plains

#Irish locations in #worldOfWarcraft

Stuart D Neilson
1 month ago

@glynmoody There was a toe-curlingly bad interview by #Irish Trump-groupie journalist Niamh Horan last week. It looks so much worse as a failure to inquire now.

(Also from 2018 Niamh Horan writing "Don't follow the herd on Trump, look at the successes his presidency is delivering"

Mark Tillotson
1 month ago

Cherish the Ladies - Johnny Doherty's / The Cock and the Hen / The Humo

#Irish #Worldwide #Music #WomenMusicians

Eugene McParland
1 month ago

#Jameson #whiskey bottled 5 months ago in #Dublin sold openly in russia

“The images of a famous Irish product, complete with the address of #Irish Distillers Limited and the Clondalkin address of the bottling operation, are there for all to see on the russian label. It was bottled less than five months ago and is now sold in central moscow"

Time’s up - Pernod Ricard must be added to the #EU #Sanctions list

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine

“The images of a famous Irish product, complete with the address of Irish Distillers Limited and the Clondalkin address of the bottling operation, are there for all to see on the Russian label. It was bottled less than five months ago and is now sold in central Moscow"
Andy Riga
1 month ago

Quebec’s language watchdog says a Celtic pub in Montreal may have to change its sign now and again in two years to comply with laws regarding the use of languages other than French by businesses.

Two Guinness beer toucan posters featuring English words were also targeted. One came down, the other now has an English translation next to it.

#montreal #quebec #irish #pubs

Photo of the front of a Montreal pub with a stone and wood exterior. Sign reads: Ye Olde Orchard. A green Heineken advertisement is also shown. Photo by Dave Sidaway, Montreal Gazette.
Five toucans, each carrying two pints of beer on its beak, are shown flying, with the words: "Lovely day for a Guinness."

#Celtic #MythologyMonday: „In #Irish #mythology, #swans are usually depicted as shape-shifters, capable of transforming into human and bird form at will. They could be distinguished from normal swans by the gold or silver chain which hung about their necks.“
Source: Ali Isaac

Terry Lingwood
1 month ago

#New (ish) #song on the way in the coming days. Back in 2014 I wrote a song about the hypocrisy of the welcome a future (now former) 'world leader' got from the #Irish government. He's in #Ireland again so I've decided to update it #WatchThisSpace 🎶 here's the original

Stuart D Neilson
1 month ago

#Irish #workers #pay fell 3.9% behind inflation last year, equivalent to a €2,107 pay cut or working 8.3 days for free.
Most alarmingly, extreme #wealth and extreme #poverty have both increased - for the first time in 25 years
#Oxfam said there is an urgent need for#Ireland to discuss taxing #ExtremeWealth to balance #executive pay and #workers pay.


Stuart D Neilson
1 month ago

@dublininquirer @johnnyryan @samtranum R.e. “It’s too risky, and not a big enough deal, I don’t want to risk losing my career and my house over it.”

How many #Irish journalists have lost their career or their house pursuing a story they reasonably believed to be credible? Irish media organisations are incredibly risk-averse, and do not support investigative journalists well.

1 month ago

Belfast Telegraph: "Irish language to be used during coronation of King Charles"

Well that's going to impress the DUP, not. Gaeilge being used in the coronation of a king to which they pledge undying fealty does somewhat undermine the DUP opposition to Irish language legislation.

#Coronation #Gaeilge #Irish #IrishLanguage #DUP

1 month ago

#Irish #President condemns ‘obsession’ with economic growth
<< True, but it is not just economists.

Most of Ireland is deeply committed to ignoring or dismissing the ongoing ecological crisis. Indeed, by many pollution metrics, per capita, Ireland is near, or is, the worst of EU states.

By being small, we have escaped the international damnation that our polluting ways deserve - our reckoning is long overdue.
#Ireland #environment #green #pollution

Eugene McParland
1 month ago

#Irish Distillers owner Pernod Ricard exported €15.6m of Jameson to russia since September

Customs data seen hows the whiskey travelled to russia from Latvia via a logistics company and an Eastern European arm of PernodRicard.The customs records say the whiskey originated in #Ireland and was imported by it's russian subsidiary

On Thursday, the company said it plans to stop exports of Jameson to russia but it is not clear when this will happen

Read more here🔗


An Uplift protest against Pernod Ricard resuming its exports of Jameson whiskey to Russia
Eugene McParland
1 month ago

Exports of Jameson to russia to be halted following backlash

Owner Pernod Ricard reversed its decision and halt exports following the backlash

Activists staged a protest outside the #Dublin headquarters of #Irish Distillers and parent company Pernod-Ricard on Thursday, protesting a decision by the company to resume exports of #Jameson to russia.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #France #StandWithUkraine

An Uplift protest against Pernod Ricard resuming its exports of Jameson whiskey to Russia
Martin Nutty
1 month ago

Interesting to see that Michael Lohan, the new CEO of IDA Ireland, had to address the #IrishHousingCrisis during his recent #Bloomberg interview.

The problem is now on the global journalism radar. Will the latest shift in #Irish government policy love the needle quickly enough to avoid an adverse #FDI impact

#Ireland #Irish #HousingCrisis #Housing #Mastodaoine

Boots Chantilly
1 month ago

It's National DNA Day!

I'm #adopted , so until I had my #DNA tested by 23andMe, AncestryDNA, & FTDNA, I had no idea who or what I was. My adopters told me I was French. Turns out, I'm #Basque , #Finnish , #Norwegian , a little #Irish , a little #English .

Do you know your ethnicity? I find the subject fascinating--prolly bc I was always denied my most fundamental truths re: ancestry & heritage. If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear your story. #NationalDNADay #adoption #AdopteeVoices

2 months ago

Listening to Mr James O'brien talk about #food prices being the highest they have been in 40 odd years.

My mind wanders back to #Patel announcing that the #British should starve the #Irish, to get a favourable Withdrawal Agreement during the #Brexit negotiations.

#Karma comes at you fast sometimes.

2 months ago

A UI could move to Schengen and give up the CTA. It would be so much better too. Those ESTA’s UK Govt wishes to implement will destroy NI Tourism, affect Universities in NI, and cause all kinds of other problems. I hope Scotland gains its independence asap. Then both can rejoin EU, use the Euro and progress. Wales may take longer to get to Independence. The recent interference by WM in a devolved self ID vote in Scotland suggests they have a bigger fight on their hands. #irish #snp

3 months ago

@RIDDLES #irish #wanta #bes
“Calling yourself O’possum doesn’t make you Irish, Bob”

The Conversation U.S.
3 months ago

St. Patrick is Ireland’s main patron saint but did you know he’s 1 of 3?

A medieval historian makes the case for making Ireland’s only woman patron saint, St. Brigid, Ireland's main saint, who unlike Patrick was born in Ireland.

#StPatricksDay #SaintPatricksDay #Irish #History #Ireland #Catholic

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

On Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh it is traditional to drink copious amounts of #Irish beer, which has a special harp-shaped hechsher to indicate it is kosher for yom tov. Some beers may be tinted green in honor of the yom tov.

There is no obligation to drink until you no longer recognize the name of Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh.


Deb E.
3 months ago

Here's a song about #Ireland by #Irish songstresses.

"From the Mountains to the Sea" by Mary Black (featuring Imelda May).


Hervé Boinnard
3 months ago

We build #eCommerce #solutions, and
#bilingual websites as #Gaeilge
like 🛒 💳 @spailpin

🙏 Helping & supporting #Irish #Businesses to trade #online since 2007 !
#joomla #OpenSource #Snag23

Contact Us Now!

Kai Ash
3 months ago

"Dermot took the horn and would have filled it"

From "The High Deeds of Finn and other Bardic Romances of Ancient Ireland", by T. W. Rolleston et al. and illustrated by Stephen Reid

#Folklore #FolkloreThursday #Irish #Illustration #PublicDomain


A coloured drawing of a white man dressed as an Irish warrior holding a horn and looking down at a lake.

In #shipping, once a shift in routing has taken place (replacing a previously route), shifts back are unlikely... so the news that #Irish freight that used to hop across the #Irishsea & then ship to #EuropeanUnion via #Dover is now using the Rosslare to Cherbourg route is (for Dover) yet one more loss we can attach to #Brexit.

Even if #RishiSunakPM does sort out the #NorthernIrelandProtocol, I'd be very surprised if much of this business comes back to Dover;

Another victory for the wreckers

3 months ago

What Seachtain na #Gaeilge #SnaG23 things are you looking forward to? For me, in #Galway, (1st march): conversation circle in uni in áras na Gaeilge in the morning, and a 6-week course in westside with a teacher from Inisheer. (3rd): Table quiz in áras na nGael. (11th): Guided stroll and picnic in the woods in #Moycullen. (15th): Next meeting of the #irish #bookclub in Charlie Byrne's. There's a stroll around the city centre on the 25th too, but that would be a long week...

Food is an important part of #folklore & tradition all over the world, and #Ireland is no different! Snap photos of #Irish #cuisine or preparation and upload them to
Wiki Loves Folklore before 31 March to #win #prizes! Find the details here:
Images: "Irish soda bread" by Wheeler Cowperthwaite CC BY 2.0, Gubbeen Public Domain, "Mary pours the colcannon" by Leslie Seaton CC BY 2.0, Colcannon Public Domain all via Wikimedia Commons.

A freshly baked round loaf of Irish soda bread on a small bread board.
A large wedge of gubbeen cheese.
A woman pours mashed potato into a large pot while making colcannon.
A pot full of colcannon on a stove.
Éasca Péasca
4 months ago

Each week we will have a simple phrase of the week. Try using this phrase throughout the week and become comfortable using Irish in your day to day life🍀. Direct translation- killed with tea, killed without it. 
#onlinecourse #onlinecourses#irishschool #backtoschool #wordoftheweek #Gaeilge #irish #learnirish #memes #irishclasses #leavingcert #juniorcert #irishgrinds #irishoral #irishorals #scruducainte

4 months ago

My husband and I are two different people. We are on holiday. I am on the sofa watching #Valheim streams, and he's outside planting 200 trees.

Trees of the Land gave us 200 native grown native #Irish #trees. Scots Pine, Oak, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Alder, crab apple, and native Irish (grafted) apples.

My dream is to have enough money to buy more land around us and just #ReWild. Then, leave the land in trust.

#Ireland #NativeTrees #forestry

“Members of the Irish language community do not say they ‘speak’ Irish. Instead, they say they ‘have’ Irish, a phrase indicative of the admiration and desire to hold onto a key piece of Irish cultural identity.”

—Anna Hoffman, in a Pulitzer Center report with Irish storyteller Eddie Lenihan about the Gaelic language

#Irish #Gaelic #Ireland #Language #Culture #Storytelling #Identity

A.Z. Foreman
4 months ago

My translation of a famous medieval #Irish winter poem:

Here's my song. Sad stags moan.
Winter snows. Summer's gone.
High winds lash. Low, the sun.
Short, its course. Seas roar on.
Fall-red fern loses form.
Wildgeese wail as the norm.
Cold now holds each bird's wing.
Icy times. So I sing.

The poem is preserved only in a gloss in a 12th century commentary. The video contains me reading it in a reconstruction of 9th century pronunciation

@poetry @histodons @bookstodon

A.Z. Foreman
4 months ago

Who wrote the best medieval nature poetry and why was it the #irish?

"Night falls cold on the Great Moor,
Storming with no small downpour.
Wind laughs at its whooping flood
Shrieking on shielding wildwood."

Úar ind adaig i móin móir
feraid dertan ní deróil
dordán fris tib in gaeth glan
geissid ós caille clithar

— Translation by Yours Truly

(Video contains me reading the original in Old Irish)

@bookstodon @medievodons

A joyful celebration of music styles and influences from all over the globe fused together.

Afro Celt Sound System - Cascade

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Ombra 🔵🌻
4 months ago

#XiaomaNYC in #Dublin #Ireland speaking #Irish

Watching this really makes we want to up my level of #Gaeilge

4 months ago

Happy first day of #Spring for those celebrating by the #Irish calendar! 🇮🇪

Today is the Lá ‘le Bride (#Brigid’s Day) or #Imbolc.

Traditions include forecasting how much longer the bad weather may linger - à la #GroundhogDay - the making of Brigid’s crosses, and putting out clothing in hopes of the saint’s/goddess’s #blessing.

A small Brigid’s cross made from green rushes on a plain white background. The rushes are woven together into an offset four-armed figure reminiscent of a pinwheel. Each arm of the cross is bound tightly into a bundle near its tip with another length of reed.