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1 week ago

In the Dark Seclusion of the Cave

The dim light struggled to illuminate the carved walls towering around me as the overwhelming silence of the cave enveloped my senses As I turned around, the distant sound of a train echoed through the deep tunnels, reminding me of the outside world which seemed so far a...

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TracingCOVID by A.J. Fish
2 weeks ago

4/ Author Joan Ryan, in "Intangibles" looks outside the sabermetrics data cell for evidence of team chemistry. (Sabermetrics is the name of the data analytics system Michael Lewis' "Moneyball" introduced to the world.) #analytics #humanities #isolation #interaction #COVID #lockdown

The silos display sabermetrics statistics of three real-life players from three different teams in three different years. 

Only the player on the left holds a World Series Champion ring, and he holds two of them. Barry Bonds (center) holds none. The morale (and performance?) of teammates suffered after Yoenis Céspedes (right) was traded away from the Oakland A’s.7
2 weeks ago

Inspired by a post on the front page, 'switcheroo' requested help in AskMetafilter on practical advice for building community. The hivemind responded with several suggestions on how enrich one's life with connections.

#community #building #neighbors #group #kindness #loneliness #isolation #bestofmetafilter #askmetafilter #metafilter

Giuseppe Michieli
2 weeks ago

#Isolation may select for earlier and higher #peak viral load but shorter #duration in #SARS-CoV-2 #evolution

Sara Hjelm
3 weeks ago

Still alive, still a heavy smoker & now also without my sweet cat, I’m the example that proves statistics is statistics
Right end of that curve

With #influenza & #COVID19 jab last Monday, next week should be perfect to socialize again. Perhaps go shopping shoes.
Now painting in the kitchen with two sore arms.
Very slowly and a motivation below zero …

#health-risks #alone #isolation #stayingalive #diydreams #renovation

Matteo Cesari
3 weeks ago

The Relationship Between #Cognitive Decline and All-Cause #Mortality Is Modified by Living Alone and a Small #Social Network: A Paradox of #Isolation

Loneliness ≠ Isolation ≠ Small network

#Aging #Loneliness #Geriatrics

1 month ago

Here's The Amount Of #Time You Need To Spend #Alone To Actually Feel #Lonely

“Researchers at the University of Arizona found that solitary time does not closely correlate with feelings of #loneliness, that is, until a person spends 75% of their time alone.”

1 month ago

this one looks a bit mor healthy.
its a week since the closing by the way
#jar #ecosystems #ecosystem #botanics #flora #plants #grass #isolation

اندرو آبی
1 month ago

Flipped Transformer Powers Budget-Friendly Vacuum Tube Amp

#classichacks #parts #amplifier #filament #isolation #power #primary #secondary #transformer #vacuumtube #valve #hackaday

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1 month ago

Flipped Transformer Powers Budget-Friendly Vacuum Tube Amp - If you’ve ever wondered why something like a radio or a TV could command a hefty f... - #classichacks #transformer #vacuumtube #amplifier #isolation #secondary #filament #primary #parts #power #valve

Nike Leonhard
1 month ago

Das nervige an der #Isolation ist, dass ich nicht meinen Rechner komme. Ich vermisse die Möglichkeiten, die er bietet.

1 month ago

My social #isolation appears to grow by orders of magnitude.

I seem to be getting further away from the #world every day.

On it, not of it.

Squirrel News
1 month ago

The 'i2i' is a vast European project is underway in seven countries across northern #Europe. Its goal is to combat social #isolation and #loneliness by promoting inclusion. Check out this Euronews article for a deep dive on how the project is progressing in #Norway:

TheRetroSven (SMV)
1 month ago

Da wir heute #Halloween haben, erstmal ein "#HappyHalloween" von mir in die Runde 😊

Da, der Ein oder die Andere vielleicht noch etwas Inspiration braucht, um sich die Falten im Gesicht glattzuziehen, wollte ich mal in den #Mastonauten Wald hineinrufen:

Nennt mir einen random #Horrorfilm #Horror den Ihr empfehlen könnt, ich fange an mit:

The Descent - Abgrund des Grauens -> #Monster, #Dunkelheit, #Ausweglosigkeit und #Isolation einfach #schaurig.

I've decided that in order to make it through life, the winter, chronic pain and existence in general I'm going to have to start creating my own personal theme days to give my mind a break. Bleak Icelandic Detective Day is definitely high on the list. Medieval Food Day. What My Great Grandma Probably Ate In the Carpathians Day. Draw Ornate Homes for Small Animals Day. Obscure Soup Day. Hobbit Appreciation Day. The list will.grow accordingly...

#isolation #makeYourOwnFun #mecfs #winter #autisticBurnout

K.A. Johnson
1 month ago
Tim Mocarski
2 months ago

"The arts don't exist in isolation."

- David Byrne

#quote #QOTD #quotestoliveby #Art #thearts #isolation #BeingHuman

Poetry News
2 months ago

I live at the South Pole,
Where winter's chill takes its toll.
But even in the cold,
I still try to behold
The beauty of the frozen snowdrifts grand
My lungs struggle to breathe in the air,
But I press onward, I do not despair.
The Antarctic's my home, and I dare
To make the most of this isolated land

#southpole #antarctic #isolation #coldweather #ode #poetry

Ever made a mountain out of a mole hill?
An eight-legged force of fate reveals just how some coping mechanisms can be unhelpful in this dark, humorous short by Alicia Eisen and Sophie Jarvis. Stream ZEB'S SPIDER for free in Canada today →

#NFB #ONF @onf #Animation #StopMotion #film #Arachnophobia #agoraphobia #collage #isolation #fear #CdnTalent #puppetry

Poster for Alicia Eisen and Sophie Jarvis' stop-motion animated short ZEB'S SPIDER. Background is beige, made up of sheets of paper with cut outs of objects (salt shakers, horse shoes, fortune cookies, radio, shirt with tie) scattered around the film's title treatment.
Blake (Pandora Blake)
2 months ago

Five days ago I came down with #COVID. It's been a different experience than the first time I caught it. That time, my kid got it first, so the whole family was sick together. It sucked, but it was a shared experience. This time I and two of our housemates got it, but kiddo and my co-parent are testing negative. So I've been in bed isolating, masking up if I come downstairs, and my partner's been solo parenting. It sucks in an entirely different way.

#pandemic #isolation

#bangalore is so weird that if you rattle and gargle in your own open space ( even because of a bad cough), people do everything in their capacity to make it or you go away, as they guess by hearing , that you are some drunkard causing nuisance .
#home s in real life should not be networked . That's hell( paraphrasing #sartre )
strange #culture
on show cause - you can only know if you have some favours\ influence over some native residents nearby and then only they can explain \ mediate , depending on the gap in power and the kind of hostility grew out of such misunderstandings taken seriously.
Thanks to #ai #ml on rise
downside - #hostilearchitecture , shrinking #isolation
upside - addresses #homelessness and rising #rent
#capitalism can make dystopia a reality
#privacy in real life is a commodity ,and pretty much online as well, unless you are dedicated to the latter
while #bigtech hasnt fully patterned all the libraries it is trying to do that with the society
The nerve . It ll only accelerate the existing misunderstanding as real life interactions tank
this is society turning into #corporate culture

B. Quatscht
2 months ago

Nee, oder? Sich einzäunen, die Ein- und Ausgänge dicht machen und sich dann “frei" nennen? Wft?

Wer sagt ihnen, dass das, was sie wollen, #Isolation heißt, nicht Freiheit?

Kann man übrigens auch einfacher haben: Klo von innen abschließen, Schlüssel runterspülen und immer, wenn jemand klopft, “Ist frei!" rufen.
Sach(s)en gibts...

#FreieSachsen #Freiheit #niemandhatdieabsicht #IstDieEinzigeDieFehlt

2 months ago

"Never give children a chance of imagining that anything exists in isolation. Make it plain from the very beginning that all living is relationship. Show them relationships in the woods, in the fields, in the ponds and streams, in the village and in the country around it." — Aldοus Huxley — — — #AldοusHuxley #quote #quotes #connections #connected #relationship #children #isolation

Monica K. Shields
2 months ago

Philosophy and Madness a combination that makes me smile!!!
Too mad to be true II - The promises and perils of the first-person perspective

The second Too Mad To Be True conference that was dedicated to exploring the various links between philosophy and madness. The atmosphere was vibrant and it initiated new ways of thinking and communicating around issues of madness and philosophy. The central theme was both relevant to philosophical and mad theories and practices: ' The promises and perils of the first-person perspective'. The conference was hybrid: both in person, in Ghent, Belgium, as well as online. 

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#PsychiatricSurvivor #AntiPsychiatry #DisabilityJustice
#LivedExperience #PsychSurvivor #ChronicPain
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#CripCamp #DisabilityRights #NeuroDiversity
#Sanism #Disability #DisabilityStudies
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Immanuel Zirkler
2 months ago

@Saupreiss wenn die Überprüfung des Leistungsstandes zu eng gesetzt ist, ermöglicht das #Homeschooling, aber kein #Unschooling und schränkt die Selbstbestimmungsrechte junger Menschen weiterhin ein. #Adultismus.

Ich fände bei einer Regulierung vor allem wichtig, dass es Mechanismen gibt, um Anzeichen für #Isolation und #Indoktrination zu erkennen und dann entsprechend einzugreifen. Und dass der #Kindeswille für Ausnahmen von der #Schulpflicht entscheidend ein entsprechendes Kriterium ist.

Poetry News
2 months ago

On the world stage
Calls to friends unanswered
Despairing Canada

#canada #india #lonely #isolation #cinquain #poetry

2 months ago

Nokia wrote a report on 'Gen Z' and their mobile phone use.

The picture says it all I guess...

#addiction #isolation #socialfabric #genz #nokia

3 months ago

#DailyBloggingChallenge (58/100)

Account #isolation #security (continues)

Account isolation doesn’t just have to be on the device level, but can also be done on the software level like the #browser.

The benefit of using multiple browsers is that #cookies cannot cross browsers: making the pesky #trackers be browser bound and making browser fingerprinting harder to achieve. This will give oneself an edge on personal data protection.

Some browsers have the option to use containers, though it can feel like the overview is quickly lost and potentially it could be a bigger strain on the device.

Browser suggestions:

One should choose the browser dependent on the login credentials one will be using. For example if one will be using Google services like #Gmail or #YouTube, then the obvious choice is Chrome.

#infosec #DataPrivacy #BrowserFingerprinting #DataProtection

3 months ago

#DailyBloggingChallenge (57/100)

Account #isolation #security

Account isolation security is when one does specific tasks with specific accounts.


Let’s say one got a work laptop and one wants to use it privately as well. The best would be to set up three accounts/users: root, work, and personal. This way one has a clear cut between the three scenarios.

This also comes with the mental fortitude of creating a new location for every task at hand and thereby using the strategy of priming to create an environment to set the tone.

#privacy #WorkTips

Monica K. Shields
3 months ago

Sanism is normalized in relationships with institutions.
It’s not talked about.
It’s woven tightly into unquestioned assumptions (common sense knowledge)
It’s a tool for power and control.

The Wildflower Alliance

Grassroots Peer Support, Advocacy, and Training organization with a focus on harm reduction and human rights.

Thank you @leftvu 😍

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#Ablesim #DisabilityCommunity #InvisibleDisabilities
#PsychiatricSurvivor #AntiPsychiatry #DisabilityJustice
#LivedExperience #PsychSurvivor #ChronicPain
#DisabilityMastodon #Neurodivergent #RadicalMentalHealth
#CripCamp #DisabilityRights #NeuroDiversity
#Sanism #Disability #DisabilityStudies
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:qubes: Qubes Disposable Virtual Machines: How To Handle Unknown Files

✉️ Carefully Crafted (Spear Fishing) Emails: Among The Most Effective Of Attack Methods

#Qubes #Infosec #Whonix #VM #virtualmachine #HumanRights #security #cybersecurity #Spearfishing #isolation #privacy #education #operatingsystems #Linux #Xen #Peertube

:qubes: Qubes Disposable Virtual Machines: How To Handle Unknown Files

✉️ Carefully Crafted (Spear Fishing) Emails: Among The Most Effective Of Attack Methods

#Qubes #Infosec #Whonix #VM #virtualmachine #HumanRights #security #cybersecurity #Spearfishing #isolation #privacy #education #operatingsystems #Linux #Xen

(public as always)

3 months ago

@abucci Similarly, I'm about to lose my University position in the UK as they are doing the same. After teaching sucessfully online for 3 years, in spite of increasing workload & demands, they now want everyone on-site. I can't do this as I developed a neurological condition in 2020 & I can't commute. Uni has no #Covid mitigation so even hybrid working is ridiculous. Thinking of setting fire to my doctorate!
#isolation #MasksWork #disability

Richard Rathe
3 months ago

This is a good summary of where we are with the new #COVID #BoosterVaccine...

>> Anyone at High Risk should get it if they can! <<

(The age criteria for "high risk" is 75+ BTW.)

This is based on the important (but limited) criteria of preventing severe disease, #hospitalization, & #death.

The reasons for others to get the new vax are softer due to lack good research data. But there is some evidence that #vaccination in general may help *prevent* infection and #LongCovid. Non-trivial that!!

It is also important to point out that #vaccines are a tertiary intervention after common sense measures like staying home when you are sick, #testing & #isolation, and wearing a good quality #mask around strangers.

I will gladly get the new vaccine if/when it is offered!

The younger and healthier you are the less you need it, but don't forget the basics!

The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Pandemic Defense (COVID)
Monica K. Shields
3 months ago

Mad Crip doula: offering holistic and emotional spiritual bodymind care, mixed with practical and crisis support (and plant medicine). moving from a liberation-centered and anti-oppressive lens. a transition doula with skills in: abortion, death, grief, Madness, and Disability.


endorsing: non-carceral, peer-led mental health care systems that exist outside of the state, reimagining everything we’ve come to learn about madness, and intervening in systems that oppress, disappear, and kill Disabled and mad folks.

Please Note: I don’t know Them in any capacity and They sure look bad-ass

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#MadMovement #MadStudies #Mad #Madodon #TransMad


#Ablesim #DisabilityCommunity #InvisibleDisabilities
#PsychiatricSurvivor #AntiPsychiatry #DisabilityJustice
#LivedExperience #PsychSurvivor #ChronicPain
#DisabilityMastodon #Neurodivergent #RadicalMentalHealth
#CripCamp #DisabilityRights #NeuroDiversity
#Sanism #Disability #DisabilityStudies
#Stories #isolation



We know that we tend to see higher rates of loneliness and social isolation among men compared to women, who are far more likely to be able to create social connections with others,” said Sinha. “Often, men have smaller social circles and, if they rely on a female partner to forge those connections and end up alone, they’re more likely to be more socially isolated.”

#Loneliness #Isolation

5 months ago

@Njord Covid19 of course, We're still living a shielded life.


5 months ago

Hurray! Somebody is noticing there are still people isolating!

"Impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable to be studied":

"to collect information on the lived experiences of the 1.2 million families who are still shielding."

"The objective is to provide data which will develop policy interventions."

"It is important to remember that there are 500,000 people who feel forgotten and left behind as they continue to shield in their homes."


Darth Buddha
5 months ago

Austausch finde ich besser als das 'FOLLOW THE LEADER' Spiel. Wenn ich nicht nur lese, was ihr so verbreitet, sondern auch in die andere Richtung.

Ich denke, das ist einer der Punkte, der in diesen sozialen Netzwerken schiefgeht. Alle senden und boosten, aber niemand empfängt. Also so richtig. Es bleibt alles einfach an der Oberfläche. Es kommt eine Information rein, wir reagieren einfach nur, liken, boosten, wischen weg oder weiter. Wenn etwas passiert, ist es oft eine Egoreaktion.

"Was schlittert der Depp in meine Timeline und ist so anders als die anderen?"

"Der ist anstrengend, ich muss nachdenken, ist mir aber gerade etwas unangenehm, ich wollte mich doch vom Denken ablenken. Was ein Arsch."

"Ignorieren. Stumm schalten, wenn er wieder kommt, oder einfach blockieren." Das alte Muster. Haben wir bei Twitter gelernt, alles Trolle, die anders denken als wir. In unserer Bubble.

Diese Netzwerke werden zum Zeit totschlagen verwendet.

Diese Netzwerke wurden eigentlich gestrickt, damit wir besser Revolution machen können.

Microblogging kommt daher, dass SMS Netzwerke suboptimal waren, und Aktivisten das Bedürfnis hatten sich zu koordinieren, um schnell und effektiv Revolution machen zu können.

Was ist daraus geworden?

Wir mussten uns mit dem System arrangieren, Plattformen kosten Geld.

Also sind die BWL-Typen eingeladen worden. Die grauen Männer. Momo hat sich verkauft, musste anschaffen gehen, im System der Elterngeneration. Sich anpassen.

Was haben die Zeitdiebe gemacht? Das Aktivistennetzwerk mit Dopamin Buttons ausgestattet. #dopamin

Jedes Like, Boost, fake Emoji pures Dopamin, alles Fremde, was nicht in mein Weltbild passt, ein Trigger für Angriff, Verteidigung, Verharren oder Flucht.

Adrenalin, Dopamin, die ganze Bandbreite an körpereigenen Substanzen kommt zum Einsatz, wir rutschen in eine Sucht.

Aber wir wollten die Welt retten? Wir haben da überall #antifa #LeaveNoOneBehind #wirsindmehr stehen, wir sind doch die Guten, wir haben es doch versucht, mit den uns zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln.

"Wir feuern virtuell doch die #LetzteGeneration an."

"Wir leben doch #Solidarität."

"Schau, ich hab Emojis geschickt an #ichbinarmutsbetroffen und ich habe den einen von #notjustsad doch geboostet."

"Wir im #fediverse sind die Guten."

Ihr kopiert Muster im Fediverse. Hier ist alles wie bei Twitter.

Die Zeitdiebe wurden kopiert.

Das Belohnungssystem etwas entschärft.

Aber alle hocken isoliert da, warten auf den nächsten Dopaminkick. Boosten belangloses, weil die eigenen Gedanken, davor will man ja wegkommen, die sind nicht schön.


"Oh, ein Katzenbild."

Die Zeitdiebe haben Euch gefangen. Ihr seid total abhängig.

Ihr merkt nicht mal, wenn Menschen hier untergehen. Inhalte sind egal. Booster und Liker austauschbar. Es geht nur um den Kick. Etwas spüren, aber es bewegt sich nichts. Das Muster beherrscht uns seit wie vielen Jahren? Euch ist auch egal, wenn sich Menschen hier nicht her trauen, weil man von Erklärbären gestalkt wird, bis man wie alle anderen ist.

Was passiert hier? Wir bauen ein Kastensystem, betonieren uns darin ein.

Alle folgen großen Accounts, niemand folgt zurück, weil da ist was anders ... nicht wie alles andere, das stört das Muster. Viele Follower, wirkt wichtig, daraus kann ich meinen Wert beziehen, aber was die schreiben will ich lieber nicht wissen. Wie kann ich so vielen zurückfolgen? Ja, es geht nur um Status, Rollen, Titel, Visitenkarten, Kontostände, Kapitalismus durch und durch ... #identitetris

Ihr kopiert Muster. Multipliziert #bullshit und Dystopien. Ihr benutzt Euer Hirn nicht mehr, ihr seid nur mit abwehren und Verdrängen beschäftigt. Manche senden, manche empfangen nur, aber irgendwie kommen wir nicht raus aus der Lethargie.

Links sein ist Plattitüde geworden. Die Solidarität nur geheuchelt.

Was ist links sein? Sich in Splittergruppen und Strömungen zu verschanzen und auf die anderen zu schimpfen?

Die, die twitter nicht verlassen und mit herkommen, sind nun die, auf die wir schimpfen, weil wir was sind, besser?

"Wir sind gegen rechts! Wir müssen die Guten sein."

Leute, das Spiel 'FOLLOW THE LEADER' hat Euch.

Ihr kopiert ihre Muster.

Niemand denkt! Sapere aude!

Das ist das Kastensystem. Der Gedankenknast.

Die anderen. Es gibt keine Anderen, wo sind die?

Ihr habt Angst vor anderen Meinungen. Das sind auch Menschen. Was ist, wenn der Faschismus eine Krankheit ist? Wie gehen wir mit kranken um? Warum suchen wir die Krankheiten bei den anderen, aber nicht bei uns? Warum wollen wir die Welt heilen und retten, aber nicht uns?

"Wer weiss dass er weil er gesund ist
ein besserer Mensch ist
als die kranken Menschen um ihn herum
der ist krank" (Erich Fried)

Ihr habt Angst, das eigene kleine, mühsam gepflegte Weltbild könnte beschädigt werden. Das ist kognitive Dissonanz. Jeder Veganer kennt das.

Warum schreibe ich das hier? Ich wollte den Kommentar um den Hashtag #generalstreik erweitern, weil ich schon lange die Nase voll habe, siehe hier:

Ich versuche im Zombieland Social Media zu Menschen durchzudringen und werde ignoriert und ausgegrenzt, weil ich anders bin, anders denke, und denke unser Denken ist das Problem. Wir haben es auf- und abgegeben und kopieren Muster.

Das kann unser Gehirn super und wir sind Sklaven unseres Belohnungssystems. Wir bauen uns Knäste. Diese Plattformen. Gedankenknäste. Wir haben das System verinnerlicht, wir sind das System, welches wir vorgeben zu bekämpfen, aber wir tun nichts. Verschwenden nur unsere Lebenszeit, an die Zeitdiebe.

Wir haben uns entmachtet. Sind die selbstverschuldeten Unmündigen geworden, vor denen uns Kant gewarnt hatte. Sapere aude!

Wer echte Veränderung möchte. Echte Gefühle. Echte Empathie. Eine Utopie. Lösungen statt Probleme. Der oder die mögen sich bitte vernetzten, sich echt austauschen und bitte gemeinsam versuchen da herauszukommen.

Gegen rechts zu sein ist nicht links. Es ist gegen Rechts.

Links ist das mit der Emanzipation:

Bei sich anfangen. Seine Fesseln ablegen. Nicht mehr nach den Regeln der Elterngeneration zu handeln, die Alternativlosigkeit und Geschichten von denen nicht mehr zu glauben, sondern seine eigenen Geschichten schreiben, seine Geschichte selbst in die Hand nehmen und seine Zukunft gestalten, und nicht diese Dystopien vervielfältigen und die selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung zementieren. Wir müssen hier raus! Das ist ein Zuchthaus.

Wir sehnen es doch kollektiv herbei, das Ende. Haben aber weder einen Exitplan, noch eine Idee für die Zeit danach. Weil das problemorientierte Denken fest eingefahren ist.

"Lösungsorientiert klingt esoterisch, wie positiv denken."

Willkommen im Gedankenknast. Wo nur wählen Beteiligung ist.

Es ist Entmündigung.

Freiwillige Knechtschaft.

Das kleinere Übel?

Ich wiederhole mich laufend. Ich möchte kein Erklärbär sein oder werden.

Ich möchte, dass ihr selbst denkt. Euch selbst befreit. Euch austauscht. Nicht einfach Boost-Netzwerke strickt. Das könnte man automatisieren. Da braucht es keine Menschen mit Emotionen. Das können auch Roboter. Ihr reagiert alle nur, niemand agiert wirklich.

Und wenn, um Dopamin, Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen. Es ist Egoismus.

Und unser System ist ein Egosystem. #idiocrazy

Warum kann ich mein Profil nicht gestalten, wie ich will? Beiträge anzeigen und verstecken, die Reihenfolge bestimmen? Warum ist überall eine Denk und Schreibgrenze eingebaut? Zeichengrenzen? Alles soll oberflächlich bleiben?

Ich antworte hier nicht einem Profil oder dem Projekt, sondern weil mir auch das mit der Mehrfachbetroffenheit sehr wichtig ist.

Hatte das in den Favoriten und dachte der Kommentar ist zu billig, da muss mehr rein. Here we go.

Ich bin hier zu finden:
#anarchyislove #generalstreik





#occupy #WirMuessenHierRausKeineMachtfuerNiemand

The US has for years been the world’s biggest jailer. Now prison watchdogs are highlighting the widespread use of solitary confinement, warning about the phy...
🇺🇸 Why is solitary confinement in US prisons so routine? | The Stream
The US has for years been the world’s biggest jailer. Now prison watchdogs are highlighting the widespread use of solitary confinement, warning about the phy...
🇺🇸 Why is solitary confinement in US prisons so routine? | The Stream

@AnneTheWriter1 @theruran
I think it is good that you acknowledge the Problem with #EmbraceExtendExtinguish and #isolation as strategy. But what do you believe will work?
Maybe some kind of political solution will work (i.e only allowing servers in the federation) or maybe federating and then convincing the Meta users to change their servers to another Fediverse instance like it is possible between other instances. If this is blocked Meta will be the one tying to isolate in the Internet.

3/8 It felt just like talking to school admin types about my son… that #condescending we know what we’re doing tone. The same tone they used when describing to #lawyers how they had my son in an #isolation room for over a month because they just didn’t know how to work with him. That got him an extremely rapid referral to #NPS, and he’s doing much better now with appropriate support.

#AuDHD #ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic

Steve Faulkner
6 months ago

“Apple's Vision Pro headset deserves to be ridiculed

The goal of these companies is to isolate us so more of our interactions occur through the products and services they offer, instead of just living our lives and actually interacting with people throughout the course of our days instead of apps and chatbots.”

#AR #XR #VR #isolation #Capitalism #surveillance

IT News
6 months ago

Woman with untreated TB finally in custody—held in “negative pressure” room - Enlarge / Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (credit: Getty | NIH/NIAID)

... - #tacoma-piercecountyhealthdepartment #mycobacteriumtuberculosis #publichealth #tuberculosis #washington #isolation #treatment #sheriff #health #arrest #tacoma #jail

Michaela Maya
7 months ago

500 Tage allein in einer Höhle und was das mit einem macht. Ich persönlich würd es ja nicht einmal einen Tag lang dort aushalten, aber spannend, dass jemand sich das freiwillig antut und auch durchzieht: #Isolation #Experiment #Wissen

A woman who spent 500 days alone in a cave has revealed her findings. The woman, named Christiane Flamini, is a French speleologist who wanted to study the effects of isolation on the human mind and body. She said she learned a lot about herself and her relationship with time, space, and nature.

#Cave #Isolation #Experiment

Dave Mackey
7 months ago

2/ question will be receiving significant additional interaction I'll share it (I didn't want to bias responses):

I suspect that there is a strong correlation between interactions with peers and ones feeling of #intelligence or lack thereof.

#Coding is often a #solitary activity and this #isolation

(a) leaves us comparing ourselves to an imaginary ideal
(b) banging our heads against problems longer when someone approaching from another angle might easily solve

When I am with other people

At the end of last Friday's The World at Six (the main national news program) on #CBCRadioOne , after presenting , the host said "I think a lot of us can identify with that" with respect to how the woman didn't want to come out of the cave. I suppose the lack of #responsibillity and #stress could be atrractive for many, but the #social #isolation would probably break people...

10 months ago

@mariapopova Indeed, but too much is too much... #Isolation

People's CDC
11 months ago

Our COVID isolation & recovery guide, called What to Do if You Have COVID, is out — share with your networks:

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Josh Susser
11 months ago

I'm soooooo tired of #pandemic #isolation and never being able to see anyone. But I have chronic Lyme and getting #covid on top of that could end me, and our society has decided that healthy people getting to indulge in unnecessary travel and having fun together is more important than letting chronically ill and disabled people live any kind of life at all. So I just stay home and avoid everyone, and I hate it.

How are we ever going to exit this damned pandemic? In the USA, we currently endure around 2500 deaths per week, but the corporatist lackeys running our government say "the pandemic is over". We need to bring back mask mandates and vaccination requirements and make them stick, and not let selfish jerks get away with their purported religious objections or other baseless excuses to be exempted. Our current laissez-faire approach of under-vaccinating and under-mitigating has created exactly the problem a lot of us predicted: We have bred coronavirus variants that are worse than the original strain and escape vaccine immunity. We made this so much worse than it had to be. A million dead, because we accepted that selfish idiots were entitled to destroy public health to indulge their ignorance and keep a failed president from losing re-election.

I guess we need to have a big national fight about covid protections again. I'd rather not, but the options seem to be have that fight, or let covid kill 1000s of people a week forever.

I used to run QubesOS somewhere around 3.0 RC1 back in 2015. I was impressed with how well it worked out of the box for a major OS project such as this. The only thing that didn't work on my machine at that time was automatic suspend/resume within the netvm.

I loved what @rootkovska was proposing with security by isolation, a much needed step in the right direction for secure systems.

Fast forward to today and the supported hardware has expanded significantly and many problems have been solved in the 4.1 release. The community has also expended and I saw @micahflee's HOPE talk in 2018: "Qubes OS: The Operating System That Can Protect You Even If You Get Hacked"

If you're looking to join a community to learn more about Qubes OS I have a few resources. Hope to see you around!

1. Qubes Forum:
2. Reddit:
3. Discord:

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Immanuel Zirkler
1 year ago

Es sollte Ausnahmen von der #Schulpflicht auf #Antrag & mit #Konzept geben, wenn
✅dies dem #Kindeswillen entspricht
✅keine #Isolation & #Indoktrination stattfindet
✅die Kinder in ihrer #Bildung unterstützt werden.

Dies sollte bei Antragstellung & auch später überprüft werden.

@joshsusser it’s a natural response to the #isolation we feel, being constantly bombarded by the #normative #allistic default. It’s startling and #empowering to discover we aren’t alone, that others (many others, in fact) are experiencing the world in this #different way. This reaction is ironically quite natural. I’ve experienced it each time I’ve #comeout. Finding #community is empowering! #actuallyautistic #lgbtq #bdsm @actuallyautistic

@ChristinaSiunOConnell @actuallyautistic Even as an #autistic person who enjoys some measure of quiet and #isolation, to help me restore balance and recharge, it can become excessive. I am still anxious about #COVID19 infection. As the layers of “normal” are exposed, the impact of kong-term isolation becomes visible. We just have to be gentle with ourselves and let the wounds heal.

1 year ago