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11 hours ago

A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

Santa left the elves alone & they trashed the North Pole with a raging party.
Now, WE have to fix it or Xmas is cancelled!

Let's fix Xmas Tonight LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story #vancouver #indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #vancouverwriters #writeyourstory #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #pathfinder #itchio #Xmas #Christmas #santa #elves

A table top with loose candy-cane ribbons and christmas baubles has a green beer bottle lying on it with a santa hat. Overlaid Text: Oh Holy... What Happened Last Night? - A Game of Holiday Hijinks, by OopsAllSmurph
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1 day ago

I published a new game and the bots keep coming #itch_io #itchio #gamedev

list of bots
1 day ago
2 days ago

Game Finds: Ghost Hunter
Another game jam entry, Róger Goulart's Ghost Hunter is a short and silly game about a young lady who loves ghosts, maybe a bit more than she should.

Here are some opening screens:

Take a moment to enjoy this screen.

They may have a point.

And a new unholy quest begins.

Most of it is a kind of guessing game. Each of three cemet
#gamefinds #indies #free #gamefinds #ghosthunter #indie #itch #itchio #rogergoulart

Now with 16k
3 days ago

My little game of Tut-Tut is becoming quite the modern classic, available on platforms including ZX Spectrum, ZX81, PET, Vic20 and Jupiter Ace / Minstrel 4. And now with a new release on the #RC2014, a most excellent port by Shiela Dixon aka @shieladixon. Available at #ItchIO

Pandoria Falls :godot:
4 days ago

Fellow #Godot4 users, when releasing a game for a jam on #itchio, how do you handle the web browser issues (e.g. Firefox blocking the page).

#godotengine #godot

Pandoria Falls :godot:
4 days ago

I feel the reason why some people couldn't open my #itchio jam game page was SharedArrayBuffer support. Now, I wonder whether I should disable it and remove the web build to make sure the page opens for everyone. Or whether to stick with it, because people usually prefer to play in browser anyways..
Either way, not everyone will be willing to rate/play my game.

#gamedev #MetroidvaniaMonth22 #MetroidvaniaMonthJam

4 days ago
6 days ago

🖐️ everyone, we are very close to finishing anarky Alpha 2 🥳. For this Dec 15 it will be available in #Itchio, #Gamejolt and #Indieexpo. We are also doing mobile tests to publish the Alpha on #GooglePlay.

#GodotEngine #Androidgames #IndieGameDev #pcgaming #gaming

Free Games
6 days ago

Enoch Never Dies / エノクは 決して死なない #itchio #freegame #freegames

Offer valid from: 2023-12-02 - 09:13
Claim it now for free on
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Free Games
6 days ago

Deadman's Dark Scenery Court / デッドマンズ・ダーク・シーン・コート #itchio #freegame #freegames

Offer valid from: 2023-12-02 - 09:13
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For Jamuary, I'm going to try to make something for this OpenD6-alike system I found the other day.

I was on the West End forums when OpenD6 was going OGL. I was excited to try something that was not DnD, but somewhat old school. Somehow, no one in my hometown played West End's Star Wars rpgs.

Anyway, for those that need it, here is the link to the jam:

#Jamuary #Itchio

Itch figures - November update 📊

Views +5k
Br. Plays +2k
Downloads +585
Followers +26
Ratings +15
Collections +248
Payments +7
Revenue +$14

#indiedev #itchio

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1 week ago

A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

Santa REFUSES to acknowledge that your scent alone drives mortal men mad!
Instead, he has made YOU the Santa this year...

It's a Cryptid Christmas LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #writer #story #vancouver #indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #amreading #canlit #writeyourstory #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #pathfinder #dungeon #itchio #Xmas #Christmas #santa #cryptid

A drawing of a massive sasquatch walking through a wintery suburb. Overlaid text: The Claws of the Substitute Santa - A Solo TTRPG
1 week ago

Little Runmo: The Game
Last year for Sundry Sunday we linked to Gooseworx's video game-inspired cartoon Little Runmo. In summary: a platforming character discovers that the peril-filled world he's tasked with traversing is part of a system designed to support the life of a grotesque ruler. They turn it off, but other
#indies #animation #callback #cartoon #free #gooseworx #indie #itch #itchio #juhosprite #littlerunmo #platformer #video #youtube

Free Games
1 week ago

Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk

A short story about what sort of challenges everyday little things can be. Help the girl buy milk, be the first not to disappoint her. #itchio #freegame #freegames

Offer valid from: 2023-11-29 - 21:13
Claim it now for free on
About the game (Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk*):
Ratings: Steam 97 % (10/10, 19625 recommendations) / IGDB User 86 % (37 sources)
Release date: 2020-08-26
Recommended price (Steam): 0.99 EUR
Description: A short story about what sort of challenges everyday little things can be. Help the girl buy milk, be the first not to disappoint her.
Genres: Adventure, Indie
* Any information about the offer is automatically grabbed and may in rare cases not match the correct game.
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Free Games
1 week ago

Daiku no Medium

A ship by the name of 'Lilith' has been navigating through space for two years with a single goal – reaching Eden, the heart of the Universe. The ship's team, consisting of Captain Lazarus, First Mate Anna and Second Mate Joseph, is constantly fighting through hundreds and hundreds of enemy 'Phantom 4s' that has been chasing them throughout the whole trip.

But the final frontier stands before them: Eden is almost ... #itchio #freegame #freegames

Offer valid from: 2023-11-29 - 21:13
Claim it now for free on
About the game (Daiku no Medium*):
Release date: 2019-12-14
Description: A ship by the name of 'Lilith' has been navigating through space for two years with a single goal – reaching Eden, the heart of the Universe. The ship's team, consisting of Captain Lazarus, First Mate Anna and Second Mate Joseph, is constantly fighting through hundreds and hundreds of enemy 'Phantom 4s' that has been chasing them throughout the whole trip.
But the final frontier stands before them: Eden is almost within hand's reach...
* Any information about the offer is automatically grabbed and may in rare cases not match the correct game.
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Pandoria Falls :godot:
1 week ago

There now have been multiple reports of people not being able to open my password protected #itchio page. Is this a known issue? Can I do something about it? #gamedev #indiedev #godot #godot4

Free Games
1 week ago

flappy cube

The simplest of all objects come to life in your worst nightmare #itchio #freegame #freegames

Offer valid from: 2023-11-28 - 21:13
Claim it now for free on
About the game (Flappy Cube*):
Description: The simplest of all objects come to life in your worst nightmare
* Any information about the offer is automatically grabbed and may in rare cases not match the correct game.
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Jeff Gilmour 🚀
1 week ago

I'm playing @drakeblue 's new Oust Pico-8 game. Fly your spaceship thru asteroid fields saving prisoners and collecting orbs, but avoiding being shot at and bouncing off of walls! I feel like we're in a golden age of Pico-8 games with dedicated programmers creating innovative masterpieces. You can find Oust at at a ridiculously cheap price.

#pico8 #pico-8 #itchio

Retro handheld device with game running on screen

This is my first new video to my #youtube page since February, and while it's not my best.. it's also not my worst.

Today I played and gave my real time thoughts on the free game Windowkill.

If you could watch, like and subscribe (I am at 661 subscribers!) it would mean the world to me! Thank you!


1 week ago

Sodalitas [0% Off] [4.00€]
#JdR #itchio

2 weeks ago

The history of computers is filled with great transformative ideas that never took off, or sometimes, were even actively sabotaged.

One of those ideas was Hypercard, a "multimedia authoring system" for Mac OS Classic. One way to describe it is like an individual website, contained within a file on your computer, that you could
#indies #niche #retro #creation #decker #free #indie #itch #itchio #macintosh #macosclassic #multimedia #niche #retro #tool

Utan Kung
2 weeks ago

All my games are released for free (PWYW) Here's a list!

Hello dear fellow gamers!

I have over the years made a few games. I thought I'd share them with you, and instead of making one post per game, just make a list. My itch page can be found here:

**Oceania 2084 - the Orwellian TTRPG**

This game is my newest game, published only like two weeks ago. The current version is the Austere Edition, which is a text-only pay-what-you-want PDF. It is 100 pages long. It has a lot of novel game mechanics and novel ideas but is thoroughly playtested with approximately 150 playtesters over the course of three years. It is heavily inspired by George Orwell's book 1984. It is a dark game, but it is ultimately about hope and connection.

**A one in a million chance at adventure**

An unofficial TTRPG system designed to suit roleplaying in the Discworld universe. It was released a couple of years back and has since then had about 10.000 downloads. It is a rules-light system that also has three supplements that expand on rules and one introductory adventure module. The three supplements are:

* Character build guides:
* Optional Auditing Rules (additional GM tools):
* The Creation of Belief (additional magic rules):

And the adventure module The Murder of Dommick Kolchak (murder mystery) can be found here:

A zine was also created by a few people during a game jam:

**Dreams of Fire From Void - a storytelling game**

The third and final TTRPG I've made is Dreams of Fire From Void. While this game is a bit more experimental and edges into the storytelling game territory I would still like to mention it as I have had pretty awesome roleplaying moments in it. It is a ritualized way of playing the roles of weavers of reality. Worldbuilding. Collective dreaming.

Besides this, I have made a few board games, party games, and card games. Not all of them has been published yet.

#freeGames #indieGame #ttrpg #ttrpgFamily #ttrpgCommunity #discworld #orwell #storyTelling #PWYW #itchIo #itch #tableTop #jocher #gameDesign #roleplaying

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Time to bring back the late 90s... With a holiday twist!
The #32BitJam is a game jam that celebrates the 32 bit era of gaming. It runs from December 10th to December 23rd.

#itchio #gamejam #gamedev

Working Class Games
2 weeks ago

Indiedevs: last 12 hours to join a big holiday bundle on itch!

#indiedev #gamedev #itch #itchio

Viy Sitante
2 weeks ago

The illustration cover for my new Kinktober book!

With this kind of coloring, I usually don't color any skin but since this was the first thing ever collected for this story, I wanted to make sure all was solid and up-front. Poor Max looks odd as a result, but hey, always space to improve the coloring as a result.

#MastoArt #FediArt #CreativeToots #art #illustration #kinktober #OC #OriginalCharacter #BlackFriday #itchio #artbook

Color picture. A monochromatic picture of Magnus, Astemar and Max all dressed very fancily for the occasion.
Color picture. A monochromatic picture of Magnus, Astemar and Max all dressed very fancily for the occasion. This one doesn't have Max's skin color, uh, colored in.
2 weeks ago

Dino animated Pixelart.
with 8 Animation.
Download it at
Rate and share.

#pixelart #gamedev #itchio

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
2 weeks ago

It's the @itchio Creator Day! As always, though our individual issues are PWYW, we also have the 2023 Winter, Spring, and Summer Collections that bundle together three issues and are $10 each!

You can also check out our full library of issues!

Thank you so much for all of your support!!

#itch #itchio #CreatorDay #zines #IndieGames #VideoGames

Tiota Sram
2 weeks ago

Since @mcc has informed me it's creator day where creators get 100% revenue, I need to plug the "Metroidvania bundle" over there, which is $25 for FIVE quite good metroidvania games!

I've now finished four of the five and I'm probably 80% done with the last and they're all lots of fun. My one-adjective reviews:

Super Win the Game is very RETRO
Zapling Bygone is very CREEPY-CRAWLY
Alwa's Legacy is very COMFORTABLE (and janky in a very fun way)
Lone Fungus is very CELESTE (for a metroidvania)
Haiku is very FLUID

Both Lone Fungus and Haiku are to me right up there with Hollow Knight (and they both have less ideologically bankrupt stories, with Lone Fungus especially having interesting ending options (I haven't finished Haiku yet).

#ItchIO #Metroidvania

Sebastian Lind
2 weeks ago

Today is also Creator Day on #itchio!

So If you want to support my game making then this is a good bundle I think 😊

2 weeks ago

The Vale is on sale - 10$ instead of 20$ - on currently. It's a very unique game I hold very dearly as it basically has no graphics and is played by sound/hearing alone.

#indieGame #Gaming #ItchIo #Sale #Videogame #TheVale

2 weeks ago

Itchio Creator Day is going on, which means that Itchio doesn't take a cut from creators today, and there's some sales going on for the event as well!

There's 2 bundles below, and, if you've been waiting on getting a game featured on the site, take a look to see if it's on sale today!

1-day Indie TTRPG Black Friday Mega Bundle (16 games for 78% off):

TTRPGkids mini holiday/winter bundle (7 games for 45% off):

#TTRPG #itchio #creatorday #bundle

Check out creator day

Indie TTRPG Black Friday Mega-Bundle (today only)

TTRPGkids wintery games bundle, 7 games for $12, find it on (through Dec)
Brandon Webster
2 weeks ago

Our #NSR adventure is 50% off on #ItchIO for creator day! Smoke in the Salt Pines is a 24-page semi-random pointcrawl adventure set in a magical forest that has recently taken on a sinister air.

Viy Sitante
2 weeks ago

Happy #Itchio Creator Day! I took today to also officially open my itchio store! :meru_cheer:

You can buy the following:

A Transgression of Ghosts (Pumpkin Scissors fannovel, m/m)

Wie eine Rose am Grab der Liebe (Pumpkin Scissors fannovel, m/f)

Kinktober 2033 "artbook" (original work, m/m/f, m/m, m/f)

A bundle for today!

All are 18+ and content warnings on each page should be heeded!

#kinktober #ItchioCreatorDay @itchio #R18 #erotic

Color picture. Cover to Viy's Kinktober 2023 collection. Below the title and credit is a monochromatic picture of Magnus, Astemar and Max all dressed very fancily for the occasion.
Color picture. Cover for a Pumpkin Scissors fan novel with the custom handwritten logo of the title, The Transgressions of Ghosts. It features the lieutenant from Randel's old unit, with his back turned to us. Everything is in hues of blue and purple, with vines of leaves going up from one side.
Color picture. Cover for a Pumpkin Scissors fan novel with the custom handwritten logo of the title, Wie eine Rose am Grab der Liebe. It features Alice looking to be deep in thought. She's colored in a way where her skin and body are the background itself, merged into it, with the only color on her person being her yellow hair and jacket.

To the bottom right are two blue roses.
Lucy Blundell
2 weeks ago

It's Black Friday Creator Day 2023, where waives their cut so more goes to the developers! ❤

This is the best way to support VIDEOVERSE and its OST right now, plus you can get a Steam key for the game! 😉

Check it out:

#indiegames #blackfriday #CreatorDay #itchio

Astrobach :breadified:
2 weeks ago

A write-along/TTRPG Play stream!

A small mechanical dragon--clothed in iridescent scales--chases a fly about the window of a shop with walls of ice.
What else might lie within?

Let's discover magical souvenirs LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story #vancouver #indie #fiction #livestream #litgames #amwriting #amreading #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #pathfinder #dungeon #itchio #Xmas #Christmas #souvenirs

A simple flat perspective colour-blocked art style of a woman with her hair in a high bun walking a trail into a quaint agrarian town with a backpack that is dropping small knicknacks like shaker balls and cards. Overlaid Text: Souvenirs - A Solo TTRPG
Kommadieb 🏙️
2 weeks ago

[Just released] Beautiful #gamedev / #rpg icon set by Steven Colling: »Isle of Lore 2: RPG Item Icons«

#itchio #mastoart

Screenshot of the icon set. Comic-style chunky colorful icons like fruits, break, milk, gold, silver, water drops, beer, carrots etc.
Santa Clari
2 weeks ago

I just learned that you can leave comments on things when adding them to collections on and i've felt my creator heart expand 3 sizes in the last 10-15 minutes i've been browsing what collections my stuff is in. Before this I felt like no one cared at all about my stuff because I get regular downloads but no reviews or ratings. Still barely any, but this was nice.

#indiegames #creator #itchio

A collection with 40 items added by [redacted] Sep 12, 2021

Collection of work which is tragically endearing
3 weeks ago

The secret language of rogues is revealed with "Assorted Slang and Terminology - Volume 1 - Thieves Cant"
#itchio #rpg #ttrpg #ttrpgs #tabletoprpg

Working Class Games
3 weeks ago

There's an itch end of year holidays games bundle for those who would like to join!

#indiedev #gamedev #itch #itchio

Astrobach :breadified:
3 weeks ago

A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

Rifts have opened to an entirely new world of strange creatures.
It's time to write a script for David Attenborough that explains them all!

Write-Along about Weird Creatures LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story #indie #fiction #livestream #litgames #amwriting #canlit #writealong #TTRPG #DnD #5e #pathfinder #PF2e #dungeon #itchio #ExquisiteBiome #NatureDocumentary #DavidAttenborough

A traditional taxonomic biology style drawing of a winged frog with four eyes that is split with a very strange drawing of a fanged goat witha cheek flap that juts out akin to a third goat ear. Overlaid text: Exquisite Biome - A game of speculative biology by Caro Asercion with Art by Si Sweetman
TapTap 🎮
3 weeks ago

Oh hey, here's my #itchio page, forgot to include it in my Links.

I curate #altgames (cool weird/unique/surreal experiences, usually very short, often free) and normal just plain good Indie games

Pandoria Falls :godot:
4 weeks ago

On which other platforms than #itchio can you currently run Web Exports of #Godot4? GitHub pages didn't seem to work.
#godot #godotengine

Adam R. Wood
1 month ago

@madiko @cariad @RyunoKi @grifferz

Say, #itchio... I don't suppose you're successful enough to be able to, you know, move?

H. Dithmer
1 month ago

Friendly reminder (including to myself):

Whenever you find something on or DriveThruRPG you like, remember to go back and give it a big juicy five-star rating. If you love it, leave a written review.

While it obviously helps with bullshit algorithms, more importantly it might just give the creator the ego-boost needed to go forth and produce more of their art.

#ttrpg #itchio #DriveThruRPG

Naej Doree
1 month ago

Most of the web traffic to my #itchIO is through Yandex and most of the traffic goes to cube clicker ... I only connected the dots today: Cube clicker is just really well referenced on Yandex

A screenshot of a search for the term Cube clicker, my game appears 4th

Played a little rogue560 ( tonight - actually ran great via Firefox on my S21.

rogue560 was made by @icegoat and it's pretty wild. Made for TweetJam 7 in 2021, it is a pico-8 game in just two tweets (560 characters) of code!

Here's their description of it:

Explore randomly-generated dungeons trying to get the highest score/health, or reach the deepest level

The game is decidedly unfair in that it can randomly generate unbeatable levels that will end your run (you can always refresh and start over), but using challenging diagonal moves (hit two arrow keys at ~exactly the same time) can get you out of many tight spots.

#rogue #roguelike #roguelikes #itchio #ItchGames #MobileGames #pico8 #pico #IndieGames #LoFiGames

Full screen screenshot of rogue560 being played on my Samsung S21. A small lo-fi roguelike board of light brown and black, your character is in white, and the monster is in orange. On the bottom of the screen are the controller d-pad and 3 buttons on the right.
1 month ago Folder Dungeon
Folder Dungeon, on, is a short and not-too-difficult game where an adventuring cursor has to dig through the folder structure of a hard drive to find an important file. Each window is a room of the dungeon; entering a Door folder takes you to another room down. You can go back the way you came using the back arrow icon at the bottom
#indies #dungeoncrawl #folderdungeon #free #indie #itchio #ravernt #rpg #webgame

1 month ago

Itchio is hosting a Games for Gaza bundle. It's over 250 games, for just $10. All proceeds go to raise funds for the organization Medical Aid For Palestinians:
Please consider supporting them!

#FreePalestine #Itchio

1 month ago

Oop, I forgot I left this to post -- if y'all like comics on #itchio and like sales, then consider checking out my Halloween sale :D 50 cents a bundle and you get my "Bel Inconnu" (which collects two stories) and my 24 hour comic!

Has my short stories filled with a little horror, a little drama and a little Thinking Cap On! :ai_denpa:

Ends in two days!

#Halloween #comics #comic #sale #sales #itchi_o #itchiosales #horror #mystery

1 month ago

I'm really liking he documentation to the #itchio app. For example, a quote from

> Note: when offline, the main search bar won't display online results for reasons that are hopefully self-explanatory.

And about sandboxing:

> Frequently Asked Questions
Have you heard of (other sandbox)? It seems more secure.

> Why yes! Yes we have! And when it'll do everything we need it to do, we'll switch to it.¹

> ¹ But not a second sooner.

1 month ago


My game, Heavy Trucking for the Panic #Playdate, is on sale for the Halloween sale.

The game is $3.95, 21% off, until November 2nd.


Thank you 😊

#indie #indiegames #games #videogames #itchio #sale

Gameplay gif of my game “heavy trucking”

Hooray we made a newsletter!

can be read by anyone, and a cool thing about #buymeacoffee is that you can click the three dots → follow and put your email in without needing to sign up to bmc to get our newsletters emailed to you!

I am tired! -😈

#music #heckinTech #heckImp #transSoftware #PIKApp #TTRPG #gameDev #PoCmade #indiedev #itchio

2 months ago

Time-Limited Pumpkin Carving Game
Every year, the creator of A Short Hike turns on the servers for a pumpkin-carving game. This year he plans to keep them up until about a week after Halloween, so enjoy it while/when/if you can!

The carving interface is easy to use, although it does result in a glitch that has to be undone some
#indies #adamgryu #ashorthike #free #halloween #indie #itch #itchio #pumpkincarving #pumpkins #seasonal

Down to the last few days for the Cairn adventure bundle!

#cairn #CairnTtrpg #ttrpg #osr #nsr #itchio

Cairn adventure bundle
12 adventures for $30
over top of an image of a forest
2 months ago

Itch io turned out to be a russia supporter.
Yesterday i posted on community a feature request of being able to make robots file on profile to block crawling by yandex and today got a warning!
Initial post here (thank god not yet deleted) :
Better go back to steam/gamejolt/github!
Prove of block here (tried to respond to one of comments on it):

#GameDev #Gaming #Itchio #StandWithUkraine #evilcorporations

Otto Ojala
2 months ago

Trying out @itchio for the first time ever - here's my one-button tennis game I released earlier this year on iOS and Android:

#gamedev #itchio

Screenshot of Otto's Tennis game. Pixel art pong-like tennis arcade game.
An Adorable Sergal 🔥🍾
2 months ago

And we're live with our #Doom3 Spooky Season #MapJam

There's still time to join! We are accepting entries for both the original Doom 3 release as well as the BFG Edition, the latter which has support for the #TrenchBroom map editor and #Blender

So come on over and spin us a spooky little tale of your own creation, or do something completely silly; we'll take it all just as long as there's some kind of environmental storytelling going on:

#itchio #mappingjam #gamedev

If you were a single person or a group of friends planning to make games (2d and 3d) that could be published to both #ItchIo and mobile app stores; what would you use, for what purposes and why?

#GameDev #IndieGameDev

#AskingForAFriend #ItMeImTheFriend

Just realized I had Quest of Dungeons for Android from an itch bundle I grabbed a long time ago and I fear I may never get anything done ever again. 🤣 I have it on Switch, Xbox, and now, the QoD is in my pocket..

#QuestOfDungeons #AndroidGames #MobileGames #rpg #TurnBased #ItchGames #itchio #IndieGames

Quest of Dungeons on mobile. One of my favorite games. Addictive. Turn based. Those classic sprites. What's not to love. This is a screenshot from my Android, my character (a warrior) in the dungeon with a broken barrel, debris, a pink transport portal and the controls at the bottom.

I realized today that when I lost Twitter, I also lost a lot of the cool indie game devs I was following there (and the updates on their games). And that totally sucks, because I really love to play indie games. Apparently Twitter was my main source for discovering them (sheesh).

Below is a pretty big list of games (with links to them!) that I'm looking forward to. There are SO MANY games on my Steam wishlist that are still being worked on and upcoming (some of these are on itch also, and some have alphas, betas, and demos, I've noted which).

Some of these games are definitely coming later this year, and fingers crossed for maybe full releases of the rest in 2024?

Here's the links!

Mina the Hollower

Forgotten Mines (has a demo)

Edge of Dead: Under a Uranium Sky (has a playable prologue)

Metal Ascension (has a demo)

SKALD: Against the Black Priory (has a demo)

Squirrel With a Gun

Tameshi (has a demo)

Slime 3K Rise Against Despot (should release this year)

Below the Stone (has a demo)

Worm Slayer (has a demo)

Wizordum (has a demo)

Pizza Possum (comes out Sept 28, for consoles too!)

Rainbow Hills

Dying Breed (has demos on itch)

Hop for the Best

Winnie's Hole

#IndieGames #SteamGames #ItchGames #itchio #IndieDev #IndieGameDev #roguelike #roguelikes #rpg #shooters #shmup #shmups #ShootEmUps #platformers #DungeonCrawler #DungeonCrawlers

I played a bunch of in-browser games at tonight, and I'm currently hooked on this one. It's called Hellscaper, and they describe it as an "occult tiling deckbuilder roguelike". It's fascinating.

Below are two screenshots, one from when you reach 80 points and get to continue, and then one from the next part (I will probably die soon, and wanted to get a still before I did). It's rad. It's tough. I'll probably need to watch a video on it to get tips.

#Hellscaper #IndieGames #ItchGames #itchio #ItchIoGames #IndieGameDev #roguelike #deckbuilder #deckbuilders

Screenshot from Hellscaper from when you get 80 points and get to continue. It says 'Well done. Build me more cities and I'll grant you eternal life. The next city should be worth 105 points' with a demon and a button in red that says Next Round. Everything framed with white columns.
A screenshot of the second part/level in Hellscaper, where you try to make it to 105 points. 17 turns remaining. The game board framed by white columns.

I've gathered together a collection on of 20+ cool indie games (mostly roguelikes) that you can play in-browser here:

I've been playing a few tonight.

Attached here is a still from the adorable Dahla's Journey (

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A screenshot of the monochrome (blue, green grayish?) roguelike game Dahla's Journey on You can play it in browser!
3 months ago

Oh, and I've done another thing I forgot to post a while back. If you're into reading Fthark Runes, I made a little web app that lets you cast spreads and look up info. It's on here:

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I forget who was curious the other day, but I broke out my physical copy of @platformalist's game Leaving the Tree today and opened it up again. I had totally forgotten how many cool things were packaged with it. There was so much, it was tough to get a pic on my desk! 😂 I'll try to get some gameplay soon - it's even compatible with most Xbox USB controllers.

The rad wood 256MB USB cart in the middle of the photo contains the game and even more of Andrew's (his Eggnog company's) games too- Maze Dog, Coffee Bug, Winterberry, Cat Bandit, Cake Cat, and more.

Incredible, all of it. Lots of stickers and two-sided character profile cards here too. On the other sides of the cards are little descriptions like on the overturned card in the top right.

Check out -- there are links to these games on there!

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The contents of Eggnog Games' (Andrew Reist's) indie game Leaving the Tree spread out on my desk, and everything inside it- hand drawn stickers, cards, wood USB cartridge with multiple games, instruction booklet, so much stuff!
3 months ago

It's finally here! The Oiopolis demo is out on! 🥳

You can play it right now from the browser, or download the ROM and play it in your favorite Game Boy console or emulator.

The demo is available in English, Catalan and Spanish.

- English:
- Catalan:
- Spanish:

Game brought to you by the Mini Hamster Team 🐹 We hope you enjoy it! Thanks for playing. <3

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Pixel-art black and white picture of a steam train. There's a big logo that reads "Oiopolis" and a small text that says "Demo" in a corner.
Weküfu Studios
3 months ago

We published an asset pack with the assets of the roguelike. Check it and consider buying to support the studio:

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Avery :potion_nonbinary:
3 months ago

if yall didn't see is doing their version of bandcamp friday today

today they don't take a cut of sales, presumably 100% (after taxes and stuff) goes to creators

go buy cool indie games

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(creator day will end once this post is about 14 hours old)

3 months ago

It's the @itchio August Creator Day, and Nice Disc is on sale for 10% off!

You can play this hot-blooded action game with up to three other buddies in local multiplayer! Or clear the story mode with one buddy! Anyway, play this game with your friends!!

If you are still not really into that price, there is a demo that includes the local multiplayer arena so you can still play that for free with your buds!!

Also it is my birthday now, this has nothing to do with anything, I am not trying to guilt anyone into buying Daikon's game just because it is my birthday or anything buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I will just say that if you tell me you bought the game, that would be a really great birthday present 👀👀👀

(okay I'm kidding I'm kidding)

(but seriously play more games with your buds, do it in my name)

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Four duck characters battling with throwing discs in an American Gladiator-styled arena
A white duck character holding a disc and dodging baseballs being thrown by robots
Two duck characters battling in a small arena. One of the ducks has spawned a small tornado behind her
Two ducks battling at night under a huge billboard of a soft drink called NICE FLAVOR
Victor J Merino
3 months ago

Its Creator's Day! And that means SALES!
Get HUNDRED AND HUNDREDS of original Sci-Fi portraits, A PAMPHLET MODULE for #MothershipRPG, and a book collecting my older DRAWINGS & DOODLES annotated by hand! 33% OFF!

#ItchIoCreatorDay #Itchio #TTRPG #MothershipRPG

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
3 months ago

There's about ten hours left to get the first six issues of Indie Tsushin plus the special Indiepocalypse Presents: Indie Tsushin anthology! Support independent, ad- and sponsor-free coverage of Japanese indie games and developers!

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4 months ago

Does anyone have any tips for how to make people actually pay for stuff that is under a free license/open source? ^.^;

People clearly like my stuff on Itch, but almost noone is paying if they don't have to and I could really need some extra income. :/

#CreativeCommons #OpenSource #Itchio

There's an INCREDIBLY cool looking traditional type roguelike being made by @synlogic called Slartboz that he describes as a "sci-fi post-apoc educational comedy adventure in the style of Fallout, Idiocracy, HHGG & The Princess Bride", and I'm totally here for it. 🤣

He just put up the first gameplay video on itch (where you can follow the progress of and/or contribute to the game) and this video includes "shootin, lazer pistols, lazer cannons/auto defense towers, monsters, eggs.." and more. Check it out:

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4 months ago

cn bugs

Made a short game play video of "Ladybug and Sunflowers": :)
(Doesn't let me upload the video here, so it's a link to the video file on my homepage instead. XD)

Game download:

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Screenshot of a videogame. It shows a pixel art ladybug and three sunflowers on a background with a brown flower pattern.
TapTap 🎮
4 months ago

I am once again asking you to put your games on itchio

Even if it's free.

Even if it's already on steam.

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