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1 week ago

The developers at @pipewire have released PipeWire 1.0 with plenty of improvements and bug fixes #PipeWire #PulseAudio #OpenSource #audio #Linux #FOSS #JACK #MIDI

Nicolò Schira 🤖
1 week ago

#Genoa are monitoring the young #Palmeiras’ talent Fellipe #Jack (born in 2006). #transfers

2 weeks ago

We all grew up, our grandmothers and mothers had about three channels to watch, so we watched those soaps and now, a generation has grown up with the Internet and computers and video games.

#quote #Jack Wagner

2 weeks ago

Is there an Ubuntu MIDI synthesizer program which takes MIDI input and plays to current audio output without complex setup? #sound #bluetooth #alsa #jack #midi

Schon der Mord am 35. US-Präsidenten John F. Kennedy war reichlich rätselhaft, hatte doch ein politisch verwirrter Ex-Marine geschossen. Doch dann wurde, nur zwei Tage später, auch der Attentäter zum Opfer eines Attentats. Idealer Stoff für Verschwörungstheoretiker.#Kennedy #JohnF1917-1963 #Kellerhoff-Sven-Felix #Oswald #LeeHarvey #Ruby #Jack #Verschwörungstheorien
Mord an John F. Kennedy: Leben und Tod des Attentäters Lee Harvey Oswald
Ian Brown :verified:
1 month ago

This is, IIRC, similar to what #Jack did right after returning as CEO of #Twitter back in 2016.

Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
1 month ago

@qqmrichter What audio subsystem are you using?

#Bluetooth is a fiendishly complicated protocol. I've used it on-and-off since about 2008 or so. #Android uses a completely different stack to desktop Linux. Things may be better on Windows, but there were as many as 3 different BT stacks for Windows (Toshiba, Widcomm, Microsoft).

Early attempts used an #ALSA kernel driver for Bluetooth… worked, but 8kHz mono is not the way I like to listen to music. And I'd imagine, unless your choice of music is 1930s swing, probably not yours either.

BlueZ (the standard Bluetooth stack on most Linux systems) pivoted across to doing it in user-space using PulseAudio. That worked okay for A2DP one-way audio, but for full-duplex audio, it is limiting. Notably, I found I couldn't get mSBC CODEC working, so full-duplex audio was 8kHz not 16kHz.

Most of the effort is going into linking #BlueZ and #pipewire, which I think will be the #PulseAudio successor (and may also displace #JACK.. as it has features of both systems).

Pipewire was written to do video actually (webcams), but then evolved to do audio too out of necessity. It's experimental, but I find works more reliably with Bluetooth. (And plays nicer with sound cards than JACK.)

1 month ago

Old oil painting about a Halloween date that did not go well. #Halloween #jack'o'lantern #date #beach

Angry woman on the beach with a jack'o'lantern dude
Maddie, Servant of Buns
1 month ago

Halloween illustrations from my Patreon!→

#art #mastoart #witch #halloween #werewolf #monsterboys #jack-o-lantern

Visions of Napa
1 month ago

I’m melting!

#jack-o’-lantern #pumpkin #Halloween #spookySeason

A pumpkin that has mildewed from the inside out is collapsing.
Commander KEEN 👾
1 month ago

Der verdächtige für in Massenmord in #Maine war wohl ein rechtsradikaler auf Twitter

An #Jack und #Musk Händen klebt auch Blut!

Robert Card's Twitter History Full Of #Trump And #MAGA Stars - Second Nexus

1 month ago

Making Halloween again…

Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, California


Clear Sky

Comic Crusaders
1 month ago

REVIEW: Batman White Knight Presents Generation Joker #6
Two things I didn't know I needed in my life; batman with a white beard and a holographic Joker. Generation Joker is not about your usual Batman fights the Joker and throws him in Arkham...
#Alejandro Sanchez #Andworld's DC Hopkins #Batman #Dave Steward #DC Comics #harley quinn #jack napier #joker #Mirka Andolfo #Neo-Joker #Rose Besch #Sean Murphy

2 months ago

That's what happens nowadays with people working on computers. They can so easily fix things with their mouse and take out all the, 'Oh, somebody coughed in the background we need to take that out' - or somebody hit a bad note. Those are all the best moments.

#quote #Jack White

Donald Rex Jr
2 months ago

#RandomComicBook today. Cover artist #Jack Kamen


Psychoanalysis #3 1955, cover artist Jack Kamen.
Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
2 months ago

Planning on buying a decent trolley #jack - looking at this one from #Sealey as its widely available in UK (their HQ is in #Suffolk) and spares/maintenance diagrams are readily available, as well as jack stands, wheel chocks and a torque wrench - interested to know which ones folk on here who do their own #CarMaintenance are using (although Halfords Advanced are supposed to be good, unfortunately the company has been enshittified so I'm avoiding them)

#cars #autorepair #CarRepair

Sealey 2001 LERE trolley jack, designed in Suffolk
2 months ago

Mein Freund....

#jack #caturday #jetzt .

Portrait eines getigerten Katers.
Chris Glass
2 months ago

We took backroads to one of her go-to lunch spots and enjoyed catching up all afternoon, doing errands afterward and touring her backyard to boot.

I took a selfie of us but touched the screen and ruined the focus. (I need to figure out how to turn off touchscreen features on all cameras.) At least the photo of her dog Mac turned out okay.

One last tidbit, I hadn’t noticed her late husband Jack had started to paint scenes on the kitchen cabinets before he passed—something he’d done in all their houses.

I’ve since been thinking a more about my Uncle and his paintings… large canvases with horses and scenes from Kentucky. I always admired his ability to capture light and color that felt impressionistic up close but clearly defined from a short viewing distance. My aunt said he painted cityscapes on the cabinets of their first house (she’s looking for photos of those.)

She sent me home with a fresh batch of homemade cinnamon muffins with chunks of apple. They are other-worldly good. Seriously better than anything I’ve had from a bakery. Next time I’m coming over early because I want to see whatever magic goes into making them if she’ll share her secret.

Jack’s cabinets, Cincinnati house

Jack’s cabinets, The Louisville house

#AuntApril #dog #Jack #Mac

blue terrier on rug in living room
An aunt and her nephew pose for a photo that is terribly out of focus
IT News
2 months ago

2023 Halloween Hackfest: Musical Jack-o-Lanterns Harmonize for Halloween - Halloween is many things to many people. For some, it’s a chance to dress up and l... - #jack-o-lanterns #musicalpumpkin #holidayhacks #pumpkin #rgbleds #leds

2 months ago

That's what happens nowadays with people working on computers. They can so easily fix things with their mouse and take out all the, 'Oh, somebody coughed in the background we need to take that out' - or somebody hit a bad note. Those are all the best moments.

#quote #Jack White

2 months ago

Ich glaube der Herr Untermieter hat auch den Wetterbericht gesehen und nutzt jetzt nochmal extra ausgiebig die letzten Sonnenstunden.
Zumindest döst er schon seit Stunden in der Sonne rum.

#jack #jetzt #neverendingsummer #catsofmastodon

2 months ago

@endolexis @digitalcourage Was bindet Dich denn so sehr an #Reaper? Ich habe neben #AbletonLive, #Cubase und #ProTools auch schon mal damit gearbeitet. Bei @ardour habe ich in meinem Workflow keine wesentlichen Funktionen vermisst. Dafür habe kann ich über #JACK aber viele weitere Tools wie bspw. die #HydrogenAdvancedDrumMachine oder #Jamulus nutzen und kann den Sound dadurch auch außerhalb meiner #DAW (automatisiert) verarbeiten.

M Schommer
2 months ago

@ViolaB @pallenberg …und die ganze Welt würde sich fragen, wie wenig die Autos von Tesla taugen, wenn selbst der Chef nicht zu seinem Produkt steht.
Also: Wie toll ist Bluesky, wenn selbst #Jack es nicht benutzt?

M Schommer
2 months ago

@pallenberg Gab es da nicht neulich auch eine Meldung, dass #Jack seinen Bluesky-Account schon wieder gelöscht hat?

with the whole #elonmusk sheriff #cosplay at the border, there seems to be a further wave of folks trying to leave #twitter. but as far as i can guess, #mastodon and the #fediverse do not benefit that much this time, as many of those leading the debate seem to take a closer look at #bsky

as i know our #community, most wont bother, but i think it is something of some concern.

#jack #jackdorsey #dorsey #musk #socialmedia #mastodon #fediverse


jack dorsey points finger
text: tell me your erdös-number (erdös crossed out; dorsey written underneath)
and i'll tell you when you will join
2 months ago

@MattBinder I never thought I’d miss guru #jack so much. Endless childish #elonmusk agitprop.

(((o))) Acoustic Mirror
2 months ago

And hey-ho, @ubuntustudio 23.10 Beta has been released.

As per the release notes, there are improvements to #Pipewire's #JACK support and the #UbuntuStudio Installer.

Get that thread rollin'.

Ubuntu Studio 23.10 Beta announcement banner. We see the Ubuntu Studio logo on a wallpaper in the line of the official Mantic Minotaur wallpaper, and the text:

"Ubuntu Studio
23.10 Beta
Mantic Minotaur"
nixCraft 🐧
4 months ago

Jack is 100% sabotaging Twitter/X. LOL. This is a brilliant move from Jack to promote BlueSky or Mastodon. Please don't remove the block function. It avoids harassment, scam, and spam. I blocked 100s of accounts. It is essential function. #twitter #birdsite #elonmusk #jack

The platform's owner, Elon Musk, announced plans to do away with X's block feature in a series of posts on Friday. The owner said blocking "makes no sense." In the post, he noted that capabilities of the feature will be stripped down to only being able to block another user from sending direct messages. JACK former CEO and founder of Twitter supporting this move .
Babs E. Blue
4 months ago

I just have to say...these re-enactments and memes of the #MontgomeryBrawl are the laughter much needed the last few days!!

I'm team #Jack for the #TrumpIndictments and I'm definitely #TeamBlack in the #MontgomeryBrawl....taught those hillbilly ass boys a lesson😂
Update: Good👉🏼 Arrest warrants have been issued for the four individuals who attacked a Black dock worker in Montgomery, Alabama

Drawing from of the beginning of the #MontgomeryBrawl posted by @notcapnamerica on bird site...dont' know who drew it.
David Gerhart
4 months ago


Am taking some comfort in recognizing the quality of the #DOJ effort, culminating in such a well thought through doc. (The #indictment itself.) Composition and clarity were objectives, obviously. Knows his: Audience.

J6 group did much to clearly frame the crimes ... #Jack distilled the outline condensing the possibles to provables.

Some heroes in this mix. Villains always bring them forward.

Good to be American right now...

4 months ago


Ютуб подкинул мне отличное вводное видео на русском языке:

#linux #audio #jack #reaper #guitar #tutorial

Allan Parker, president of the far right Christian Nationalist
organization #Justice #Foundation, urged lawmakers to introduce resolutions declaring the month of June to be “Christian History Month.”

Parker’s comments make it clear that religious-right leaders would use any state-designated “Christian History Month” as an official vehicle for promoting false and exclusionary #Christian #nationalist versions of American history, the kind promoted relentlessly by right-wing activists like #David #Barton, his son #Tim, and pastors like #Jackson #Lahmeyer and #Jack #Hibbs.
The National Association of Christian Lawmakers #NACL was founded by unabashed Christian nationalist and former Arkansas state senator #Jason #Rapert, who is quite open about his intention to do everything that he can to ensure that Christians who share his far-right worldview “take authority” over every aspect of this nation.

No, Elon and Jack are not “competitors.” They’re collaborating

This must have been what
#jack meant by saying he trusted Elon's "singular" mission to "extend the light of consciousness."


Elon is hiding the cap table for X Corp. He doesn’t want anyone to know who owns it. But we know, at minimum, besides Elon, Qataris, Saudis, Jack Dorsey are shareholders. Who else? It’s under seal. 95 line items. 🤔

Prosecutor connected to Jan. 6 probe takes on lawyer for tech companies in mystery appeals court fight

- #Ari #Holtzblatt, an attorney with the high-powered firm WilmerHale — who has most recently represented #Twitter, #Google and #Meta — argued against Justice Department trial attorney #James #Pearce, according to filings lodged with the federal D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Holtzblatt has most frequently represented Twitter in recent months, including in a Supreme Court case in February that resulted in a significant victory for the social media company earlier this week.

Pearce is among the DOJ prosecutors working closely with special counsel #Jack #Smith’s team.

5 months ago

Twitter refugees coming onto Mastodon to ask for a #BlueSky invite.

Sure, sure, let me get you back to the guy who dicked you over. (#Jack)

Amadeus Paulussen
6 months ago

#pipewire or #jack for #linuxaudio #musicproduction? For me = PipeWire with WirePlumber. 🤓

Adrien Rahier
6 months ago

ps: Note that this thread is a republication from my original thread on the bird site

Now, you might be curious about why I'm republishing it:

Because I've got a new highlight!

Look what I bought yesterday: a Hunt's a Son deck from c1830 which introduced this very error.

Quite nice looking, isn't it? 😀

#playingcards #vintage #antique #history #king #jack

hunts and son c1830
Oregon Animal Lover
6 months ago

Did anyone else gasp when they saw the video of Jack Smith walking down the street today? Oh, he's wearing a beard! Oh, he looks awfully thin!

I think he's my hero. I can't help it.🤩

#jack #trump #trumpindictment #politics #uspolitics #News

6 months ago

#Jack endorsed a man that #Elon hosted on #Twitter. How much more obvious does it have to be?!

Jack is a fascist too. Start behaving and treating him accordingly.

Question EVERYTHING about #Bluesky.

Elon = Twitter
Jack = Bluesky

6 months ago

#Jack confirms what I have believed for a long time: He is no different than #Elon.

6 months ago

@profcarroll @KatM @echanda #jack does know extremism and inauthentic clickbait networks increase attention and engagement. He’s employed it for #pr. #bluesky #bsky

7 months ago

digging into commandline parameters regarding mundane (emulating) #retrocomputing on #qemu (kvm) is quite rewarding. -vga cirrus and -device usb-ehci+usb-kbd+usb-tablet make Win2k/XP-VMs a breeze even on very moderate low-end hw.

Soundcard emulation for that era seems solid.

Now it needs callback-based audio backend #jack to timecapsulewarp into a fully contained #jeskola #buzz 💕 session*!
aww buzzz …
… sigh, it could be easy when debian had qemu-jack :( it has'nt. but worth a TIL, l8r

7 months ago

@ct_bergstrom either #Jack is an idiot or he’s trying to get some free #PR and we’re the idiots

7 months ago

#Bluesky #Jack
In the end a platform is not about the technology, it is about the people running the show and the users. Jack is an idiot.

Billionaires and their little black hat information warfare ops, am I right? 
ICYMI @Jack is getting ratio'd on #bluesky for promoting anti- vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jr in what looks very much like another Julian Assange astroturfing operation.
KBSez ✅
8 months ago

I Got My BlueSky Invite

Ok. Got the invite and signed up. Followed some people, found that people aren’t using #Hashtags like they should (yet?) and the app seems smooth.

My big issue is that this is from Jack who helped fund and supported Musk’s take over of Twitter so there’s no guarantee he won’t f-ck us all over again and protect the scumbags he protected on Twitter.

Anywho— I’m on there looking around. I’m @ kbsez over there too. Say hi.

#BlueSky #twitter #jack

👑 Kingsley :mastodon:
9 months ago

🤔 🙄 Why is it a pity party with #Trump? All he has is grievances. He stay mentioning Obama and Biden but they didn't broke the law. He is such a bitch.

Donald Trump: “Mad dog psycho prosecutor #Jack #Smith...should stop this witch hunt altogether, or at a minimum, should give #Biden, #Obama, and everybody else the same treatment as they give me.” - RA

🐦 🔗 :


Kevin Russell
9 months ago


Pardon me while my body convulses trying to make its mind whether to laugh my head off or puke my guts out.

Old twitter founder we all once tweeted to as "@jack" opens a new billionaire owned twitter called blusky, and I laugh while returning my lunch.

#twitter #mastodon #jack #barffuny

It’s a Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon (tragopogon pratensis). Funny name for a beautiful flower!

#photography #nature #AYearForArt
#blackwhite #contrast #Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon #flower

10 months ago

How to stream your #bitwig or other #daw while using #windows - get #opensource #jack :)

10 months ago

I managed to configure #obs to stream #bitwig using #obs with the help of #jack and #asio4all. I realized that I am using windows mostly trying to mimic #linux...

Inspired by @polarity I will be learning a bit of #grid today, but I do not recommend anyone to watch it haha

Jim Stewartson :toad:
1 year ago

On the bright side, #Elmo and #Jack are having a spat I guess?

If this wasn’t such a serious subject it would be entirely comical. While #Twitter wasn’t perfect about CSAM, it wasn’t a rampant problem to my knowledge.

OTOH, Musk literally just fired the entire team that worked on child protection, leaving it almost entirely unmoderated. And the Trust and Safety Council are all quitting over it.

Children should not be responsible for the safety of children. Look at this shit.

5:58 PM Fri Dec 9 Tweet Elon Musk & @elonmusk • 7h It is a crime that they refused to take action on child exploitation for years! 
jack & @jack • 6h this is false. 
Elon Musk & @elonmusk • 5h No, it is not. When Ella Irwin, who now runs Trust & Safety, joined Twitter earlier this year, almost no one was working on child safety. She raised this with Ned & Parag, but they rejected her staffing request. made it top priority immediately. @ellagirwin 
 jack @jack Replying to @elonmusk @Cernovich and 4 others I don't know what happened in past year. But to say we didn't take action for years isn't true. You can make all my emails public to verify. Company took away my access to email or would. 1:52 PM • 12/9/22 • Twitter for iPhone
2 years ago

#linuxtablet #linuxaudio The state of #jack inter-app audio is alive and well, and there are many supportive users requesting it for current linux audio apps. However, according to something I read about Paul Davis recently, the main reason he turned the JACK project over to others is because DAWs on Linux now support plugins (LV2, VST, etc), and he felt that JACK’s usefulness was reduced due to the popularity of plugins. That may or may not turn out to be true. I’ll have to watch and see.

2 years ago

#linuxtablet #linuxaudio So to sum everything up thus far, #pipewire replaces #jack, and #nsm manages the applications in the pro audio session. #Agordejo is the recommended GUI interface for NSM. There seems to be several JACK graph based patch panel apps that can be used to make the actual jack connections between the audio apps, prior to saving the whole session with Agordejo. I’m not clear yet on which is the recommended or the best of the lot.

2 years ago

#linuxtablet #linuxaudio One thing I learned is that pipewire’s concept of what a session is and does is different from JACK’s concept. #wireplumber, the current #pipewire session manager does not include the ability to save and restore audio applications (along with their jack connections. This is the whole point of #jack session management—to easily come back to a project later and not have to hook everything up again before starting to work on a project.

2 years ago

#linuxtablet #linuxaudio I’ve been studying pipewire (with emphasis on its uses within the realm of Linux Pro Audio) to see if it offers any relevance in the post “host as session manager” linux audio world.

As a quick refresher, Jack Audio Connection Kit ( #jack ) was created as a form of low latency inter-app audio&midi communication. This, along with JACK session management, was the original foundation of Linux pro audio—prior to the existence of audio DAWs that host VST or LV2 plugins.