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Added new RAW MANGA «THE ファイター 第01-02巻 [The Fighter vol 01-02]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «それでも僕らはヤってない 第01-11巻 [Soredemo Bokura wa Yattenai vol 01-11]»

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#yokai #yurei #mythology #folklore #HyakkiYagyo
Of the gazillions of stories that exist, I feel very strongly about the #Japanese ideal of the Hyakki Yagyo "The Night Parade of 100 Demons"exemplifying the Spirit World. Essentially, spirits of all shapes and sizes✔️ Having fun/ partying together ✔️ Devoid of human ethical concerns ✔️ (because they're divine of course) Using magical powers ✔️ & changing shape✔️ (watch Pom Poko)
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Added new RAW MANGA «涼宮ハルヒちゃんの憂鬱 第01-12巻 [Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu vol 01-12]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «ソードガイ ヱヴォルヴ 第01巻 [Sword Gai Evolve vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «賭博師は祈らない 第01-03巻 [Tobakushi wa Inoranai vol 01-03]»

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Kanji of the Day
3 hours ago

Kanji: 畏

fear, majestic, graciously, be apprehensive

おそ.れる かしこま.る かしこ かしこ.し

畏敬 (いけい) — reverence
畏怖 (いふ) — awe
畏れ (おそれ) — fear
畏縮 (いしゅく) — wincing
畏友 (いゆう) — one's esteemed friend
畏れ多い (おそれおおい) — awesome
神を畏れる (かみをおそれる) — to fear God
畏服 (いふく) — awe
畏懼 (いく) — reverence
畏怖嫌厭 (いふけんえん) — feelings of dread and aversion

✍ 9
🏫 中学

#kanji #japanese
4 hours ago
Japanned Steve McCarty
5 hours ago

NEW Deep in Japan podcast "KUKAI THE UNIVERSAL with Professor Steve McCarty" on the life and times of Japan's great saint Kūkai, Esoteric Buddhism, and Zen. I discuss the book in terms of East Asian history, language education, and translation issues including voice. My philosophy is expressed as well, so comments would be much appreciated. Listen at
(or find it at Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc.).

More multimedia at
or publications on Japan at

#podcast #podcasting #Japan #India #China #Asia #Buddhism #religion #religions #philosophy #history #Tang #Nara #Heian #East Asia #AsianReligions #AsianHistory #language #languages #translation #voice #Sanskrit #Chinese #Japanese #JapaneseBuddhism #Zen
@religion @histodons @linguistics @philosophy
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Added new RAW MANGA «乙女の放課後 第01巻 [Otome no Hokago vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «活撃 刀剣乱舞 第01巻 [Katsugeki Token Ranbu vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «君と僕のホールシェア 第01巻 [Kimi to Boku no Horu Shea vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «恋するはぐるま 第01巻 [Koisuru Haguru ma vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «シスコン兄とブラコン妹が正直になったら 第01巻 [Shisukon Ani to Burakon Imoto ga Shojiki ni Nattara vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «僕だって、キスしたい。 第01巻 [Boku datte Kiss Shitai vol 01]»

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Added new ARTBOOK «[Artbook] ワンピース ONE PIECE 尾田栄一郎画集 COLOR WALK 1-7»

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インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
7 hours ago

Daikon and I will be #streaming #HappyHour tonight from 9PM JST! The show is a #Japanese and English bilingual stream introducing some cool #indiegames we found. Come hang out and find new stuff to play!

Terry Wallwork
8 hours ago

Hmm discovered that 右脇[みぎわき] is in my dictionary but 左脇 doesn't seem to be.

Can I read 左脇 as ひだりわき?

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture
9 hours ago
10 hours ago

nagame scene, view, prospect, outlook, 眺め

Nagame no yoi heya o onegaishimasu.
I'd like a room with a good view. #japanese

11 hours ago

tomadou be bewildered, be perplexed, 戸惑う

Shikashi, dōshite sō naru no ka ni tsuite wa watashi wa setsumei ni tomadou.
But how that comes about I am at a loss to explain. #japanese
11 hours ago

Added new RAW MANGA «ご主人様はお医者様 第01、03巻 [Goshujinsama wa Oishasama vol 01、03]»

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Added new ARTBOOK «[Artbook] Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Animation Illust Works -ReSTART-»

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Added new RAW NOVEL «[Novel] 転生太閤記 ~現代知識で戦国の世を無双する~ 第01-02巻 [Tensei Taikoki Gendai Chishiki de Sengoku no yo o Muso Suru vol 01-02]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «合体アイドル! スノウちゃん 第01巻 [Gattai Aidoru! Sunochan vol 01]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «スライムドーン!! 第01巻 [Slime Dawn vol 01]»

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Added new RAW NOVEL «[Novel] 前略、初恋の彼女が生き返りました。 [Zenryaku Hatsukoi no Kanojo ga Ikikaerimashita]»

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Added new RAW MANGA «君が死なない日のごはん 第01-03巻 [Kimi ga Shinanai hi no Gohan vol 01-03]»

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Terry Wallwork
14 hours ago

Fugaku Supercomputer to Train AI Tech in Japanese | JAPAN Forward

>AI chatbots like ChatGPT are mainly trained on English text. Their responses are more likely to be inaccurate or incorrect when prompted in Japanese.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #AI #JapaneseAi
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Added new RAW NOVEL «[Novel] 拝啓、十年後の君へ。 [Haikei Junengo no Kimi e]»

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Added new RAW NOVEL «[Novel] 七月のテロメアが尽きるまで [Shichigatsu no Teromea ga Tsukiru Made]»

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Added new RAW NOVEL «[Novel] 司書と王女の世界大戦 アイリス王国再興記 [Shisho to ojo no Shatoranji Airisu Okoku Saikoki]»

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17 hours ago

Bit of a fancy #dinner tonight - just because.
Half #Japanese homemade and other #Korean panchan + wasabi microgreens via HMart from last week's trip.
+ #Lamb & rice.
The Korean pickled shiso leaves (package said sesame, but these were green shiso) were a terrific side.

#Food #Cooking

Korean pickled shiso leaves, panchan of dried Pollock, grated daikon with soy, kinpira - each in a small dish
Plate with lamb, rice and a number of side dishes around them on a plate
17 hours ago

#Japanese #Cooking gobo (burdock root) with carrot - (the 2 burdock roots after peeling and trimming hard tops came to 215 g and the single carrot not too huge was 78 g)

Sesame oil, stir in the gobo, then carrot wilt, add a bit of sugar, mix, then deglaze with sake then a splash (Tbsp) of dashi and finally soy and mix and cool a bit then good shichimi togarashi (last of my stash!)
Sesame seeds at service

Terrific recipe & directions (as always) from Elizabeth Andoh

Shavings of gobo and carrot in a pan
Shavings of gobo and carrot in a pan, a bit dark from soy sauce
A small tin of Japanese shichimi togarashi in a hand
Kinpira in a small white bowl with a bit of toasted sesame seeds
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
17 hours ago

While learning the #Japanese syllabary, I realized that it sounds a lot like the #Spanish syllabary. The Japanese vowels (あ,い,う,え, and お) sound like their Spanish counterparts (a, i, u, e, and o). Even the Japanese "r" sounds almost like the Spanish "r" (not the rolled r, e.g. "rr").


21 hours ago

BE:FIRST / Message -Live from BE:FIRST 1st One Man Tour "BE:1" 2022-2023-
#BEFIRST #Message #Music #jpop #japan #japanese #idol

Terry Wallwork
1 day ago

Sentence Mining: How to Learn Japanese in Context - Unseen Japan

>Have your Japanese studies gotten tired and boring? Maybe it's the way you're studying. How sentence mining can break you out of your rut.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #UnseenJapan #SentenceMining

Kanji of the Day
1 day ago

Kanji: 輪

wheel, ring, circle, link, loop, counter for wheels and flowers


五輪 (ごりん) — Olympic Games
指輪 (ゆびわ) — ring
三輪 (さんりん) — three wheels
輪郭 (りんかく) — contour
車輪 (しゃりん) — wheel
競輪 (けいりん) — keirin
婚約指輪 (こんやくゆびわ) — engagement ring
輪切り (わぎり) — cutting in round slices
大輪 (たいりん) — large-flowered
結婚指輪 (けっこんゆびわ) — wedding ring

✍ 15
🏫 小4

#kanji #japanese

1 day ago

#japanese next up on the reading list!! I know next to nothing about yokai, and reading the smaller one "The Book of Yokai" by Foster, has already highlighted that there was so much more to know than I thought!! 😄

Two books--the large one on the left is an illustrated book of yokai by Paolo Linetti, and the smaller one on the right is The Book of Yokai by Michael Dylan Foster. The two books are photographed against a burnt orange fabric background.
Jan Manus Leupert (マヌス)
1 day ago

Now reading:



(さとう きわむ, Satō Kiwamu)

#Japanese #literature #books #bookstodon
#日本語 #日本文学 #読書

Cover of the Japanese book ‘Tezcatlipoca’ by Satō Kiwamu
Dr Pink
1 day ago

#LGBTQ #Japanese #Wikipedia deletion alert

この LGBTQ 関連の (#日本語) 版ウィキペディアの記事が削除されるのを防げますか?

亀井摩周 (ja)

* 亀井 摩周(かめい ましゅう、1978年(昭和53年)5月11日 - )は、日本の起業家・ジュガ開発者・ボディデザイナー、アメリカの鍼灸医。
* (en-auto) Mashu Kamei (亀井 摩周, Kamei Mashu, born May 11, 1978) is a Japan entrepreneur, Juga developer, body designer, and American acupuncturist.

#神奈川県出身の人物 #日本出身のLGBTの人物 #ハワイ州の人物 #削除依頼中のページ #LGBTQ

Terry Wallwork
2 days ago

Tips for Using the Japanese Word の and What It Means

>The Japanese word の does a lot of work! Here are the most common ways you'll use it.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

Terry Wallwork
2 days ago

世界に一つだけ!アジサイかまぼこ【トレンドふくおか】【アサデス。】 - YouTube

>この時期ならではの紫陽花(あじさい)グルメを紹介します。今回は、世界に一つだけのアジサイかまぼこ(季節限定)です。(2023/6/7 OA)#アサデス#トレンドふくおか

#Japanese #日本語 #英語
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #紫陽花 #アジサイ #紫陽花 #BigleafHydrangea #紫陽花科 #Hydrangeas #JapaneseSweets #Sweets #Flowers #和食

Russell Neches
2 days ago

Did my self-introduction at faculty meeting today. I think I sounded like a kindergardener who'd just been unceremoniously dragged off the playground, but I got a big applause and then 日本語上手'ed vigorously afterward. Normally I feel a little awkward when people say that to me, but this time it just felt supportive. I really need to focus more on speaking, but I always feel like I'm wasting everyone's time! #japanese

Terry Wallwork
2 days ago

The Japanese particle “ga”: What it's for and when to use it (and not “wa”) - 80/20 Japanese

>The particle “ga”「が」 is probably one of the most misunderstood due to its apparent similarities to the particle “wa”「は」.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

2 days ago
高橋メアリージュンに10の質問!あなたはどちら派?「10 Questions with MARYJUN TAKAHASHI」#rapidfire #10questions #voguejapan
2 days ago

hyōjun standard, level, norm, 標準

Kono shatsu wa hyōjun saizuda.
This shirt is the standard size. #japanese

Terry Wallwork
3 days ago

Kids get the best books.

絵本 『言葉に出して伝えたい「だいすき」おにいちゃんになったロコ』 中京テレビアナウンサー阿部 芳美 - YouTube



#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #絵本

Midnight Eye
3 days ago

Inn of Evil 1971 ‘いのちぼうにふろう’
Directed by Masaki Kobayashi
Tatsuya Nakadai, Komaki Kurihara, Wakako Sakai, Shintaro Katsu

The story takes place in feudal #Japan, when any commerce with the rest of the world was strictly prohibited. An idealist suddenly appears in an isolated inn (the one that the title refers to), the head-quarters of a group of smugglers, with stolen money intended to ransom his loved one who is forced to work in a brothel. #Japanese #Cinema #Japanfilm #Movie #Asia #Movie

Japanese movie poster
Kanji of the Day
3 days ago

Kanji: 駄

burdensome, pack horse, horse load, send by horse, trivial, worthless

ダ タ

無駄 (むだ) — futility
駄目 (だめ) — no good
無駄遣い (むだづかい) — waste (of money, time, etc.)
駄作 (ださく) — poor piece of work
駄菓子屋 (だがしや) — small-time candy store
下駄 (げた) — geta
駄菓子 (だがし) — penny candy
無駄使い (むだづかい) — waste (of money, time, etc.)
無駄にしない (むだにしない) — make good use of
無駄を省く (むだをはぶく) — to eliminate waste

✍ 14
🏫 中学

#kanji #japanese

4 days ago

#introduction #introductions Hi, I am Takky! I am an #akita #inu from the UK who actually speaks #Japanese! I am technically a #greymuzzle ? seen as I turned 30 this year. I sometimes go to the #manchester meets, #club #animalz however I have been all around the country including #leeds, #york and many moons ago #Londonfurmeets #LFM

Hobbies include #gaming, #reading (especially if it's #kyellgold) and tinkering around with #tech things occasionally. I recently got an #iMac #Mini with the M2 chip and I am enjoying it! However, do also have #Windows and #Linux. I use #PopOS at the moment.

I am also a massive #visualnovel #VN nut and am reading so many of them I can't keep track. Luckily is useful in this!

I also read #doujinshi

Personal stuff: I am #LGBTQ and used to identify myself as #gay, however now I'm not so much bothered with labels and expectations around them. My #pronouns are #they / #them and I was #AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth). I identify as #agender

4 days ago

P2 - I also speak #Japanese and lived in #tokyo for a year. My first degree was #linguistics with Japanese.

First degree earned in 2015 at #Newcastle University, still finishing my current mental health nursing degree at #Sunderland after taking a year off due to a bereavement and mental health issues. Possibly #neurodiverse ? I need to get on my GP to get a diagnosis at age 30 though and I'm a bit afraid to do that!

4 days ago

A quick #Japanese side sunomono
1:1 rice wine vinegar, soy, bit of sugar [3 tsp approx for ≤
< ¼ cup each vinegar,], 1 clove of garlic quick chopped, added to vinegar, soy then cross sliced (mini) #cucumbers added Fresh toasted sesame seeds ftw

& Sautéed mushrooms, carrots, snow peas and baby corn (don't see that too often, so grabbed them - soo tasty these!) - mostly vegetarian, but seasoned with a bit of the gel from the bag of the sous vide chicken*


#Food #Cooking

Top view of a rectangular glass dish with cross slices of small cucumbers in a dark soy sauce and scattered over with brown toasted sesame seeds
Slices of mushrooms, small pieces of carrots, snow peas and baby corn, all in a pan
Midnight Eye
4 days ago

FM89.3MHz 2007
Directed by Yutaka Ogi
Hitoshi Ozawa, Hiroko Isayama, Chihiro Asakawa

Okawa Family’s #yakuza, Junji, is released from prison, and is told to take over a local radio station by his boss #Japanese #Cinema #VCinema #Asianmovie #Japanfilm #Movie

Japanese movie poster showing Hitoshi Ozawa with sunglasses in front of a microphone
Kanji of the Day
4 days ago

Kanji: 究

research, study

キュウ ク

研究 (けんきゅう) — study
研究所 (けんきゅうしょ) — research establishment
研究者 (けんきゅうしゃ) — researcher
研究会 (けんきゅうかい) — research society
研究科 (けんきゅうか) — postgraduate course
研究員 (けんきゅういん) — researcher
研究開発 (けんきゅうかいはつ) — research and development
究極 (きゅうきょく) — ultimate
研究室 (けんきゅうしつ) — laboratory
研究家 (けんきゅうか) — researcher

✍ 7
🏫 小3

#kanji #japanese

Carrie Shanafelt
4 days ago

I forget who on here recommended Wanikani for learning kanji, but I'm 5 months in now, doing lessons every day, on level 18 of 60. I quit Duolingo, which was pretty useless for Japanese because I didn't understand why kanji were pronounced so many different ways. (Their Chinese program is decent! I wish there was more of it, but it actually does teach useful things.) WK is not useful for everyone, but for me, it's nice as someone who wants to be able to read. #wanikani #japanese

Colored boxes labeled:
106 Apprentice
424 Guru
630 Master
1713 Enlightened
0 Burned


I never done egi-ing (Japanese English, I guess 🤔), but it must be fun 🤩
Yes, a lot of inexpensive Japanese stuff are very expensive also in the US 😐

#Japanese #Fishing #Squid #Calamari

Terry Wallwork
4 days ago

Grass train tracks.....

【路上感撮】緑のじゅうたんの上をガタンゴトン 東急世田谷線 - 産経ニュース


#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

Healthy looking Japanese ginger (Myoga) growing in my backyard 😊 thinking about new recipes for summer condiments 😉🌴

#Japan #Japanese #Ginger #condiments #Plant #Yard #Myoga #Backyard

Terry Wallwork
4 days ago

Exploring Japan’s Historical Landmarks and Shrines in the Middle of Streets | Spoon & Tamago

>If you've ever driven in Japan you may have come across an unfamiliar scene: a small shrine right in the middle of the road. Sometimes the road curves to one side to avoid the shrine and give it some space.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

Terry Wallwork
4 days ago

And today's English translation of a Japanese sentence that's close to the Japanese but still valid English is:


'Moth' is among the insects of type Lepidoptera, a generic term excluding things classified as butterflies.

I really want to definite article to The Moth but, I'm not sure a definition sentence technically needs. Anyone knows let me know.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

Terry Wallwork
4 days ago

I was searching for the meaning for 雀[すずめ]: Sparrow.

My Daijisen 大辞泉 dictionary says not to use the kanji, only the reading.

But my Jim Breen Dictionary datafile based dictionary does not indicate kana only (uk).

So knowledgeable Japanese language people how is it written generally.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

🍿 Last night I was watching the #Japanese tv mini series “The Days” about the #Fukushima #nuclear #disaster back in 2011.

The thing that surprised me the most, was the almost complete lack of women — let alone women with any significant dialogue — in the series. While I didn't do a formal tally, I estimate that more than 90% (perhaps even more than 95%) of the actors were male. And did any of the astonishingly few female actors even have a lead?

I sincerely hope that women play more prominent roles in today's #Japan. 🇯🇵


/cc [ #Daiichi ]


Here's a link to Cris Williamson singing “One Thousand Cranes” (those who have watched the series will know why it's relevant here):

Ryan Baumann
5 days ago

wow, this is an incredible resource for #Japanese grammar:

Art of Zod
5 days ago

At Marugame Udon again, chicken katsu curry with chillis, pickled ginger and spring onion, with rail strikes in London, its not held me back!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b

Can not get enough!

#foodphotography #foodlover #foodporn #photography #japanese #katsu #london #travel

chicken katsu curry with chillis, pickled ginger and spring onion
Terry Wallwork
5 days ago
5 days ago

2023, 03 juin

J'ai modifié les cartes #anki que je crée pour le vocabulaire que je trouve dans Monster, le manga de Naoki Urasawa et dans les cours du Genki.
Voici les nouvelles. La seule différence entre les deux réside dans le fait que le vocabulaire tiré de Monster n'a pas de fichiers son.

Monster :

#anki #books #japanese #japaneseBook #japaneseStudy #japaneseTranslation #japonais #learningJapanese #manga #日本語 #日本語の勉強 #日本語の語彙

In my local library I stumbled upon "Een regenjasje voor het aapje" ("A raincoat for the monkey") -- a Dutch translation of Sarumino, a book of Japanese poetry written by haiku-poet Basho and his pupils.
More info here:

#haiku #renga #japanese #poetry

Terry Wallwork
6 days ago

Now I am hungry。。。。

【行列店】パワフル母さんの手作り!街で愛される弁当店『every.特集』 - YouTube


#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

6 days ago


For me, both versions remain equally(!) plausible for the time being. The #AIP is yet another strong case in point, apart from semantics (have worked in #marcom, would've called in "the extraction team" for this major blunder.)

As long as there are no new pieces of information, I use a #Japanese strategy: compartmentalize.

I do agree that the focus should be on the rather indisputable issues.
We do not need a consensus at this time.
Scenarios are good enough, IMHO.

Randy Resnick
1 week ago

Salads and dressings?
I love several of these recipes but my favorite is the sesame dressing:

#Cooking #Food #Japanese

Jason Nabein
1 week ago

This is the blog I got the initial two images from. 最初の2枚の画像はこのブログから入手しました。

This blog owner, 武田俊哉 (TAKEDA, toshiya) has written some interesting vintage/retro PC emulators as well. このブログのオーナーである武田俊哉(TAKEDA, toshiya)さんは、ビンテージ/レトロPCエミュレータについても興味深いことを書いています。

#source #retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers #日本

Jason Nabein
1 week ago

In 1986, #YKK Global (famous Japanese zipper+ maker) created their own PC system: FACE16. I've been trying to find more info on this system online, but to no avail.

I've found photos from one Japanese blog, with no replies from the blog owner. I've also gotten information back from YKK Global, but it was relatively generic ("standard parts... office use")...

I appreciate any info on this, thanks!

#retrocomputing #retroPC #retro #japan #jp #japanese #info #retrogaming #computing #computers

A beige coloured, rectangular
From right to left, the top details:
Two 3.5" Floppy disk slots, A and B
FACE16 is detailed on the front in text
A power button

From right to left, the bottom details:
Micro Computer
YKK (raised letter logo)
LED Activity/Power light
RJ-11? port
A beige coloured, rectangular shaped computer.

From Top to bottom, right to left, system port details:

Slot 3, covered
Slot 2, covered
Slot 1, open with HARD DISK SCSI? connection port, SIO = 0, SIO = 1
Slot 0, open with S, RUN LED lights; RESET button or switch?; SIO = 0, SIO = 1

Ground pin; Color video monitor input which appears to be a 7 pin DIN?; B/W video monitor input with similar inputs; SW0 (some kind of circular dial with dates?); SW1, set of dip switches

Further, a set of system identification/usage information. For brevity, skipping the Japanese text:
AC100V 50/60Hz
CA8911091 (Serial Number?)

Finally, AC IN, with three AC OUT plugs above.
A blurry close up of the FACE 16 system setup and powered on. This photo was taken at the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan. The system is shown with a standard CRT style monitor, 13-14", green LED for power and two dials under the monitor. 

The screen shows some kind of software on display, with a blue background and text shown, and some visual imagery of the system components.

Underneath the monitor is the FACE16 system itself, however it looks different than the previous images shown in this Mastodon post; 
This system has two 3.5" floppy disk drives, stacked on top instead of beside each other. Two LEDs, one RED, one unlit. Power button on the bottom left of the system.

A keyboard is shown but details such as layout and design are not visible. It appears somewhat low profile.
1986 - YKK 製 コ ン ピ ュ ー タ ー(FACE①⑥) の 開 発 ・ 生 産 ・ 販 売.

YKK Develops it's own Computer

Photo of a rectangular computer with a monitor on top of it, and a keyboard in front of it.

This is a photo taken of the YKK company timeline infographic found in the YKK Center Park in Toyama, Japan.
Kevin :ve:
2 weeks ago

Yesterday I participated in the first round of the national amateur #Japanese #sake tasting competition in #Nakano (the one in #Nagano ). It was my first experience at this.

There were twenty competitors and we tasted 7 different sakes twice and had to match them. I was the only non-Japanese.

Surprisingly, I got a perfect score and won first place.

Next round I need to go to #NaganoPrefecture championships. The winner there goes to the nationals.

#Japan #ricewine #tastingcompetition

Little plastic cups of Japanese rice wine on a yellow paper for a tasting competition.
Three winners of the Nakano city sake tasting competition standing in a line with their prizes.
2 weeks ago

I'm noticing a certain fascination with destruction in the #Japanese language…

And with the exception of one or two, most of them are apocalyptic: extermination, total destruction, collapse, annihilation… 😅


絶滅 extinction; extermination
破壊 destruction; disruption
壊滅 destruction; annihilation; devastation; catastrophe
破棄 tearing up and discarding (e.g. documents); destruction
荒廃 ruin; destruction; devastation; waste; decay
倒壊 destruction; collapse; crumbling
破滅 ruin; destruction; fall
退治 extermination (e.g. of pests, demons, bandits); elimination; eradication; destruction; suppression
滅亡 downfall; ruin; collapse; destruction
全滅 annihilation; total destruction; complete destruction; crushing defeat
撲滅 eradication; extermination; destruction; suppression
駆除 extermination (esp. pests); expulsion; destruction
取り壊し demolition; pulling down; destruction; dismantling
駆逐 extermination; expulsion; destruction
死滅 extinction; annihilation; destruction
毀棄 destruction; demolition; damage
滅失 destruction; ruination
撃滅 destruction; annihilation; extermination
損壊 damage; destruction
隠滅 destruction (esp. of evidence); spoliation; suppression
Vincent Buller 🌻
2 weeks ago

@schoppenaas #Japanese Market today organized by the Sieboldhuis, so a visit to the Japanese garden in the hortus was a must!

Fedor Indutny
2 weeks ago

日本語の勉強 update. Got myself a few mangas in #Japanese. I can hardly read Dimension W since it doesn’t have furigana and uses quite complicated (if common) vocabulary. Demon Slayer (鬼滅の刃) on the other hand is much easier to read after a couple of months of studying grammar and vocabulary. I feel like I can understand most of what is being said, and furigana helps lookup anything that I don't currently know. I wonder in how many months it will become effortless to read it?

Terry Wallwork
2 weeks ago

Odd sentence translation of the day:

Jp Sent: そっか、女子力が足りないんだと思う。
En Sent: Oh, I think my womanly powers are not sufficient.

Image AI generated from sentence.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #Translation #Ai #Craiyon

Odd sentence translation of the day:

Jp Sent: そっか、女子力が足りないんだと思う。
En Sent: Oh, I think my womanly powers are not sufficient.

Image AI generated from sentence.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish  
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture #Translation #Ai #Craiyon
2 weeks ago

A #Japanese friend brought these Nattos (2nd pic) from #Japan and TIL what we in #Nagaland, #Manipur, and #Mizoram call ‘Fermented beans’ (PIC 1) is what the Japanese call Natto (PIC 2).

#Japan #Food #Dish #Cuisine #Cooking #India @mastodonindians

Stinky beans, fermented beans, and green chillies laid out in a plate before being cooked.
Neatly packed Natto
2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 26, 1895: American photojournalist Dorothea Lange was born. She is best-known for her empathetic photographs of people during the Great Depression. However, she is also one of the first to document the suffering of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned during World War II.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #GreatDepression #poverty #ww2 #japanese #prison #ConcentrationCamp #journalism #photography #DorotheaLange

"San Francisco, Calif., April 1942 - Children of the Weill public school, from the so-called international settlement, shown in a flag pledge ceremony. Some of them are evacuees of Japanese ancestry who will be housed in War relocation authority centers for the duration." By Dorothea Lange -, Public Domain,
2 weeks ago

The 2023 May issue of #IndieTsushin is out now! It is viewable in browser and available to download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. It is PWYW, so anyone can enjoy!

#IndieGames #GameDev #Japan #Japanese #Zine

Indie Tsushin 2023 May Issue
インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
2 weeks ago

Wrote about Neko Can Dream, a gorgeous and surreal Game Boy-styled adventure game made by Nekobungi Sumire. Dive into people's dreams and figure out how to turn them into canned dreams. It's a haunting and strange story, and one that I really hope more people check out.

#IndieTsushin #IndieGames #Japan #Japanese #AdventureGames #NarrativeGames

Title screen of Neko Can Dream
Player talking to a fish next to some fish market stalls. Fish says, 'It's nice to meet you! I am Tuna!'
Player and the chicken bartender standing on the bar roof and looking out over the cityscape. The chicken says, '...isn't it a huge city?'
Close-up of a cat girl with the inverted color palette of the player saying, '...wake up.'
Midnight Eye
2 weeks ago

The Story of Yanagawa’s Canals 1987 ‘柳川の運河の物語’
Directed by Isao Takahata

A partially #Animated #Documentary about the preservation and restoration of the canal system in Yanagawa, Fukuoka. Directed by Isao Takahata and personal produced by Hayao Miyazaki the founders of #Ghibli #Anime #Animation #Japanese #Movie #Japan #Film @hkcp123

Japanese dvd poster
Octavia con Amore
2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a professional violinist who plays soundtracks :sylveon_squish:

Ok, #Introduction over. I'm a musician, not a wordsmith :growlithe_derp:
... ... ...
I'm being gently informed by my responsible half that I'm to write a *proper* intro, as she puts it...
... ... ...

Hi Fedi/Mastodon, I'm Octavia, a 30ish Japanese and USian violinist (and composer) whose mother introduced her to the violin at age 5 and Super Mario Brothers at age 3. This would go on to have profound consequences, chief amongst which was that the majority of the activities I enjoy involve fingertip dexterity. The secondary effect was that I would go on to use the classical training I received throughout my childhood to, for the most part, play soundtracks while letting my classical repertoire languish :blobhaj_peek:

Nintendo classics like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and Smash, JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy (IX and X specifically), movie soundtracks including a bunch of Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki Hayao works, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, and Master & Commander (which is just my excuse to play the Bach Cello Suite no. 1: Prelude :leafeon_giggle: ), and a few anime pieces here and there (along with at least one My Little Pony theme :blobhaj_jam: ) are the bulk of what I play when I perform solo. I do play classical pieces here and there, but they mostly tend to be various movements from the Bach Cello Suites, along with a smattering of Celtic music, though I try to mix everything together in my sets, leaving people guessing as to what's a soundtrack and what's not :blobhaj_peek:

I perform at various conventions in the Pacific Northwest of the US (formerly in Brook and Link cosplays), whether inside or outside, and also perform as part of Troupe Seven Stars at faires in the area over the summer months while filling the rest of my time playing solo or ensemble shows, mostly near Portland. About half of Saturdays are spent performing at Fleur de Lis Bakery & Cafe in the Hollywood district.

I tend to spend my free time dissociating in the shower, overcoming whatever ADHD lobs my way, and running out the door like an alternate-universe fusion of Bilbo Baggins and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland (though, to my astonishment, I've only been late to 2 gigs in my life that I remember). What crumbs of time are spared from those tend to be spent on gaming, reading manga/watching anime, listening to and sharing music (yes, mostly soundtracks), and enjoying what the internet has to offer.

Aside from needing to hop instances, I've found my time on the Fedi to be enjoyable, and I hope to keep meeting interesting, genuine people and sharing time and conversations together :espeon_love: </wall-o'-text>

Interest tags:
#Music #Musician #Violin #Violinist #Composer #Theatre #Games #Gaming #Soundtracks #GameDev #Cats #YukiKajiura #Bach #Manga #Anime #Discworld #TerryPratchett #LolitaFashion #Trans #Bi #Queer #LGBTQ #Portland #PDX #ADHD #Japanese

Terry Wallwork
2 weeks ago

Egui: One Japanese Word's Journey from "Awful" to "Awesome!" - Unseen Japan

>"Egui" in Japanese used to have a thoroughly negative meaning. Not anymore. Here's when - and why - that changed.

#Japanese #English #日本語 #英語 #LearningEnglish
#LearningJapanese #日本語の勉強 #英語の勉強 #Japan #JapaneseCulture

2 weeks ago

And here is the opening song of Heavenly Delusion, with lyrics in kanji, romaji and English:

This one is too metal / upbeat for my taste, but the visuals make it worth it.

#tengokudaimakyou #anime #japanese #jrock #jpop

2 weeks ago

Slow acoustic arrangement from the ending of episode 8.
#tengokudaimakyou #japanese #jpop #anime

2 weeks ago

Dare mo Kare mo Doko mo Nani mo Shiranai

Heavenly Delusion ending song by ASOBI Doumei

Turn on Japanese captions for lyrics in kanji and romaji

#anime #japanese #jpop

2 weeks ago

New on the #CrossAsia blog: A guest post by our former #scholarship holder
Freya Terryn about her research on the #Japanese artist Utagawa #Hiroshige and an illustrated #woodblock-printed book (Hyakunin isshu jokunshō). You can find the blog post here:

Detail of a portrait of Fujiwara no Teika by Utagawa Hiroshige in "Hyakunin isshu jokunshō". - Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, shelf mark: 5 A 230984 ROA, 11v
Eugene McParland
3 weeks ago

President of #Ukraine visited the #Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and laid flowers at the memorial to the victims of the atomic bombing

The memorial is made in the form of a stone arch in the style of ancient #Japanese haniwa clay figures. It contains a symbolic tombstone and a list of all the people who died as a result of the atomic explosion on August 6, 1945. The words "Rest in peace! We will not repeat this mistake!" are inscribed on the memorial.

Read more here🔗

President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida at the memorial to the victims of the atomic bombing
3 weeks ago

@benoit And if you like videogames, you can review all the N4 grammar in 4h with Game Gengo:

Ross of Ottawa
3 weeks ago

One of those restocking trips today, on a big loop around through downtown and out to the south end.

Loaded up on #Japanese & #Korean staples.

(Took a pic, then put everything away, but not realizing my camera adjustments were still wacky from an earlier difficult pic grab. Oops - bad photo.)
#food #groceries

Over exposed pic, but showing a hunch Japanese groceries, like calpis drink, instant ramen, curry roux, soba, ramen and frozen udon noodles, narrow soy beans, and Korean kimchi
3 weeks ago

The Sagawa delivery guy saw me in the street and I completely misunderstood what he was telling me. I think I got away with it 😅

彼 「こんにちは!今日はナイス!」

Me (Hmm, yes today is nice weather. Oh, he means my outfit is nice?…)


*five mins later*

Ohhhhh!… “無いです”! 🤦

#Japanese #NotALinguist

インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
3 weeks ago

Wrote about the バーチャル恐竜館 (Virtual Dinosaur Museum) by Kakeru Fujimiya and thinking about how all of the dinosaur facts I've forgotten over the years could fill a, well, museum. Like this one! Which you can play in your browser right now!

#IndieTsushin #IndieGames #Japan #Japanese #FreeGames #BrowserGames #Dinosaurs

Website of Virtual Dinosaur Museum
Close-up model of a Parasaurolophus
A Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex facing off on a stage with dramatic lighting.
A Mapusaurus looking up at a towering Argentinosaurus.
3 weeks ago

Miracles do happen. I published a new blog post!

tsuki ni tooku oboyuru fuji no iroka kana

in the moonlight
the scent and color of the wisteria
seem far away

#haiku #blog #japanese

Shine F.
3 weeks ago

Unearthed this set list from Tricot's concert five years ago.

#Japanese #JRock #MathRock

A copy of a set list of a band. Typewritten on the paper is a list of songs, mostly in Japanese.
3 weeks ago

Hello! I'm a soon-to-be former program manager with a large technology company in the Puget Sound region and I am looking for opportunities for remote work or hybrid options in the Seattle region. I'm new to the fediverse, but have a connection to a strong presence here. Trying out the #fediHired tag was recommended so I'm grateful for you reading this and boosting if possible. I'm learning and thank you!

My qualifications:
1. Native fluency in
#Japanese and #English
2. Program Management experience 2+ years with large tech company
3. Excellent commendations and awards from previous management at current employer
4. Strong work ethic
5. Excellent organizational skills
6. Very comfortable around technology and learning new skills
7. Enjoy gaming and VR technologies
8. Very comfortable with all office and related programs.
9. Some familiarity with coding and game-related technologies like
#Unity and #Blender.

#programManagement #fediHired #bilingual #strongWorkEthic #jobs #gettingHired #fediverse #cv #resume #jobSeeking #introduction

Some of my interests as hashtags:
#gaming #streaming #twitch #vr #beatSaber #japanese #日本語

1 month ago

Toujours bouche bée devant le travail de Tadanori Yokoo ❤️
#poster #graphicdesign #TadanoriYokoo #japan #japanese

Poster - The Great Mirror of the Dance as an Immolative Sacrifice (Tadanori Yokoo)
Poster, 1968

"The Great Mirror of the Dance as an Immolative Sacrifice"


Artist: Tadanori Yokoo

Client: Garumella Company

72.8 x 103 cm
Poster - The Great Mirror of the Dance as an Immolative Sacrifice (Tadanori Yokoo)
Poster, 1968

"The Great Mirror of the Dance as an Immolative Sacrifice"


Artist: Tadanori Yokoo

Client: Garumella Company

72.8 x 103 cm
Poster - A La Maison De M. Civecawa (Tadanori Yokoo)
Poster, 1965

"A La Maison De M. Civeçawa (To the Shibusawa house)"


Artist: Tadanori Yokoo

Client: Garumella Company

72.8 x 103 cm
Poster - Kamaitachi no sho (Tadanori Yokoo)
Poster, 1968

"Kamaitachi no sho"


Artist: Tadanori Yokoo

Client: Nikon Salon

72.8 x 103 cm
Dan Gero
1 month ago

Hi #Blind #Japanese speaking community! I recently purchased the Orbit Reader 20, and it should be arriving by tomorrow. If I'm writing in Japanese, how can I tell if I'm selecting the right Kanji? Do the candidates show up in braille in an easy to understand fashion? Also, if there are any communities for blind Japanese speakers, I'd be happy to learn about those. #A11y #Accessibility #Braille #BrailleDisplays #NVDA #NVDAJP #Languages #LanguageLearning #JapaneseLearning

Canada, too. Families separated and those unwilling sent to POW camps in Ontario.

“After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942, the government passed an Order in Council authorizing the removal of “enemy aliens” within a 100-mile radius of the BC coast. On March 4, 1942 22,000 Japanese Canadians were given 24 hours to pack …”
#bcpoli #Canada #Japanese #WW2 #AANHPI #education #history

Unnamed woodblock print by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi from the book “Tsuki hyakushi” (One Hundred Aspects of the Moon). The book depicts various aspects of the moon, drawing upon Japanese and Chinese anecdotes, historical events, and mythology. The final book printing was in 1892, the year Tsuki printed this and the year he died.

#Art #Japan #Japanese #JapaneseCulture #Moon #Fire #Illustration #FireFighter #Woodcut #Tokyo

Looking at the back of someone in a full-body multi-piece outfit with a large black/white brick pattern, blotchy red Japanese writing in a block on their back, and a hood with a circular symbol and some blotchy Japanese writing. The person has one arm dangling with fingers semi-closed and one arm placed atop a light post of sort with flowing ribbons a cube light and a sphere light. There appears to be blood splatter coming from them. They’re looking at a wall of flames in the background, with one roof top behind them. On the roof are two shadowy figures on all fours and one shadowy figure standing on the peak holding a banner post with a flag.

This song makes me happy. Kishi Bashi is a gem. If you need a pick me up today, this track might be for you.

#Music #Happy #KishiBashi #MultiInstrumentalist #Japanese

Leigh Garland 🐓
1 month ago

Fwiw, I'm learning #Japanese, which manages to both be much harder and much easier than I'd have predicted.

I never made an #introduction post so here goes!

I’m Daniel! I’m a gay cisgender male, and I use he/him/his. I’m finishing up a bachelor’s degree, with two majors in #asianstudies and #japanese #linguistics! In the fall, I will start working on my master’s degree in Japanese studies! In my spare time, I make music with #synths and #DJ! I also enjoy #anime and #videogames (JRPGs typically) ~ 💖✨

Mirror selfie of a man with tattoos wearing a dark blue shirt and a backwards light blue baseball cap
Proactive Paul
1 month ago

something I blogged recently

"A Stirling University Photo Essay"

which relates to a system for photo essays advocated by Life Magazine

coincidentally the blogpost tells you a little about my unusual approach to Uni life and to getting things done (a long time ago - in the days before the web)

#Stirling #University #Essay #Japanese #BusinessStudies #ManagementScience #ComputerScience

1 month ago

Updated my personal blog! The Indiepocalypse Presents: インディー通信 Indie Tsushin issue broke even, and to celebrate it I've put up ten community copies, and reflected on working on it and how it led to its current form at @! #IndieGames #Indiepocalypse #Japanese #IndieTsushin #itch #Blogging

Blog entry:

Get yer community copies here:

Cover of Indiepocalypse Presents: インディー通信 Indie Tsushin, illustrated by Michi (
Kanariya Eishi
1 month ago

Today (3 May) is Constitution Day in Japan. On 3 November 1946, the Constitution of Japan was promulgated, and it came into effect on 3 May 1947.

It's interesting to think that both of my parents (born in 1947) are almost exactly the same age as this constitution.

I am a very open and proud supporter of Article 9. Peace to the world!

#today #japan #constitution #article9 #japanese

The Preamble to the Constitution of Japan is seen in this picture.  The entire document is written in the Japanese language.
miller! 🥣
1 month ago

yet another instance (just migrated from, so yet another #introduction:

while i do my regular social whatsits else-server, i felt it'd be fun to have an account dedicated to
#food as i'm a passionate af #foodie. i can talk about about its very prep, #cooking and serving forfuckingever and, honestly, have since supplanted small talk with it. to say nothing of the place food occupies within communities and civilization... it's #SoGood!

i'm a
#HomeCook with no formal training (but with ample experience hosting events of no small scale) and have been serious about #cookery since '98.

big fan of:
- minimizing
- resourcefulness
- honoring
- learning more

strongly against:
- gatekeeping, elitism, pretension
- general shitting-on-what-others-enjoy

primary cuisines:
#Chinese / #Japanese (#PanAsian, really)
- using up

say hi!

half a dozen glasses filled with a rainbow parfait comprised of: vanilla greek yogurt, vanilla granola, blueberries, kiwi, mango, mandarin oranges and strawberries.
1 month ago

The 2023 April #Zine issue of #IndieTsushin highlighting #IndieGames and #IndieDevs from #Japan is out now! It includes the #GameDev #Interviews in both English and #Japanese. It is viewable in browser and available to download in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats. It is PWYW, so anyone can enjoy!

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

Cherry blossom festival a few weeks ago at San Francisco City Hall.

Taken with my Nikon point and shoot (Nikon L35TWAD, Fuji Superia 400, self dev with Cinestill C41 kit and scanned on Plustek 8200i)

#AAPI #Japan #Japanese #SanFrancisco #SanFranciscoAnalog #CherryBlossom #BelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #FilmPhotography #Photography

a scan of a color photo of some traditional Japanese musicians sitting on a float in San Francisco, with instruments and hats and smoke behind them
Steve Herman
1 month ago

#Japanese venture company's lunar lander descends to the moon's surface. It lost contact, however, at the time of expected touchdown.

Eugene McParland
1 month ago

75-year-old #Japanese #volunteer Fuminori Tsuchiko opened a cafe in #Kharkiv to provide Ukrainians with free #food

Fuminori has opened a #cafe with free food for Ukrainians; he maintains it through donations.

The Japanese volunteer says that he is most happy to see children in his cafe. “I want people to smile,” Fuminori Tsuchiko says.


#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine #japon

75-year-old Japanese volunteer Fuminori Tsuchiko standing outside his cafe in Kharkiv that provides Ukrainians with free food
75-year-old Japanese volunteer Fuminori Tsuchiko standing in his cafe in Kharkiv that provides Ukrainians with free food holding a traditional Ukrainian shirt
Ukraine Bread on baking trays
75-year-old Japanese volunteer Fuminori Tsuchiko standing with seated kids his cafe in Kharkiv that provides Ukrainians with free food
2 months ago

Can anyone read #Japanese well enough to tell me the directions here? I assume the hot directions are 3 teaspoons (14g) per 120ml of hot water. I'm less sure about the cold directions? 3 tsp (14g) per 20ml of cold water and ice? Seems weird. Also, tsp, or tbsp?

The directions on a package of Royal Milk  Tea. They're in Japanese, which I don't read, so that's all I can really say.

What would you do if you suspected a pretty girl was actually a kappa? Feed her? Befriend her? Trick her?

I'll bet you wouldn't do what these farmers did...

Read the full story at

Get more yokai at

#yokai #art #illustration #folklore #mastoart #japan #japanese #kappa

A female kappa wearing a kimono sits by a riverside
インディー通信 Indie Tsushin
2 months ago

We had the opportunity to speak with 4ton Tomatine about their hilarious comedy #VisualNovel set in the bizarre Neo Showa, ふりかけ☆スペイシー (Furikake Spacy)!

#IndieTsushin #IndieGames #Interviews #Japan #Japanese #GameDev

Title screen of Furikake Spacy
Fortune-telling screen with an illustration of Turbo Kagami, Kagami in the shape of a car.
Poponten in the style of a candy wrapper asking, 'And then what happened?'
Fortune-telling screen with a photo of a hand-made pinball machine.
Kanariya Eishi
2 months ago

Great news!

The rakugo-inspired installation art that Fiona Amundsen and I created will be exhibited in Finland!

It's based on my actual and imaginary conversation with my late grandpa, who was a survivor of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in 1945. Humour... and tears.

The work was originally created for Things That Shape Us exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery.

About the Work:

#Japan #Japanese #art #Finland #rakugo #artist #film

A digital notice board at Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand titled "Things That Shape Us".  The picture of Kanariya Eishi, a Japanese rakugo performer in a navy kimono is seen.
A frame of a digital installation art titled 'An Ordinary Life' by a New Zealand artist called Fiona Amundsen and Kanariya Eishi, a Japanese rakugo performer based in New Zealand.  In the picture, Eishi in a navy kimono is holding a white Japanese traditional hand fan.
Two frames of a digital installation art titled 'An Ordinary Life' by a New Zealand artist, Fiona Amundsen, and Kanariya Eishi, a Japanese rakugo performer based in New Zealand.  In the picture, Eishi in a navy kimono is seen on one frame while a burning house on the other, which are placed side by side.
A sign for an art exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery (New Zealand) titled "Things That Shape Us".

In this sign are the list of the artists involved, that are:

Fiona Amundsen and Kanariya Eishi, Matthew Galloway, Janneth Gil, John Miller, Natalie Robertson, Alex Monteith angd Graeme Atkins, Miranda Parkes, Ella Sutherland, Tim J. Veling
Kanariya Eishi
2 months ago

Today (20 April) is the anniversary of the modern postal system in Japan.

On 20 April 1871, Japan adapted the British postal system to modernise the delivery of letters and goods. Postal stamps were introduced.

Before this date, the traditional running couriers called "Hikyaku" ( were mainly used.

#today #japan #japanese #anniversary #culture #language

A "hikyaku" or a Japanese traditional courier runner is at the centre of this picture.  He is holding a stick with a letter attached to its tip.
A woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849).  In this ukiyoe, two hikyaku or Japanese traditional courier runners are the central motifs.  The picture of Mt Fuji can be seen in the background.